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by Karen LeBlanc

Cut the cord, embrace imperfection, mix in experimental materials and celebrate the “in between” — these are the prevailing design themes from

IMPERFECTLY PERFECT Just as Persian weavers purposely wove flaws into their rugs, and the Navajo left “spirit lines” in their textiles, artisans for centuries have been creating imperfectly, perfect works. The imperfection can occur

the 2017 Architectural Digest Design

naturally as uneven texture, colorations or

Show, held in New York City. This

brated in the Japanese concept of Wabi-

asymmetrical forms. This is an idea cele-

Feyz Lights

carefully curated presentation of

Sabi, where the artist embraces such natu-

and damascening) that is carefully added

luxury brands, artists, designers and

ral flaws in the work. Other artistic

when the glass is still hot and malleable.

imperfections can be a calculated element

When the globe is lit and glowing, the gold

that personifies the artist’s technique,

leaf detail resembles constellations.

makers is an alternate narrative to

such as the works of Turkish designer

Imperfectly perfect objects satisfy the

Feyza Köksal, founder and lead designer

design aficionado’s desire for one-of-a-

of FEYZ Studio. Köksal designed her new

kind works, impossible to replicate. There

Assemblage collection of glass globe

is a discernable consumer rebuke of the

artists, artisans and designers are

lights, each attached to a pole, with notice-

sea of sameness afflicting what passes for

pushing the boundaries of material,

able imperfections in glass thickness that

mass-produced design at major retailers.

create an interesting dispersion of light.

As a positive consequence, consumers are

mainstream ideas about design and decorating. Many of the show’s

craft and process in their works of art, furniture, lighting, sculpture and textiles. Open to the design trade and consumers, the annual Architectural Digest Design Show

“As a designer, I am very interested in

becoming more interested in process,

how certain objects activate a space and

material and craft in art and design as it

evoke different emotions. And I am espe-

relates to an object’s narrative.

cially inspired by imperfection,” she says.

Another compelling design story is

Using glass-blowing techniques learned

found in the work of artist Kristaps Gulbis,

in her homeland, each globe has gold leaf

of Kiel Arto Design, who teases out imper-

(inspired by the ancient process of gilding

fect beauty in the unique patinas of his

also is a platform to experience and discover design elements often emulated in the magazine’s glossy pages of glamorous interiors. This year, I discovered four design themes that pose fresh ideas about interior design. 60

Kiel Arto Design table

Orange Appeal May/June 2017  
Orange Appeal May/June 2017