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The Listing of the Week is a two-story, luxury home with a pool and gardens, built for entertaining indoors or outside.

A brick facade and corner quoins give the medium-sized ranch-style Lewiston a feeling of substance. Hipped rooflines add yet another element of visual appeal. PAGE 3F



Mi-Ling Stone Poole





Set table with style Use your china, crystal and other serving pieces all the time. Don’t keep them just for special occasions. PAGE 4F

Special Correspondent

It was summer love at first sight, the day in 2005 that Mary Schneeberger and a Realtor went home to home in Mesta Park, “just looking.” The first threshold she crossed — 924 NW 16 — captured her imagination and inspired her to make an offer. With a loving eye for preserving 1920s details and a designer’s eye for updating to 21st-century livability, Schneeberger has created a sumptuously comfortable lair that will be among five featured next weekend during the 33rd annual Mesta Park Holiday Homes Tour. The event begins with an evening candlelight tour from 4 to 8 p.m. Dec. 4, followed by the afternoon tour from 1 to 5 p.m. Dec. 5. Schneeberger, who grew up in the Rollingwood neighborhood of northwest Oklahoma City, gradu- Mary Schneeberger is shown in her living room at 924 NW 16, a home she fell for at first sight five years ated from Putnam City High ago, despite its flaws, which she has since corrected. Her home is one of five on the annual Mesta Park School and attended Duke Univer- Holiday Homes Tour next weekend. PHOTO BY PAUL B. SOUTHERLAND, THE OKLAHOMAN sity before settling in as a young professional in the Washington, D.C., area. “I thought I’d never come back to Oklahoma City,” she said. But D.C.’s hectic pace, coupled with the ironic isolation that can Left: Mary Schneeberger’s home at 924 accompany urban life, left NW 16, a Craftsman Schneeberger unfulfilled. Foursquare, has a “When I hit 30 I had to ask, ‘Is new open kitchen and life just work?’” recalled Schneehas had other major berger, a software designer. “I was renovations. always in the office.” PHOTO BY PAUL B. Schneeberger said she “went SOUTHERLAND, THE OKLAHOMAN out on a limb” in 2003 when she requested a telecommuting arrangement from her employer. “It was unusual at the time, but they went for it,” she said. With a laptop computer and Internet connection, Schneeberger was suddenly able to live and work anywhere on the globe. “But I wanted to reconnect with family and with a community,” she said. Her extended family was happy to welcome her back, but the even deeper sense of community she was seeking grew from SchneeTicket prices are $12 in advance or $15 at the door, berger’s discovery of St. Paul’s BY TIM FALL Correspondent and can be purchased at: Full Circle Bookstore, 50 Episcopal Cathedral in downtown Special Penn Place; Cobblestone Gifts and Interiors, 6714 Oklahoma City. NW 39 in Bethany; Crescent Market, 6409 Avondale “I made friends at St. Paul’s,” This year marks the 33rd annual Mesta Park Holi- Drive in Nichols Hills; 23rd Street Antique Mall, 3023 she said, and discovered the NW 23; Courtyard Antique Market, 3314 S Broadway neighborhood many of those day Homes Tour. The event begins with an evening candlelight tour in Edmond; Homeland, 1108 NW 18; Forward Foods, friends called home — Mesta Park. The 1920 Craftsman Foursquare from 4 to 8 p.m. Dec. 4, followed by the afternoon 5123 N Western; Langhorne Antiques Place, 9115 N Western; Mister Robert, 109 E Main, Norman; Painthome she bought that summer tour from 1 to 5 p.m. Dec. 5. Transportation will be provided by horse-drawn ed Door, 124 E Sheridan; Prairie Thunder Bakery, 1114 day five years ago needed a certain carriage. Visitors may park and begin the tour at any SEE HOMES, PAGE 2F of the stops. SEE SCHNEEBERGER, PAGE 2F

Tour features five vintage homes

Over-improving home could hurt sale chances An anesthesiologist and his homemaker wife emigrated from Hungary five years ago. Soon after, the couple pinpointed a neighborhood with a strong elementary school where they planned to reside until their children packed off for college. Their search yielded just one house for sale in their chosen community, a rundown Colonial. In a rush to move, the couple went ahead and bought the place for $600,000 — a 10-percent discount off the average house price in the area. Then they hurriedly hired a contractor and plunged $300,000 into a total renovation, including a huge kitchen expansion and extra upstairs bedrooms. But after the doctor’s job suddenly changed and the


Ellen James Martin SMART MOVES

family had to sell much sooner than planned, it quickly became apparent they’d never recover all the money they’d put into the property. Despite a series of discounts off their $900,000 starting price, their place continues to languish on the market vacant and unsold. Their story illustrates the risks of “over-improving” any home above neighborhood standards, said Mark Nash, a real estate broker and author of “1001 Tips for Buying and

Selling a Home.” “During boom times, you can sometimes expect to put a lot into a house and get back nearly every dollar you spend. But we’ve done a complete flip-flop from that seller’s market, and no buyer is now willing to pay for your unjustified upgrades,” Nash said. Homeowners who are too stingy to make basic repairs and cosmetic improvements before their property goes on the market can confront their own set of difficulties, he said. But many large-scale renovation projects, such as the expansion of a family room or the installation of a swimming pool, warrant serious review before homeowners commit to them, he said. Here are a few tips for owners trying to avoid

over-improving: Seek the counsel of local real estate experts before you renovate. “Don’t make commitments to home improvement contractors until you ask the advice of someone who has sold real estate in your neighborhood for at least 10 years. That person should be able to tell you if you’ll ever be able to recoup the cost of any big project you’re considering,” Nash said. Keep any projects you do within neighborhood norms. Tom Early, a real estate broker and former president of the National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents (, said current home purchasers are especially resistant to pick up the tab for renovation work that raises a property above

neighborhood standards. “People are scared of overpaying. That means they won’t bail you out if your house is over-improved for your market,” he said. Cancel any projects that prove too extensive. If you think you’re going over the top, Nash recommends you contact all your contractors to negotiate your way out of expensive upgrades. For example, you might decide to cancel top-brand bathroom and kitchen fixtures in favor of something more generic. “Even if you face penalties for backing out of some work, you could still save money going forward by dropping elements of an overly ambitious project,” Nash said. E-mail Ellen James Martin at UNIVERSAL UCLICK


NOSTALGIA REVISITED Wrap yourself in nostalgia with Country Living’s “The Farm Chicks Christmas: Merry Ideas for the Holidays” by Serena Thompson. The book focuses on the homes of “Farm Chick” Thompson and friends who share her passion for vintage holiday decorations. The look is cheerful, colorful and sometimes kitschy, sprinkled with midcentury finds that will take many readers back to their childhood — or to the childhood of their imagination. “The Farm Chicks Christmas” is published by Hearst Books, a division of Sterling Publishing Co. Inc. It sells for $27.95 in hardcover.

PICKING OUT YOUR PAINT Small Wall paintsample boards make it easier to try out paint colors on your walls. You just paint the board with the color you’re considering and hang it on the wall using the adhesive strip on the back. The board can be repositioned so you can move it around the room to see what the color looks like in various places and under different lighting. The board’s nonporous surface doesn’t absorb the paint, giving you a true representation of the color. The paint-sample boards are sold at Sherwin-Williams stores, but under the name Contractor Series Faux Technique Sample Board instead of Small Wall. They’re expected to be available as the Small Wall brand through Ace Hardware retailers later this year. The suggested retail price is $7.99 for a package of two 12-inchsquare boards. MCCLATCHY-TRIBUNE INFORMATION SERVICES

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Left: State Rep. Al McAffrey’s American Foursquarestyle home at 720 NW 16 is one of five on the Mesta Park Holiday Homes Tour Dec. 4-5. PHOTO BY PAUL B. SOUTHERLAND, THE OKLAHOMAN

Schneeberger: Working weekends FROM PAGE 1F

amount of attention. A new heating and air-conditioning system was at the top of the list — and that required an update to the electrical system. “I did a lot of things that made it a better house, but things you couldn’t see,” Schneeberger said. That’s when she began eyeing the rest of the house. With her own designs solidified by an architect neighbor, one wall came down, then another.

Soon Schneeberger’s new kitchen and dining room were born. Now rather than being hidden from the rest of the house, the kitchen is open to morning light via the dining room, and open to the back garden through an arched passageway. Schneeberger installed new cabinetry, fixtures and appliances, added soapstone countertops, refurbished the floors and stenciled the risers on the saddleback staircase that

leads out of the kitchen. “Every weekend I’m doing something to the house,” she said. A sample of Schneeberger’s “weekend projects” makes it sound like she should don a cape and a red “S” on her chest. Example project: removing the chimney brick by brick and turning it into masonry accents for her driveway and landscaping. Another: installing a new light fixture, discovering a small ceiling crack

— and another and another — and eventually replacing a ceiling. Remembering the hard work and dust clouds from her projects, Schneeberger said it’s always worth it. With her house, her neighbors, her St. Paul’s family, her home office and her dogs, Milo and Ernie, always nearby, she said, “I have a quality of life here in Oklahoma City I thought I’d lost. I haven’t regretted one second.”

Left: Carol Haaksma and James Tomasek’s home at 817 NW 19 is a 1913 American Foursquare, also known as Transitional Pyramid, with special features including an upstairs study with French doors leading to a sleeping porch. PHOTO BY PAUL B. SOUTHERLAND, THE OKLAHOMAN

Homes: Many renovations made FROM PAGE 1F

Classen Drive; and French Cowgirl, 4514 N Western. Tour stops are: 720 NW 16, home of Al McAffrey. This 1910 American Four Square is the home of state Rep. Al McAffrey. A charming venue for entertaining, the home features a music room, butler’s pantry, dual stairways and numerous fireplaces. The grand piano helps create an atmosphere ripe for entertainment. McCaffrey has remodeled the downstairs, repaired the porch and added new sidewalks. His next project is to remodel the third floor, the former servant quarters. 920 NW 16, home of Dana and Mike Templeton. This bungalow-style home built about 1910 was purchased eight years ago by the Templetons and has undergone extensive renovations under the guidance of Dana, an architect, and Mike, a counselor. The home is decorated with an eclectic blend of family pieces and newer finds, each with a story. 924 NW 16, home of Mary Schneeberger. A 1920 Craftsman Foursquare home with new heat and air units upstairs and down also features an energy-efficient tankless water heater. Schneeberger removed a wall between the kitchen and dining room, allowing for a complete kitchen rebuild. She also buried all electrical lines, rewired the bulk of the interior and replaced nonwood floors with tile and eco-friendly cork. 931 NW 19, home of Janie and Mark Reeser. This 1910 Craftsman-style home features wraparound stairs from the living room to the kitchen, a dining room buffet and original entry lighting. The home operated as a boardinghouse during the Depression. The Reesers have done several renovations, adding a mudroom; replacing the heat and air; redoing the wood floors; and finishing a renovation of the front porch as well as the kitchen and a bath. Plans include a backyard makeover and a remodel of the third floor. 817 NW 19, home of Carol Haaksma and James Tomasek. A 1913 classic American Foursquare, sometimes known as Transitional Pyramid style. This example features a hipped roof, built-in cabinetry and Craftsman-style woodwork, as well as a combination of vintage and reproduction Craftsman pieces. Many of the windows feature curtains hand-sewn and stenciled by Carol, who is also responsible for all of the stained glass. One of the couple’s favorite areas is the upstairs study with its French doors leading to a sleeping porch. Mesta Park is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and designated a Historic Preservation District by the city of Oklahoma City. More information about the tour is available at

Dana and Michael Templeton’s home at 920 NW 16 in Mesta Park is in a bungalow style, built in 1910, and has undergone major renovations since the Templetons bought it. PHOTO BY PAUL B. SOUTHERLAND, THE OKLAHOMAN

Jane and Mark Reeser’s home at 931 NW 19 is one of five on the Mesta Park Holiday Homes Tour Dec. 4-5. The Reesers have completed many improvements to the 1910 Craftsman and plan more. PHOTO BY PAUL B. SOUTHERLAND, THE OKLAHOMAN





Blogs poke fun at ‘serious’ home design BY MARTHA IRVINE For The Associated Press

CHICAGO — It started with figs, on a plate, stashed under a poolside table. The caption under the photo in the home design catalog urged readers to “enjoy the comfort and ease of indoor entertaining with outdoor sectionals, pillows and accessories.” But Molly Erdman saw something else. She saw a chance to poke fun at something, well … kind of ridiculous. The actor-comedian sat down at her computer in June and wrote her own caption. “Sweetheart,” it said, “the Turners will be here any minute now! Did you put the plate of figs under the table?” And her blog, “Catalog Living,” was born: http:// Erdman didn’t necessarily set out to create a daily parody of the sometimes serious, overly puttogether nature of photos from high-end home accessory catalogs. She got her start as a comedian with Chicago’s Second City and moved to Los Angeles three years ago to pursue an acting and writing career. You might recognize her as “the wife in the minivan” from a series of popular TV commercials for the Sonic restaurant chain. One night, though, after she wrote the “fig” caption, she showed it to her boyfriend. He laughed. Then she wrote more captions and her comedian friends thought those were funny, too. She realized she was on to something — and as her blog entries multiplied,

Catalog Living blog creator Molly Erdman poses in her apartment with props in Los Angeles. Erdman manages a web site called Catalog Living, a daily parody of the photos taken for upscale home catalogs. AP PHOTO

they started getting attention from Facebook fans and people in the design field. “I’ve gotten a lot of emails from catalog photographers and art directors,” she said. “They say, ‘We always think what we do is ridiculous.’ “No one seems to take responsibility for lining up 30 apples on a table.” This is a reference to the pieces of fruit or other objects that show up in odd places in some of the catalog photos. One of Erdman’s favorites showed a rowboat on a dock filled with pillows. Her caption: “In her annual end-of-season ritual, Elaine sent the outdated summer cushions out to sea.”

This isn’t the only website like this. Another is called “Unhappy Hipsters: It’s Lonely in the Modern World” — The creator of that site prefers to remain anonymous, and thus, did not return emails requesting an interview. That site has a slightly different — perhaps darker — feel, with captions focusing exclusively on photos from Dwell magazine. One photo, for instance, with a man looking into stacked storage containers was described like this on “Unhappy Hipsters”: “Someday he’d remember which pod contained his sister; until then, her piercing cries cut into his practice time.”

High failure rates noted in mortgage-aid program BY THE ASSOCIATED PRESS

WASHINGTON — More than half of the 1.4 million homeowners who enrolled in the Obama administration’s flagship foreclosure-prevention program have fallen out. The program is intended to help those at risk of foreclosure by lowering their monthly mortgage payments. But the latest report from the Treasury Department shows that the effort is still plagued by high failure rates. Approximately 755,000 borrowers, or 54 percent of those who tried to get their payments lowered through the program, have been cut loose through October. That compared to a 53 percent disqualification rate through September. More than 36,300 homeowners, or 34.6 percent who had enrolled in the program, had received permanent loan modifications and were making their reduced mortgage payments on time. That was up slightly from around 34 percent in the previous report. A separate report showed that the number of Americans at risk of foreclosure improved slightly over the summer. The Mortgage Bankers Association said that about 9.1 percent of homeowners had missed at least one

mortgage payment in the July-September quarter. That was down from 9.9 percent in the April-June quarter and compared to a record high of more than 10 percent in the JanuaryMarch quarter. Many homeowners have complained that the government mortgage-aid program is a bureaucratic nightmare. They say that banks often lose their documents and then claim borrowers did not send back the necessary paperwork. The banking industry contends that borrowers are not sending back their paperwork. Homeowners who qualify can receive an interest rate as low as 2 percent for five years and are given a longer period to repay their loans. Those who have successfully navigated the program to reach permanent modifications have seen their monthly payments cut on average by about $500. Homeowners first receive temporary modifications and those are supposed to become permanent after borrowers make three payments on time and complete all the required paperwork. Low participation means that the program is likely to cost far less than originally forecast. Though Treasury has set aside $50 billion from the

Sales associate joins Nichols Hills office NICHOLS HILLS — Natalie Kennedy has joined Churchill-Brown & Associates Realtors’ Nichols Hills office, 6447 Avondale Drive, as a residential real estate sales associate. The Oklahoma native has lived in the metro area for almost two years. She has a bachelor’s degree from Oklahoma State University, where she majored in literature and critical theory.

Natalie Kennedy

federal bailout fund for the housing relief effort, only about $483 million has been spent, auditors said in a report to Congress last month.

Another, with an older man in a modern home library near a table lined with stones, reads: “A steady diet of rocks and reading had almost reversed the aging curse.” Earlier this year (before Erdman started her site), Los Angeles Times architecture critic Christopher Hawthorne called the Hipsters site “the most welcome addition to the often self-serious world of architecture and design in recent memory, not to mention a pocket of satirical warmth in the middle of a soggy, recessionary, earthquake-wracked,

Martha Coakley winter.” Could it be true that the recession has made people a bit cranky about highend design? Sure, it’s possible. But Gayla Shannon, a designer in Fort Worth, Texas, thinks every trend also has a backlash. Maybe

it’s no longer trendy to be trendy. “The positive side of this phenomenon is that attractive, slick, well designed products are affordable and much more available to everyone,” said Shannon, who’s also an assistant professor in the department of design, merchandising and textiles at Texas Christian University. “The downside is that living up to the designer lifestyle also creates a transient aesthetic — the desire to have the latest mobile phone device, television, kitchen gadget, and discard the perfectly functional in favor of newness. “Fashion conformity has become extremely attractive, and conformity is a great target for satire.” So, yes, she thinks these sites are funny, too. Erdman said she’ll keep doing the blog as long as she has ideas. There’s certainly enough material there. Her personal website is “In my 15 years or so of being an actor and writer, I’ve done many things, and this was purely for fun — and it’s the thing that gets the most attention,” she said. “It’s a good little life lesson: do what entertains you. I think people can tell that I enjoy doing it.”




Woman’s husband dishes on clutter


The Listing of the Week is at 11701 Cardinal Lane.


2-story house designed for entertaining in, out The Listing of the Week is a two-story, luxury house with a pool and gardens, built for entertaining indoors or outside. The 8,394-square-foot house at 11701 Cardinal Lane in northeast Oklahoma City has five bedrooms, five baths and two half-baths, nine living rooms, two dining rooms and an attached four-car garage. The kitchen has a


hot water tap. The family room has one of three fireplaces. The master suite has a sitting area and walk-in closet. An in-law suite has a ceiling fan and walk-in closet. The upstairs game room has a built-in entertainment center and a wet bar. The home has a cabana, covered patio, outdoor grill and wet bar, and spa. It has a central vacuum system,

intercom, security system and underground sprinkler system. Built in 2007, it is listed for $2.37 million with Ginger Prysock of ERA Courtyard Real Estate. For more information, call 7207456 or 226-7987. Nominations for Listing of the Week are welcome. Send information on single-family homes to The Oklahoman, Richard Mize, P.O. Box 25125, Oklahoma City, OK 73125. Nominations may be faxed to 475-3996.

DEAR MI-LING: I love dishes, and over the years I’ve collected numerous sets of dishes, but now I am at the point where I have run out of places to store them. All my cabinets are loaded down with dishes, and my husband is getting a little upset with all the dish clutter. Do you have any storage solution ideas? Dish Addict DEAR DISH ADDICT: I feel your pain. I too enjoy collecting dishes, glasses and just about anything to do with entertaining. I have butterfly dishes, dishes with tulips, black dishes, dishes with birds, holiday dishes and I could go on and on. But here are a few ideas that have helped me, and might help with your dish storage situation. Of course, you can always give away or donate some of your beautiful dishes to those special people in your life. If that’s not an option, set out on a hunt for storage solutions. If you have cabinets without glass you can add a wire shelf to take advantage of the height of your cabinets. You can screw cup hangers into your lower cabinets to help with storing your mugs or tea cups. You can find a variety of plate racks and glass storage compartments to meet your needs as well. Another idea I use a lot

Mi-Ling Stone Poole ASK MI-LING is to use a cake plate to stack dishes on top of, and then place tea cups around the base of the plate. I even bought some beautiful tea cup storage racks that are decorative at a tea room years ago. I was able to stack five cups and saucers on each rack. You can also stack your cups without a rack if your storage area is secure. If possible, change out your cabinets and go for adjustable shelving, which will give you multiple options. Consider hanging some of your stemware and looking for new pieces of furniture that can be used to help you store. One example would be a sofa table with storage. Another idea is to repurpose an unused closet and create a china closet just for your dishes. If you’re an empty-nester you might even use an entire room. I also recently purchased an entertainment console for my living room. But since I don’t have a television in that space I used the cabinet to store some of my fa-

If possible, change out your cabinets and go for adjustable shelving, which will give you multiple options. vorite tablecloths, napkins and a few of my serving pieces. The beautiful Schnadig cabinet has several drawers designated for CD storage; instead, I utilized that area for some of my napkin rings. When looking for a space to store your dishes, don’t forget the walls. You can buy inexpensive shelving or plate racks and create a beautiful wall of dishes. Whatever you decide, use your china, crystal and other serving pieces all the time. Don’t keep them just for special occasions. My theory is use them now because when we’re gone most likely all our stuff will end up in an estate sale. Now go out and create your own unique comfort zone! If you have a decorating dilemma, contact Mi-Ling Stone Poole through her website,





Three ways to replace your foundation vents

The Lewiston features unusually shaped rooms A brick facade and corner quoins give the medium-sized ranch-style Lewiston a feeling of substantiality. Hipped rooflines add yet another element of visual appeal. This three-bedroom home is designed for families who have little use for formal living spaces. The functions generally served by a living room, dining room and family room are combined here in one large, bright and unusually shaped great room. It has a 9-foot ceiling, gas fireplace, and a rear wall loaded with windows. One set of sliding glass doors provides access to a large patio. Interesting angles characterize the walls opposite the windows. The kitchen, too, is an-


gled. Amenities here include a step-in pantry, extensive counter space and built-in appliances. A large utility room with plenty of storage space is just steps away. The utility room has garage access as well, handy for unloading groceries in inclement weather or after dark. The garage is large enough to shelter two cars and still have space for storage and a workbench. Another one of those angled wall spaces is the owners’ suite’s spacious walk-in closet. Other luxuries include a small private patio with space for an outdoor spa, and a private bathroom with oversized shower, spa tub and separately enclosed toilet.

Secondary bedrooms share the central bathroom and are well isolated from the owners’ sleeping area. Linen closets line the hallway, plus there’s a large linen closet in the bathroom as well. Double doors open into the room on the left side of the entry, which could be outfitted as the Lewiston’s media room, study, library, or home office. For a review plan, including scaled floor plans, elevations, section and artist’s conception, send $25 to Associated Designs, 1100 Jacobs Drive, Eugene, OR 97402. Please specify the Lewiston 30-053 and include a return address when ordering. For more information, call (800) 634-0123.

Homeownership stays at lowest level in decade BY THE ASSOCIATED PRESS WASHINGTON — The nation’s home-

ownership rate remained at its lowest level in more than a decade, hampered by a rise in foreclosures and weak demand for housing. The percentage of households that owned their homes was unchanged at 66.9 percent in the July-September quarter, the Census Bureau said. That’s the same as the April-June quarter. The last time the rate was lower was in 1999, when the rate was 66.7 percent. For decades, 64 percent of American homes were owned by their occupants. That began to climb in 1995, with strong encouragement from President Bill Clinton and later from President George W. Bush. Democrats, including U.S. Rep. Barney Frank, D-Mass., pushed for mortgage buyers Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to purchase more loans targeted toward lowincome Americans. Republicans encouraged subprime lending to borrowers with weak credit and fought off regulation of the industry, despite warnings that many of those loans had predatory terms. Homeownership hit a peak of more than 69 percent in 2004 at the height of the housing boom. But the housing bubble burst in 2006 and the rate has been declining gradually since then. “They just assumed: The more homeownership the better,” said Dean Baker, co-director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research, a liberal Washington think-tank. A record number of foreclosures and tight lending standards are expected to keep pushing the homeownership rate down and it will eventually return to pre-1995 levels, said IHS Global Insight economist Patrick Newport. The housing troubles have brought the government’s role in promoting homeownership into question. Most analysts

Homeownership hit a peak of more than 69 percent in 2004 at the height of the housing boom. But the housing bubble burst in 2006 and the rate has been declining gradually since then.

agree that both the Clinton and Bush administrations placed too much emphasis on encouraging homeownership — promoting and enabling loans to borrowers with poor credit and those with small down payments. “The consensus is, in a lot of cases, it just makes sense for a lot of people to rent,” Newport said. About 18.8 million homes, or 14.4 percent of all houses and apartments, were vacant, according to the government survey. Without vacation homes, that rate would be 11 percent. The number of vacant homes has soared over the past four years from about 16 million at the start of 2006. It has been hovering around 19 million since the end of 2008. There are around 131 million housing units nationwide, according to the Census Bureau. About 2.5 percent of all primary residences were vacant and for sale and 10.3 percent of all year-round rental units were listed as vacant and for rent. Banks have seized more than 816,000 homes through the first nine months of the year and are on pace to seize more than a million, according to foreclosure listing service RealtyTrac Inc.

Q: This concerns the cement foundation air vents on a ranch-style house. The wire mesh coverings have rusted, leaving an open space that poses a risk for various rodents entering the crawl space. How do I replace these wire vent coverings? They appear to be cemented into the foundation. A: Unfortunately, you’re probably right. Many types of foundation vents are installed into the stemwall as the concrete is being poured, and they can be tough to replace. You basically have three options, the first of which is typically the easiest: 1. You can cut out the old screen as close to the foundation as possible, and then build a new screened vent that will fit into the old opening. Use a moisture-resistant material such as cedar, redwood or pressure-treated wood to construct a simple box, then staple galvanized wire hardware cloth to the back side. Fit the box into the old opening, and seal it in with a bead of clear silicone around the edges. 2. If your floor sits on top of the stemwall, you may be able to install a new, prefabricated vent into the siding above the old one. This requires cutting through the siding and sheathing to create a new access hole into the crawlspace, and you have to make sure that there is no plumbing, wiring, framing lumber or other obstructions in the way. You also need to block up any underfloor insulation so that it doesn’t cover the new vent, and then cover up the old vent with a foam block or other material. 3. You can have a concrete cutting company come out and cut out the old vent entirely, then ce-

Paul Bianchina HANDY @ HOME ment in a new vent of the same type. Q: My husband and I are new homeowners. We bought a 1977 townhome that still has its original furnace. I say that because we had to install an access door to even get good light to look at the furnace. I cannot find where the furnace vents are to replace the filter, and am thinking about replacing the furnace altogether, as it looks deathly old. How do we go about finding out what kind of furnace we need in order to replace it? A: The person you need to talk to is a licensed heating and air-conditioning contractor. You can find them in the Yellow Pages under “Heat” or “Heating,” but if you can, try to get a personal recommendation from someone you

know. You can ask around among friends or coworkers, or check with your local utility company and your homeowners insurance company. Between all of them, you should come up with a couple of names. Contact at least two of them, so you have different opinions and different options to consider, as well as different estimates to compare. As far as the type of furnace you need, that depends on a couple of things. You need to determine whether the fuel source will be electricity, natural gas or propane. If you just need heating, then you’ll be looking at a furnace only. If you need cooling as well, you’ll be looking at either a split system that provides both heating and cooling, or a heat pump. A good heating contractor can give you all the options for location, efficiency levels, types of air filters, and other options such as add-on humidifiers. Remodeling and repair questions? E-mail Paul Bianchina at INMAN NEWS





Commission approves Bryant Place plat FROM STAFF REPORTS

justment for a temporary variance to permit gravel parking The Oklahoma City Planning in the C-4 General Business Commission approved the final District at 1322 NE 23. plat of Bryant Place Section 1, east of Bryant Avenue and south of SE Deferred to Dec. 9 Final Plat of Cedar Ridge 89, at its Nov. 18 meeting. Other items approved include: at Morgan Creek, north of SW Annexation of the southwest 44 and west of County Line quarter of Section 24, Township 14 Road. Application by LLR LLC North, Range 4 West of the Indian Meridian, northeast of the inter- to rezone 6400 SW 44 from section of NW 192 and Portland the I-2 Moderate Industrial District/Airport Environs Avenue. Application by Hale & Buck- Overlay Zone-Two (AE-2) ley Survey Co. Inc. to rezone 1500 Districts to the I-3 Heavy InSW 149 from the AA District to the dustrial District/Airport EnviSPUD-590 Simplified Planned rons Overlay Zone-Two Unit Development District. (AE-2) Districts. Application by Commercial Application by LLR LLC Permits Express to rezone 1633 for a Special Permit to operate NW 2 from the R-2 Medium Low a Scrap Operation in the I-2 Density Residential District to the Moderate Industrial and I-3 I-1 Light Industrial District. Heavy Industrial/Airport EnApplication by Kelly E. God- virons Overlay Zone-Two dard to rezone 3500 NE 10 from the (AE-2) Districts at 6400 SW R-1 District to the PUD-1424 44. Application by Ron WalPlanned Unit Development Disters to rezone 1935 NE 7 from trict. Extension of the Preliminary the R-2 and C-4 Districts to Plat of Silverhawk, south of NW the SPUD-585 Simplified 178 and west of Pennsylvania Ave- Planned Unit Development nue. District. Application by Michael Pate Revised Final Plat of Herito rezone 4810 NW 39 from the tage Oaks Addition, Section 3, R-1, I-1, and I-2 Districts to the north of NW 122 and west of N SPUD-580 Simplified Planned Western Avenue. Unit Development District. Extension of Final Plat of Jet G Deferred to Jan. 13 Public hearing and resoFarms, north of SW 44 and west of lution approving the FY 2011Cemetery Road. Initiation of an application to 2015 Capital Improvement the Oklahoma City Board of Ad- Plan.

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› › ›

Deferred indefinitely

Final Plat of Dorchester Park, east of May Avenue and north of Wilshire Boulevard.


Application by Bob Gage, GTB Realty, to rezone 10440 S Choctaw Road from the AA Agriculture District to the SPUD-592 Simplified Planned Unit Development District.


Application by W. Rogers Abbott II, to rezone 6600 SE 74th Street from the I-2 Moderate Industrial/AE-2 Airport Environs Zone Two District to the R-4 General Residential/AE-2 Airport Environs Zone Two District. Ward 4.

Hearing set Jan. 27

Ordinance to be introduced and set for public hearing related to Zoning and Planning Code, amending Chapter 59, of the Oklahoma City Municipal Code, 2007, Article II, Section 2150.2 revising definition of masonry materials; Article III, Section 3350.3 modifying the composition of the administrative bodies and officials; Article IV, Section 4250.3 changing the designation of criteria to guidelines, Section 4250.5 referencing supplemental guidelines, amending review procedures, and establishing preliminary review process within the Urban Design District, Sections 4250.6, 4250.7 and 4250.8 referencing supplemental guidelines and establishing pre-

liminary review process within the Bricktown Urban Design District, Stockyards City Urban Design District, and Scenic River Overlay Design District, and Section 4250.10 correcting the department responsible for processing appeals; Article V, Section 5150 deleting Downtown and Fringe Parking Overlay Districts from Table 5150.1; Article VI, Section 6200.3 modifying bulk standards for maximum height requirements in certain zoning districts; Article VII, Section 7150.1 establishing regulations for demolition within the Bricktown Core District, Section 7200.1 modifying the purpose and intent, modifying requirements for Certificates of Approval, and modifying conditions associated with height exceptions, establishing regulations for demolition in the Downtown Design Districts, establishing guidelines for existing buildings and historic resources, modifying guidelines for building materials, and reordering the section for clarity, Sections 7200.2 and 7200.3 relocating boundary descriptions of the Cottage District area to the Appendix, Section 7350.4, establishing regulations for demolition within the Stockyards City Development District, Section 7350.7 amending Table 7350.1 adding a conditional use; Article IX, Section 9350.68 defining standards for a conditional use; Article X, Section 10600.3 deleting Fringe Parking Overlay Dis-

Realtors group protesting inflexible credit rating policy WASHINGTON — Here’s a homeowner credit torture scenario that might have happened to you, and now has a major real estate lobby on Capitol Hill demanding immediate reforms. Say you’ve had a solid payment record on just about all your accounts — three credit cards, your first mortgage, home equity line and other important monthly bills. The last time you checked, your credit scores were comfortably in the 750s. Suddenly you get a notice from the bank that because of “market conditions,” your equity line limit has been cut from $60,000 to $35,000, slightly above the $30,000 balance you’ve got outstanding. Then one of your credit card issuers hits you with more bad news: Your $20,000 limit has been reduced to $10,000. Your balance on the card, meanwhile, is about $9,000. Guess what happens to your credit scores in the wake of the bank cuts? You might assume that nothing happens; you haven’t been late, you haven’t missed a monthly payment. You’re a good customer. Wrong. Depending upon your overall financial situation, your credit scores could plunge into the upper 600s, which could put you out of reach for a refinancing at a favorable interest rate or hamper your ability to buy a new home and sell your current one. The reason for the score plunge: With the reductions in your line limits, you’re now much closer to


being maxed out. You are using a higher percentage of your available credit — $30,000 of the $35,000 revised limit (86 percent) on your home equity line, and $9,000 of the $10,000 limit (90 percent) on your card. Credit scoring models typically penalize high utilization rates because they are statistically correlated with future delinquency problems. No one ever warned you about this. Now the largest lobby group on Capitol Hill, the 1.1-million-member National Association of Realtors, is demanding that the creator of the FICO score that dominates the mortgage market, Fair Isaac Corp., take immediate steps to lessen the negative impacts on consumers when banks abruptly cancel or slash credit lines of nondelinquent customers. In a major policy move, the realty association is calling upon Fair Isaac to “amend its formulas to avoid harming consumers whose utilization rates increase because their available lines of credit (are) reduced” despite on-time payment histories. The group wants FICO either to ignore the utilization rate altogether for such consumers or to compute the score as if the credit max had not been reduced.

Ron Phipps, president of the association, said, “We’re seeing this across the country and it is hurting people who are responsible users of credit.” Tom Salomone, brokerowner of Real Estate II in Coral Springs, Fla., said, “There’s absolutely no question these credit card and home equity line reductions are killing (homebuying) deals, and arbitrarily raising interest rates on people.” Salomone said he has seen many situations where homebuyers lost 20 to 30 points on FICO scores “but had done nothing wrong — the banks just lowered their lines.” He added that the inability of FICO’s software to distinguish innocent victims from people whose behavior actually merits credit line reductions demonstrates that “FICO’s model is archaic.” Asked for a response, Joanne Gaskin, Fair Isaac’s director of mortgage scoring solutions, said the FICO model attaches such importance to consumers’ available credit and utilization rates — they account for 30 percent of the score — because they are highly accurate predictors of future credit problems. Research conducted by Fair Isaac last year found that consumers who utilize 70 percent of their available credit “have a future bad rate 20 to 50 times greater than consumers with lower utilizations.” Ignoring this key indicator, the study said, would “decrease (the score’s) predictive power.”

Trump asking $12 million for mansion BY LAUREN BEALE Los Angeles Times

LOS ANGELES — Donald Trump has an estate in Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif., for sale at $12 million, making it the most expensive listing on the market in the coastal community. Located at Trump National Golf Course, which he owns and operates, the 11,000-square-foot Mediterranean mansion has a great-room entry, a 1,000square-foot kitchen, marble flooring and wall-toceiling sliding doors that disappear from view. Trump, whose main residence is in New York, said he splits his time in Los Angeles between his home in Beverly Hills and Rancho Palos Verdes, “where the job is.”

Donald Trump

He has built six houses at the golf course, which has lots for 75. “This is one of the best locations with a direct view of the Pacific Ocean and views from three sides of the house,” Trump said. “There’s very little obstruction.” The five-bedroom, nine-bathroom home has a game room with a bar that is a replica of the one

at the course restaurant. “It has a spectacular basement with light and air,” he said. A wine room is enclosed behind glass, and the master bedroom has a patio and fire pit. The U-shaped mansion, designed by Luis de Moraes of Envirotechno Architecture, has an infinity pool in the courtyard. Trump, 64, is chairman and chief executive of his own real estate development company; founder of Trump Entertainment Resorts; and star and producer of “The Apprentice” (2004 to present) on which contestants vie for a chance to work for him. This season’s contestant pool is made up of the recently unemployed. MCCLATCHY-TRIBUNE INFORMATION SERVICES

The National Association of Realtors has also asked Fair Isaac to help out with the nationwide foreclosure crisis by revising its model to “recognize” lender codings on credit file accounts indicating that homeowners had received loan modifications approved under federally backed programs. Rather than treating borrowers’ reduced post-modification payments as ongoing evidence that the mortgage was “not paid as originally agreed” — which depresses scores sharply — the association said FICO scores should reflect the reality that the lender agreed to lower payments and borrowers are making payments “as agreed.” The realty group also said it plans to push for legislation n to provide free credit scores — one each from Equifax, Experian and TransUnion, the national credit bureaus — every time a consumer orders annual free credit reports. (You can obtain your free reports once a year, without scores, at www.annualcreditreport. com or (877) 322-8228.) E-mail Ken Harney at kenharney@ WASHINGTON POST WRITERS GROUP

trict and adding Bricktown Core, Classen Boulevard Overlay District and Urban Design Overlay Districts to off-street parking exemptions; Article XI, Section 11150 increasing allowance for landscaping within the right-ofway; Article XIII, Section 13100 deleting Parking Overlay District from Special Regulations, Section 13400 deleting Parking Overlay Districts, Section 13500.3 amending requirements for Certificate of Approval, Section 13500.5 defining guidelines for existing buildings and historic resources, establishing regulations for demolition, and modifying guidelines regarding built form, circulation and access, and landscaping and screening, Section 13550.2 amending Table 13550.1 changing prohibited use to conditional use, Section 13550.3 establishing regulations for demolition within the Stockyards City Transitional Development Overlay District, Section 13700.5 requiring setbacks for residential and mixed uses, establishing requirements for additional building materials, and establishing regulations for demolition within the Urban Design Overlay District, Section 13700.6 referencing demolition regulations; Appendix A, deleting legal description of Parking Overlay Districts and defining boundary descriptions for specific areas within the Downtown Design Districts.

If You Have Something To Sell Classified Can Do It — Call 475-3000






Roxanne Jacoby has a guest room in her Pennsylvania home that no guest has ever slept in. It’s really her mom cave. Outfitted with mementos and comfort items, it’s the only room in the house she really calls her own. “I’ve put in an alpaca throw, down pillows, a fan, my favorite scented candle and a whole bunch of stuff that I want to read,” Jacoby said. It’s not as if she couldn’t set up all that in a corner of the family room. But that guest room has an important feature: “I can close the door.” Many women — not just moms — are taking over some of the fallow ground at home and turning it into a haven to pursue personal pursuits. They stake out an unused closet, basement nook or extra bedroom. Some use the space to work without interruption — they’ve got it all teched up with Wi-Fi and perhaps a TV. Others say none of that’s allowed, just books and maybe a music player. Lori Remien, a teacher in Evanston, Ill., took over an unused nook off her daughter’s room when she needed a place to work on her national exams a few years ago. “I went to Ikea and bought a comfy wicker chair, a plush red rug, some pretty black-and-white curtains. It’s still a great retreat where I can watch the shows the rest of my family doesn’t watch,” she said. New York designer Elaine Griffin embraces the mom cave concept and recently worked with Homegoods in Manhattan to show some decor and space suggestions. She said, “A mom cave is where the woman who nurtures everyone goes to nurture herself.” It’s different from the quintessential man cave, where men do manly, messy and sporty things, often involving a recliner. Griffin said, “Mom caves are fun, frankly feminine spaces, and they’re personalized.” Here’s what you need for your mom cave: a place to sit, storage space, an area to do what you want to do, and room for occasional visitors. “Organizing your stuff makes your space feel bigger. I love bookcases — you can hide in plain sight,” Griffin said. Colorful boxes and file folders work well; group an array of favorite photos in fun frames on the shelves. Griffin has a penchant for color; the mini-rooms she created for Homegoods were lively and welcoming. A reading corner with chaise and bookcases was painted vibrant fuchsia. A closet had been transformed into a tiny yet functional office, swathed in a warm caramel hue and accented with dramatic touches such as rattan lamps and black furnishings, including a chair with a nice wide seat. No extra rooms available? Griffin suggests turning a stair landing into a minisanctuary using narrow console tables, a luxurious rug, and a couple of armchairs.

Decorative pillows are on display at a Homegoods event showcasing designer Elaine Griffin’s ideas on how to create a mom cave. AP PHOTO

A gray velvet chair from Homegoods. Many women, and not just moms, are taking over some of the fallow ground at home and turning it into a mom cave. AP PHOTO

The Knos box with lid, from IKEA. These boxes make chic, practical storage in the mom cave for project materials. AP PHOTO

A black lamp with a lively, colorful fabric shade from Homegoods. Lamps are just one of many accessories in the mom cave that can reflect a woman’s personal taste. AP PHOTO

These spaces aren’t exclusive to women with families underfoot; all ages appreciate what Virginia Woolf termed “a room of one’s own.” In her social circle of women age 60-plus, Barbara McDonald, of Nova Scotia, said the “getaway room” is

no longer needed, but such a space still serves many purposes. “It’s invaluable as a project room. Close the door and leave the mess for next time,” she said. Since you don’t share it, you’ve got more freedom with the cave to play with unusual wallpaper and accessories, create a Zen-like refuge or, like Atlanta-based Robyn Freedman, revisit your childhood room. Freedman, who runs a creative think tank, has even got a name for her space: the Hobbit Hole. “My room’s purple with green polka dots. It’s got all kinds of silly things from my childhood — my lightbulb collection, Dr. Seuss books and college letterman blanket. Lots of goofy stuff, and everything makes me smile,” she said with a laugh. And that, of course, is the best reason of all for a mom cave.

An IKEA red bookcase. Designer Elaine Griffin suggests covering the back of an open bookcase with patterned wallpaper or wrapping paper for added style in your mom cave. AP PHOTO



Permits Oklahoma City Treasure Built Homes, 7732 Jesse Trail, residence, erect, $1,800,000. Kevin Robinson, 3224 SW 119, office, erect, $1,186,000. Bergman Architecture, 6841 SW 3, automotive repair-wash, erect, $800,000. ZI Construction LLC, 6120 SW 3, shell building, erect, $720,000. The Roberts Group, 16217 Scotland Way, residence, erect, $350,000. 4 Corners Construction LLC, 5604 NW 164 Terrace, residence, erect, $300,000. Remington Builders Inc., 9633 SW 30, residence, erect, $280,000. Vintage Dwellings LLC, 15912 Wild Creek Drive, residence, erect, $280,000. Vintage Dwellings LLC, 15908 Wild Creek Drive, residence, erect, $280,000. Vintage Dwellings LLC, 15724 Wild Creek Drive, residence, erect, $270,000. Vintage Dwellings LLC, 15904 Wild Creek Drive, residence, erect, $265,000. Vintage Dwellings LLC, 15700 Wild Creek Drive, residence, erect, $265,000. Tranquility Homes LLC, 19624 Crest Ridge Drive, residence, erect, $254,000. D.R. Horton, 9212 NW 77, residence, erect, $252,700. Sun Custom Homes, 5004 SW 126 Court, residence, erect, $230,000. Willa Construction Co. Inc., 11800 Glenhurst Blvd., residence, erect, $230,000.

Frank Boone, 10101 Prosper Drive, residence, erect, $225,000. JB Homes LLC, 608 Prairie Hill Lane, residence, erect, $221,000. Grace Contracting, 3410 NW 135, office, erect, $220,000. Castlebrook Crossing Homes LLC, 2700 Wyatt Way, residence, erect, $200,000. Castlebrook Crossing Homes LLC, 2516 Busheywood Drive, residence, erect, $200,000. Maple Ridge Homes LLC, 9208 SW 30 Terrace, residence, erect, $200,000. Robin Ridge LLC, 2421 NW 154, residence, erect, $200,000. Robin Ridge LLC, 2416 NW 154, residence, erect, $200,000. Robin Ridge LLC, 2424 NW 154, residence, erect, $189,000. Oklahoma Design/ Build, 12612 Ponderosa Blvd., residence, erect, $185,000. R&R Homes LLC, 10709 SW 33 Terrace, residence, erect, $185,000. Maple Ridge Homes LLC, 9320 SW 30 Place, residence, erect, $180,000. Maple Ridge Homes LLC, 9212 SW 30 Terrace, residence, erect, $180,000. Avalon Homes & Properties LLC, 11526 John Ryan Drive, residence, erect, $165,000. John Broadhead, 17504 Valley Crest, residence, erect, $157,000. HSE Architects PLLC, 914 N Broadway Ave., office, remodel, $130,000. Westpoint Homes, 6113 NW 153, residence, erect, $130,000.

REAL ESTATE Westpoint Homes, 6104 NW 152, residence, erect, $130,000. Westpoint Homes, 6113 NW 152, residence, erect, $130,000. Coleman Homes Inc., 2700 E Hefner Road, residence, add-on, $112,900. Harbor Homes, 17117 Prado Drive, residence, erect, $110,000. Harbor Homes, 17305 Prado Drive, residence, erect, $110,000. Dub Stone Construction Co., 709 SW 157, residence, erect, $108,000. Newport Cos., 15220 N Western Ave., restaurant, remodel, $100,000. Ideal Homes of Norman LP, 1113 SW 160 Court, residence, erect, $91,000. Merardo Garcia, 5605 S Eastern Ave., warehouse, add-on, $80,000. Merardo Garcia, 5605 S Eastern Ave., warehouse, add-on, $80,000. Sam Gresham, 136 NW 10, office, remodel, $75,000. Milligan Homes LLC, 1700 NW 33, residence, erect, $73,500. Ideal Homes of Norman LP, 15505 Calm Wind Drive, residence, erect, $73,000. Gibraltar Construction Co., 1700 NE 67, residence, add-on, $60,000. David K. Payne, 1201 NW 178, medical clinicoffice, remodel, $57,500. Bill Gumerson & Associates, 14915 Laurin Lane, residence, add-on, $50,000. SAS Construction LLC, 1215 N Walker Ave., restaurant, remodel, $50,000. Scott’s Construction Inc., 4225 NW 61, residence, add-on, $50,000. Smith & Pickel, 840 Research Parkway, office, remodel, $50,000. Richardson Homes,

1020 SW 27, residence, erect, $48,000. Sharon K. Gaede, 4800 Foster Road, manufactured home, move-on mobile home park, $48,000. Eddy and Sarah Roundtree, 12500 Jerrad Lane, residence, erect, $40,000. Standlee Homes & Renovations, 13116 NW 6 Circle, residence, add-on, $38,000. Sharon & Co. Contracting, 6444 Northwest Expressway, office, remodel, $37,000. A.P. Enterprises LLC, 3308 SE 89, manufactured home, move-on mobile home park, $36,503. Caliber Construction Inc., 7633 Jesse Trail, accessory, erect, $35,000. Buoy Bros. Construction, 11017 S County Line Road, accessory, erect, $32,000. Trinity Interiors, 10440 S Western Ave., business, remodel, $30,000. Leroy Jenkins, 5309 Brookdale Drive, residence, fire restoration, $28,000. Bargain Barns/Gotcha Covered Inc., 6400 SE 164, accessory, erect, $27,500. Caliber Construction Inc., 7625 Jesse Trail, accessory, erect, $27,000. Ryan W. Reiplinger, 13501 Debra Ann Drive, accessory, erect, $26,000. CLS Group, 8802 S Western Ave., towerantenna, install, $25,000. Sam Gresham, 136 NW 10, office, remodel, $25,000. Sam Gresham, 136 NW 10, office, remodel, $25,000. Sam Gresham, 136 NW 10, office, remodel, $25,000. Ahmed Ghazal, 14301 Glen Oaks Place, residence, add-on, $25,000. HSE Architects PLLC,

THE OKLAHOMAN | NEWSOK.COM 4221 S Western Ave., medical clinic-office, remodel, $20,000. We Buy Houses LLC, 8620 NW 91, residence, fire restoration, $20,000. Tim Dowell, 16200 Leftwich Drive, residence, add-on, $20,000. Jeffery Jones, 12900 Hillside Lane, manufactured home, move-on, $17,900. Mike Sullivan Construction, 17125 Melodie Lane, accessory, erect, $15,000. Specialty Construction Services LLC, 211 N Robinson Ave., office, remodel, $15,000. Scott Parker, 14000 Quail Springs Parkway, office, remodel, $15,000. Linda McClary, 2709 Windsor Terrace, storage, erect, $15,000. Robert Harmon, 2142 NW 16, residence, remodel, $12,000. Abraham Roman, 3201 S Goff Ave., residence, add-on, $11,000. Coleman Homes Inc., 2700 E Hefner Road, storage, erect, $11,000. Michael Wensel, 2725 NE 100, storage, erect, $10,000. Zimmerman Construction, 9016 NW 99 Court, residence, add-on, $7,540. Kings Park Bible Baptist Church, 9600 S Pennsylvania Ave., canopy-carport, erect, $5,200. Flat Safe Tornado Shelter, 2608 Fountaingrass Road, storm shelter, install storm shelter, $3,850. John Hall, 2516 Kingsley Lane, storage, erect, $3,700. Smart Safe, 19412 Hawthorne Branch Drive, storm shelter, install storm shelter, $3,000. Discount Remodelers, 3817 Spitz Drive, residence, add-on, $2,975. Ground Zero Storm Shelters, 14616 Yorkshire Lane, storm shelter, in-

stall storm shelter, $2,800. A/C Solutions, 5215 Beverly Drive, manufactured home, move-on mobile home park, $2,600. Jeremy Owens, 505 Robert S. Kerr Ave., recreation center, remodel, $2,250. Andrew P. Murphy, 824 NW 46, canopy-carport, erect, $1,000.

Demolitions Kyle Goodwin, 9105 Acre View Drive, residence. John Broadhead, 17504 Valley Crest, residence. K&M Dirt Services LLC, 17501 S Santa Fe Ave., metal building. K&M Dirt Services LLC, 17439 S Santa Fe Ave., vacant house. Kendall Concrete, 108 NW 22, house. Kendall Concrete, 100 NW 22, house. Ron Liggett, 1016 NW 39, demolition, garage.





Proving plumbing issues can be sticky DEAR BARRY: We purchased our home just last week and had a sewage backup within 12 hours of moving in. Our first load of laundry caused flooding in the basement, so we called a plumber. He said the main sewer line is full of roots and has been that way for a long time. His estimate to replace the line was over $5,000. According to the sellers’ disclosure statement, all drain lines were in good working order, but the plumber says this cannot be true. So now we are stuck with a major expense that we cannot afford. Our home warranty doesn’t cover tree roots


and our homeowners insurance says it doesn’t cover pre-existing conditions. Are the sellers liable? Amanda DEAR AMANDA: The plumber’s description of old root congestion in the drainpipe indicates that there have been previous sewage backups in your home. The sellers probably knew about the

problem and failed to disclose it, but proving that could be difficult, if not impossible. You could ask the neighbors if they ever noticed a plumber’s truck on the property. If they can provide the name of a plumber who serviced the drain, you might be able to prove nondisclosure. Aside from the question of seller’s liability, there is the matter of repair costs. Fortunately, there is an alternate method of drainpipe repair that is becoming popular because it eliminates the need for excavation and costly pipe replacement. Plumbing companies

now are installing synthetic liners in old deteriorated drainpipes. This enables the old pipes to remain in place and prevents further root intrusion. To determine the viability of this approach to your drain problem, call a few plumbing contractors in your area to see who installs drainpipe linings, and get at least three bids. DEAR BARRY: My son wasted his money on two home inspections. In each case, he made a verbal purchase agreement with the sellers, hired the inspector, and then was told that a higher offer from another buyer had been accepted. His real estate

agent told him that this is the chance you take when you buy a home. I think the agent is not protecting my son’s financial interests. When, in your opinion, should a home inspection be done? Joe DEAR JOE: The time to hire a home inspector is after you have an accepted offer and a signed purchase contract. A standard purchase contract states that the buyer has a specific number of days to conduct inspections, and the purchase is contingent on the buyer’s acceptance of the inspector’s findings. Your son, as a firsttime buyer, would not

have known this, but it is inexcusable that a real estate agent would not know it. If your son was counseled to hire a home inspector without an accepted purchase offer, then his agent is not representing his interests and, in fact, is professionally irresponsible. Your son needs to find another agent immediately. If the agent is not willing to pay for these two wasted inspections, you can file a complaint with the state agency that licenses real estate agents. You can even file a case in small-claims court. To write to Barry Stone, please visit him at ACCESS MEDIA GROUP

Toyota, Panasonic look at energy-efficient housing BY MCCLATCHY-TRIBUNE INFORMATION SERVICES TOKYO — In what promises to

be a fascinating contest between industry leaders in relatively unfamiliar territory, two of this nation’s manufacturing giants, Toyota Motor Corp. and Panasonic Corp., are attempting strong advances in the housing sector. Both firms believe there are huge opportunities ahead for en-



Lovely custom built home, extra large living area w/skylight, 3bd 2ba 2car, beautiful area, mint cond, only $128,500 Fidelity RE 410-4300, 692-1661



7+ acres. Come build your dream home or land can be subdivided $125,000 Call for details Fidelity 692-1661, 410-4300

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PIEDMONT OPEN SAT 2-4 & SUN 2-5. Model home. New hms on 1/2 ac lots. Info also available for new hms in other additions. From NW Expwy & Sara Rd go 4.5 mi N Cleaton & Assoc 373-2494 PIEDMONT SCHLS approx 2392' hm on 2.5 ac MOL 3bd 2.5ba+office + gamerm 30x40 wkshp w/elec & conc flrs $259,900 Carmen 833-0106 Cleaton & Assoc 373-2494 1N to 10A, E. of OKC, pay out dn. before 1st pmt. starts, many are M/H ready over 400 choices, lg trees, some with ponds, TERMS Milburn o/a 275-1695 PRICE SLASHED approx 2485' on 5 ac MOL Piedmont schls 4bd 3ba+Florida rm lots of trees & privacy 30x40 wkshp & stables. $249,900 Carmen833-0106 Cleaton & Assoc 373-2494 OWNER FINANCING 1-28 Acres Many Locations Call for maps 405-273-5777 Payout dn pmt before 1st pmt starts. Your opportunity to own land, 40 areas, E, NE, SE of OKC 1N A. Milburn o/a 275-1695 terms 1.25A Indian Hills Rd 6K 4A Nicoma Park 15K 1900 NE Grand 12K 417-2176 240 Acres excellent hunting land 15 miles E. of Wilburton, OK. $480/per acre. Will consider offer. 573-896-8667

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3420 NW 25th Street, 1450 sq ft w/garage conversion, 3 bed, 1.5 bath, 2 story, 1 car carport. Appraised for $95,000 ("as is"). Asking $69,900 or make offer. Call Nate 715-5105 Spacious 3bd 1.5ba brick home w/office or studio w/private entrance, ch/a, formal dining, completely remodeled. Nice well kept area. Only $99,750 Fidelity RE 410-4300, 692-1661 Open House 2-5 11/21 6512 Candlewood Dr. www.okchomesbyowner. com/31710 4bed, 2.5ba, 2 Car Garage, 2267 sq ft 1975 $159,900. 1316 NW 88th Street 1,743 sq ft, 3 bed, 2 baths (do not disturb renters) Asking $89,500 Call Nate 715-5105 OWNER FINANCING $1000 down No Credit Ck 2133 Cashion 2/1 $58,000 ¡ 596-4599, 410-8840 ¡

ergy-saving technologies, with the introduction of the so-called smart grid — a next-generation power network that will optimize supply to residential and other properties — likely to accelerate demand for such products. Toyota and Panasonic have been pushing their subsidiaries to do more to exploit the growing preference for environmentally friendly homes.

OKC Northwest


Owner carry 2721 N Lyon Blvd. 3 bd• 417-2176

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Spacious 2bd brick home w/2 living, fp, ch/a, complete remodel, good area, close to schls, landscaped yard, large 24x12 shop w/elect, heat & 220 Only $87,900 Fidelity 410-4300, 692-1661 OWNER FINANCING $2000 down No Credit Ck 3104 SW 51 3/1 $49,000 ¡ 596-4599, 410-8840 ¡ WOW! $43K Nice, lg 3bd, fenced, huge gar/stor bldg 3608 SW 22nd 596-8410 Owner carry 2235 SW 51 3, 1 PH: 417-2176



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Open Houses 334.2 OKC NW Open Sun. 2-4, Rambling Acres, 8724 Dena Lane, great family neighborhood, $105,000, call Deanie at 834-0833. PIEDMONT OPEN SAT 2-4 & SUN 2-5. Model home. New hms on 1/2 ac lots. Info also available for new hms in other additions. From NW Expwy & Sara Rd go 4.5 mi N Cleaton & Assoc 373-2494

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Nichols Hills Home $25,000 Opening Bid Thur, Dec. 16th, 6:30 pm 1100 W. Wilshire 1841 sqft, 3 Bedrooms, 2 Baths The Village Home $10,000 Opening Bid Thurs, Dec. 16th, 6 pm 1512 Dublin Rd 1560 Sqft, 3 Bedrooms, 2 Baths 3 Family Homes $5,000 Opening Bids Saturday, Dec. 18th 3739 NW 14th St. 1715 NW 12th St. 1809 Wickliff St. 4 Family Homes $5,000 Opening Bids Sunday, Dec. 19th 1337 SW 61st Terr. 1610 SW 58th St. 2504 SW 56th St. 2936 SW 51st St. 918/639-7653

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Real Estate Notices


PRICED TO SELL! 1224 NE 19th $26,900 2118 N Prospect $26,900 5021 Fairmont $59,900 Prices Neg. Kruger Inv. Jim 235-9332 or 812-1657 DO NOT Call Unless… Foreclosure/Behind Paymt Overleveraged/Repairs Call/Web

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5 acres wooded, close to Lake T-Bird. Mobiles OK Call 820-5587

Real Estate Auctions

Huge Year End Clearance Sale!! Save Thousands. Own Land/Family Land Use land to purchase new home. Turn key, we do it all. 1000 furniture package w/purchase. 888-878-2971 405-635-4338 Christmas in Nov. Free 60” Flat Screen w/ stock model purchase payments as low as $335mo. for a 3bd. 405-787-5004 Custom Build Your Dream Home on your Land. Homes as low as $35 a square foot. We can do all improvements. 888-878-2971 405-631-7600 Repo 4/2 Bath 1800+ sf in stock. Ready to move to your land. $49,999 plus delivery. Call for details 888-878-2971 405-602-4526 We sell Fleetwood’s for less! Largest Selection/ Best Price Guarantee 405-470-1330 Liquidation Sale 2009/2010 models Save BIG $$ 0 Down payment available 405-787-4035 Rent to Own 2009 3bd/2ba Clayton $528 month+lot Edmond 3 4 1 - 9 2 0 9 01 Repo 3bd 2ba 16x80 Nice 301-2454/517-5000 14x72 3x1N needs TLC $6900 301-2454/517-5000 Repo 18x80 $24,900 301-2454/517-5000

Toyota has integrated certain operations with subsidiary Toyota Home, with a view to adapting automobile-manufacturing techniques to the housing sector. At a news conference, Toyota announced a new design concept for homes that includes recharging facilities for plug-in hybrid vehicles. “At long last, the integration of automobiles and homes has

Established Business For Sale

OKC Northwest

Shipping Store For Sale Established shipping/packaging store located in high traffic Oklahoma City area. Serious inquiries only. Please call Carol (405)204-6449


North side Heating & Air Conditioning business. $500,000 annual sales. Very profitable potential in place. Details available at 405-787-6626.

Investment Property For Sale 355 Bank owned 18 units $350K, 4 plex $169K, 16 units $550K, Short sale $69K, Income Property $200K 12% CAP, Seabrooke Realty 405-409-7779 .75A Prime commer. Penn/Hefner 417-2176

Business Property For Rent 360 Prime location for your business, 3600 sq ft, great office space, ideal for retail store or service company, 405-528-3400.

Office Space For Rent


GREAT Space OFFICE Various NW locations MOVE IN SPECIALS 300-6000sf 946-2516

1, 2 & 3-Room Suites $150 & up ¡ 50th & N. Santa Fe area 235-8080


CAVE CREEK ON ROCKWELL 3037 North Rockwell


$200.00 off

First Month’s Rent LARGE TOWNHOMES & APARTMENTS • Washer, Dryers, pools • PC Schools, fireplaces

Williamsburg 7301 NW 23rd

787-1620 Florence Apts-Midtown1bd 1 ba Studio 600sf, Granite Counter tops, wood floors, CH/A, All Elect, Free laundry $600 mo, $400dp 409-7989 Move in Special No Deposit 2810 Dorchester Dr Apt 5 spacious 2bd 1.5ba, large living area, ch/a, completely remod, $575 mo. Fidelity RE 410-4300, 692-1661 Plaza Apts-1740 NW 17 Art Deco, K Off Move in Special! 750ft 1bd 1ba, cha, all elec, wood or tile floor, $450mo $200dp. No sec 8 409-7989 $1 FIRST MONTH Your choice of 1 Beds ALL BILLS PAID 2 Beds also 293-3693 DREXEL ON THE PARK Mesta Park 804 NW 21 K Off Special 2bd 1ba 1000sf wood flrs, ch/a Free Laundry $600mo $400dp 409-7989 no sec8 2, 3 & 4 bedrooms Starting at $599/month OFHA & OCHA accepted.


Beautiful 2bd TH lrg prvt patio. Reasonable rent. $400 Special Willow Walk, 789-2692

Cash for any property!

Real Estate Wanted


1 & 2 bed Furn & Unfurn starting at $450. Small complex near NW 23rd & MacArthur. 370-0278


Furnished/Unfurnished Bills Paid » Wkly/Monthly Wes Chase Apts, Elk Horn Apts, Hillcrest 943-1818

Heard of a SHORT SALE? SELL YOUR HOUSE TODAY! Foreclosure/behind Pymts 340-9879/

Miller Addn 2528 NW 12 1000sf 1bed 1ba $450mo $200dp 409-7989 no sec 8


Commercial RE Business Locations Wanted Real Estate Acquisition Division

Vendor Day

General Services Administration December 16, 2010, 1:30 – 3:30pm 819 Taylor St., Rm. 4A14H, Fort Worth, TX Do you have space to lease in TX, NM, AR, LA, or OK? Are you interested in leasing to the Federal Government? If so, join us for Vendor Day to hear GSA Contracting Officers explain Federal lease procurement and GSA’s National Broker Contract, as well as demonstrate how to navigate the Government’s Electronic Posting System to find Federal leasing opportunities. For reservations contact Yvette Barnes at 817-978-7019 or

Commercial Property For Sale

Apartments Edmond

VERY, VERY QUIET Near mall, schls, hosp, Try Plaza East 341-4813



Cute 1bd & efficiencies. Laundry on site. Clean & quiet $300-$350 399-9200



1 & 2 BEDROOMS, QUIET! Covered Parking Great Schools! 732-1122 $200 OFF RENT 1 & 2 bedrooms. Spring Tree Apartments. 405-737-8172.



$99 move in special Lg 1bd quiet, clean, coin lndry on site, pool $365mo 794-5595

OKC Downtown 429.5 1 bed loft, 1 ba, all appl 1209 N Harvey, $590 mo. 405-205-2343

OKC Northeast AUCTION - Foreclosed 14+ Commercial Acres I-35 OKC Online Bidding Ends Dec 17th www. Coleman & Patterson 888-300-0005



1BR Apt. 811 East Dr. CHA, Approx 900 SF, $500 Mo. Incl Water & garbage. $500 Dep Req'd. upstairs Call 737-6630

MAYFAIR GARDENS Historic Area! Secure, wash /dry hardwd flrs 947-5665 Putnam Heights Plaza 1 bed, ch/a, Dishwasher 1830 NW 39th 524-5907 2ndBedIsLoft1baFPW&D 11500 N May, Ref, Cr CK $699 mo. 713-443-5125 2909 NW 31st Hunters Landing Apts 1 & 2 beds avail. no sec 8 996-7368 800 N. Meridian: 1bd, all bills paid & weekly rates available. 946-9506 NICE Quiet Xtra-Lg 1-2bd Walk-in closet, bus line PC schls $400/500 787-5885 » MOVE IN SPECIAL » LARGE 1, 2 & 3 BEDS Rockwell Arms, 787-1423

Quiet Casady!

2 BD$525


$350mo 1bd 1ba very clean stove, fridge 625-7600 •ABC• Affordable, Bug free, Clean » 787-7212»

OKC Southwest

arrived,” said Senta Morioka, president of Toyota Home. The design makes use of Toyota’s electric battery technology to maximize the power efficiency of both the building and the vehicle, the firm said. Panasonic, meanwhile, combined its most advanced technologies in an experimental “eco home,” which was built by its PanaHome Corp. subsidiary in Higashi-Omi, Shiga Prefecture,


$100 off

FIRST MONTH EXCELLENT LOCATION LARGE 1-2-3 bedrooms 1 block to schools Washers/dryers, pools Near shopping 15 min to downtown OKC Exit 137 I-40 Czech Hall/Cornwell 1000 Cornwell Dr.

Colonial Hills 354-3485

»»»»»»»»»»»»» » Yukon All Bills Paid » » 1 bd From $495 Move» » 2 bd From $595 In» » 3 bd From $695 Today» » Open7days/wk354-5855 » »»»»»»»»»»»»

Condominiums, Townhouses For Rent 441 GRAND POINT LUXURY 2/2/2 w/d fp $850/$500d SPRINGHOLLOW 1bd all appls $499/$500d BARRINGTON 2bd 2ba $575/$300d 623-0139. OVER 55 ONLY NW Quiet 2/2 gated safe $850 bills pd, 503-0561 Cozy clean 2 bed condo N OKC. 831-4183

Duplexes MWC

$99 SPECIAL Lg 1bdr, stove, refrig., clean, walk to shops. $325 mo. 632-9849 Furnished/Unfurnished Bills Paid » Wkly/Monthly Wes Chase Apts, Elk Horn Apts, Hillcrest 943-1818 $99 Move In Special!!! Lg 1 and 2 Bdr, $325 to $395 mo. 632-9849


OLDETOWNE 2 bed, 2 bath, 2 miles to Tinker, 769-7177.

OKC Northwest


Model Open 10-4 New Luxury Duplex 13516 Brandon Place 3/2/2, fp, Deer Creek Schls, near Mercy842-7300 AV 12/04: 2bd/2ba/2car, all appl, fp, lawn pd, patio view, se crnr TG glf crse, VERY $995. 414-6552 2317 Woodward 1bd 1ba 1car $550/mo $300/dp 900sf 409-7989 no sec 8 Spacious, Quiet, Secure 2 bed duplex $750/mo 12019 Ashford 826-2345 Redec 2Br/2Ba/2 carport all appl w&d lawn pd NW Exp/Prtlnd $695 414-6552

Village/ Nichols Hills 459.5 6523 Avondale 3bd 3.5ba 2car $1200/mo $1000/dp 2300sf 409-7989 no sec 8



Duplexes, 3 bed, 2 bath, 2 car, some new, some gated, call Rick, 405-830-3789.

Garage Apartments


Garage Apartment, OKC SW, 1 bed, stove & frig, no pets, bills paid, $450 month + dep, 232-9704.

Hotels/Motels 462 Furnished/Unfurnished Bills Paid » Wkly/Monthly Wes Chase Apts, Elk Horn Apts, Hillcrest 943-1818

RE for rent Bethany/ Warr Acres 464.5 2 Bed 1Bath PC Schools 6125 NW 55th Street 405-773-4777

Del City 433



Lovely 3/2/2, brk, no sec 8. 4409 SE 42 Terrace $795 + $600 deposit, 737-6733 1321 Beachwood Drive 3/1.5/2 $675 681-7272



17205 Cedar Dr 2/2/2 $1050 205 W 10 3/2/2 $825 2622Featherstn3/2/2 $1095 505 NW 138 3/2/2 $895 Express Realty 844-6101



3bd, 2bd, 1c gar on 1 acre fncd, Deer Creek schls, $750 mo. 405-341-6164 3 bed, 1.5 bath, approx. 2200sf. $930/mo Call Alex, 405-990-0488 3600 NE 143 3/2/2 $1000 308 Cherryvale Rd 3/2/2 $950 - 370-1077 721 Colony Dr. 4/2/2 Edm Schl, HOA pool very nice, $1300 mo. 330-8978



Brick 3/2/1, kitchen apps, 1 year lease, $675+dep. 454-2314



2 bd, 1 ba, newly remod top to bottom-inside & out, CH&A, new carpet/tile/ceiling fans, extra lrg laundry rm/office, fncd bkyd, gar, quiet neighborhood. $650/mo + $600/dep. Shown Sunday btwn 1-3. Call 8305793 for time & location. 410 Babb, 1 bed, 1ba, central heat/air, ceiling fans, fenced back yard, $450/mo., 405-413-1830. 3 bed, 2 bath, 1 car, $650 mo. Section 8 ok. 405-205-2343 4 bed, 1K bath, 1229 McGregor, $650 month + $325 deposit. 209-4125 2 bd 1 ba, w/appls, fncd bkyd, w/d hkup, 513 E. Boeing 405-570-5865 9100 Jennifer Pl 3/1/1$475 3605WoodsideDr3/1/1 $475 681-7272 318 E Fairchild, Nice 2bd, $525 • 732-3411



Luxury Home Furnished Lease To Buy ‘‘ 405-641-0124 ‘‘ Moore/E Norman $1000$950 + dep. Beaut. 3/2/2 poss. lse/purch 361-4885 3 bed, 1.5 bath, recently remodeled, 740 SW 1st, $495 + $200, 222-4386. 13515 SE 149th 5 acres 4/2, 2700sf $1150 WAC Home&RanchRlty 794-7777 13515 SE 149th 5 acres 4/2, 2700sf $1150 WAC Home&RanchRlty 794-7777 3bed 2 bath 2 car, large lot, Moore schls $795/ mo $500dep 210 6721 c



535 Hillcrest Lane, 3 bed, 2 bath, 2 car, ch&a, 1550 sf, no smoking, no pets, Mustang Schools, $1050 month, $900 deposit, 405-262-0179



2 bed 2 bath on 5acres, mobile home. $495 $300 deposit 386-4455

OKC Northeast


1236 NE 48th 3bed 1bath 2 living 2car $725 681-7272 3516 S. Phillips clean 2bd 1ba spacious liv $495mo Fidelity 410-4300 692-1661 3328 NE 14 3bed $495 1718 Madison 2bed $450 Others Free List 605-5477

OKC Northwest


3 Bd, 2 Ba 6212 NW 24th near Bethany. New hardwood floors, granite counter tops and new kitchen. Immaculate. $900 month, $1200 deposit. No Sec. 8. Available now! 1 year lease. 627-3791 21951Horseshoe4/3/2 $1295 12409 Covey Crk 3/2/2 $895 5736 NW 45th 3/2/2$795 4014 Westridge 4bd $795 617 NW 92 3/1/1 $495 Others Free List 605-5477 9701 Devore 3/2/2 $950 6704 NW 124 3/2/2 $1025 1412 NW 22 1/1 $350 Express Realty 844-6101

Japan, in July. Hoping to put the eco home on the market in 2011, PanaHome’s goal is for the home to produce zero carbon dioxide emissions. Features of the design include a roof completely covered by solar cells, an interior lighting system based on organic electroluminescent devices and walls equipped with vacuum insulation, as used in refrigerators, the company said.

OKC Northwest


1514 NW 17th Colonial Home 4bd 2ba 2car 2000sf wood floors large kitch, mature trees $1200/mo $1200dp 409-7989 no sec8 2212 NW 26th Spacious 3bd, fp, ch/a, great area, formal dining, oversized detached gar. $795 mo. Fidelity 410-4300 692-1661 Elegant 3BR Executive Home. Marble, granite. Rare, never rented, 2300sf $1765 603-7665 11404 Glade Ave, extra 3bd 2ba 2-car, fireplace, ch/a, nice area $950 Fidelity410-4300, 692-1661 5909 NW 62nd Terr. 3bd 1ba 2liv 1car $775mo $800dep 748-8520 $700/mo, 2 BR, 2 BA, 2 car gar, fence-brick wall, iron gate, near 30th Terr/Rockwell, 410-5413 2100 NW 114th Amazing 3bd 2ba 2 car plus study $1100/mo $1100/dep 1600sf 409-7989 no sec 8

OKC Southwest


3123 SW 64th 4/2/2$695 1001 SW 81st 3bd $650 3264 SW 51st 3/1/1 $595 5008 S. Brookline 3bd $595 3216 SW 44th 3bd $495 2228 SW 34th 3bd $495 3120 Parkview 2/1/1 $450 3220 S. Goff 2/1/1 $395 Others Free List 605-5477 New Rivendell Exec Home 408-4168 Luxury indoor pool & spa Fully equip'd media & wrkout rooms $5100/mo 2420 SW 35th Nice 3bd 2car detached garage, clean, fenced $495 Fidelity RE 410-4300, 692-1661 3 bed, unattached garage, large fenced back yard, $600 month + deposit, 232-9704. Moore Schls 1232 SW 93 Fenced corner lot. 3bd 2ba 2 car garage. fp, $995+dep 755-6036 4 bed, 2 bath, 2 liv rms, $785 mo + dep, sect 8 ok 2317 SW 46, Huge shop Suzy Q's 405-642-4116

2/1.5/2 TH, appliances, w/d, no section 8/pets. exc. ref. req. $550 plus deposit. 405-326-0976.

3bd, 1O ba, 2car, ch&a, fncd bkyd, No pets/No Sec 8 632-2328/306-5437

SURREY HILLS DUPLEX 3-3-2, 2150 sqft-nice area. $975+dep. Info 373-4557

2 bed, stove, fridge, gar, w/d hkup, sec 8, no pets, 787-6677 or 641-6203

3bd, 1.5ba, 344 NW 86th $600mo, $300dep. SPM Realty, 360-0526 12200 Dahoon Dr. 3 bed, 2 ba, 2car NEW CARPET, fireplace $1200 755-8025 4 bd, 2 ba, 2c, $1,200 mo, 8341 Aspen Place, very nice, 405-205-2343 7616 Kathryn Way, 3/2/2 ch/a, fp, fncd, utility, 1yr $895+$800 dep, 722-8878 For 3bd or 4bd homes & apartments, go to 3009 NW 68th, 2 bd, 1 ba 1 liv, 1 car, ch&a, fenced $750+$500dep 413-4252 Belle Isle- 4 bed, 2 bath, new carpet, paint, $1475 month. 405-413-6633 2 bed 1 ba $575 mo. $350 deposit. 3021 W Hill St. No Sec 8 405-826-1471 324 NW 92nd, 3 bed, 1.5 bath, 2car , CHA, $600 mo. $500 dep 317-6411 Roomy 3/1 4600 NW 11 PC schls CH&A no sec 8 $765/$600 405-834-1800

4 bed, 2317 S Brock, section 8 ok, $750 mo. 685-8240 Nice 3/1/2, no sec 8/pets ref. req'd. 3116 SW 48th $650+deposit. 410-9777 Nice 3/2/2, Moore Schls f/p ch&a, fncd, $795, no pets, 1yr lease 503-5742



3 bd, 1 ba, 1 acre- 2632 Shady Nook Way $575 + mo + $275 dep 209-4125



Rent on historic Oklahoma quarter horse racing facility Purcell OK 3br/2b, 2400sf ranch style home on 7 acres. 3 car garage. Approx 15 min s of Norman, one m off I-35. Specific access to ranch amenities. $1500$1750/mo w/o horses, $2000+ depending on number of horses. Paul 619-980-9220

1313 NW 104th Terrace 3/1/2 $650 mo, $500 dep TMS Prop 348-0720

Village/ Nichols Hills 481.5

3 bd, 1.5 ba, 2c, fenced, 233 NW 86th, $550 1st + last. 817-480-8706

Nichols Hills 2700sf 4bed 3 bath fenced yard, $1400mo + dep 471-7744

Nice! 3932 NW 19TH all appls 2/1/1 no pets $675 J Watson Rlty 755-2510

2636 NW 66th, OKC 3bd/1.5ba/2car 1100/mo. 900/dep. 405.620.0811

1033 Hoyt 3/1/1 681-7272

OKC Southeast



1624 SE 52 4bd ch/a $795 628 SE 13 4bd ch/a $695 1720 SE 51st 4bd $595 6216 S Kelley 3bd $595 649 SE 21st 4bd $495 6420 S Kelley 3bed $495 Others Free List 605-5477 3016 Parker Dr 3bd 1ba$475 6617 S. Phillips 2bd 1ba fireplace $495 681-7272 3 bed, 1.5 bath, 2 car gar, new carpet & granite, ch&a, 3208 SE 54th St Sec 8 ok $750 745-4414 3 bd 1 ba, w/appls, w/d hkup, fncd bkyd, 1404 SE 41st. 405-570-5865 2 bed, appliances, fenced 1512 SE 64th, $500 + dep 691-2007 or 204-0112

OKC Southwest


2236 SW 59th Pl 3bd 1ba 2car, 2 living ch/a $750 1616 SW 68th 3/1/1$695 600 SW 49th 2/1/1 $575 1217 SW 50 2/1/1 $550 3009 SW 20th 2/1 $450 2401 SW 43rd #7 1bd apt, total elect, water paid $325 681-7272

Updated 2 bed, 2 bath, 2 living, 2152 Huntleigh Kay @ 370-8471



Elegant 3BR Exec Home Park-like yard on creek, cul-de-sac, never rented, 1900sf, $1375 310-3808 3049 Pinecrest 3/2/2 $875 Home&RanchRlty 794-7777 3049 Pinecrest 3/2/2 $875 Home&RanchRlty 794-7777



12407 SW 2nd, 2/2/1, Mustang Schls $695, no smoke/no pets 650-3067

Mobile Home Rentals 483 $ FREE RENT 1ST MO $ 2BR $350+, 3BR $450+, MWC NO PETS 427-0627 2 bd, 2 ba, Nicoma Park, appliances, fenced yard, $375+$250dep 769-2328

Rooms For Rent


Moore-Room for Rent For details call 405-799-0071





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