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Our Mission Oral Health America changes lives by connecting communities with resources to increase access to care, education, and advocacy for all Americans, especially those most vulnerable.

Thanks to your support and donations in 2010, our programs have continued to reach those who need it most.

To see some of the smiles you’ve helped bring to life, visit

From Oral Health America’s Leaders Oral Health America is grateful to donors who helped us achieve a record $2.3 million in operating revenue and in-kind donations. These results enabled us to reach people in all corners of America to build healthy mouths for healthy lives – especially for those most vulnerable. Smiles Across America® added 9 new partners in 8 states across the county. We launched Seal Two Million, a campaign to seal two million teeth for 500,000 children by 2020, while celebrating the completion of a 10-year pledge to America’s Promise to seal one million teeth of 225,000 uninsured and underserved children. Building on OHA’s commitment to the health of older adults, we developed

5 strategies for the Wisdom Tooth Project® and were awarded seed funding for Phase One implementation in 2011. NSTEP® (National Spit Tobacco Education Program) attracted nearly 500 youth to OHA’s annual contest, which was joined by Chicago White Sox pitcher, John Danks, reminding kids – and adults – that “smokeless is not harmless.” The Campaign for Oral Health Equity, a program to educate and advocate for the public, launched Fall for Smiles, a communications initiative with the Dental Trade Alliance’s Oral Healthcare Can’t Wait. With numerous partners, OHA’s advocacy was focused around funding oral health as part of the Affordable Care Act. Through our Medical Dental Dialogues®—and all other OHA programs— our Board and staff is strategically focused on the linkage between good oral and overall health. In 2011 and beyond, we intend to remain strong and independent, but intentionally focused on making a difference by collaborating with a myriad of partners.

With gratitude, Beth Truett, President & CEO Keith Suchy, DDS, Chairman, Board of Directors

OUR PROGRAMS Medical Dental Dialogues速 Wisdom Tooth Project速 NSTEP速 ( National Spit Tobacco Education Program ) Smiles Across America速 Campaign for Oral Health Equity

For more information about our programs, visit oralhealthamerica. org


Board of Directors R. Gregoire Blackmore

Maureen P. Knott

Chief Operating Officer

Vice President, Product Advertising Henry Schein, Inc.

Midmark Corporation

Jean-Michel J. Blanchard Corporate Vice President, Corporate Planning and Business Development DENTSPLY International

Frank A. Catalanotto, DDS Professor and Chair, Dept. of Community Dentistry & Behavioral Sciences University of Florida College of Dentistry

Daniel W. Perkins President/CEO AEGIS Communications

Steven J. Pollock, JD Chief Operating Officer DentaQuest, USA, L.L.C.

George Rhodes Victor Rodriguez, DDS Clear Lake Dental Associates

Mary Lee Conicella, DMD, FAGD* Chief Dental Officer Aetna Dental

Margaret S. Cottrell Chief Executive Officer ProEdge Dental, Inc.

Caswell A. Evans, DDS, MPH Associate Dean for Prevention and Public Health Sciences University of Illinois at Chicago

Gail B Stoops, RDH, BSDH* Sr. Mgr. of Professional Relations Philips Consumer Lifestyle

Keith Suchy, DDS Drs. Sullivan & Suchy, Ltd.

Beth Truett, MDiv, BS President/CEO Oral Health America ex-officio

Larry Twersky Mildred M. Goldstein President Harry J. Bosworth Company

Ann Gugino Vice President, Finance & Operations

Chief Executive Officer 1-800-Snoring/1-800-Sleep-Med

George W. Tysowsky, DDS, MPH Vice President, Technology Ivoclar Vivadent, Inc.

Patterson Dental Supply, Inc.

Vickie Waitsman

Lorene Kent, RDH, BA

Vice President-General Counsel DentalEZ Group

President Belmont Publications, Inc.

Robert P. Walker

Steve Knight

Kathy J. Zwieg, LDA, CDA

President/CEO DNTLWorks Equipment Corporation Crown Seating, LLC, U.S. Seating Components, NAPA Dental Co.

Associate Publisher & Editor-in-Chief Inside Dental Assisting Magazine * Board term ended in FY10 4

Wisdom Tooth Project® OHA is committed to changing the lives of vulnerable older adults who are most susceptible to oral disease. In 2010, OHA launched the Wisdom Tooth Project®, and with input from others, developed five strategies to bring stakeholders and caregivers together to address the oral health needs of our aging population. Our leading strategies are a communications initiative and the exploration of an online resource center for oral health care decision makers at the community level .

“As the aging of America’s population progresses at an unprecedented rate, we need to redouble our efforts to address the complex oral health needs of older adults. We believe in Oral Health America’s plan to bring many diverse groups together, and SCDA welcomes the opportunity to to share our expertise.” —Kevin T. Hendler, DDS, FASGD, DABSCD, Director of Geriatric Dentistry, Emory Healthcare Immediate Past President, Special Care Dentistry Association (SCDA)



Medical Dental Dialogues® provides a platform for medical and dental healthcare professionals to share knowledge and treatment protocols for disease and conditions that affect the mouth, and makes this information available to communities of students, clinics, practitioners and interested public.

f i n d o u t m o re : o r a l h e a lth a m e ric a .o rg / n s te p

National Spit Tobacco Education Program



NSTEP® completed its ninth year of partnership with Little League and teamed up with the Chicago White Sox for the first time in 2010. Little League player and slogan contest winner, Eli Kruse, coined the phrase, “Be a hitter, not a spitter – don’t chew tobacco,” and helped NSTEP educate baseball enthusiasts about the health risks of spit tobacco use at the Little League World Series and on-field during a White Sox game. White Sox pitcher John Danks, a former smokeless tobacco user, filmed a PSA for NSTEP that aired on ESPN during the Little League World Series, reaching millions of viewers.

“Delta Dental is proud to sponsor OHA’s efforts to stop spit tobacco use among teens. Tobacco negatively impacts oral health in so many ways, and, as an industry leader, we take very seriously our mission to improve oral health and help educate young people about spit tobacco’s harmful effects. Oral cancer is no laughing matter — and neither are dental decay, gum disease, heart disease or any of the other conditions for which tobacco users have a higher risk.” —John Yamamoto, DDS, MPH Delta Dental of California 6

find out more: o r a l h e a lth a m e ric a .o rg / fa l l f o rs m il e s

Fall for smiles Fall for Smiles®, OHA’s annual communications campaign in collaboration with Oral Healthcare Can’t Wait, an initiative of the Dental Trade Alliance, runs throughout September and October, and in 2010, garnered over 440 million audience impressions communicating to the American public the importance of brushing and flossing, regular dental visits, healthy food choices and no tobacco use. With Oral Healthcare Can’t Wait and Plackers® Dental Flossers, OHA commissioned a public opinion survey that found most (65%) of parents say teaching children in school about taking care of their teeth is either extremely or very important, while 39% of children said they learned about oral or dental health at school in the past school year.

“Partnering with OHA on the Fall for Smiles campaign helped us to extend the messages of our Oral Healthcare Can’t Wait initiative. It made a lot of sense to work together on our common goals to get Americans to take care of their teeth and visit a dental professional regularly. The Dental Trade Alliance intends to collaborate again with this effort in 2011.” –Gary Price, CEO, Dental Trade Alliance

CAMPAIGN FOR ORAL HEALTH EQUITY In October 2010, OHA co-hosted an event on Capitol Hill with the Dental Trade Alliance (DTA) to recognize the tenth anniversary of the Surgeon General’s Report, Oral Health in America. Over 110 supporters, including Congressman Elijah Cummings and Rear Admiral Dr. William Bailey, Assistant Surgeon General and Chief Dental Officer of the U.S. Public Health Service, joined OHA and the DTA to encourage funding for the oral health provisions of the Affordable Care Act, passed in 2009.

“The ADEA Center for Public Policy and Advocacy (ADEA CPPA) was pleased to welcome members of OHA’s Board of Directors to Washington, DC, and provide an advocacy training session for their first visit to Capitol Hill. ADEA and OHA agreed that it was critical that oral health be an integral component of any health care reform legislation passed by Congress. By taking this unified message to Capitol Hill, OHA raised the profile of oral health and reinforced its importance and value in the U.S. health care system.” — Jack E. Bresch, Associate Executive Director & Director Center for Public Policy & Advocacy, American Dental Education Association


Smiles across america


Smiles Across America® (SAA) grew in 2010 to reach 310,000 children with oral disease prevention and oral health promotion services in school-based and school-linked settings. SAA provided grant funding, technical assistance and over 500,000 units of donated dental product to 109 treatment partners in 27 states and 2 U.S. Territories. We welcomed 9 new SAA sites in 2010: Denver, Milwaukee, Cincinnati, Washington, DC, Prince Georges County, MD, Gainesville, FL, a pilot project in Tampa and an expansion in Minnesota. SAA affords care for children whose families lack resources, insurance, transportation, or experience literacy or language barriers. Smiles Across America has provided over $1.8 million in grant funding and donated millions of units of dental product to over 900 treatment partners since its inception. In 2010, Oral Health America met its commitment to America’s Promise to seal 1,000,000 teeth. OHA made a new commitment to seal 2,000,000 more teeth by 2020!

“Access to care will always be an issue. Demand for the kind of help we and others provide will always be greater than what can be fulfilled at any one point in time. Product donations are an area where we feel we can really help providers deliver care that makes a difference, so now more than ever it’s important that we continue to help. It’s part of being a good corporate citizen and it’s the right thing to do.” —Steve Bonfig, Global Communications Manger, 3M ESPE 9

“Becoming a partner with Smiles Across America® has allowed us to get additional matching funds to cover the costs of equipment and supplies, from toothpaste and supplemental information to send home to parents to portable dental equipment. We also were able to see 1,000 children that would not otherwise be able to be seen because of Medicaid limitations. Being involved with Smiles Across America has been a critical part of our program and we’ve had such positive feedback from it.” —Taylor Morgan, Impact Program Coordinator, United Way of North Central Florida

“GCA promotes prevention of decay and preservation of teeth, and as a minimally invasive-minded company and one who strives to educate the population on such techniques, it was a natural fit to support OHA whose programs seek the very same goal. It is the hope of both companies that this increased awareness of oral health will lead to better overall health in all patients.” —John O’Neill, VP of Sales & Marketing, GC America

“With the funding that we received from Oral Health America we were able to expand our school based sealant program. Last year we were in 63 elementary schools providing dental screenings, oral hygiene education and sealants. This is year we are scheduled to be in 85 schools. We went from being in 8 school districts to 9 in the Denver metro area. All of this means we have been able to impact more kids than ever before in our sealant program. We have schools calling us and asking how they can become part of our program. ” —Julie Collett, Executive Director, Kids In Need of Dentistry 10

OUR DONORS “Oral Health America continues to be a guiding light to the profession and the public regarding the issues of oral health and its significance and importance to overall health and well-being.” —Caswell Evans, DDS, MPH

Dr. Mira Andre

Dr. Christine Choi

Dr. Harold Frank

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Dr. Mohan Boolchandani

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Partner $1,0 0 0 - $ 9, 9 9 9 Dr. Michael Alfano Ms. Margaret Cottrell Ms. Maureen Knott Dr. Linda Niessen Mr. Steven Pollock Mr. George Rhodes Dr. Keith Suchy Ms. Vickie Waitsman Mr. Robert Walker

Patron $5 0 0 - $ 9 9 9

Dr. Stanley Antonoff


Dr. Gordon Christensen

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“The Bosworth Company supports Oral Health America because of their commitment to the dental industry. OHA is expanding the dental pie through its programs, and delivering access and education to individuals and organizations. OHA involvement extends to more than one person at Bosworth, making our understanding of and commitment to our community more complete.” —Milly Goldstein & Herb Pozen The Harry J. Bosworth Company

Dr. Marc Hollander

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OUR DONORS “As a dentist, I believe that my colleagues and I have a responsibility to care for all the patients in the United States, including the most vulnerable. The efforts of groups like Oral Health America and The Chicago Dental Society Foundation most directly address the important issue of Access to Care, and I am proud to support their work.” -Dr. George Zehak President, Chicago Dental Society Foundation

Dr. Joseph Bosco

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“Patterson Dental has a long record of supporting education that enriches the lives of children and families. We feel that the partnerships OHA has forged with the Dental Trade Alliance and other nonprofit organizations sets a valuable example in the industry of how collaborative efforts can expand our outreach.” — Scott Anderson, President/CEO, Patterson Companies

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DentaQuest Foundation

Mr. Jeff Metzger

Whip Mix Corporation

Dentistry Today, Inc.

Midmark Corporation

Young Dental Laboratory



Dr. George Zehak

DENTSPLY International, Inc.

Ms. Rhonda Mullins

Ms. Kathy Zweig

Bausch Articulating Papers, Inc. Mr. Bernard Beazley Belmont Publications, Inc.

Mr. John Scott SDI North America, Inc.

Suni Medical Imaging, Inc. Sunstar Americas, Inc. Ms. Gina Swehla Tokuyama America, Inc. Vista Pro Consulting, Inc.

Operating Financial Statement for the fiscal year ending December 31, 2010 Assets Cash


Grants & Pledges Receivable


Other Receivables

2010 Contributions $2,392,022


Prepaid Expenses & Deferred Charges


Furniture & Equipment net of Depreciation




Total Assets






Liabilities and Net Assets Accounts Payable & Accrued Expenses $180,003 Contributions & Grants Payable


Deferred Contributions & Grants Income


Total Liabilities


Net Assets Unrestricted




Total Net Assets


Total Liabilities and Net Assets



total support and revenue over 5 years


2010 Disbursements $2,323,322

3 2.5


2 1.5 1


.5 0 2006





76 cents of every dollar invested in OHA goes to our programs.


Source: 2010 Oral Health America’s financial statements with independent auditor’s report.

access • education • advocacy


T (312) 836-9900 | F (312) 836-9986 |

410 N. Michigan Avenue, Suite 352 Chicago IL 60611

Oral Health America


OHA Annuar Report 2010  

Oral Health America's Annual Report for 2010

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