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This article provides a brief overview of dental implants and the differences between ancient technologies and today's dentistry.

Dental Implants in Chicago: A Definition Dental implants in Chicago are essentially artificial tooth roots, which are inserted into the jaw bone at the site/s of single and multiple missing teeth. To the top of this base screw, a durable and aesthetic ceramic tooth crown is affixed, providing a cosmetic and functional tooth replacement! Dental implants in Chicago are fabricated from titanium, which is the only metal on the periodic table that is capable of ‘osseointegration’. This process refers to the unique ability of the dental implant root to form a strong biological bond with the underlying jaw bone. This enables dental implants in Chicago to ‘take root’ in the mouth and remain permanently in place. The History of Dental Implants in Chicago The history of dental implants in Chicago – or rather a crude approximation thereof - has been dated back to the year 600 AD among the Mayan and Egyptian civilizations. Archaeological excavations have revealed these ancient people to have made use of materials such as sea-shells, bone and ivory to replace teeth that were lost to decay or trauma. Nowadays, we have the benefits of incredibly advanced jaw surgery in Chicago, medical science and technology that enable our replacement tooth solutions to remain permanently rooted in the mouth.

Instead of being crafted from ivory, shell and bone, modern dental implants in Chicago are fabricated from the exceptionally strong metal titanium and are fitted with a durable artificial ceramic tooth crown. This enables them to function like natural teeth while being virtually indistinguishable from them. Jaw Surgery in Chicago and Today’s Dentistry Approximately 10% of today’s dentists have the qualifications and training necessary to perform jaw surgery in Chicago to place dental implants. These dentists are oral and maxillofacial surgeons and dental implants should be placed only by an oral surgeon, who has the proper training and years of implant experience to ensure implant success. However, as the demand for this highly successful tooth replacement solution grows, more and more dentists are offering the placement of dental implants in Chicago as an integral service, even though they probably received limited training from only a continuing education weekend course. The fast-paced and highly stressful lifestyle we all live takes an incredible toll upon our bodies, resulting in the habitual intake of caffeine, nicotine, alcohol and even narcotics‌ substances that lead directly and indirectly to tooth decay and loss. Over 30 million people in the United States alone do not have a single original adult tooth left in their mouth and with millions more missing single and multiple missing teeth, the demand for dental implants in Chicago has become incredible. Dental Implants in Chicago: The Success Rate The success of jaw surgery in Chicago used to place dental implants has dramatically risen since their conception in the 1950's. Nowadays, with the aid of modern technology (such as CAT scans and our sophisticated computer imaging programs), impeccable standards of hygiene, advanced dental implant design and placement protocol, the success rate is a fantastic 98%, better than any other medical procedure! This does, of course, depend upon the health of the underlying jaw bone tissue. Patients presenting with advanced periodontal (gum) disease, a life-long low standard of oral hygiene and/or habits such as tobacco smoking do face a lower success rate and a longer post-operative recovery. The success rate of dental implants jaw surgery in Chicago also depends upon postprocedural care, which must include regular visits to the dentist or dental surgeon. Yet in spite of these factors, dental implants in Chicago provide people of all ages with a fantastic aesthetic, functional and long term solution to single and multiple missing teeth!

An Overview of Dental Implants in Chicago