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...because we are eco-friendly!

Sunshine SUNSHINE SOLAR CHARGER Sunshine is a bunch of flowers that fit every desk or household. Due to its unique Resound® material combination and the 5 integrated solar panels it’s a very sustainable gift. The 2600mAh rechargeable lithium battery will make sure you can store all that energy and pass it through to your mobile device whether it’s a phone or a tablet. Including a Micro USB cable. Registered design® Size 22 x 6,5 x 4,3 cm.

Made of 45% bio-based material derived from plants not oil. Leading to carbon footprint reduction.


SOLAR SUNFLOWER Sunflower brings solar energy to your desk with a smile! The 2500mAh rechargeable lithium battery inside is powerful enough to easily charge your mobile phone or MP3 player. The solar charger has an USB output and mini-USB input. Including mini USB cable. Registered design® Size 23 x 10 x 10 cm.

A bunch of flowers is always a good gesture.Sunshine requires no watering, but is fond of recharging mobile phones!

Suntree SOLAR SUNTREE Suntree uses 9 solar leaves to charge your mobile phone or MP3 player using solar cell technology. A real eye catcher for any desk, with a powerful 1350mAh rechargeable lithium battery inside. The solar charger has an USB output and miniUSB input. Including a mini USB cable. Registered design速. Size 10 x 10 x 22 cm.

Wallet WALLET SOLAR CHARGER Wallet will hold your mobile phone while it charges it with the 1300mAh rechargeable lithium battery. Mini USB input and USB output are located on the base for an easy connection. Including mini USB cable. Registered design速 Size 11,5 x 6,6 x 1,4 cm.

Tab TAB SOLAR CHARGER STAND Tab is a multifunctional solar charger with a powerful 2600 mAh rechargeable lithium battery. It doesn’t only charge your phone or tablet but due to the unique shape it also holds your device. This allows you to comfortably watch a movie without being afraid your battery will die. Including a Micro USB cable. Registered design® Size 11,1 x 7 x 1,8 cm.

Window WINDOW SOLAR CHARGER Window can be used to charge your mobile phone or MP3 player in the car, office or at home with the integrated 1400mAh rechargeable lithium battery. Because the charger can stick to a window it always faces the sun. This makes the solar charging process even more efficient. The charger has an USB output and mini-USB input. Including a mini USB cable. Registered design® Size 11 x 11 x 1,8 cm.

Port PORT SOLAR CHARGER Port is the ideal mobile solar charger with embedded USB port. Due to the integrated suction pad it can be attached to any window, whether it’s at home, in the car or on the plane. You are backed up by an internal 1000 mAh rechargeable lithium battery which brings your stored sun-power wherever you go. Registered design® Size 2,6 x ø 10 cm.

Make maximum use of solar power,wheverer you are! Just stick Port to anywindow surface and harvest that freeenergy. Port is your very own smart portable solar charger.


battery charger

USB BATTERY CHARGER USB charger to charge AA or AAA batteries through your USB port with over charging protection. Including 2 AA rechargeable batteries with a capacity of 1500mAh. Packed in XD Eco corrugated box. Size 11 x 4 x 2,2 cm.

Calculator PLA CALCULATOR 10 digit solar powered LCD screen calculator in a PLA case with 24 keys. Size 12 x 6 x 0,9 cm.

Eclipse Desk torch ECLIPSE DESK TORCH Eclipse Desk is a design Eco friendly LED torch, charged by solar power. With 4 LEDs, packed in magnetic gift box. Registered design速 Size 14,2 x 6,2 x 4,5 cm.

Man Power torch MAN POWER TORCH ABS body, black PVC grip, 3 white LED’s, black crankinghandle, black switch, black nylon strap. Size 9,2 x 5,1 x 3,5 cm.

Car Hammer Torch CAR HAMMER TORCH ABS emergency dyno torch with 5 LED (2 positions) and alarm light, 4 pcs magnetic block on torch head, with integrated emergency car glass hammer and safety belt cutter. Including extension cable to charge a mobile phone. Size 18,5 x 9 x ø 6,7 cm.

Bopp Cool BOPP COOL BOTTLE Bopp Cool is an award winning design drinking bottle in Eco friendly material. A sustainable bottle with ingenious integrated cooler element for the drink inside the bottle. Registered design® Size 25 x ø 8 cm.

The Bopp Cool adds something extra to water and that is design. The clever cool element does what it says: Keep it cool!

Sport SPORT BOTTLE WITH STRAW Sport is the sustainable drinking bottle with capacity of 450ml. Instead of using a plastic bottle, use and re-use this stainless steel sports bottle with practical straw to quench your thirst. Registered design® Size 22,5 x ø 6 cm.

Single wall water bottle SINGLE WALL WATER BOTTLE 700ml stainless steel water bottle with screw on lid and silicon ring inside. Size 26,5 x ø 7,3 cm.

Foldable bottle FOLDABLE WATER BOTTLE 400ml drinking bag with drinking nozzle and matching anodized carabiner which gives you the possibility to take your tap water whenever you need it, wherever you go. Size 3 x 11,2 x 27 cm.

Cooler seat COOLER SEAT 600D polyester in black with PE coating, 30cm diameter, foldable. Usable as cooler and seat. Size 35 x ø 30 cm.

Cooler bag 2 PART COOLER BAG White PVC free cooler bag with two compartments, 210D with PA coating. Size 31 x 21 x 24 cm.

Brolly 21,5” BROLLY 2 IN 1 AUTO OPEN/CLOSE UMBRELLA Brolly is an ecological and high end solution for all those bad weather days. The 100% RPET canvas, the ergonomic Resound® handle and the unique auto open/closing system won’t let you down in the rain. Registered design® Size ø 96 cm.

100% made of recycled PET bottles

Made of 45% bio-based material derived from plants, not oil. Leading to carbon footprint reduction

Document bag NON-WOVEN DOCUMENT BAG Non-woven document bag. Size 36,6 x 30,3 x 7,3 cm.

Rio RIO RPET LAPTOP BACKPACK Rio unites 100% RPET and well thought out design in one urban laptop backpack. Inside the bag there are separate pockets for all of todays gadgets and even more. All your products will be well protected and still easy accessible. The padded shoulder straps make daily use comfortable. Registered design速 Size 46 x 33 x 15 cm.. 100% made of recycled PET bottles

Outdoor backpack OUTDOOR BACKPACK 600D ribstop, front pocket with water proof zippers. Two main compartments with zipper closure. Hip straps with 2 pockets and zipper closure and 2 mesh bottle pockets. Size 20 x 37 x 52 cm.

F lorida FLORIDA TROLLEY TRAVEL WEEKEND BAG 600D ribstop, main compartment, big front compartment, zippered front pocket with organizers inside, webbing handles and shoulder strap, thick padded handle on side. Size 61 x 28 x 28 cm.

Recycle waste bags 3PCS RECYCLE WASTE BAGS 3 bags to separate metal, paper and plastic. PP woven material. Size 41,6 x 29 x 29,2 cm.



COMPUTER RUKSACK AND BAGS Computer rucksack and bags made in high quality microfiber with TPE backing and aluminium handle. Main compartment includes multi function organizer and screen laptop pocket. Item is PVC free. Size: 1. 30 x 40 x 14,5 cm (13”) 2. 40 x 30 x 6,5 cm (14”) 3. 26 x 33 x 6 cm (12”)




Carrydoc DOCUMENT BAG Re-usable document bag with flap and shoulder strap in recycledPET 150 g/m2, (10cm gusset). Size 31 x 31 x 9 cm


Debbie COSMETIC BAGS Cosmetic bag made in PVC free 150D high density polyester. Zipper closure and flap folded on top with sticky fastening. Size 18 x 12 x 13 cm




COSMETIC BAG Cosmetic bag made in PVC free 150D high density polyester with zipper closure. Size 22 x 10 x 10 cm




COSMETIC BAG Cosmetic bag made in PVC free 150D high density polyester with zipper closure. Size 20 x 10 x 10 cm



Horizontal shopping bag

Vertical shopping bag

F lat shopping bag Special bag

Cooler bag

Document bag

Bottle bag


SHOPPING BAG Eco friendly jute shopping bag with cotton handles. Size 40 x 38 cm

Genia PET SHOPPING BAG PET shopping bag. The message ‘This bag is made from 80% post consumer waste’ is printed on the frontside of the bag. Size 41 x 38 cm


NOTEBOOK Notebook in recycled material with matching colourful ribbon and elastic band. 96 blank paper pad. Size 14 x 9 x 1,4 cm


POCKET SIZE NOTEBOOK Pocket size notebook, bound with traditional cotton stitching. Includes 100 pages of recycled paper. Size 8,5 x 10 x 1 cm

Relieur plus NOTEBOOK Traditional cotton stitched notebook, with 60 pages of recycledpaper. Size 14 x 21 x 0,5 cm

Sonora +

NOTEBOOK AND PEN Notebook with 70 pages of blank recycled paper and ball pen with recycled carton and biodegradable plastic parts. Blue ink. Size 18 x 13 x 0,7 cm


NOTEBOOK AND PEN Pocket size notebook with 70 pages of blank recycled paper and recycled ball pen with biodegradable plastic parts. Blue ink. Size 14 x 9 x 0,7 cm

Papiros RECYCLED PAPER BLOCK Recycled white paper block of 70 A4 pages with craft paper cardboard cover and spring binding. Includes ball pen in carton and biodegradable plastic with blue ink refill. Size 23,5 x 29 x 0,8 cm

Cartopad MEMO NOTEPAD Compact 80 page memo notepad with pen in recycled material. Blue ink. Size 11,5 x 8,5 x 0,9 cm

Eco notebook ECO NOTEBOOK WITH PLA PEN Hard craft paper eco notebook with PLA ballpoint pen and 60 pages inside of 70g/m2. Size 1,5 x 15 x 18,2 cm.

Bamboo pen BAMBOO BALLPOINT PEN IN BOX Bamboo ballpoint pen with silver finish in bamboo box. Size 2,5 x 5,5 x 17 cm.


GIFT SET Gift set with ball pen and propelling pencil in wooden box. Black ink. Size 17 x 5,5 x 2 cm


WOODEN WRITING SET Wooden writing set including a roller ball and twist ball pen. Presented in a bamboo casing. Ball pen with blue ink. Size 16,0 x 6,5 x 3,5 cm


PEN Natural wooden ball pen with transparent cap. Black ink. Size 12 x 1,5 ø cm

Recytouch BALL PEN Automatic ball pen made with recycled carton barrel and ABS points and clip. Blue ink refill and touch tip for touchscreens. Size 13.8 x 1 ø cm

Chupi green PEN Ball pen made in biodegradable plastic, recycled paper and wood. Blue ink. Size 13,6 x 1,4 x 1,4 cm


PEN Ball pen with cap entirely made from recycled paper with blue ink refill. Size 15 x 0,9 cm

Ovada BLUE INK PEN Biodegradable automatic blue ink refill ball pen with coloured top and tip. Size 14,1 x 1,6 x 1,6 cm

Greenset PEN SET Paper barrel pen set which includes a push type ball pen and mechanical pencil presented in a recycled paper pouch. Blue ink. Size 17,4 x 5,5 cm

Recycolor COLOURING PENCILS 6 short colouring recycled pencils made of recycled newspaper sheets wrapped around the colour lead by a PP foil. Packed in grey box. Size 9 x 4,5 x 0,8 cm


COLOURING PENCILS 12 short colouring recycled pencils made of recycled newspaper sheets wrapped around the colour lead by a PP foil. Packed in a cylindrical carton tube. Size 10 x 3.5 ø cm


STATIONARY SET 6 pcs stationary set. Include jute & cotton pouch, bamboo ruler, wooden sharpener, eraser, paper pencil, ball pen with cardboard barreland blue ink. Size 18 x 18cm


CONFERENCE FOLDER Conference folder in carton with 6 colours memo pad, 20 pages white lined paper block and blue ink pen. Closed by 2 snap buttons. Size 34,5 x 28,5 x 2,5 cm


BOOKMARK Bookmark in lightbulb shape including a 13cm ruler, 1 yellow sticky memo pad and 5 sticky markers in assorted colours. Size 22 x 6 cm


CARDBOARD BOX DISPENCER Cardboard box dispenser containing 2 coloured sticky notes and 5 colourful page markers. The item includes also a transparent 12cm PP ruler anda ball pen with cardboard barrel with blue ink. Size 16 x 6 x 2 cm



Turnwoodflash Memowood

Woody flash

Woodata Recycloflash


Droppy LARGE DISPLAY LCD CLOCK No battery is necessary to power this product, only liquid! Size 10,6 x 10,4 x 9,1 cm.

Cascade DESK CLOCK Desk clock with ABS shiny casing with LCD display powered by liquid battery. Includes a small plastic pipette to fill the battery container with any liquid. Size 9 x 9 x 7 cm.

Cocoa COCOA CHOCOLATE FONDUE SET Cocoa is a fondue set that increases the pleasure of desserts. Use it with friends, or at the end of a romantic dinner. The set includes 4 sticks and a tea light. Registered design® Size 8,5 x ø 12,4 cm.

Cutting board CUTTING BOARD WITH 4 PCS HYGIENIC BOARDS Trendy hygienic cutting board set. Dark bamboo cutting board 35x25cm, also functions as storage case for 4 hygienic PP dishwasher safe cutting boards. Colour and icon indicates for what type of food boards should be used. Size 35,1 x 25 x 3,5 cm.

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