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The Listing of the Week is a two-story brick house just off the golf course in the Fairways at Surrey Hills addition in northwest Oklahoma City. PAGE XF

The Gerard’s rear elevation has the look of a vacation retreat, but its front and interior make it suited for year-round residency. PAGE XF


Mi-Ling Stone Poole






Listen to new ideas A reader’s “independent listening room” is an interesting place to come and relax. But it could use some features to soften things up a bit. PAGE 3F


Pennie and Martin Vandenbroek, who moved from California, learned the Bethany home they now own was on the market from a neighbor in the Rockwell Oaks neighborhood, near NW 30 and Rockwell Ave. PHOTOS BY DAVID MCDANIEL, THE OKLAHOMAN BY TIM FALL Special Correspondent

BETHANY — Martin and Pennie Vandenbroek found their Rockwell Oaks home the way new residents of the neighborhood have for years. A friend — in this case Pennie’s sister — sent out the alert: A house had come onto the market, a nice one. “We saw the pictures and bought it,” said Martin Vandenbroek, who in 2008 retired from the University of California at Santa Barbara, where he operated the instructional clean room, teaching students how to build semiconductors. Pennie, who loved Bethany’s “small-townish feel” with “everything you need” right next door in Oklahoma City, sold the Lompoc, Calif., tea shop she operated — Penelope’s Teas and Gifts — to a customer. In the summer of 2008, the

Vandenbroeks moved halfway across the country into their new home. Rick Farmer, president of the Rockwell Oaks Neighborhood Association, said he sees a common interest among all the families in the shaded, hilly enclave. “We want to build bonds,” he said. “A bunch of people living next door to each other is not the same as a neighborhood.” Rockwell Oaks includes about 60 to 70 homes on Divis Avenue, Briarwood and Timber Avenue, bounded on the north by NW 31 and on the south by NW 30, just west of Rockwell Avenue. Neighborhood bonding is done at ice cream socials, cookouts and at the neighborhood Christmas party — events supported by neighborhood association dues. Farmer said one additional event has recently been organized, an all-neighborhood garage sale scheduled for late September. Lately, a few more houses in the neighborhood than usual have be-

Bill Cunningham is outside his home in the Rockwell Oaks neighborhood in Bethany.

come available as longtime elderly residents have moved into assisted living or died, he said. “We hate to see empty houses,” Farmer said. “Now we’re eager to meet the new families that are going to discover these homes.” Farmer’s wife, Marjean, said she chose Rockwell Oaks in 2007 because she was looking for a Colo-

nial-style house, and because of “all the vacant land around.” “I love hearing horses at night on all the pastureland around here,” she said. Bill Cunningham picked his Timber Avenue house in 1998 “because we loved the pool,” he SEE OAKS, PAGE 2F

Inexpensive fixes can hasten home sale Foreclosures are still unusually prevalent in many neighborhoods throughout the country. And prospective home sellers who live in such communities often fear they’ll face stiff competition from bank-owned properties offered at deep discounts. But Sid Davis, a veteran real estate broker and author, said that with hard work and small sums of money, many sellers can make their properties outshine those that lenders have repossessed and put back on the market. “A tremendous number of foreclosed homes were in junk condition when the banks took them back. Though the banks do hire contractors, most will only pay for basic restoration work, like replacing appliances that were ripped out,” said Davis, author of “Home Makeovers That Sell.” He said that several properties he’s listed re-

Ellen James Martin SMART MOVES

cently received multiple, strong offers and sold quickly, despite their locations in neighborhoods with high foreclosure rates. These sales were successful, he said, because the owners invested their time, money and energy to make their domains more appealing than the foreclosed homes. Here are several pointers on how to get started: Start by gaining control of your home environment through planning. Vicki Norris, a professional organizer and author of “Restoring Order to Your Home,” said many sellers find the home sale

preparation process overwhelming because they fail to plan ahead. In addition to the essential “to do list,” which should include all the presale tasks itemized by your listing agent, you should also create a realistic timeline for completion of all the steps, Norris said. To keep yourself from running aground in pursuit of your goal, Norris said it’s also critically important that you schedule periodic work breaks and small rewards to help you maintain your momentum. Zero in on your kitchen. Is your kitchen showing signs of wear and tear? If so, Davis recommends several low-cost ways to improve its appearance without hiring a contractor. “Most wood cabinets look vastly better after you clean them with Murphy Oil Soap and then rub them down with lemon oil.

Independent mortgage bankers and subsidiaries made an average profit of $1,135 on each loan they originated in 2009, compared to $305 per loan in 2008, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association Annual 2009 Mortgage Bankers Production Survey. The increase was driven by a drop in total loan production expenses to $3,685 per loan in 2009 from $4,717 per loan in 2008. Total loan production income dropped slightly to $4,820 per loan in 2009 from $5,023 per loan in 2008. Profits increased in 2009 over 2008 as higher origination volumes, particularly in refinancing, reduced per-loan production expenses, said Marina Walsh, the association’s associate vice president of industry analysis.

If they still need help, sand and re-stain them or paint them in high-gloss white paint. Also, for less than $50 you can improve the looks of your cabinets with new handles and hinges,” he said. In addition, you can replace a worn kitchen floor inexpensively by laying new tile, a skill Davis said is easy to acquire through a free or low-cost class offered online or through a home center store. “Your kitchen is the most important space in your house because that’s where the action is. Sellers who invest modest amounts of money there can usually recoup most, if not all, of their outlays,” he said. Count on painting to improve your odds. One proven strategy for adding appeal to your interior is to paint the walls and trim throughout. For advice on painting technique, consult the websites of major paint com-

panies, or borrow a manual or video on the topic from the library. “The only major elements to good painting involve solid preparation — mainly sanding and surfacing — and attention to detail,” Davis said. Find contractors for the most challenging projects. Nowadays many home sellers have limited funds to call in contractors for complex or hazardous repairs, such as roofing or electrical work. But that doesn’t mean they should attempt such projects themselves, Davis said. To maximize your scarce funds for necessary home improvement work, Davis suggests you seek three to four competitive bids from contractors who come highly recommended, and you could get the work done at “a very fair price.”

E-mail Ellen James Martin at UNIVERSAL UCLICK

WD-40 IN RETRO CAN WD-40 lubricant is celebrating its history by offering a Now & Then Twin Pack of an 8-ounce WD-40 Collector’s Can along with an 8-ounce Smart Straw can. The black-and-yellow retro can harks back to the 1950s, when WD-40 was used in the aerospace industry. The company also is offering customers the chance to win weekly contests and a $2,500 grand prize by joining the online WD-40 Now & Then Group and sharing how they first used the product. To join, go to The twin pack sells for about $7 in the automotive department of Walmart and at other participating retailers. STAFF AND WIRE REPORTS

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Left: Rick and Marjean Farmer’s Colonial-style house in the Rockwell Oaks neighborhood, which residents say was known as the “fancy part of Bethany” when homes were being built in the 1960s and 1970s. PHOTO BY DAVID MCDANIEL, THE OKLAHOMAN

Oaks: Shady streets, lawns beckon FROM PAGE 1F

said. In his shaded front yard, Cunningham’s five sons, ages 7 to 17 years old, “build forts, camp out, you name it,” he said. Homes in Rockwell Oaks were built primarily in the late 1960s and 1970s, according to residents. “This was known as the fancy part of Bethany,” Cunningham said. “Lots of the houses have granite floors, or slate, or terrazzo tiles.” On a hot, humid mid-July day, Rockwell Oaks felt comfortable, its streets shaded and lawns sunlight-dappled by mature trees. Jerry Griffin, who moved to Timber Avenue with his wife, Debbie, in the mid 1990s, recently retired after 31 years at Putnam City North High School. Griffin served as offensive coordinator for the Panthers — coaching, among many others, a pretty good quarterback named Sam Bradford. He said they moved into their home, which had belonged to Debbie’s mother, “because we couldn’t find a better one anywhere. Or better neighbors.” The Vandenbroeks, whose 2,700-square-foot, three-level home was built in 1970, love showing California friends “our million-dollar house,” Martin said. “You put this house where we used to live, we couldn’t touch it.” Now, Martin said, he is enjoying the house, his neighbors and his retirement. “Look at me, I’m the idle rich,” he quipped.

Marjean Farmer says the Colonial-style home she and her husband, Rick, bought in the Rockwell Oaks neighborhood in 2007 suits them perfectly. PHOTO BY DAVID MCDANIEL, THE OKLAHOMAN

Residents of Bethany’s Rockwell Oaks addition gather for a recent picnic in the shade of the neighborhood’s tall, mature trees. PHOTO PROVIDED BY RICK FARMER

Left: Home for sale at 3109 Timber Ave. in the Rockwell Oaks neighborhood in Bethany. More homes than usual have been put on the market in the neighborhood lately as older residents move into assisted living, resident Rick Farmer says. PHOTO BY DAVID MCDANIEL, THE OKLAHOMAN

Right: Tall, mature trees shade Bethany’s Rockwell Oaks neighborhood. PHOTO BY DAVID MCDANIEL, THE OKLAHOMAN





All listening room needs is a homey vibe DEAR MI-LING: My husband and I started an independent listening room. Singer/songwriters, comedians and spoken word poets come and perform at our venue. It’s called the “Green Room.” The walls are painted a soft green. We have tables and chairs and a love seat for seating. I would love to get some suggestions on how to make the place more comfortable and homey feeling to get and keep customers. We are working with an

Mi-Ling Stone Poole ASK MI-LING almost nonexistent budget, but want to get the most bang for our buck. Since we have wifi and have a few snacks that we sell I really feel that we need to keep our tables. We have some old album cov-

ers and paintings on the walls and hope to get more. Toni M. DEAR TONI M.: Sounds like an interesting place to come and relax. Here are a few suggestions to soften things up a bit. Go to a thrift shop or garage sale and buy a few old instruments, guitars, drum sticks, tambourines, and so on and hang them on the wall. Instead of buying a frame, paint a square on the wall to accent the instrument. You

Collapse of home prices is historically unique Q. I heard that housing prices have never dropped so much as they have recently, not since after World War II. Sixty years seems like an awfully long time. The problems started in 2006 and haven’t subsided. How do you account for this? A. It’s amazing. We’ve had regional real estate booms and busts, one in Florida in the 1920s and one in southern California in the 1880s, but never a severe cycle that affected the entire nation. During the savings and loan crisis in the 1980s, for instance, very high interest rates made housing expensive; almost all Americans must borrow to own a house. But this was nothing like the boom in housing prices from about 2000 to 2010. Likewise, housing prices during the Depression dropped significantly because all property lost

Charles Carter REAL ESTATE Q&A

value. Robert J. Shiller, of Yale University, has done the most to put the housing boom into perspective. His index of American housing prices dates back to 1890, presenting housing values (as a personal investment) in consistent terms over 116 years, factoring out inflation. The housing price index starts at 100 in 1890 and varies above and below the 100 mark until about 1920. The index stays below 100 until about the end of World War II. After that, the housing index stays above 100 to the present.

Wehagen joins Prudential Joseph Wehagen has joined Prudential Alliance Realty, 1500 SW 104, as a residential real estate sales associate. The California native has lived in Oklahoma City the past eight years. He has worked most of his career in sales and the customer service industry, including five years as a sales representative for Premium Beers.

Joseph Wehagen

Looking at a graph of Shiller’s housing index from about 1947 until now, three episodes are immediately noticeable. Housing values bumped up beyond an index value of 120 during the 1970s, during the 1980s and after about 2000. The housing index reached 200 in July 2006 and then came back to a level of about 110 in 2010. Obviously, something happened during the past 10 years that had never happened before. Shiller calls it “the bubble mentality.” Charles Carter specializes in real estate analysis after years of experience as a professor, real estate lawyer and appraiser. He is a consultant at Haint Blue Realty in Mount Pleasant, S.C. Readers may send questions to Please include full name and city. MCCLATCHY-TRIBUNE INFORMATION SERVICES

could paint the main wall brown or leave it a soft green and then paint the squares purple, gold, brown or a rose pink color. Use a painter’s tape that won’t bleed to outline the squares. You could also add a few armchairs and an inexpensive thrift store table and just paint it black. The key is to create comfort zones

by positioning the furniture close together to encourage intimate conversations. If you’re handy, build a few platforms from wood and paint and place overstuffed cushions on the platforms and place them against the walls. Don’t forget to create comfort with scent — bring in comfort food and serve tea or coffee. Warm

homemade pies and muffins would work. If you can’t do food, light candles with a coffee or chocolate scent! Now go out and create your own unique comfort zone! Mi-Ling Stone Poole is the author of “Ask Mi-Ling! When You Want the Truth About Decorating.” If you have a decorating dilemma, contact her through her website,





All inspectors not created equal Mike Cassidy

Don Cashman

Kimi George

Carlo Pacione

Laura Selby

Amanda Finch

Six Realtors awarded specialty designation FROM STAFF REPORTS

Six Realtors associated with Paradigm AdvantEdge Real Estate, 16301 N May Ave., have been awarded the Accredited Buyer’s Representative professional designation by the Real Estate Buyer’s Agent Council of the National Association of Realtors. They are Mike Cassidy,

Don Cashman, Kimi George, Carlo Pacione, Laura Selby and Amanda Finch. All were required to complete a comprehensive course in buyer representation and an elective course focusing on a buyer representative specialty, in addition to submitting documentation verifying their professional experience.

DEAR BARRY: Six months ago, develop and refine. Some inspectors we purchased our first home. The are far better at this than others. house passed inspection, but within Unfortunately, most people don’t weeks of moving in we discovered as- realize this when they hire a home inbestos in the basespector and spend litment, some of which tle, if any, time selecneeded removal to ting one. In most cases, replace a failing furpeople hire the inspecBarry nace. After this, we tor who is recomStone noticed that rain was mended by their agent. getting behind the Those recommendaroof gutters and wettions are sometimes ting the ceilings, INSPECTOR’S IN THE HOUSE good ones, but somewalls, and basement. times they are not. Three contractors have told us that Another problem is price shopthe siding, gutters, and some shingles ping. Some homebuyers simply call a were installed to conceal problems list of inspectors to see who charges and sell the house. Why are home in- the least. No consideration is given spectors unable to find such prob- for possible quality differences, just lems? And when they don’t find price variations. them, do we have legal recourse? Instead of asking for a price quote, What’s the point of having a $300 buyers should inquire about experiinspection, if the inspector overlooks ence and qualifications. Questions serious problems? Had we known in such as “How long have you been a time, we would not have purchased home inspector?” and “How many this home. homes have you inspected?” are far Kurt more important than “How much do DEAR KURT: One thing that is of- you charge?” In fact, the home inten overlooked about home inspec- spector with the highest price may tors is their relative inequality with cost the least in the long run. regard to knowledge, experience and If your inspector missed serious forensic skills. The purpose of a home defects that were visible at the time of inspector is to discover and report de- the inspection, you probably did not fects. The ability to do this effectively hire the best inspector available in involves skills that take many years to your area. A home inspection can be a

highly beneficial experience or a low disappointment. It all depends on which inspector you hire. Whether you have recourse against the inspector depends on whether the defects were visible during the inspection. Here’s a tip for next time. Real estate agents know who the best home inspectors are. Some recommend the best inspectors, but others will not risk the deal on a thorough inspection. So take the time to check out home inspectors. Find one who is highly experienced and who has a reputation for thoroughness. DEAR BARRY: How many layers of asphalt roofing shingles are OK before it becomes an illegal amount? Twyla DEAR TWYLA: The building code allows no more than three layers of composition roofing material. However, some building departments set the limit at two layers. Therefore, check with your local building official to see what is required. On the other hand, the best way to replace a roof is to remove the old roofing first. This limits the amount of weight on the framing structure and ensures more secure nailing of the shingles. To write to Barry Stone, please visit him on the Web at ACCESS MEDIA GROUP





Qualifying for mortgages more challenging WASHINGTON — Call it the great real estate disconnect of 2010: Mortgage rates have been at halfcentury lows and home prices have stabilized, but applications for mortgages to buy houses have declined most weeks during the past three months, as measured by the Mortgage Bankers Association. What’s going on here? Shouldn’t 30-year fixedrate loans well below 5 percent be flying off the shelf? Economists say part of the reason is the expiration of the federal home purchase tax credits, which encouraged thousands of buyers to accelerate their transactions — starting with mortgage applications — into the early spring months to qualify for the April 30 contract deadline. But other key factors are at work: More stringent underwriting standards imposed by private lenders, declining consumer credit scores in the wake of the recession, and rule changes by Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and the Federal Housing Administra-


tion have all combined to make qualifying for a new mortgage more challenging than it has been in years. Take credit scores. While most lenders have raised the bar on minimally acceptable scores, Fair Isaac Inc., creator of the widely used FICO score, said there has been a deterioration in millions of Americans’ scores during the past two years. More than 25 percent of all consumers who have active credit files — roughly 43 million people — now have FICO scores of 599 and below. On Fair Isaac’s scale, which runs from 300 (highest risk) to 850 (lowest risk), a 599 score is considered unacceptable by most lenders. In fact, since the hous-

More than 25 percent of all consumers who have active credit files — roughly 43 million people — now have FICO scores of 599 and below.

ing boom went bust, lenders prefer to see minimum scores well into the 700s. Fannie Mae, for instance, gives its best combinations of rates and fees to applicants with 740 FICOs or higher. How can buyers deal with the tougher rules on everything from minimum scores to debt-to-income ratios? Tops on the list: Be aware that there are workarounds and creative solutions to some of the roadblocks. For example, say your credit scores appear too low to qualify for the mortgage you need to buy a house. Ignore the online and junk-mail “credit repair” come-ons that promise miraculous FICO score improvements overnight. They are often rip-

offs and may not even be legal in some instances. However, an experienced mortgage broker or retail loan officer can get your credit file into a “rapid rescoring” program that just might get you the legitimate lift you need to qualify. Rapid rescorings performed by independent credit reporting agencies — most of them members of the National Credit Reporting Association — use procedures approved by the three national credit bureaus to make direct changes to the information contained in credit files. If there are documented errors in the file, or omissions that are dragging down your scores behind your back, the rescorers connect you, your cred-

itors and the national bureaus — Equifax, Experian and TransUnion — to get the problems fixed. In some cases, rescorers can even spot steps you can take, such as cutting your utilization percentage on a particular account, that will boost your score immediately. Marty Flynn, president of Credit Communications Inc. in San Ramon, Calif., a credit reporting firm, said most rescorings take from three to five days and cost an average of $30 per “tradeline” or credit account per borrower. A typical rescoring may cost anywhere from $90 to $200. Though extensive rescorings can push FICOs up dramatically, Flynn said the average increase is more like 25 points to 32 points. If you’ve been an irresponsible deadbeat, of course, rescoring your files won’t help much or at all. Dale Di Gennaro, president of Custom Lending Group, a mortgage brokerage in Napa, Calif., said he uses rapid rescorings to help clients raise their

scores enough “to get them into the loan program that’s best for them.” In one recent case, he said, homebuyers whose scores had been in the mid-600s boosted them into the 700s when rescorers helped eliminate a late payment dispute on their three bureau files. Steve Stamets, a loan officer with Union Mortgage Group in Rockville, Md., said rapid rescoring can rack up transaction costs — and even pinch loan officers’ revenue — when an applicant’s scores are being depressed by issues in multiple accounts. One recent applicant had problems with three separate credit tradelines, throwing the entire mortgage application into jeopardy. Straightening them out cost $270. “We got (the client) above the 620 FICO he needed” to be approved for the mortgages, said Stamets, “but believe me, it took some work.” E-mail Ken Harney at kenharney WASHINGTON POST WRITERS GROUP


WASHINGTON — The administrator of a $20 billion oil spill compensation fund said he’s been besieged by real estate agents and brokers, demanding that they become eligible for payments. Kenneth Feinberg, in congressional testimony, singled out the real estate agents’ demands as one of many tough eligibility decisions he’ll have to

make in the coming weeks. Feinberg told the House Judiciary Committee he’s working only for victims, not BP or the Obama administration. Operations of the independent fund will begin next month, starting with six-month emergency checks that will be processed within a day and paid out within the next two days. The emergency payments will not require a release from future claims. Long-term settlements

— for current and future injury or loss — will require agreements to accept the offer as final payment. Victims can reject the money and pursue claims independently in court. Feinberg said he’ll need to work out a system for those who develop illnesses from the cleanup years afterward. Feinberg said he has heard from many real estate agents and brokers about their lost income,

and promised to address their concerns. “The Realtors and real estate brokers are a major political force,” he said. “I’m hearing from them constantly. I’m not sure whether they have a valid legal claim. I’m not sure they can win if they litigate. “If I am going to do justice here, we’ve got to do something.”

Kenneth Feinberg is the appointed independent administrator of the Gulf Claims Facility for the $20 billion BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill compensation fund. AP PHOTO







The Listing of the Week is at 11517 NW 114.

Spacious Surrey Hills home offers 4½ baths The Listing of the Week is a two-story brick house just off the golf course in the Fairways at Surrey Hills addition in northwest Oklahoma City. The 3,380-square-foot house has four bedrooms, 4½ baths, three living rooms, two dining areas and an attached three-car garage. The main living room has a cathedral ceiling, stone fireplace and a built-in bookcase. The study has French doors, a bay window, built-in

Gerard ideal as retreat or full-time residence While the Gerard’s rear elevation has the windows and A-frame look typical of a vacation retreat, its front facade and fullfeatured interior make it equally well-suited for year-round residency. Painted shutters and a covered porch give a welcoming look. An old-fashioned, wooden porch swing can fit in nicely here. The wide-railed porch wraps around to span the entire left side, and transitions into a V-shaped deck at the rear. If toddlers live here or come to visit, all or part of the porch and deck may be gated to create a safe outdoor play area. Entering, you’ll see a stairway on your right, and an expansive, vaulted, two-story great room to your left. A handsome square post connected to an exposed beam marks the passageway into the L-shaped kitchen, straight ahead. Cupboards and counters wrap around two sides, and lazy-Susan shelving provides easy access to the corner. A raised eating bar rims one side of a work island,

which has a built-in range and oven. Abundant natural light washes into the great room through a bank of sparkling windows, stacked three high, plus two atrium doors that provide deck access. Across the room from the doors is a home entertainment center. There’s plenty of room for a wide-screen TV at center, over the direct-vent gas fireplace. A nice-size utility room and full bathroom are on opposite sides of the short hallway leading to two bedrooms at the rear. Utility room amenities include cabinets on two sides, a deep sink and a long counter, handy for folding clothes. The Gerard’s owners’ suite is upstairs, as is a study linked to the vaulted loft. For a review plan, including scaled floor plans, elevations, section and an artist’s conception, send $25 to Associated Designs, 1100 Jacobs Drive, Eugene, OR, 97402. Please specify the Gerard 30-288 and include a return address when ordering. For information, call (800) 634-0123.

shelves and a wood floor. The kitchen has eating space, a pantry, work island and stainless-steel appliances. The master bedroom has two walk-in closets, a bath with double vanities and access to the covered patio. Two secondary bedrooms have walk-in closets and ceiling fans and one has a full bath. The upstairs gamebonus room has a full bath. Built in 2005, it is listed for $319,900 with Linda Finch of Paradigm Advan-

tEdge Real Estate. Open house is from 2 to 4 p.m. Sunday. From Northwest Highway and Sara Road, go west to Surrey Hills Boulevard and go south, then left on Mustang Road, right on NW 112 and right on Fiddlesticks, which turns into NW 114. For more information, call 348-4422. Nominations for Listing of the Week are welcome. Send information on single-family homes to The Oklahoman, Richard Mize, P.O. Box 25125, Oklahoma City, OK 73125. Nominations may be faxed to 475-3996.


Permits Oklahoma City Bockus Payne Associates, 12777 N Rockwell Ave., training center, erect, $14.5 million. Clark Construction, 5500 NW 5, warehouse, add-on, $400,000. Manchester Green Homes LLC, 14416 Yorkshire Lane, residence, erect, $340,900. Thornbrooke Homes LLC, 15217 Grayson Drive, residence, erect, $300,000. Scott Kettler, 5401 Runway Road, residence, erect, $300,000. D.R. Horton, 7501 Runner, residence, erect, $288,700. Stoneridge Enterprises Inc., 14701 SE 75, residence, erect, $285,000. Renaissance Custom Homes LLC, 3133 SW 139, residence, erect, $270,000. D.R. Horton, 9013 NW 86, residence, erect,

$264,600. Jeff Click Homes LLC, 15816 N Pennsylvania Ave., office, erect, $250,000. Trails End Homes Inc., 10201 SE 54, residence, erect, $250,000. D.R. Horton, 11332 NW 96, residence, erect, $241,500. Ideal Homes of Norman LP, 2116 NW 182, residence, erect, $238,000. Claud Cypert Construction Co., 9301 NW 97 Circle, residence, erect, $237,000. The Roberts Group, 17308 Clove Hill Place, residence, erect, $225,000. Coy League Homes Inc., 10804 NW 34, residence, erect, $210,000. Brass Brick III LLC, 19117 Summer Grove Ave., residence, erect, $204,000. D.R. Horton, 6204 NW 162, residence, erect, $202,400. Kenneth Wooten, 7300 N Westminster Road, residence, erect, $200,000. Oxford Homes LLC, 17125 Royal Troon Drive, residence, erect, $200,000.

REAL ESTATE Cedarland Homes LLC, 4905 SW 123, residence, erect, $181,900. Caliber Construction Inc., 7609 Jesse Trail, residence, remodel, $175,000. First Star Homes, doing business as Turner & Son Homes, 12401 S Pottawatomie Road, residence, erect, $170,000. Seagull Homes, 5321 NW 132, residence, erect, $170,000. Lyn Davies, 1715 Belle Isle Blvd., retail sales, remodel, $169,000. Allenton Homes & Development LLC, 7005 NW 161, residence, erect, $160,000. Allenton Homes & Development LLC, 6913 NW 161, residence, erect, $160,000. Melvin Hart, 12 N Richland Road, residence, erect, $160,000. Ideal Homes of Norman LP, 2313 NW 180, residence, erect, $147,000. SWM & Sons Inc., 7701 Deer Meadow Drive, residence, erect, $146,020. Cutter Homes, 11745 SW

19, residence, erect, $135,000. Ideal Homes of Norman LP, 2413 SW 137, residence, erect, $123,000. JJ&R Roofing & Construction LLC, 11200 NW 6 Terrace, duplex, erect, $120,000. JJ&R Roofing & Construction LLC, 11204 NW 6 Terrace, duplex, erect, $120,000. JJ&R Roofing & Construction LLC, 11208 NW 6 Terrace, duplex, erect, $120,000. JJ&R Roofing & Construction LLC, 11212 NW 6 Terrace, duplex, erect, $120,000. JJ&R Roofing & Construction LLC, 11216 NW 6 Terrace, duplex, erect, $120,000. JJ&R Roofing & Construction LLC, 11220 NW 6 Terrace, duplex, erect, $120,000. Petra Roofing Co. LLC, doing business as Petra Custom Homes, 14824 SE 75, residence, remodel, $104,000. Ideal Homes of Norman

SATURDAY, JULY 31, 2010 LP, 400 Partridge Run Road, residence, erect, $103,000. Ideal Homes of Norman LP, 2612 NW 182, residence, erect, $102,000. Ideal Homes of Norman LP, 2328 SW 136, residence, erect, $102,000. Alan Stuck Custom Homes, 9220 NW 77, residence, erect, $100,000. McAlister Construction Inc., 9713 Crooked Creek Lane, residence, erect, $100,000. Monarch Construction Co. LLC, 3016 Brookstone Lakes Drive, residence, erect, $100,000. Quality Construction, 2719 W Interstate 240 Service Road, apartment, fire restoration, $100,000. John Duran, 401 S Meridian Ave., hotel-motel, addon, $100,000. Ideal Homes of Norman LP, 13308 SW 3, residence, erect, $97,000. Home Creations, 19620 Adagio Lane, residence, erect, $91,000. Jeff Click, 15816 N Pennsylvania Ave., office, re-


model, $90,000. Ideal Homes of Norman LP, 9536 SW 26, residence, erect, $86,000. Ideal Homes of Norman LP, 9544 SW 26, residence, erect, $85,000. Abel Homes, 14000 Oxford Drive, residence, erect, $80,000. Abel Homes, 14004 Oxford Drive, residence, erect, $80,000. Grace Contracting, 7400 W Reno Ave., retail sales, remodel, $80,000. Midland Classic Homes Inc., 533 NW 169, residence, fire restoration, $80,000. Fred Quinn, 3022 Northwest Expressway, hotelmotel, remodel, $75,000. DLG Construction, 2408 SW 34, residence, add-on, $60,000. Formed Construction LLC, 805 N Hudson Ave., restaurant, remodel, $60,000. Marchese Design & Construction, 1305 Kenilworth SEE PERMITS, PAGE 8F



Permits FROM PAGE 7F

Road, residence, remodel, $60,000. Buchanan Construction, 6021 N Barnes Ave., residence, add-on, $59,920. Bailey Construction Inc., 3812 SE 104, residence, remodel, $50,000. Dandy Homes, 18729 Twilight Road, manufactured home, move-on, $50,000. Jeff Click Homes, 15816 N Pennsylvania Ave., office, remodel, $50,000. Jeff Click Homes, 15816 N Pennsylvania Ave., office, remodel, $50,000. Kevin Spaeth, 16001 Persimmon Creek Road, barn, erect, $50,000. Universal Mobile Homes, 20340 Misty Glen Drive, manufactured home, move-on, $45,839. Jim Abernathy Construction, 15008 Laurin Lane, residence, remodel,

$30,000. John J. Griffin, trustee, 6526 N Meridian Ave., tower-antenna, install, $30,000. Travelers Indemnity Group, 211 N Robinson Ave., office, remodel, $30,000. Levi Evans, 7901 S Council Road, manufactured home, move-on-mobile home park, $30,000. Emily Taylor, 1201 NW 178, medical clinic-office, remodel, $30,000. Cody Mays, 208 NW 22, storage, erect, $27,000. Kim Thompson, 906 N Leroy Drive, accessory, add-on, $26,000. Tri Stone Construction Inc., 3501 Partridge Road, residence, remodel, $25,000. Wesley Roddy, 4520 Northwest Expressway, retail sales, erect, $25,000. Scott Lasiter, 11413 Burning Oaks Road, supplement, supplement, $25,000. Allen Porter Associates, 125 Park Ave., office, remodel, $20,000. Covenant Renovations Inc., 2817 NW 21, residence,

REAL ESTATE fire restoration, $20,000. Coy League Homes Inc., 1309 Sunway, residence, erect, $20,000. Dolese Bros. Co., 7100 S Sunnylane Road, parking, install, $20,000. One Cut LLC, 8321 N Military Ave., residence, fire restoration, $20,000. Susan Unbach, 1 Santa Fe Place, office, remodel, $20,000. Steven G. Jones, 11501 Willow Way, residence, remodel, $20,000. Callahan Steel Buildings (Curt), 7701 SW 74, storage, erect, $19,000. Santa Fe Station Mobile Home Park, 504 SE 44, manufactured home, move-on-mobile home park, $18,900. Better Built Homes, 3415 SE 89, storage, erect, $18,561. Chase Buck, 3345 W Hefner Road, concession, move-on, $15,000. DLG Construction, 2408 SW 34, accessory, erect, $13,000. Reginal J. Strafford, 736 NE 34 Terrace, residence,

add-on, $13,000. Four Seasons Sunrooms, 8809 NW 113, residence, add-on, $12,000. Jeff Click Homes LLC, 17500 Iron Lane, residence, add-on, $10,880. La Vang LLC, 7208 N Western Ave., business, remodel, $10,750. Casey Dunham, 13301 Cedar Hill Road, accessory, add-on, $8,500. Maria Hernandez, 1016 SW 33, residence, add-on, $8,000. Rickey and Nicole Tait, 17717 Prairie Sky Way, residence, supplement, $7,800. Hobby Lobby Stores Inc., 2836 SW 88, residence, remodel, $7,000. Ken August & Sons Construction Co., 31 NE 65, storage, erect, $5,800. Pablo Velasquez, 2408 SW 41, storage, erect, $5,000. Smith & Pickel, 606 SE 6, temporary building, move-on, $5,000. Tho Van Nguyen, 1113 NW 43, residence, remodel, $5,000. E&L Drywall, 713 SW 49,

THE OKLAHOMAN | NEWSOK.COM residence, fire restoration, $4,300. Barlow Building Services, 504 Town View Drive, manufactured home, move-on-mobile home park, $4,000. Barlow Building Services, 644 Moore Estates Drive, manufactured home, move-on-mobile home park, $4,000. Barlow Building Services, 647 Moore Estates Drive, manufactured home, move-on-mobile home park, $4,000. J&R Construction & Remodeling, 3329 NW 24, residence, erect, $4,000. Terri Ashworth, 10105 Maypole Court, storm shelter, install-storm shelter, $3,995. Emmitt and Ina Deatherage, 11300 NW 105, residence, install-storm shelter, $2,800. Derek Husley, 8713 Woodbend Drive, storm shelter, install-storm shelter, $2,700. Shari and Doug Moeckel, 1425 NW 181, storm shelter, install-storm shelter,

$2,600. Ideal Homes of Norman LP, 18105 Allora Drive, storm shelter, install-storm shelter, $2,500. Mike Assef, 1952 NW 11, residence, remodel, $2,500. Shirley Ferguson, 9800 Summerset Lane, residence, install-storm shelter, $2,400. Iram Herrera, 2300 SW 27, residence, add-on, $1,700. Nicki J. Dennis, 9700 Oakview Road, residence, add-on, $1,500.

Demolitions Midwest Wrecking, 15417 SE 71, residence. L&S Demolition, 1229 NE 20, residence. Randy A. Page, 2923 SW 9, residence. K&M Dirt Services LLC, 1224 NW 18, vacant. Kendall Concrete, 147 NE 15, residence. Kendall Concrete, 4633 E Wilshire Blvd., residence. Terry Davis, 8113 Dripping Springs Lane, residence.





Split air system can cost less, target rooms When you’re looking for a way to keep just part of your house cool this summer, you might want to consider a mini split airconditioning system. These systems strike a happy median between individual window or wall air conditioners and central air conditioning, in terms of size, installation cost and operating cost. All air conditioners work the same way, whether they’re self-contained in a small window unit or set up in a larger split system. There are three basic components to the system: a compressor, a condenser and an evaporator. A refrigerant material enters the compressor as a cool, low-pressure gas. In the compressor it is compressed, changing it to a hot, high-pressure gas. It then enters the condenser, where the heat dissipates and the gas changes to a cooler, high-pressure fluid. It then passes into the evaporator through a tiny hole, causing the liquid’s pressure to drop. The liquid changes back into a gas, and as it does so, it absorbs heat from the air around it. Now a lowpressure gas again, it returns to the compressor, and the cycle is repeated. How does a mini split system work? Unlike central air conditioning, mini split systems don’t have any duct work. Systems such as these have been popular in Europe, Japan and other parts of the world for a long time,


Paul Bianchina HANDY @ HOME and are just starting to gain popularity here in the United States. They can cool one or more interior spaces, without the cost of cooling the entire house. They’re perfect for keeping the bedrooms cool at night without spending energy dollars to cool the rest of the house, or for cooling just the family room, living room, man cave or other areas of the house where a lot of activity takes place.

Basic components There are three basic components to the mini split system. An outdoor unit houses the condenser and compressor. It sits on a small poured or prefabricated pad, alongside the house in a location that’s convenient to the location of the interior unit(s). This is also one of the big advantages over window or in-wall air conditions, since it isolates all the noise outside of the house. Inside the house, there’s an evaporator unit that gets mounted on the wall. Since cool air naturally falls, the evaporator unit is typically mounted fairly high on the wall, usually just a short distance down from the ceiling, so it doesn’t disrupt furniture placement. And unlike


Beautiful 3 bd 3.5 ba 3 car garage on 1.5 acres. Great location possible owner carry, no bank qualifying. 413-2711 ATTENTION! $179,000 3bd 2.5ba Home for $110,000 Patrick@Allied 740-6616



5AC Harrah schls, horse set up, barn 30x40, shop 30x40, house 2300 sqft, fp, 3 Bd, 2 Ba, 203-9612

Acreage For Sale


ACREAGE HOME SITES AVAILABLE » The Ranches at Olde Tuscany 1+Ac Moore Schls » Olde Tuscany III 5-10 ac Moore Schools » The Timbers 5 ac Moore Schools » Montecito 1+ ac Norman Schools » Belleau Wood 1+ ac Edmond Schools » Stillbrook Glen 2.5-10 ac Bridgecreek Schools Call Mike 317.0582 Visit one of our fully furnished model homes today! *We build on your lot or ours* GUTHRIE 10-40 Acres Tranquil, secluded beautiful building sites. High pasture great views, lush woods, 5 min to I-35 & Hwy 33. 1/4 mi to paved road. Restrictions call 315-7060, 255-2369 1N to 10A, E. of OKC, pay out dn. before 1st pmt. starts, many are M/H ready over 400 choices, lg trees, some with ponds, TERMS Milburn o/a 275-1695 1-28 acres » All Areas Owner Financing Woodlake Properties 405-273-5777 BUILDING SITES PIEDMONT 3/4 and 1 Acre Lots, Close In-Good Streets Leon 373-4820 Overland Ex Realty 160 acres, 5000 sq ft home, irrigation system, 25 minutes to downtown OKC, 850-0532. For Sale By Owner 320 ac, Lincoln County, OK. 405-258-3634/918-740-3197 Guthrie, family compound, (2) 3 bed, 2 bath, 5 acres, 850-0532. CLOSE IN NOBLE 5 wooded acres, $173.71 per month. 226-2015co 3/2/2 on 2K ac, 30x40 shop, 424 Sherwood Ln, Edmond $170K 436-3055

Condominiums, Townhouses For Sale 304 Nice Nantucket Condo 3200 W Britton Rd. 2bed, 2ba, $89,900. 659-1079

RE for sale Choctaw


Lease/Purch, Nice 3/2/2 brick, ch&a, fenced, low dn, no credit chk 630-0649



BY OWNER - total remodel, 3bd 1.5ba 1car ch&a, many extras, $83K 705 Holoway Dr. 787-8099



PRICE SLASHED! WAY UNDER MARKET! Hard to find 5/3/3 w/two liv, office xtra lrg lot w/basketball ct! Only 1.5 yrs old approx 2956' $259,900. Near Sara Rd & SW 15th. Seller loves hm but transferring. Cindy Cheatwood Cleaton & Assoc 373-2494 541 E Elder Lane, 4 bed, 2 bath, 2 car, $148,000 obo, 405-464-1204 www.

OKC Northwest


Access to PRIVATE 110 ACRE LAKE, OKC limits, Piedmont schls on approx 1 acre corner lot. Like new & stunning. 4/2.5/3 gorgeous woodwork, gourmet kit w/lrg island, just 3 blks to boat dock approx 2658' $264,900 Cindy Cheatwood Cleaton & Assoc 373-2494

2528 N.W.40 +16X20 SHOP By owner to prequalified buyer. 2/1, 788#mol,+conv gar 210#mol,new roof paint cpt STOVE+REF $58,850 473-7834,821-7594 Sharp Spacious 4bed 2-story home, great area, large dry basement (can double for storm cellar), new carpet, fresh paint ch/a Seller will pay all of buyer's closing costs $99,750. Fidelity RE 692-1661, 417-1963 JUST LISTED! spacious all brick K duplex in great location. 2/2/2 approx 1508' liv huge w/fp & builtins, kit w/brkfst bar & tons of cabinets. $99,900 Carmen 833-0106 Cleaton & Assoc 373-2494 BEST LITTLE VALUE IN NW OKC Lrg rms 3/2.5/2 tri-level, gamerm, office space. Lots of updates, cov patio, outbldg & more approx 1679' $112,900 Cindy Cheatwood Cleaton & Assoc 373-2494 Nice 2bd condo with 2 car garage, garden bath, good condition, clean only $59,900. Fidelity RE 692-1661, 417-1963

Real Estate Auction Sat, Aug 14th, 9:30 AM 2240 N Henney Road, Choctaw, OK Open House Sat 7/31 12-3 RC May & Assoc 341-9202

ATTENTION! $185,000 3bd 2ba Home for $119,950 Patrick@Allied 740-6616

3bd 1ba ch&a eat-in kit, fnc yd 3309 Cox $90,000 Call for appt. 412-7014

Income Producing 2/1 fully updated duplex, 2674sf, brk $129.5k Arlene414-8753

Del City

S. QUAIL: 6100 SF, POOL 3 CAR GARAGE, 4 BED, 4 BATH, 850-0532


OWNER FINANCING $2000 down No Credit Ck 4104 SE 23, 3/1 $53,000 596-4599, 410-8840

1449 NW 99, Updated Nice 3/1.5/1 417-2176

BANK OWNED brick 4/2/2 1803sf, .31 acre, PC sch, $99.9K Arlene 414-8753

OKC Southwest


OWNER FINANCING $2000 down No Credit Ck 2516 Murray 3/1 $52,000 596-4599, 410-8840 Sparkling Ing. Pool 3/2/3 + study, blt 03, Moore Schl $179K Arlene, CB 414-8753 3600 SW 38, 5K dn 600 mo Lg home K A lot 417-2176



JUST LISTED! Beautiful hm on 2.5 ac. 3bd 2.5ba + office + bonus rm. 30 x 40 shop w/concrete flr & elec. Kit is lrg w/brkfst bar, walkin pantry, stainless appl $259,900. Carmen 833-0106 Cleaton & Assoc 373-2494 Country Living in Town! Lg. lot w/access to back, spacious 3bd, 2ba, new master ba, open kit-dinliv, frpl, 2car!Seller help w/closing $127,500! Malones M-F 670-1411 Beautiful new 2763 sf home, 3/2/3, 2 fp, hardwood floors, granite counter tops, oak cabinets, patio, on 7 acres, $425,000, 405-373-3642. JUST LISTED! 3bd 2ba + office on K ac MOL approx 1883' Like new in wonderful neighborhood $189,000 Carmen 833-0106 Cleaton & Assoc 373-2494 3771 Washington Ave E 5 Ac, 3 Bd, 3 Ba, 1 Liv, 2 Din + office 3 Car. Custom Built $297.5K Leon 373-4820 Overland Ex Realty, Inc

window air conditioners, it doesn’t disrupt natural ventilation or views, or create potentially dangerous obstacles to egress in an emergency. Depending on the size and design of the system, two or more interior evaporator units can be connected to a single exterior condenser unit, and some systems can handle up to four. For example, in a three-bedroom house you could install one in each of the bedrooms, operated off a single exterior unit. The interior units are whisper-quiet, so they’re ideal in a bedroom environment. And the other big advantage is that the occupant of each bedroom can set his or her own temperature, regardless of the settings of the other units. The third component of the system is the line set that connects the interior and exterior units. For each indoor unit there are two pipes — one for the liquid refrigerant and one for the gas — plus a condensate drain line, an electrical line and a thermostat line. All of these are usually bunched together in one 3inch or larger flexible conduit, which simplifies the installation.

Mobile Homes, Manufactured Houses 339 Huge Inventory home sale! Own Land or have Family Land use land to purchase new home! Need Land? Land/Home I-20 acres available. 3, 4, 5 bedrm Manufactured & Modular homes. Turn Key, we do it all! 1000 furniture package with purchase 888-878-2971 405-204-4163 Price Reduced! New 3bd/2ba Mobile Homes already on land located in Shawnee, Prague, Cromwell & Harrah Owner Financing Woodlake Properties 405-273-5777 First Time Homebuyer. New & repo homes available. Move to your land or to community. Trade in homes are welcomed. 888-878-2971 405-602-4526 YOU WILL LOVE IT! '06 16X76 Clayton, perfect cond. 3bd 2ba, all the extra, must sell $23,000 405-834-4235 JUST ARRIVED $19,900 FREE Delivery & A/C 3bd w/vinyl siding shingle roof 405-470-1330 FOR SALE: 3 bd 2 ba Dbl Wide on acreage, Harrah Schls. P&I $398 W.A.C + taxes & Ins. 405-412-6236 3.5A 5K down 4/3/2 Like new, Permanent foundation 417-2176 Land/Home Repo’s Many locations around OK. E-Z Qualifying405-787-5004

5215 HART DR//5 Ac Updated 5Bd, 3K Ba, 2 Liv, 1 Din, Pipe & Cable Fence $375K Leon 373-4820 Overland Ex Realty, Inc

3/2 bath set up quiet park Call for details405-631-7600

16x32 Modular 1 bed Log 301-2454/517-5000

3x2 DW handyman $24,900 Del. 301-2454/517-5000 4/2 bath set up with 2.5 acres 405-631-7600


Repo 3bd 2ba $19,900 Del. 301-2454/517-5000

Beautiful Home! 472 NE 23rd Terrace Must See! 3bed, 2ba, 2 Car Garage, 1842 1FP, 1-story Traditional Home, 2006 central heat, central A/C, city sewer, $159,900 Gayle 405-514-7289

Oklahoma Property For Sale 340

Rural Blanchard - 1920's 2-story, 4 bed, 4 ba, 1.7 ac, barn, $275K 485-3200

Open Houses 334.2 3014 Dutch Forest Lane, Edmond. Gorgeous Custom home, 1.4 acres, 4 bed, 3K bath +! $649,000 409-7877

80 Acres W of Piedmont Easy access, aprx. 1/2 mi S. of Waterloo Rd, 7 mi W. of Piedmont . Great pastures, good fences, pond, plenty of building sites & lots of wildlife. Deer, Turkey, Bobcats, Coyotes & Quail! Protected land surrounded by wheat fields. $300,000. Serious inquiries only please. 405-517-9989.

Real Estate Auctions

Industrial Property

See Class 503, Moving Auction Reding's Auction Service

Hunting & Recreation Tracts. 330 & 160 acs, timber, deer, turkey, hogs. 75 mi from OKC. Agent, 800-256-8511

Mobile Home Parks Community /Acreages 338 Owner financing. New manufactured housing. Call 405-326-5728 details

Real Estate Wanted


Heard of a SHORT SALE? SELL YOUR HOUSE TODAY! Foreclosure/behind Pymts 340-9879/ I BUY & SELL HOUSES 27 YRS EXP 650-7667 HOMESOFOKCINC.COM

Commercial RE Established Business For Sale Full line grocery store for sale Established business located on busy highway in county seat. Motivated sellers. Priced to sell. 580-362-2779 or 580762-8613 Ask for Jim Well Established. Hungry Traveler Restaurant. Seats 150, I-40, Exit 237 Henryetta, Ok, 918652-7603, 918-652-1789

Investment Property For Sale 355 REDUCED TO SELL! Cash Flow Rental Prop. Handyman Specials Owner financing avail. 1224 NE 19th $28,000 107 SE 41st $38,500 2118 N Prospect $28,000 740 NE 36th $28,500 Prices Negotiable Kruger Inv. Call Jim 235-9332/812-1657 Westoaks MHP, 7200 NW 10, Okla. City, 5A $795,000 Retiring. 405-789-0163

Industrial Property For Rent 361 Warehouse/Office I-40 & Meridian, 2200-4819sf, 946-2516

Office Space For Rent


GREAT Space OFFICE Convenient NW Locations: I-40 & Meridian NW Expressway & May Britton/Lake Hefner Parkway 200-6000sf 946-2516

Edmond Office Spaces 625sf, $835; 275sf, $400; or both $1200. All inclusive. 359-7100, 641-0468 10307 Greenbriar Pkwy S OKC 2 suites 1,107sf each »» 405-364-5300

Real Estate Notices



DO NOT Call Unless… Foreclosure/Behind Paymt Overleveraged/Repairs Call/Web I BUY HOUSES Any condition. No cost to U 495-5100


OKC Downtown 429.5

OKC Southwest

Walford Apts 518 NW 12 MIDTOWN District Amazing! All electric, 1bd 1ba, ch/a Studio $500mo $400dp Efficiency $425mo $325dp 409-7989 no sec 8

$201 Total Move-In Cost Energy Eff., $301 move in/1 bd, $401 move in/2 bd. $1 First Week Rent Weekly Avail: Effic $115 1bd $125, 2bd $165 Disability & Social Security recipients welcome 616 SW 59th, between Western&Walker634-4798 Drug free environment Not all bills paid

OKC Northeast


1 bed $465 + efficiency $450. All Bills Paid & Furnished. 427-7566

OKC Northwest


Spring Special

LARGE TOWNHOMES & APARTMENTS • Washer, Dryers, pools • PC Schools, fireplaces

Williamsburg 7301 NW 23rd


$250 Visa Card 1 MONTH FREE RENT! MacArthur Apartments 5001 NW 10th St.

405-942-5500 The Plaza 1740 NW 17th K Off Special 1bd, 1ba 750sf, wood floors, all elec, $450 mo, $200dp. No sec8 409-7989 Briargate 1718 N Indiana K Off Move in Special! 800sf 1bd 1ba, cha, all elec, wood floor, $475mo, $200 dep. No sec 8 409-7989 Oakwood Apts 5824 NW 34 K off Move in Special 1bd 1ba, 750sf $335mo $175dp 409-7989 no sec8 Nice 1 bed downstairs W/D hkup, ch&a, NW 23rd & MacArthur $460+$200dep. 370-0278 Furnished/Unfurnished Bills Paid » Wkly/Monthly Wes Chase Apts, Elk Horn Apts, Hillcrest 943-1818 $99 Move-In Special 1bd 1ba $295-350, stove, fridge, very clean 625-5200 Putnam Heights Plaza 1 & 2bd, ch/a, Dishwasher 1830 NW 39th 524-5907 800 N. Meridian: 1bd, all bills paid & weekly rates available. 946-9506 » MOVE IN SPECIAL » LARGE 1, 2 & 3 BEDS Rockwell Arms, 787-1423

EUFAULA LAKE / S.E. Oklahoma / 8 Lake Front Fully Furnished Cabins Investment Opportunity w/ Income 3 docks. Package deal or priced seperate. www.LakeEufaula. net $875,000 Karen @ ERA Real Estate 918617-3901 or 452-3900 Owner/Assoc

Mustang Open House Sun. 2-4 2616 Kingsley. 405-314-7553


ey. Same with trimming landscaping and pouring the pad for the exterior unit. Talk with the contactor and see what tasks you can handle on your own, and how much the savings might be. Remodeling and repair questions? E-mail Paul Bianchina at INMAN NEWS

Nothing’s ever perfect. With the mini split system, the primary downside is the cost. If you already have a central heating system, you’ll probably find that it’s actually less expensive to simply add cen-

3bd 2ba DW on acreage w/pond. Less than $500 mo, WAC 631-3609

New Custom Built, 2416 sf, 4bd, 2.5ba, 30x36' shop. 608 NW 34th, Newcastle. OPEN HOUSE Sun. 2-4 306-5137

handyman in mind. In fact, in some cases doing the installation yourself may adversely affect your warranty. However, running the line set between the interior and exterior locations can often require drilling, removal of drywall, patching and painting, and other tasks that you might want to undertake yourself to save mon-

What are the disadvantages?

NEW DALLAS STYLE HOME Lovely 3 bd 2 ba w/open flr plan. Fenced yd w/sod $142,500. Richard 313-1726 Cleaton & Assoc 373-2494

Tuttle/ Newcastle

tral air conditioning to your existing system. However, if you’re starting from scratch, these systems should prove less expensive than central air when you factor in all the duct work. If you’re an avid do-ityourselfer, you may find this to be another disadvantage. These aren’t really designed with the home



MOVE IN NOW! Pd. water/garbage Quiet. Try Plaza East•341-4813



$200 OFF RENT 1 & 2 bedrooms. Spring Tree Apartments. 405-737-8172. 1 & 2 BEDROOMS, QUIET! Covered Parking Great Schools! 732-1122

$99 SPECIAL Lg 1bdr, stove, refrig., clean, walk to shops. $325 mo. 632-9849 Furnished/Unfurnished Bills Paid » Wkly/Monthly Wes Chase Apts, Elk Horn Apts, Hillcrest 943-1818 $99 Move In Special!!! Lg 1 and 2 Bdr, $325 to $395 mo. 632-9849 Furn 1BD most bills Paid + EMSA, no sec 8 and no pets, 524-2730

Condominiums, Townhouses For Rent 441 Britton & May- luxurious 2 bd townhouse in private-secure community, 2K ba, double gar, pool, 1518 sf, $1220 + electric + dep. No smoking/pets. 255-1889, for appt. Grand Pointe, 2/1K /2, ch&a, pool, tennis, lease, deposit $950, 831-4371.

Duplexes Choctaw


2 bed, ch&a, stove & refrig, no pets/no smoke, $500 month, 386-3362.



1014 Chowning 2/1/1 hrd wd flr near UCO $620 + dep 285-0305 823-6550

Garage Apartments

3bd 1ba ch&a gas stv MWC schls View 11a-12p Sunday $600+deposit ‘ 412-7013


Quiet Casady!

PC schls, no sec 8, 3/2/2 1600' 6418 Galaxie Dr. Appt only $800 843-5853 601 Whispering Oak 2 bd 1ba 1c remod $625 wat/garb pd 721-6458 Nice remod 2/2 din, appls, w/d hkup, 2816 NW 20th, $510mo. 557-1288

OKC Southwest


NICE 2BR, 2BA, garage, W/D hook-up, stove, dishwasher. 691-2536 Clean 2 bed 2 bath 1 car, 1420 A SW 35 St. $600 mo, $300 dep. 550-8059


New Rivendell Exec Home 408-4168 Luxury indoor pool & spa Fully equip'd media & wrkout rooms $5500/mo New, nice, brick, 3, 1.5, 1c, quiet street, ch&a, new carpet & paint, Western Hts Schls, $635 mo, 787-1598

OKC Northeast


Brick, 3 bed, 1 bath, 2 car ch&a, Western Heights, $700 + dep, 7813 S. Miller, 580-263-0075

1 bed, clean, new appls, 3031 NW 14th, $395/mo, $250/dep, ‘ 748-6830.

Rent/Option to Buy - 2bd /1ba, brick. All new: roof, ch&a, carpet, tile, appls 2132 NE 19th 816-8582

RENT TO OWN, SW OKC 4 bed, 1K bath, O acre $975/mo; low down payment. 275-1745

1120 NE 19th, 3bd 2ba, detached gar. Sec 8 ok $650 681-7272

1617 SW 31st, 2bd 2-car detached garage, fenced, fresh paint, clean, $495 Fidelity RE 692-1661

Hotels/Motels 462 Furnished/Unfurnished Bills Paid » Wkly/Monthly Wes Chase Apts, Elk Horn Apts, Hillcrest 943-1818

RE for rent

OKC Northwest


Bethany/ Warr Acres 464.5

1127 NW 97th, 2bd, 1 ba New paint inside & outside, new carpet, Very cute home $425/mo 408-5836

3 bd, 2 ba, 2 din, 2 c, fp, 1640 sqft, nice house and nice neighborhood, 8034 NW 32nd. $1100 month+deposit 250-6254

1320 NW 82 2 or 3bd $500 1418 NW 98th 3bd $550 FLESHMANS INC 235-5473 or 314-3551

Del City

617 NW 51st, 3 bed/util, ch&a, no Section 8, no smoke, no pets, $750 mo Open Sat 1-3, 842-8389.


3 bd, 2 ba, garage, ch&a, large yard $715mo, W Enterprises, 732-2285



1 BR, 1 BA, newly remodeled, washer/dryer hkup, central heat/air, fenced yd. 405-478-3910 56 NW 59 3 bed 1K bath 2 living. CH&A no pets, no sec 8. $800mo $400dep » 495-6446 640 NW 109th, 3bd 2ba 2car 1300sf $850mo $800dp 409-7989 no sec8

Executive Home 4bd 2.5ba 3car, 737 Martina Ln $1500/mo $1500/dep 2000sf 409-7989

Section 8 OK, 3 bed, 336 NW 85th, $675 + deposit, 942-3552.

3 bd, 2 ba, 2 car, 1700 sf, ch&a, $1350 mo + $1350 dep, 824-8954/348-9405.

3340 NW 30th, 3 bd, 1 ba garage, ch&a $700/mo, $600/dep ‘ 812-6461

3 bd, 2 ba, 2c gar, 1400sf by UCO, $1000 mo. for info call Alex, 990-0488

Section 8 Okay 429 NW 88 3/1.5/1 $695 681-7272

Exec styled 3bd 2ba in exc location! $1400 mo Call Kathi 850-5862

4912 N Woodward, 3 bd, 1 bath, 1 car, ch&a, $800 mo, $600 dep, 413-4252


3 bd 2ba 2car FP No sec 8. 7911 NW 14th $900 mo + deposit. 831-1197


V-Nice, 1 mi E of Tinker, 3/1/2 ch&a, util rm, $525 +$300, no pets, 732-4351

Town House, 2/1K /1, PC schls, appls, w/d, fp, sec sys, $600 + dep 210-3903

OKC Southwest

Nice 1bd liv NW 18/Penn stove/frig, $475 all bills pd. 557-1288 301-5979

OKC Northwest

Bills pd clean quiet furn eff/1bd $100/wk&up 10& Penn 751-7238/640-9413

$201 Total Move-In Cost Energy Eff., $301 move in/1 bd, $401 move in/2 bd. $1 First Week Rent Weekly Avail: Effic $115 1bd $125, 2bd $165 Disability & Social Security recipients welcome 616 SW 59th, between Western&Walker634-4798 Drug free environment Not all bills paid

3/2 Mobile Home, 5 acres storm shelter $775 + dep Home&RanchRlty 794-7777

4 bed, 1 bath. 10725 Lejean, $550 mo + $550 deposit, 769-2328

11705 N. Francis 2/1.5/2. No pets $625 TMS Prop 348-0720


Brand new duplexes, 3 bd 2 ba, 2 car, gated comm, call Rick, 405-830-3789.

2 bd, 1 ba, ch&a, K blk from UCO, all appls, $600 824-8954 or 348-9405.



15 min to TAFB, 2 acres barn, 3 bed, 2 bath, ch&a stove, fridge, W/D, $800/Mo, $500/Dep, 1 year lease, 386-3362.

2 bed brick, 1.5 ba, 2 liv, fireplace, $650. 3805 Chetwood Dr. 672-2120

Hemingway Condo - 2bd 2ba, $800 No smoking 834-7172 or 823-2453


Large 2-3 bed, 2 bath, 2 car garage, TH, all appls, gated, pool, Yukon Schools, from $800/mo. 789-3705

3245 NW 50th #244 2 bed 2 bath $550 mo TMS Prop 348-0720

MAYFAIR GARDENS Historic Area! Secure, wash /dry hardwd flrs 947-5665

OKC Southwest


Ultra Nice 3/1.5/1. ch&a Refs req'd. No pets. $775 + dep. 650-9684

$199 MOVE IN SPECIAL 2BED Townhomes $599 Windsor Village 943-9665

•ABC• Affordable, Bug free, Clean » 787-7212»


NANTUCKET May & Britton 2bd ba upstairs gated, pools » 488-4951

New Luxury Duplex 13516 Brandon Place 3/2/2, fp, Deer Creek Schls, near Mercy. Model open 10-4 842-7300

Low rents $440 751-8088



2100 S Air Depot 5bd 2ba ch&a 1795sf no pets $950m $800dep. 741-1201 9100 Jennifer Pl 3bd 1ba 1car $525 mo, $350 dep 681-7272 3bd 1ba 1car ch&a fenced yd $600mo + dep. 1825 Rythm » 412-7013 1408 Sandra Nice 2 bd 1 ba $475. 732-3411



EXEC HOME For Rent, gated, 3216 sq ft, Moore Schools, built in 2008, 3 car gar, 3BR, ofc, theater rm, 4BA, some furnishings, no pets, min 1 yr. 405-641-0124 Lg 3 bed, 2 bath, central heat/air, $800 + dep. 799-9579 or 206-2377 3 bed, 1 bath, 2 liv area, 1200 sf, ch&a, $700 mo, $600 deposit. 691-5479



For lease/For sale, 4 BR, 2200sf, Mustang Schls, $1700 mo 405-820-6607

1 bd, ch&a, W/D hookup, 750 sf, 343 NW 96th 843-1408, 478-3910 2908 NW 46th Nice 2 bd, ch&a, W/D hkups. No Sec 8 $550+dep 255-1075 1704 NW 34th 3/1 681-7272

OKC Southeast



3 bed, 2 bath, 2 car, new paint, new carpets, new vinyl. CAC/Heat. Ready now. $750 + $650 dep. 405-414-5530 2bd, new remod, attach gar, w/d hkup, lg yard, all elec, 4 ceil fans, 850sf $400+$300dep. 401-9819 6405 Anderson Dr. 5205 Creekwood Terrace 4 bed, 1.5 bath, $650 month, 317-6411

OKC Southwest


1401 SW 34th 3bd 1ba detached garage $575 1033 SW 63rd 2-bed 1bath 2 living $475 633 SW 33rd 2/1 $350 2401 SW 43rd #7 1bd apt, total elect, water paid $325 681-7272

3912 S Harvey, 2bd 1-car, basement, fresh paint, clean, $495 Fidelity RE 692-1661 2428 SW 39th, 4bd, 2 ba complete remodel, 1 car garage, $675/mo 408-5836 3218 SW 23rd, 3bd, 1 ba 2 story, 1 car garage $525/mo • 408-5836 SW 51st & Penn, 3/2/2, fireplace, 1900sf $800+dep Home&RanchRlty 794-7777 3bd 1.5ba 2-car, remod kitchen, close to I35 & I240, $850 mo 221-3193 2 bed washer dryer hkup, $475mo, $250 deposit 631-8039 2747 SW 64, 3 bd, 1car CH&A, appl, total remod. $775. 721-3757 Giant 2 story, 3bdr, 2ba, garage, 2 fireplaces, $525 mo. 596-8410 3624 S Woodward 2bd $400 FLESHMANS INC 235-5473 or 314-3551

Tuttle/ Newcastle


4 yr old house, 4 bd, 3 ba, 2400 sf, 3 car $1450mo, $1450dep. 405-205-3328

Village/ Nichols Hills 481.5 1207 Tedford Way 3/2, formal dining $1600 TMS Prop 348-0720 2132 Westchester nice 2 bed ch&a no sec 8 $650 +deposit 255-1075



1219 Leslie Ln., 2 or 3 bd, 1.5 bath, 2 car, lawn by landlord. $500dep, $825/ mo. 1 yr lease 245-1282

Mobile Home Rentals 483 WHY RENT WHEN YOU CAN OWN? Easy financing with no credit needed. Yukon schls


Westoaks MHP 1 blk W NW 10 & Rockwell 3b $450-2b $370-1b $350 Best Park OKC 787-1030 $ FREE RENT 1ST MO $ 2BR $395+, 3BR $495+, MWC NO PETS 427-0627

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MANAGEMENT LEASING SALES SINCE 1982 Spectrum Management 848-9400 Rental Helper Current Home Rental Listing $39 at the Gold Dome (405) 605-5551





L.A. chateau sells for year’s top price BY LAUREN BEALE Los Angeles Times

LOS ANGELES — A mammoth French chateau on 2.2 acres in Los Angeles’ Bel-Air neighborhood has been sold for the highest price of any U.S. residence this year. Although he wouldn’t release the sale price, seller Mohamed Hadid confirmed that it was in excess of the previous record of more than $46.5 million set this spring in Colorado, falling between $50 million and the asking price of $72 million. In Los Angeles County, sale prices can take more than a month to appear in public records. Designer-developer Hadid had listed the walled and gated estate 15 months ago at $85 million.

Le Belvedere, a mammoth French chateau on 2.2 acres in Los Angeles’ Bel-Air neighborhood in California has been sold for the highest price of any U.S. residence so far this year. MCCLATCHY-TRIBUNE PHOTO

The 48,000-squarefoot estate, called Le Belvedere, was bought in the name of a limited liability company, not an individu-

al. “Even I don’t know who bought it,” said Hadid, who has built Ritz-Carlton hotels, office buildings and king-size estates nation-

wide during his 30-yearplus career. The mansion, built in 2006, has 19 fireplaces, 10 bedrooms, 14 bathrooms

and a three-flight elevator. There’s a 5,000-bottle wine cellar and tasting room, a grand ballroom, a commercial kitchen, a screening room, a gym, a Turkish steam bath and a game room. The garage can hold 10 to 12 vehicles, and a motor court provides outdoor parking. A swan pond, fountains and rose gardens grace the manicured grounds. The exterior uses more than 30,000 pieces of limestone mined in France. The entry, living room, library and master bedroom are gilded with 24-karat gold. The average room size is about 1,100 square feet, bigger than entire homes in less fancy neighborhoods. Lighting includes 90 sconces and 120 chandeliers made in

France. The sale is the first among a few ultra-expensive Los Angeles-area homes that patiently have been sitting at the top of the real estate market, weathering the down cycle. Hadid, who declined to say where he was moving, spared no expense on his personal residence. Inspired by the architecture of the Palace of Versailles and other French chateaux, Hadid designed the house to be “true to its origins inside and out.” The intricate details in the design and decor make the house feel like a home “rather than a big hotel lobby,” Hadid said. “You have to make it warm, or it becomes like a warehouse.” MCCLATCHY-TRIBUNE INFORMATION SERVICES

Craigslist home rental scam spreads in Wichita BY BILL WILSON The Wichita Eagle

WICHITA, Kan. — An Internet residential real estate scam that resurfaced in Wichita has grown out of control, local brokers said. Tessa Hultz, the new chief executive of the Wichita Area Association of Realtors, nearly was victimized by it. “It’s more than a little frustrating,” Hultz said. “Law enforcement can’t do a lot about it because there’s evidence to suggest that the people responsible aren’t even here. They’re overseas.” Known as the Craigslist Scam, it works like this: The scammers lift a Wichita

home sales listing from the Internet and use Internet tax records to identify its seller. After creating a Yahoo e-mail account with the seller’s name, the home — usually an upscale house with a substantial price tag — is offered for rent on Craigslist for somewhere between $800 and $945, a relative bargain in the Wichita market. All the prospective renter has to do to land the property is wire $500 to the scammers. Hultz said she’s run across more than 50 incidents of the Craigslist scam in her eight months in town. The bogus listings nearly caught her as she looked for a Wichita rental late last year as

she prepared to move her family from St. Louis. “You know, I use Craigslist,” she said. “And back then, we wanted to rent for a while while we looked for a new home. And every single thing I’d come up with in Wichita, I’d get the same answer: That listing is not for rent. I’ve never seen anything like it before.” Real estate agent Murray Anderson with J.P. Weigand & Sons said the scammers are persistent. “I guess you can say I’ve only had one, but Craigslist keeps taking it down, and they keep trying to re-list it. They’re relentless. It makes me wish I was in the rental business because if

you have a half-million-dollar house in this town, you could rent that thing every day of the week for $800 a month,” Anderson said, chuckling. Anderson provided an e-mail from the scammer’s Yahoo email account, dated June 24. In it, the scammer relates the stock story offered to prospective victims: He and his family are moving to West Africa after winning a bid for petroleum land. The scammer wants to keep the house, he claims in broken English, and wants to rent it without paying a real estate professional middleman. He asks for a $500 security deposit to be wired. And about that pesky for-sale

sign in the front yard, the scammer advises: “I will not want you to worry your self about it because we are not selling the house anymore and also do not contact any information you see in it because we are not dealing with any agent or third party again that is why we are looking for a caring tenant by our self.” Hultz said she’s attempted to get local law enforcement involved in the issue, but because the perpetrators likely are not in Wichita, there’s little that can be done. The bottom line for prospective Craigslist renters is simple, Anderson said: “If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.” MCCLATCHY-TRIBUNE INFORMATION SERVICES

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