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Marketing Your Legal Practice Online Premiere Bail Bonds

Leaving The Traditional Behind

While many law firms still err on the side of traditional marketing strategies, online marketing offers new opportunities to connect with potential clients in a way typical marketing simply doesn’t. Millions of people are searching the web every single hour, and if they can’t find you, the chances are they’ll find an attorney across town.

The Benefits of Online Marketing

Marketing online means serious time savings. Very little effort is required for good online marketing campaigns. Online law firm marketing is inexpensive. In some cases, you may pay absolutely nothing to market online. Marketing online often means you instantly reach your target audience. Marketing online is an interactive experience that helps to grab clients.

Where to Begin Any good law firm marketing strategy starts with a solid plan. You have to decide exactly what your goals are at the outset, how you plan to measure them, and what channels to use. “Online Marketing” is an all-encompassing term these days from tweeting to blogging to updating your LinkedIn profile, there’s a lot you can do. Sit down and plan things out early on so you can move forward and continually evaluate.

Key Tools to Consider

While there are many different ways to market online, you’ll want to narrow things down to begin with before you get overwhelmed. Many law firms have zeroed in on these key tools: •






Blogging Many companies, even those outside the legal world, keep a blog & for good reason. •

It’s solid PR for your firm. It offers you an improved presence on the web and in the search engines, and it gives you a chance to network with others. Your readers will be able to see your authority in your practice area.

It’s fairly easy to get started too. Just install the blog software on your site, and start talking. You may get other bloggers to link to your site. From news headlines to tips about selecting the right attorney, you can blog about almost anything. Don’t forget to join the conversation, too. Be sure to comment on other blogs as well. You may even want to link to them in your post so you can become part of the blogosphere.

Twitter Twitter is called microblogging. Micro is the keyword here. You get posts of just 140 characters in length, which can be tough for an attorney. There are millions of registered users, and it can either be used to communicate a message or participate in a larger conversation. The goal here will always be to offer information or links that aren’t worthy of longer posts. As with traditional blogging, you have to participate to really become part of the conversation.

LinkedIn LinkedIn is a social network for professionals, and 40 million people log on each day to exchange information & opportunities. Here you can join groups that are the perfect staging ground for discussions & article postings. This network gives you the chance to contribute & comment, helping others realize your authority in the field. The key here, though, is that you have to be genuine. No one likes posters that are simply spamming them with noise.

Facebook Facebook is the single largest online social network in the world, and if you’re going to do any online marketing at all, this site has to be part of your strategy. Once you build a law firm Facebook page, you’ll begin getting people to “like” your page, which will help you build a group of friends. You can feed content directly to the site including your tweets & your blog’s RSS feed, and that helps you stay at the top of your “friends” listings. The goal here is not just to hope one of these people call you some day, but rather to make connections with others who may refer your services to other firms.

A Few Things to Keep In Mind •

Remember that sharing insights and offering real legal advice are two very different things, and you need to make that clear in every bio you publish of yourself. Also, content is always going to be king. You need to add something to the discourse to really be well-respected in the world of online advertising. Stay personal and stay involved, and your law firm online and social media marketing will be a success.

Marketing Your Legal Practice Online  
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