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French influence

High ceilings

The Listing of the Week is a Dallas-French style home in the Cascata Falls addition in northeast Edmond.

High and vaulted ceilings throughout give a sense of airy openness to the Trinity, a midsize country-style home with four roomy bedrooms.




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NEW CREDIT ALERT Home mortgage shoppers should see an unexpected addition to the application paper blitz starting Jan. 1: a mandatory alert on how their credit scores might affect the rate quote and terms they receive from their lender. PAGE 4F



Builder Jeff Click shows a furnished model home his company has built at 2108 NW 173. The design name? The Numbers, from the Old Testament book of the same name. Click has about 20 home designs named for biblical books, names or concepts. PHOTO BY JIM BECKEL, THE OKLAHOMAN

BY TIM FALL Special Correspondent

Whether your first impression of homebuilder Jeff Click comes from a Bricktown billboard, a click on his website or a stroll through one of his standout home designs, you know you’ve seen something different. Look a little deeper, though, and you’ll see it’s because this guy is coming from a whole different place. Click is known for contemporary interior designs, distinct exterior lines and his commitment to building homes that even critics must call exceptional. But behind it all is a man dedicated to understanding who he is and allowing that understanding to inform every dimension of his role as a builder. It started with his first home design 12 years ago. Whereas some builders “name their plans for whatever,” Click said, “I was looking for something with meaning to me, something not arbitrary.” It was his first home, the beginning step. He named it “Genesis.” He said he decided early on that “how I build and market homes would be influenced by my faith” — and not just during Christmas season. From Genesis he added new plans, also naming them for books of the Bible: Luke, Romans, Chronicle, Psalm and Daniel, to name a few. It just felt right. “This is who I am. It’s how I was raised,” he

said. Today, Click is using about 20 biblical names for his layouts. Some, including Genesis, have been retired, Click said, but others come online to take their place. In the case of Jeff Click Homes’ latest offering — the “Urbana” series — the plans’ names have been chosen from more subtle biblical references. Plans in the Urbana line, which has smaller footprints with an emphasis on energy efficiency and more moderate price points, have Greek, Hebrew and Latin names that resonate deeply with Click, a graduate of Oklahoma Baptist University and an active member of Neuma (from Greek “pneuma” for spirit or breath) is a 1,465-square-foot plan that sells in the mid-$150,000s. Cielo (“heaven” or “skies,” Latinate), at 1,579 square feet, starts just under $160,000. Shalom (Hebrew for “peace”) spans 1,670 square feet and starts just under $170,000. Kyrie (Greek, from “Kyrie eleison,” that is, “God with us” or “God have mercy on us”) is a 1,598-square-foot design that starts at $159,876. Trinity (from the Latin “trinitas” for the concept that God exists as three persons in one divine being), at 1,643 square feet, starts in the low-$180,000s. Click, who was a telecommunications ma-

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This view shows the entry to the Numbers.



Choose carefully if opting for a townhouse A couple in their mid-20s found the perfect starter home for their lifestyle. The place they picked wasn’t the classic detached house with a large yard. Rather, it was a brand-new townhouse with 10-foot ceilings and loaded with amenities. “Like lots of homebuyers in their 20s, they were drawn to the tennis courts, big pool and party house this community offered,” said Tom Early, the real estate broker who represented the couple in their recent purchase. But several decades’ worth of experience has Early predicting that after this young couple has their first baby, they’ll want to buy a house with more space to stretch out. “A townhouse is often the perfect choice for people from their mid-20s to

Ellen James Martin SMART MOVES

early 30s who don’t yet have kids and aren’t yet focused on a neighborhood with a playground,” said Early, former president of the National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents. Though choosing a townhouse means losing out on some of the benefits that come from a detached home, like a large yard for gardening, you’ll be compensated in other ways. You’ll likely have a landscaped common area that others keep up. Plus, you’ll probably be free of exterior maintenance for your own

postage-sized grounds. Selecting a townhouse also means you’ll get more square feet of living space for the money. Indeed, Early estimates that a typical townhouse costs 25 to 30 percent less per square foot than does a detached house with a yard. Here are a few tips for those interested in buying a townhouse: Don’t sacrifice a good location when you buy. It can be tiring to hear that location should beat all other factors when it comes to the selection of real estate. But this principle remains true, said Eric Tyson, a personal finance expert and co-author of “Home Buying for Dummies.” Tyson urges you to look for a neighborhood served by high-quality public schools, even if you have

no plans for children. Also, he encourages you to seek a community with easy access to such popular amenities as movie theaters and fine dining. In addition, look for an area near well-rated public transportation. Seek out a townhouse with an expansive interior. These days, most homebuyers strongly favor an open, airy, bright house. But many townhouses, especially older ones, have relatively few windows and are narrow from side to side and deep from the front door to the back, Early said. “To get a more open feeling, try to find a townhouse that’s wider than average. Also, look for one where the rooms are square rather than rectangular and one with largerthan-average windows.

Noted interior designer Bunny Williams believes a home should be for living in, not just looking at. In her new book, “Bunny Williams’ Scrapbook for Living,” she shares her ideas for making a home not just beautiful, but welcoming, comfortable and functional. Williams takes readers room by room through a typical house and offers tips and suggestions for each space. The tips are quick to read and are accompanied by photos by Amy Archer to illustrate the points. “Bunny Williams’ Scrapbook for Living” is published by Stewart, Tabori & Chang and sells for $60 in hardcover.

However, remember that big windows typically translate to higher energy costs,” he said. Avoid a townhouse community where residents don’t seem to get along. Those bound together in a well-run townhouse community’s residents’ association set aside money for major expenses, like the replacement of a roof or renovation of a pool house. Otherwise, everyone living in the community could be hit with a special assessment, which can mean a large addition to your monthly condo fee. “The last thing you want is to live in a community where everyone is squabbling over minor issues or large ones,” he said.

E-mail Ellen James Martin at ellenjames UNIVERSAL U-CLICK

Short on space? Storage by the Box offers an alternative to renting a storage unit. You just order a free box and packing supplies on its website, fill the box with your stuff and ship it by FedEx to the company’s climatecontrolled warehouse for storage. A standard box is 24 inches long, 12 inches wide and 12 inches high, big enough to hold about 16 sweaters. If that’s not enough room for your things, you can use your own box of any size. Monthly rent is $5 for a standard box or $3 per cubic foot if you use your own box. Discounts are offered for bigger orders, and insurance is extra. Shipping to the storage facility is free for boxes up to 25 pounds and $1 per pound for anything exceeding 25. You pay to have the boxes shipped back to you. For more information, go to www.storagebythe

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Left: Festive pillows and a comfy place to recline are featured in the media/theater room of Jeff Click’s model home, the Numbers, at 2108 NW 173. PHOTO BY JIM BECKEL, THE OKLAHOMAN

Faith: Concepts rooted in Scripture FROM PAGE 1F

jor, said he began to discover his acumen as a designer and project manager in college, where he founded a software company as an undergraduate. Outsourcing much of the coding and development work, Click focused on the design of the interface, marketing and product packaging. That same visual sense — the one he feeds today by devouring “tons of design magazines and blogs,” where he gleans ideas to solve problems and introduce variety into the homes he builds — was sparked at an early age. A baseball fanatic as a child, Click found himself confined indoors between games to minimize his exposure to sweltering Oklahoma summer afternoons. “I started doing crafts and painting” to fill those hours, Click recalled. Today the mitt is retired, but the crafting and painting have famously bloomed. Click’s faith has led him not only to select Scripture-rooted names for his homes, but it has given him the courage to strike out in a design direction that is at times counter to the Oklahoma City mainstream. Like one of his business heroes, Apple CEO Steve Jobs, who Click said “never focus-groups anything,” Click, too, has built his reputation on the faith that “people don’t know what they want till they see it.” “When buyers find me,” Click said, and they bond, as they often do, over the biblical name of a design, “I feel that’s God working in my life, and I want to acknowledge that however I can.”


Floor plans have divine references Since 1998 Jeff Click has been naming his home designs for biblical references: books of the Bible, characters or concepts, and sometimes even specific verses. His company, Jeff Click Homes, offers floor plans with these biblical names:


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Neuma — derived from the Greek “pneuma” meaning “spirit” or “breath.” Kyrie — Greek, from “Kyrie eleison,” that is, “God with us” or “God have mercy on us.” Trinity — derived from the Latin, trinitas, meaning “the number three, a triad.” The Christian doctrine of the Trinity, one of the most important in mainstream Christian faith, teaches the unity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit as three persons in one divine being. Cielo — an Italian word meaning “heavens” or “skies.” Shalom — a Hebrew word meaning peace, completeness and welfare.

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Psalm — from the Greek word Psalmoi, meaning “songs sung to a

harp. Psalms is a book of the Bible made up of 150 poems. Daniel — the central protagonist of the Book of Daniel. He was carried off to Babylon where he became famous for interpreting dreams and rose to become one of the most important figures in the court. Chronicle — for Chronicles, the books of the Old Testament, 1 and 2 Chronicles, that summarize and review 1 and 2 Kings and 1 and 2 Samuel. Numbers — the fourth book of the Old Testament, which describes the years of testing in the wilderness for the Israelites, and the census ordered by God and carried out by Moses.

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Matthew — a gospel, is the first book of the New Testament. Mark — a gospel, is the second book of the New Testament. Luke — a gospel, is the third book of the New Testament. John — a gospel, is the fourth book of the New Testament. Romans — the epistle of Paul to Christians in Rome. James — an epistle, emphasizes the practical duties of Christian life.

Atypical lines and angles make the master bathroom a distinctive space in the Numbers. PHOTO BY JIM BECKEL, THE OKLAHOMAN

The Numbers model home by Jeff Click is at 2108 NW 173 in Silverhawk addtion. PHOTO BY JIM BECKEL, THE OKLAHOMAN

The color-coordinated vessel sink is tied to the ceiling in the powder room in the Jeff Click model in the Silverhawk addition. PHOTO BY JIM BECKEL, THE OKLAHOMAN

A spacious secondary bedroom in Jeff Click’s model has ample room for sitting areas. PHOTO BY JIM BECKEL, THE OKLAHOMAN





Five laser measurers go the distance in test I hate to admit that I’ve been around construction since old-growth trees were just trees, and during all that time I’ve been using a conventional tape measure. I tried a firstgeneration laser distance measurer several years back, and found it far too inconsistent and inaccurate to be of much use. So when I undertook a recent review and comparison of five different laser distance measurers, it was with a bit of intimidation for the long learning curve and low hopes for the results. I was wrong on both counts. All of the laser distance measurers tested (someone could come up with a less cumbersome name) were given the same basic tests, and were compared against the same conventional tape measure. Each one was perfectly accurate, and they all gave exactly the same readings. All five had pretty similar basic features. Besides the obvious ability to measure, each one has the ability to store, add to, and subtract from the measurements you’re taking. Each one also has the ability to do mathematical calculations for you as you go. In one mode you can measure the length and then the width of an area, and the unit will give you the square footage. In another mode, you can also measure the height and it will calculate cubic footage. Another function is the ability to calculate measurements of areas

Paul Bianchina HANDY @ HOME you can’t see directly, such as the height of a tall building. All the units except the Dewalt had this feature. A backlit screen for lowlight situations is another common feature, and all of the units except the Bosch included that. All included a protective belt holster, of which the Craftsman and the Dewalt seemed the easiest to use. Dewalt and Bosch also include a handy wrist lanyard. Dewalt and Craftsman get kudos for the non-blister-pack packaging, and Ryobi gets a demerit for their instructions that come on one huge sheet of paper like a foldout road map. From there, it’s a matter of accuracy and a couple of other important features, which you can see in the individual reviews. They’re listed below in order of retail price. At the end of the day, my tape measure still has a home. But given the speed, features and consistent accuracy of these tools, it’s definitely time to make room in the toolbox for a laser as well. Craftsman Laser Measuring Tool and 10Inch Digital Level Combo (Model 79582, $129.99): This is the only combo kit in the bunch, and in-

Pat Boone with Utopia Residences Chairman David Robb. BUSINESS WIRE PHOTO

Pat Boone buys vacation home on ocean liner BY LAUREN BEALE Los Angeles Times

Entertainer Pat Boone has purchased a vacation home on the residential ocean liner the Utopia. Expected to launch in 2013, the ship will journey around the globe and stop at events such as the Cannes Film Festival in France, the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix and the Melbourne Cup horse race in Australia. “Everyone in my family is thrilled about having future family reunions on the Utopia and traveling the world without leaving our home on the sea,” said Boone, a Beverly Hills resident. The 199 residences range from 1,453 to 6,100 square feet and are priced from $3.9 million to $25 million. The listing price for a unit similar to the one Boone purchased is $4 million. The exact purchase price was not disclosed. Buyers own a 70-year right to use the residence, much like a land lease. Fees are about 4.5 percent of purchase price annually. Boone’s 1,453-square-foot unit can be configured as a one-bedroom with a study/media /guest room or as a two-bedroom home with a third room for a library or office. It has a living room and a terrace with an ocean view. The unit is fully furnished, including multimedia equipment, flatware and linens. Boone, 76, enjoyed his heyday as a pop singer in the ’50s and ’60s and had his own variety show. Among his hit songs were “Love Letters in the Sand,” “April Love” and “Moody River.” His leading man work included “Journey to the Center of the Earth” (1959) and “State Fair” (1962). He was inducted into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame in 2003. MCCLATCHY-TRIBUNE INFORMATION SERVICES

Realtor joins Paradigm AdvantEdge Chris Sonaggera has joined Paradigm AdvantEdge, 1530 SW 119, as a residential real estate sales associate. He is an Oklahoma County sheriff’s deputy and has a bachelor’s degree from Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma City. He obtained his real estate license and became a Realtor four years ago. He won an award for sales production in 2009 from his previous real estate company.

Chris Sonaggera

cludes a multifunction digital level that I didn’t review. The laser measuring tool itself is the largest of the five, and the only one to place some of the operating buttons on the front and some on the side. It has a mode button that allows you to choose to measure from the bottom of the unit or from the top. Measures up to 150 feet, with an accuracy of 3/16 inch. Operates on two AA batteries. Dewalt Laser Distance Measurer (Model DW030P, $129.99): This is probably the most rugged of the group, with a tough but comfortable casing rated for a 6foot drop. It also has a large and easy-to-use belt loop case. The buttons are large and well grouped. Unfortunately it only reads from the bottom of the unit and it doesn’t have an extension rod like the next three units do, which limits its usefulness to some degree. Measures up to 100 feet, with an accuracy of 1/8 inch. Operates on two AAA batteries. Ryobi Tek4 Professional Laser Distance Measure (Model #RP4010, $149): Part of Ryobi’s Tek4 group of tools that use a small 4-volt rechargeable lithium ion battery. It’s a very well-designed tool with a lot of features for the professional and home user alike. There’s a tab at the bottom that flips down 90 degrees to hook over a counter or table edge for accurate reference point measuring. The tab then

flips straight out so the unit fits into a tight corner when measuring diagonals. A mode button tells the unit to measure from the top, the bottom, or the tip of the extended tab. The Tek 4 will measure distances up to 195 feet with an accuracy of 1/16 of an inch and offers about 2,000 measurements per charge. Includes the battery and charger. Bosch Laser Distance Measurer (Model GLR225, $158): Bosch’s unit had the smallest profile, and is still packed with features, including seven different measuring modes. It was also the only one with a universal female screw fitting on the bottom so you can attach it to a tripod. It has a retractable extension pin at the bottom instead of a tab, for placing the unit into tight corners. The Bosch has four different measuring reference point choices: measuring from the bottom, the top, the end of the extension pin, and the center point, where the tripod socket mount is located. This unit operates on four AAA batteries, with a life of approximately 30,000 individual measurements. Measures up to 230 feet, with an accuracy of 1/16 of an inch. Milwaukee Laser Distance Meter (Model 2280-20, $179): Compact, solid and easy to use, the Milwaukee has all the features you’re likely to need, especially for the professional user. It has a flip-down tab for

hooking over edges, and it flips down again for fitting into corners. The measuring reference mode allows selection of bottom, top and end-tab measuring points. The case has rugged rubber over-molding for extra protection. The Milwaukee is also light and easy to handle, and offers all the necessary measuring modes, including area, volume, indirect measure-

ments, and more. The Milwaukee laser measurer operates off two AAA batteries, with a life of about 5,000 measurements. The range for this unit is 200 feet, with an accuracy of 1/ 16 of an inch. Remodeling and repair questions? E-mail Paul at paulbianchina@inman. com. All product reviews are based on the author’s actual testing of free review samples provided by the manufacturers. INMAN NEWS





Credit score alert on way for loan seekers WASHINGTON — Home mortgage shoppers should see an unexpected addition to the application paper blitz starting Jan. 1: a mandatory alert on how their credit scores might affect the rate quote and terms they receive from their lender. The new disclosure represents the end product of a congressional effort dating to 2003 to make the crucial role played by credit scores in loan pricing more intelligible to consumers, and to alert applicants when information in their credit bureau files triggers higher rates or adverse terms. Lenders will be required to provide the alert before applicants commit to accept mortgage offers, thereby allowing some consumers to double-think their decisions, order copies of credit reports and look for inaccuracies or outdated information. Though federal regulators have given banks several ways to make the mandatory disclosure, the one most mortgage applicants are likely to see includes: The specific credit score, including the source and the date it was pulled, that was used by the lender to arrive at a decision on the rate quote. How the applicant’s score ranks against other consumers’ scores. The key negative credit-file factors that affected the applicant’s score, such as the number of late payments, inquiries by the consumer seeking new credit accounts, and excessive use of the credit accounts already available to the consumer. A reminder that applicants have the legal right to dispute any inaccuracies in their credit files. Contact information for obtaining free annual credit reports — one each from Equifax, Experian and TransUnion, the three national bureaus. A description of credit-scoring methodology. Ted Dreyer, a senior attorney with Wolters Kluwer Financial Services, an adviser to lenders based in Minneapolis, said the new forms “will certainly (be) another piece of paper” and that “some people’s

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eyes will glaze over.” But properly used, he said, they “will be a valuable source of information” for people with negative data, whether accurate or erroneous, buried in their national credit bureau files. Consumers should be especially alert to the connection between credit files and mortgage rate quotes, according to proponents of the new disclosure, because the hard economic jolts of the past four years — unemployment, high delinquency rates, home foreclosures and short sales — have depressed the credit scores of millions of people. At the same time, most mortgage lenders have steadily ratcheted up their underwriting standards and credit score requirements for good rates — or even the minimum score needed to qualify for any quote at all. Not everyone is as opti-

mistic as Dreyer. Consumer advocates who successfully pressed for the disclosure in 2003 say the final form taking effect Jan. 1 doesn’t come close to what was intended: a personalized red flag from the lender to the applicant that negative credit-file data had caused the rate quote to be significantly higher than it otherwise would have been. The concept was to encourage a borrower who received the warning to consider putting the brakes on the deal until he or she had a chance to check out what exactly in the files was causing the problem. Only applicants who were being quoted disadvantageous, higher rates by the lender’s risk-based pricing system using credit scores would receive the notice, rather than 100 percent of all applicants. Ed Mierzwinski, consumer program director of the U.S. Public Interest Research Group, said next year’s form amounts to “just another disappointing generic disclosure” whose effectiveness will be limited by the fact it’s a handout to everybody. Mierzwinski is especially

critical of the two federal agencies responsible for crafting the final product: the Federal Reserve and the Federal Trade Commission. Both, he said, “choked the life out of this promising consumer reform” during a protracted seven-year deliberation process. Terry W. Clemans, executive director of the National Credit Reporting Association, whose members

specialize in preparing credit data and scores for mortgage lenders, said the final disclosure form “seems to be a very watered-down version of the intent of Congress back in 2003.” But Evan Hendricks, author of the “Credit Scores and Credit Reports” and editor of Privacy Times, a newsletter that focuses on consumer credit issues,

said he prefers to look for the positive in the new disclosures. Though “it’s a step — a baby step — in the right direction,” he said in an interview, “anything that reminds people about their credit score and how their lender is using it will be better than nothing.” E-mail Kenneth Harney at WASHINGTON POST WRITERS GROUP



Check fixtures before converting fireplace DEAR BARRY: We have a gas log fireplace in our home and would like to have real wood fires. Would it be safe to remove the gas logs and burn real logs instead? Dave DEAR DAVE: Before making changes to your fireplace, you should determine the type of fixture that you have, as well as its internal condition. If it was originally built as a wood-burning fireplace and then converted to a gas log setup, it might be possible to return to solid-fuel use. This would depend on the extent of the conversion and the reason the conversion was made. For example, if the firebox or the damper assembly was altered, woodburning use may no longer be safe. If a metal flue liner was installed, the liner may not be suited for the high temperatures produced by solid fuel combustion. If the conversion was made because the firebox or the chimney was damaged, a return to wood combustion may not be possible without making costly repairs.


It is also possible that the fixture was never intended for solid fuel. It may have been specifically manufactured as a gasburning appliance. If so, it should not be used with any fuel other than gas, no exceptions. Altering the intended use of a gas fireplace could damage the unit and cause a fire in your home. Before making any changes in the way your fireplace is used, have it thoroughly inspected by a certified chimney sweep to ensure that all such changes are safe and in full compliance with applicable requirements. Otherwise, your home itself could become a “fire-place.” DEAR BARRY: Five days after buying our home, the sewer backed up and ruined the new carpet and the drywall in our



basement. The sellers never disclosed any plumbing problems, but our plumber said they must have known because the roots in the piping were so bad. The sellers’ Realtor now says that she knew there had been some plumbing problems and had advised the sellers to disclose it. What are our legal options? Leslie DEAR LESLIE: The Realtor for the sellers should have done more than advise the sellers to disclose. She should have made sure that the sellers’ disclosure statement contained that information. Furthermore, she should have included that information on her own disclosure form. Failure to do so was a significant breach of her responsibility as a professional Realtor. As for legal options, the answer varies from one state to another. You should consult an attorney for the answer to that question. To write to Barry Stone, go to ACCESS MEDIA GROUP


Bright country-style house has open, airy atmosphere

The Listing of the Week is at 2101 Verona Circle in Edmond.


Edmond house features built-in luxuries, study The Listing of the Week is a Dallas-French style house in the Cascata Falls addition in northeast Edmond. The 2,277-square-foot house at 2101 Verona Circle has three bedrooms, 2½ baths, two living rooms, two dining rooms and an attached three-car garage. The main living room has a fireplace and ceiling fan.


The study has a ceiling fan, wood floor and French doors. The kitchen has a breakfast bar, eating space, pantry, stainless-steel appliances and granite counters. The master bedroom has a bath with whirlpool tub and walk-in closet. Secondary bedrooms have ceiling fans. The house has an extra-large laundry room, security system,

underground sprinkler system and covered patio. Built in 2006, it is listed for $259,900 with Linda Finch of Paradigm AdvantEdge Real Estate. For more information, call 348-4422. Nominations for Listing of the Week are welcome. Send information on single-family homes to The Oklahoman, Richard Mize, P.O. Box 25125, Oklahoma City, OK 73125. Nominations may be faxed to 475-3996.

High and vaulted ceilings throughout give a sense of airy openness to the Trinity, a midsize country-style house with four roomy bedrooms. Family living spaces, along with a generously sized owners’ suite, are downstairs. The other three bedrooms are on the upper level. From the second-floor bridge, you can overlook both the dining room and the family room. The apex of the vaulted ceiling that spans dining room, entry and family room is overhead, parallel to the bridge. Multipane windows brighten the dining room, and a wide bay expands the living room. Both rooms look out across a nostalgic shaded porch that wraps around to the right. But most of the main floor is devoted to the kind of spaces families use day to day: a large family room, L-shaped kitchen and bayed nook. This comfortable area has a centrally located wood stove and is wide open. Nothing more than an angled island with

a raised eating bar breaks up the space. The built-in range and oven make it easy to serve soups and other hot edibles directly to waiting eaters. The step-in pantry provides additional storage space. Utilities and a small powder room are close by, equally convenient to the garage. Amenities in the owners’ suite include a large walk-in closet, corner shower, spa tub and twin vanities. All of the Trinity’s upstairs bedrooms are spacious, but the room overlooking the street is the one the kids will fight over. The half-round window crowning its lower windows is similar to the one in the front door, and adds a touch of elegance to the bedroom. For a review plan, including scaled floor plans, elevations, section and artist’s conception, send $25 to Associated Designs, 1100 Jacobs Drive, Eugene, OR, 97402. Please specify the Trinity 10-211 and include a return address when ordering. For more information call (800) 634-0123.

Churchill Brown gains associate Deidra Tampkins has joined Churchill Brown & Associates Realtors’ south office, 9620 S Pennsylvania Ave., as a residential real estate sales associate. The Oklahoma City native studied sociology at University of Central Oklahoma. She has been employed by Lucky Star Casino for the past six years.

Deidra Tampkins






ORLANDO, Fla. — The Craftsman-style home of Tom and Vivian Ward looks so authentic that passers-by assume it is a remodeled version of a house dating back to the early 20th century. Although the home sits in Orlando’s Lake Lawsona Historic District, where many of the homes do date from the Craftsman period (1905-1930), the Wards’ home is brand new. Only the distinctive newhome smell gives it away. Originally, the couple planned to remodel the old house that sat on the lot, six blocks east of downtown’s Lake Eola. Once they discovered it was too decrepit to be saved, they drew up plans for a replacement. “To blend with this neighborhood, we could have gone Mediterranean or Bungalow, but we had fallen in love with the Craftsman style,” Vivian Ward said. “It is so warm, inviting and comfortable. We’re very low-key and laid-back. It’s a perfect fit.” Working with architect David Runnels and builder Carlos Posada, both of Winter Park, Fla., they designed their dream retirement home — cozy enough for two, but able to accommodate visits from their extended family. It includes two large guest suites, a master suite, a wood-paneled study and a spacious, open upstairs. The large kitchen opens to a dining room with coffered ceiling and a family room with fireplace. Beyond is a tree-shaded back porch with summer kitchen. In trendy terms, it is a “multigenerational, aging-in-place home.” Because of its location in one of the city’s oldest neighborhoods, the style and scale of the home, as well as details such as

Throughout Tom and Vivian Ward’s home is beautifully detailed cabinetry, including these built-ins in the dining room. MCCLATCHY PHOTO

The kitchen and family room in Tom and Vivian Ward’s home feature handcrafted cabinetry, typical of the Craftsman style. MCCLATCHY PHOTO

Tom and Vivian Ward’s new home in Orlando, Fla., was built in the Craftsman style, with a deep front porch with angled pillars, gently sloping roof with wide eaves and exposed beams, and a porte-cochere at the side. MCCLATCHY PHOTO

the setback from the sidewalk and drainage, all had to be approved by the Orlando Historical Review Board. “It fits our extended family and also fits into the historical nature of the neighborhood,” said Tom Ward, former chief in-

formation officer for Hughes Supply. Set on a narrow but deep lot, the 3,800-square-foot house presents a modest facade to the street, but extends back quite a ways. The double garage sits behind the house, beyond a com-

A small landscaped backyard separates Tom and Vivian Ward’s home from the detached, two-car garage. MCCLATCHY PHOTO

pact backyard. Typical of the Craftsman style are the deep front porch with angled pillars, gently sloping roof with wide eaves and exposed beams, and porte-cochere over the driveway. The interior also exhibits Craftsman styling: artistic stone,

tile and stained-glass elements, 1930s-style lighting fixtures and draperies, quarter-sawn white oak floors and exquisite cabinets. “We love the whole house,” Vivian Ward said. “But we are especially proud of the attention to detail.” MCCLATCHY-TRIBUNE INFORMATION SERVICES



Permits Oklahoma City Rob Reynolds, Devon Energy office tower, 333 W Sheridan Ave., office, remodel, $3,195,513. Rob Reynolds, Devon Energy office tower, 333 W Sheridan Ave., office, remodel, $2,693,830. Rob Reynolds, Devon Energy office tower, 333 W Sheridan Ave., office, remodel, $2,552,036. Rob Reynolds, Devon Energy office tower, 333 W Sheridan Ave., office, remodel, $2,339,819. Rob Reynolds, Devon Energy office tower, 333 W Sheridan Ave., office, remodel, $2,335,181. Rob Reynolds, Devon Energy office tower, 333 W Sheridan Ave., office, remodel, $1,963,089. Riggs (Clyde) Construction, 2203 W Interstate 240 Service Road, school, erect, $1,590,000. Oklahoma City Public Schools, 1515 N Klein Ave., school, remodel, $1,500,000. Rob Reynolds, Devon office tower, 333 W Sheridan Ave., office, remodel, $1,262,865. Halle Properties LLC, 5924 W Memorial Road, retail sales, erect, $700,000. Rob Reynolds, Devon Energy office tower, 333 W Sheridan Ave., office, remodel, 27 individual permits, each valued at $698,779. Rob Reynolds, Devon Energy office tower, 333 W Sheridan Ave., office, remodel, $697,334. Rob Reynolds, Devon Energy office tower, 333 W Sheridan Ave., office, remodel, $695,665. Rob Reynolds, Devon Energy office tower, 333 W Sheridan Ave., office, remodel, $693,249. Rob Reynolds, Devon Energy office tower, 333 W Sheridan Ave., office, remodel, $690,110.

Rob Reynolds, Devon Energy office tower, 333 W Sheridan Ave., office, remodel, $686,249. Rob Reynolds, Devon Energy office tower, 333 W Sheridan Ave., office, remodel, $681,840. Rob Reynolds, Devon Energy office tower, 333 W Sheridan Ave., office, remodel, $676,733. Rob Reynolds, Devon Energy office tower, 333 W Sheridan Ave., office, remodel, $670,879. Rob Reynolds, Devon Energy office tower, 333 W Sheridan Ave., office, remodel, $664,352. Rob Reynolds, Devon Energy office tower, 333 W Sheridan Ave., office, remodel, $657,477. Rob Reynolds, Devon Energy office tower, 333 W Sheridan Ave., office, remodel, $649,555. Rob Reynolds, Devon Energy office tower, 333 W Sheridan Ave., office, remodel, $641,334. Rob Reynolds, Devon Energy office tower, 333 W Sheridan Ave., office, remodel, $632,242. J.R. Bowers Jr. Construction Co. Inc., 1416 SW 106 Terrace, residence, erect, $446,900. Manchester Elite Homes LLC, 14601 Caledonia Way, residence, erect, $400,000. Nolan Armstrong, 9601 Draper Lane, residence, erect, $350,000. 4 Corners Construction LLC, 16209 Windrush Place, residence, erect, $300,000. 4 Corners Construction LLC, 16212 Scissortail Drive, residence, erect, $300,000. Thornbrooke Homes LLC, 504 NW 154, residence, erect, $300,000. Thornbrooke Homes LLC, 15408 Essex Court, residence, erect, $300,000. Danny E. and Merry C.

Farms, Ranches For Sale, Okla. 308

276 Acres

River frontage, farming, hunting, house, 20 min. so. of Norman. $499,000. 405-202-3531 By Owner-320 acres, Ellis County. Tire blinds, feeders, food plots, etc. $1000/acre 405-627-1734

RE for sale Acreage For Sale

Del City



FSBO: 4008 acres in western Oklahoma in both Beckham & Greer Counties. Approx. 10 mi SW of Sayre, OK. Hay stack Creek and other creeks run through the property. Big trees, good hunting, good cow operation, corrals, ponds. Price Reduced. 806-2487224 or 806-676-6503 or night 806-354-0253 PIEDMONT OPEN SAT 2-4 & SUN 2-5 Model home New hms on 1/2 ac lots. Info also available for new hms in other additions. From NW Expwy & Sara Rd go 4.5 mi N Cleaton & Assoc 373-2494 1N to 10A, E. of OKC, pay out dn. before 1st pmt. starts, many are M/H ready over 400 choices, lg trees, some with ponds, TERMS Milburn o/a 275-1695 OWNER FINANCING 1-28 Acres Many Locations Call for maps 405-273-5777 HARD TO FIND hm w/20 ac! 3bd 2.5ba approx 2495' w/office & gamerm. $279,900 Cashion schls. Lisa Cleaton & Assoc 373-2494 CASHION acreage w/trees & creek 5 to 11 ac tracts available starting @ $25,000. Owner fin possible Lisa Cleaton & Assoc 373-2494



Beautiful 3/2.5 on 1.89 acres in quiet addition unfinished 4th bdrm/ bonus room and so much more. Contact 641-3024 BANK OWNED Grt Cond 3/2/2 Blt '95 Brk $104,900 1271sq Arlene CB 414-8753



Price reduced $10,000 for quick sale 414 Poppy Lane extra nice 3bd 2ba 2car ch/a excellent cond Only $104,900 Fidelity RE 410-4200, 692-1661

OKC Northeast


Brick 4 bed, 1.5 bath, $24,900, brick 3 bed, 1.5 bath, 2c garage, $29,900. cash only 301-6495

OKC Northwest


OWNER FINANCING $1000 down No Credit Ck 2133 Cashion 2/1 $53,000 ¡ 596-4599, 410-8840 ¡ 4 bed 2 bath plus bonus room, 6200 sqft, classic 20's home, $49,900 cash only. 301-6495 BANK OWNED 3/2/1 2liv 1441sq PC Sch Brk Lg lot $54,900 Arlene CB 414-8753

OKC Southeast

Payout dn pmt before 1st pmt starts. Your opportunity to own land, 40 areas, E, NE, SE of OKC 1N A. Milburn o/a 275-1695 terms

3 bed, new roof, stone front, $15,900 cash only. Best Deal in South OKC 301-6495

1.25A Indian Hills Rd 6K 4A Nicoma Park 15K 1900 NE Grand 12K 417-2176 Noble 7.5 Acres 2200 sqft. safe room. $49,900 cash buyers only. 301-6495. Call for Maps! See why we sell more acreages than anyone in Okla. E of OKC. o/a 275-1695


BANK OWNED Duplex Brk EA 3/2/2 Blt '05 2435sq $145K Arlene CB 414-8753



NORTHWOOD Lake Estates 3bd 2ba w/office could be 4th bd on 1.25 ac MOL So many features! Walking distance to new elem schl. $198,000. Lisa Cleaton & Assoc 373-2494 JUST LISTED! 3bd 2ba approx 1465' lots of updates lrg rms. Won't last long only $124,900. Carmen 833-0106 Cleaton & Assoc 373-2494


SMALL ACREAGE 3/2/2 approx 1761' on 1/2 ac MOL. Former parade hm, open flr plan. Only $162,900. Carmen 833-0106 Cleaton & Assoc 373-2494 DON'T MISS this incredible hm 3bd 2ba on 3/4 ac MOL. Open flr plan, huge kit great view of OKC skyline at night,close to schls. $138,500 Lisa Cleaton & Assoc 373-2494 PRICED TO SELL! 3bd 2ba w/open flr plan. Lrg cov patio w/stained &stamped conc $127,900. Lisa Cleaton & Assoc 373-2494

Yukon 3 BED, 1.5 BATH, brick, 3213 Dentwood Terrace. $59,900, appt. 672-4198

165 acres with 3600 sq ft brick home, Noble, $3800 /acre must sell 872-5457

5.47 acres great location between Britton and Hefner Rd. on Westminster. Fenced. Owner Carry. Call 226-2015.



JUST LISTED! Better than new 3/2/3 lots of upgrades approx 1675' Yukon schls OKC limits. Lrg rms $172,000. Carmen 833-0106 Cleaton & Assoc 373-2494

Open Houses 334.2 PIEDMONT OPEN SAT 2-4 & SUN 2-5 Model home New hms on 1/2 ac lots. Info also available for new hms in other additions. From NW Expwy & Sara Rd go 4.5 mi N Cleaton & Assoc 373-2494

Lots For Sale 337 BY OWNER. Lake Lots w/ Owner Financing. Eufaula and Keystone Lake. From $2900 get maps & photos 405-850-6000

Mobile Home Parks Community /Acreages 338 WHY RENT WHEN YOU CAN OWN? Easy financing. No credit needed. Yukon Schools


Mobile Homes, Manufactured Houses 339 Huge year end clearance sale! Own land/family land use land to purchase home. New, repo, modulars w/ no cost construction package. Save thousands. 1000 furniture package w/purchase 405-631-7600 or 405-204-4163 REPO REPO REPO 3bd. Vinyl Sided/ Shingle/2x6 walls Free del/set, Financing available @$335mo. 405-787-4035 Merry Christmas!! Enter to win world's largest Xmas stocking. Own land/ family land use land to purchase home. Houses start 35 sf 405-631-7600 Land/Home For Christmas We have homes on land ready NOW! Call today 405-787-5004 Abandoned D/W set up w/ 4.5 acres. Brick foundation, driveway & all improvements. Read to move in. 405-631-7600, 602-4526 YEAR END CLEARANCE Free 60” HDTV w/ stock purchase 405-470-1330 THCOK.COM

Green, 15201 Stoney Spring Road, residence, erect, $297,810. Clinton Milum Construction LLC, 7125 SE 179, residence, erect, $290,000. TLP Custom Homes LLC, 5001 SE 154 Court, residence, erect, $250,000. TLP Custom Homes LLC, 1512 SW 133, residence, erect, $245,000. Taber Built Homes LLC, 19221 Garden Creek Lane, residence, erect, $240,990. TLP Custom Homes LLC, 1520 SW 132, residence, erect, $225,000. Richardson Homes, 10337 E Wilshire Blvd., residence, erect, $223,322. 4 Corners Construction LLC, 11812 Gwendolyn Lane, residence, erect, $195,000. Ron Walters Homes LLC, 600 N Kelham Ave., residence, erect, $192,000. G. Culver Homes LLC, 5600 Sunset Ridge Road, residence, erect, $190,000. Gary Owens Carpet & Construction Inc., 12005 SW 18, residence, erect, $180,000. Gary Owens Carpet & Construction Inc., 12001 SW 18, residence, erect, $180,000. Shawn Forth Custom Homes, 3220 Orchard Ave., residence, erect, $180,000. Shawn Forth Custom Homes, 3224 Orchard Ave., residence, erect, $180,000. Coy League Homes Inc., 12801 NW 5, residence, erect, $175,000. Adams Kirby Homes LLC, 2220 SW 117, residence, erect, $170,000. Johnston Builders, 12600 N Rockwell Ave., residence, erect, $170,000. Samples (Mark) Homes LLC, 11413 NW 121 Place, duplex, erect, $170,000. Samples (Mark) Homes LLC, 11415 NW 121 Place, duplex, erect, $170,000.

Mobile Homes, Manufactured Houses 339 Build on your land. No cost construction package!! Homes starting $35 sq ft 405-631-7600 405-413-7257 DW on Acreage, 4 Bed, 2 Bath, 2350 sq ft, 2 car garage ¡ 405-412-6236

Brand New

16x80 3bd 2ba 631-3609 Repo doublewides. $20K dn. Owner carry 517-5000 New, used & repos starting at $3000 301-2454 517-5000 10 acres 2400sf 4x2 SE of City 301-2454 517-5000

Moore: 2216 N Pole Rd. 3000sf office space w/ 1250sf bay ‘‘ 794-6914


Furnished/Unfurnished Bills Paid » Wkly/Monthly Wes Chase Apts, Elk Horn Apts, Hillcrest 943-1818


San Tee Apts. sm eff. $275/mo $85/dep Plus elec 685-2909 9a-5p


$99 Move In Special!!! Lg 1 and 2 Bdr, $325 to $395 mo. 632-9849

Office Space For Rent


GREAT Space OFFICE Various NW locations MOVE IN SPECIALS 300-6000sf 946-2516

*FIRST MONTH FREE* with signed 1 year lease. 1-6 rooms, some furnished. remodeled. NW 63rd & Portland. 640-8206

Great for someone who wants to be close to Canton Lake, 2K miles from the lake, nice 2 bed, carpeted, ch&a, big lot w/big shed behind, $40,000. 580-438-2601 leave message

1, 2 & 3-Room Offices $175 & up ‘ 50th & N Lincoln area 235-8080

3 BDR BRICK HOME W/SHOP on 2.39 +/ACRES - JONES, OK ESTATE AUCTION Friday, Jan. 14th, 10 AM 14270 Teresa Dr. Jones, OK Additional info: 580-237-7174

Looking to Buy or Sell a house? Contact me at 866-554-6497 or 405-922-8196 DO NOT Call Unless… Foreclosure/Behind Paymt Overleveraged/Repairs Call/Web

417-2176 Cash for any property!

I BUY HOUSES Any condition. No cost to U 495-5100

Real Estate Wanted


Heard of a SHORT SALE? SELL YOUR HOUSE TODAY! Foreclosure/behind Pymts 340-9879/ I BUY & SELL HOUSES 27 YRS EXP 650-7667 HOMESOFOKCINC.COM

Commercial RE Investment Property For Sale 355 Bank owned 18 units $350K, 4 plex near OCU $169K - 6 units hrdwd flr $225K, Income Property $200K 12% CAP, $1 MM earns $10,000 per month, Seabrooke Rlty 409-7779 PRICED TO SELL! 1224 NE 19th $26,900 2118 N Prospect $26,900 5021 Fairmont $59,900 Prices Neg. Kruger Inv. Jim, 235-9332/812-1657



3037 North Rockwell


1-2-3 Bed available. 1 Bed deposit $150. 2 & 3 Bed deposit $200. 1st month rent $199. Call Village On The Lake at 721-5744 for rates. Florence Apts-Midtown1bd 1 ba Studio 600sf, Granite Counter tops, wood floors, CH/A, All Elect, Free laundry $600650 mo, Downtown view, $400 dep. 409-7989 Plaza Apts-1740 NW 17 Art Deco, K Off Move in Special! 800ft 1bd 1ba, cha, all elec, wood or tile floor, $450mo $200dp. No sec 8 409-7989 CANTERBURY GARDEN MOVE IN SPECIAL Big 2 Bedroom w/ample storage, ch&a, sec. 8 ok, $495. Broker 677-9116



OKC Southwest

Candelaria Foster LLC, 2617 NW 61, residence, add-on, $40,000. Jeannine Leonard, 15540 NE 178, manufactured home, move-on, $40,000. Morton Buildings Inc., 9800 Gee Drive, storage, erect, $35,000. Robert Mixer Construction Inc., 3245 Whippoorwill Road, residence, remodel, $30,000. Agustin Salazar, 2700 SE 36, residence, add-on, $28,000. Johnny L. Schneberger, 13001 Savage, storage, erect, $21,000. Kimray Inc., 3127 NW 48, residence, remodel, $20,000. Wilda J. Sawyer, 6801 Woodlake Drive, duplex, remodel, $20,000. Wilda J. Sawyer, 6803 Woodlake Drive, duplex, remodel, $20,000. Wayne Pierce, 8530 Posey Drive, storage, erect, $17,000. Allen Contracting Inc., 121 N Walnut Ave., office, install, $12,000. Sara Stener, 3308 SE 89, manufactured home, move-on-mobile home park, $8,000. Covenant Renovations Inc., 1112 NW 105, residence, remodel, $5,000. Shirley Hauton, 726 NE 17, duplex, fire restoration, $5,000. Herman Walker, 1201 NE 17, residence, moveon, $5,000. Covenant Renovations Inc., 2433 NW 21, residence, remodel, $4,000. Flat Safe Tornado Shelters LLC, 9101 NW 83, storm shelter, install, $3,050. Donnie J. McGlothlin, 19600 Danforth Farms Blvd., storm shelter, install-storm shelter, $3,050. Mario Mascote, 1245 SW Binkley, residence, fire restoration, $3,000. Joseph Legault, 636 SW 43, storage, erect, $3,000. Sara Steiner, 1224 Windsurf Way, manufactured home, move-on-

OKC Northwest

Norman, 808 NW 24th Ave, up to 2200 sq ft avail, $10 per sq ft, call Jason at 314-6122.

Real Estate Notices

Don Weathers, 10800 NW 118 Place, residence, erect, $165,000. Johnston Builders, 12600 N Rockwell Ave., residence, erect, $160,000. Johnston Builders, 12600 N Rockwell Ave., residence, erect, $160,000. Johnston Builders, 12600 N Rockwell Ave., residence, erect, $150,000. Adams Kirby Homes LLC, 2216 SW 117, residence, erect, $140,000. Ideal Homes of Norman LP, 2417 SW 137, residence, erect, $119,000. No name provided, 236 NE 31, storage, erect, $96,000. Ideal Homes of Norman LP, 2509 Fountaingrass Road, residence, erect, $95,000. Ideal Homes of Norman LP, 2632 NW 181, residence, erect, $94,000. Home Creations, 2241 NW 197, residence, erect, $84,200. Rausch Coleman Homes LLC, 628 SE 60 Place, residence, erect, $80,000. Rausch Coleman Homes LLC, 6101 Cielo Terrace, residence, erect, $80,000. Morton Buildings Inc., 11714 SW 104, storage, erect, $75,000. PSC Construction, 717 NW 121 Terrace, residence, erect, $75,000. Elliott Architects Inc., 1101 NW 23, retail sales, remodel, $65,000. Brady Ali Properties LLC, 10601 S Western Ave., assembly hall, remodel, $50,000. Sam Gresham, 3 E Main, office, remodel, $50,000. No name provided, 2337 SW 135, parking, install, $50,000. No name provided, 2012 Westwood Blvd., towerantenna, install, $50,000. Maria Isabel/Oscar Guevara, 5021 S Brookline Ave., residence, fire restoration, $41,000.

Business Property For Rent 360

Oklahoma Property For Sale 340

Real Estate Auctions


$149 FIRST MONTH 17 Floorplans, U Pick Kids and Dog Friendly Mention this ad 416-5259 WILSHIRE VILLAGE

Apartments Edmond



Affordable Senior Housing 55 and Older 1 Bedroom Apts.

405-348-4065 TOP LOCATION! Pd. wtr/garb. Near malls. Try Plaza East 341-4813



1 & 2 BEDROOMS, QUIET! Covered Parking Great Schools! 732-1122

Mesta Park 804 NW 21 K Off Special 2bd 1ba 1000sf wood flrs, ch/a Free Laundry $585mo $300dp 409-7989 no sec8 $1 FIRST MONTH Your choice of 1 Beds ALL BILLS PAID 2 Beds also 293-3693 DREXEL ON THE PARK Oakwood 5824 NW 34 1bd 1ba $325mo $175dp 800sf K off special 409-7989 no sec 8 3400 N Robinson 1bd 1bath Apt $415mo $200dp Electric. Free laundry 900sf 409-7989 Furnished/Unfurnished Bills Paid » Wkly/Monthly Wes Chase Apts, Elk Horn Apts, Hillcrest 943-1818 MAYFAIR 1 & 2 bds, shops secure nghbrhd livg. wash dryr hrdwd flrs 947-5665 800 N. Meridian: 1bd, all bills paid & weekly rates available. 946-9506


FREE WASHER/DRYER OR $ 1 to 3 bdrms $459 & up. 602-3344 or 691-0115



»»»»»»»»»»»»» » Yukon All Bills Paid » » 1 bd From $495 Move» » 2 bd From $595 In» » 3 bd From $695 Today» » Open7days/wk354-5855 » »»»»»»»»»»»»


3 BR/2 BA, 1 car, Section 8 ok, $650 & $690, 205-2343 OLDETOWNE 2 bed, 2 bath, 2 miles to Tinker, 769-7177.

OKC Northeast


2 bed, sec 8 ok, $500 mo $25 Move In Special. 704 NE 25th, 204-4308

OKC Northwest


Model Open 10-4 New Luxury Duplex 13516 Brandon Place 3/2/2, fp, Deer Creek Schls, near Mercy842-7300 PCN, 2/2/2, appls 7125 NW 115th. $745 mo No sec. 8 or pets. 721-1831 2510 W. Park Pl, beautiful 2 bed, ch&a, no sec 8, $550 + deposit, 255-1075

Village/ Nichols Hills 459.5 6527K Avondale 2bd 1ba 1car 1100sf $950/mo $800/dep or 6523Avondale 3bd 3.5ba 2car 2300sf $1200/mo $1200dp 409-7989 no sec8


» MOVE IN SPECIAL » LARGE 1, 2 & 3 BEDS Rockwell Arms, 787-1423


$99 move in special Lg 1bd quiet, clean, coin lndry on site, pool $365mo 794-5595

Putnam Heights Plaza 1 bed, ch/a, Dishwasher 1830 NW 39th 524-5907

Duplexes, 3 bed, 2 bath, 2 car, some new, some gated, call Rick, 405-830-3789.

OKC Northwest

2 BD$525


Quiet Casady!


$100 off

1st Month-Selected Units EXCELLENT LOCATION LARGE 1-2-3 bedrooms 1 block to schools Washers/dryers, pools Near shopping 15 min to downtown OKC Exit 137 I-40 Czech Hall/Cornwell 1000 Cornwell Dr.

Colonial Hills 354-3485


•ABC• Affordable, Bug free, Clean » 787-7212»

OKC Southwest


1 & 2 beds, D&S Apts, 6101 S Klein Ave. ch&a, No Sec 8. No Pets. 631-2383 $99 SPECIAL Lg 1bdr, stove, refrig., clean, walk to shops. $325 mo. 632-9849

Garage Apartments

Del City



OKC SW, 1 story, fenced yard, furnished, all bills paid. 631-9484 1946 NW 15th, 1 bed, covered parking, $300 mo, $100 dep, 840-3843.

Hotels/Motels 462 Furnished/Unfurnished Bills Paid » Wkly/Monthly Wes Chase Apts, Elk Horn Apts, Hillcrest 943-1818


1321 Beachwood Drive 3/1.5/2 $675 681-7272



DEER CREEK 21951 Horseshoe 4/3/2 ch/a, fp, 2.5 acres $1295 Others Free List 605-5477 3 BR, 1.5 BA, 2 car gar, NW 164th and Western area. 550-4287



1755 Tim Holt Dr Sharp 2bd home, carport on K acre, only $575 Fidelity410-4200, 692-1661


Duplexes MWC

RE for rent


1002 Bell Dr. Immac 2/1/1, no pets/smoker $650 + dep. 705 Holoway Dr. updated sale. 3/1.5/1 787-8099 933CrabtreeCove3/1/1 $595 9100 Jennifer Pl 3/1/1$475 3605WoodsideDr3/1/1 $475 681-7272 3 bed, 1K bath, 1 car, ch&a, fenced yard, $595 + dep. 3913 Parkwoods Lane. 769-8800 MD Schls, 2 bed, 1 bath, fncd yard, $500 + dep 768 E Rose. 769-8800 3 bed, 1K ba, 2 car, sec 8 ok, near NE 12 & Douglas $600 818-5360

mobile home park, $2,500. Victor Garcia, 25 SE Grand Blvd., residence, add-on, $2,300. Sooner Carports, 5009 N Independence Ave., canopy-carport, erect, $2,275. No name provided, 3700 S Eastern Ave., move-on, move-on, $2,000. No name provided, 3700 S Eastern Ave., move-on, move-on, $2,000. Geraldine B. Beeson, 3412 NW 46, storage, erect, $1,600. Alice Pham, 3229 SW 84, canopy-carport, addon, $1,500. Hawkins Construction, 5924 W Memorial Road, temporary building, move-on, $1,250. Jesus Villalobos, 2729 SW 34, canopy-carport, erect, $1,000.

Demolitions Midwest Wrecking, 1120 NW 63, office. Midwest Wrecking, 300 S Council Road, restaurant. Midwest Wrecking, 2203 S Portland Ave., shop. Midwest Wrecking, 220 NW 94, metal warehouse-office space. Midwest Wrecking, 10208 S Sooner Road, shed. Kendalls Concrete, 1416 NE 16, house. Kendalls Concrete, 2520 NE 18, house. Kendalls Concrete, 512 NW 32, garage. M&M Wrecking, 101 NE 6, vacant. Kendalls Concrete, 1304 SW Binkley, garage. 4721 Northridge Lane, 25 E Ranchwood Circle, storage. Ray’s Trucking, 2117 NE 22, residence. Ray’s Trucking, 1040 SW 33, residence. Ray’s Trucking, 1040 SW 33, residence. Richardson Homes, 10337 E Wilshire Blvd., house. Brenda Hyatt, 2904 Adams Ave., residence.

OKC Northwest


3108 Castlerock Rd. 4 bed, 4 bath, 3 liv area, very beautiful Exec. Home 3800 sqft. Butler/MIL Ste, inground pool, lots of rock & wood work. $1900mo. Available Now! 405-821-2500 8411 N. Gatewood large 2bd duplex with formal dining, ch/a, fridge, stove, washer & dryer hookup, garage. Water & garbage paid. Only $550. Fidelity RE 410-4200, 692-1661 21951Horseshoe4/3/2 $1295 4014 Westridge 4bd $795 4227 NW 28th 4bd $695 336 NW 88 3/2/2 $650 913 N Tabor 3bd ch/a $495 Others Free List 605-5477 2100 NW 114th Amazing 3bd 2ba 2 car plus study $1095mo $1095dp 1600sf Call for Special free rent Month of December 409-7989 no sec 8 9701 Devore 3/2/2 $925 3213 Orlando 3/1.5/2 $895 2612 NW 57 4/1.5 $795 8300 NW 10 3/1.5/2 $700 Express Realty 844-6101 3529 NW 21st Sharp 3bd home, ch/a, excellent condition. Only $650. Fidelity RE 410-4200, 692-1661 1514 NW 17th Colonial Home 4bd 2ba 2car 2000sf wood floors large kitch, mature trees $1175/mo $1000dp 409-7989 no sec8 3/2/2, 1900 sf, Deer Creek Schl, great area $1250 mo w/1 yr lease + $1000 dep. 209-2364

2 & 3 bed, $525-$725mo, $500dep No Sec 8. $25 early pay disc. 740-8419

2604 NW 50th 3bd 1bth 2car Amazing wood floors 1000sf $900mo $900dp 409-7989 no sec8

1016 Willowbrook Dr 3bd 1.5 bath plus den $650/mo • 408-5836

332 NW 81st 4bd 1.5ba 1car brick ch/a $750 mo, Sec 8 ok Fidelity RE 410-4200, 692-1661

3 bedroom 1.5 ba, 2 car gar, nice! Sect 8 ok! $550 & $650 476-5011 321 Ercoupe Drive, 2 bd, 1 ba, ch&a, fenced, $650 rent, $500 dep, 413-4252. 4 bed, 1K bath, 1229 McGregor, $650 month + $325 deposit, 209-4125

Elegant 3BR Executive Home. Marble, granite. Rare, never rented, 2300sf $1645 255-4300 3750 N Geraldine 2 bed, 1 bath, stove, no sec. 8 $475mo » 755-1316 3 BR, 2BA, 2 car. $800mo 8400 NW 11th St. 405728-4843, 702-465-3928

3 bed, 2 bath 1 car, ch&a, W/D hkups, Mid-Del Schls, Sec 8 Ok 417-3333

1418 NW 49th, 2 bed, 1 bath, 1 car, appls, w/d hookup, ch&a, 570-5865


1033 Hoyt 3/1/1 3232 NW 28th 2/1 681-7272


13125 Moccassin 3bd 2ba 2car Eastlake Estates, fireplace, ch/a, large yard, Westmoore Schls $995 mo. Fidelity RE 410-4200, 692-1661 13100 Springcreek 3/2/3 1800sf, fp $1300+dep Home&RanchRlty 794-7777



535 Hillcrest Lane, 3 bed, 2 bath, 2 car, ch&a, Mustang Schools, $1050 month, $900 deposit, 405-262-0179.

$575 $475

1313 NW 104th Terrace 3/1/2 $650 mo, $500 dep TMS Prop 348-0720 For 3bd or 4bd homes & apartments, go to Gracious 4BR 2BA home 2000sf, $1245 255-4300

OKC Southeast



1624 SE 52 4bd ch/a $795 2528 El Toro 3/2/2 $695 628 SE 13 4bd ch/a $695 1724 SE 51st 4bd $595 6216 S Kelley 3bd $595 649 SE 21st 4bd $495 6420 S Kelley 3bed $495 Others Free List 605-5477

1236 NE 48th 3bed 1bath 2 living 2car $725 681-7272

522 SE 48th, 3 bed, 2 bath, CH&A, washer/dryer hookup w/ appliances, 405-570-5865

OKC Northeast


OKC Southeast


2525 SE 45th 3bd 1ba gar converted to liv $550 681-7272 4 bed, 2.5 bath, no gar, ch&a, 36 SE 57th, $895 mo + $750 dep, 691-9228 704 SE 31 1 bd, 1 bath $425/mo » 408-5836

OKC Southwest


1616 SW 68th 3/1/1$695 600 SW 49th 2/1/1 $575 1217 SW 50 2/1/1 $550 1100 SW 38 2/1/1 $475 3009 SW 20th 2/1 $450 936 SW 35th 2/1 $395 2401 SW 43rd #7 1bd apt, total elect, water paid $325 681-7272 17 Springfield 3/2/2 $895 1001 SW 65 3bd ch/a $695 5116 S Agnew 3bd $650 3216 SW 44th 3bd $495 3120 Parkview 2/1/1 $450 Others Free List 605-5477 New Rivendell Exec Home 408-4168 Luxury indoor pool & spa Fully equip'd media & wrkout rooms $5100/mo 3072 SW 37 St. $450 + dep, 3 bed, ch&a, fncd yd Hestand RE 685-6817 Nice 3/2/2, Moore Schls, fp, ch&a, fencd, $750, no pets, 1 yr lease, 503-5742 3011 SW 54th 3/1.5/1 $700 mo $600 dep appls, elec, sec 8 ok, 408-6361 4 bd, 1K ba, section 8 ok 2317 S Brock, $750 mo. + $500 dep., 685-8240. 5215 S Land 3bd ba 1car 1000sf $725/mo $400/dp 409-7989 no sec 8 2 bed, W/D hookup, fenced yard, $475 mo + $250 dep. 631-8039 2bd/1ba, ch&a, fncd, w/d hkup, 4508 S. Robinson, $450, no sec. 8, 503-5742 3913 SW 27 Place 4 bed 2 full baths $525/mo. 408-5836 121 SW 39th 2bd, 1bath, $385/mo. » 408-5836



Elegant 3BR Exec Home Park-like yard on creek, cul-de-sac, never rented, 1900sf, $1375 255-4300



3/2/2 OPEN CONCEPT Fnc'd, c-fans, fp. $900+dep. 760-9950

Mobile Home Rentals 483 2006 3/1 $600 month, all elec Edmond 3 4 1 - 9 2 0 9 $ FREE RENT 1ST MO $ 2BR $350+, 3BR $450+, MWC NO PETS 427-0627 2 bed, 2b on acre, ch&a, 1 car gar, s. shelter, $600. 799-7620 or 250-8266

Rooms For Rent


Room for Rent. $350/mo » ALL BILLS PAID » 405-635-9989





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Real Estate

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