Orange Appeal January/February 2016

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nization workshops called “Leave Your Kids the Memories, Not the Mess.” As parents, we are keepers of the family legacy; however, all those photo albums can take up valuable shelf space. Diana recommends digitizing albums and old media. “The best way to clear some clutter and protect your legacy is to convert those aging pictures and outdated media to digital files. You can store thousands of images on a small external hard drive and easily find and share them. This can be a DIY project or you can use a scanning service

Closet Factory of Orlando

to do it for you,” Diana explains. An ottoman at the foot of the bed that

ceiling or use tall bookshelves or cabinets.

For vital documents such as Social

opens can provide extra storage for pillows

If there is extra space on top, place pretty

Security cards, mortgage paperwork and

or blankets.

baskets or boxes there to instantly create

birth certificates, Diana stresses the impor-

extra storage space,” Megan says.

tance of creating a digital backup to com-

In the bathroom, avoid accumulating multiple bottles of shampoos, shower

In the kitchen and laundry room, pock-

pile with the originals in a binder or portfo-

washes and other products. “Be reason-

et offices and charging stations are popu-

lio. “I like to use a binder with a zipper and

able about how many travel bottles col-

lar features that often end up as dumping

strap. I then include a flash drive with the

lected from hotels you keep. If a bathroom

grounds for paper without a place.

scanned docs and another flash drive with

closet is available, use labeled bins on

“One of the leading culprits of clutter in

copies of my favorite family photos. In

shelves to contain like items such as ‘dental,’

a home is floating paper. Kitchen coun-

case of emergency, I can ‘grab and go,’

‘hair,’ ‘medications’ etc. If there is no closet

ters, dining room tables, bedroom dress-

knowing I will have all my vital informa-

space, use risers under sinks to double

ers, drawers and other surfaces tend to

tion and my most treasured memories no

vertical space to hold containers,” Sue

accumulate piles of indecision; the paper

matter what emergency might arise,” Diana

Marie explains. For general linen closets

we don’t know what to do with. Be ruth-

shares. It goes without saying, the most

in the hallways, consider editing down the

lessly decisive about what to keep and

important aspect to organizing your digital

sheet storage and repurpose it into a toy,

establish specific file, binder, container or

life is to back up your data. There are ser-

media or memorabilia closet. “You only

digitized space for every piece of paper to

vices that offer automatic backup protection

need two favorite sets of sheets for each

land,” Sue Marie says.

for your digital portfolio and access to your

bedroom — one set on the bed, a second

As you organize and store your paper-

stored on the closet shelf or in a drawer,”

work, don’t forget your digital life; it too

Sue Marie adds.

requires structure and order. Professional

The Home Office:

files from any smart device. OXO Digital Organizing

digital organizer Diana Uricchio, owner of OXO Digital Organizing, recommends cre-

The home office often rivals the closet as

ating a virtual filing cabinet. “Evernote is

the most cluttered and disorganized area

my favorite tool for this. Keep track of any-

of the home. As the concept of the home

thing under the sun. Clip articles and pic-

office becomes a more fluid space instead

tures for design ideas or travel plans for an

of a dedicated room, paperwork and digi-

upcoming trip. The beauty is that you can

tal accessories are spilling over into main

add info from any device and then search

living spaces.

your notes anytime in the future. This can

“To better organize any room, I recom-

eliminate the need for file drawers or a clut-

mend utilizing vertical space. Too often I

tered bulletin board of memos and remind-

see wall space not being maximized for

ers that can only be seen when you are at

storage. Hang shelves all the way to the

home,” says Diana, who holds digital orgajanuary | february 2016