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ANNUAL REPORT 2010 - 2011

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Centacare extends the social services ministry of the Catholic Church in the Diocese of Townsville to improve the wellbeing of the many communities in which we work. Informed by the Gospel values of dignity, respect and justice for all, Centacare assists, supports and strengthens individuals, families and communities.

Foreword from the Bishop Director’s / Board Chair’s Report

We embrace cultural diversity and are committed to providing services with compassion, respect and integrity.

OUR VISION FOR 2010 – 2013 Improved safety, resilience and well being for all through responsive services.

OUR VALUES We maintain a respectful client focus through quality accountable service delivery that is flexible, responsive and inclusive; always learning from one another, our cultures and our communities. Directed by principles of Catholic Social Teaching such as Human Dignity, The Common Good, Solidarity and Subsidiarily and by the standards of our professions, we are accordingly guided in our actions with those with whom we work by the following key values:

• • • • • • AR10/11

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Compassion Integrity Responsiveness Respect for all Excellence Stewardship

Stratigic Planning Process Statigic Planning Process Summary Centacare - How did we go? Children at risk and/or experiencing disadvantage Adolescents at risk and/or experiencing disadvantage Adults experiencing disadvantage or difficulties in living fulfilling lives People with disabilities Indigenous people Remote families and communities

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Financial Reports 10/11 Financial Summary 24 Centacare Service Index 10/11 Services 26 Organisation Directory Office Locations and Contacts


Centacare Townsville has been working with people across North Queensland since 1979. Last year, we assisted nearly 12,000 people with support, education and counselling. We provide a range of programs to assist individuals, families and communities. Our 160 staff operate out of ten sites across North Queensland and the Gulf Country with outreach to a further eight towns in the region. Centacare Townsville is an organisation with a strong inclusive community focus. We are committed to improving the wellbeing of the many communities in which we work. NORMANTON











BISHOP’S FOREWORD Mount Isa is the second city of the diocese because it is the largest city apart from Townsville, and it also is such a great distance from Townsville that it very much has its own identity. Whenever I visit Mount Isa I am very busy because we have four Catholic schools there and other Catholic institutions. We also have a very large Centacare office, or number of offices, which in their workload rival what happens in Townsville itself. The offices are coming together in a newly refurbished building, which will make their contribution to the life of Mount Isa even more obvious. Similarly, when I go to Palm Island, which is right at the other end of the diocese, I am busy because of our school, our childcare centre and our parish, but am also in contact with the work being carried out by Centacare staff on the island. So from East to the far West and especially in Townsville itself, Centacare is delivering the service of the diocese of Townsville to those in need, and especially to families and people who are troubled in one way or another. If we only had our churches and schools, our diocese would not be fulfilling its mission. It would have to find some way of showing its care for people who are struggling in any way. I am very proud of what Centacare does across the diocese and congratulate all those involved in its work, and I pray that God will continue to bless it in the coming years.

MOST REV MICHAEL E PUTNEY Bishop of Townsville AR10/11

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Psychologist Eriola Sanxhaku with a little friend

Centacare staff rallying for Daniel Morcombe Foundation

Deputy Director Paula La Rosa (L) and DiverseAbilities staff Aaron Loveday and Antje Malan

Front Row L to R-Paula Duffy, Cris Dall’Osto (Board Chair), Bishop Michael Putney, Tony McMahon, Jill Farinelli. Back Row L to R: Helen Lucas, Trevor Cowling, Len Horner, Brian Fanning, Kellie Stemp, Sandra Crosato-Matters.

Director’s and Board Chair’s Report: Annual Report 2010-2011 This year has been a time of change. We have started building projects in Townsville, Mount Isa and Normanton as well as upgrades to our IT, telephony and case management systems. These changes have taken up a lot of time, resources and energy but they are only incidental to the true purpose of our Mission; they are just some of the tools to assist us in our work. The real change has been in the way in which we have decided to look at what we do and to make sure that the services we provide make a difference in the lives of the people we serve. Our new Strategic Plan, which will guide our services for the next three years, focuses on the results we wish to achieve. The Strategic Plan asks us to identify and develop partners and resources to address four key Performance Accountability Questions:

• how much did we do? • how well did we do it? • what did we achieve? • did we make a difference?


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Combined Management Teams Planning Day, Townsville

Continued... This last question is the primary goal of all our services and, while it is early days, this Annual Report sets out some of the ways we are making a difference across North Queensland. The same four questions are also linked to and dependent upon the four Values from Catholic Social Teaching that guide our practice: • The value we place on every person we work with and how we act because of that (Human Dignity); our determination to create a just, safe and fair world (The Common Good) • The ways in which we help others to discover and use their own strengths and resources (Subsidiarity) and our commitment to the good of all people especially the poorest and most marginalised (Solidarity) These Values and our Strategic Plan set a high benchmark for us to achieve. We cannot do this alone so we thank the many individuals and agencies who assist us. In particular, we thank Bishop Michael for his continued advice and support. We thank the staff of the Commonwealth and State Government departments who work in partnership with us. Our thanks go to the members of the Advisory Board who give generously of their time and wisdom. We thank the Centacare staff across North Queensland for their commitment to their work; their dedication, knowledge and skills make the whole enterprise possible. We are sure you will see in reading this Annual Report that Centacare Townsville has made a difference in the many communities in which we work.

DR. TONY MCMAHON Director, Centacare Townsville

CRIS DALL’OSTO Chair, Centacare Advisory Board

THE STRATEGIC PLANNING PROCESS The Strategic Planning process adopted by Centacare reflects the Results Based Accountability approach. Priority Client Populations Through the strategic planning process Centacare staff at all levels across the region came together and identified six specific populations. These key populations will provide a focus for our services across the next three years. Decisions about working with specific client populations are made based on assessed needs and available resources. Because of this approach, we will continue to serve a number of major client populations for the foreseeable future.

Children at risk and/or experiencing disadvantage


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Adolescents at risk and/or experiencing disadvantage

Adults experiencing disadvantage or difficulties in living fulfilling lives

People with disabilities

Indigenous people

Remote families and communities

Centacare - What we achieved throughout the year • Centacare provided support to 11,839 clients throughout the year across our various programs. • In 2010-2011, client numbers increased by 16% • In particular, the increase in client numbers has occurred in three identified key priority populations: Aboriginal peoples and Torres Strait Islander peoples, Children and Adolescent populations. • 4,384 (37%) of the clients were Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander • 4,907 (41.4%) of the clients were Children and Adolescents • 56% of our clients were female and 44% were male. • Centacare Townsville offers 30 different programs which focus on support and counselling across our locations. • Centacare Townsville provides services in five locations: Townsville, Mount Isa, Normanton, Cloncurry and Bowen. We also provide outreach to Richmond, Julia Creek, Ingham, Palm Island, Ayr, Cannonvale, Proserpine, Collinsville and Charters Towers.


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Centacare - How did we do? • When Centacare takes a project on, you can rely on it being done properly (service provider Mount Isa) • Centacare leads by example (service provider, Mount Isa) • Centacare is a place that I can go for assistance when no one else will help me. • Thank you for helping and understanding (FIS client Townsville) • Deadly Service

Children at risk and/or experiencing disadvantage • Communities for Children program brokered 48.6 % of funds to community partners for child health and early learning to better support children aged 0-12 in Mount Isa. • The BRIDGE Team in Townsville provided 751 hours of counselling and support to 224 children and families whilst the BRIDGE Team in Mount Isa provided 828 hours of support to 552 family members. • The culture of Education of Program in Mount Isa is now in its 5th year of operation and provided more than 4,500 breakfasts and school lunches for the year. • The Family Intervention Service and the Counselling Intervention Service in Mount Isa completed over 1,600 hrs of support for 450 clients who were referred by Department of Communities (Child Safety Services). • The Family Intervention Service in Townsville completed over 953 hours of intensive support to 208 clients who were referred by Department of Communities (Child Safety Services). • 68 children received intensive counselling through the ROSA program based in Townsville.


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Centacare - How did we do? • Big high 5 to Centacare Mount Isa- you guys are awesome ( mother-Mount Isa) • It feels better to talk to someone (BRIDGE client) • The nightmares have stopped now (child engaging in counselling) • I’m OK now and can get on with my studying ( young person- counselling) • I don’t react like I used to- thanks Centacare ( parent- BRIDGE)

Adolescents at risk and/or experiencing disadvantage • The Reconnect program in Mount Isa produced a local short video to highlight the issues of youth homelessness in the community and the video was launched on Youth Homeless Day. • Reconnect Mount Isa also partnered with other local services to continue to run Thursday Night Live which is a strategy to divert young people from the streets and reduce youth crime. • The Pathways programs which provide counselling in local schools supported 180 students in the Townsville region and 68 students in Mount Isa. • Centacare ran a number of Suicide Prevention information and support groups in local high schools in Mount Isa. • Centacare in Mount Isa partnered with the Mount Isa City Council and various youth services for the annual Mega Day Out celebrations by providing financial support for the event and family based activities on the day. • Staff strategically placed more than 50 large street signs across Mount Isa to raise awareness of Youth Homelessness during Youth Week.


P 14

Adolescents - How did we do? • I like the community events; they provide a safe place to go (young person, Mount Isa) • You can go to them when there is nowhere else (young person, Mount Isa) • I had never thought about kids being homeless. Wow– those signs get you thinking (resident, Mount Isa).

Adults experiencing disadvantage or difficulties in living fulfilling lives • The ACCESS program was available across the region for community recovery for floods, critical incidents and work place incidents throughout the year. • Family Relationship Centre saw 828 clients across the region for the purpose of developing parenting plans with families. • Gambling Help programs in Townsville and Mount Isa supported more than 90 clients for individual counselling. Gambling Help Townsville also completed 750 hours of community education throughout the year. • Townsville staff completed 1,114 hours of Family Relationship Counselling with 579 clients. The Mount Isa program undertook 435 counselling hours with 200 clients throughout the year. • 1,133 adults participated in adult group education sessions across the region this year. • The Homelessness Crisis Service provided accommodation for families in Mount Isa by fully utilising the 4 crisis accommodation houses. • Centacare Homelessness Service provided support to 760 clients throughout the year. AR10/11

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• Centacare in Mount Isa has taken on a lead agency role in the Housing Communities Action Plan for social housing. • 31 clients received 128 sessions of counselling in the Circle of Life program which assists individuals, couples and families to work through their pregnancy-related concerns

Adults - How did we do? • The service made me feel safer during negotiations (client, Family Relationship Centre, Townsville) • Attending Building Connections was very useful (FRC client, Mount Isa) • I feel better- like there is hope when I talk to counsellors (client of Gambling Help) • Helps me unscramble all the things that are going around in my head- (feedback from family counselling) • Got my house, got my kids and got my bills paid (client of the Homelessness Service) • Fantastic Service (client of Circle of Life program)

People with disabilities • Centacare staff provided over 38,000 hours of service to people with disabilities, 9,332 hours in Mount Isa and 28,685 hours in Townsville. • 50% of services provided through our DiverseAbilities program were to clients under the age of 18 years. • Trinity House Mount Isa provided year around 24 hour-a-day support to three residents with a disability. • 57 people with disabilities and their families were supported regularly in Townsville at both the Respite House and the in-home Community Inclusion program. • Centacare passed the Triennial Audit with no major or minor non-compliances.


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People with disabilities - How did we do? • Gives family members a rest and ability to work 5 days per fortnight. Staff always very helpful and caring (feedback from a family member). • Thanks for all the wonderful care to our children (parent, Townsville). • Purchase of electric Hi-Low bed has made a huge difference to all our lives. Thanks is not enough but thank you anyway. Everyone has been more than kind (feedback, Townsville). • The staff working with the family have been well chosen (feedback from client survey). • I just want to go home now (resident of Trinity House in Mount Isa after a stint away from Trinity House).

Indigenous people • Centacare served 4,384 Aboriginal people and Torres Strait Islander people during the year, 37% of our total clients. • Participate in Prosperity program (PIP) had a successful year increasing access to employment for Indigenous clients in Townsville and the pilot program in Mount Isa. They supported 169 clients throughout the year. • 93% of the Mount Isa Homelessness program’s 760 clients were of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent. • The HIPPY (Home Interaction Program for Parents and Youngsters) pilot program in Mount Isa had a successful 2nd year of operation. • HIPPY employed 5 casual Indigenous tutors to work with families in the program. The HIPPY program was nominated in the Outback Deadly Awards and won the regional Indigenous community service award. • 100% of children participating in the Culture of Education program were Aboriginal children • Sponsored by Centacare, Indigenous Hip Hop came to Mount Isa for its second successful year. The HIP HOP group provides a week of activities to engage children of all ages and provides strong messages around youth supporting each other to combat depression and prevent suicide. AR10/11

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Centacare worked in conjunction with a number of other community partners to fund and support this event.

• In 2010- 2011, plans in Mount Isa were developed to relocate our office location to Pioneer which is identified as a high needs suburb with a high Indigenous population. This will provide better access to families who reside in the area particularly those who are transport disadvantaged.

Indigenous people - How did we do? • PIP was a great help in my recovery. (PIP client) • I enjoyed working with PIP as together we created some great outcomes for clients- (Service Provider, Mount Isa) • PiP has helped me to budget and go to TAFE ( PIP client) • Thank you so much for organising my visit today. What a fantastic program HIPPY is and everyone is just so wonderful. Absolutely loved my visit; will have great pleasure in being the Champion (State Member for Mount Isa, Betty Kiernan).

Remote families and communities • Cloncurry Community Support Service has spent the 12 months developing stronger community links and enhancing referral pathways for Cloncurry residents. • Centacare’s service in Bowen supported 267 clients throughout the year. • 100% of the 368 clients of the Remote Area Intensive Family Support Service are of Aboriginal descent. • Centacare provides a visiting service to Palm Island, Richmond and Julia Creek. • Regional Dispute Resolution Service provided dispute resolution services to 94 clients. • Townsville Family Intervention Service provided in-home practical family support to 9 families on Palm Island to ensure the developmental and protective needs of children are met • In Bowen, Centacare facilitates a Cancer Support Group • Centacare in Bowen sustains families in mining communities who have been impacted by shift work and lifestyle changes (Bowen)


P 22

Remote families and communities - How did we do? • How appreciative we are to come to a quiet, friendly and caring space (Cancer Support group member, Bowen). • Worker is always there for us ( Normanton)

Financial Summary Report Centacare is funded by: • Department of Communities (DComm)

• Department of Communities - Child Safety Services

• Department of Communities - Disability and Community Care Services

• Department of Communities - Housing and Homelessness Services

• Department of Communities- Disability and Community Care Services • Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs (FaHCSIA) • Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation (DEEDI) • Catholic Diocese of Townsville • Xstrata Mining • Brotherhood of St Laurence • Australian Government Attorney-General’s Department (AG)

Staff numbers At 30 June 2011, Centacare Townsville employed 164 staff members of whom 147 were female. 111 staff were full time employees and there were 23 part-time workers and 30 casuals employed. AR10/11

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2010-2011 Income Sources

2010-2011 Expenditure

30 25 20 15 10 5

Australian Government

Queensland Government

Client Related Costs (5%) Fees


TSV Diocesan


QLD Health


Child Safety






Property Costs (7%) Travel and Training (7%) Motor Vehicle Expenses (3%)


Administrative Expenses (8%) Employment Costs (70%)

Centacare Services Relationship and Family Support Services Family and Relationship Counselling (Est. 1979) ​ The Family and Relationship Counselling Program provides counselling to individuals, couples, children and families with a focus on family and relationship issues. Education and Life Skills Program (Est. 1992) Courses enhance individual quality of life for men, women and children and strengthen family relationships. Life skills courses also include Marriage Preparation (Est. 1992) Bowen Community and Individual Support Service (Est. 1996) Provides counselling to individuals, children and young people. Regional Family Dispute Resolution Service (Est. 2003, Western Region only) Provides information, support counseling and mediation for individuals, couples and children experiencing difficulties or seeking to make decisions regarding separation or divorce.

Family and Children’s Services Family Intervention Service (Est. 1999 in Townsville and 2001 in Mt Isa) Supports families to address on-going child protection issues which have impacted on their ability to meet their children’s care and protective needs. Rosa Program (Est. 1994, Townsville) Provides therapeutic counselling to children and young people who have experienced harm. Reconnect (Est. 2001, Mt Isa) Reconnect is a program which helps young people between the ages of 12 and 18 who are homeless or at-risk of homelessness. Pathways Program (Est. 2002 in Townsville and 2004 in Mt Isa) Provides individual counselling for school students, support for parents and carers and resources and/or training for teachers. Counselling Intervention Service (Est. 2006, Mt Isa) Provides counselling and support for families, children and young people, including household management and family therapy.

Circle of Life Program (Est. 2004) The Circle of Life Program is a holistic counselling, education and support service which assists individuals, couples and families to work through their pregnancy-related concerns.

The Home Interaction Program for Parents and Youngsters (HIPPY) (Est. 2010, Mt Isa) HIPPY is a two-year home-based parenting and early childhood enrichment program targeting families with young children.

BRIDGE Program (Est. 2005) Provides counselling and family support to children, young people and their families where harm or risk of harm is present.

Employee Assistance Services

Family Relationship Centre (Est. 2006) Provides information and support around relationships and family enhancement as well as family dispute resolution for families who want to discuss parenting arrangements.

ACCESS (Est. 2001) The ACCESS Program provides a range of services to organisations and their employees. Services include counselling, educational workshops/ training, mediation, corporate coaching, professional supervision and Critical Incident Response.

Employment Services Job Preparation Program (Est. 2008) The Program is a 12 week work-readiness program that provides participants with basic skills needed to gain employment and/or training.


P 26

Participate in Prosperity (Est. 2008) Offers a range of services to increase access to employment including counselling, referral, advocacy, practical support and community based activities.

Communities for Children Initiative (Est. 2005) An initiative to support healthy young families, including early learning and care and the provision of community education programs and activities such as playgroups.

Diverse Abilities

Homelessness Early Intervention Service (Est. 2006 in Mt Isa) The program provides support, information, referral, advice and case management to families and individuals who are at risk of homelessness.

In Home Program (Est. 1999) Provides flexible and empowering support and respite options to individuals with disabilities and/or families caring for a child or adult with a disability in the community. Respite House (Est. 1990, Townsville) Offers the opportunity for individuals with a disability to experience some time away from home as well as allowing the time for carers to engage in other activities.

Family Crisis Accommodation Service (Est. 2006 in Mt Isa) The service provides short term crisis accommodation and a range of supports to enable families to secure long term accommodation and improve their ability to provide a stable home life.

Trinity House (Est. 2005, Mt Isa) Trinity House provides accommodation and 24hour support in a homelike environment to adults with an intellectual and/or physical disability.

Community Services Gambling Help Service (Est. 1993 in Townsville and 2002 in Mt Isa) The Gambling Help Service provides counselling and support services for people with problem gambling behaviours, their families and friends. Community Education Programs are available for groups, community organisations, schools or businesses.

Suicide prevention march, Mount Isa

Remote Area Integrated Support Service (Est. 2002) Provides counselling and support services, with an emphasis on early intervention, to children, young people and their families who are vulnerable and are at risk of family breakdown. Services are provided in Normanton, with extended visits from Mount Isa to Cloncurry, Julia Creek and Richmond. Cloncurry Community Support Service (Est. 2004) Provides information, referral, counselling and support services in Cloncurry. Senior Management Team L to R: Paula La Rosa, Lesley Thorne, Marilyn Jacob, Tony McMahon, Catherine Devine, Paula Washington

ORGANISATION DIRECTORY Townsville Offices 410 Ross River Rd, Cranbrook QLD 4814 PO Box 1362, Aitkenvale QLD 4814 P: (07) 4772 9000 F: (07) 4755 0322 281 Ross River Road, Aitkenvale QLD 4814 PO Box 1362 Aitkenvale QLD 4814 P: (07) 4772 9000 F: (07) 4755 0322

Mt Isa Offices 2 Corbould Street Mount Isa, QLD 4825 P: (07) 4743 4449 F: (07) 4743 1157 5 Miles Street Mount Isa, QLD 4825 P: (07) 4749 8000 F: (07) 4743 5492

Bowen Office 52 Herbert Street, Bowen QLD 4805 PO Box 826,Bowen QLD 4805 P: (07) 4786 4158 F: (07) 4786 4266

Cloncurry William Presley Place 2/88 Steele Street, Cloncurry QLD 4824 PO BOX 88 Cloncurry QLD 4824 P: (07) 4742 0542 F: (07) 4742 0737

Normanton 39 Dutton Street, Normanton Q 4890 PO Box 398, Normanton Q 4890 P: (07) 4745 1586 F: (07) 4745 1586


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Compassion, Integrity, Responsiveness, Respect for all, Excellence, Stewardship

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Centacare Townsville Annual Report 2010 - 2011  

Centacare Townsville Annual Report 2010 - 2011

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