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Growing Small Business in Orange County

Programs funded by Article 46: Business Investment Grant Program Agriculture Economic Development Grant Program Orange County Small Business Loan Program July 1, 2015 - June 30, 2016

Article 46 Orange County’s voters successfully passed a referendum in November 2011 to levy a one-quarter (1/4) cent sales tax that provides additional annual funding for education and economic development purposes. The “Article 46” funding program generates approximately $2.5 million annually in new local sales tax proceeds which are split equally between education (shared between the Orange County & Chapel Hill/Carrboro school systems) and economic development. The 50/50 share of Article 46 funds for economic development, averaging $1.25 million per year, is initially set for 10 years. The BOCC adopted a Resolution in December 2011 authorizing the new one-quarter cent sales tax appropriation as follows: 

Debt service on water, sewer & associated infrastructure made in Orange County’s 3 Economic Development Districts (Eno, Hillsborough and Buckhorn)




Orange County’s Small Business Loan Fund




Entrepreneurial & Incubator Support




Business Investment Grant Program




Agriculture Economic Development Grant Program




Marketing & Collaborative Outreach




Advertising, Publishing & Collateral Materials



Board of County Commissioners

Earl McKee Chair

Mia Burroughs

Mark Dorosin Vice Chair

Barry Jacobs Bernadette Pelissier

Renee Price

Penny Rich

Earl McKee, Chair Mark Dorosin, Vice Chair Mia Burroughs Bernadette Pelissier Barry Jacobs Renee Price Penny Rich

Orange County Board of Commissioners Post Office Box 8181 200 South Cameron Street Hillsborough, North Carolina 27278

November, 2016

On behalf of the Orange County Board of Commissioners, I want to commend our many small businesses that operate, thrive and employ so many residents throughout our County. Their contribution to the Orange County economy is significant and should be acknowledged for the important services and employment they provide. The Orange County Board of Commissioners is delighted that so many of these firms took advantage of the Orange County Small Business Loan Program, the Small Business Investment Grant Program, and the Agriculture Economic Development Grant Program this past year. Each of these three programs is supported by an annual allocation of funds generated by our ¼-cent sales tax (the Article 46 sales tax) collected for the purpose of economic development. This local-option sales tax was approved by our residents in 2011 to support various economic development goals. In the previous 12 months, Orange County’s small business loan and grant programs have benefited many firms throughout Orange County and the municipalities of Hillsborough, Carrboro and Chapel Hill. In the past year, 96 small businesses, farming operations and local food processors that employ more than 450 of our residents have shared more than $1 million in grant and loan funding. Orange County is committed to diversifying and supporting our local economy, and these grant and loan programs that support our small businesses and agricultural ventures are a vital part of that effort. Best regards,

Earl McKee Chair, Orange County Board of Commissioners

Business Investment Grant Program The purpose of the Orange County Business Investment Grant Program is to stimulate successful non-farm Business Investment development and expansion in Orange County. By making economic development grant funds available, the County will be growing its entrepreneurial ecosystem, supporting existing Business Investment and early-stage venture growth, in order to increase jobs, opportunities and grow the commercial tax base in Orange County. Businesses receiving funding through this program will be encourage to be good corporate citizens as defined in Orange County’s Economic Development Strategic Plan and encouraged to employ Orange County Residents. Annual Funding *First year results (7/1/15 - 6/30/16): Grant applications received Grant applications awarded Grant applications denied Grant applications deferred Jobs: Retained New Relocated Seasonal Total

$ 100,000 97 51 33 14

$ $ $ $

864,536 314,213 289,198 133,849

99 85 16 45 245

Applications to apply for the Business Investment Grant Program can be found at http://GrowInOrangeNC.com or by contacting Yvonne Scarlett at yscarlett@orangecountync.gov or 919-2452327. *First year funds were in excess of annual funding due to an accumulation from 2011 to 2016.

Business Investment Grant Program The Business Investment Grant Committee was formed in 2015 to oversee the allocation of grant funding to local businesses from Article 46. The individuals chosen to be committee members represent the Orange County Economic Development Advisory Board, as well as the business community of Orange County. The Grant Committee meets on a quarterly basis to review submitted applications. Committee Members:

Delores Bailey

Mark O’Neal

D.R. Bryan

Nicholas Thomas

Jim Kitchen

Paige Zinn

Business Investment Grant Program 360 Degree Health, PLLC Jessica K. Hairston Hillsborough www.360degreehealthpllc.com/ 360 Degree Health, PLLC represents an entirely new approach to mental health care. The fundamental idea behind the company is to couple physical health care in a setting that is both medical and non-medical for the purpose of creating a supportive therapeutic atmosphere that serves to de-stigmatize mental health care. Their goal is to teach each person how to care for their health, mind, body, and soul. 360 Degree Health, PLLC is a privately-owned professional limited liability formed to offer mental health services and integrative health services to orange County and the surrounding areas of Durham, Raleigh, Chapel Hill, and Alamance. It is solely owned by it’s principal operator, Jessica K. Hairston, MD. Use of Funds Expansion of business services Working capital/Operational funds Job Creation: 1 “Because of the Orange County Grant we were able to bring a psychiatric nurse practitioner to Hillsborough full time. Our medical practice is growing and treating over 80 families per month.”

Business Investment Grant Program Accidental Baker Kevin Mason Hillsborough www.theaccidentalbakernc.com The Accidental Baker is a husband-and-wife operation (started in 2004) that bakes a handmade artisan flatbread cracker in their family bakery in Hillsborough. Jennie and Kevin began their business selling scones, muffins and flatbread crackers to small coffee shops, stores and farmers markets. The artisan flatbread crackers became so popular that they decided to focus attention solely on improving the line of crackers and market expansion. The Accidental Baker's Artisan Flatbread Crackers are now sold to more than 150 retail stores and restaurants. They take great pride in craftsmanship, using only the finest ingredients, never using additives, preservatives or animal products. This is truly a mom and pop operation with a small and valuable supporting staff. Use of Funds Purchase Rondo sheeter

“The new sheeter has reduced our production time by 20%.�

Business Investment Grant Program Beau Catering Beau Bennett Hillsborough www.beaucatering.com/ Beau Catering is a local, full service catering company and personal chef service with a focus on local and sustainable NC ingredients. Their goal is to create memorable events for clients through great food, excellent service, and thoughtful planning. Future plans include kitchen expansion and workforce growth. Use of Funds Expansion of business services Marketing Job Creation: 2

Business Investment Grant Program Belgian Waffle Crafters François Kerckhof Hillsborough belgianwafflecrafters.com/ Belgian Waffle Crafters is the first and only Belgian waffle food truck in the Triangle offering delicious sweet or savory, made from scratch Belgian Waffles. Belgian Waffle Crafters states their mission is to bring their customers authentic Belgian Waffles, with respect to tradition but also give it a twist with some creative variations. To bring the freshest, most authentic, and delicious waffles, Francois makes the dough (using sugar and waffle irons imported from Belgium) out of his home in Chapel Hill (approved by Orange County Health Department and permitted by the NCDA). He recently began selling his waffle dough to local restaurants. Use of Funds Expansion of business services Marketing Job Creation: 2

“The grant really allowed us to consolidate our base and to reach the next step of growth.”

Business Investment Grant Program Blip, Inc. Ricky McMahon Michael Zulauf Chapel Hill www.blipme.co/ Blip, Inc. is a tech startup founded in 2014 by two Chapel Hill natives, Richy McMahon and Michael Zulauf. Their location sharing app, BlipMe, allows users to share real-time locations in a private and secure way with existing social network boundaries. Use of Funds Test market validation Additional app development Job Creation: 1

Business Investment Grant Program Brilliant You, LLC Terry L. Davis Chapel Hill brilliantyoudenim.com Brillant You, LLC is a designer and manufacturer of women’s denim apparel. The business specializes in unique denim designs that incorporate enhancements and extensions to accommodate physical body changes throughout the lifespan of an individual (enhancements are made of polyester and spandex material and transform the everyday jean into an exceptional comfortable feel, timeless elegant look, and yet conform to the body curves). Brillant You, LLC was founded May 9, 2012 and relocated to Orange County in 2015. Use of Funds Marketing Job Creation: 4

...jeans conforming to your curves...

Business Investment Grant Program BrittleBits by Rain, LLC Lorraine “Rain” Holloway Hillsborough brittlebitsbyrain.com/ BrittleBits by Rain is a gourmet peanut brittle company in Hillsborough. Developed from a family recipe, Lorraine “Rain” Holloway has grown her business to include a line of gourmet brittle (gluten and GMO free) loved throughout the Southeast and beyond; using only natural, quality ingredients in her sweet and spicy brittle. Sales are projected to double in the next three years. It is sold in local grocery stores, military commissaries, specialty gourmet stores, gift shops and on-line retailers. Future plans include growth into additional grocery stores and expanded military commissaries. BrittleBits by Rain is a strong supporter of local; brittle has been sold as a fundraiser for the last three years at a local middle school to support the “Angel Tree”. Use of Funds Working capital

“The grant has allowed me to continue renting space in Orange County.”

Business Investment Grant Program Carolina Whole Health Dr. Maureen Dunn Chapel Hill www.carolinawholehealth.com/ Carolina Whole Health provides comprehensive Naturopathic medicine for individuals and families; specializing in using safe, gentle, and effective natural remedies to help alleviate symptoms and support healing. Carolina Whole Health’s mission is to identify the root cause of health concerns and identify risk factors that can lead to chronic disease. Dr. Dunn collaborates with physicians looking for alternatives to pharmaceutical prescription to optimize their patient’s health. This collaboration has led to the new product development of dehydrated bone broth. “Bone broth has been used for centuries and is used across the globe for a variety of health benefits. It is loaded with nutrients including collagen, gelatin, glucosamine, chondroitin, glycine, proline, calcium, magnesium and other nutrients. It helps to reduce inflammation, improve the immune system, and support health joints, bones, hair and nails”. Use of Funds Product development Job Creation: 3

Business Investment Grant Program Carrboro Community Acupuncture Kim Calandra Carrboro carrborocommunityacupuncture.com/ Carrboro Community Acupuncture is an acupuncture health care clinic established in November 2013, owned and operated as a sole proprietorship by Kim Calandra. Community Acupuncture is a business model that provides group setting acupuncture and states their mission is to provide accessible, affordable, holistic healthcare to the residents of Orange County and surrounding areas. With the success of her community acupuncture practice, Kim is able to concurrently run Care in Carrboro where she specializes in the treatment of PTSD for survivors of rape and serve in leadership positions advisory boards. Use of Funds Expanded hours of service Initiate new service (apothecary therapy) Job Creation: 1 “This grant allowed me to expand hours of service by hiring a fellow acupuncturist. This hire allowed me to increase the scope of practice treating a wider variety of health concerns, while also creating sales tax for the county/state�.

Business Investment Grant Program Ceremony Salon, LLC Rachel Radford Carrboro www.ceremonysalon.com/

Ceremony Salon is not only a full service salon, but a modern apothecary, offering niche beauty brands from local and national vendors. Ceremony offers hair services, makeup services, waxing, facials, manicures and pedicures, as well as all the products and gadgets you’ll need to maintain your look at home. The staff are dedicated to their craft, customers, community and each other. They believe in classic techniques with modern sensibilities. We believe in the right products and educating our clients as well as ourselves. Ceremony opened for business June 3, 2014, and was able to expand November 9, 2015, increasing their sales by approximately 60%. Use of Funds Expansion Job Creation: 8

“This grant was a huge help to the salon’s overall business.”

Business Investment Grant Program Chapel Hill Needlepoint Nancy McGuffin Chapel Hill chapelhillneedlepoint.com/

Chapel Hill Needlepoint was established in July 2008 by Nancy McGuffin on Elliot Road in Chapel Hill. In January of 2016, CHN relocated to a more central retail space in an active shopping center in Chapel Hill and sells a full line of needlepoint canvases, threads and accessories. CHN’s mission is to “help people enjoy what can be created with needlepoint by providing excellent customer service every day.”

Use of Funds Storefront Sign for relocation

Business Investment Grant Program Chapel Hill Training Lauren Cruz Chapel Hill www.chapelhilltraining.com/ Chapel Hill Training takes on a customized and focused approach, uniquely designed based on the goals of each individual client. Their certified expert trainers have worked with clients rehabbing from injury, working towards a fitness goal, or beginning a workout regimen. Future plans include a multi-location private personal training studio concept built upon the tenants of the current business. Chapel Hill Training is a locally and independently owned and operated small business serving the Chapel Hill area and its residents. Use of Funds Job Creation: 3

“This grant was integral to putting together a compensation package for hiring a business manager. We were able to exceed 2015 projections by 7% and are on track to exceed 2016 projections by 45%�

Business Investment Grant Program CHER Solutions, LLC Katie Clark Carrboro www.chersolutions.com/

CHER Solutions, LLC is a consulting business based in Orange County that provides both local and nationwide consulting on a variety of issues (behavioral health education, data collection and analysis, and research implementation). Katie’s plan is to expand services to include a training institute for individuals seeking professional development and Continuing Education Units for credentialing. Over the last 18 years, Katie has provided trainings ranging from 30 minutes to two-day seminars on health and counseling topics. CHER Solutions has been proudly operating out of Orange County since 2013 Use of Funds Marketing and Branding

Business Investment Grant Program Chillsboro, LLC John Cooley Chapel Hill www.facebook.com/chillsboro/

Chillsboro, LLC, a downtown Chapel Hill based company, provides photography and videography solutions to Orange County’s real estate marketplace (as well as small to midsize businesses). Chillsboro operates within Orange County, targeting Residential Developers, Architects, top producing Realtors, and Interior Designers. Chillsboro, LLC plans to grow steadily over the next five years, becoming the premiere provider of commercial photography and videography in the real estate and small to midsize businesses segments in Orange County. Use of Funds Technology and Equipment Upgrades

“Being a recipient of the Business Investment Grant has accelerated the growth of my business exponentially. The equipment I was able to purchase with this grant enabled me to increase capacity and acquire additional clients. Without having this influx of capital into my business, I would not have experienced this level of growth in such a short period of time.”

Business Investment Grant Program Clutch, Inc. dba Carpe David Spratte and Kasper Kubica Chapel Hill www.carpelotion.com/ Carpe Lotion is an antiperspirant hand lotion that puts an end to the problem of sweaty, clammy hands. Their patent-pending formula goes on quickly and smoothly, completely absorbing within fifteen seconds of touching your skin. Carpe is a rapidly growing company that is quickly making itself the leader in a market of its own discover - sweaty hands. Use of Funds Production (samples) Efficacy study

Business Investment Grant Program Cozy Corner Stephanie Brown Chapel Hill The Cozy Corner is a child care services located in Chapel Hill providing overnight child care services. The Cozy Corner’s target market is parents in Orange County who work the third shift. This child care service, operating out of a family home, will be the only third shift child care provider in Chapel Hill. Stephanie Brown, owner/operator has over 20 years experience in a variety of educational and recreation settings. Ms. Brown’s ultimate goal is to become the dominant, successful third shift child care provider. Use of Funds Start-up funds

Business Investment Grant Program Five Fork Studio Will Stanley and Michael Everhart Chapel Hill www.fivefork.com/

Five Fork Studio is an Orange County based LLC co-owned and operated by longtime friends Will Stanley and Michael Everhart. Their mission is to build custom furniture from wood and steel, and to operate wood and metal shops capable of short-run manufacturing and prototyping. Their business model has primarily involved direct sales to end users (primarily homeowners), with some facilitation through online platforms such as Custom Made (custommade.com) or local publicity. Use of Funds Production Exhibition at High Point Market Job Creation: .5

Business Investment Grant Program Flawless, LLC Wendy Solomon Chapel Hill www.flawlessdayspa.com/ Flawless Day Spa is a Chapel Hill spa and wellness center offering spa services and holistic treatments as restorative remedies that encourage the body’s natural healing capabilities. Their mission is to provide a haven of peace and tranquility for their clients, with the goal of promoting the achievement and maintenance of healthy skin, healthy body, and healthy spirit. Use of Funds Expanded services Job Creation: 2

“The grant has given us the ability to offer two new services, increasing our revenue. With these new services, we were able to add two new employees.”

Business Investment Grant Program For the Moment Event Services Maxecine Mitchell Chapel Hill www.forthemomenteventservices.com/ For the Moment Catering & Event Services is a locally owned catering service offering a full range of services: event management and staging, catering, event servicing, as well as set-up and clean-up service for any type of event. Their mission is to provide impeccable service, overseeing every detail for their customers so they can be “worry free to relax and enjoy their moment”. Use of Funds Marketing

“The grant funds helped me get the word out about my business. This networking has given me the opportunity to showcase my services and grow my business”.

Business Investment Grant Program Govinda’s Catering Rebecca Hernandez Hillsborough www.rangadevidasi.com/

Govinda’s Catering is a small catering company in Hillsborough, that specializes in dairy-free, gluten -free, allergen-free Indian and International cooking. Rebecca’s goal is to expand her business (over the next three years) to include a food truck. Use of Funds Upgrade in Operations System Job Creation: 3

Business Investment Grant Program Jeffrey C. West, DVD, PA Jeffrey West Chapel Hill www.drjeffreywest.com/

Located in the heart of Chapel Hill, Dr. West’s dental practice is located inside the Greenbridge building. Dr. West's mission is to provide quality, conservative, comprehensive dental care to entire families in Chapel Hill and Carrboro, utilizing the latest technology and techniques to provide the highest possible care.

Use of Funds Added dental chair Job Creation: 2

“Since adding a third dental chair, I have hired two employees, which has increased revenue by 25%”.

Business Investment Grant Program Kathleen Kearns - The Book Coach Kathleen Kearns Chapel Hill www.the-book-coach.com

The Book Coach is a Chapel Hill-based business that serves local, national, and international scholars. Kathleen provides developmental editing, copyediting, and book coaching services (advises and supports faculty authors as they develop book proposals, write and revise book manuscripts, and submit their projects for publication).

Use of Funds Job Creation: 1

“The grant enabled me to hire and train a skilled, reliable person to copyedit. The skills she learned has enabled her to grow her own editing business”.

“I worked with Kathleen on the final revisions of my book-length manuscript. Without ever misrepresenting my ideas or argument, she gently and diligently transformed a rough manuscript into a book that I look forward to reading."

“Kathleen Kearns helped us launch the effort that culminated in this book. Her work as a developmental editor helped us clarify our thinking and map our course. Ms. Kearns also provided editorial feedback on early drafts of the book. We express our deepest gratitude for her assistance and her tireless willingness to keep us on track.”

Business Investment Grant Program Kyookz, LLC Lindsay Bisbee Hillsborough https://www.facebook.com/kyookz.artfullypickled

Kyookz, LLC is a woman-owned limited liability company, producing/manufacturing refrigerated garlic/dill pickles to sell to restaurants and grocery stores.

Use of Funds Working Capital Packaging Job Creation: 4

“This grant provided Kyookz with funding to start food production and product distribution. It allowed our company to hire 4 employees and we are now selling in 10 retail locations. With this grant, it would have been very difficult, if not impossible, to launch and grow this quickly and successfully.�

Business Investment Grant Program LineLeader Technologies, Inc. Kassra Homaifar and Jacob Massey Chapel Hill http://lineleader.io/

LineLeader Technologies, Inc. is a tech startup founded in 2016 by two undergraduate students at UNC. LineLeader is developing a mobile app that allows patrons to pay to skip lines, and allows popular venues to capitalize on excess demand. LineLeader lets venues choose whether to donate these proceeds to a charity of their choice, or retain them as additional revenue. LineLeader will be the fast pass for patrons at bars, nightclubs, and restaurants across the world.

Use of Funds Marketing Job Creation: 1

Business Investment Grant Program Lockhart's Trading Post Rudy Gregory Chapel Hill Lockhart’s Trading Post is owned and operated by Rudy Gregory and is located in the Blackwood community. Lockhart’s is a grocery store and grill and has recently expanded into antiques and oddities. Use of Funds Marketing Bathroom up-fit Job Creation: 1

Business Investment Grant Program Master Peace Barber Shop Mark Holt Hillsborough

Master Peace is an artistic and creative upscale and classy barbershop/salon. Master Peace’s mission is to soothe the mind, body and soul in a comforting and stimulating atmosphere. Mark’s plans for the future, includes opening two shops beyond Hillsborough, and offering job opportunities to others. Mark has been a supporter of Project Connect, providing free haircuts to the homeless, since the event began several years ago in Chapel Hill.

Use of Funds Up-fit of existing business

“This grant has been such a blessing to my business”

Business Investment Grant Program Midway Community Kitchen, LLC Kathy Gunn Chapel Hill www.midwaycommunitykitchen.com/

Midway Community Kitchen opened in Chapel Hill's Northside community in December 2015. They offer an array of services to the neighborhood, including cooking classes, pop-up Markets, free and sliding scale food & nutrition classes, commercial space for local food businesses, pop-up dinners, charity events, & more. Their mission is to create a space where our neighbors can empower themselves in their own kitchens and create community while learning new skills. Use of Funds On-line scheduling platform Class Development (develop and offer free classes to neighbors)

“The grant allowed me to focus my time and energies on building my business; Midway Community Kitchen now has a functional and easy to use site for people to sign and up and pay online for cooking classes�.

Business Investment Grant Program Morph, Inc. Adriel Lubarsky Chapel Hill

Morph supports restaurants and restaurant delivery services by managing all the delivery drivers in a community and sourcing them out on a per order basis. By focusing solely on drivers and utilizing the "drive whenever, for however long" model introduced by Uber, Morph can appeal to a huge mass of drivers and build an enormous pool for our customers to draw from.

Use of Funds Marketing Driver Recruitment Job Creation: 24

“This grant helped my business immensely�.

Business Investment Grant Program Music Maker Relief Foundation, Inc. Timothy and Denise Duffy, Co-Founders Hillsborough www.musicmaker.org/

The Music Maker Relief Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit, was founded to preserve the musical traditions of the South by directly supporting the musicians who make it, ensuring their voices will not be silenced by poverty and time. Music Maker will give future generations access to their heritage through documentation and performance programs that build knowledge and appreciation of America’s musical traditions. Since their founding in 1994, they have assisted and partnered with over 300 artists, issued over 150 CDs and reached over a million people with live performances in over 40 states and 17 countries around the globe.

Use of Funds Fund salary of Giving Coordinator Job Creation: 1

Business Investment Grant Program Piedmont Food & Agricultural Processing Center, Inc. Eric Hallman, Executive Director Hillsborough http://pfap.virb.com/

The Piedmont Food and Agricultural Processing Center (PFAP) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit based in Hillsborough, serving North Carolina counties from Forsyth to Cumberland. Its mission is to "Improve the agricultural economy by enabling farmers & entrepreneurs to start and grow agricultural product businesses". PFAP is a culinary incubator - a shared kitchen; food processing facility with the mission to improve the local agricultural economy by enabling farmers and entrepreneurs to start and grow agricultural product businesses. Use of Funds Marketing & Rebranding

Business Investment Grant Program Pilot Mission, LLC dba PlaneLogiX Robert Wilkes and William Goldstein Carrboro www.planelogix.com/

Revolutionizing the way aircraft maintenance is managed, PlaneLogiX take paper based aircraft logs and bring them to life. Online, secure & always available. They provide an efficient service with an emphasis on maximizing quality. Accuracy is paramount, and whether they are converting logbooks for a pre-buy inspection, a post-buy service, a present owner, or a potential future owner, they always put our client’s interest before our own. One of the co-founders discovered through his aircraft ownership experience that there simply was no aircraft management service available to him for a reasonable price. After months of thinking, planning and tinkering, PlaneLogiX was born through in-house development. Use of Funds Job Creation: 1.5

Business Investment Grant Program Primo Partners, LLC dba Ben & Jerry’s Chapel Hill Antonio McBroom Chapel Hill Primo Partners, LLC is the Ben & Jerry’s franchise operator for Chapel Hill. The franchise began in 2008 with no employees and has grown into an enterprise with four full-time positions and a double digit number of part-time employees. From 2008-2011, Primo grew the Chapel Hill franchise in shop by 50% and also created an off-premise catering and special events business in the Chapel Hill market. Primo continues its growth through localized marketing strategies not only with the University but also with the Town of Chapel Hill. Use of Funds Point of Sale System Staff Training Outdoor Seating

Business Investment Grant Program PTA Thrift Shop Barbara Jessie-Black, Executive Director Chapel Hill

The PTA Thrift Shop n Chapel Hill is a nonprofit organization that collects and sells donated merchandise through two retail stores. Each year, net proceeds from the retail stores are distributed to support educational and human services needs to K12 students in the Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools system, as well as residents who receive “Basic Needs” vouchers. Use of Funds Collaborative Job Creation Training Pilot Program Job Creation: 2

“The Orange County Business Investment Grant of $5,000 provided 77% of the PTA TS wage cost-sharing program with the Community Empowerment Fund (CEF). The two additional employees sent to us this year have greatly contributed to our business; each employee is still working with us and continues to excel in this job training program”.

Business Investment Grant Program The qi garden Lucia Apollo Shaw Hillsborough www.the-qi-garden.com/ The qi garden is a locally owned gift shop and art gallery in the historic district of downtown Hillsborough. Qi garden features locally made products/or artwork. Use of Funds Creation of Artist in Residence Program Job Creation: 1

Business Investment Grant Program Redeye, Inc. (YEP Records) Tor Hansen and Glenn Dicker Hillsborough

Redeye began in a spare bedroom in Carrboro in 1996 by focusing on the rich independent music of the Southeast and providing the artists that made up the scene with a distribution option to give them access to all retail accounts located in their region. Over its 20 year existence, Redeye has grown to be one of the largest independent music distributors in North America and home to over 150 premier independent labels. Redeye recently purchased a building in Hillsborough enabling its Global Headquarters move in 2016. Redeye owns and operates the Yep Roc Music Group, a label group that includes Yep Roc Records, Break World Records and Studio One Records as well as the Riff City Sounds publishing company.

Use of Funds New Headquarters Up-Fit Job Creation (relocation): 16

Business Investment Grant Program Regulator Brewing Company, LLC Anna MacDonald Dobbs Hillsborough www.regulatorbrewing.com/

Started in Hillsborough by four residents and incorporated in September 2014, Regulator Brewing Company is a nanobrewery committed to crafting exceptions, locallysourced beer for the enjoyment of our community. Their goal is to support the redevelopment of a strong, agricultural tradition in the North Carolina Piedmont, 31 gallons of beer at a time. Regulator Brewing Company initially self-distributed in Hillsborough retail outlets (grocery stores and bottle shops); they plan to expand into southern Orange County and Durham County as their production capabilities increase.

Use of Funds Bottling materials and equipment

Business Investment Grant Program SandwHich, LLC Janet Elbertri Chapel Hill www.sandwhichnc.com/

SandwHich, LLC is a funky, eclectic lunch and dinner spot in the heart of West Franklin Street. Currently in its eleventh year in business, SandwHich continues to grow and increase its profitability through sound management and key changes to its current operation.

Use of Funds Point-of-Sale System Staff Training Job Creation: 3

“This grant saved my business - without an updated and modern POS, I was not going to be able to continue. Thank you!�

Business Investment Grant Program Seal the Seasons, LLC Patrick Mateer Hillsborough http://www.sealtheseasons.com

Seal the Seasons is a local frozen produce company (operating out of PFAP) that partners with North Carolina farmers to freeze, market and distribute their locally grown fruits and vegetables. Their mission is to make local food available year round for all North Carolinians with the vision to have a food system that provides health and wealth for all. Seal the Seasons plans to expand rapidly in North Carolina over the next five years in order to address the growing market demand for local product. Use of Funds Purchase air driven broccoli floret machine Job Creation: 48 (3 FTE and 45 seasonal)

Business Investment Grant Program SWAP Socks, LLC Roger Nahum Chapel Hill www.swapsocks.com/

SWAP Socks, LLC is a local forprofit, for-purpose sock company that creates and sells packets of mismatched socks with a mission to generate aid and awareness for the global visual impairment epidemic, with every pack they sell funding an eye care service for a person in need. Every SWAP Pack contains 4 different socks. This gives you the freedom to swap styles around, and create 6 unique pairings to choose from. SWAP Socks, LLC uses a high quality combed cotton/nylon blend to create comfortable, breathable socks that not only feel great, but also show support for sight through our eye-catching, mismatched designs. Use of Funds Marketing Job Creation: 2

“This OCED grant had an immensely positive impact for SWAP Socks. The grant allowed us to become more efficient, thus saving us time and money to allocate towards interns and growing our company here in Orange County�.

Business Investment Grant Program Sweet Neecy Annette Council Chapel Hill www.sweetneecy.com/

Sweet Neecy® is a local company (operating out of PFAP*) that offers consumers a delicious line of nofuss, time saving and cost-efficient all natural cake batter mixes. Sweet Neecy® currently serves thirty-five retail stores throughout NC and the southeastern United States as well as via their website and Amazon.com. Annette’s goal is to increase her retail customer to 100 stores by adding a 12-ounce package of cake mixes to their current market. Use of Funds Marketing and Branding “This grant has allowed me to take a huge step toward next level merchandising of Sweet Neecy’s brand”.

Business Investment Grant Program Tempeh Girl Beth A. May Carrboro www.facebook.com/TempehGirl/ Tempeh Girl is an artisanal tempeh company operating out of Piedmont Food and Agricultural Processing Center (PFAP). Beth May started Tempeh Girl in 2011 and learned solid state fermentation techniques while pursuing her Master's degree in Biological and Agricultural Engineering at UC Davis. Tempeh Girl’s mission is to provide the best traditionally crafted tempeh in the Triangle. Use of Funds Sales (employee to demos at local retail locations) Job creation: 1 “This grant allowed me to increase sales by $8,000.”


Business Investment Grant Program Tin Can Ventures, LLC dba Boxcarr Handmade Cheese Austin Genke Cedar Grove boxcarrhandmadecheese.com/ Tin Can Ventures, LLC is a family owned farm located in Cedar Grove, comprised of chefs, artists, and artisans. Austin and his family have combined their skills, raising, producing and selling produce, meat, eggs and crafts. In April 2014, they broke ground on a 2,900 square foot cheese-making facility and started making cheese in early 2015 Use of Funds Operations Milk purchase Milk Trailer Job Creation: 3

“This grant came to us at a time of growth. We have hired three part-time employees and are now selling in three regions of the Whole Food market�.

Business Investment Grant Program Trill Financial, Inc.* Simon Jung and Akash Ganapathi Chapel Hill www.trillfinancial.com/ Trill Financial, Inc. is a financial services startup that provides subscribers with stock analysis software based on predictive analytics to optimize portfolio holdings. They combine machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques with innovative takes on market data relationships to create algorithms that can comprehend and predict financial markets. . Use of Funds Build an algorithm computer (dedicated stress-testing and prototyping computer) Job Creation: 1

“Orange County’s generous grant allowed Trill Financial to buy the technology needed to create our MVP.”

*Recently relocated to Durham County (American Underground).

Business Investment Grant Program TWIG Shawn Slome Chapel Hill www.twigliving.com

Twig, an independent eco-specialty retail shop located on Elliott Road in Chapel Hill opened it’s doors in December 2007. Twig’s mission is to offer consumers a variety of quality products that are responsibly produced and have benefits relating to sustainability and the greater good.

Use of Funds Marketing

Business Investment Grant Program Valhalla Massage Joshua Townsend Chapel Hill www.akindofmagicmassage.com/

Valhalla Massage is a sole proprietorship owned and operated by Joshua Townsend. With his training Joshua has developed a unique blend including techniques of trigger-point therapy, Russian medical massage, general Swedish massage, Shiatsu, and deep tissue massage. With the aid of the grant, Joshua anticipates an overall 70% increase in revenue. Use of Funds Increase in Services Marketing

Business Investment Grant Program Vimala’s Curryblossom Café Vimala Rajendran Chapel Hill http://curryblossom.com/

Vimala’s Curryblossom Café began as a homebased business to support a single parent household and expanded to its current location in downtown Chapel Hill. Vimala’s mission is to bring the community together with love and hospitality over delicious, healthy and local food. Use of Funds Purchase of Tilt Skillet Purchase of Ice Machine Job Creation: 3

“This grant provided the funds to buy additional equipment that transformed our littleused baking kitchen into a high production facility”.

Business Investment Grant Program Waterless Buddy’s, LLC Austin Helms & Randy Short Chapel Hill https://waterlessbuddys.com/

Waterless Buddy’s LLC is a locally owned, eco-friendly, waterless care detailing company that provides customers with a wash-while-you -do-anything service. This business was born out of Morrison dorm at UNC, molded in the Kenan-Flagler Business School and tested in Chapel Hill. Waterless Buddy’s car wash has been featured on ABC 11, USA Today and the Daily Tarheel. Use of Funds App development Job Creation: 10

Business Investment Grant Program WomanCraft Carrboro http://womancraftgifts.squarespace.com/ WomanCraft is a 41 year cooperative of local women artists and is operated and owned by its two dozen members who each work at least 5 hours per week in the store. An additional 45 artists sell their items on a consignment basis. Use of Funds Marketing “We are so grateful that we received grant funding from Orange County; it came at a crucial time for WomanCraft�.

Business Investment Grant Program Yarns etc..., Inc. Mary Stowe Chapel Hill www.yarnsetc.com/ Yarns etc… is a full service yarn store that offers all types of yarn, notions, tools, books, patterns and expert advice. Yarns etc… also offers classes in spinning, knitting and crochet. Use of Funds Point-of-Sale System

“This grant allowed me to stay in business in Chapel Hill”.

Agriculture Economic Development Grant Program The purpose of the Orange County Agricultural Economic Development Grant Program is to assist farmers in developing new sources of agricultural income through the provision of cost-share grants. Annual Funding


*First year results (7/1/15 - 6/30/16): Grant applications received 43 Grant applications awarded 30 Grant applications denied 6 Grant applications deferred 7

$ 346,165 $ 228,060 $ 55,747 $ 62,358

Jobs: Retained New Seasonal Total


39 40 4 83

Applications to apply for the Agricultural Economic Development Grant Program can be found at http://GrowInOrangeNC.com or by contacting Mike Ortosky at MOrtosky@orangecountync.gov or 919-245-2336.

*First year funds were in excess of annual funding due to an accumulation from 2011 to 2016.

Agriculture Economic Development Grant Program The Agriculture Economic Development Grant Committee was formed in 2015 to oversee the allocation of grant funding to local farmers from Article 46. The individuals chosen to be committee members represent the Orange County Economic Development Advisory Board, the Orange County Cooperative Extension Staff, the Agriculture Economic Developer from Orange County’s Economic Development staff, and the Orange County Agricultural Preservation Board. The Grant Committee meets on a quarterly basis to review submitted applications. Committee Members:

Vaughn Compton

Carl Matyac

Mike Ortosky

Karen McAdams

Noah Ranells

Agriculture Economic Development Grant Program Boxcarr Farms Austin Genke Cedar Grove http://boxcarrfarms.com/ Boxcarr Farms is a family farm comprised of chefs, artists, and artisans. They have been farming their plot in Cedar Grove since 2009. Their goal for the future is to combine all aspects by becoming a destination, to have a combination of a venue (catered events, classes, and dinners), cottages (bed and breakfast farm to fork style) creamery (cheese making and classes), dairy goat operations, and a small sustainable garden and orchard. Farm Size: 30 acres Primary Source of farm income: Cheese Project: Establish livestock fencing and shelter for 50 goats Job Creation: 2 “With the awarded Ag Grant, we have been able to form a solid healthy beginning for our Dairy Goat Operation. We have been able to purchase materials and start construction on a solid 1400 square foot stable for the dairy goat herd. The purchase of them at this time allows us to stay on tractkto be milking them and their offspring in our certified milking parlor within three years.�

Agriculture Economic Development Grant Program Bracken Brae Farm Linda Sakiewicz Mebane

Bracken Brae Farm is a small, family-owned and operated farm by Linda Sakiewicz and her husband Claude Hughes. They raise chickens (sale eggs to Weaver Street Market) that receive no antibiotics and no hormones. They also grow herbs and vegetables without the use of synthetic fertilizers or pesticides (sale to Weaver Street Market, Panciuto, Lantern, Crook’s Corner and Curry Blossom Café). Farm Size: 72 acres Primary Source of farm income: Eggs, herbs, and produce. Project: Construct a simple, compact brooder and yard called a “Chick-Inn”.

Agriculture Economic Development Grant Program Breeze Farm Hurdle Mills www.orange.ces.ncsu.edu The Breeze Farm incubator, started in 2008, provides land, equipment, and infrastructure to beginning farmers. This arrangement allows aspiring farmers to determine whether farming is really something they want to pursue. Farm Size: 269 acres (owned by NCSU) Primary Source of farm income: Diversified produce and flower crops. Project: Drilling of new well.

Agriculture Economic Development Grant Program Cates Corner Farm Jonathan Thompson Ray Hillsborough www.catescornerfarm.com Cates Corner Farm is a small, family farm specializing in sustainable agriculture. They produce more than 40 varieties of fruits and vegetables and do so naturally using no sprays or pesticides. Their products can be purchased at Carrboro Farmer’s Market, Weaver Street Market and their farm stand. Farm Size: 12 acres Primary Source of farm income: Produce (vegetables and fruits) and cut flowers. Project: Convert box truck into a walk-in cooler and construct a 30’x40’x96’ Gothic style high tunnel to extend their growing seasons. Job Creation: 1 FTE, 2-4 Seasonal Interns

Agriculture Economic Development Grant Program Color Fields, LLC Kelly Morrison & Joseph Palumbo Hillsborough www.colorfieldsfarm.com Color Fields is currently located on rented land at the Breeze Incubator and is an organically managed cut flowers and vegetable farm. They bring a diverse array of crops to market year round ranging from gourmet lettuce and mesclum mixes to heirloom tomatoes and beautiful flowers based on the season Color Fields believe in farming organically and making decisions based on what is good for the soil and the health of their plants. Farm Size: 2 acres Primary Source of farm income: Mixed vegetables, herbs and cut flowers Project: Build three, 12’ x 100’ walk-in style Caterpillar tunnels for winter and early spring production of vegetables and cut flowers.

Agriculture Economic Development Grant Program Dawn Breaker Farms Ben Grimes Hurdle Mills www.dawnbreakerfarms.com Dawnbreaker Farms began in 2013; Ben Grimes moved his family to a 100 year old farm house on 20 acres of retired tobacco farmland in the northeastern corner of Orange County. “Our success is measured not only by the amount of money we make but by the holistic health of our livestock, fertility of our soils, health of our overall ecosystem and the abundance and diversity of both domestic and wild trees, plants and animals. Along with the production of highly nutritious and flavorful food we aim to sequester carbon, replenish groundwater and heal the land.� Farm Size: 20 acres Primary Source of farm income: Chicken, eggs, lamb and pork Project: Purchase of poultry processing equipment. Job Creation: 3-5 part-time

Agriculture Economic Development Grant Program Elysian Fields Farm, LLC Beth Myers & Elise Bortz Cedar Grove www.elysianfarm.com Elise Bortz and Beth Myers have been working together at Elysian Fields Farm since 2008. They grow mixed vegetables, strawberries, and blueberries. All produce is direct marketed to customers through a CSA (community supported agriculture) and the Carrboro Farmers Market. Farm Size: 52 acres Primary Source of farm income: Mixed vegetables; tomatoes, onions, eggplant, carrots, peppers, broccoli, radishes, winter squash, strawberries, and sweet potatoes. Project: Construction of a 30’x85’ double poly high tunnel for winter crop production Job Creation: 1 part-time

Agriculture Economic Development Grant Program Ever Laughter Farm William Cramer & Tracey Slaughter Hillsborough www.everlaughterfarm.com Ever Laughter Farm focuses on selling high-quality vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers directly to customers through two year-round farmers’ markets (Chapel Hill and Durham). In addition to produce, they raise bees for pollination and honey. Farm Size: 17 acres Primary Source of farm income: Vegetables, cut flowers, fruits, herbs, and plants raised using sustainable practices. Project: To plant and develop a one-acre market orchard of interesting and nutritious fruits for sale in Orange and Durham counties. The orchard will include Southeastern heirloom apple varieties, Asian persimmon trees, and native pawpaw trees. Job Creation: 1 part-time

Agriculture Economic Development Grant Program Fickle Creek Farm Noah Ranells Efland Ficklecreekfarm.com Fickle Creek Farm is a diversified, small-scale farm, providing farmfresh, healthy food to our community through careful environmental stewardship, sustainable practices, and humane animal treatment. Farm Size: 235 acres Primary Source of farm income: Beef, Pork, Lamb, Mutton, Chicken, Eggs and Produce. Project: Purchase walk-in freezer to increase storage capacity, consolidate frozen products and enhance efficiency of product inventory and management. Job Creation: .5

Agriculture Economic Development Grant Program Four Leaf Farm Tim MacAller Rougemont www.fourleaffarm.org Four Leaf Farm has been growing and selling sustainable crops in Orange County since 1984. We follow organic practices that produce health food full of flavor and nutrients. Farm Size: 12 acres Primary Source of farm income: Vegetables, bedding plants and nursery stock. Project: To construct two 34’ x 96’ movable high tunnels. Specifically, to upgrade these tunnels by adding solar powered automation and improved ridge ventilation as adaptations to our local growing conditions. Job Creation: 2

Agriculture Economic Development Grant Program Haley Rosamond Hillsborough Farm Size: 85 acres Primary Source of farm income: Flowers, strawberries, tomatoes, and eggs. Project: Installation of coolbot system, allowing more produce and egg production. Job Creation: 1

Agriculture Economic Development Grant Program John Pope Farms, LLC Johnny and Justin Pope Cedar Grove Johnny Pope grew up on his family’s farm in Orange County, growing tobacco for more than 30 years. During the last 2 years, he and his son Justin have worked to transition to organic certification. By transitioning their fields to organic practices, they have be able to produce other organic crops such as wheat and soybeans; eventually, they hope to have all 150 acres of their farm organic. Farm Size: 150 acres Primary Source of farm income: Poultry houses, organic tobacco, organic soybeans, organic wheat, and pesticide-free corn. Project: Build a processing facility in order to safely and properly grade, sort, bale and temporarily store my organic, certified, flue-cured tobacco. The processing facility will be 38’ by 100’ with a metal roof and open sides. Job Creation: 4

Agriculture Economic Development Grant Program Maple Spring Gardens J. Sunshine Dawson Cedar Grove www.maplespringgardens.com www.Blissfulsunshine.com Maple Spring Gardens is a family owned and operated farm in northwestern Orange County. They raise a variety of vegetables, as well as cut flowers, small fruits. In 2013, Sunshine moved back to the family farm to develop the herb components of the farm business. Over the past two years, Sunshine has established her own business (Blissful Sunshine Botanicals) offering herbal skin and body care products. Farm Size: 79 acres Primary Source of farm income: Culinary and medicinal herbs. Project: Purchase a 28’x95’ greenhouse frame for the year-round production of culinary and medicinal herbs. Job Creation: 2 “I have been able to successfully grow a variety of culinary cool weather herbs into the hob summer months, allowing me to increase my sales”.

Agriculture Economic Development Grant Program Open Door Farm Jullian Mickens Cedar Grove www.opendoorfarmnc.com Open Door Farm started their farming career at the Breeze Incubator Farm in 2012. After three seasons, they transitioned to their own property in 2014 and are a four season operation; providing produce year round. Farm Size: 43 acres Primary Source of farm income: Produce, cut flowers and microgreens. Project: Tractor equipment upgrades (water wheel transplanter and fertilizer spreader) to increase efficiency and capacity of production to enter into local wholesale markets. Job Creation: 1 “With the new equipment and additional labor, we were able to quickly and efficiently prepare and plant larger planting of vegetables. We anticipate being able to continue to increase our availability and maintain the momentum that this grant has afforded us�.

Agriculture Economic Development Grant Program Orby Dare Orchard Shelley Rogers Cedar Grove http://orbydareorchard.com/ Orby Dare Orchard is a newly established apiary and orchard owned and operated by Shelley Rogers. Orby Dare Orchard products can be found at the Carrboro Farmer’s Market. Farm Size: 33 acres Primary Source of farm income: Honey, fruit and nut crops; pawpaws, persimmons, chestnuts, che fruit, juneberries, and jujubes. Project: Construction of a trellis system that will allow successfully incorporate vine crops alongside more than 250 different fruiting trees and shrubs.

Agriculture Economic Development Grant Program Patrick Mulkey Chapel Hill Patrick (Stanford Farm) has been with the Carrboro Farmer’s Market since 1988. He offers a selection of vegetables, plants, and baked goods. Farm Size: 2 acres Primary Source of farm income: Vegetables and baked goods. Project: Purchase seeds, plants and equipment to comply with NC Department of Agriculture requirements.

“Thanks to the grant I was able to bring more variety of plants to market”.

Agriculture Economic Development Grant Program Rocky Run Farm Isaiah and Whitney Allen Mebane www.Rockyrunfarmnc.com The Allen’s began Rocky Run Farm to improve their lives, their health, the earth, and the lives of those after them. All of their products are sustainably grown, no synthetic fertilizers or pesticides, no spray, and chemical free. Farm Size: 20 acres Primary Source of farm income: Annual vegetable and fruit crops, chicken and duck eggs. Project: Construct a passive solar greenhouse (10’ by 40’). The main purpose for the passive solar greenhouse is to provide a warm, energy efficient space for germination and growth of young transplants for our annual vegetable and fruit production. Job Creation: 1

Agriculture Economic Development Grant Program Scott Family Farm Amy and Robert Scott Efland The Scott Family Farm is a single income family farm, looking to raise beef to supplement our income and develop a family farm that can be handed down to our children’s children. Farm Size: 67 acres Primary Source of farm income: Charlolais cows Project: Expand pasture area (to accommodate expanding herd).

Agriculture Economic Development Grant Program Smith’s Family Fun Farm Jeff & Dawn Denson Hillsborough https://www.facebook.com/Smiths-Family-Fun-Farm155775117795681/ The Densons purchased the family “Christmas Tree Farm” with the goal of providing more crops, entertainment, and education through Agritourism. Farm Size: 9.85 acres Primary Source of farm income: Christmas trees, pumpkins, and Agritourism. Project: To drill well to provide field watering/irrigation to allow additional crops (more variety of Christmas trees, pumpkins and blueberries). Job Creation: 1 part-time

Agriculture Economic Development Grant Program Susan Laswell Hillsborough Susan Laswell is a small farmer, raising chickens and selling eggs at the Carrboro Farmer’s Market (the only farmer who feeds gluten and soy free feed). Susan is also well know for her woven baskets and woven art pieces. Farm Size: 2.5 acres Primary Source of farm income: Eggs, cut herbs and plants, hand woven baskets, and woven greeting cards. Project: Fencing (to protect chickens and to allow “free range” safely). Job Creation: 1 part-time “Fencing the property allowed me to protect my chickens from predators. I have expanded my flock and consequently have increased my egg production and sales.”

Agriculture Economic Development Grant Program Sweet Retreat Orchard Aniko Redman Hillsborough www.sweetretreatorchard.com

Sweet Retreat Orchard is a holistically managed, pick-your-own farm established in 2015. During the first year of operation, they planted 2300 trees and shrubs, 27 different fruit and berries including persimmons, jujubes, figs, apricots, pomegranates honeyberries, huckleberries, juneberries, mulberries, boysenberries, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries. They plan to grow their farm by marketing to restaurants, grocery stores and internet sales. Farm Size: 10 acres Primary Source of farm income: Fruit orchard Project: Establish irrigation system, purchase storage shed for tractor and utility vehicle and install septic tank system.

Agriculture Economic Development Grant Program Taylor Fish Farm Valee Taylor Cedar Grove www.taylorfishfarm.com Taylor Fish Farm is a family-owned business (owned by brother and sister Valee Taylor and Renee Stewart) farming tilapia. Taylor Fish Farm has been in operation since 2009. Farm Size: 13 acres Primary Source of farm income: Fish (tilapia) Project: Construct a boxing and ice facility. Job Creation: 4

Agriculture Economic Development Grant Program Thompson Prawn Fish Hatchery and Nursery Joe Thompson Cedar Grove www.thompsonprawnfarm.com Thompson Prawn Farm is in the northern Orange County community of Cedar Grove. In 2006, Joe diversified from tobacco to prawns; raising the prawns in two "ponds" - vast but shallow rectangular dirt holes carved out of the land he's farmed since 1979. Thompson’s Prawn Farm is the only freshwater prawn producer west of I-95 in North Carolina.

Farm Size: 60 acres Primary Source of farm income: Prawns, hogs, grain, mechanical, and produce. Project: Complete the addition of prawn hatchery and nursery. The Hatchery and nursery operation will integrate the operation from hatching juveniles to selling prawns to consumers and businesses; reducing production costs. Job Creation: 6

Agriculture Economic Development Grant Program Transplanting Traditions Community Farm Chapel Hill www.Transplantingtraditions.com The Transplanting Traditions Community Farm (TTCF) is a non-profit project of the Orange County Partnership for Young Children. Their mission is to provide refugee adults and youth access to land, healthy food, agricultural education and agricultural business opportunities. Farm Size: 269 acres Primary Source of farm income: Specialty vegetable crops and fruit: Asian specialty crops such as lemongrass, water spinach, chilies, hibiscus, tulsi, pennywort, Asian specialty greens; Asian eggplant, water gourd, bitter melon, turmeric, ginger, galangal, heirloom tomatoes, broccoli, spinach, squash, pumpkins and fruit such as strawberries. TTCF farmers’ main market is a CSA. Project: Expansion of farm operation by 2.5 acres. This expansion will allow TTCF to add 5 new families on the waitlist of the current program and allow 7 families to expand their existing farm business. Job Creation: 14

Agriculture Economic Development Grant Program Woodcrest Farm Allan and Christine Green Hillsborough www.woodcrestfarmnc.com Woodcrest Farm has been in operation since the 1880’s and still functions much like it did 100 years ago. Their mission to maintain a “family farm” tightly aligns with what has become know as “sustainable agriculture” i.e., using natural methods to raise both livestock and organic product for local markets. Farm Size: 35 acres Primary Source of farm income: Raw milk, beef, pork, poultry, rabbit and organic produce. Project: Accelerate agritourism initiative by hiring a marketing intern, develop marketing materials to reach a wider population and fund classroom/event space improvements, all leveraged by the “sweatequity” of themselves and their staff. Job Creation: 1 “The farm has experienced a 30% growth in agri-tourism revenues (events, tours, classes, farm-stays) over 2015 and that is directly attributable to the addition of a marketing intern to out staff”.

Small Business Loan Program The Orange County Business Loan Program is a revolving fund designed to foster successful local business development and expansion. The program is targeted toward for-profit business entities whose gross revenues do not exceed $3 million per year and that may have limited access to conventional financing. This program was developed by Orange County to promote economic development within the county. The Program has undergone re-structuring several times and is now a 501-c3 corporation with a Board of Directors comprised of a member of the Orange County Board of Commissioners; a member of the orange County Economic Development Advisory Board; the Director of Orange County Economic Development; the Orange County Financial Services Director; two employees of financial institutions; and two small business owners. Annual Funding

$ 100,000

Loans Approved to date: 2011 - 1 2012 - 1 2014 - 3 2015 - 5 2016 - 4

Hillsborough Chapel Hill Carrboro (1), Cedar Grove (1), Chapel Hill (1)) Chapel Hill (1), Hillsborough (4) Chapel Hill (2), Hillsborough (2)

Jobs created and retained Full time, part-time and seasonal


Applications to apply for the Small Business Loan Program can be found at http://GrowInOrangeNC.com or by contacting Yvonne Scarlett at yscarlett@orangecountync.gov or 919-2452327.

Small Business Loan Program

The Accidental Baker is a family owned and operated business located in Hillsborough. They produce flatbread crackers and distribute to specialty retail stores. The Accidental Baker was started as a home-based business in Virginia in 2004; relocating to Hillsborough in 2007. In 2010, they expanded into their current location (Daniel Boone). Crackers can be found in Weaver Street Markets and Whole Foods with planned expansion into Harris Teeter. Kevin Mason & Jenny McCray Loan funds were used to expand their business by purchasing a new sheeter, oven, and mixer enabling an increase in production. Employees: 2 full-time 3 part-time

Small Business Loan Program

Bacon’s Meat Market is a family owned and operated business located in downtown Hillsborough. The market provides on-site butchery for beef, pork, poultry, and fish. Their focus is to provide quality local products, including organic selections with no GMO, additives, artificial hormones or antibiotics. There is an on-site deli, with a wide variety of meats and salads. The Market also stocks various specialty products from local farms. Bacon’s Meat Market is located at 610 N. Churton Street. Hours are Monday through Saturday, 9 am to 7 pm and Sunday, 11 am to 6 pm. Loan funds were used for start-up costs. Employees: 3 full-time 2 part-time

Cannie and Bob Lloyd

Small Business Loan Program

Brooke Erceg and Ryan Creery

Cup A Joe, a specialty coffee shop located in downtown Hillsborough, was purchased by Brooke and Ryan in 2009. They recently expanded into a larger location (double the amount of square footage) to combine their coffee shop with their bakery. Their goal is to provide exceptional coffee and pastries to the community. The move will allow more space for customers to wait for coffee, site, and socialize. Cup A Joe is located at 112 W. King Street. Hours are 6 am to 6 pm Monday through Saturday and 7 am to 6 pm on Sunday. Loan funds were used for expansion into a new location. Employees: 4 full-time 4 part-time

Small Business Loan Program

Victoria Shields, LCAS, MDiv, Med is an addictions expert who offers integrative therapeutic counseling for individuals and couples from her office on Legion Road in Chapel Hill. Key services offered are assessment, clinical intervention, and long-term care for adult individuals, couples, and families struggling with alcohol or other drug use and underlying emotional issues including trauma and relationship issues. Victoria believes that addressing life’s difficulties can open us to what is most real in ourselves and lead us to lasting wellness. Loan funds were used for working capital Employees: 1 full-time

Victoria Shields

Small Business Loan Program

Primo Partners, LLC dba Ben & Antonio Jerry’s Chapel Hill was founded by McBroom UNC and Morehead-Cain Alum, Antonio McBroom, and has grown over the past years into a community and brand beacon for UNC, Chapel Hill and Ben & Jerry’s. Under Antonio’s leadership, sales for Ben & Jerry’s in Chapel Hill have tripled in the last eight years. In-store sales continue to grow and expansion is expected through the creation and development of an off-premise business (vending and catering). Ben & Jerry’s Chapel Hill is located at 102 W. Franklin Street in Chapel Hill. Loan funds were used for purchase of ice cream truck, catering van and working capital. Employees: 5 full-time 5 to 12 part-time

Small Business Loan Program

Sandwhich is a locally owned and operated restaurant located in downtown Chapel Hill, specializing in delicious sandwiches, killer burgers and amazing salads, sides and deserts. In its eleventh year, Sandwhich is a resilient business that has survived its share of hardships. Sandwhich is located at 407 W. Franklin Street and is open for lunch every day (11 am to 4 pm) and dinner Tuesday through Saturday (4 pm to 9 pm). Loan funds were used for up-fit costs and working capital. Employees: 20 (full-time and part-time)

Janet Elbetri

Small Business Loan Program

Patrick Mateer Seal the Seasons is a local frozen produce company operating out of Piedmont Food and Agriculture Processing Center. They offer locally grown, locally frozen fruits and vegetables in NC grocery stores, allowing consumers to eat local, all year round. Seal the Seasons product can be found in Weaver Street Market, Whole Foods, and Harris Teeter. Loan funds were used for working capital. Employees: 48 (full-time and seasonal)

We would like to express thanks to the Orange County Board of County Commissioners for their continued support of existing and start-up businesses in Orange County.

Orange County Economic Development Staff Steve Brantley Director Yvonne Scarlett Business Retention Economic Developer Amanda Gardner Business Recruitment Economic Developer Mike Ortosky Agriculture Economic Developer Tina Love Administrative Assistant

Orange County Economic Development Advisory Board The Advisory Board works cohesively with Orange County's Economic Development staff and other economic development partners to help market Orange County as a competitive location for the recruitment & retention of business ventures, new & expanding capital investment, the promotion of innovation start-up small businesses, support to agricultural & foods systems local businesses, and the expansion of new, high-technology employment opportunities that pay at or above a living wage.

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