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Fall in love with our Italian Juices. Our 100% NFC juices are always ready to drink in various formats and are made of fruit and nothing, absolutely nothing, more. The difference between squeezing a fruit at home and tasting one of our 100% NFC juices is quite small and it’s only about convenience.

Mongibello 100% NFC Juice

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Blood Orange

Mongibello is the other name given by Sicilian people to Etna Volcano, the highest volcano in Europe. At its slopes extends the Catania plane where - thanks to a particular microclimate and a fertile volcanic soil - mature the blood oranges of Sicily, unique at the world. Mongibello is producted by Oranfrizer Juice, only for the US market.


32 fl oz (950 ml)

Blood Orange and Pomegranate


Blood Orange Pomegranate

Sicilian Experience

Blood Orange and Pomegranate

6,75 fl oz (200 ml)

Special Recipes with ORANFRIZER Blood Orange juice Every day, Every meal


By Carmelo Chiaramonte, Chef


All the recipes for 10 people



Breakfast COCORANGE ICE CREAM dessert Ingredients: 350 gr white sugar 750 ml ORANFRIZER Blood Orange juice 400 ml coconut milk 10 expresso coffe How to cook: Melt sugar with orange juice. Add coconut milk and pour in the ice cream machine. Serve each portion of ice cream in a glass, or cup, with a cup of expresso poured on top.

Break VERMILLION SHERBET dessert Ingredients: For ginger syrup: 250 ml water

BLOOD ORANGE TIRAMISU dessert Ingredients: 20 savoiardi biscuits 500 gr creamy yogurt 200 gr cane sugar 50 gr cocoa powder ½ lit ORANFRIZER Blood Orange juice

400 gr tuna fillet 40 gr grated ginger 5 gr garlic Zests and juice of a jeruk sambal 200 ml soy sauce (Wan ja’shan if available) 200 ml ORANFRIZER Blood Orange juice 10 gr crushed black peppercorns 50 ml sesame oil 50 gr rice or soy miso 100 gr natural sesame seeds 200 gr spring onion 20 gr cane sugar How to cook:

Crush garlic and ginger and add the soy sauce, with the tip of a teaspoon of sugar, 100 ml of blood orange juice and winegar wine. Stir, soak the tuna and leave to marinate for 15 minutes. Put in the pestle peppercorns and spring onions and pounded softly. Remove the tuna from the marinade, roast sesame seeds in a pan and toss with a little soy sauce, then put them in a dish. Brush the tuna fillet with soy miso and juice and zests of jeruk sambal, pass in a toast sesame seeds and press to adhere well to the sesame to the thread and then cook it on the hot plate for a few minutes, so that it is caramelized outside and raw inside. After cooking, cut the tuna into slices not too thin, revisit and revise it in soy sauce and arrange it on the plate with a fresh sauce made with 100 ml blood orange juice and sesame oil.

How to cook: Place biscuits in a tray, pour the orange juice and leave 5 minutes. Mix the yogurt with sugar. Cut the biscuits in 2 part, short sense. Place, in 10 little dishes, the marinated biscuits. Add a spoon of yogurt and repeat again one time. Sprinkle coffe powder in every dessert. Save in fridge (5/6 °C) 1 hour before the service.

250 ml white sugar 100 gr grated fresh ginger 1 lit ORANFRIZER Blood Orange juice How to cook: In a little pot boil the water, pour sugar, add ginger and cool syrup 2 or 3 hours, sieve it. Mix orange juice and syrup, pour in the ice cream machine. Serve in a glass.


15 ml olives oil A pinch of salt


How to cook:

Ingredients: 200 gr cous cous 100 ml ORANFRIZER Blood Orange juice 40 gr spring onions, peeled 5 gr cardamom 5 gr vanilla 1 gr italian safran powder 3 gr cinnamon powder 120 gr carrots, cuted on cubes, steamed 1 gr cloves powder 20 ml soya sauce 200 gr crab meat 80 ml chicken gravy juice 2 boned chicken leg (net weight 400 gr)

Season the chicken leg with cloves, salt, a spoon of minced spring onion, a pinch of cardamom, cloves, cinnamon and vanilla. Roll the meat ina sheet of baking paper, cook in the oven 180°C for 35 minutes. In a little saucepan warm the orange juice with safran, pour in the cous cous and mix. Add olive oil, a pinch of salt, 40 ml of chicken gravy sauce, vanilla, soy sauce, a spoon of minced spring onion and cardamom. Mix again and fill half Tumpeng mold. Add, in every mold, 20 gr of crab meat, and fill with other cous cous. Pour the cous cous on the plate and garnish with thin slices of chicken meat and fresh indonesian chilli.

Cocktail ORANFRIZER Blood Orange juice Snack (non-alcoholic)

By Fulvia Monaco

Ingredients: 10 l ORANFRIZER Blood Orange juice 1 kg macis

FLAVORED SORBET (orange sorbet, macis syrup)

Breakfast (non alcoholic) Ingredients: Local mixed fresh fruit, 3 kg: papaya, mango, passion fruit, mongosteen, star fruit, white strawberries. 2 kg plain yogurt 6 l ORANFRIZER Blood Orange juice 5 cinnamon battens 5 battens vanilla

ORANGE SMOOTIE (Fresh fruit, plain yogurt, orange juice, cinnamon stick) Building technique: build/layer. - Lay cereals on the bottom of the glass. - Pour the yogurt. - Pour the fresh fruit smoothie and

Lunch (alcoholic drinks) Ingredients: 2 l moskovska 3 l ORANFRIZER Blood Orange juice 500 gr basil

orange. - Garnish with fresh cinnamon stick.

Building technique: frozen.

TIKI PASSION (cinnamon syrup, fresh ginger, passion fruit, orange juice, vanilla sticks) Building technique: build. - Pour passion fruit syrup and fresh ginger on the bottom of the glass. - Fill the glass with ice. - Pour the orange juice and mix. - Garnish with fresh passion fruit and vanilla.

MIMOSA (Mix equal parts San Pellegrino or Perrier and Blood orange juice in a glass) Fill a Champagne flute halfway with Blood Orange juice. Top with Champagne or Prosecco and serve immediately.

BLOODY MARY BEACH Building technique: shake and strain. - Shake vigorously vodka anda basil. - Pour the filtered vodka in the glass. - Fill the glass with orange juice. - Garnish with basil. Equipement needed: double strainer.

Dinner (alcoholic drinks) Ingredients: 2 l Bacardi bianco 2 l Captain Morgan 1 l Grand Marnier 3 l ORANFRIZER Blood Orange juice 2 kg brown sugar 3 kg lime 100 gr cloves 100 gr semongkok emas Equipement needed: 20 metal pour, 5 shaker, 5 mixing glass, 5 stir, 5 strainer, 5 double strainer, bar met, bar organizer, 5 condiment older, 10 store and pour, 10 squeezer, 5 muddler, 5 giger.

GRAND ORANGE (Grand Marnier, Rum, Grenadine syrup, orange juice, cloves) Building technique: shake and strain. - Shake vigorously Grand Marnier, Rum, Grenadine syrup, orange juice, cloves. - Pour the filtered content into glass.

- Mix the syrup with orange juice cubes. - Pour into the glass. Equipement needed: 5 blenders, ice mould.

SPARKLING ORANGE (orange juice, soda water) Pour orange juice into soda sparklets syphon add carbon dioxide. Equipement nedeed: soda sparklets syphon.

Equipement needed: double strainer.

RED MOJITO (lime, brown sugar, orange juice, white and dark rum, black pepper (semongkok emas) Building technique: muddle. - Muddle lime sugar cane and pepper. - Fill the glass with ice - Pour the rum and orange juice. - Mix with stir.

BLOOD ORANGE MARGARITA Ingredients: 1 cup Mongibello Blood Orange Juice 2-3 tablespoons Simple Syrup 8 oz Premium Tequila 7 oz Triple Sec or Cointreau 1 Blood Orange slice for garnish Combine all ingredients in a large pitcher. To prepare a drink, pour 6 ounces into a shaker filled with ice and shake. Wet the rim of a margarita glass and dip in sugar then pour and garnish with a blood orange slice. Mark Taylor Import Agent for Mongibello Blood Orange Juice 323.2357575 – 310.7091122

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