OT Brand & Product Presentation 2022

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Brand & Product Presentation 2022

TwoThousandTwentyTwo A year filled with Ts

Live Happier with

Revolutionize tea drinking into a lifestyle to fulfill the desire of the modern generation. Inspired by millennia of enjoyment from this ancient tradition, Or Tea?™ is a concept for today’s trendsetters, creating the

most unique blends of premium tea and ingredients infused with art, humour, love, wellness and positivity –

we strive to bring everyone a step closer to a happier life.


The Modern Gen are seeking for a greater meaning in life.

Oops, did I not tell you I’m a Vegan?

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till death do us apart



I live to work

Or Tea?

Bring my own bag

Are we working hard enough for them? 4

Enable them to share their happiness? #ortea

“Or Tea? has the best tea flavours I've ever tasted! Since getting to know Or Tea? I rarely have any other brands of tea…”


↑7.2% Riding the Trend of Tea

annual growth in 2019-25 for flavoured tea

“Tea is a healthy choice” driving the current tea boom

“Particularly with the millennial generation, you’re seeing a lot of engagement. Not just with the tea product itself, but with every product they buy, they want to know something about it.”



millennials prefer tea 27% of them drinks tea only with fruit and herbal are the top picks

US consumers drink tea, with Millennials being the majority The hot-tea segment of the tea industry needs a re-brand for the 21st century, with a greater focus on the experience of drinking, as well as more complex, substantial flavors to keep consumers coming back for more.” - Carmen Bryan, Consumer Analyst GlobalData

- Peter Goggi, US Tea Association



shouldn’t be just a commodity! Or Tea?TM is a brand. Consumers don’t buy products, they buy brands. They trust and love brands because the brand has purpose - We care about you and what matters to you.

In Or Tea?™ You Love QUALITY

Premium whole leaf loose tea blended with different exotic ingredients from around the world


Each flavour comes with commissioned contemporary art and a story to create the emotional bond


Signature blends and their applications to spark joy in tea


Every little steps counts - Or Tea?™ products are packed in reusable tins, compostable materials, and only using organically grown ingredients


Or Tea? at Retail

Department Stores · Delicatessens · Gourmet Supermarkets · Concept Stores


Or Tea? at Horeca

Deluxe Hotels · Grand Resorts · Hip & Design Hotels · Trendy Cafes


Tea Combos & Accessories

Colour Mugs · Thermo Tumblers · Combo Gifts · Festive Bundles


Let’s Skip Together Formidable Partnership

We value every single one of our customers regardless of size. Your success is ours as well.

Innovation Unlimited

Annual novelty invention to maintain the freshness of the brand.

to the future success

24/7 Ordering

B2B webshop to make at ease with checking inventory and placing an order.

Customer Care

Tea Room - a B2B Portal to offer a wide range of on-board and after sale service.


Contact us to receive a

tailored win-win partnership proposal and further arrange a

FREE sample tasting pack

Ready to make a change?

Sales Hotline


EU: +31 857733756 / APAC: +852 26686617


Shop: www.or-tea.com IG: or_tea_official FB: OR.TEA66