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plan on being 10 for 10 when it comes to Norman Music Festival. I’ve attended every hour of every rendition of the festival since it started a decade ago as a one-day celebration of national, regional and Okie talent. Through sheer perseverance and a lot of volunteers who care, it has stayed completely free and highlights the most exciting music talent the state has to offer. Lots of festivals have risen and fallen trying to accomplish something similar to what NMF has done, and it’s pretty impressive what they’ve achieved in such a short time. I thought I’d share a few of my favorite memories from the past decade of NMF’s. Also, make sure to flip through the pages for some of the acts we’re excited to catch. 1. During a Man Man set, a dude threw up on my feet. I know


that’s disgusting, but I learned a valuable lesson: Never wear flip-flops to a festival. Ever. NMF2 2. BRONCHO used to close out many of the early NMF’s in an alley behind Blackwatch Studios. The backyard venue was far too tiny to host the hundreds of rowdy fans. I’ll never forget

when I saw a 300-pound guy stage dive into a very unprepared crowd. Splat. NMF4 3. One of Diarrhea Planet’s several guitarists wove through the main stage crowd, climbed on top of a truck and melted faces from there. Another one scaled dangerously close to the roof of the main stage and also melted faces. NMF7 4. Jacob Abello faked out the entire Sooner Theatre by starting his set in the balcony and then joining choreographed dancers onstage. Well-scripted pop perfection ensued. NMF3 5. Let me just take a moment to thank Sweet Basil for supplying me with a dinner at pretty much every NMF. Their food somehow takes me from tired zombie to concert-ready human. 6. All the times I caught DEERPEOPLE. 7. I got a text saying King Khan had walked into Guestroom Records to play a surprise solo set. I went, he did and it was

amazing. NMF6 8. I tried to interview bazonkers punk act Peelander-Z and it became a hilarious shouting match that included phrases like “We love Oklahoma hamburger!” and “Girls pretty, boys pretty and you funny!” NMF4 9. Tulsa-native rapper Johnny Polygon celebrated an excellent set with an impromptu crowd

surf that remains my favorite photo I’ve ever taken at the festival. NMF8 10. Being side-stage for Polyphonic Spree was pretty unforgettable. That said, I don’t remember how I got passes to be in the VIP area. I somehow ended up sneaking a few friends in with me and got blasted with countless bits of confetti. NMF1

Johnny Polygon performing live at Norman Music Festival. [PHOTO BY NATHAN POPPE]

10 | Fresh Mex

Iguana Mexican Grill’s new chef and managing partner Marc Dunham oversaw an overhaul of the interior and streamlined the menu at the restaurant that came to Automobile Alley in 2008. Dave Cathey shares all the updates.

4 | Fateful 8

The eighth rendition of the “Fast and Furious” series speeds into theaters. Nathan Poppe has the review.

8 | Pedal power

Schlegel Bicycles, around for nearly 20 years, can meet any cyclist’s needs. As Oklahoma City continues to make itself more friendly to the activity, its owner sees only good things happening for both his stores and its customers. Jack Money spins his wheels with owner Steve Schlegel.

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‘ T H E FAT E O F T H E F U R I O U S ’



ABOVE: Nathalie Emmanuel in “The Fate of the Furious.” [UNIVERSAL

LOOKatOKC Editor


here’s a line in the eighth installment of the “Fast” series where one tattooed gym advertisement says to another muscle enthusiast that it’s time to prevent World War III. As nutty as that sounds, it’s far from the most Ludacris (pun intended) thing that happens in a movie that'd rather burn rubber than come to terms with the laws of physics. And why worry when the following insane things happen: a child nearly gets sucked out of an airplane, a torpedo is treated like a hockey puck and rubber bullets bounce off The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) like he is, in fact, made of rocks. Ridiculous is the name of the game and "The Fate of the Furious" wastes zero time showing off copious Cuban butts, Coke advertisements and beautiful car after beautiful car. The movie begins as Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) enjoys a honeymoon with Letty Ortiz (Michelle Rodriguez) but he goes rouge after a mission, and it’s up to his diverse team of tech and car aficionados to bring him home. The film’s divided into three increasingly outlandish acts where an electromagnetic pulse bomb, nuclear football briefcase and a Russian submarine are stolen by a devilish computer whiz named Cipher (Charlize Theron, underutilized here). These films have evolved from slickly designed street races to super-humans defeating global terrorism. The “Fast” crew is literally the planet’s seat belt, and they're driving the quickest moving soap opera in existence. Sure, the runtime is bloated, the fight scenes are poorly choreographed and clunky while the movie's dialogue relies almost entirely on technical babble and put-downs. But at


APRIL 20–MAY 3, 2017



Charlize Theron, left, and Vin Diesel in “The Fate of the Furious.” [UNIVERSAL PICTURES VIA AP]

least every “Fast” entry knows how dumb it is. This newest entry is gleefully self-aware and revels in its bombastic bad behavior. "Prolonged sequences of violence and destruction" doesn't even begin to describe the dramatic lengths this movie strives for to go boom. I’d gripe, but when I’m having as much fun as the characters onsreen then it’s hard to poke fun at the numerous people who roll out of speeding cars without garnering a single scratch. "Fate" has a way of never running out of gas, is funny and flexes enough heart along with the muscles. Don’t think too much and you’ll drive home with a smile, too.

PG-13 2:16 ★ ★ ★ ★ Starring: Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham, Michelle Rodriguez and Tyrese Gibson. (Prolonged sequences of violence and destruction, suggestive content and language)



April 20 - May 3, 2017

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A zoning change being sought at the next planning commission would allow demolition of two duplexes to make way for this two-story commercial building designed by architect Sam Gresham. [RENDERING PROVIDED]

Joining the revival Expansion of mixed-use development continues in Plaza District BY STEVE LACKMEYER | For LOOKatOKC Ali Sahli, a developer whose past work includes apartments and the Wedge in Deep Deuce and the IHOP in Bricktown, is preparing to take his first shot at joining the revival of the Plaza District and the NW 16 corridor. Sahli’s project, a 7,000-square-foot, two-story building, is being proposed for the corner at 1629 NW 16. He is seeking a zoning change from the city’s planning commission that will allow for demolition of two 1920s-era duplexes on the property and for them to be replaced with a structure that could be used for offices, residents, retail or a restaurant. In a recent interview, Sahli said he is hoping to lease the building to a restaurant with an event


APRIL 20–MAY 3, 2017

center on the second floor. He admits he was previously unfamiliar with the Plaza District. “We did quite a few things in Bricktown and Deep Deuce,” Sahli said. “My wife would keep mentioning the Plaza District. And when I went there, I couldn’t believe the amount of activity and people there. It’s a completely different crowd. I thought it would be a nice opportunity to do something — it’s an upcoming area.” Sahli purchased the corner last month for $350,000 — a price that is in stark contrast to the $1,400 Jeff Struble paid at a sheriff’s sale for a similar lot on the west end of the district several years ago where he is preparing to build a two-story commercial structure. “I bought a burned-out building in Deep Deuce ... and turned that into apartments,” Sahli said. “It’s not what you pay for the property, it’s what happens in the future.” Sahli’s architect, Sam Gresham, is no stranger to the neighborhood, having himself invested in some properties over the past few years. Gresham said his proposed design for Sahli is intended to meld in with the neighborhood rather

Two duplexes at NW 16 and Blackwelder are targeted for demolition to make way for mixed-use project as development continues to gain momentum in the Plaza District. [PHOTO BY STEVE GOOCH] than stick out, and is inspired by the apartment building Struble converted into restaurants and offices across the street. The design includes balconies on both floors. “It’s done in the context of the neighborhood,” Gresham said. “Buildings need to be good citizens both in the design style and the vocabulary.”



April 20 - May 3, 2017

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Local shop caters to bicyclists of all types BY JACK MONEY For LOOKatOKC


klahoma City has about 80 miles of trails its residents can ride. That’s way more than what was there when Steve Schlegel became an owner of a bicycle store in south Oklahoma City in 1988. Schlegel moved his store in 2007 to the old St. Nicholas Hotel at the corner of NW 8 and Broadway on Automobile Alley. Since then, he’s seen the sport of riding bicycles growing in popularity, and predicts that trend only will continue as Oklahoma City and other communities add trails, bike lanes and tweak their traffic laws to make the activity more attractive. But, “sport,” he’s quick to say, isn’t necessarily an accurate term, since his store carries bicycles ranging from leisure models, called cruisers, that cost a few hundred dollars to more advanced, technology-packed versions that can run more than $10,000. Bicycle customers, Schlegel notes, are as varied as the models carried by his store, which can provide stylish wheels for riders as young as 2 and as old as — well, as old as anyone who expresses an interest might be. What makes it attractive? “Well, it is very easy on the joints, and something you can continue to do way up into your older years,” Schlegel said. Plus, it’s fun. “You can go and see places. There are so many opportunities, with all the local park and trail systems that are now being established,” he said. “The wildlife refuge down in Lawton is a great place to ride, and so is the Oklahoma City River trail. “You can ride as part of a group, or do a ride as part of a social occasion, or you can get out and do it by yourself.”


APRIL 20–MAY 3, 2017

Steve Schlegel is the owner of Schlegel Bicycles in Automobile Alley. [PHOTO BY JIM BECKEL]

A mountain bike and clothing are featured in a storefront display at Schlegel Bicycles. [PHOTO BY JIM BECKEL]

INTO THE BUSINESS Schlegel said he got into the bicycle shop business in 1980 at age 12 when he took a wheel into a shop to get it repaired. When he learned it was going to cost more than what he had, he asked to go to work to pay it off, and the shop agreed. “I haven’t left the business since,” he said. He bought into a shop in 1988, then opened his own

place in 1994. After moving to his Automobile Alley location at 900 N Broadway, Schlegel decided after a few years he needed to make more room for his inventory. He expanded in 2011 to a vacant warehouse on the other side of the street at 905 N Broadway and opened a retail space there catering to family and recreational riders, offering cruisers and hybrids, children’s bicycles and other models built for style and comfort. The original retail space, meanwhile, is geared more toward enthusiasts, whether they ride as part of organized sporting events or just seek bicycles that are made to go farther distances a little more efficiently. “We call these road bikes,” Schlegel said. “Some people call them the old 10-speed style bicycle. But basically, these are bikes that are made for someone who is inclined to take longer rides, or do to them faster.” Also, Schlegel sells bikes made for triathlons, which are more aerodynamic because those riders typically don’t ride in packs, and of course, mountain bikes. Schlegel Bicycles also sells helmets, gloves, shoes, jerseys and other cycling apparel, glasses and even health snacks. SEE SHOP, 9




DID YOU KNOW? Schlegel Bicycles has been honored as a Top 100 Bicycle Retailer for six years in a row, and also has been named America’s Top Bike Shop the past three years. Visit to see the various types of bicycles and other products it sells.

Steve Schlegel uses one finger to lift this Domane SLR bicycle that retails for $10,999; options include wireless electronic shifting, a hidden suspension and a carbon fiber frame. [PHOTO BY JIM BECKEL]

SHOP CONTINUED FROM 8 Prices for his bicycles range from less than $100 for a young child’s running bike to a few hundred dollars for starter-level adult bicycles. Prices for higher-end adult bicycles, mountain and road bicycles can go from as little as a few hundred dollars to more than $10,000, depending on what customers want. The technology used to make today’s bicycles is way beyond what it was even a couple of decades ago. Carbon fiber frames provide lightweight strength and disc brakes, wireless shifting and pedals that lock into riders’ footwear all work toward making the activity as safe and enjoyable as possible. Also, in a space Schlegel calls a road room, there’s a spot in the back where a computerized fit station is set up to help a rider identify his or her ideal form, and what type of bicycle carried by the shop would be the best match for the customer to meet his or her needs. “The differences in quality levels (and prices) have


a lot to do with the longevity, or mileage, you can put on a bike, and its serviceability. I myself, for example, put almost 10,000 miles on my bicycle just last year alone,” he said. “A higher quality bicycle requires a lot less maintenance,” Schlegel said. “For those of us who spend a lot of time on one, we certainly get our money’s worth out of it. “More expensive bikes are more efficient, comfortable, smoother.” Regardless of what a customer wants, Schlegel said his business standard remains constant. “We try to cater to all levels of cyclist. But our standing point is, we just deal in quality products,” he said.

GAINING SPEED Schlegel said Oklahoma is a more-friendly place for the bicycle rider now than it was when he first fell in love with the activity. “Back then, we were just basically sharing the road. That was a battle in itself, because we weren’t a bicycle-friendly city at that time,” he said. “Over the years, we have gotten more recognition from motorists. Sharing the road has become more expected, and it

seems to be improving.” Meanwhile, Oklahoma City and its residents have embraced a movement to build more places where cyclists can ride, and Schlegel said he appreciates that. “We are now seeing a cycling community and culture that is really developing. It is becoming much more obtainable, because we have great places to ride. “People feel safe in those environments now. They don’t feel intimidated by the vehicular traffic. And I think that is just going to enable more people to get out on bikes.” He said cycling has been a passion of his since he raced BMX as a youth. These days, he still rides on roads, on mountain trails and participates in triathlons. “You would be surprised how many people you know who are passionate about riding. It is fathers, mothers, doctors, lawyers, or an average person just using it as a mode of transportation. A bicycle is a common point of interest that several people of different walks of life enjoy and can share.” He noted cycling solves a lot of problems, such as childhood obesity, traffic congestion, emission issues and parking. “This is a great investment in a business we want to be involved in.”

APRIL 20–MAY 3, 2017






he Iguana Mexican Grill has made like the reptile it’s named for and shed its skin to maintain its food-forward spirit. With upscale taco bars popping up in 2016 as fast as celebrities passed away, the Iguana was in danger of ceding its position on Oklahoma City’s cutting edge of Mexican cuisine. Enter chef and managing partner Marc Dunham, previously of the School of Culinary Art at Francis Tuttle CareerTech. He joined the team late last year and began executing a plan to re-invent the Iguana, starting with a new logo. Then came an overhaul of the interior that required a brief closure of the building at 9 NW 9 St. All the while, Dunham worked behind the scenes with chef de cuisine Juan Quixtan to pare the menu down then rebuild it with some new principles.

A new dining direction is underway at the Automobile Alley stalwart

Tacos are now served on corn tortillas made from scratch daily, a move designed to set a higher standard for its kitchen staff and raise the bar for local Mexican fare. It’s just one step in Dunham’s overall plan to push the Iguana forward and share his passion for all Mexican cuisine in its many variations.

It was a partnership between developer Steve Mason, restaurateur Chris Lower and chef Kurt Fleischfresser. Then it moved down the street into the building currently home to West, expanded the menu and even opened a second concept within its brick walls called Mango. It became a landing spot for young chefs fresh from The Coach House

WHENCE IT CAME SEE MAKEOVER, 11 The Iguana brand first appeared in Oklahoma City when “Friends” was struggling to be included in NBC’s “Must-See TV” lineup. Back then, it was called The Iguana Lounge and opened in the building now occupied by Earl’s Rib Palace, though it was about half the size.

The new logo of the Iguana Mexican Grill in Oklahoma City. [PHOTO BY SARAH PHIPPS]


APRIL 20–MAY 3, 2017




MAKEOVER CONTINUED FROM 10 Apprenticeship Program, and the best place in town to drink margaritas. A little under a decade after it first appeared, The Iguana Lounge quietly went into a yearslong hibernation before reviving itself in 2008 in Automobile Alley, calling itself The Iguana Mexican Grill. Taco Tuesdays and Cinco de Mayo street parties ensued. Chef Ryan Parrott and then-managing partner Robert Painter built the brand beyond its original popularity, even opening a second location back in Nichols Hills. But Parrott moved on to open Local in Norman and Painter left and now operates the Italian concept Patrono. Since that dynamic duo left, the restaurant has struggled to maintain management. Hourlong waits for a table at lunch and dinner gradually vanished. Mason began negotiating with Dunham to do some consulting on The Pritchard Wine Bar last summer, then the Iguana. That evolved into a full-fledged partnership.


The Iguana Mexican Grill’s new menu includes authentic tamales and elote.

What Dunham brings to the Iguana is a passion for Mexican cuisine, specifically the flavors of Northern Mexico and South Texas. That’s because it’s the food he grew up with tucked between the birthplace of Tex-Mex (San Antonio) and its greatest promoter (Austin) in New Braunfels, Texas. The early part of his life and career was spent immersed in Mexican, Tex-Mex and Tejano cuisines. “We’re going to concentrate on the cuisine of Northern Mexico and South Texas,” he said. “Those areas have been underappreciated for years.” Dunham believes Tex-Mex cuisine has been poorly served by restaurants operating on shoestring budgets, which lowered standards across the region. “We want to show how good that style of food can be if you go to the trouble to execute it the way it was intended,” Dunham said. Tex-Mex cuisine was a reaction to an influx of Caucasians into areas previously populated by Hispanic cultures. Restaurateurs of that time in places like San Antonio quickly adapted because the palates arriving in their communities brought money to spend. The result was chile gravy, which new arrivals from the Deep South were all too happy to swim in and ask for more of. It covered enchiladas served with beans, rice and flour tortillas. Then came Glen Bell’s version of the taco, ground beef SEE MAKEOVER, 12


Cheese Enchiladas at the Iguana Mexican Grill are stuffed with a mixture of Mexican cheeses and topped with onions and chile gravy. [PHOTOS BY SARAH PHIPPS]

APRIL 20–MAY 3, 2017




The patio is pictured at Iguana Mexican Grill in Oklahoma City. [PHOTO BY SARAH PHIPPS]

MAKEOVER CONTINUED FROM 11 stuffed into a crunchy tortilla shell and sprinkled with lettuce, cheese and hot sauce. That kind of food was well-represented in Oklahoma City dating back to El Charrito, but those who remember it will tell you the food was made from scratch in those days. And so it will be at the Iguana. The restaurant recently began producing corn tortillas in house daily (flour is coming by the end of spring),


APRIL 20–MAY 3, 2017

salsas are made each morning, and premium ingredients that reflect the cuisine’s highest standards are in use. The sauce is true chile con carne rather than a thin, cornstarchy copy of a copy of a copy. The other influence driving Dunham is Tejano cuisine. While Tex-Mex was a response by Mexican restaurateurs to the swarm of people migrating to Texas, Tejano cuisine is the result of generations of Latino peoples growing up in South Texas, exposed to assorted cultures. Tejano culture is the soil from which the popularity of the breakfast taco, fajitas and barbacao made with beef cheek, sprang. All those dishes are represented at the Iguana in some capacity.

VAMOS! Gone are blue corn tamales for a more authentic interpretation. Those I sampled evoked memories of a neighbor named Sophia who lived across the street from my family when I was a child in San Diego. A light, fluffy vessel made of corn masa filled with pork cooked in red chile — those who love tamales will be in heaven. The cheese enchiladas are stuffed with a blend of Oaxaca and Chihuaha cheeses, covered in rich chile gravy and topped with minced onions. This is classic TexMex fare prepared as it should be. No cheap cheese or SEE MAKEOVER, 13



A blood-orange margarita, left, and Cantarito from the bar at the Iguana Mexican Grill in Oklahoma City.


ABOVE: Shrimp tacos served on house-made corn tortillas at the Iguana Mexican Grill in Oklahoma City’s Automobile Alley. BELOW: Tamales and Elote from the Iguana. [PHOTOS BY SARAH PHIPPS]

MAKEOVER CONTINUED FROM 12 thin, profit-friendly chili sauce here. What you’ll notice first about the updated Iguana is the wide-open bar. Gone is the wall dividing it from the entry way and the army of tables that turned getting a cocktail into a run through a labyrinth. The new cocktail program still features a broad selection of tequilas and libations founded upon it, including signature margaritas including the Blood Orange Margarita and Cantarito, plus frozen variations. Dunham just introduced Cocina de Viaje (Road Kitchen) earlier this month. Each Friday Dunham and Quixtan will offer diners an alternative menu introducing a specific region of Mexico. “We will still offer the regular menu, this one will be clipped inside of it,” Dunham said. The Iguana is open daily. Hours are 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Sunday (which includes brunch) through Thursday. The restaurant closes at 11 p.m. Friday and Saturday nights, with the bar staying open a little later. The Iguana offers delivery through OrderUp and curb service for carryout orders. For more information, call 606-7172 or go to www.


APRIL 20–MAY 3, 2017




Three’s harmony

Okie trio Judith weathers storm, intense collaboration on record

IN CONCERT Judith at NMFX When: 8 p.m. April 29 Where: Brewhouse, 110 W Main St. (Norman) Admission: Free

From left, Judith is Lynn Neill, Morgan Ward and Kinsey Charles. [PHOTO PROVIDED BY JUSTICE SMITHERS]



n EF5 tornado was headed toward Oklahoma, and Kinsey Charles was separated from her family. “I was at work in Bethany,” Charles told LOOKatOKC. “My family and material possessions ended up being OK, but it was the first time I really faced the fact that I couldn’t always be there to protect my daughter. It was a traumatic realization that riddled me with anxiety for weeks after.” Charles, 33, is one third of Judith, an Oklahoma


APRIL 20–MAY 3, 2017

City-based Americana trio that also features Lynn Neill, 28, and Morgan Ward, 31. The band doesn’t shy from covering emotional territory and tackled a song about that May 20, 2013, storm. “The song is about your wishes for your loved ones, to never let anything bad happen to them, but knowing that you have to let them experience the world,” Charles said. “This song is a great example of how Judith enhances lyrics so subtly.” Album highlight “Same Boat” appears on Judith’s debut LP, “Names,” along with a collection of a dozen tender, thoughtful tunes. The self-released effort landed this month at an intimate, sold-out

show at a combination Plant Shoppe and coffee shop. “Names” was mostly recorded live alongside engineer Brine Webb at Lunar Manor Recording Studio. Armed with guitars and dual violins, the band entered the studio well rehearsed. Judith members practice together weekly, regardless if they have a concert booked or not. Neill’s a Michigan native, Ward’s originally from New Jersey and Charles grew up between a handful of small Oklahoma towns. They started collaborating nearly three years ago and haven’t stopped SEE Q&A, 15




Q&A CONTINUED FROM 14 since. Here’s my recent conversation with the trio. Judith’s “Names” album cover. You can hear a stream of the song “Same Boat” exclusively on blogs/ MiddleOf Nowhere.

Q: What can you tell me about

tracking “Names” last year at Lunar Manor in Oklahoma City? Was it a challenge to record most of these songs together live? Lynn Neill: We were really excited about the idea of recording live. Playing in the same space allows us to play off each other’s dynamics and expressions. It hopefully adds a dimension of warmth.


Kinsey Charles: All we really know is playing live. We were pretty intentional about wanting our album to be true to what we sound like live. Morgan Ward: I was definitely nervous heading into that first day — we only had two days planned to record the whole album. We really wanted to get it knocked out and not have to schedule a time months later to come back in and have a different feel to everything. About two songs into the first day, I started to relax and realize that Brine had things under control. He was efficient, never rushed us, provided great feedback and generally kept the vibe very relaxed and stress free. Overall, it was an amazing experience. We were very well rehearsed before hitting the studio. We knew we wanted to record as much of the album live as possible, so we spent about two months at our weekly rehearsals preparing and perfecting each song. We did run into a few instances were it was easier to record the percussion or violins separately, but for the most part what you hear was recorded in one take live. It was challenging and a little exhilarating.


Seeing you live, it’s obvious y’all have a snappy, fun rapport. Does that extend into rehearsals and the songwriting process?



Charles: We would all call each other best friends. We were all separately musically inclined friends before we were bandmates. I guess that could be dangerous in some cases because you definitely run into disagreements. But we’ve learned a lot about how to handle each other individually in those times. For the most part, any given practice is 40 percent laughter.


“Names” is your first LP. How’s it feel to have a proper snapshot of your band? Ward: It feels amazing to have an album that feels really true to who we are when we perform live. I feel like it is some of the best of the songs we have written, and I am so proud of us. The album will be released digitally on April 2, and we will have printed copies available to purchase

at our shows or through the site. Charles: We’ve been performing together as a band for about 2.5 years now. We’ve had people asking us when we would record since our first show. We are all glad that we waited though. Waiting allowed us to put out a full, well thought out album without having to do a fundraiser. It also allowed us time to get to know ourselves as a band and what we wanted to put out there.


Can you tell me more about how Judith got started? Has anything changed regarding your approach to the band and what helped you decide to take this project seriously?

SEE Q&A, 17

APRIL 20–MAY 3, 2017




From left, Judith is Kinsey Charles, Lynn Neill and Morgan Ward. The trio will celebrate the release of its debut LP this weekend. [PHOTO PROVIDED BY JUSTICE SMITHERS]


APRIL 20–MAY 3, 2017



Q&A CONTINUED FROM 15 Neill: We have interpretive dances for every song, so I’m still not sure how serious we are. Ward: Our first booked gig was definitely a kind of fun experiment to see if we could, in fact, write and play music together. But I think we realized that it was fairly hard work, and we all adjusted our expectations. We still lighten our moods when needed, especially when we are working on new material or preparing for an upcoming show. I think we all take our music and the potential it has to impact people pretty seriously. I think that seeing the reaction we got to our first show was what helped us all become so dedicated to this. Charles: Honestly, it’s still for fun. We all have careers that we’ve been pursuing and will continue to pursue. We do this because


we love performing together.


A lot of your songs deal with love. How do you go about avoiding cliches in your songwriting? Charles: I guess it’s purposeful that we try to avoid cliches, but I think we generally don’t even pursue those overused ideas in the first place. I think newness can just come from a new perspective. We probably aren’t going to write anything totally groundbreaking, an idea that’s never been brought up before. But we are all individuals with individual experiences and perspectives. Even in our first track, “Trojan Horse,” we are stealing all kinds of characters from stories that have already been written. But we are giving a new perspective — what if Helen of Troy didn’t want you to start an epic war just because she was beautiful? Ward: I like to think of love as being a choice you continue to make, whether that be the decision


to love yourself or others, and I think that theme is reflected in our love songs on the album. You have to dig deeper into the lyrics sometimes, and they may be a little more backhanded than they sound. At the end of the day, I would rather someone choose to love than fall in love.


Are there any musicians or artists that have been helpful in your pursuit of music? Charles: We all have different influences, I think. As far as local people that have been extremely supportive to us, we would have to give props to Annie Oakley. They feel like rock stars to us, but they’ve always been so kind and inclusive to us. Some other people that stand out as champions for the local music community would be Jerrod Beck, Justin Fortney and Evan Jarvix. They’re always doing cool things. We’re pretty big fans of Saint’s Pub and the Power House Bar for creating a welcoming space to local musicians.

APRIL 20–MAY 3, 2017





California-based psych rockers return to Oklahoma for NMFX BY GRAHAM LEE BREWER For LOOKatOKC

John Dwyer needs to make music, otherwise you’d hate him. “I would be an awful goblin of a man without art,” he told LOOKatOKC via email. Dwyer, who fronts Thee Oh Sees, makes music that feels at times like raw outbursts of fuzzy psychedelic aggression and at other times like the sleepy ballads of a swamp hermit. Throughout the band’s dozen or so albums, Dwyer manages to refine

Page 18

April 20 - May 3, 2017

that aggression in a way that makes the chaos seem spontaneous, perhaps even unhinged. A fire bursting and spreading as it pleases. But once you reach the end of any given album and you look back at its whole, the methodical elements begin to rise from the ash. Dwyer’s brand of psych-pop translates well into visceral, sweaty live shows that crackle with energy, something that fans will have a chance to witness as Thee Oh Sees headline this year’s 10th rendition of the Norman

Music Festival. “Aggressive is good,” Dwyer said. “Forward is good. I think if you aren’t exhausted after a set, regardless of your output or genre, then you haven’t worked enough.” Dwyer and company are known for their kinetic performances, and even he is hard-pressed to narrow down the experiences when asked if any particular wild show stands out in memory. He said the list of concert antics is too long to dig into for an interview. There is an odd consistency to

John Dwyer fronts Thee Oh Sees. [PHOTO PROVIDED BY DANIEL RINCON]


Thee Oh Sees body of work. While the general basis feels like it comes from a familiar place with every new album, the music reaches its tentacles into new areas of the soundscape. Each release sounds different, but it doesn’t, an amalgam of the comfortable and the boldly new, like a splash of liquor in your morning coffee. In interviews, Dwyer has a way of speaking that almost seems like he’s the only one aware of some inside joke. A voracious reader, he appreciates subversive authors and artists, a fact that is likely unsurprising to those familiar with his work. Dwyer said as an artist he is shaped largely by his experiences in random clubs and venues in Rhode Island and the freedom he found as a newly transplanted 23-year-old in San Francisco. “San Francisco was huge to me as a kid and I loved being lost and lonely the first year,” he said. “I played more guitar than ever. There were a lot of opportunities for music to happen there. It was still relatively cheap, in the grand scheme of city prices, and people were pretty freaky.” He said his song writing style has come full circle in the nearly two decades since his cross-country move. “Lately I’ve been pulling us back to my roots which were to improvise until you find a path then explore that, then put pen to paper,” Dwyer said. “I used to bring mostly formed songs to the group more often, but I find this method much more satisfying as it sort of opens up the doors a little more into new territory.”

Thee Oh Sees are the headliners for the 10th annual Norman Music Festival. [PHOTO PROVIDED]

IN CONCERT Thee Oh Sees at NMFX When: 10 p.m. April 29 Where: Fowler Automotive stage, east end of Main Street in downtown Norman Admission: Free, all-ages



April 20 - May 3, 2017

Page 19



Norman punk band is in a perpetual


ABOVE: From left, Limp Wizurdz is Taylor Young, Frankie Kump, Rodrigo Serrano and Jeff Simmons. [PHOTO PROVIDED]

Limp Wizurdz member talks ‘Breaking Bad,’ hitting the road IN CONCERT


Limp Wizurdz at NMFX When: 4 p.m. April 29 Where: Coop Ale Works Opolis Stage, 113 N Crawford Ave. (Norman) Admission: Free, all-ages


APRIL 20–MAY 3, 2017


hey’re called the Limp Wizurdz, but you better believe they take the band seriously. Singer and guitarist Taylor Young, 22, fronts the Norman-based punk quartet and would tour nine months out of the year if he could. “We’d love to do it full-time, but unfortunately we lack the money to do so,” Taylor told LOOKatOKC via email. “Jeff Simmons is a car mechanic, Rodrigo Serrano is a cook at Pepe Delgados in Norman, Frankie Kump is a full-time chemical engineering student at OU and I’m going to OCCC for a degree in IT while I work at a pawnshop. With that said, we devote everything we can to the band.” Simmons (guitar), Kump (bass), Serrano (drums) and Young have been playing together since 2012. The band’s newest and most refined effort “Fugue State” landed Jan. 6 via Stress Engine Records. “There’s no telling what the new year will bring,” Taylor said.

“We’d like to see another release and some more touring, the latter being more uncertain. We’re already two songs into a new release, so I’m pretty sure we will do something else by the end of 2017.” I caught up with Taylor to discuss the latest Limp Wizurdz EP, “Breaking Bad” and writing music with his best friends.


Listening back to your earliest recordings, I noticed how they were enthusiastically lo-fi. How did you progress to an album that’s so polished? Taylor Young: Our original recordings were definitely lo-fi. Partially because we didn’t know anyone who did high quality recordings and partially because we didn’t care. It feels great to have some high quality recordings under our belt but also a bit weird. It makes you view your songwriting from a different perspective. Flaws and highlights show themselves a bit more, so it’s SEE Q&A, 21



Life is kind of like a perpetual fugue state, whether it’s good or bad. You always look back and wonder how you made it through.

Q&A a blessing and a curse depending on how picky of a person you are. We originally recorded “Cough!” with Tyler Garcia at 33rd Street. We did this (latest) version and the rest of “Fugue State” with Colton Jean at Stress Engine.


A handful of the songs on the upcoming record are also rerecorded. What is it about a song like “Cough!” that made you want to take a second crack at it? Young: We rerecorded “Cough!” for a few reasons. The biggest being we wanted a concise and cohesive sound for this EP. “Cough!” had already been released as a single, and we planned on putting it on our next release, regardless. Once we started recording “Fugue State,” we decided it fit better with a rerecording. Tyler did a fantastic job on the previous version, but we just felt like we wanted to redo it. Another smaller and more personal reason was that I wanted to try some different harmonies. “Spooky” was rerecorded just because we had extra studio time, and it’s sort of our cult classic song if we ever had one. People like it live and it doesn’t have a proper recording.


Are you sharing a lot of the songwriting duties with the rest of the band? Young: It used to be almost all me and Jeff, but Frankie and Rod have come out of their shells more and more as time has gone on. Frankie wrote all of the instrumentation for “Jeff’s Checkers,” and Jeff split lyrical duties with me on that song. Rod seems to always have some sort of impact on the structure of a song. As a whole, there are plenty of times where someone steps in and throws a twist on a riff.

all 21-22 years old. The world is constantly pushing its will on young people, and that isn’t always a bad thing. Sometimes you don’t know what is best for you and someone with a different perspective can help you out. However, this entire stage of life can feel really overwhelming. No matter what happens to any of us individually, I feel like we will all look back when we are in our late 20s and think, “Wow, did that happen? I changed a lot, I accomplished a lot and now I’m here. But it doesn’t really feel real. What next?” Then we will look back again in another seven years and do the same. Life is kind of like a perpetual fugue state, whether it’s good or bad. You always look back and wonder how you made it through.





The album artwork for “Fugue State” is excellent. I like the retro comic book style. What can you tell me about how that came together?

Limp Wizurdz’ “Fugue State” EP cover [IMAGE PROVIDED BY ROGER BETKA]

Frankie tosses me lyrics from his journals from time to time as well. We’re a pretty tight-knit unit. Another thing worth mentioning is that Colton assisted us some as well. Tiny things here and there, as well as some lyrical changes and ideas. He was invaluable in the recording process for us.


Fans of the AMC show “Breaking Bad” would likely notice the album title is a nod to the episode where Walter White invents an excuse for disappearing to cook meth. Are you fans of the show? Young: The actual relation to “Breaking Bad” is only a small part of it. We (minus Rodrigo) are all huge “Breaking Bad” fans, so it was a cool homage to something that we all enjoy. The big meaning behind the name is this: We are

Young: I’ll be honest in saying that no one in the band can really take any credit for that. Colton Jean and Roger Betka did the artwork. Roger’s an artist from Los Angeles that Colton Jean tracked down for us. He did a fantastic job. Colton kind of controlled the visual direction of the record, and Roger contributed the painting of us on the bikes. They did a great job. We couldn’t have asked for anything better.


How important is it for you to get this music outside of your home base in Norman? Young: I try to stay grounded and realize that I’m just doing something that thousands of other people are doing, but at the same time I definitely feel like our energy during our live performance is something else. I feel such a connection with this band. All of these guys are my best friends. When we’re playing and we’re really going off, it’s a hard thing to beat. I hope that what I feel is what other people see us doing. I hope it translates well.

APRIL 20–MAY 3, 2017




A few things you missed at

Metro Music Fest 2017 BY NATHAN POPPE LOOKatOKC Editor


he crowd was modest, but the talent was huge at ACM@UCO’s Metro Music Fest headlining stage. I had a busy April 8, so I couldn’t start watching sets until the evening at the ambitious festival that took place throughout nine Bricktown venues. It was truly a bummer that I didn’t see any bands fronted by ACM@UCO students this year, especially because that’s who the festival benefits more than anyone. It’s a great opportunity for young artists to play for friends and family. Think of it as a districtwide open house for the music school. I was able to catch three brilliant headlining acts. Night Moves started my evening off at The Criterion. The band impressed with stellar vocals and a bouncy rock set. The hip-hop trio clipping. took stage after being freshly nominated for a Hugo Award. Once I shared photos later that night, many “Hamilton” fans were dismayed that they had missed a chance to catch the group’s frontman. Daveed Diggs famously portrayed Marquis de Lafayette/Thomas Jefferson in the 2015 Broadway musical. Well, clipping. is its own beast, and the band energized the crowd with a brash mix of bone-shaking beats and rapidly delivered lyricism. The trio even sampled The Flaming Lips’ “She Don’t Use Jelly” at one point. A few hundred people made their way into the venue as festival headliner’s Guided By Voices shared new songs from its 100th release, “August By Cake.” The ACM@UCO Performance Lab might’ve been a better fit for these three sets. I walked by it on the way home, and that venue was absolutely packed. It was the first year The Criterion hosted a Metro Music Fest set, but hopefully as the talent continues to grow, so will the crowds.


APRIL 20–MAY 3, 2017

Clipping. performs live at ACM@UCO’s Metro Music Fest in downtown Oklahoma City. The hip-hop group is fronted by Tony Award winner Daveed Diggs, who starred in the Broadway musical “Hamilton.” [PHOTOS BY NATHAN POPPE]



ABOVE and BELOW: Guided By Voices performs live at ACM@UCO’s Metro Music Fest in downtown Oklahoma City. The band also celebrated the release of its 100th album last weekend. [PHOTOS BY NATHAN POPPE]


ABOVE and BELOW: Night Moves performs live at ACM@ UCO’s Metro Music Fest in downtown Oklahoma City. The band is managed by ACM@UCO CEO Scott Booker. [PHOTOS BY NATHAN POPPE]


APRIL 20–MAY 3, 2017



AU G . 1 9

Beau Jennings and The Tigers. [PHOTO PROVIDED BY MARK ELLIOTT]

WestFest plans to turn up the heat on OKC festivals. Literally. Organizers for the third annual street festival announced a new summer date and Okie headliners for its concert main stage. I attended last year and had fun walking and eating throughout Western Avenue without having to look both ways crossing the street. Here’s the news from an exclusive release: This summer, the historic Western Avenue district is holding its third annual street and music festival, WestFest, from noon to 10 p.m. on Aug. 19 with music, food trucks, beer, a local vendor market and kid’s area. The festival continues its WestFest 2017 logo. tradition of bringing local [IMAGE PROVIDED] performances to the main stage with the announcement of Beau Jennings and The Tigers as the main act. Israeli rocker group KALO returns to the WestFest stage this year as supporting headliner. WestFest stretches down NW 41st to NW 43rd along Western Avenue which will close down for the free, familyfriendly celebration. Expect more music inside the Will Rogers Theater, VZD’s and The Barrel.

KALO. [PHOTO PROVIDED] I’d argue it’s a good call for WestFest to experiment with a new date. Last year, I think Plaza District Festival, Heard on Hurd and this Western Avenue-based party landed within the same two-week stretch. I’m all for my city hosting a ton of events, but I’m only one man. I’m interested to see how this summer date works out for WestFest and how the event will set itself apart from other street party gatherings. — Nathan Poppe

MUSIC APRIL 21: Willow Way, VZD’s. 21: Hayes Carll, Cain’s Ballroom. (Tulsa) 21: Jason Eady, Blue Door. 21: Husbands, Blake Lusk, 89th Street

Collective. 22: A Perfect Circle, BOK Center. (Tulsa) 23: Hosty, The Deli. (Norman) 24: Jimmy Webb, IDL Ballroom. (Tulsa) 25: Flaming Lips, Cain’s Ballroom. (Tulsa) 27: Eroica Trio, Armstrong Auditorium.

(Edmond) 27: Lil Wayne, Criterion. 27: Birds of Chicago, Blue Door. 27: Jimmy Pardo, Cameron Buchholtz, ACM@UCO Performance Lab. 27 - 29: Norman Music Festival, downtown. (Norman) 28: Todrick Hall, Civic Center Music Hall. 29: Explosions in the Sky, Criterion.


APRIL 20–MAY 3, 2017

29: Wayne Brady, Riverwind Casino. (Norman) 29: Guthrie Green anniversary show feat. John Fullbright, Guthrie Green. (Tulsa) 30: Alton Brown, Civic Center Music Hall. 30: Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness, Cain’s Ballroom. (Tulsa)

M AY 2: Trey Anastasio Band, Cain’s Ballroom. (Tulsa) 3: X, Diamond Ballroom. 4: Alice Cooper, Brady Theater. (Tulsa) 4: Silversun Pickups, Diamond Ballroom. 4: Steve Aoki, Farmers Public Market. 4: Hall & Oates, Tears for Fears, BOK Center. (Tulsa) 6: Kristin Chenoweth, Broken Arrow Performing Arts Center. (Broken Arrow) 9: Chance the Rapper, BOK Center. (Tulsa)

10: Ty Segall, Cain’s Ballroom. (Tulsa) 10: Tim Kasher, Opolis. (Norman) 10: Sam Outlaw, Blue Door. 11: Ray Wylie Hubbard, Cain’s Ballroom.

(Tulsa) 13: Waka Flocka Flame, Cain’s Ballroom. (Tulsa) 13: MisFEST feat. Branjae, KALO, Fiawna Forte, River West Festival Park. (Tulsa) 13: Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, Chesapeake Energy Arena. 13-14: Kinky Friedman, Blue Door. 16: Arlo Guthrie, Hudson Performance Hall. 16: The Chainsmokers, BOK Center. (Tulsa) 16: Brian Wilson, Brady Theater. (Tulsa) 20: Heard on Hurd, Broadway and Hurd. (Edmond) 21: Hop Jam feat. Hanson, John Fullbright, Brady Arts District. (Tulsa) 23: Meat Puppets, 89th St. Collective. 23: B.J. Barham, Blue Door.

24: New Kids on the Block, Paula Abdul,

BOK Center. (Tulsa) 26: Skating Polly, Opolis. (Norman) 26: Andy Adams album release, Blue Door. 26: Rocklahoma feat. Def Leppard, Soundgarden, The Offspring, Pryor Creek Concert and Festival Grounds. (Pryor)

JUNE 1: Tech N9ne, Cain’s Ballroom. (Tulsa) 1: Roger Waters, BOK Center. (Tulsa) 3: Patti LaBelle, WinStar World Casino.

(Thackerville) 7: Bush, Brady Theater. (Tulsa) 8: Modest Mouse, Diamond Ballroom. 9: Carter Sampson, Blue Door. 9: Norah Jones, Brady Theater. (Tulsa) 10: Tig Notaro, ACM@UCO Performance

Lab. 13: At the Drive In, Criterion.



APRIL 30 The Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon is about more than running, it is about celebrating life and to honor the 168 people who died in the bombing of the Murrah Federal Building in 1995. From its inaugural race in 2001 with just shy of 5,000 participants, the event now hosts over 24,000 runners and walkers from every state and several foreign countries. The 26-mile course begins in front of the Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum between NW 5 and NW 6 and Harvey Avenue. It ends two blocks east of the Memorial between NW 7 and NW 8 on Broadway Ave. in Automobile Alley. Wheelchair athletes begin at 6:25 a.m. The marathon, half marathon and relay begin at 6:30 a.m. The Memorial 5K begins about 7 a.m. and the Kids Marathon begins at 8:15 a.m. At 5:30 a.m., a pre-race sunrise service at the Survivor Tree. Shuttles will be running a continual loop to and from designated hotels and the start-finish area. For more information, go to [PHOTO BY NATE BILLINGS, THE OKLAHOMAN ARCHIVES]

O U T D O O R B E E R + YO G A | B L E U G A R T E N

10 A.M. • APRIL 23 Join 405 YOGA OKC at Bleu Garten, 301 NW 10, every Sunday starting April 23rd for outdoor Beer + Yoga, where love for yoga and beer unite. All Levels of yoga practice and beer drinking experience are welcome. No pressure, never too serious, just fun, feel good yoga. Expect to sweat, move and breathe. Yoga and beer are provided. BYOYM (bring-your-own-yoga-mat). Cost is $20. Go to for information and tickets.


APRIL 20–MAY 3, 2017



1 1 A . M . T O 9 P. M . • A P R I L 2 5 - 3 0 Oklahoma City’s Festival of the Arts 2017 returns 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. April 25-30 at Bicentennial Park, 500 Couch Drive between the Civic Center Music Hall and City Hall. The Festival is a community celebration of the visual arts, performing arts and culinary arts. Visual arts: Media includes oils, water, drawing and printmaking, photography, ceramics, glass, sculpture, fiber, jewelry, wood, and two and three-dimensional works. Culinary arts: From appetizers to desserts, the festival is a celebration of the culinary arts. Thirty-one vendors bring their specialties to the International Food Row and throughout the grounds. Each food vendor is partnered with a local arts organization, so each bite you take supports the arts in central Oklahoma. Performing arts: Nearly 300 entertainers of all ages perform on three stages at the festival. Admission is free. Pets are not allowed. For more information call 270-4848.


7 : 3 0 P. M . • A P R I L 2 0 Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers will perform at 7:30 p.m. April 20 at Chesapeake Arena, 100 W Reno Ave. The concert is the first stop on the band’s 40th Anniversary Tour. Joe Walsh will appear as special guest. To further commemorate the 40th anniversary of their self-titled debut album, Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers are releasing two companion vinyl box sets featuring their entire studio album repertoire. Several of these albums have been out of print on vinyl for years and most albums have been remastered for this release. Further details on Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers’ 40th Anniversary Tour are available at For tickets, go to


APRIL 20–MAY 3, 2017




Conner, Becky, Devon, Yvonne and Denise

Rachel, Rick and Leila


APRIL 20–MAY 3, 2017



Kinsey and Shannon


Rachel and Eli

Cameron and Chelsea


Lindsey, Karlin and Cameron


APRIL 20–MAY 3, 2017



Jon and Haley



Robin, Lindsey and Danielle

APRIL 20–MAY 3, 2017


45th Annual Tulsa Area Swap Meet. April 21 and 22, 2017.

2006 Ford Ranger Ext Cab V6 auto, 126K, CD $4250 863-6399

Creek Cty Fairgrounds, Sapulpa/ Kellyville, OK. Turner Turnpike (I-44) Exit 211 turn E. on Hwy 33 then right on Route 66, go 1/4mi. Vendor Spaces Available.

2000 Ford F150 x-cab, V8, auto, pwr, great cond, $2850, 942-2372. 2015 Toyota Tacoma crew cab, V6, 2500 mi, $27,000, 589-2592.

All collectors & pickers welcome. Adm & Parking FREE to the public

'04 Sebring Ltd, 102K, loaded, V6 auto nice $3,988. 405-406-0297co

2006 Ford Escape 6cyl 5speed

'09 Escape V6 auto air 90K nice $6950 863-6399

1978 Jeep Cherokee Chief,

rebuilt Hemi engine, original body with no rust, 200K, new tires, runs great, garage kept $7000. » » » 405-833-8771 1972 Mercury Cougar, $8500 firm; 1961 Ford F-100, $4000 obo; 405-708-9121.


2901 E. RENO, OKC, OK 405-425-2122 April 20, 2017 AT 1 PM All vehicles may be viewed at 10:00 AM on day of sale. See website (WWW.DPS.STATE.OK.US) for list of vehicles and purchasing procedures. NO WARRANTY - AS IS

1961 Pontiac Bubble Top 389 V8 engine eng. Survivor. $15,0002 » 580-504-0675

2001 Buick Regal LS, maroon, grey leather int, 115K miles, $2,500. 405-787-1326. 6903 NW 34th St Bethany '99 LeSabre, 137K, A/C, CD, remote alarm, good motor & trans, runs great, $1,500, 405-312-4573

CASH FOR CARS $160 + 405-512-7278 WE BUY VEHICLES!

Any Make, Model or Condition FREE haul off for unwanted vehicles. 405-255-5962/534-2126.


'04 Thunderbird, misty blue, low miles, 3 tops, V8, good cond., Reduced Price $16,500. 405-788-1076 or 405-390-3805

2009 Sonata, gold, 6 cyl, auto, air, power, sunroof, 103K, dependable, $6595, 405-324-2015.

2006 Commander top of the line! loaded nice $6450 863-6399

nice $3950. 863-6399

2005 GMC YUKON Leather, loaded & nice $4450 863-6399

'95 Bombardier jet ski, runs great $1300.(405)788-1076 or 390-3805

WANTED TO PURCHASE Recreational vehicle under $10,000 send info to PO Box 391, OKC OK 73102

2015 Nissan Altima 4 Door Sedan, AWD, automatic, excellent cond, 3800 mi, $15,000. 405-641-9401

2008 Saturn Aura, 4 door, loaded, sunroof, 3.6L engine, 42K miles, blue, $6000, 405-321-3107.

2015 Camry SE, 41K mi, 1 owner, exc cond, $14,400, 405-590-4860.

Commercial Lender Candidate must possess at least 5 years of Commercial Lending experience, excellent organizational skills, good working attitude and strong teamwork abilities. Candidate will also be responsible for originating all types of real estate, commercial, and construction loans; servicing $20+ million loan portfolio; meeting income, growth, & quality goals and preparing written credit analysis reports. EOE/MF/DISABLED/PROTECTED VETERANS Excellent benefits package including medical, dental, and life insurance, 401(k) employer match, paid holidays and vacation. Mail, email, or fax resumes with salary requirements to: First Enterprise Bank Attn: Juanita Resar 2115 SW 44th Oklahoma City, OK 73119 fax: (405)606-8401 email:

Adjunct InstructorCompTIA Cloud+

2006 Beetle, auto, air, exc cond, black, $4495, 405-402-0441. 2014 Impala limited, black, excellent condition, $6800, 326-8855.

COMMERCIAL LENDING ASSISTANT Commercial Lending Assistant may develop into a Commercial Loan Officer position. Candidate must possess at least 2 years banking experience in lending, credit analysis, or account. Strong organizational skills and teamwork abilities are required. Candidate will develop responsibilities for originating and servicing all types of real estate, commercial and construction loans, meet income, growth and quality goals, and prepare written credit analysis reports. EOE/M-F/ DISABLED/PROTECTED VETERANS Excellent benefits package including medical, dental, and life insurance, 401(k) employer match, paid holidays and vacation Mail, email, or fax resumes with salary requirements to: First Enterprise Bank Attn: Juanita Resar 2115 SW 44th Oklahoma City, OK 73119 fax: (405)606-8401 e-mail: employment-opportunities Trolley (tug) with 2 cars, 40 passenger, handicap accessible, auto, diesel, $18,500, 405-651-8248.

Experienced Concrete Finishers & Laborers Call

We Buy Junked Cars Running or Not. CASH on the spot. Free Tow » » » 209-4815



UP TO $10,000 for Cars Run/Not, Wrecked Free Tow --- 688-7777 $155 & up for most non-running vehicles, no title ok 405-819-6293 AAA cash car, trk cycle. Run/notfree tow. Some $350+ 850-9696

Page 30

2005 Dodge Crew Cab leather loaded nice $4450 863-6399

2012 300, fwd, 55,000 miles, white, leather, excellent cond, serviced by dealerships, daytime appt only, $13,000, 405-663-2494.

April 20 - May 3, 2017

'02 Dodge Crew Cab, CD, PW,

PL, runs good, $3,650. 863-6399 2007 Ford F150 4dr 168K mi on 2nd motor $5400 405-802-7672

373-0366 or fax to 373-1599 or apply @ 15200 NW Expwy, Pdmnt

Ballet Oklahoma Inc dba Oklahoma City Ballet is seeking a Company Dancer Principal. 18 mos exp as classical & contemporary ballet dancer req plus must be able to lift 50 lbs. Qualified applicants mail resume to: L. Schneider, 7421 N Classen Blvd, Oklahoma City, OK 73116

Mt. St. Mary Catholic High Schl Seeking certified Biology tchr for 17-18 schl yr, with AP experience preferred. Fax resume & cert. to Talita DeNegri, 405-631-9209 or EOE


Seminole State College seeks applications for the following position:

Assistant Professor of Agriculture

Salary commensurate with education and experience. Excellent benefits. For a detailed job description, application procedure, visit Submit application packets to: Seminole State College Attn: Human Resources P.O. Box 351 Seminole, OK 74818

Asset Recovery Agency seeking

Collectors. Salary + bonus. Call 405-943-9608, ask for hiring manager.

Part time Help for Salvation Army Family Store in Edmond, OK. Apply in person, Mon-Sat 9-6 at 2217 W. Edmond Rd. (corner of Santa Fe & 2nd)

CHAIRSIDE Orthodontic Assistant, PT. Midwest City. Experience preferred/will train. Fax Resume: 405-732-7191 Seeking Experienced Nuclear Med PET/CT Tech OKC Clinic seeking a full-time Nuclear Medicine PET/CT Technologist. Full-time position with benefits, Mon-Fri, day hours. CMNT or ARRT(N) required. Email resume to:

‘‘ Custodian ‘‘ employment-opportunities

General Laborers

needed for Machine Shop. Call Calloway Equipment 405-632-1870

CNA’s – all shifts LPN’s 7-3 & 3-11

Apply at Heritage Park at 6912 NW 23rd St


Get a great full-time job! Good pay, full benefits, 30 days vacation/yr, reg. raises. No exp needed, ages 17-34, will train. Call 877-628-9562.


D.O.N. for long term care facility in NW OKC. Excellent benefits and pay. Send resume to

Licensed Practical Nurse The Norman Veterans Center is seeking LPN's for 7-3, 3-11 and 11-7 shifts. Salary $19-20 per hour. Apply in person M-F 8-430 1776 E. Robinson, Norman, OK 73070 Contact HR with questions 405-360-5600

RN/LPN M-F 7-3 RN/LPN M-F 3-11 CNA’s – 3-11 & 11-7

Apply at Heritage Manor at 3804 N. Barr

»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»» Licensed Certified Nurse/Medical Aide Will care for ELDERLY Refs No Criminal Record 201-9209

FT Maintenance Tech Apply at Heritage Park at 6912 NW 23rd St, Bethany

April 20 - May 3, 2017

Page 31

Property Manager

Michael Biddinger Real Estate, Inc has an opening for a Property Manager to handle various homeowners associations. Interested candidates should forward their resume with salary requirements (required to be considered) to or fax to 405-752-4403.

Exper. Restaurant/Bar Mgr? Downtown area bar/restaurant seeking GM to take reins & provide leadership, structure & systems. Exp. req. Send resume to All inquires confidential.

Dietary Cook/Aides


Apply at Skyview Nursing Center at 2200 N. Coltrane

Page 32

CNC Machining Adjunct Instructor employment-opportunities

Licensed Journeyman Plumber needed for residential & commercial repair & remodel. Buddy's Plumbing, Call 473-8091

The City of Moore

Adjunct Instructor-HVAC II employment-opportunities

April 20 - May 3, 2017

is accepting applications for the position of Building Inspector. For details & other positions go to An application must be completed and returned to City of Moore 301 N. Broadway, Moore, Ok 73160. EOE

CDL Class A Drivers Local & Regional

Full/Part time. HazMat & Tanker req'd. 2 yrs recent exp. Pass DOT physical, drug test & background check. Clean MVR. Exc. weekly pay, health ins, home several times weekly. 405-409-5442 CDL With Hazmat Driver Deliver Fuel Local 3-4 days a week 405-360-8853 or

Harvest Crew needs

Class A CDL Drivers & Combine Operators

for Midwest. Call 405-833-3183.

Mid-Con Carriers

Class A CDL Req. Drivers earn up to $1500/ week Van & flatbed available Call 405-237-1300 or



April 20 - May 3, 2017

Page 33

Page 34

April 20 - May 3, 2017


Spacious 4/2/2 on .22 acres, 2 liv, 2 din, new int/ext paint, 2034sf, $139,000 Realty Experts 414-8753

Brick duplex for sale in Yukon, excellent cond, fully occupied, 405-609-7070.

You Deserve a New Energy Smart Home. Lenders offering Zero Down w/trade-in, any condition. Less than perfect credit programs and zero down with land. $1000 furniture package w/purchase. WAC 405-631-7600

MOBILE HOME LOT Country setting Close In ALL UTILITIES 12601 SE 74th 640-3104

E of OKC, pay out dn. Many choices mobile home ready. Call for maps TERMS 275-1695

3 bed 2 bath set-up & ready for immediate move-in. Burntwood Mobile Home Park 405-631-7600

155 acres 20 mi from OKC near

I-40W & Rt 66, 1/2 mi from Banner school. Call or write George: 240-486-2955

Land & Mineral Auction:

433 Deeded Acres Land in Grant Co, OK - 615 Deeded Acres Minerals-1-1/2mi River Frontage.

Friday 4-28-17

20 ACRE HORSE PROPERTY w/4250 sf house, 15 min W of

OKC ¡ $695,000 ¡ 405-410-5222.

¡‘¡ ESTATE AUCTION ¡‘¡ Thurs. April 27 @ 6:30pm.

Hampton Inn, Guthrie, OK. NE N of 26-T17N-R1E, Logan Co. Great Hunting, Surface Only.

JC Barr, Broker ¡ 405-245-7585

Land 10am & Minerals 3pm 1hr drive on Hwy 74 from OKC close to I-35. 2 tracts have over 1-1/2mi frontage on Salt Fork River. Excellent wildlife habitat with lots of trees & sloping hills. Great for deer, turkey, waterfowl, etc. Opportunity to buy river frontage land with excellent hunting potential, many trees, highly productive cropland or minerals. Statements made day of sale take precedence over all advertising.

Seller: Staggers Family Charitable Remainder Trust. 580-541-8618 - 580-233-9800 or for full details visit

I BUY & SELL HOUSES 604 NW 167th, 2814 sq ft, 3/2/2, library, 2 dining, 2 liv, brick, very nice. SP $249,500. Call Johnny 405-473-3247 or 799-5531

Bank Owned 4/3/2, 2624sf, new crpt/pnt, granite, 2 liv, cov patio, PC sch $184,900 RltyExp 414-8753



GREAT Office Space. Various NW locations, 300-6000sf 946-2516

April 20 - May 3, 2017

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Washer & dryer, refrigerator, 25" color TV, all in exc. cond., $500 for all 3, in the process of moving, must sell. 405-558-1758

2 Big Farm Equipment Auctions »»» Unreserved »»» Saturday, April 22nd - 10 AM Chickasha, Oklahoma

1213 SW 60th St, 1 & 2 bdr apts, $375 - $475 mo w/$250 dep, No Sec 8. 632-9849

HOUSES FOR RENT: 1740 NE 47 St.; 4713 N. Prospect; 700 NE 31st St.; 3408 SE 27th St. call for info. Sec 8 ok. 412-8083. 1, 2, 3, 5 BEDROOMS AVAILABLE NW ALSO. SEC 8 OK ‘ 202-2635

Lg 1&2bd, 2 lndry rooms, covered parking, $375-475mo 470-3535

Beautiful 2/2, W/D hkup SW 74, Sec 8ok $625mo 300dep 812-8834


Pd. wtr/garb. Near malls. 2 bed from $675 341-4813

1bd Upstairs, all bills pd, $625mo. $50 Move In Special, Sec. 8 OK. 716 1/2 NE 25th. 405-204-4308 2bd, $625mo, $50 Move In Special Sec 8 ok 704 NE 25. 405-204-4308

Furnished/Unfurnished. Bills Paid Unfurn 1 bed $169 wk, $640 mo; Unfurn 2 bed $189 wk, $780 mo; Furn 1 bed $179 wk, $680 mo; Furn 2 bed $199 wk, $820 mo; Deposits: 1 bed $150, 2 bed $200; $25 application fee paid at rental; Wes Chase Apartments, Elk Horn Apartments, Hillcrest (SW OKC), 370-1077.

907 N Kentucky-Eff. apt w/bath, kitchenette, all bills paid including cable & internet, $395 + dep & proof of income, 737-8423.

1bd $535, 2bd Special $595

New Luxury 3/2/2 Duplex 13516 Brandon Pl, fp, Deer Creek Schools, near Mercy 842-7300

Muntage Apts For Rent

3bed, 1bath, large fenced yard, W/D hookups, ch&a, $700/mo + $600dep. 740-8419

13 Homes 2-4 beds $585-2195 Express Realty 844-6101

3bed, 2bath, 2 car, fenced back yard, Section 8 OK, rent $795mo+deposit. 405-850-0011 1808 Kay Drive, 3/2/2, sec 8 ok, $750 + $500 dep, 405-205-5849. 9332 NE 16 St 3bd 1.5ba 2 living carport nice clean $695. 476-5011

Castle Tower Apts For Rent ALL BILLS PAID ¡‘¡ 405-946-0637 ¡‘¡

1400 Sandra, 3 bed 1 bath. Nice. $650 month. 732-3411

Putnam Heights Plaza

Cedar wood panels, 6 feet high, 8 feet long, $46 each, 405-833-5439.

Wilbarger County Exhibit Building - 2215 Harrold Street Selling late model New Holland Air Drills, Chisel Plows, Tractors, Big Baler, and More Seller: CNH Industrial Capital America LLC Photos & more at:

580-393-4440 Aubrey Latham, Auctioneer TX LIC 10620

11706 Hollyrock Ct, 3/2/2 duplex, yr lease, $1000/mo+dep, 474-6765

MWC For Rent/Sale. Nice homes $400/up. RV space $200 306-2576

3 piece Thomas Brooks bedroom suite, walnut and marble, circa 1860, excellent condition, $2500, 580-467-8029. Fabric upholstered love seat, 72" by 40", exc cond, $300, 823-0798.

Nice 1bd, 1ba $600; 3bd, 2ba, 2liv 2 din $950. Sec 8 ok 405-820-7728


2421 NW 112, Exec 3/2/2, 2000sf, 2 living, $1250mo 255-2230

Minimum pickup, you load, now thru Apr. 23rd, 405-888-1956.

2-nice 2 bed 1 ba $550; Dntwn Apt 1 bed $550, 2 bed $650; 749-0603

Gravely lawn mower, rotary plow, power cultivator, starter, good condition, $695, 405-812-2913.


2Bed on quiet street, large fenced yard, garage, $525mo 596-8410

FRI - April 28th - 10AM

2bd 1ba $595mo, $250 security deposit. Stove & fridge. Fenced yard. Very clean. 405-314-4667

Nice 5bd, 2ba, ch&a, quiet area, Moore Schools $795mo. 787-1598

2 bdrs with off street parking, laundry room. $475 mo 596-8410

Port-A-Cool evaporative cooler, $1000-$3000, 405-823-2917.


Remod. 2bd, 1ba, ch&a, $675/mo +$500dep. SE 3bd, 1ba, 1car, ch&a $700+$500dep 405-631-8220

800 N Meridian

'98 425 JD Tractor. 54" cut. Exc. Cond. $2000. 405-650-2870



632 SW 54th St 3bd 1.5ba 2living 1500' carport nice $785. 476-5011

April 20 - May 3, 2017

New & Used. Financing available. 1233 SE 44th 405-632-8954 MOVING SALE Queen size sleeper/sofa, $400; matching rocker/recliner, $100; Dining set, seats 6, w/4 chairs and 1 bench all with padded seats, $400. Sorry no personal checks. $400 + Gene at 405-4703591 NW Oklahoma City.

11341 Eagle Lane, 3/2/2, 1913 sf, PC Schls, fp, full remodel, no pets no sec 8, $1295 special, 590-3700.

Nice 5bd, 2ba, ch&a, quiet area, Moore Schools $795mo. 787-1598

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Saturday, April 29th - 10 AM Vernon, Texas

SHARP! - 2232 NW 54 3/2/2 $945 appls no pets 755-2510 317-2479

1 & 2 bed, newly remodeled, ch/a, 1830 NW 39th 524-5907 1 & 2 Bedroom 946-9506

4bd, 2car, close to schl, no pets or smoke, $1100 mo, 405-354-6418.

Ford New Holland Tractor T1510, 30hp 4WD front end loader 69hrs, like new, $12,900. 405-760-9114 John Deere 950 tractor, good condition, $3500, 580-236-6624.

1037 Hoyt, 3 bed 1 bath. Nice. $600 month. 732-3411


¡‘¡ 405-946-0588 ¡‘¡

6620 Bayberry Drive, 73162, 3 bed, 2 ba, 2 car, approx 1400 sf, $1145 mo, $900 dep, 370-1077.

Blanchard: 5106 Oakridge, 3 bed, 2 ba, 2 car, exc cond, quiet neighborhood, $1500 mo, $1500 dep, 972-689-1473 or 405-756-7163.

1980 L2 Gleaner Combine, good cond. 24ft header $7,000. ¡ 13ft L Header with pickup attachment $1,000. ¡ Small seed screen for L2 $250. ¡‘¡ 580-729-1878

Chickasha Activity Center 101 Cowan Drive Selling late model New Holland Tractors, Balers, Skid Steers, and More

8 Homes 3-4 beds $750-1200 Express Realty 844-6101

New carpet, extra nice. Pool & Laundry. Quiet Casady 751-8088

MAYFAIR great historic loc, sec./quiet 1 & 2 beds 947-5665

12516 Abbots Way, 73162, 3 bed, 2 ba, 2 car, approx 1400 sf, $995 mo, $750 dep, 370-1077.

3 bed brick, 1.5 bath, 1 car, corner lot, 1 acre. 405-408-7901

2 7/8" Upset Tubing Tested to 7000#, located south of Bristow $2.50 per foot 918-261-9532

Security door, 36" wide, 84" tall, wrought iron, glass panels, $250, 405-949-1596, leave message. Financing avail. 30day-5yr warr. $125&up 1233 SE 44th 632-8954

Sheet Metal 3'x10' $16 ¡ Trim & Screws ¡ Mon-Sat ¡ 390-2077

Propane tank end caps for fire pits: 30"-$40, 37"-$60, 41"-$70. Rebuilt Propane tanks: 250 gal-$420, 500 gal-$595. 405-375-4189 or


English Bulldogs AKC 2 male English Bulldogs, 9 wks old, vet checked, shots. www. $1,500 580-504-0023

M1 Garand Rifles 3 M1 Garand rifles. Models 2895781 30.87, 2260955 30.06, and 5302985 30.06. Estimated $1300. value. Cash only. $1100. each 405-737-6925

English Bulldogs, AKC, 2M, 3F, 11wks, s/w, all puppies carry blue

Carports & Patio Covers, Any Size & Any Color. 799-4026/694-6109

Beagle Pups, 8wks old, s/w, $300. 464-8318

Chihuahua, Teeny Teacups, Extra Tiny $650 Cash. 405-585-7117

Chihuahua, M, 1.5yr old, Reg., neutered $175cash, 405-417-2956 Chihuahua, TEACUPS, 8 wks, 1st shot, tiny $350 cash 405-585-7117


Easter Special ready to leave a pawprint on your heart. Perfect for a gift or new best friend, $675 F $575 M 580-677-1913

LAB PUPPIES, CHOC & WHITE, AKC Registered, M&F, S/W, $400 Parents hunters, 580-841-0841.

We buy GUNS Mustang Pawn & Gun. Over 1000 guns! 376-GUNS

Spring Sale! Large selection of gas & electric cars! 872-5671. Quailer back pups can be ready for this year bird season. German Wirehaired Pointer Pups, 3M $800 each, NAVHDA reg. 405-760-5296/405-354-9150

PING Hybrids 4 & 5, like new, $90ea. Taylormade M2 3 Wood, like new, $100. 405-990-3297

Bloodhound Puppies AKC registered bloodhound puppies,7 wks old, .6 fem 1 male, great bloodlines ,shots health guarantee text for pics $350 918-448-8241 SELLING 650 HEAD: EXPRESS RANCHES CATTLE AUCTION: APRIL 22th, Noon: Selling 182 Angus Bulls, 10 Hereford Bulls, 15 Fancy Angus Show Heifers, 136 Registered Angus Pairs, 30 Registered Angus Fall Bred Heifers, as well as 81 Registered open heifers, 70 Fancy Commercial fall calving cows and 35 fancy commercial fall calving 2 yr old heifers. All bred to Express Ranches Angus Bulls: all Registered Open Heifers and commercial females will be selling selling in groups of three to five head. Visit or Call Express Ranches, Yukon, Ok for catalog and more information 405-350-0044.

Bloodhounds, CKC reg, incl papers & shots, 4 generation pedigree, ready now, $500, 405-880-3745.

Chihuahua, ACA, 1F, white, s/w, $550, 405-627-0419.

& tri, $1,600ea. 758-3761

German Shepherd Pups WKC 1 boy, 1 girl $450 405-312-8683

English Bulldogs AKC 1F 2M 10 wks Black tri/Blue seal S/W $3000 405-618-3577 English Bulldog, Female, AKC, 2.5yrs old, spayed, house broke, $600 Cash. Charlie 405-665-2555.

English Mastiff Puppies, AKC

Reg., 7 wks, apricot, s/w, $1000, 606-9748 or 818-3560.


1M 7F 8wks old. POP vet ckd s/w $650ea. 405-313-1879 can send pics.

GERMAN SHEPHERD AKC PUPS solid wht s/w $400. 405-881-9844


4F, 1M, shots & dewormed, $600. 405-387-3700


shorthair, 6 weeks, 2F (1 tiny), $200-$250 cash, 405-673-9954.

Chihuahuas, 2M, 1yr, 1 tri & 1 blk & red $600ea. 405-537-7322

Cocker Spaniel Puppies

AKC, Champion bloodlines. Vacs, wormed, MC, Buff, buff & white. M $500 & F $600. 405-404-7069

ENGLISH BULLDOGS, AKC reg. 2 4yr old retired F $500ea. Also Champion stud svc 405-329-0066

French Bulldog Puppies, AKC, 1F 9 wks, shots, vet checked, $2200, 918-407-5220 or 918-407-5221, French Bulldogs, ACA reg, 3M, black & white piebald, 5 months old, s/w, $1000 ea, 580-665-0179.

Golden Doodles ‘ Striking standard brindle sire & classy red golden dam producing red & black Golden Doodles. 3D worming, 1st vac, vet exam. Health Guaranteed 7 females 1 male ‘ $1200 ea Speranza Kennels ¡ 918-225-9216

Blue Heeler, F, 8wks, working bred, $200. 405-892-7512 Border Collies 4-9 week old males. ABCA reg. Current on shots & deworming. Working parents. $400. 580-336-1975

Add Growth & Muscle for Profit. Conceal/Open Carry Class $45 Total ¡ 405-818-7904

Taurus 9mm G2 $350, Taurus .45 $375. 628-9560 '17 Dolphin Deluxe 4 Pool Sweep, exc. cond, $800. 405-650-2870

BIG STOUT LIMOUSIN BULLS lbw, very growthy, very gentle.

Blk & Red, Most $1,900-$2,900 John Kusel ¡‘¡ 580-759-6038 17 high percentage Angus pairs, express genetics, 7 years old and younger, home raised, $1600/pair, 405-740-4955. (15) 2 year old BRANGUS BULLS ready to go to work, $1200 each, Vincent Markes, Bison, OK, 580-478-6729 or 580-758-3650.

Aussie Border Pups, DOB 1/14/17 s/w, all black Tri, 2M $200ea, 1F $250 POP 405-830-6655/942-8198 Australian Shepherd Pups, AKC, $500-$850 for limited registration DNA tested & hlth guar. 918-5203818

Paying cash for: Diabetic Test Strips: FreeStyle, OneTouch, & Accuchek, also CPAP/BIPAP Machines: Jim 405-202-2527


Boston Terriers, AKC, s/w/ chipped, $350-$600, 405-434-0534 Bull Terrier, AKC, Mom & Pup, both white, $800 each, Will meet ¡ 580-235-5684

5x8 » 5x10 » 6x10 » 6x12 16' tandem all w/gate ramps $700-$1750 cash » 405-201-6820

Boston Terrier AKC 6 wks, bl&wh, dew claws, shots, dewormed, health guarantee 2F, 1M $600. 405-638-0049


Cane Corso, Italian Mastiff Pups 1 F, 5 M, ICCF Reg, Born 3-11-17, Avail 5-6-17, deposits taken now, TD, DC, Health Guar, Pics Avail, $1000. 405-426-2552 CANE CORSO ICCF REGISTERED 9 month old male Cane Corso. Ears cropped, tail docked all shots current. Full blooded black, comes with registered/certified papers and family Pedigree. Needs a loving home with lots of space to run and play. $1500 405-365-2699

April 20 - May 3, 2017

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April 20 - May 3, 2017


Goldendoodle F2B Puppies M/F, Mini/Med, Ready May 5th, Creamy White, Vet Checked, CKC reg avail, Dew Claw Rmvd, $1,400. 580-467-5305 call/text

LAB PUPPIES AKC REG, 2 BLK M, 1 Y M, UTD S/W $400 TEXT 405-664-4132

Yorkie, AKC, 1M, $500, 8wks, unique markings, 405-797-3623 or 405-929-0003

LAB PUPPIES AKC Lab pups S/W, 2 YF, 1 BF, 2 BM, 1YM. $450 405-615-9206

Yorkie, Male AKC 9 weeks

Labrador Retrievers Chocolate AKC registered labs. 4F & 8M. Shots & dew claws. Available 4/ 22. Text for pics. $750. 405-795-7700

Yorkies, 4F, with papers, 6 weeks on 4/24, $550 each, 405-882-2894

Maltese, 8wks, 1M, Reg., extra small s/w/dc $350. 580-334-5292

LOST: Small mostly grey mature female cat, Windsor Hills area, $50 REWARD. Call 405-651-3059. German Shepherd F, in The Village, nice REWARD 918-230-2884

2lbs $500 580-660-0120

YORKIES, ACA, 3M, s/w, 8wks, blue & tan, $350. 580-465-1571


Atlas Pest Control,

on new & repair, 405-317-0474.

free estimate, call 405-434-2069.

Custom Gutters Inc., New/Repair, warrnty, BBB top rated, 528-4722.

BUDDY'S PLUMBING, INC. 405-528-7733

Maltese, ACA, 2M, 10 weeks old, small & cute, $550, 405-627-0419.

Goldendoodle Puppies Available Now!

2 year health guarantee, s/w, $1,800 ea, 501-514-1026, Goldendoodles f1b and f1b Aussiedoodles Gorgeous puppies. Extremely smart and trainable. They make the perfect pet or therapy dog. $1000-$1250 405-226-1414 email Golden Retriever AKC Pups, 10M, Ready May 1st, will be vet chk & have shots, $750. 479-643-3730

GOLDEN RETRIEVER PUPPY AKC, 1 F, $900. 580-369-1535 Great Dane pups 8 wks, M&F, 1 blue, 2 merlot. Mom AKC, Father AKC limited, $400 ea, Call or text 405-328-9641 or 405-414-4309. Great Pyrennes, vet checked, wormed, 1st shots, $250, 580-301-0253, Altus.

MINI AUSTRALIAN LABRADOODLES No/shed~hypoallergenic~2535lbs~S/W/DC microchip & vet $2000-$2200 email, rubyrunken 405 320-1198

350 Fine Pets At FREE TO LIVE 4mi N of Waterloo on Western ALL Dogs & Cats $80 Shts/Neut 282-8617 »»

Appliance & A/C Service, 27 years exper, $40 service call, 371-3049. TEACUP PIGS: $500; JULIANA PIGS $400; Pregnant Sows $500. ’ 405-481-5558 ’

POODLE, TOY, CKC, 1 CHOC. M, 10wks, s/w, $500, 405-765-4002 POODLES, AKC Puppies, Teacup & Tiny Toy, $1,000-$1,500. ’ 405-481-5558 ’

Rottweilers AKC ¡ 9wks old

Lab & Golden Retriever Mix, would make good shed hunting dog. Ready to go by 4/17/17. $200obo. » » » 580-927-8002

Retired Contractor on SS, with 40 yrs exp, does home repairs with free est. If you don't call me we both lose money. 410-8712

ROOFING & REPAIRS, Free Est. lic 80000120, 722-2226/640-1144

Beautiful African Grey needs experienced bird lover, $1,000 Price Negotiable. 273-9819

SCHNAUZER, MINI, AKC, 1 black male left, 6 weeks old, tails & dewclaws, $450, 301-1635.

Since 1975 ¡ Refs ¡ Senior Disc. (25) 5 star reviews. 405-695-8178 Cracked Mortar/Brick Repair Free estimates!(405)652-1213

*** HOUSE CLEANING *** Little K's has 20+ dependable years' experience. Flexible times & Reasonable rates. Call Karla Today 405-664-2662

Schnauzer minis, ACA reg, 1 parti M, 1 white M, 2 parti F, 10 wks, s/w, $500-$600, 580-665-0179.

Small Job's Guy//RE & Land Serv. Cleanup • Haul Off • Sales Prep. 775-762-5714

370-3572, quality work, repair/ replace, fully ins, OK reg #3118.

Sr. discount Rayford Tree Service

405-606-4074 » OkieDokie

»GENE’S TREE SERVICE» Insured-Free Est. 682-2100.

Appliance & A/C Service, 27 years exper, $40 service call, 371-3049.

Masonry Repair - All Types

2f 3m $700ea. 405-207-1453

HAVANESE, AKC PUPPIES, $600. 405-691-0897 or 778-0516.

Garay's Roofing/Construction


POMS: 1 teacup black & white spotted M, 1.75 lbs; 1 small toy, black M, 2.5 lbs; 12 weeks, $500 each, 405-445-2082.

POODLE, F, Mini, white, 8wks, pure bred, $400. 405-250-4626

Home Repair & Remodel. Roofing. Siding. Free Estimate. 410-2495.

Lawns $40, corners $50 irrig, sod, weed, till garden, flwrbeds, trees. 30yrs exp $20hr free est 882-2814

Hauling, Yard Work & Clean Up. 405-408-9929

L&R Tree Service, Low Prices,

Ins, Free Est, Firewood, 946-3369.

Pro Tree Service - 1/2 off Seniors Free stump removal. 314-1313.

Rototilling, all yard work, scalping & more, 789-3062/682-6383.

Bobcat Root Grapple Cleanup Push, pile, clear limbs debris brushog gravel grader 615-5039

FREE ESTIMATE Mow,tree/bush trim, flower beds & more Lopez Lawns 4058308532

Drives, Patios, All Types,

Lic./Bond./Ins. Free Est. 769-3094

Brushhog, box blade, $42/hour,

Resident'l & Comm'l. Sr. Disc. Lic./Ins. Free Est. 405-719-0793

Sergio Esparza Landscape Co.


& Heat & Air, OKC, 341-8488.

DHS req. sale of mineral rights worth $4602.50 after two probates must get $4602.50 now 405-478-3416


QUALITY FENCE COMPANY FREE ESTIMATES on new & repair, 405-317-0474.

3 hour minimum ¡ 227-3517

Yrd clean, beds, fencing 436-3644

David & Goliath Painting, interior & exterior, 33 yrs exp, 537-2657.

Fitzpatrick Painting, 34 yrs exp, free est, lic, ins, 405-446-9882.

Bill's Painting & Home Repairs

Quality Work! Free Est. 306-3087.

April 20 - May 3, 2017

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April 20 - May 3, 2017


April 20 look at okc  
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