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Dallas-style home


The Listing of the Week is a Dallas-style home with an updated kitchen in northwest Oklahoma City. PAGE 4E

You can’t help but feel a relaxing sense of spaciousness as soon as you step into the window-bright and vaulted great room. PAGE 6E


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Two-car garages were all the rage when J.W. Mashburn began building homes in 1960, his Olympic hopes sidelined by injury a few years earlier. Mashburn earned a gold medal in the 1956 Melbourne Olympics in the 1,600-meter relay and led Capitol Hill High School to state championships before that, but a torn Achilles tendon brought the swift-footed Mashburn to a dead halt. During the long and tedious recovery, he began selling real estate. By the time his Olympic teammates flew to Rome in summer 1960, Mashburn had already embarked on a whole new career building homes. “Back then about everything we did was a two-car garage,” he recalled. “Then the three-car came along and there were a certain percentage of people out there who wanted a threecar garage. Surprisingly enough, though, there are a pretty good percentage of people today that build two-car.” About 60 percent of the homes in Mashburn’s Cascata Lakes have two-car garages, estimated his son Jesse Mashburn, a builder. “That was the target range anyway,” he said. On the south side, homes in The Gates at Legacy are loaded with features, as Tony McGrew, sales manager, points out: maple cabinets in the kitchen with granite countertops, open floor plans that can be tweaked to a buyer’s needs, enormous amounts of storage and all in a neighborhood secured behind two gates. In some of the homes, though, what may be the best feature isn’t even in plain sight. But for anyone who has held their breath as they hauled Christmas decorations down a rickety ladder from their attic, the


RELIEF ON THE WAY There are still some snares and drawbacks, but one of the federal government’s most important financial relief efforts for underwater homeowners started operation Nov. 1. PAGE 3E



J.W. Mashburn Homes built this model home at 3129 SW 136 Terrace in The Gates at The Legacy, a neighborhood near SW 134 and S May Avenue. PHOTOS BY STEVE GOOCH, THE OKLAHOMAN

simple set of stairs behind a simple door represents a leap huge forward — or maybe upward. “Instead of the old pulldown ladder, you actually have a set of stairs,” McGrew said as he pulled open a door. “They’re fixed, so you can just walk up to the attic.” Mashburn Homes is carving The Gates out as a 35-home enclave of The Legacy near SW 134 and S May Avenue with homes starting around $210,000. It’s a quiet area of south Oklahoma City that still offers some tranquility even with the busiest parts of the metro area, Moore and Norman, just a short SEE MASHBURN, PAGE 2E

Angie Glover, J.W. Mashburn, Jesse Mashburn and Tony McGrew of J.W. Mashburn Homes show a model home at 3129 SW 136 Terrace.

Tips on how to save for first home A housing recovery is under way. Given that home prices are reasonable and mortgage rates favorable, it’s a positive time to make a purchase, according to realty experts. Yet many young singles and couples who seek homeownership still face major obstacles. “Compared with the frothy days of the boom market before the recession hit, it’s a heck of a lot harder to buy your first home,” said Eric Tyson, a personal finance expert and author of “Mind Over Money: Your Path to Wealth and Happiness.” Tyson said many debt-heavy young buyers need a debt reduction and savings program that could take up to a year or two to complete before they’re in a position to meet the expense of purchasing a home. Here are a few pointers for young people who aspire to homeownership: I Carefully review your current financial picture. One obvious obstacle to saving for a house is out-of-control spending, said Leo Berard, charter president of the National Associ-

Ellen James Martin SMART MOVES

ation of Exclusive Buyer Agents ( Before you can realign your budget, it’s wise to analyze where your money has gone, category by category, for the past three to six months. This can be done with paper and pencil, with such personal finance software as Quicken or through such free websites as, a favorite of many young savers. Granted, it’s time-consuming. You’ll need to sift through all your checking account and credit card statements. But, the information that such a breakdown yields will be worth it. I Develop a spending plan that prunes low-priority outlays. Once you know where your money is going, it’s time to create a spending plan that meets all your

basic and top-priority needs while still letting you save for a home. Tyson encourages you to scrutinize every category of your spending in search of possible reductions. “Some areas — like car expenses and restaurant bills — probably contain a lot more fat than others. But there should be no sacred cows. Everything is on the table,” he said. For example, Tyson urges renters to reject the notion that their current housing situation is a given. Much money could be saved by modestly downsizing, Tyson said. Likewise, are you willing to change your transportation spending? Perhaps you could dispense with a car and take public transportation to work. Meanwhile, you could find savings by cutting your energy use and by letting go of a gym membership you don’t use. Financial planners are quick to cite food costs as an area where substantial savings are possible. Many people are surprised to realize how much they’re spending to eat out at lunch with co-workers.

I Strive to reduce your credit card debt. In addition to student loans, many people in their 20s and 30s continue to accumulate substantial credit card debt. They use their cards for clothing, entertainment and vacations. And the unfortunate reality is that many young adults have cards with double-digit interest rates. “If you’re serious about homeownership but are living on plastic, you’re going to need to make very big behavioral changes,” Tyson said. Cutting credit card balances requires strong self-discipline. But it’s an essential prerequisite to homeownership for many. The odds are you won’t need a financial planner to help. But Tyson said a good book on the subject could be invaluable. He recommends the newly updated version of “Deal With Your Debt: Free Yourself from What You Owe,” by Liz Weston. To contact Ellen James Martin, email her at UNIVERSAL UCLICK

Architect Deborah Pierce doesn’t design homes for disabled people. She designs homes for people who like to entertain, who love the outdoors, who enjoy hobbies and pets and grandkids — and who have disabilities. Pierce designs homes that accommodate the needs of everyone who lives there. She shares her approach in “The Accessible Home: Designing for All Ages & Abilities.” The book covers the many considerations in creating a home for an occupant or visitor with a disability, from how wide to make the doorways to where to put the food processor. A home, she said, should be sunny, comfortable, intimate and yet generous enough to accommodate others and “a great place to live.” “The Accessible Home” is published by Taunton Press for $27.95 in softcover.

WINE CHILLING ROD You don’t need an ice bucket to keep wine chilled outside the refrigerator. The VinOice is a chilling rod that you insert into a wine bottle to keep it cool for up to an hour. It’s attached to a dripfree pour spout, so you don’t have to remove the rod to pour the wine. The rod is filled with a food-safe gel that you freeze ahead of time. The VinOice sells for $27.95 at Oklahoma Citybased www.home It’s also available at some beverage stores, grocery stores and gift shops. MCT INFORMATION SERVICES

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Left: J.W. Mashburn Homes built this model at 3125 SW 136 Terrace. PHOTOS BY STEVE GOOCH, THE OKLAHOMAN

Mashburn: 35 homes in The Gates FROM PAGE 1E

drive away. A lot of things are a short drive away. “We’re within a mile of 36 holes of golf, a lighted walking trail plus a brand new emergency room,” Jesse Mashburn said. Mashburn Homes is busy building in both northwest and southwest Oklahoma City. Cascata Lakes and The Villas at Cascata Lakes — two separate neighborhoods — lie just down SW 134 from The Legacy. Glenhurst and The Villas at Glenhurst are both near NW 122 and MacArthur Boulevard while Riverbend is near NW 58 and Council Road. Each neighborhood has its own personality and draws its own mix of buyers. The Gates, for example, is pulling in a mix of empty-nesters and young couples with and without children, Jesse Mashburn said, “whereas as the one up north is almost exclusively emptynesters. We can’t sell a three-car garage up there. But we haven’t sold a twocar here yet.” Mashburn developments may offer a lesson in rolling with the times and keeping up with what buyers want — possibly even figuring that out even before they do. Security and low maintenance are high on buyer wish lists these days, and The Gates offers both. They’re in the planning stages for Cascata Estates, which will go in near Cascata Lakes and will take the security angle an extra step by installing a single entry-exit gate. But they all have their selling points. Riverbend’s homes are scattered along five lakes, a green belt winds through The Legacy and the Villas at Cascata Lakes is just across May Avenue from Moore’s Wayland Bonds Elementary School. The school, J.W. Mashburn said, has proved to be a huge draw. “I had a builder come in yesterday and buy a lot in Cascata simply to get his daughter into the Wayland Bonds school,” he said. “A lot of people have done that.”

The Gates is a 35-home enclave of The Legacy addition near SW 134 and S May Avenue. PHOTOS BY STEVE GOOCH, THE OKLAHOMAN

The center island is more than a work island in the kitchen at 3125 SW 136 Terrace. It has a sink, but also plenty of space for seating.

The master bedroom in the J.W. Mashburn home at 3125 SW 136 Terrace is spacious, with room for a sitting area.

A bedroom in the J.W. Mashburn model at 3129 SW 136 Terrace is staged for a young girl.






Help, and snares, for ‘walking wounded’ WASHINGTON — Though there are still some snares and drawbacks for participants, one of the federal government’s most important financial relief efforts for underwater homeowners started operation on Nov. 1. It’s a new short-sale program that targets the walking wounded among borrowers emerging from the housing downturn — owners who owe far more on their mortgages than their current home value but have stuck it out for years, resisted the temptation to strategically default, and never fell seriously behind on their monthly payments. Industry estimates put the number of underwater owners across the country at just under 11 million, or 22 percent of all homes with a mortgage. Of these, about 4.6 million have loans that are owned or securitized by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. Eighty percent of these Fannie-Freddie borrowers, in turn, are current on their mortgage payments and meet the baseline eligibility test for the new short-sale effort. Here’s how the program works

and where the potential snares are. Traditionally, short sales, where the lender agrees to accept less than the full amount owed and the house is sold to a new purchaser at a discounted price, are associated with extended periods of delinquency by the original owner. The new Fannie-Freddie program, designed by the companies’ overseer, the Federal Housing Finance Agency, breaks with tradition by allowing short sales for owners who are current on their payments but are encountering a hardship that could force them into default. Say you are deeply underwater on your mortgage and recently lost your job or had your work hours reduced. Under the new program, you can contact your mortgage servicer and ask to participate in a Fannie-Freddie short sale for non-delinquent borrowers. You’ll need to find a qualified buyer for the house, typically with the help of a real estate broker or agent knowledgeable about short sales who will list the property and obtain


an offer and communicate the details and documentation to the servicer. If the proposed shortsale package is acceptable, the deal would then proceed to closing weeks, or months, later. Eligible hardships under the new program run the gamut: job loss or reduction in income; divorce or separation; death of a borrower or another wage earner who helps pay the mortgage; serious illness or disability; employment transfer of 50 miles or greater; natural or man-made disaster; a sudden increase in housing expenses beyond the borrower’s control; a business failure; and a you-name-it category called “other,” meaning a serious financial issue that isn’t one of the above. Borrowers who take part in the new program can expect to rid

More homes getting additions for elderly family members BY LORI JOHNSTON The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

ATLANTA — Multigenerational living is bringing families closer together, especially as parents move in with their adult children. Sometimes the decision is focused on finances, reducing the number of mortgages and sharing the cost of living in a home. Other times, grandparents are taking care of grandchildren, or adult children are caring for aging parents. Atlanta-area builders are adapting and updating homes to add space, privacy and aging-in-place features. Anthony F. Pourhassen, owner of Highlight Homes, said he’s been asked numerous times in the past couple of years to design and build additions to accommodate parents. Here are a couple of options, when baby boomers or elderly parents move in with their kids: I Transforming the guesthouse: A guesthouse, carriage house or pool house can take on a new role. Dave Radlmann, owner of Heirloom Design Build, is building houses in Atlanta’s Inman Park with carriage houses up to 700 square feet. “On all the houses, we’re definitely thinking about accommodations for people’s in-laws or parents,” Radlmann said. “If the lot can accommodate it, we already try to get a carriage house with living quarters in it. This will help create a little more separation between both families.” The floor plans separate the bedroom from the living/dining area and kitchen, or it can be open to the living area, with a

partial wall or no wall. But he said some people are concerned that a separate space will be an eyesore. Some options include prefabricated units, which some call “granny pods.” Virginia-based MedCare Systems’ senior living cottages are designed for aging or disabled individuals. The MEDCottage, averaging 300 square feet, has a bedroom, bathroom and kitchenette. Extra features include special flooring that prevents falls, and cameras and remote monitoring systems that alert someone in the case of a medical problem. MEDCottages cost up to $85,000 and units can run up to 700 square feet, said Chris M. Cummins, executive vice president for MedCare Systems. I Expanding the home: Some families desire to expand the size of the home, adding a second master bedroom or other spaces. The national average cost for a midrange master suite addition is $106,196, according to Remodeling magazine’s 2011-2012 Remodeling Cost vs. Value Report. The report also showed that a master suite addition could recoup about 60 percent of the cost. “I have had people add a master suite and then turn over the original master suite to that aging parent,” said Mark Buelow of Distinctive Remodeling Solutions, based in Roswell, Ga. “You’re truly creating value because you’re adding a bedroom with a bath.” A two-story addition costs an average of $165,796 nationally, according to the Remodeling magazine report, with the possibility to recoup 62 percent of the costs. MCT INFORMATION SERVICES

themselves of the money-devouring albatross their mortgage has become — without going through the nightmares of foreclosure or bankruptcy — and to get a chance to start anew, better equipped to deal with the financial hardship that caused them to sell their house in the first place. What about the snares in the program? There are several that participants need to consider. I Credit score impacts. Though officials at the Federal Housing Finance Agency are working on possible solutions with the credit industry, at the moment it appears that borrowers who use the new program may be hit with significant penalties on their FICO credit scores — 150 points or more. This is because under current credit industry practices, short sales are lumped in with foreclosures. Laura Arce, a senior policy analyst at the agency, said the government is in discussions with the credit industry to institute “a special comment code” for servicers who report the new Fannie-Freddie short sales to the national credit bureaus that

would treat participants more fairly on FICO scores. I Promissory notes and other “contributions.” In the majority of states where lenders can pursue deficiencies, Fannie and Freddie expect borrowers who have assets to either make upfront cash contributions covering some of the loan balance owed or sign a promissory note. This would be in exchange for an official “waiver” of the debt for credit reporting purposes, potentially producing a more favorable credit score for the sellers. I Second lien hurdles. The program sets a $6,000 limit on what second lien holders — banks that have extended equity lines of credit or second mortgages on underwater properties — can collect out of the new short sales. Some banks, however, don’t consider this a sufficient amount, and may threaten to torpedo sales if they can’t somehow extract more. Ken Harney’s email address is WASHINGTON POST WRITERS GROUP






The seven steps to retexturing drywall Real estate agent Rusty Miller shows a home he has for sale in Baltimore, Md. MCT PHOTO

Scammers target would-be renters BY JAMIE SMITH HOPKINS The Baltimore Sun


Online listings offered the just-renovated home for rent at a bargain price. The problem? It’s not for rent — it’s for sale. And the owners had nothing to do with those ads. This sort of scam proliferates on websites and in rental advertisers, perpetrated by con artists who want to separate renters from their security deposits. Real estate agent Rusty Miller, who represents the owners of the Baltimore home, said his office has fielded more than 100 calls and emails in the past 1 ½ months from people interested in renting it — and who fortunately did enough poking around to find his name. “So many people said, ‘It’s too good to be true, but I had to check it out,’ ” Miller said. The rental market is fertile ground for scammers. Judging by reports to the federal Internet Crime Complaint Center, many of the rental cons these days target tenants. That’s a shift from previous years, when criminals more frequently went after landlords — by sending checks for more than the agreed-upon amount and then asking to have the overpayment wired back, for instance. The checks were fake, but landlords often didn’t get a heads-up from the bank until after they sent the money. The switch in targets could reflect the changed rental market, which was rough for landlords during the recession but now is much tighter. Scamming is a “whatever works” occupation. “At the end of the day, cybercriminals are opportunists,” said FBI spokeswoman Jenny Shearer. When scammers pose as landlords, they might find a house whose real owners have advertised it for sale or rent. The scammer lifts the photos, places his own listing on sites such as Craigslist, and tells those who inquire that he needs to rent the home out because he’s moved far away. The monthly rent? Temptingly low. He can’t send keys until he has the security deposit, you understand, but you can drive by and look in the windows to see how nice the place is. No one knows exactly how many rental-related scams are baited each year, let alone how many people are victimized, because not all are reported — or reported to the same place. But the problem doesn’t seem to be on the wane. The Internet Crime Complaint Center said it has had nearly 7,400 complaints this year through Oct. 1 that include the word “rental,” up from 7,200 in all of last

Rental scammers target both tenants and landlords. Here are some red flags: I Emails littered with misspellings and oddities. Many of the scams originate overseas. But scammers are getting savvier, so don’t count on bad grammar. I No tour. When the “landlord” says he’s not in the area and suggests you check the home out by peeking in the windows, that’s a bad sign. I Doesn’t add up. The “renter” keeps talking about your room for rent, even though it’s an entire house. Or the “homeowner” renting his place out gives you a name that doesn’t match the property records. I The price is too right. Scammers often lure tenants in with bargain-basement rent. I The check is too big. Some scam artists send oversize security deposits, then ask the landlord to wire back the difference. But the check is bogus. THE BALTIMORE SUN

year and about 6,000 the year before. That doesn’t count all the center’s scamrent complaints, because thousands of people used the terms “apartment” or “rent” in their missives rather than “rental.” Craigslist cites rent scams as one of the cons to watch out for on its classified advertising site. Its advice to users: Deal only with people you can meet personally — many scammers are overseas — and never rent a home without seeing the inside. Nadege Conger, who founded Sab 12 years ago, said scam volume keeps increasing. She said she spends a lot of time fending off bad guys. The California-based website, which caters primarily to academics worldwide looking to lease a place and rent their own home out while on sabbatical, puts every message aimed at members through a filter for suspicious language. A staff member then looks at the flagged messages. But even the sharpest eyes or algorithm can’t catch every scam in its opening salvo. The con artists’ emails, once littered with bizarre grammar and word usage, are improving. “They’re more sophisticated,” Conger said. “They’re getting better and better at it.” MCT INFORMATION SERVICES


The Listing of the Week is at 11424 Kingswick Drive. PHOTO PROVIDED

Dallas-style home has 4 bedrooms, 2 baths The Listing of the Week is a Dallas-style home with new granite kitchen counters, tile backsplash, stainless cook top and sink in northwest Oklahoma City. The 2,612-square-foot home at 11424 Kingswick Drive has four bedrooms, two bathrooms, two living rooms, two dining areas and an attached two-car garage. The home has two fireplaces, one in the formal living room. The family room has a built-in bookcase and ceiling fan. The kitchen has a breakfast bar, eating space and pan-

try. The master bedroom has a sitting area, ceiling fan and bath with a double vanity, walk-in shower and jetted tub. The home has a covered patio, security system and underground sprinkler system. The home, built in 1987, is listed for $229,500 with Phyliss Bennett of RE/ MAX Preferred. For more information, call 550-8143 or 751-4848. Nominations for Listing of the Week are welcome. Send a copy of the MLS information sheet on a single-family home to The Oklahoman, Richard Mize, P.O. Box 25125, Oklahoma City, OK 73125. Nominations may be faxed to 475-3996.

It’s a pretty common scenario on the home improvement scene: You’ve removed some wallpaper or wainscoting, or you’ve relocated a door or a window, or maybe you’ve just repaired same drywall damage caused by one of life’s little mishaps. No matter the origin, you end up with some drywall that doesn’t have any texture on it. And now, you’re at a loss as to exactly how you’re going to get that flat, unadorned piece of drywall to blend in with the texture on the rest of the wall that’s surrounding it. In truth, matching drywall texture is always a tricky process unless you’re experienced at it. Even the pros can have a tough time with it. You first have the issue of matching the existing texture for the main body of the patch, and then feathering the new texture out onto the old in ever-decreasing amounts so that the transition between new and old is seamless. It’s difficult to come up a perfect match, and the larger the area is and the more centered it is on the wall or ceiling, the more likely it is that you’re going to see it. The other problem you’re likely to run into is what’s known as “flashing.” After the patch is done and painted, the new texture will tend to absorb paint differently than the old texture, due to differences in previous paint, materials and other factors. The result can be a difference in sheen that also contributes to the patched area standing out from the rest of the wall, even if the texture matches. And the more sheen the new paint has — satin or semigloss as opposed to flat, for example — the worse the problem can be. For all those reasons, especially if you’re not an experienced drywall texture matcher, your best bet is to simply start over with a fresh, flat wall. That doesn’t mean that you need to tear off all the drywall and replace it. It just means that you want to get rid of the old texture. Tarp the floor in front of the wall with plastic sheeting. Don’t use canvas painter’s tarps, as the dust is hard to get back out of them. Wear a respirator to prevent breathing in the dust from the sanding and scraping operations, and always wear eye protection. Sand or scrape the old

Paul Bianchina HANDY @ HOME

In truth, matching drywall texture is always a tricky process unless you’re experienced at it. Even the pros can have a tough time with it. ... It’s difficult to come up a perfect match, and the larger the area is and the more centered it is on the wall or ceiling, the more likely it is that you’re going to see it. texture on the wall to remove the majority of it. You don’t need to get rid of all of it — in fact, you want to be careful not to sand too deep and cut into the paper cover on the drywall. What you’re looking to do is knock down all of the high spots. Brush the wall down with a dry paintbrush or soft broom to get the bulk of the dust off it. Roll up the plastic sheeting to contain all the dust and dispose of the plastic, then put down new sheeting for the next operation. The next step is to apply a light skim coat of drywall joint compound over the entire wall. You can use all-purpose compound for this, but topping compound will go on smoother

and sand easier. For best results, thin the joint compound with a little water first to give it a smoother, creamier consistency that will allow it to trowel on easier. Use a 12-inch or larger drywall knife, and spread it onto the wall in broad strokes. The goal is to apply a thin, uniform coat over the entire wall, with as few ridges from the trowel as possible. Some ridges are going to be inevitable, and don’t worry about them — they’ll sand off later. But the fewer the better, since that’ll save you some sanding labor. Allow the compound to dry completely. It will become lighter as it dries — how long it takes depends on temperature, humidity and the thickness of the coat — but be sure that the entire wall is completely dry before proceeding. Next, sand the wall again lightly to remove any ridges, and then check your work. Use additional compound to fill in any low spots or flaws, allow the additional compound to dry, then lightly sand again. Thoroughly brush the wall down again, and you now have a smooth, uniform surface to work with, eliminating the need to try to match textures. You’ll now want to seal the wall, using a drywall sealer or other primer. This will help to prevent uneven absorption of the paint. After the primer is dry, apply the texture of your choice to the entire wall. When the texture is dry, prime everything a second time, which will seal the texture itself. This step is especially important if you’re using satin or semigloss paint. If you’ll be painting the wall with a dark color, have your paint store tint the primer for you, which will give you a more uniform finish color. Finally, paint the wall. Remodeling and repair questions? Email Paul at All product reviews are based on the author’s actual testing of free review samples provided by the manufacturers. INMAN NEWS






Flat roof sags, leaks after big snowstorm DEAR BARRY: I bought a second home in the mountains to use as a ski lodge and summer getaway. It has a flat roof, so I asked my home inspector if that would be OK in snow country. He assured me it was more than capable of draining and holding the snow. After we moved in, there was a big snowstorm. The roof sagged, ice formed over the roof drains, and we had major leakage and interior wall damage. My homeowners insurance covered the interior damage but not replacement of the faulty roof. The home inspector has insurance for errors and omissions, but the insurer denied my claim, saying the inspector could not have known the roof would leak. If the insurance com-


panies won’t cover the faulty roof, what recourse do I have? John DEAR JOHN: The purpose of a roof inspection is not simply to determine if a roof will leak. There are many roof issues that warrant attention regardless of whether there is leakage. Among these are conditions that involve potential leakage or inadequate construction, such as a flat roof in snow country. That is where your home inspector took a wrong turn. A home inspector who is

truly qualified would not give carte blanche approval to a flat roof where snow is involved. Home inspectors, unless they are licensed structural engineers, are not qualified to determine whether a roof structure is capable of withstanding snow loads. Your inspector should have indicated that this condition was questionable and should have recommended further evaluation by a structural engineer and a licensed roofing contractor. What’s more, the inspector’s insurance company is wrong in acquitting the inspector. Yes, he could not have known the roof would leak, but he should have known that this was a compromised condition that warranted further evaluation by

A home inspector who is truly qualified would not give carte blanche approval to a flat roof where snow is involved. Home inspectors, unless they are structural engineers, are not qualified to determine whether a roof structure is capable of withstanding snow loads. qualified experts. You should have an attorney write a forceful letter to the insurance company and to the inspector. DEAR BARRY: We sold our townhome to a couple who rented it back to us while our house was being built. Before the sale, they did several walk-throughs, including a home inspection, and we fixed everything they asked for. Now that we’ve moved out, they

are holding our security deposit because of defects they say were not disclosed. These include some carpet stains, a door that rubs against the jamb, a kitchen drawer that sometimes comes off the track, and unpainted walls in the closets. Are these things that should have been included in our disclosure statement? Tammy DEAR TAMMY: Sellers

are supposed to disclose all known defects, but when you live in a home, it is easy to become so used to minor defects, such as a rubbing door or a faulty drawer, that they don’t come to mind when filling out a disclosure statement. Reasonable buyers don’t make issues about typical wear and tear conditions and minor defects such as these. But you may have to give in since they are holding your deposit. A handyman is not likely to charge very much to plane a door and adjust a drawer. Likewise, carpet cleaning is not that expensive. They should be embarrassed, however, to make an issue over unpainted closets. To write to Barry Stone, visit him on the web at ACTION COAST PUBLISHING






Vaulted room offers spaciousness You can’t help but feel a relaxing sense of spaciousness as soon as you step into the Whittaker’s window-bright and vaulted great room. The gas fireplace, nestled into a corner by the windows, serves as a spirit-lifting focal point when skies are dark. On sunny days, meals can move outside onto the covered patio through sliding glass doors in the dining area. In this contemporary ranch-style home, the entry, too, is vaulted. So the home feels spacious as soon as you step inside. Double doors open into the den on the right, where natural light washes in through a set of wide Craftsman windows. While the home is designed with three bedrooms and a den, the den could be repurposed as an office, library-study, art studio, crafts-sewing center, or even a fourth bedroom. Secondary bedrooms and a bathroom are through an opening on the entry’s left. A handy coat closet is just around the corner to the right, after you pass into the main room. The well appointed kitchen is open to the vaulted gathering spaces across a flush eating bar, which can double as a buffet during parties, holiday gatherings and at other festive occasions. A builtin desk sits at the juncture of the kitchen and great room. It’s a natural location for dealing with household business and coordinating the activities of family members. Shelves stacked above the desk can house cookbooks, appliance instruction


Ceiling fans can help heat homes BY LORI JOHNSTON The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

manuals, and the like. A roomy storage closet lines part of the hallway leading to the Whittaker’s owners’ suite, next to a pass-through utility room that links with the two-car

garage. Owners’ suite amenities include a spacious walk-in closet and a two-section bathroom with a double vanity.

A review plan of the Whittaker 30-845, including floor plans, elevations, section and artist’s conception, can be purchased for $25 by phone, mail or online. Add $5 for shipping and handling. Associated Designs, 1100 Jacobs Drive, Eugene, OR, 97402. www.associated (800) 634-0123.

ATLANTA — Feeling the breeze from a ceiling fan just may be a step you can take toward greater energy efficiency this fall. You can save as much as 40 percent on the cost of cooling your home because a fan creates airflow that cools the people in the room, reducing the need for air conditioning, said Leslie Killingsworth, director of purchasing for Progressive Lighting/Lee Lighting stores. In the winter, she said, ceiling fans recirculate the warm air at the top of the room, which raises the temperature in the living space below. Using ceiling fans can trim heating costs by 10 percent, according to Casablanca Fan Co. Fans have become an extension of decorative lighting, with people returning to traditional styles with plated finishes or choosing a rustic style for a more casual look, Killingsworth said. Other fans have more natural materials, also fitting with the desire for a greener look and feel in homes. Ceiling fans with new DC motors (instead of the traditional AC motors) enable homeowners to use less electricity, said Phil Sherer, vice president of sales at Masterpiece Lighting. These four fans show a possible new direction for ceiling fans. I Savoy House Fan d’lier — The fan d’lier is a mix between a chandelier and ceiling fan. Fan d’liers

look like light fixtures but perform like fans, with the blades encased within the fan’s design. This style — the Bay St. Louis — has an antique copper finish and cream glass. Suggested retail price: $698, pro I Brewmaster Belt Driven Ceiling Fan — A pulleylike system rotates the blades in the Brewmaster belt-driven ceiling fan by Fanimation. It not only has a unique vintage style, but the company says it cuts down on electricity costs. Blade options include cherry, walnut, rosewood, bamboo and palm leaf styles. Suggested retail price: $760, fan I Emerson Midway Eco Fan — The sleek Emerson Midway Eco Fan, which is Energy Star-approved, has a motor that uses 75 percent less energy than other ceiling fans and blades that move up to 40 percent more air, according to the company. Prices vary, depending on size;, www.masterpiece I Casablanca Brescia Fan — Many of Casablanca Fan Co.’s fans have earned the Energy Star rating. Energy Star-qualified ceiling fans are generally about 20 percent more efficient than standard ceiling fans, according to the company. One of its styles, the Brescia, has an arts-and-crafts style for homes. Prices vary, depending on size; for dealers, visit casa /Support/Find-a-Casablanca-Dealer. MCT INFORMATION SERVICES






Rich, famous work to keep home sales secret BY LAUREN BEALE Los Angeles Times

LOS ANGELES — Madonna is selling her Beverly Hills estate, but she doesn’t want you to know about it. The sinewy singer is asking $28 million for the 16,500square-foot, French-Normandy-style mansion. You won’t find it, however, on the Multiple Listing Service, or other online marketplaces. Her real estate agent is quietly shopping it among a select network of Los Angeles-area brokers with deep-pocket clients. This velvet-rope tactic, known as a “pocket listing,” is being used more and more by celebrities and the wealthy in this TMZ age, said real estate agents specializing in high-end properties. Listing publicly just invites paparazzi mischief. With wordof-mouth marketing, there’s no for-sale sign on the front lawn or snoops traipsing through open houses. Actress Meg Ryan and billionaire venture capitalist Peter Thiel are among the wide-ranging contingent that has bought or sold through pocket listings in the past year. Also fueling the pursuit of privacy, experts said, is the change in the economy. The well-to-do have a stronger sense of needing to protect themselves and raise the draw-


Meg Ryan

bridge on the details of their lives, said clinical psychologist Stephen Goldbart, co-author of “Affluence Intelligence.” A recent convert to pocket listings is Randy Phillips, chief executive of concert-promotion powerhouse AEG Live, who sold a house late last year outside the MLS. The gated estate he had renovated in Beverly Hills went for $15.5 million, more than Phillips expected to get. “It’s the only way to sell a great house,” said Phillips, who has a passion for restoring homes. “Once it’s in the MLS, it ages like bread on a shelf.” Pocket listings have become the signature niche of Ben Bacal of Sotheby’s International Realty in the Hollywood Hills, who estimates about 70 percent of his business comes from such deals. He worked with Phillips on his sale and sold several other multimillion-dollar houses in Beverly Hills that way. Bacal plans to expand his role

3000 W Simpson » 10 Acres m/l Beautiful 5bedroom 2bath house, 2 car garage attached, cathedral ceilings in living area, balcony attached to master bedroom. It will be sold as is. Priced at $195,000 Call 405-273-5777 PUBLIC NOTICE! Foreclosures: MUST GO! FixerUppers HUD REO& BnkOwnd Homebuyers/Investors welcome Call for FREE list of 2-4bd homes PATRICK W/Allied 405-740-6616 Brick ranch-newer roof-2+ac-pool barn-deercrkschls-needs wk-as is $150Kcash1921ForestRd 3598159

OWNER FINANCING $2000 down 549 E Ercoupe, 3/1, $49,000 No Credit Check ‘ 596-4599 ‘ 745 Bouse Dr, 2/2/1, new remod, lg bk yd, $99,800, 405-250-4353.

Beautiful Ranchwood Manor Exec home 3bd 2K ba 3 liv, 2car 2300sf Only $145,900 Fidelity 410-4200

PUBLIC NOTICE! Foreclosures: MUST GO! FixerUppers HUD REO& BnkOwnd Homebuyers/Investors welcome Call for FREE list of 2-4bd homes PATRICK W/Allied 405-740-6616 7 Acres & updated 5bd 4ba 6670sf mol, 2 liv, 2 dining, 3 fp, blt 2005. 3800sf attached garage, huge workshop. Minutes from Norman $495,000 Realty Experts 414-8753

OPEN SUNDAY 2-4 7212 NW 120 St. Remodeled. 4/3/2 w/office & gameroom 405-314-6463 Joey

130 Acres Surface & 1/2 Minerals, N. of Lawton, OK

PRICE REDUCED $89,950 house & lg shop w/animal shed TERMS 4bd 2ba 1N Acre, additional A. available NE of Harrah Milburn o/a 275-1695 Call for Maps! See why we sell more acreages than anyone in Okla. E of OKC. o/a 275-1695 7 ac, 7800 sqft home blt in 2005 + 4000 sqft garage. Opportunity of a life time, $495,000. 301-6495

with the launch of an exclusive agent platform for pocket listings. “It’s a more sensible, low-key way to sell,” he said, and keep a transaction “hush-hush.” For Matt Pernice of NW Real Estate Brokers in Manhattan Beach, Calif., pocket listings are flourishing, making up to a third of all deals in the communities of Manhattan Beach and Hermosa Beach, Calif. The beach cities are popular with professional athletes and the occasional actor because the ritzy coastal location



7301 NW 23rd 787-1620

Immaculate log home on 160 ac, creek, wildlife, barn, corrals 1015 acre Ranch w/3bd, 31 ponds, barn, corrals, grazing/hunting 320 acres in Wichita Mntn very scenic & remote $1000/acre 40 acres on black top 1 hr from OKC, excellent home site/hunting 160 acres near Gracemont good hunting, soil, home site 2 Beautiful Girl Scout Camps west of I-35, in Binger & Granite 320 Acres near Hennessey & river 201 Acres, creek, pecans,Ardmore 478 Acres, creek & pecans, Madill 240Ac, hunting & ag, Tillman Co, Otter Creek, K mineral interest 262 Ac Madill area, pasture/hunt 341 Acres, Madill area, creek/ woods, pasture & hunting 340 Acres, Hughes Co, grazing & hunting, 2 large ponds $1350/acre TumbleweedTerrRE 580-569-4213

Bank Owned 3/2/1 brick .28 acre 2286sf $52,900 Rlty Exp 414-8753


Nat'l Collateral Recovery Franchise Co. has an exclusive operating franchise/business for sale in Oklahoma City. Finance background helpful. Financing available. If you have verifiable business management background and interested in owning your own business, contact Jim Golden, 432-332-0361.

1st Mo Rent Selected units 2 & 3 bed Townhouses Washer/Dryers, Fireplaces, P.C. Schools



8100 N. MacArthur Blvd

$99 Special

1 & 2 BD & Townhouses

NOTICE To-Be-Built Warehouse Bldg. Invest. $290T ROI 16% Call 405.843.5511 OKC

2322 NW 20th 2 bed 1 ba 864sf new paint and fixtures $750 mo, $300 dep 405-409-7989 no sec 8 1503 NW 17th, 2 bed, all appls, W/D, $600 mo + dep. 314-9511. 1721 NW 1st 1bed 1bath 681-7272


Bills Paid

Furnished/Unfurnished Weekly/Monthly 370-1077

•City bus route/Shopping •Washer/Dryer hookups

Duplex, 1 bed, as is, best offer, 1020 NE 18th, 405-424-2201.

Nice Shop Bldg for Rent: 50x60, 3 overhead doors, office space in front. Good access. N. of Newcastle on svc road. Call 921-1953

GREAT Office Space. Various NW locations, 300-6000sf 946-2516

The Plaza 1740 NW 17th 1bd 1ba 800sf, granite counters, all elec $675 mo, $300 dep 409-7989

4237 Sunnyview Dr 3/1.5/1 $695 681-7272 3008 Hillside Dr. 3 bd, 2 ba, 2 car, ch&a $795mo, $700dep. 670-2132

800 N Meridian - 1bd All bills paid Brand New 2bd 2ba 946-9506

4 bed, 2 bath, 3 car garage on 3ac. $1,000/month. 405-341-6164

3 SW OKC Locations $345 to 420 mo 632-9849

Furnished/Unfurnished. Bills Paid » Wkly/Mnthly. Wes Chase Apts Elk Horn Apts, Hillcrest, 370-1077 Furnished Effi & 1bd » $320-360 + elec. 2820 S Robinson 232-1549

Special Govt Program! Own Land/ Family Land ZERO down. Don't prejudge credit! E-Z qualify by phone! $2,000 furniture package w/purchase. Homes starting $26,500 & up. WAC 405-602-4526

529 E Douglas 3/1 $695 5209 E Eden 4/2.5/2 $1295 Express Realty 844-6101 OKC Schools 9504 MacIntosh Ave. 4 BR, 1.5 BA, cent. heat/air, cpted, fncd bkyrd, $625 plus $275 sec. 733-0470 513 E. Boeing 2 bed 1 bath fenced backyard ch&a, w/d hook-up with appliances. 405-501-6570

Gated, secure Grand Point TH 2b 2b 2car. All appls. FP, Avail Now! $975mo Melva 728-8476


Any condition. No cost to U

2736 SW 53 1030sf 3bed 1ba 1car $700 mo $500 dep 405-409-7989 no sec 8 » K Off 2nd Month Rent! » 1404 S Youngs Newly built 2/1 $550 ¡ Free List ¡ 681-7272 Remodeled 3bd/1ba/2car det gar $600+ $400dep. ¡ Lg 1bd/1ba $375+$300 dep. ¡ 631-8220 3504 SW 38th 3bd 1ba $485 3200 S Dumas Lane 2bd 1ba $395 Free List ¡ 681-7272 3bd, 2K bth 2300sq ft. 3car gar NO PETS SW 83rd 229-7295

7412 SE 15, Nice 3 bed 1 bath 1 car $650 per mo. 732-3411

4/2/2 half acre WH Schs. 7721 Pearl. $950 » 672-2120

DOLLHOUSE 928 SW 10, 3-1-1 fp, DW/disp ch/a $750mo $750 dep. Open Sun 1:30-3:30 405-974-0373

1628 Sheffield Rd 3/2/1 Fenced CH&A, FP, 450sq ft club room, NO SEC 8 Appt. Only $840, 843-5853

Executive 1bd 1 ba $990/month or sale $140,000. 405-205-2343

2212 Bradford Cir 3/2/2 $1195 1730 Riviera Ln 2/2/2 $925 Express Realty 844-6101

Quail Creek Area 3b 3b 2300sq ft $1500mnth No Pets 405-607-0402 11211 Stewart Nicoma Park 3/1 detached garage on 2.5 acres $750 681-7272

1 bed, 1 bath with washer & dryer $465 1yr lease NW OKC 818-4455

Great 2 bed, neighbors & price. 2217 NE 19th--405-424-2201.

Rent to Own: Nice 2 & 3bed MWC $350 & up 390-9777 2 & 3 BED MHs & HOUSES » » » 733-8688 » » »

Lg 1 & 2Bd close to SNU. Covered parking. $345-$445mo 470-3535

Oldetowne, 1622 Ember, 2bd, 1car, 1 mi. to Tinker, 769-7177. 2bd/1ba, ctrl heat, fncd yd 1051 Carter $450 + $400dep 741-0117



10125 Southridge Dr 3bd 2ba 2car, Moore schls, 1700sf, $1000 mo, $900 dep 409-7989 no sec 8

3 BED $750 MO +; STUDIO 1BD BILLS PD $500MO ¡ 721-0296

3bd 2ba vinyl siding, Ready now! $22K financing avail. 324-8000

160 Ac.: Cotton County Joins over 10,400 acre refuge Highs Auction & Real Estate 580-875-6500

Immaculate 3/1.5/2 new hdwd flrs & granite kitchen 1yr lse $800 + $800dep. 2528 El Toro 627-3791

434 W Ercoupe 3 bd, 1.5 ba, 1 car, ch&a $795mo, $700dep 670-2132

AWESOME! 32x80 Palm Harbor repo Starting @ $648mo 324-8000

Sat. Nov. 10th 10 am

$495 $525 $550

3bd, 2a brick, $800mo, $700dep. 9809 Waverly Ave. 229-7437

No Land? Just want a home! Have down pymt money. Don't prejudge your credit. We have program for you WAC 631-7600

NEW 3bd/2bth $1500 down, $381 mo. wac 405-324-8010

608 SE 49th 3bd 1bath 1502 SE 64th 2bd 1ba 1car 1161 SE 21st 2bd 1ba 681-7272


Lg 1 & 2Bd close to SNU. Covered parking. $345-$445mo 470-3535

Large 1 & 2 beds. Stove, refrig,

OCU-Shepherd Mall, lg historical 3/4 bd, 2 ba, $450+dep, 524-0222.

Large 2bd, W/D hkup, stove, $485 128 SE 38th St. ¡ 745-4414 612 Reynolds Rd 3/1.5/1 681-7272

1 bed furnished, $350 + $150 dep; 2 bed mobile, $390 + dep; references required; 321-4773.

Wooded creek and good pasture; EXCELLENT deer, turkey & quail hunting; EXCELLENT fishing lake nearby. 580-571-1279 or 580-254-2216

» 3048 Overland Dr 3bd 1.5ba 1c ch&a nice , fncd $650 476-5011

MAYFAIR Great loc! 1&2 bd W/D hdwd flr quiet secure ¡ 947-5665

Vic. NW 50th & Portland, 2bd, 1ba from $540 per mo. 692-5584

For Lease - Piedmont Schools Extra nice home 3bed, 2ba, 2,072 sq. ft. $1,250 mo. 405-408-1288

Welcome Home! 2 & 3 bd homes. Call now for appt 831-4183

No Dep-No App Fee 1&2bds from $400 10th & Rockwell 603-8626

•ABC• Affordable, Bug free, Clean » 787-7212»

7705 NW 116th, 3 bed, 2 bath, 2 car, ch&a, $1045 rent/$1045 deposit, no section 8, 405-370-1077.

711 NW 22nd 3bd, 1ba, $600mo, $600dep. ch&a, fncd yrd 524-0887

1 Month Free

Furnished/Unfurnished. Bills Paid » Wkly/Mnthly. Wes Chase Apts Elk Horn Apts, Hillcrest, 370-1077

2/2/2 2917 Rosewood; 3/2/2 7207 Kings Manor Court No Sec 8, No pets, 405-749-7877

1227 NW 45, 2bd, 1ba, 1car $575 +$575dep ch&a, fncd yrd 524-0887

3/2/2, nice area, close to Council Road, $950 mo + dep, 205-2067.

Oakwood Apts-5824 NW 34th 1 bed 1 bath 800sf $350/mo $175/dep u pay electric 405-409-7989 no sec 8

Darling 3/1/1 car, 1,050 sq ft, all app. NO smokers/pets or Sec 8 $825 month + 825 deposit. 5301 N. Miller Ave. OPEN SUN. NOV. 4th 2-4pm

2253 NW 41st 2bd 1ba 1car 800sf, wood floors, all appls, $785 mo, $500 dep 409-7989 no sec 8

Large 2bd $595 Casady 751-8088

130 Acres Surface & 1/2 Minerals, N. of Lawton, OK

Rent to Own: Nice 2 & 3bed MWC $350 & up 390-9777

5826 Hefner Village Ct 3bed 2.5ba 2 car 1548sf all appls, $1125/mo $900/dep, no sec 8 409-7989

Valencia Apts

OWNER FINANCING $2000 down 6913 S Ashby, 3/2, $55,000 No Credit Check ‘ 596-4599 ‘

Abandoned D/W set up on 6 acres. Ready to move in. Many to choose from. Statewide 631-7600


2221 N. Meridian 946-6548

5 WOODED AC near Noble new well/sept. 405-426-5566 5.11 A. $28,950, $950dn. $264mo. 18miSWofOkc nr Tuttle 640-8811

$200 off

We Buy Houses Fast Cash or Payments. 405-708-4833.

Office or Retail Space in Yukon Arvest Plaza - 915 Cornwell Dr. Call Jim at 405-942-9905 3337 Murray Dr. $80K 3bd 1ba 2 living, Western Heights HS Michele, Express South 323.5251

is close to Los Angeles International Airport and the Lakers’ and Kings’ training facilities in El Segundo. Pernice also markets the benefits of pocket listings on his website as a buying tool for finding the best homes in a low-inventory market as well as a way to create a layer of privacy. Some sellers don’t want a sign in the ground, Pernice said. “They don’t want the neighbors to know.” Beyond pocket listings, a traditional way for well-heeled

1st Mo Rent Selected Units Large Townhomes & Apartments • Washer, Dryers, pools • PC Schools, fireplaces

7602 N Western Ave. Shopping Center space for rent. 370-1077

Wooded creek and good pasture; EXCELLENT deer, turkey & quail hunting; EXCELLENT fishing lake nearby. 580-571-1279 or 580-254-2216 1N to 10A, E. of OKC, pay out dn. before 1st pmt. starts, many are M/H ready over 400 choices, lg trees, some with ponds, TERMS Milburn o/a 275-1695

Matt Pernice is a real estate broker in Mahattan Beach, Calif., who specializes in private, "pocket" listings of homes for sale. Pernice says pocket listings are flourishing, making up to a third of all deals in the tony area. MCT PHOTO

property owners to shield their identities is to buy real estate in the name of a trust. Not all stars have managed to keep a low profile. Singer Britney Spears’ use of the Love Shack Trust to buy and sell houses — including the sale this year of her Italian Renaissance-inspired villa for $4.253 million — attracted attention because it was so specific. “You want generic names,” said Jim Cody, managing director for estate, trust and philanthropy services at the national firm Harris myCFO. “The more general the name, the better. When you Google that name, you are going to get millions of hits.” But even mundane names can lose the cloak of invisibility. Nicolas Cage’s Hancock Park Real Estate Trust became commonly known when he lost his Los Angeles trophy home to tax problems. In recent years, many wealthy real estate buyers have turned to limited liability companies, Cody said. That legal entity limits an owner’s liability and, like a trust, can use a fictitious name. Sometimes even the listing agents are kept in the dark about a property’s ownership, Cody said. “The goal is (to) make it opaque to the outside world as to who the beneficiary is.”

MOVE IN NOW! Pd. water/garbage Quiet. Try Plaza East • 341-4813

3 bed apts. available NOW! Rent based on income. Apply at James town Square Apts, 1200 NW 10th, 794-0201.

905 NW 21 Mesta Park 2 bed 1ba 1 car, 1200sf. Just beautiful wood floors! modern fixtures, all appls, no pets $1200mo $900dep 405-409-7989 no sec 8 Casita Blanca 2 bed 1 ba 1car modern comes with stainless steel appliances 1000sf $1000 mo $900 dep 409-7989 no sec 8

2646 NW 34 2/1/1 $650 6717 NW 131 3/2/2 $1250 2528 NW 40th 2/1 $600 5911 N Ross 3/2/2 $1095 12305 Cedar Springs 2/2.5/2 $850 1622 Sheffield 3/1 $675 Express Realty 844-6101 KAT Properties-Apt & Homes for rent. Scan this w/your phone app

Great Location and PC Schools 4140 Holiday Place 3bed, 1.75ba, 2 Car Garage, 1425 sq ft central heat, central A/C, Kent @ 580-278-2150

PROFESSIONAL REAL ESTATE SERVICES » SINCE 1982 Mgmt » Leasing » Sales Spectrum Management 848-9400

Female seeks same to share house in Del City $375mo, util. incl. smoking ok 326-9114, 10a-8p Warm Inside. Downtown OKC. Fair rates. Townhouse Hotel 405-235-7292





Building permits Oklahoma City Kirkpatrick Forest Curtis PC, 7007 SW 44, Hobby Lobby, warehouse, add-on, $24,500,000. BJ’s Restaurant Operations Co., 325 Outlet Shoppes Drive, restaurant, erect, $900,000. Red Rock Builders, 1101 NW 178, shell building, erect, $700,000. Terra Construction Inc., 5801 SW 63, office, remodel, $690,600. Specialty Construction Services LLC, 131 Park Ave., condominium-townhouse, remodel, $450,000. Specialty Construction Services LLC, 131 Park Ave., condominium-townhouse, remodel, $450,000. Construction Unlimited Inc., 2603 SW 119, shell building, erect, $400,000. Construction Unlimited Inc., 2605 SW 119, shell building, erect, $400,000. Robert Treece, 12310 Northwest Expressway, barn, erect, $400,000. Landmark Fine Homes LP, 11901 Tuscany Ranch Road, residence, erect, $385,000. Christopher Lee & Co., 16756 Little Leaf Lane, residence, erect, $380,000. Aaron Tatum Custom Homes LLC, 5504 NW 120, residence, erect, $352,150. Christopher Lee & Co., 16624 Little Leaf Lane, residence, erect, $350,000. Eric Cheatham Construction Co., 12601 Quartz Place, residence, erect, $347,000. GLW Homes LLC, 13336 SE 95, residence, erect, $320,000. Community Health Centers Inc., 411 NW 11, medical clinic-office, remodel, $320,000. Neal McGee Homes Inc., 16764 Little Leaf Lane, residence, erect, $317,543. Bridgeway Estates LLC, 15504 Kestral Park Court, residence, erect, $310,000. Mitchford Construction, 4800 Kennington Lane, residence, erect, $310,000. Mike Metcalf Construction LLC, 12625 Carnelian Way, residence, erect, $300,000. Mike Metcalf Construction LLC, 12625 Carnelian Way, residence, erect, $300,000. Cupit Construction Inc., 6415 N Meridian Ave., retail sales, erect, $300,000. Mike Metcalf Construction LLC, 3620 SW 126 Terrace, residence, erect, $280,000. Angelia Bailey, 11500 E Memorial Road, residence, erect, $275,000. Stone Creek Homes Ltd., 12612 Horsepen Road, residence, erect, $270,000. Authentic Custom Homes LLC, 8412 NW 140, residence, erect, $255,000. SAS Constructors, 6616 N Western Ave., supplement, supplement, $250,000. Jason Powers Homes, 8905 NW 110, residence, erect, $250,000. J.E. Dunn Construction, 2801 E Memorial Road, medical clinic-office, remodel, $250,000. Seagull Homes, 13152 Cottingham Road, residence, erect, $250,000. Willa Construction Co. Inc., 3104 SW 138, residence, erect, $250,000. J.W. Mashburn Development Inc., 3205 SW 138, residence, erect, $249,000. Aaron Tatum Custom Homes LLC, 5313 NW 122 Terrace, residence, erect, $243,900. Seagull Homes, 5520 NW 130, residence, erect, $240,000. Bill Atkinson Homes LLC, 1500 NW 173 Terrace, residence, erect, $215,000. Treasure Built Homes, 7608 Deer Meadow Drive, residence, erect, $205,000. Saratoga Roofing & Construction, 17300 Ridgewood Drive, residence, erect, $200,000. RBA Architects, 9701 Boardwalk Blvd., office, remodel, $200,000. Denise Patterson Custom Homes, 3320 NW 163, residence, erect, $191,900. Lowery Homes LLC, 10309 Walnut Hollow Drive, residence, erect, $190,000. Lowery Homes LLC, 9025 NW 83, residence, erect, $190,000. Taber Built Homes LLC, 3409 Stone Brook Court, residence, erect, $190,000. James Bell, 10101 Brentwood Manor Drive, residence, erect, $185,000. S&D Homes, 720 Evening Drive, residence, erect, $185,000. Timber Craft Homes LLC, 8305 NW 143 Terrace, residence, erect, $185,000. Baer Hall Homes, 17017 Prado Drive, residence, erect, $180,000. Seagull Homes, 5624 NW 130, residence, erect, $180,000. Taber Built Homes LLC, 2429 NW 156, residence, erect, $180,000. 4 Corners Construction LLC, 14617 Almond Valley Drive, residence, erect, $170,000.

Treasure Built Homes, 7600 Deer Meadow Drive, residence, erect, $170,000. 4 Corners Construction LLC, 6000 SE 148, residence, erect, $168,000. Home Sweet Home LLC, 8613 SW 58 Circle, residence, erect, $164,410. Cutter Homes, 11756 SW 24 Terrace, residence, erect, $160,000. Jeff Click Homes LLC, 17609 Black Hawk Drive, residence, erect, $160,000. Martin & Murphy Family Construction LLC, 3700 Catamaran Drive, residence, erect, $160,000. Martin & Murphy Family Construction LLC, 3702 Catamaran Drive, residence, erect, $160,000. Martin & Murphy Family Construction LLC, 3704 Catamaran Drive, residence, erect, $160,000. Martin & Murphy Family Construction LLC, 3706 Catamaran Drive, residence, erect, $160,000. Jeff Click Homes LLC, 17605 Black Hawk Drive, residence, erect, $154,000. Olde Towne Homes LLC, 11016 Meadowlake Farms Drive, residence, erect, $150,000. SWM & Sons Inc., 7435 E Memorial Road, residence, erect, $148,960. SGS LLC, 4400 SW 15, storage, addon, $140,000. 4 Corners Construction LLC, 4208 NE 116, residence, erect, $138,000. Authentic Custom Homes LLC, 8017 Calm Water Drive, residence, erect, $137,300. Home Sweet Home LLC, 9120 NW 141, residence, erect, $134,200. SWM & Sons Inc., 7431 E Memorial Road, residence, erect, $131,635. Home Sweet Home LLC, 9112 NW 139, residence, erect, $127,240. W&W Homes & Construction LLC, 3705 Beckets Crown Court, residence, erect, $125,000. W&W Homes & Construction LLC, 3700 Beckets Crown Court, residence, erect, $125,000. W&W Homes & Construction LLC, 3704 Beckets Crown Court, residence, erect, $125,000. Bryce Enterprises LLC, 2313 Wayne Cutt Ave., residence, erect, $120,000. Sitexcell, 7800 NW 10, tower-antenna, install, $120,000. Home Creations, 1604 NW 126, residence, erect, $119,700. Home Creations, 11620 SW 10, residence, erect, $119,700. Home Creations, 11616 SW 10, residence, erect, $117,200. Home Creations, 1608 NW 126, residence, erect, $112,500. Synergy Construction Services LLP, 2700 SW 125, residence, remodel, $111,000. Harbor Homes, 17113 Avila Lane, residence, erect, $110,000. Harbor Homes, 17104 Cadiz Court, residence, erect, $110,000. Downey Contracting LLC, 601 N Pennsylvania Ave., accessory, erect, $101,250. SAIC, 825 NE 13, shell building, remodel, $100,000. Bryce Enterprises LLC, 2317 Makaila Way, residence, erect, $100,000. Omni Construction LLC, 5517 SW 29, warehouse, add-on, $100,000. Star Construction, 2816 Melina Drive, residence, erect, $99,000. Star Construction, 9812 SW 28, residence, erect, $99,000. Struble Construction, 1117 NW 15, residence, erect, $90,000. Clark Construction, 3130 SW 89, medical clinic-office, remodel, $87,100. Ideal Homes of Norman LP, 2617 NW 185, residence, erect, $85,000. Home Creations, 609 Inverleith Circle, residence, erect, $81,400. Chris San Filippo, 17701 NE 192, residence, erect, $80,000. Home Creations, 613 Inverleith Circle, residence, erect, $79,300. Ideal Homes of Norman LP, 15225 Stillwind Drive, residence, erect, $78,000. Ideal Homes of Norman LP, 1120 SW 155, residence, erect, $78,000. Ideal Homes of Norman LP, 15249 Stillwind Drive, residence, erect, $75,000. Arcvision, 4839 NW 39, restaurant, remodel, $75,000. Cornerstone Group LLC, 10628 SW 36, residence, erect, $65,000. Sitexcell, 7800 NW 10, equipment, modular, $56,000. David Hammond, 9801 S Sooner Road, manufactured home, move-on, $54,792. Fuller Miller, 2500 Shull Ave., storage, erect, $45,000. Fuller Miller Construction, 2500 Shull Ave., storage, erect, $45,000. Fuller Miller Construction, 2500 Shull

Ave., storage, add-on, $45,000. Julisa Valdez, 1708 NW 21, residence, fire restoration, $41,118. Index/Corken, 3805 NW 36, office, remodel, $40,850. Derick Winsett, 16533 SE 89, barn, erect, $40,000. Gilbert Chapa, 15000 Happy Valley Drive, accessory, erect, $35,000. Robert Baxendale, 13313 Oakcliff Road, residence, add-on, $35,000. Anderson & House Inc., 4400 N Lincoln Blvd., medical clinic-office, remodel, $35,000. Welcome Home LLC, 1309 Life Style Lane, manufactured home, move-on, $35,000. Kahkesh Properties LLC, 10911 N Western Ave., restaurant, remodel, $35,000. Robert Tharp, 7620 NW 130 Terrace, storm shelter, install-storm shelter, $28,000. Robert Rader, 9901 S Mustang Road, accessory, erect, $27,000. Callahan Steel Buildings (Curt), 5809 SE 145, accessory, erect, $24,000. Four Seasons Sunrooms, 4017 NE 138 Terrace, residence, add-on, $21,000. Cellxion Wireless Services, 226 SW 134, equipment, install, $20,000. Haynes Remodeling, 618 Wandering Way, residence, add-on, $19,000. Michael Riley, 14508 Almond Valley Drive, accessory, erect, $18,000. Precision Builders, 13801 N Bryant Ave., business, remodel, $17,512. Charley Westfall, 6320 S County Line Road, accessory, erect, $16,500. Pamcorp, 413 NE 38 Terrace, towerantenna, install, $15,000. Tim Hughes Custom Homes LLC, 2814 W Country Club Drive, office, remodel, $15,000. JAH Realty LP, 2229 NW 138, retail sales, remodel, $14,000. Greg Stephens, 3735 Janet Circle, barn, erect, $13,800. Sine Construction LLC, 4716 Innsbrook Lane, cabana-gazebo, erect, $12,000. 4 Corners Construction LLC, 5825 SE 142, storage, erect, $10,000. Gustavo Lopez, 1000 SW 50, accessory, erect, $10,000. Jason Klein, 9009 NW 10, manufactured home, move-on-mobile home park, $10,000. Mark Walther, 3304 S Woodward Ave., residence, fire restoration, $10,000. Clark Construction, 7601 S Shields Blvd., automotive sales, move-on, $10,000. LG Construction, 11041 NW 10, office, move-on, $10,000. Weatherford, 3504 N Cimarron Road, canopy-carport, erect, $10,000. Gordon Caldwell, 4415 Topaz Circle, accessory, erect, $9,600. Napa Construction LLC, 3217 NW 54 Circle, residence, fire restoration, $9,600. Ai Trinh, 1532 NW 33, duplex, fire restoration, $9,000. Ai Trinh, 1534 NW 33, duplex, fire restoration, $9,000. Gary Oakes, 1400 NW 16, residence, remodel, $8,000. Robert Wilskerson, 12612 Jacinth Court, storm shelter, complete, $8,000. Salvador Diaz, 1437 NW 94, canopycarport, add-on, $8,000. Ramey Steel, 8004 Ambassador Road, accessory, erect, $6,500. Grace Contracting, 2713 SW 29, retail sales, remodel, $5,000. Ruben Deloera, 4609 N Warren Ave., canopy-carport, add-on, $5,000. No name provided, 11722 S Western Ave., tower-antenna, install, $5,000. Sprint Spectrum LP, 11722 S Western Ave., tower-antenna, install, $5,000. Sprint Spectrum. LP, 5012 SW 20, tower-antenna, install, $5,000. Stephen Lewis, 9305 Maybrook Drive, storm shelter, install-storm shelter, $4,500. Mark Herde, 7913 Westwood Lane, ac-


cessory, erect, $4,200. Jesse Brown, 5721 SE 86, storm shelter, install-storm shelter, $3,995. Don and Sue Conrad, 11141 West Country Drive, accessory, install, $3,600. Gerry Allen, 9201 Bella Vista Lane, storm shelter, install-storm shelter, $3,300. Ted Rossman, 9113 Lolly Lane, storm shelter, install-storm shelter, $3,145. Becky Tiede, 33 NW 147, storm shelter, install-storm shelter, $3,000. Connie Peterson, 15820 Big Cypress Drive, storm shelter, install-storm shelter, $3,000. Don Burris, 3620 NW 62, storm shelter, install-storm shelter, $3,000. Frank Desroche, 8300 Lakeaire Drive, storm shelter, install-storm shelter, $3,000. Karen Ann Johnston, 1113 SW 99 Terrace, storm shelter, install-storm shelter, $3,000. Melissa Vaught, 2308 Butternut Place, storm shelter, install-storm shelter, $3,000. Paul Poirier, 1513 NW 176, storm shelter, install-storm shelter, $3,000. Steve Schmidt, 2216 NW 120, storm shelter, install-storm shelter, $3,000. Arcvision, 4839 NW 39, canopy-carport, erect, $3,000. Christy Liebel, 617 NW 142, residence, install-storm shelter, $2,995. Kevin Hiel, 10329 Ashford Drive, storm shelter, install-storm shelter, $2,995. Nicol Morgheim, 1424 NW 187, storm shelter, install-storm shelter, $2,995. R. Trent Rhodes, 4001 Pamela Lane, storm shelter, install-storm shelter, $2,850. Charles Thornton, 10351 Sundance Drive, storm shelter, install-storm shelter, $2,800. Jonathan Biard, 18717 Hunter Creek Drive, storm shelter, install-storm shelter, $2,800. Mark Sessing, 16005 Stoneview Drive, storm shelter, install-storm shelter, $2,800. David Trupiano, 5605 NW 164 Terrace, storm shelter, install-storm shelter, $2,700. John J. Jr. and Marlo Gbattig, 14301 SE 75, storm shelter, install-storm shelter, $2,695. Larry Oster, 3117 SW 107, storm shelter, install-storm shelter, $2,595. Charles Miller, 4015 SE 86 Place, storm shelter, install-storm shelter, $2,570. Michael Reed, 2433 NW 48, canopycarport, add-on, $2,000. Laura Salinas, 3132 NW 32, accessory, erect, $1,500. Rosendo Soto, 2915 NW 13, accessory, erect, $1,495. Sooner Carports, 3512 N Tulsa Ave., canopy-carport, erect, $1,300. Lance-Karl R. Hiltbrand, 2709 NW 67, accessory, add-on, $1,000. Red Rock Builders, 1101 NW 178, retail sales, remodel, $1,000. Shanbour Shopping Centers Inc., 3513 N Classen Blvd., restaurant, remodel, $1,000.

Demolitions Kendall Concrete, 1209 NE 15, residence. Kendall Concrete, 2205 N Bath Ave., residence. Kendall Concrete, 1406 Monticello Court, residence. Kendall Concrete, 1212 NE 16, accessory. Chris San Filippo, 17701 NE 192, residence. Keo Khouthauong, 2857 NW 21, residence. Kendall Concrete, 2424 S Central Ave., residence. Kendall Concrete, 2536 W Lindley Ave., residence. Ray’s Trucking, 645 SE 10, accessory. Crosby Construction, 8400 Waverly Ave., single-family residence. Crosby Construction, 1729 S Missouri Ave., single-family residence.

The Oklahoman Real Estate  

The Oklahoman Real Estate

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