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Dr. Dave Smith Written and Illustrated by Oscar Quintana

His exhaustion runs through his body, especially his head, pulsing out of sync to his heartbeat. The only thing Dave wants right now is to leave the clinic and go home.

He deals with his fatigue, like any other day, in order to ensure the well-being and health of others. Lately, some of his clients have been a bit angry with him not focusing on his job, but Dave pays no mind to what they say.

Stepping into his office, he escaped reality and focused on the calm and soothing waves of the ocean.

His assistant abruptly enters his office, as she frantically motions her hands back and forth with a panicked look on her face, Dave reluctantly takes off the stereo headphones meant to block out any noise from the “real” world, “…and he seems to be losing a lot of blood. Oh god, I’m afraid of just having him lie there in the lobby. He’s probably scaring some of the other patients as we speak. Dr. Smith, we need you to head down there immediately!”

There is a man crouched on the floor, clenching his side as hard as he could, trying to make an effort of maintaining any blood he is adding the pool of it around him.

Rushed into the dark room filled with a sharp blinding light, Dave immediately operates on wounded stranger. In what seemed to be hours, Dave finishes the operation and is already washing any residue of blood that may have ended up on him during the grotesque surgery.

Dave takes moment to piece together what had happened to the patient; his wounds were around right above the waist and had cut past through a few internal organs and used the last of his strength to reach the clinic. He was most likely the victim to a mugging.

He finishes cleaning the blood off and just lays his hands on the sink, trying focus on the pleasant sound of running water.

Š 2011 Oscar Quintana

Dr. Dave Smith II