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Growing Small Business in Orange County

Programs funded by Article 46: Business Investment Grant Program Agriculture Economic Development Grant Program Orange County Small Business Loan Program July 1, 2016 - June 30, 2017

Article 46 Orange County’s voters successfully passed a referendum in November 2011 to levy a one-quarter (1/4) cent sales tax that provides additional annual funding for education and economic development purposes. The “Article 46” funding program generates approximately $2.5 million annually in new local sales tax proceeds which are split equally between education (shared between the Orange County & Chapel Hill/Carrboro school systems) and economic development. The 50/50 share of Article 46 funds for economic development, averaging $1.25 million per year, is initially set for 10 years. The BOCC adopted a Resolution in December 2011 authorizing the new one-quarter cent sales tax appropriation as follows: 

Debt service on water, sewer & associated infrastructure made in Orange County’s 3 Economic Development Districts (Eno, Hillsborough and Buckhorn)



Orange County’s Small Business Loan Fund



Entrepreneurial & Incubator Support



Business Investment Grant Program



Agriculture Economic Development Grant Program



Marketing & Collaborative Outreach



Advertising, Publishing & Collateral Materials



Board of County Commissioners

Mark Dorosin Chair

Mia Burroughs

Barry Jacobs

Penny Rich Vice Chair

Mark Marcoplos

Earl McKee

Renee Price

Mark Dorosin, Chair Penny Rich, Vice Chair Mia Burroughs Barry Jacobs Mark MarcoploS Earl McKee Renee Price

Orange County Board of Commissioners Post Office Box 8181 200 South Cameron Street Hillsborough, North Carolina 27278

On behalf of the Orange County Board of Commissioners, I want to commend our many small businesses that operate, thrive and employ so many residents throughout our County. Their contribution to the Orange County economy is significant and should be acknowledged for the important services and employment they provide. The Orange County Board of Commissioners is delighted that so many of these firms took advantage of the Orange County Small Business Loan Program, the Small Business Investment Grant Program, and the Agriculture Economic Development Grant Program this past year. Each of these three programs is supported by an annual allocation of funds generated by our Ÿ-cent sales tax (the Article 46 sales tax) collected for the purpose of economic development. This local-option sales tax was approved by our residents in 2011 to support various economic development goals. In the previous 12 months, Orange County’s small business loan and grant programs have benefited many firms throughout Orange County and the municipalities of Hillsborough, Carrboro and Chapel Hill. In the past year, more than 30 small businesses, farming operations and local food processors have shared more than $300,000 in grant and loan funding. Orange County is committed to diversifying and supporting our local economy, and these grant and loan programs that support our small businesses and agricultural ventures are a vital part of that effort. Best regards,

Mark Dorosin, Chair Orange County Board of Commissioners

www.orangecountync.gov Protecting and preserving - People, Resources, Quality of Life Orange County, North Carolina - You Count! (919) 245-2130

Business Investment Grant Program The purpose of the Orange County Business Investment Grant Program is to stimulate successful non-farm Business Investment development and expansion in Orange County. By making economic development grant funds available, the County will be growing its entrepreneurial ecosystem, supporting existing Business Investment and early-stage venture growth, in order to increase jobs, opportunities and grow the commercial tax base in Orange County. Businesses receiving funding through this program will be encourage to be good corporate citizens as defined in Orange County’s Economic Development Strategic Plan and encouraged to employ Orange County Residents. Annual Funding

$ 100,000

Fiscal Year 2016-17: Grant applications received Grant applications awarded Grant applications denied

78 22 56

Jobs: Retained New Total

21 55 76

$ 615,244 $ 62,096 $ 421,267

Applications to apply for the Business Investment Grant Program can be found at http://GrowInOrangeNC.com or by contacting Yvonne Scarlett at yscarlett@orangecountync.gov or 919-2452327.

Business Investment Grant Program The Business Investment Grant Committee was formed in 2015 to oversee the allocation of grant funding to local businesses from Article 46. The individuals chosen to be committee members represent the Orange County Economic Development Advisory Board, as well as the business community of Orange County. The Grant Committee meets on a quarterly basis to review submitted applications. Committee Members:

Delores Bailey

D.R. Bryan

Jim Kitchen

Mark O’Neal

John Anderson

Paige Zinn

Business Investment Grant Program Academic Benchmarking Consortium, Inc. Steven Beisser, Joseph Rice, and Paul Friga Chapel Hill http://www.abc-insights.com/ The Academic Benchmarking Consortium was founded in 2014 and is the premier benchmarking service for finance executives ÂŽ within higher education. ABC Insights mission is to improve strategic decision-making within higher education by providing reliable, actionable benchmarking data. Members tap into the power of peer perspecÂŽ tive via their online ABC Insights benchmarking platform where they can easily perform comparative analyses against peer institutions enabling them to discover and share best practices. Their mission is to improve decision-making in higher education by providing reliable benchmarking data. Academic Benchmarking Consortium was one of the first successful spin-offs to emerge from the Launch Chapel Hill business accelerator program. Use of Funds Workforce Expansion Job Creation: 2 Job Retention: 2

Business Investment Grant Program Cameron’s Wendy Smith and Bridget Pemberton-Smith Carrboro www.camerons-gallery.com/ Cameron’s is a locally-owned small business located beneath the Hampton Inn. In 2012, Wendy and Bridget relocated to Carrboro in hopes of attracting a younger demographic and thought East Main Street in Carrboro would offer them the opportunity to grow and become a strong business. This move allowed them to redefine the layout and look of the store while maintaining the same Cameron’s spirit. Cameron’s offers a unique shopping experience; offering items that are both fun and functional! Use of Funds Create additional outdoor signage Purchase 2 chip readers for POS Upgrade indoor lighting Job Creation: 0 Job Retention: 3 FT & 6 PT

Business Investment Grant Program Cock and Bull John Roberts Cedar Grove Cock and Bull is a locally-owned general store in Cedar Grove. Use of Funds Up-fit Job Creation: 0 Job Retention: 0

Business Investment Grant Program Cozy Corner Stephanie Brown Chapel Hill The Cozy Corner is a child care services located in Chapel Hill providing overnight child care services. The Cozy Corner’s target market are parents in Orange County who work the third shift. This child care service, operating out of a family home, will be the only third shift child care provider in Chapel Hill. Stephanie Brown, owner/operator has over 20 years experience in a variety of educational and recreation settings. Ms. Brown’s ultimate goal is to become the dominant, successful third shift child care provider.

Use of Funds Certification and Licensing Job Creation: 0 Job Retention: 1 “This grant has impacted my business because I could obtain all needed items to receive my State License to own and operate my Child Care business and become self sufficient.”

Business Investment Grant Program FeedStation Amy Ryan Chapel Hill www.feedstation.net/ FeedStation is a turnkey software platform that helps midsize businesses sell their products on major online shopping platforms, such as Amazon, eBay, Jet.com and many more. FeedStation connects sellers with their online customers quickly, easily, and cost-effectively by using the process and data formats already in use. FeedStation offers custom product and inventory synchronization order and back office integration, reporting, and specialized data conversation services for target markets. Use of Funds Computer system Job Creation: 2 Job Retention: 0

Business Investment Grant Program Hillsborough Arts Council Neil Stutzer Hillsborough www.hillsboroughartscouncil.org/

Hillsborough Arts Council is the official Hillsborough, NC Arts Council endorsed by the Town of Hillsborough and the North Carolina Arts Council. The Hillsborough Arts Council is located in historic down Hillsborough and has been serving the arts and cultural needs of the Hillsborough community for over 20 years. The Hillsborough Arts Council advances the arts in Hillsborough by supporting arts endeavors that encourage and assist literary, performing and visual artists in achieving standards of professional excellence.

Use of Funds POS and barcode scanner Job Creation: 0 Job Retention: 0

Business Investment Grant Program Hillsborough Bicycle, LLC Aaron Belz Hillsborough http://hillsboroughbicycle.com/ Hillsborough Bicycle, LLC, the only bicycle repair shop within a fifteen mile radius of Hillsborough, is a “father-son” business (with son Eli being the proprietor) located in downtown Hillsborough. Eli opened the shop in 2013, after an initial crowdfunding campaign raised $3,500 toward rent, utilities, and purchase of tools. Use of Funds Tool Kit Job Creation: 0 Job Retention: 2

“This tool kit helped reduce turn around time for repair jobs coming through the door.”

Business Investment Grant Program Infinity Holistic Healthcare, PLLC Nicole DiNezza Chapel Hill www.infinityholistichealth.com/ Infinity Holistic Healthcare, PPC is an integrative health center located in Chapel Hill. Through the use of natural, holistic therapies, they strive to better the health of those in the community and empower people to take a natural, non-invasive route to their care whenever possible. Infinity Holistic Healthcare, PPC was founded in 2015 and is a 100% woman owned business. Use of Funds Marketing Treatment equipment Office furnishings Job Creation: 1 Job Retention: 1

Business Investment Grant Program Jay’s Chicken Shack, LLC Jay and Kim Mangal Hillsborough http://www.jayschickenshack.com/

Jay’s Chicken Shack, LLC is a locally owned restaurant located in Hillsborough at the corner of Hwy 70 and North Churton Street. Jay and Kim relocated to Hillsborough from NJ in 2006. Jay, a former US Marine, who dreamed of owning a restaurant for many years, states his mission is “to provide our customers, staff and community an enjoyable and satisfying experience”. Use of Funds Kitchen equipment Job Creation: 0 Jobs Retained: 6

Business Investment Grant Program Narrator Media, LLC (Shine Big) Tola Oguntoyinbo Chapel Hill Narrator Media, LLC is like a multimedia version of Survey Monkey with a side of Twitter. Narrator Media, LLC is a platform that allows customers to quickly and easily create surveys that most closely match the engaging experience users have come to expect from social media in order to increase the rates, depth, and quality of responses. Ultimately, Narrator Media, LLC is focused on making it easy to ask questions using audio, video, images, and text; and get responses in audio, video, image, and text formats. Making surveys should be as easy as tweeting, with results that can help power a social media marketing strategy for companies of all sizes. Use of Funds Technology Development Job Creation: 0 Job Retention: 1 “With this grant, we were able to create a broader technology offering which has given us more sales opportunities.�

Business Investment Grant Program Nature's Way Carol Staton Hillsborough Nature’s Way is a vintage home and garden décor shop located in Hillsborough. Owner Carol Staton began the business in April 2013, when she started marking environmentalist Aldo Leopold’s benches from recycled wood. Use of Funds Workforce expansion Job creation: 2 part-time Job Retention: 1

Business Investment Grant Program Path BioAnalytics, Inc. John Mellnik Chapel Hill http://pathbioanalytics.com/ Path BioAnalystics, is an emerging computational biomedical company located in Chapel Hill that is commercializing patient-pending technology exclusively licensed from UNCChapel Hill. The company is developing novel laboratory tests (“assays”) by combing proprietary cell culture technology with advanced software analytics. PBA’s assays are designed to streamline the testing and development of pulmonary medications and to facilitate the personalization of treatment for individuals suffering from pulmonary disease. Use of Funds Data Organization Plan Job Creation: 0 Job Retention: 1

Business Investment Grant Program Pizzelle Bakery Kelly Taylor Chapel Hill www.pizzellebakery.com/ Pizzelle Bakery is a startup bakery and coffee shop that will be located in the area’s first public market; Blue Dogwood Public Market in downtown Chapel Hill. Pizzelle aims to offer high quality coffee, espresso, and pastry products at a competitive prize. Owner Kelly Taylor is a professionally trained chef at the Natural Gourmet in New York City and also host a weekly food talk show called “Say Yes to the Chef” on WCHL. Use of Funds Kitchen equipment Job Creation: 3 Job Retention: 0

Business Investment Grant Program Quantworks, Inc. Anthony Volpe, Nike Ghitelman, Thomas Burkhardt Chapel Hill www.quantworks.com/ Quantworks, Inc. was founded in 2015 to address the growing needs of entrepreneurial and innovative companies. With clients across retail, manufacturing, sports and pharmaceutical technology, Quantworks, Inc. builds analytic solutions that help Fortune 500 companies, as well as early-stage companies, monetize their data. Quantworks, Inc. develops and builds insightful analytic prototypes, tools, and solutions that address the growing needs of entrepreneurial and innovative companies. Use of Funds Website rebuild Jobs created: 2 PT Jobs retained: `15 “This grant enabled Quantworks to transform our webpage to an informative and dynamic site for prospective customers/clients. We were also able to “grow” interns into part-time employees.”

Business Investment Grant Program Rubble Rousers, DBA The Cave Mark Connor Chapel Hill www.fivefork.com/

Rubble Rousers, DBA The Cave, founded in 1968, is Chapel Hill’s oldest bar. Purchased in 2012, by owner Mark Connor, improvements have been made to return The Cave to a place held in high esteem by local musicians and patrons alike. Use of Funds Building improvements New Glassware Job Creation: 2 Job Retention: 5

“The improvements to our building have increased business by causing longer stays by our customers, which means more profit.”

Business Investment Grant Program Seal the Seasons Patrick Mateer Chapel Hill www.sealtheseasons.com Seal the Seasons is a local frozen produce company that partners with North Carolina farmers to freeze, market and distribute their locally grown fruits and vegetables. Seal the Seasons’ goal is to provide a consistent year round supply of local fruits and vegetables to fill the gap in seasonality associated with local fresh produce. Use of Funds Equipment Job Creation: 2 Job Retention: 8

Business Investment Grant Program Synergy FlowArts Scott Crews Chapel Hill www.synergyflowarts.com/ Synergy FlowArts is an ecommerce company that manufactures custom make dance, fire and flow props with a focus on crafting high performance hula hoops. Established in 2010, through a shared commitment to fostering a growing community of flow arts, Synergy FlowArts mission is to inspire and empower people to embrace the transformational experience of the flow arts. Use of Funds Marketing Workforce Expansion Job Creation: 2 Job Retention: 2

“This grant was huge for us. The advertising definitely funneled high-quality traffic directly to us and increase sales substantially.�

Business Investment Grant Program Triangle Crawl Space Solutions Daniel Langham Chapel Hill trianglecrawlspacesolutions.com/

Triangle Crawl Space Solutions is a locally owned crawl space contractor. Triangle Crawl Space is committed to solving crawl space moisture problems that are specific to homes in North Carolina, with services to include vapor barriers, dehumidifier installation, sump pumps, crawl space encapsulation, insulation rehanging or replacement and other drainage solutions required to make your crawl space moisture free for years. Use of Funds Operating & Workforce Expansion Job Creation: .25 Job Retention: 1

“This grant enabled our business to grow and with that growth, we were able to hire our first “full-time” employee!”

Business Investment Grant Program Two Mini Donkeys LLC/The Beer Study J.D. Schlick Chapel Hill www.facebook.com/BeerStudyNC/

The Beer Study is a locally owned craft beer bar and bottle shop located on the border of Carrboro and Chapel Hill. The Beer Study is also a vibrant Chapel Hill/Carrboro gathering spot, with a diverse population of patrons. Use of Funds Up-fit Job Creation: 2 Job Retention: 1

Agriculture Economic Development Grant Program The purpose of the Orange County Agricultural Economic Development Grant Program is to assist farmers in developing new sources of agricultural income through the provision of cost-share grants. Annual Funding Fiscal Year 2016-17: Grant applications received Grant applications awarded Grant applications denied Grant applications deferred

$ 17 9 3 5


$ 148,778 $ 70,033 $ 31,000 $ 47,745

Applications to apply for the Agricultural Economic Development Grant Program can be found at http://GrowInOrangeNC.com or by contacting Mike Ortosky at Mortosky@orangecountync.gov or 919-245-2336.

Agriculture Economic Development Grant Program The Agriculture Economic Development Grant Committee was formed in 2015 to oversee the allocation of grant funding to local farmers from Article 46. The individuals chosen to be committee members represent the Orange County Economic Development Advisory Board, the Orange County Cooperative Extension Staff, the Agriculture Economic Developer from Orange County’s Economic Development staff, and the Orange County Agricultural Preservation Board. The Grant Committee meets on a quarterly basis to review submitted applications. Committee Members:

Vaughn Compton

Mart Bumgarner

Noah Ranells

Mike Ortosky

James Watts

Agriculture Economic Development Grant Program Chapel Hill Creamery Florence Hawley and Portia McKnight Chapel Hill www.chapelhillcreamery.com Chapel Hill Creamery has been a successful value-added and locally owned dairy farm for the past 15 years. Owners Flo and Portia started Chapel Hill Creamery in 2001 after working more than 20 years in the retail business. Their primary market is milk cows, growing their herd from 9 to about 30, producing a variety of award winning cheeses. They also raise pigs, as a way to reuse the whey from cheese making for a nutritious feed. Their pork is sold at local farmers markets, as well a local restaurants. Farm Size: 37 acres Primary Source of farm income: Cheese, pork and beef Project: Recovery program Goal for Project: “We plan to resume production in January 2017 after being inspected by NCDA. We will immediately make our fresh. as well as our aged cheeses so that we can sell product as soon as possible and have aged cheeses ready for out busiest time of the year, which is spring and summer.�

Agriculture Economic Development Grant Program Color Fields, LLC Kelly Morrison & Joseph Palumbo Hillsborough www.colorfieldsfarm.com Color Fields is currently located on rented land at the Breeze Incubator and is an organically managed cut flowers and vegetable farm. They bring a diverse array of crops to market year round ranging from gourmet lettuce and mesclum mixes to heirloom tomatoes and beautiful flowers based on the season Color Fields believe in farming organically and making decisions based on what is good for the soil and the health of their plants. Farm Size: 2 acres Primary Source of farm income: Mixed vegetables and cut flowers Project: Complete project to build three, 12’ x 100’ walk-in style Caterpillar tunnels for winter and early spring production of vegetables and cut flowers. Goal for Project: To establish a successful farm business and create enough positive cash flow and reserves to purchase own land.

Agriculture Economic Development Grant Program Edens Meats Chas and Hannah Edens Cedar Grove www.edensmeats.com Edens Meats, a locally owned farm in Cedar Grove, is a pasture-based livestock business with a mission to use humane and ecological animal husbandry to build soil fertility. Farm Size: 38 acres Primary Source of farm income: Mixed vegetables, pastured poultry, forested pork Project: Upgrade existing processing facility with commercial-grade equipment to become more efficient and profitable. Goal for Project: “It is our goal to start transitioning to more on-farm income streams. In addition to a pork enterprise, we would like to scale up our pastured poultry enterprise.�

Agriculture Economic Development Grant Program Fickle Creek Farm Noah Ranells Efland www.ficklecreekfarm.com Fickle Creek Farm is a diversified, small-scale farm located in Efland. They utilize approximately half of the farm to provide farm-fresh, healthy food through careful environmental stewardship, sustainable practices, and humane animal treatment. Vegetables and fruit are naturally grown without synthetic chemical inputs and livestock is raised without the use of antibiotics or hormones. Farm Size: 235 acres Primary Source of farm income: Beef, pork, lamb, mutton, chicken, eggs, product and FarmStay. Project: Walk in freezer upgrade Goal for Project: “To develop greater control and efficiency of our inventory and order fulfillment. It will contribute to continue and enhance FT and PT employment opportunities on the farm for up to 5 individuals.�

Agriculture Economic Development Grant Program Nourishing Acres Farms Keith and Megan Marshall Cedar Grove www.nourishingacres.com Nourishing Acres Farms is a small sustainable family owned and operated diversified vegetable farm located in Cedar Grove. Owners Keith and Megan Marshall strive to nourish the Orange County community starting with providing local families with nourishing food from nourishing soils. Nourishing Acres Farms vegetables can be found at select farmers markets in the Raleigh/Durham area (check website for locations). Farm Size: 80 acres Primary Source of farm income: Mixed certified organic vegetables and small fruits. Project: Purchase a specialized cultivating tractor (with implements) that will allow for precision cultivation and weeding of vegetables crops. Goal for Project: “To increase the total production capacity of the farm. I want to put more land into vegetable production and increase my farm revenue. I plan on utilizing the cultivating tractor to be able to cultivate, weed and management more acreage with superior efficiency.�

Agriculture Economic Development Grant Program Ashley Parker Parker Farm and Vineyard Hurdle Mills www.dawnbreakerfarms.com Parker Farm and Vineyard is a small, familyrun farm located in northern Orange County. Parker Farm offers a variety of seasonal vegetables, fruits, herbs and specialty cut flowers, as well as pastured raised hogs and 100% grass fed beef. Farm Size: 4-6 acres Primary Source of farm income: Vegetables, meat, egg sales, tobacco and wheat crops Project: Build a greenhouse. Goal for Project: “We hope to gradually increase profit from this project each year as we “tinker” with more possibilities and ways to best utilize the greenhouse. We initially plan to grow what we know is in demand for our markets.”

Agriculture Economic Development Grant Program Thompson Prawn Farm, Inc. Joe Thompson Cedar Grove www.thompsonprawnfarm.com Thompson's Prawn Farm is a licensed aquaculture provider, specializing in jumbo freshwater prawns and is located in the northern Orange County community of Cedar Grove. Thompson’s Prawn Farm is the only freshwater prawn producer west of I-95 in North Carolina Farm Size: 52 acres Primary Source of farm income: Prawn Project: Complete construction of prawn hatchery and nursery. Goal for Project: “My goal is to save on my current production expenses, increase prawn production for greater annual sales and add additional income by supplying the growing demand for juvenile prawns”.

Agriculture Economic Development Grant Program Two Chicks Farm, Inc. Audrey Lin and Debbie Donnald Hillsborough www.twochicksfarm.com Two Chicks Farm is owned and operated by Audrey Lin and Debbie Donnald. Audrey and Debbie use sustainable farming methods and time-tested methods of food preservation (fermenting with salt, pickling with vinegar and preserving with sugar), to make krauts, kimchi, pickles and pepper jellies. Farm Size: 10 acres Primary Source of farm income: Value added products, pickles, fermented vegetables and pepper jelly. Project: High tunnel plastic replacement, fertigation system, frost proof water hydrants, Robot Coupe food processor and audit/label approval. Goal of Project: “The goal for all of the projects is increased production by adding more efficiency. By increasing production we will have more finished project to sell, which will allow us to keep our current employees and enable us to give periodical raises.�

Agriculture Economic Development Grant Program Windy Bottoms Farm, LLC Jonathan E. Frank Mebane www.windybottomsfarm.com Windy Bottoms Farm is a small family farm, located in Mebane, that specializes in locally grown meat. Windy Bottoms Farm 22 acres Farm Size: 22 acres Primary Source of farm income: Poultry (chicken, turkey, duck), chicken and duck eggs, lamb, pork and pumpkins. Project: Refurbish an existing structure to meet NC Department of Agricultures rules and regulations to become certified meat handler. Goal for Project: “To increase overall sales and increase profits.�

Small Business Loan Program The Orange County Business Loan Program is a revolving fund designed to foster successful local business development and expansion. The program is targeted toward for-profit business entities whose gross revenues do not exceed $3 million per year and that may have limited access to conventional financing. This program was developed by Orange County to promote economic development within the county. The Program has undergone re-structuring several times and is now a 501-c3 corporation with a Board of Directors comprised of a member of the Orange County Board of Commissioners; a member of the orange County Economic Development Advisory Board; the Director of Orange County Economic Development; the Orange County Financial Services Director; two employees of financial institutions; and two small business owners. Annual Funding

$ 100,000

Fiscal Year 2016-17: 3 loans applications submitted 1 loan approved

$ 280,000 $ 80,000

Applicant did not proceed with closing

Applications to apply for the Small Business Loan Program can be found at http://GrowInOrangeNC.com or by contacting Yvonne Scarlett at yscarlett@orangecountync.gov or 919-2452327.

Small Business Loan Program Current Loans Accidental Baker The Accidental Baker is a family owned and operated business located in Hillsborough. They produce flatbread crackers and distribute to specialty retail stores. The Accidental Baker was started as a home-based business in Virginia in 2004; relocating to Hillsborough in 2007. In 2010, they expanded into their current location (Daniel Boone). Crackers can be found in Weaver Street Markets and Whole Foods with planned expansion into Harris Teeter. Loan funds were used to expand their business by purchasing a new sheeter, oven, and mixer enabling an increase in production. _______________________________________________________ Bacon’s Meat Market Bacon’s Meat Market is a family owned and operated business located in downtown Hillsborough. The market provides on-site butchery for beef, pork, poultry, and fish. Their focus is to provide quality local products, including organic selections with no GMO, additives, artificial hormones or antibiotics. There is an on-site deli, with a wide variety of meats and salads. The Market also stocks various specialty products from local farms. Loan funds were used for start-up costs. _______________________________________________________ Beau Catering Beau Catering is a local, full service catering company and personal chef service with a focus on local and sustainable NC ingredients. Their goal is to create memorable events for clients through great food, excellent service, and thoughtful planning. Loan funds were used for expansion of business services.

Small Business Loan Program

Boxcarr Handmade Cheese (Tin Can Ventures, LLC) is a family owned farm located in Cedar Grove, comprised of chefs, artists, and artisans. Austin and his family have combined their skills, raising, producing and selling produce, meat, eggs and crafts. Loan funds were used for working capital. _______________________________________________________ Ceremony Salon is not only a full service salon, but a modern apothecary, offering niche beauty brands from local and national vendors. Ceremony offers hair services, makeup services, waxing, facials, manicures and pedicures, as well as all the products and gadgets you’ll need to maintain your look at home. Loan funds were used for start-up costs. _______________________________________________________ Cup A Joe, a specialty coffee shop located in downtown Hillsborough, was purchased by Brooke and Ryan in 2009. They recently expanded into a larger location (double the amount of square footage) to combine their coffee shop with their bakery. Their goal is to provide exceptional coffee and pastries to the community. Loan funds were used for expansion into a new location. _______________________________________________________ Flawless Day Spa Flawless Day Spa is a Chapel Hill spa and wellness center offering spa services and holistic treatments as restorative remedies that encourage the body’s natural healing capabilities. Their mission is to provide a haven of peace and tranquility for their clients, with the goal of promoting the achievement and maintenance of healthy skin, healthy body, and healthy spirit.

Small Business Loan Program ISA Counseling Victoria Shields, LCAS, MDiv, Med is an addictions expert who offers integrative therapeutic counseling for individuals and couples from her office on Legion Road in Chapel Hill. Key services offered are assessment, clinical intervention, and longterm care for adult individuals, couples, and families struggling with alcohol or other drug use and underlying emotional issues including trauma and relationship issues. Loan funds were used for working capital. _____________________________________________________ MasterPeace Master Peace is an artistic and creative upscale and classy barbershop/salon located in Hillsborough (home-based business). Loan funds were used for up-fit costs. _____________________________________________________

Seal the Seasons is a local frozen produce company operating out of Piedmont Food and Agriculture Processing Center. They offer locally grown, locally frozen fruits and vegetables in NC grocery stores, allowing consumers to eat local, all year round. Loan funds were used for working capital.

We would like to express thanks to the Orange County Board of County Commissioners for their continued support of existing and start-up businesses in Orange County.

Orange County Economic Development Staff Steve Brantley Director Yvonne Scarlett Business Retention Economic Developer Amanda Gardner Business Recruitment Economic Developer Mike Ortosky Agriculture Economic Developer Tina Love Administrative Assistant

Orange County Economic Development Advisory Board The Advisory Board works cohesively with Orange County's Economic Development staff and other economic development partners to help market Orange County as a competitive location for the recruitment & retention of business ventures, new & expanding capital investment, the promotion of innovation start-up small businesses, support to agricultural & foods systems local businesses, and the expansion of new, high-technology employment opportunities that pay at or above a living wage.

John Anderson

Delores Bailey

D.R. Bryan

Anthony Carey

Keith Coleman

Sharon Hill

Jim Kitchen

Mark O’Neal

James Watts

Paige Zinn

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Profile for Orange County Economic Development

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