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“My first exposure to OHA was at a Dental Manufacturers of America meeting where a retired Major League Baseball umpire spoke about NSTEP ®. That left a lasting impression. Learning more about OHA, I was struck by its passion and commitment to tackling difficult issues involving the oral health of America’s most vulnerable. I joined the Board wanting to help OHA in any way I could further its mission. DentalEZ supports me and OHA in so many ways, from its financial donations to OHA’s general fund, providing me the time and flexibility to travel to Chicago, Washington DC and elsewhere for OHA board meetings and events, to sponsoring and attending the Gala.”

—Vickie Waitsman, Vice President-General Counsel, DentalEZ Group

BOARD OF DIRECTORS for the fiscal year ending December 31, 2012 Chair Keith Suchy, DDS Drs. Sullivan and Suchy Ltd. Vice Chair Margaret (Peggy) S. Cottrell ProEdge Dental, Inc. Treasurer Steven J. Pollock, JD* DentaQuest, USA, L.L.C R. Gregoire Blackmore* Midmark Corporation Frank A. Catalanotto, DMD University of Florida College of Dentistry

Ann Gugino Patterson Dental Supply, Inc.

Victor Rodriguez, DDS Clear Lake Dental Associates

Lorene Kent, RDH, BA Belmont Publications, Inc.

Beth Truett, MDiv, BS Ex Officio Oral Health America

Maureen P. Knott Henry Schein, Inc. Linda Niessen, DMD, MPH, MPP DENTSPLY International Michael Orecchia Septodont-Confi-Dental Division Foti Panagakos, DMD, Ph.D Colgate-Palmolive Company

Caswell A. Evans, DDS, MPH University of Illinois at Chicago College of Dentistry

Daniel W. Perkins AEGIS Communications

Mildred M. Goldstein* Harry J. Bosworth Company

George Rhodes DENTSPLY International (Retired)

Larry Twersky 1-800-SNORING/1-800-Sleep-Med George W. Tysowsky, DDS, MPH Ivoclar Vivadent, Inc. Vickie Waitsman DentalEZ Group Robert Walker* OncoMetrix Kathy J. Zwieg, LDA, CDA Inside Dental Assisting Magazine * Service Completed in FY12

OUR MISSION Oral Health America changes lives by connecting communities with resources to increase access to care, education, and advocacy for all Americans, especially those most vulnerable.

FROM ORAL HEALTH AMERICA’S LEADERS At Oral Health America, we have big plans to bring even more healthy mouths to life. In 2012, we put in place a strategic growth initiative that will allow our organization to double in size by 2020. It is important for us to be fiscally sound as we enter into this growth phase, and we were gratified to be recognized last year with a 4-star rating from Charity Navigator and accreditation by the Better Business Bureau. As we grow, we are focusing on the country’s most vulnerable populations, including older adults and children. We believe we should care for the people who once cared for us, so we are spearheading a movement which will help older adults access oral health care as part of their regular health routines. We recognize this is a “long conversation” and that we can’t do it alone. In order to achieve our ambitious goals, we reached out to other oral health organizations, such as the American Dental Hygienists’ Association and the Special Care Dentistry Association, to help us articulate best practices in older adult oral healthcare. For children, doubling our organization means connecting even more communities with the resources they need to provide care and education to children who need it most. OHA also recognized U.S. Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ) during a Fall for Smiles Capitol Hill event for his advocacy for oral health in this country and we will continue to reach out to members of Congress to encourage legislation that supports oral healthcare. Without your support, we could not attempt this ambitious growth, and for that we thank you. We look forward to sharing our successes with you as we shine a light on the need for better access, education and advocacy for oral health care in this country.

With gratitude, Margaret Cottrell, Chairman, Board of Directors Beth Truett, President & CEO 2

SMILES ACROSS AMERICA® This year, Smiles Across America® reached over 400,000 children in schoolbased and school-linked settings providing oral disease prevention and education. SAA provided over 500,000 units of donated dental sealants, fluoride varnish, toothbrushes and toothpaste to over 140 programs across the nation.

NSTEP® (National Spit Tobacco Education Program) NSTEP® aims to prevent people, especially young people, from starting to use smokeless tobacco and to help all users quit. NSTEP’s annual contest encourages Little League Baseball and Softball players to create a slogan highlighting the dangers of spit tobacco. This year’s winner, Stone Huffman from Mechanicsburg, PA coined the phrase, “Let’s play ball, you make the call ... don’t chew tobacco!”


WISDOM TOOTH PROJECT® The Wisdom Tooth Project® focused on building a consumer website,, which provides expert content for older adults and their caregivers on challenges related to their oral health. The website aims to connect users with resources in their community.

CAMPAIGN FOR ORAL HEALTH EQUITY Through various communication initiatives, the Campaign for Oral Health Equity encourages Americans to speak up and prioritize mouth health alongside other health considerations in improving the nation’s health. The annual Fall for Smiles campaign reached 500 million Americans and the Partnership for Healthy Mouths Healthy Lives launched the 2MIN2X campaign with the Ad Council. Please visit ORALHEALTHAMERICA.ORG/2012ANNUALREPORT for our full annual report, including more information about our programs and how they impacted organizations and individuals nationwide in 2012.


DONOR ORGANIZATIONS “The Annenberg Foundation is proud to support Oral Health America. Working with local community partners through their Smiles Across America program, OHA reaches hundreds of thousands of children every year, providing dental hygiene education and services. Without their crucial programs, many children would lack necessary care.” — Gregory Annenberg Weingarten, Vice President and Director, Annenberg Foundation

Guardian $ 1 0 0,0 0 0 +


$ 1 0,0 0 0 - $ 24,999


$1,0 0 0 - $9, 9 9 9

AEGIS Communications

A-dec, Inc.


Belmont Publications, Inc.

Aspen Dental Management, Inc.

American College of Dentists

DentaQuest Foundation

Atlantic Precious Metal Refining

DENTSPLY International


Ivoclar Vivadent, Inc

Colgate Oral

Patterson Dental Trident

President’s Circle $25,000-$99,000

3M ESPE Dental Products Carestream Dental, LLC

Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Dental Trade Alliance DentalEZ Group DENTSPLY Caulk George H. Whiteley Trust Harry J. Bosworth Company Hu-Friedy Manufacturing Company

DentaQuest USA, LLC

Midmark Corporation

Henry Schein Cares Foundation

Planmeca, Inc.

Henry Schein, Inc.

Sunstar Americas, Inc.

Patterson Foundation

The Procter & Gamble Company

The Annenberg Foundation

The Richmond Foundation

Foundation American Dental Partners Anonymous Aurum Ceramic Dental Laboratories, LLP Burkhart Dental Supply ChaseHealthAdvance Chicago Dental Society Delta Dental Plans Association Dentistry Today, Inc. DNTLworks Equipment Corporation Fitzpatrick Management Resources George M. Eisenberg Foundation For Charities GlaxoSmithKline

United Concordia

Heraeus Kulzer, Inc.

Young Innovations, Inc.

Illinois State Dental Society

Integrated Media Solutions

Unilever PLC

Treasure Dental Lab

J. Morita, Inc.


Vydex Education

Kaplan-Loring Foundation

Whip Mix Corporation

Karwoski & Courage Public Relations KaVo Kerr Group Lanmark360 Northeast Delta Dental Foundation OralDNA OraPharma, Inc. OSAP


$ 50 0 - $ 999

American Dental Education Association

& Health Foundation

Associate $10 0 - $49 9

American Academy of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology

Blakeslee Advertising

American Dental Association

Crosstex International

CompareNetworks, Inc.

Dentist of Oregon Political Action

DC Dental Specialties


Kukui Plaza Dental


Hispanic Dental Association

SciCan, Inc.

Isolite Systems

Nobilium / CMP Industries

Shofu Dental Corporation

ProEdge Dental

Reliance Dental Mfg. Company

Sirona Dental Systems


Schwartz & Patten, PC

Source Healthcare Analytics

Rho Global, Inc.

Sesame Communications

Sybron Dental Specialties, Inc.

Scion Dental

Zirc Company

The Osprey Foundation

Strategic Data Marketing, Inc.

Ultradent Products, Inc.

Taylor Corporation

Associates, LLC


Harry J. Bosworth Company

Pulpdent Corporation

AEGIS Communications

Henry Schein, Inc.

Ruzicka & Associates, Ltd.

Belmont Publications, Inc.

National Dental Association

Special Care Dentistry Association

Chicago Dental Society

Navy Pier

Young Innovations, Inc.

Crown Seating

Ivoclar Vivadent

Dental Trade Alliance

Patterson Dental

If we inadvertently

We couldn’t be more grateful for the kind support of our individual donors and donor organizations.

omitted or misspelled your name, kindly advise Brad McLaughin at 312.836.9900, ext. 14 6

OUR DONORS “I consider it a privilege to be able to support an organization that has done so much good for so many years. OHA leverages the generosity of its donors very effectively by seeking partners in its programming. OHA has worked across a broad spectrum of oral health issues, but the ones that resonate the most with me are addressed by programs designed to reduce the use of tobacco, to promote health literacy and to enhance access to oral care.”

— Michael C. Alfano, Professor and Senior Presidential



$1,0 0 0 - $ 9, 9 9 9

$ 50 0 - $ 999

Dr. Michael C. Alfano

Mr. Michael Augins

Dr. Jennifer Cornell

Mr. Dave Benovy

Ms. Margaret S. Cottrell Dr. Martin A. Drozdowicz Mrs. Robin Gathman Ms. Milly M. Goldstein

Mr. R. Gregoire Blackmore Dr. Sheila R. Brown Dr. and Mrs. Frank A. Catalanotto Dr. J. Gordon

Ms. Ann Gugino

Christensen and

Dr. Mary J. Hayes

Dr. Rella P. Christensen

Mr. Devon Howe

Mr. Glenn Christenson

Ms. Maureen P. Knott

Dr. Caswell A. Evans

Dr. Linda C. Niessen Dr. Kathleen & Mr. Stephen O’Loughlin Mr. Bob Pienkowski Mr. George Rhodes Mr. Carl Ruzicka and Mr. Tony Ruzicka Dr. Keith W. Suchy Mr. Larry Twersky Dr. Anthony R. Volpe

Mr. Vincent Primerano

Dr. Carl O. Atkins, Jr.

Dr. Victor Rodriguez

Dr. Ronald Barbieri

Ms. Carmela Schaefer

Dr. Robert F. Barnes, Jr.

Mr. Eric Seid

Dr. Vishveshwar S. Batheja

Mr. Gregory Serrao

Dr. Barry W. Baumann

Dr. Ed Shellard

Dr. William L. Beasley

Dr. Tom Sullivan

Dr. Louis A. Beaudette

Ms. Beth Truett

Ms. Sara A. Beazley

Dr. Maria Vasilakis

Mr. Stuart Beecher

Ms. Kathy J. Zwieg

Dr. Jeffrey Bellisario Dr. Geoffrey D. Bentley

Associate $ 1 0 0 - $49 9

Mrs. Jane Bergeron Mrs. Jana Berghoff Mr. John Bettencourt

Dr. James A. Abbott

Mr. Greg Biersack

Dr. Damon Adams

Dr. William J. Bleecker

Ms. Polly Foss

Dr. Dominick P. Agostin

Ms. Emily Boge

Ms. Diana Friedman

Mr. Wayne Aho

Dr. Richard A. Bona, Jr.

Dr. Steven Geiermann

Dr. Stephen Akseizer

Dr. Michael E. Bond,

Mr. Gordon W. Hagler

Mr. Afshin Alavi

Dr. Bruce Iverson

Dr. Thomas Albiero

Dr. Richard S. Boneville

Mr. Charles Jackson

Mr. Scott P. Anderson

Dr. Mohan K. Boolchandani

Mr. Leslie A. Jones

Mr. and Mrs.

Dr. Eugene V. Boone

Dr. Henry W. Fields, Jr. Mr. William J. Fitzpatrick

Mr. Wayne Ledford

Robert W. Anderson


Dr. Susan Bordenave-Bishop

Mr. Alex Miller

Mr. Anthony Angelini

Mr. Dave Branch Dr. Rudolph J. Braydich, Jr.

Mr. Haruo Morita

Dr. Lisa R. Antonoff

Ms. Vickie Waitsman

Mr. Michael V. Orecchia

Dr. John K. Argeros

Ms. Carolyn Breen

Ms. Noel Wilford

Ms. Karen Pesce

Ms. Randy Arner

Dr. Daniel T. Brown

Mr. Bret Wise

Mr. Steven Pollock

Dr. Sarita Arteaga

Mr. David L. Brown


OUR DONORS Dr. Michael J. Brugos

Ms. Karen Davis

Ms. Malora Forrey

Dr. Leslie Grant

Mr. Jeff Bucher

Ms. Alice DeForest

Ms. Jacinta Francis

Dr. Ivan L. Green

Dr. Terry Buckenheimer

Dr. Thomas Dell’Aglio

Dr. Harold L. Frank

Drs. Deborah and

Dr. Alan W. Budenz

Dr. David H. Dellinger

Dr. Kenneth F. Freer

Mr. Brad Burdick

Dr. Steven C. Demetriou

Ms. Carrie L. Fritz

Dr. Randall L. Griffith

Dr. Michael J. Casey

Dr. Dominick P. DePaola

Dr. Lynn K. Fujimoto

Dr. Jason Grinter

Dr. Robert A. Casper, Jr.

Mr. Charles DePree

Dr. William E. Gable

Dr. Geoffrey A. Groat

Mrs. Lorna Cassano

Dr. Charles D. Dietrich

Ms. Kathy Gaertner

Mr. and Mrs. Paul A.

Dr. James Cavanaugh

Dr. and Mrs.

Dr. George C. Gamboa

Dr. Richard M. Celko

Robert C. Director

Ms. Lily Garcia

John Greenspan

Guggenheim Dr. James L. Gyuricza

Dr. Russell S. Chin

Dr. Sheri Doniger

Dr. Robert H.

Dr. Chester W. Douglass

Mr. Grant E. Gerke

Dr. N. Karl Haden



Mr. Armon Haagen

Dr. Ronald G. Downey

Mr. Les Gershon

Dr. Joseph F. Hagenbruch

Mr. Larry Clark

Dr. Trucia A. Drummond

Dr. John H.

Dr. Leonidas B. Hall

Dr. Thomas J. Clark

Dr. James L. Drummond

Dr. Charles A. Clements

Dr. and Mrs.

Dr. Anthony P. Colandrea, Jr.

Gerstenmaier, Jr. Dr. Lawrence M.

Arthur A. Dugoni


Dr. Russell H. Hanson Dr. James A. Harrell, Jr. Dr. Rosanne K. Harrington

Dr. Stacy V. Cole

Dr. Linda Edgar

Dr. Dennis Gianoli

Dr. John Harris

Dr. Isaac Comfortes

Dr. Twana Edwards

Dr. Philip F. M. Gilley, Jr.

Dr. Jordan H. Harris

Dr. William D. Covington

Dr. Leon J. English

Dr. and Mrs. Ray F. Gist

Dr. Joseph J. Hart

Dr. Joseph R. Craig

Ms. Arlene Evans

Dr. Howard S. Glazer

Dr. John D. Hartness

Dr. John E. Craig

Dr. Stephen R. Faber

Dr. George L. Glick

Ms. Emma Harwell

Dr. Gerald Crane

Dr. Robert Faiella

Dr. Michael J. Gold

Dr. Kevin T. Hendler

Mrs. Anna Cronin

Dr. David M. Fairchild

Dr. Jay M. Goldberg

Mr. Friedrich A. Herbst

Mr. Josh Daab and

Dr. Larry J. Ferguson

Dr. David W. Golder

Dr. Wayne W. Herman

Dr. Jackeline

Dr. Jamiesue Ferguson

Dr. Martin B. Goldstein

Dr. Joseph T. Hicken


Dr. Paul H. Feuerstein

Dr. Ronald E. Goldstein

Mr. Brett Hines

Dr. William H. Dahlberg

Dr. Thomas F. Fillar

Dr. Newton C. Gordon

Mr. Paul Hinsch

Dr. Lucien Daigle

Dr. Judd B. Fink

Mr. Jeff Gordon

Mr. and Mrs.

Dr. Donald J. Dal Porto

Dr. Allen R. Firestone

Mr. William H. Gorman

Dr. James L. Dannenberg

Mr. Richard Fishbane

Dr. Curtis K. Goss

Ms. Susan F. Hodge

Mr. Mark O. Davis

Ms. Peggy Fisher

Ms. Mary Govoni

Ms. Melissa Hoebbel

James Hirsch

“The messages that Fall for Smiles promotes are vital when Americans are making choices about how to allocate resources and stay healthy.” — R. Iván Lugo, DMD, MBA, Oral Care Professional and Scientific Relations, Regional Manager for North America and Puerto Rico, Procter & Gamble


Dr. Charles M. Holman

Dr. Philip M. Maiese

Dr. Roger L. Paul

Mr. John Stefanick

Dr. Robert E. Howes

Dr. Richard J. Mantoan

Dr. Donald A. Pepper

Mr. Chuck Stich

Mr. Lyle Hoyt

Dr. and Mrs.

Mr. Matthew Petchel

Dr. Arthur H. Streeter

Ms. Chris Peterson

Dr. Gary R. Sugg

Dr. Roy L. Irons

Stanley Markman

Mr. Tim Irwin

Ms. Barbara Marriott

Dr. Richard F. Pfeiffer

Dr. Carol G. Summerhays

Dr. Marty Jablow

Mr. Michael McCarthy

Ms. Claudia Pohl

Ms. Deirdre Suter

Dr. Ronald D. Jackson

Dr. Michael McEniry

Mr. David Porritt

Dr. Gary H. Swalsky

Dr. William E. Jantzen

Dr. F. Patrick McGuire

Dr. William R. Proffit

Ms. Gina M. Swehla

Mr. Bill Jellison

Mr. Josh McKey

Dr. Jeffrey M. Pukatch

Dr. Andrew C. Tarkington

Mr. Steve Jenson

Ms. Kim McQueen

Ms. Pam Quinones

Mr. Patrick F. Taylor

Mr. Robert Johns

Dr. Julian M. Meadows, Jr.

Dr. Bobby C. Raynor

Dr. Mark L. Teach

Dr. Curtis R. Johnson

Dr. Richard L. Meckstroth

Dr. H. Kent Reed

Dr. William S. Tener

Mr. Rohit Joshi

Dr. Burt Melton

Dr. Jerry H. Reitzel

Dr. David S. Teufel

Dr. Joe B. Kennon

Mr. Steven Merrick

Dr. John E. Rhodes, Jr.

Dr. Edward P. Theiss

Dr. Stephen B. Kern

Dr. Shannon E. Mills

Ms. Victoria Richards

Dr. Michael Thomas

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Ketcho

Mr. Dave Misiak

Dr. Roy W. Richardson, III

Dr. Jim Thommes

Mr. Al King

Dr. Dale J. Misiek

Dr. Joanne Block Rief

Ms. Sarah Tobias

Dr. James R. King, Jr.

Dr. Thomas M. Mohr

Dr. Warren Roberts

Dr. Charles E. Tomich

Ms. Amy Kinnamon

Dr. Michael P. Molvar

Dr. Pat Roetzer

Dr. James S. Torchia

Dr. George J. Kinney, Jr.

Mr. Anthony Montemurro

Mr. Tim Rogan

Mr. Mike Torres

Mr. Howard Klein

Dr. Charles H. Moore

Mr. Neil Romano

Dr. Lawrence A. Tuttle

Dr. Jerome A. Kleponis

Dr. James C. Morgenroth

Dr. Jack Rosen

Mrs. Lydia Vazquez

Dr. Ronald C. Koenig

Dr. Kenneth W. Morris

Dr. Algis A. Ruginis

Dr. Thomas W. Vinson, Jr.

Dr. Sui-Yee H. Kow

Dr. Allen J. Moses

Dr. Frank J. Russo

Ms. Kim Volk

Dr. Gerald D. Krause

Dr. Barbara L. Mousel

Ms. Denise Sabol

Ms. Marguerite Walsh

Mr. Mike Kubiak

Dr. Philip S. Nash

Dr. Thomas Sawyer and

Dr. Richard E. Walton

Ms. Stephanie Ladding

Dr. Joel Nathanson

Drs. Khin & Lily Laij

Dr. Anthony A. Nebbia

Dr. Robert A. Schrameyer

Dr. Hans P. Weber

Dr. Lewis N. Lampiris

Ms. Karen Neiner

Dr. Kathleen Schroeder

Ms. Jamie Weiss

Ms. Ellen Landis

Dr. Ferdinand G.

Dr. Brian E. Scott

Dr. Michael A. Wernick

Dr. Samuel E. Selcher

Mr. Steve White

Dr. William M. Lane

Neurohr, Jr.

Dr. David Grimm

Mr. Rodney Watt

Dr. Thad Langford

Dr. Steven Nielsen

Dr. Ennio S. Senia

Dr. Sidney A. Whitman

Dr. Lilia Larin

Mr. Michael Norton

Dr. William E. Shellhart

Dr. Mark O. Williams

Dr. Melvyn M. Leifert

Ms. Judy O’Brien

Dr. John R. Shimmin

Dr. James D. Williams

Dr. Joel E. Leizer

Mr. Michael O’Neil

Mr. Eric R. Shirley

Mr. Douglas T. Wills

Dr. Richard P. Lemieux

Dr. Joanne R. Oppenheim

Dr. Brian A. Shuman

Dr. Roger C. Wilson

Dr. Roderick W. Lewin

Ms. Tricia Osuna

Dr. Harvey Silverman

Dr. James B. Wolf

Ms. Therese Long

Dr. Walter Owens

Dr. Sam Simos

Dr. Margo Woll

Dr. Dennis G. Longwill

Dr. Ronald L. Pack

Mr. Bob Size

Dr. Gerald J. Ziebert

Ms. Donna Lowe

Dr. Bill L. Paetz

Dr. Dale E. Smith

Mr. Steven Zimmerman

Dr. Oariona Lowe

Dr. Fotinos S. Panagakos

Dr. Charles Smith

Dr. Mario C. Zocchi

Mr. Michael J. Lynam

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas

Mr. Wes Snyder

Dr. Cecile A. Zohn

Dr. James J. Lyons

M. Panitch

Dr. Richard S. Sobel

Dr. William R. Maas

Mr. Daniel Parrilli

Ms. Christine Spencer

Dr. Robert MacGregor

Mr. Douglas Patrick

Ms. Jennifer Spresser

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