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Should I Buy a Business for Sale by Owner? What is FSBO or businesses for sale by owner? There are many existing businesses today that are being put up for sale by their owners. Some people seek the help of a business broker. Hiring a business broker can save you a lot of time and effort. Working like a realtor in real estate industry, business brokers get paid by commission. While sellers benefit from businesses for sale by owner, it is the buyers who get even more benefits so long as they know what to look for in businesses for sale by owner. Buying a business is easy when you know where to look. Check out – they have over 40,000 business for sale listings and franchise opportunities. Best of all it’s a FREE site! Benefits of purchasing businesses for sale by owner If you are interested to buy a business for sale by owner, the following are the benefits you can expect based on the different aspects of FSBO: The selling price – There are FSBO offers as many sellers do not like to pay commission to business brokers. Actual market value already includes sales commission. Take this for example – ABC Company is offered for sale at $250,000 with a 10 percent commission for the business broker. With this example, only $225,000 goes to the seller. While there is no assurance that the buyer can convince the seller to agree on such price, he can ask the seller to break up the difference. With this, the buyer may get a $12,500 savings. The equipment – Almost all businesses for sale by owner cover equipment and other tools used in operation. It can be a big hassle for the buyer to spend additional money on replacing computers, printers, fixtures, and furniture. Since most of the items were purchased for some years now, the buyer may ask the seller to give them on a lower value. In an FSBO transaction, the seller is expected to include all current equipment in the sale. A business broker, on the other hand, demands for the buyer to pay up the fair-market value of all equipment included in the contract. On inventory – AN FSBO business gives buyers the chance to purchase inventory items and equipment that are below current resale value. The owner, meanwhile, can dispose these items as soon as possible. The financing – Not many buyers can purchase a business outright. If your resources are not enough to buy a business, you will probably have to secure financing assistance. You can secure financing through banks and credit unions. You may also consider borrowing money from relatives and friends; using your retirement fund; or looking for an investor or partner. As for buying a business for sale by owner, the financial assistance provider is the seller of the business. Many of today’s FSBO businesses include seller financing that is significantly lower than the market’s current rate. Also, the payment terms of small businesses for sale by owners are more reasonable than what banks typically offer.


The expertise – All business owners should be all knowing about their company, the industry, and the customers. Once they have decided to sell their business, a lot of sellers offer to stay for a while until the new owner adjusts to the process and management of the business. Do not be afraid to ask for advice because there are people who actually love to give it. No one else can give you the information you need regarding the business FSBO. By listening carefully to the advice and opinions of the seller, it would be a lot easier for you to buy a business for sale by owner.} provides a FREE business for sale exchange at connecting business buyers, sellers and lenders. Get free information on any businesses for sale in the US, Canada, UK, Australia and around the world. Click here to check out – a free business for sale listing exchange where you can buy or sell a business for free. You can also connect with over 306 lenders instantly and get financing for businesses and commercial real estate.

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Should I Buy a Business for Sale by Owner?