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ORALED CV Driver 15W 24V Rectangular

Article Number CV-15-24RI


15W 24V Rectangular Independent Version

Input Voltage


Input Frequency


IP Rating

IP 20

Electrical Specification: Input Voltage Input Voltage Frequency Power Factor Output Current Output Power Output Voltage Vf Ambient temperature Case temperature

Dimensions: 100-240Vac 50/60Hz 0.53-0.61 0.63A 0-15W 24V -10 - +45C 75C max

Protection: Short-Circuit Overload Thermal Spikes on primary side Class II protection Not suitable for secondary switching


50 pieces per carton

Length 109 (93.2)mm Width 37mm Height 20.5mm Terminal Blocks can accept cables up to 2.5mm2 Single terminal blocks on primary and secondary Clamping screws for cables 3-8mm

Reference Norms: EN EN EN EN EN EN

55015 61000-3-2 61347-1 613467-2-13 61547 62384


15W 24V Rectangular driver

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