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Tradition in stone


Detailing catches eye

The Listing of the Week is a traditional house with a stone exterior in the Quail Creek area of northwest Oklahoma City.

It’s the Mansura’s stucco detailing that first catches the eye. Stately corner quoins anchor the front porch and garage, while bold bands of raised stucco outline an array of graceful arches and circular windows.




Mi-Ling Stone Poole






Sit on it! When shopping for furniture, the best test is to sit on it, then consider the structure of the piece. PAGE 3F



Jay Holman, lead computer draftsman for Brent Gibson Classic Home Design, designed this home at 11101 Waters Welling in the Lakeside at Oakdale addition near Hefner Road and Air Depot. PHOTO BY JIM BECKEL, THE OKLAHOMAN BY TIM FALL

with a laugh, “a nice way of saying I wasn’t a starter. But I did get in a good amount of playing time.” At OU, Holman earned his bachelor’s degree EDMOND — Certain of life’s detours take you in mathematics while working part-time at the farther out of your way than others. Norman Transcript, a job that soon turned into Maybe a few orange cones around a sinkhole a career. send you down a side street. Or maybe the And yet another detour. price of a barrel of oil does a Holman, as circulation manager nosedive, and your vacation for the Norman daily newspaper, plans change from Lake Geneva started a family with his wife, Melto Lake Eufaula. isa, raising four daughters. For Jay Holman, lead computBut after more than a decade, er draftsman for Brent Gibson Holman said, his “passion for Classic Home Design and a home drawing and design,” combined designer in his own right, the dewith his aptitude for computers tour was a little more circuitous. (remember that mathematics deAnd it lasted about 20 years. gree), finally got him back on track. “When I was 18, I got a job Holman said he became fasciworking for a remodel company,” nated with computer-aided deHolman said. sign, or CAD, in the early 1990s Jay Holman Bringing home the skills he while calling on a homebuilder who learned on the job, Holman built a workshop was struggling with the new software. He figfor his dad — poured the cement slab and ured out quickly that he was able not only to raised simple frame walls. work on the drafting program but also to build “I knew right away, I loved it,” he said. some improvements to it. Starting then, Holman was in for detour No. After a year of training in computer drafting, 1. The Altus native headed to the University of Holman was nudged once and for all onto the Oklahoma, where he played for Coach Barry path he was “meant to take.” It happened when Switzer’s Sooners during the 1974 and 1975 he met residential designer Brent Gibson and football seasons. “I was a ‘reserve lineman,’ ” Holman said SEE DESIGN, PAGE 2F Special Correspondent

Mark Baumann, holding Hunter, Amy Baumann, holding Samantha, and designer Brent Gibson are shown at the Baumann home Gibson designed on Acorn Drive in the Summit at Oak Tree addition in Edmond. PHOTO PROVIDED BY BRENT GIBSON

Make the most of involuntary home sale They were a dual-income family who lived in a majestic Colonial in an affluent suburb. But when the husband lost his executive job — and they had to rely solely on the wife’s salary — their financial picture changed dramatically. A sharp-penciled analysis of their family budget made one thing clear: They’d have to sell their 4,000-square-foot house and move to a smaller place. Their story illustrates the sober reality that many now face in a national economy with high unemployment. When a job is lost, downsizing is often necessary. And those who cope best are usually people who move forward quickly toward a sale, rather than waiting until mortgage payments are late and foreclosure looms. “At the end of the day, proactive people fare much better than those who go

Ellen James Martin SMART MOVES

into denial after a financial setback. If you must sell your house, it’s obviously better to do so before your problems deepen,” said Eric Tyson, a personal finance expert and co-author of “House Selling for Dummies.” Clearly, most people view the need to sell a large family home as a disappointing requirement. But there are sometimes advantages for those who must downsize to a smaller place in a more modest community. This was one of the surprising discoveries made by the family — Tyson’s former neighbors — who had to sell their Colonial house.

Though they had to trade down from their spacious place to a house half the size, the family found that the schools in the new neighborhood were a better fit for their three children. Buying the smaller house also liberated the family from some of the financial stresses they faced in the large Colonial and reduced the demands on them for house upkeep. Of course, there are always drawbacks to involuntary downsizing. Smaller quarters mean you must adjust to less elbow room. And any teenagers in your family are likely to complain about leaving the school their friends attend. Whatever the pros and cons in your case, you’re likely to fare better if you take a strategic approach. Here are pointers: Take control of your destiny. Sid Davis, a real estate

broker and author of “A Survival Guide to Selling a Home,” said many people who project that they’ll be unable to meet their mortgage payments wait too long to make the tough decision to sell. Several government and private-sector programs are now available to assist homeowners trying to hang onto their homes in the wake of a financial setback. But assuming you’ve explored these programs and know you’re ineligible, Davis suggested you hire a reputable real estate agent to list your property and try to sell it as promptly as possible. “Those who wait to get their house on the market often fall back on their payments to the point that they can no longer dig out. One of the big risks is that your credit will be ruined,” he said. Explore your alternatives for the future. One strategy to help

The National Association of Realtors points out that new guidelines from Fannie Mae aim to prohibit lenders from hiring appraisers who lack geographic competency in a given area. Fannie Mae also clarified that the Home Valuation Code of Conduct does not require lenders to use thirdparty appraisal management companies or prohibit Realtors or builders from appropriate communications with appraisers. The guidelines also point out that lenders may request a field or desk review of an appraisal report or obtain a new appraisal. Further, appraisers may use a short sale or foreclosure as a comparable but must consider the differences from the property being appraised.

smooth the pain of your transition through an involuntary home sale is to start checking into other neighborhoods where you might live. The goal here is to select the best community you can afford. (A trustworthy mortgage lender can help you to determine how big a mortgage payment you can afford. But the lender’s opinion is no substitute for an in-depth analysis of your household expenses.) The main advantage to exploring neighborhoods early is that “it’s always better to envision what’s ahead,” Davis said. “You might be pleasantly surprised by some of the attributes in the new area.” However, he urged you to resist the temptation to tour specific homes until you have a sales contract in hand for your old place. E-mail Ellen James Martin at UNIVERSAL UCLICK

ART GOES LEATHER Your memories can now be preserved in leather. Michigan company SmArt Leather Designs has a process to reproduce a photo or graphic image onto the surface of a customized leather pillow. The printing technology isn’t a transfer, but a permanent process that infuses the image into the leather so it won’t fade over time, the company says. The process can reproduce photos, corporate logos, monograms, text or other graphic elements. The pillows are sold by the online retailer Big Hug — (248) 594-1560 or Prices range from $99 to $150.

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Left: Trees appear to frame part of the house at 11101 Waters Welling designed by Jay Holman. PHOTO BY JIM BECKEL, THE OKLAHOMAN

Design: Client’s vision of home vital FROM PAGE 1F

accepted Gibson’s offer of a titanic career change: to become his computer draftsman. Gibson, who has created distinctive homes for 30 years, said Holman is “an expert draftsman” and “a talented artist” whom he is pleased to watch embark on solo design projects. “Jay brought a whole new level of quality to my business,” Gibson said. “Before he came along, I wasn’t able to offer computer renderings of my designs to clients.” For Holman’s part, he credits Gibson with exposing him to home design and offering insights into bringing a client’s vision to life that “I never would have found on my own.” For builders such as Aaron Dodson, Silverstone and others, Holman has been generating layouts for model and custom homes since 2002. Holman’s design was chosen by builder Neal McGee for the 2010 St. Jude Dream Home in the Iron Horse Ranch addition. “We were more than happy that Jay offered his design (for the dream home),” said Lindsey McGee, vice president of operations for Neal McGee Homes. McGee said her family’s company had found Holman “great to work with” and was always pleased with his ability to make “quick changes on the fly.” Holman said that although business “came to a screeching halt” for many in the industry in the latter part of 2008, there is now renewed activity for his designs, especially in the under-2,500-square-foot range. Holman said he’s glad to be working again with people who “sketch out their dreams at the kitchen table” and let

A splash of red helps distinctive arched, windows stand out on a home Jay Holman designed in the Lakeside at Oakdale addition near Hefner Road and Air Depot Boulevard. PHOTO BY JIM BECKEL, THE OKLAHOMAN

him “turn it into an actual, buildable plan.” Between rendering Gibson’s designs and creating his own, Holman said he spends what little free time he has with his family, which now includes nine grandchildren. And as for getting back to that spark he first felt building a simple, solid workshop for his father? “I may even design a house for myself someday,” Holman mused.

Jay Holman designed this year’s St. Jude Dream Home in Edmond. PHOTO BY DAVID MCDANIEL, THE OKLAHOMAN ARCHIVE

The front elevation of Plan 3400 by Jay Holman of Brent Gibson Classic Home Design.


The front elevation of Plan 3152 by Jay Holman, lead computer draftsman for Brent Gibson Classic Home Design. PROVIDED BY JAY HOLMAN





For quality, buy furniture from reputable store DEAR MI-LING: I just remodeled my home and am looking for a good quality brown leather recliner and chair, however, after reading the customer feedback and researching for a few months, I do not want to purchase from a store that only guarantees its work for one year! Please help. Can you direct me to a place that has excellent kiln-dried wood, excellent construction, resilient cushions that don’t collapse after six months and guarantees their work beyond one year? Something may look good online, however, I’ve read horror stories from deceived customers.

Mi-Ling Stone Poole ASK MI-LING I would gratefully appreciate some advice. I am willing to spend up to $2,000 for a sofa and chair, not including end tables, cocktail table, and accessories. Thank you so much A guy in need DEAR A GUY IN NEED: As far as which brand you should buy versus another, I really don’t feel comfortable

making a broad statement. However, the best test is to sit in the furniture and then look at the structure of the piece. If you visit a furniture gallery that has a variety of brands and prices, you will be able to touch, feel and sit in the products. Ask to see the leather and fabric swatches and to view the prices according to the grade of fabric. I would select a highquality leather because you can easily clean it and over time it wears better than most fabrics. Be sure to ask if real leather is used all over the chair or just on the places where you sit. Often-

Unemployment linked to home foreclosures Q: I’ve noticed the number of residential foreclosures is still high. What is the relationship between states’ unemployment rates and states’ rates of foreclosures in the U.S.? Are the two connected? A: We can use a statistic called Pearson’s product-moment correlation coefficient, or Pearson’s r, to see whether the two are related. Using the newest data available — states’ foreclosure filings and states’ unemployment rates for May — the result is 0.56. That means there’s a high positive correlation. Pearson’s r ranges between 1.0, which means a perfect correlation, and minus 1.0, a perfect negative correlation. No correlation would mean a Pearson’s r of 0. Karl Pearson, who invented this statistic, was a Cambridge-trained English academic who pioneered mathematical statistics before the turn of the 20th century. Pearson’s r measures correlation between two variables, but there are better measurements that are more robust — that is,

Charles Carter REAL ESTATE Q&A

less susceptible to error due to outlying data points. Before the housing crash and its aftermath, there were long-term factors that explained the much smaller range of states’ unemployment rates. Americans were moving generally into the Southern and Western states from Midwest states. The 5.1 percent national unemployment rate in 2005 stood about half of what is today. Two of the states with the highest unemployment rates today, Florida and Nevada, had unemployment rates of 3.8 percent and 4.1 percent, respectively, in 2005. RealtyTrac reports

foreclosures remain high in 2010, and the government’s mortgage modification isn’t making much of a dent in the problem. Of course, a high, positive correlation between unemployment and residential foreclosures doesn’t explain causation, but the two probably overlap somewhat. Charles Carter specializes in real estate analysis after years of experience as a professor, real estate lawyer and appraiser. He is a consultant at Haint Blue Realty in Mount Pleasant, S.C. Send questions to cccarter2010@ Please include full name and hometown. MCCLATCHY-TRIBUNE INFORMATION SERVICES

times, lower-quality pieces will use leather-like products on areas that you don’t touch. If you order a custom sofa or recliner, you can usually select the grade of leather and cushions that best suit your budget and style. In many of the low-end frames, you can push down on the arms and feel cardboard. Make sure

your frames are solid wood and the cushions have eight-way hand-tied coil springs. I have several pieces with lifetime warranties and I have found that it’s more important to purchase your furniture from a reputable store that has a repair department and values customer service. With improper use, most couches and chairs

will eventually pop a spring, but the right leather can last a lifetime. Now go out and create your own unique comfort zone! Mi-Ling Stone Poole is the author of “Ask Mi-Ling! When You Want the Truth About Decorating.” You can listen to her radio show, “Mi-Ling’s Comfort Zone,” from noon to 1 p.m. Sundays on KTOK AM 1000. If you have a decorating dilemma, e-mail her at







The Listing of the Week is at 12117 Quail Creek Road.


Quail Creek stone house features plenty of room The Listing of the Week is a traditional house with stone exterior in the Quail Creek area of northwest Oklahoma City. The 3,054-square-foot house has three bedrooms, 2½ baths, three living rooms, two dining areas and an attached two-car garage. The formal living room has a rock fireplace. The family room has a wet bar and a wall of built-in shelves. The study has French doors and could be a fourth bedroom. The kitchen has a work island, eating space and pantry. The master bedroom has a walk-in shower and bath with double vanities, tub and shower, and a

Stucco detailing, plan single out the Mansura It’s the Mansura’s stucco detailing that first catches the eye. Stately corner quoins anchor the front porch and garage, while bold bands of raised stucco outline an array of graceful elliptical arches and charming circular windows. All rooms, with the exception of two bedrooms and a bonus room, are on the ground floor. This arrangement makes the plan particularly well-suited to empty-nesters and families with older children. Resident teens can enjoy their music without forcing you to hear it, and when the children move on, those upper rooms can be kept ready for guests, converted to office space, or used for hobbies. A lofty vaulted ceiling overarches the entry, breakfast nook and great room, and the entire space is awash with light. Sidelights and transom windows brighten the entry, where an elevated plant shelf extends over the coat closet. In the family room, elongated windows flank the gas fireplace. In the breakfast nook, an atrium door offers patio access, and more light spills in through a wide side window. Another vaulted ceiling expands the dining

Bonnie King

King joins realty office Bonnie King has joined Paradigm AdvantEdge Real Estate, 16301 N May, as a residential real estate sales associate. She has been licensed to sell real estate in Virginia for 36 years and owned a property management company there. She became licensed in Oklahoma three years ago. She holds the Accredited Buyers Representative professional designation.

room with its bay-window. The roomy kitchen is conveniently located between the nook and dining room. A raised eating bar minimally separates it from the nook, and a pocket door allows total separation from the dining room, when desired. Counter space and cupboards are amply supplied here, including a large walk-in pantry with five shelves. Utilities and a powder room are nearby. Notable features in the Mansura’s owners’ suite include direct access to a

private patio, two walk-in closets (one much larger than the other), and a luxurious bathroom softly illuminated by the light that filters in through glass blocks in the bathing alcove. For a review plan, including scaled floor plans, elevations, section and artist’s conception, send $25 to Associated Designs, 1100 Jacobs Drive, Eugene, OR, 97402. Please specify the Mansura 30-188 and include a return address when ordering. For more information call (800) 634-0123.

door to the patio. Secondary bedrooms have walk-in closets. The house has a covered patio, security system and underground sprinkler system. Built in 1979, it is listed for $359,000 with Pam Klepper of Keller Williams Realty. For more information, call 948-7500 or 627-2113. Nominations for Listing of the Week are welcome. Send information about single-family homes to The Oklahoman, Richard Mize, P.O. Box 25125, Oklahoma City, OK 73125. Nominations may be faxed to 475-3996.

California sues government over renewable energy loans BY THE ASSOCIATED PRESS

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — State Attorney General Jerry Brown sued the federal government, asking a judge to stop government-sponsored mortgage buyers from blocking a program that lets homeowners pay for energy-efficient improvements through increased property taxes. Brown’s lawsuit argues that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac’s opposition is forcing California counties to halt plans to provide the incentives. He sued the buyers and their regulatory agency, the Federal Housing Finance Agency, in U.S. District Court in Oakland. The voluntary Property Assessed Clean Energy program encourages homeowners to install solar panels, upgrade insulation and take other steps to improve energy efficiency, Brown said. Homeowners pay for the improvements through property tax assessments over a decade or more. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac say the programs could give counties top priority to be repaid if homeowners default on their mortgages. As a result, they said

they could not buy or guarantee mortgages on properties that participate. The Federal Housing Finance Agency affirmed that legal interpretation July 6. “Mortgage holders should not be forced to absorb new credit risks after they have already purchased or guaranteed a mortgage,” Acting Director Edward J. DeMarco said. DeMarco said in a statement that his agency will fight Brown’s lawsuit in order to protect taxpayers, lenders and both mortgage programs. Freddie Mac spokesman Brad German and Fannie Mae spokeswoman Janice Smith declined to comment. Brown, the Democratic nominee for governor, argues in his lawsuit that the government incorrectly interprets the program as providing loans. He says they are classified under California law as tax assessments, which would require new owners to take over the payments if a home is sold before the improvements are paid off. Other states have or are considering allowing similar programs.


Permits Oklahoma City Jeff Wohead, 6615 N May Ave., restaurant, erect, $420,000. IBC, 13801 N Western Ave., training center, remodel, $398,000. P&G Construction LLC, 8500 S Hiwassee Road, residence, erect, $300,000. A&J Homes Inc., 13216 SE 94, residence, erect, $286,000. 4 Corners Construction LLC, 15008 SE 58, residence, erect, $261,000. G.L. Cobbs & Co. LLC, 8512 NW 111, residence, erect, $260,000. Don Rethman, 3434 W Reno Ave., retail sales, add-on, $250,000. TLP Custom Homes LLC, 1516 SW 132, residence, erect, $245,000. TLP Custom Homes LLC, 1524 SW 134 Terrace, residence, erect, $240,000. J.W. Mashburn Development Inc., 2524 SW 141, residence, erect, $235,000. 4 Corners Construction LLC, 15024 SE 58, residence, erect, $231,000. J.W. Mashburn Development Inc., 2544 SW 141, residence, erect, $220,000. Summit Builders Inc., 21335 SE 97 Place, residence, erect, $220,000. Remington Builders Inc., 13409 Ambleside Drive, residence, erect, $217,000. D.P. Odom Construction LLC, 10609 Servon Drive, residence, erect, $200,000. D.P. Odom Construction LLC, 10617 Servon Drive, residence, erect, $200,000. Ron Walters Homes LLC, 625 N Nebraska Ave., residence, erect, $200,000. Willa Construction Co. Inc., 3132 SW 139, residence, erect, $200,000. R&R Homes LLC, 13113 NW 7, residence, erect, $195,000. Taber Built Homes LLC, 3212 Orchard Ave., residence, erect, $195,000. Ripple Creek Homes LLC, 19513 Fieldshire Drive, residence, erect, $190,000. Brass Brick III LLC, 3016 NW 191, residence, erect, $189,900. A&J Homes Inc., 11213 SW 37 Court, residence, erect, $155,000. Life Christian Ministries Inc., 6011 S Anderson Road, assembly hall, erect, $150,000. Ideal Homes of Norman LP, 18513 Carillo

Road, residence, erect, $137,000. Shelby Davis, 6621 N Grand Blvd., residence, erect, $130,000. Central Oklahoma Habitat For Humanity, 5005 S Interstate 35 Service Road, office-warehouse, remodel, $125,000. American Building Contractors & Developers LLC, 3113 Canton Trail, residence, erect, $120,000. American Building Contractors & Developers LLC, 3201 Canton Trail, residence, erect, $120,000. Trent Marsh, 16632 Parkhurst Road, residence, fire restoration, $104,000. Big Sky Remodeling LLC, 3105 Canyon Road, residence, add-on, $100,000. Rausch Coleman Homes LLC, 4808 Caleb, residence, erect, $100,000. Kiva Construction LLC, 5117 SE 45 Terrace, residence, erect, $99,000. Star Construction, 9717 SW 18, residence, erect, $99,000. Dodson Custom Homes LLC, 2325 NW 194, residence, erect, $95,890. Crosby’s Construction & Landscaping, 1635 NE 30, residence, erect, $95,000. SWM & Sons Inc., 3000 Oakbriar Drive, residence, erect, $92,575. Paul Snodgrass, 913 N Broadway Ave., office, remodel, $90,000. Dodson Custom Homes LLC, 2316 NW 195, residence, erect, $88,500. Ideal Homes of Norman LP, 16101 Raindust Drive, residence, erect, $87,000. Ideal Homes of Norman LP, 2600 Fountaingrass Road, residence, erect, $81,000. 4 Corners Construction LLC, 11817 Katie Cove, accessory, erect, $75,000. First Oklahoma Construction, 3321 Sahoma Trail, residence, erect, $60,000. First Oklahoma Construction, 3317 Sahoma Trail, residence, erect, $60,000. McDermott Construction Co. LLC, 13825 Korbyn Drive, residence, remodel, $56,000. Quality Construction, 5420 Sunset Ridge Road, residence, remodel, $50,000. Jay Jenson, 7800 Glover Drive, storage, erect, $40,000. Stacey Witter & Associates, 12511 SW 44, residence, add-on, $40,000.

REAL ESTATE Erica and Brandon Roll, 3308 SE 89, manufactured home, move-onmobile home park, $32,000. Jeff Chappell, 5200 S Frisco Road, residence, add-on, $30,000. Michael V. Construction LLC, 2700 S May Ave., office-warehouse, remodel, $28,000. Hagerman Construction Services, 1512 Linwood Blvd., office, remodel, $25,000. Russell and Amy Linn, 8800 S Anderson Road, residence, remodel, $25,000. Gerald Lutz, 8300 S County Line Road, accessory, erect, $24,000. Better Living Patio Rooms & More of OKC LLC, 3812 Windscape Court, residence, add-on, $21,618. Calvin Gage, 11121 Folkstone Drive, residence, add-on, $21,000. Richards Metal Building, 4404 SE 55, storage, erect, $20,100. Caldwell Construction, 1206 NW 20, accessory, erect, $20,000. Mario Argueta, 2806 NW 11, residence, remodel, $20,000. Hedrick Plumbing, 5004 S Eastern Ave., manufactured home, move-on-mobile home park, $17,000. Hedrick Plumbing, 4800 Foster Road, manufactured home, move-onmobile home park, $16,500. Hedrick Plumbing, 4800 Foster Road, manufactured home, move-on-

mobile home park, $16,500. AP&R Industries Inc., 3408 SW 126, residence, remodel, $16,000. Jesse Rush, 1120 E Hefner Road, school, remodel, $15,000. Sine Construction LLP, 2613 NW 164 Terrace, residence, fire restoration, $12,000. James T. Spengos, 3824 Key Place, residence, remodel, $12,000. Janie Dowling, 1201 NW 178, retail sales, remodel, $12,000. Jose Rivera, 9009 NW 10, manufactured home, move-on-mobile home park, $11,000. Judy Maxwell, 9009 NW 10, manufactured home, move-on-mobile home park, $10,000. Carl Ray, 731 NW 16, residence, fire restoration, $9,000. Cameron and Son Construction Inc., 3308 SE 89, manufactured home, remodel, $8,400. Better Living Patio Rooms & More of OKC LLC, 1313 SW 115 Place, residence, add-on, $7,765. John P. Yakel, 8216 NW 111 Terrace, storm shelter, install-storm shelter, $5,300. Dolese Brothers Co. 7100 S Sunnylane Road, temporary building, move-on, $4,000. Judy Maxwell, 9009 NW 10, manufactured home, move-on-mobile home park, $4,000. Fleming & Fleming Inc., 12444 Hidden Forest Blvd., accessory, erect,

SATURDAY, JULY 24, 2010 $3,500. Barlow Building Services, 639 Staci Drive, manufactured home, move-on-mobile home park, $3,000. Diana Palmo de Castilleja, 5944 NW 28, canopy-carport, remodel, $3,000. Kevin Rollin, 3149 SW 100, storm shelter, installstorm shelter, $2,900. Kelly Pendergrast, 8112 Treeline Drive, storm shelter, install-storm shelter, $2,800. Ricky V. and Betty K. Knight, 621 Vickery Ave., storage, erect, $2,613. Armando Zuniga, 6400 S Lindsay Ave., canopycarport, erect, $1,100.

Demolitions Midwest Wrecking, 301 SE 31, storage. Midwest Wrecking, 301 SE 31, storage. Midwest Wrecking, 14701 SE 75, residential. Crosby Construction, 2823 Guilford Lane, residence. Crosby Construction, 2912 N Hammond Ave., residence. Vickey Mason, 311 NW 22, residence. M&M Concrete &


Wrecking Inc., 1016 NE 7, residence. M&M Concrete & Wrecking Inc., 1116 NE 7, residence. Crosby Construction, 2825 Guilford Lane, residence. K&M Dirt Services, 6600 S Interstate 35 Service Road, restaurant. K&M Dirt Services, 2901 N Jordan Ave., duplex. K&M Dirt Services, 3215 N Blackwelder Ave., residence. K&M Dirt Services, 2236 NW 32, residence. M&M Concrete & Wrecking Inc., 925 NE 5, residence. Midwest Wrecking, 3501 Quail Creek Road, maintenance building. Midwest Wrecking, 301 SE 31, storage. Midwest Wrecking, 301 SE 31, storage. Quality Cut Lawns, 14201 SE 76 Place, residence. Ray’s Trucking, 8120 Dripping Springs Lane, house. Ray’s Trucking, 1809 NW 8, residence. Bill Walker, 3300 NE 12, storage.





Don’t run from floor

West joins realty office


Q: We have a row of French doors leading out to the patio from our living-dining room. There’s a lot of traffic going in and out. I would like to put a runner or something to protect the floor in front of the doors, but I don’t know what will stand up and still look OK. Our furniture is pretty traditional and the area rug is a tweed, mostly beige. A: How about an old idea that’s back looking very new and glam again? Try a floorcloth. Made of sturdy canvas soaked through with linseed oil under a wear- and water-resistant finish, floorcloths were already a timehonored tradition for European floors when the first settlers brought the floorcloth concept here with them. Householders and — later itinerant house painters — created their own “oylcloths” to add both color and a degree of warmth underfoot. Later, floorcloths came to be spread under some pretty important feet. George Washington owned at least one; Thomas Jefferson had such a “crumbcloth” in his White House dining room, and even the great houses back in the Old World ordered large floorcloths to protect their entry halls. One early example still survives in the Swedish Royal Palace in Tullgarn, but floorcloths all but disappeared in the mid-1800s, eclipsed by the invention of linoleum. The coming of the country look and concomitant interest in handcrafts in the mid-1900s has brought floorcloths back into fashion, but with some interesting modern twists. Polycrylic finishes have replaced varnish and shellac, and there’s a world of new colors and images. For one example, the giant flowers on the pictured floorcloth are actually photographs of kale heads, seen extremely close up. Nice way to get your vegetables and add color to your room at the same time. The hidden beauty of this floorcloth (by photographer Melabee M. Miller, manufactured by Step On Art, is its indestructibility. Just a step inside the doors, and it literally shrugs off tracked-in grunge — a broom or damp mop keeps it looking clean and almost edible. Q: Why take good design seriously? A: Why, indeed, when good design can be as much fun as some of the works we saw at the International New York Gift Fair. Talents from all over the world were on display with new, fresh — and often, very funny —

Gina Gelso Appleton

Appleton joins office Gina Gelso Appleton has joined Paradigm AdvantEdge Real Estate, 16301 N May, as a residential real estate sales associate. She has been selling residential real estate in the metro area for the past three years. Previously, she was an executive assistant for an Oklahoma state senator and an assistant to a House member. She attended Northeastern State University in Tahlequah and earned a bachelor’s degree in speech pathology. She also attended the University of Oklahoma and earned a master’s degree in human relations.

Johnson joins office Jill Johnson has joined Paradigm AdvantEdge Real Estate, 16301 N May Ave., as a residential real estate sales associate. She attended Oklahoma State University and earned a business degree. Previously, she worked in sales for 12 years.

Step on it: Still as durable as traditional floorcloths, a contemporary version features photo close-ups. CREATORS PHOTO

ideas for making the home a happy place. At Dust Furniture (an imperative pun), engineer-cabinetmaker Vincent Thomas Leman and graphic artist Jessie Leman teamed up to throw a curve into classical design. Their quirky, handcrafted tables, hutches, cabinets and clocks — available in some 25 brilliant colors, like apple green and cobalt blue — lean, lurch and quickly angle their way into collectors’ hearts. “People who like my work like it a lot!” Vincent says. But just one swinging-swaying-yawing piece would take the “staid” out of any room. See what we mean at But take a Dramamine first! Another handcrafting company, Cake Vintage Table & Home, unsets the table and turns old silver-plated

spoons into sparkling chandeliers. It takes 240 to create the three-tier, seven-light “Spoondelier” that would brighten any cooking buff’s life. Another version comes with teacups, too. Seeing is believing at We dare you not to howl (with laughter) at artist Valerie Leonard’s Animal Ancestors for Dutch Touch Art ( .Think your beagle is regal? Wait till she gives him Gainsborough’s “Blue Boy” body! You send a photo of your mutt’s mug and she’ll paint him/her into art history, quite literally. Try picturing Rachael Ray’s pit bull as Michelangelo’s “David.” Too doggone funny. Rose Bennett Gilbert is the co-author of “Manhattan Style,” “Hampton Style,” and five other books on interior design. CREATORS.COM

La Donna West has joined Paradigm AdvantEdge Real Estate, 16301 N May Ave., as a residential real estate sales associate. She is a lifelong resident of Oklahoma and attended Southeastern Oklahoma State University in Durant, where she studied marketing and business management. She has been selling real estate for 22 years and has earned Graduate Realtor Institute, Certified Residential Specialist and

La Donna West

Short Sale & Foreclosure Resource professional designations.










Dr. Phil, as straightshooting TV host Phil McGraw is best known, and his wife, Robin, have listed their Mediterranean villa in Beverly Hills at $16.5 million. The couple is selling because they have bought a hillside view home that they’ve been admiring for years. The walled and gated property they are selling sits on nearly three-quarters of an acre. It includes a main house, a detached guesthouse, an outdoor dining room and a swimming pool. There is a two-story entry, a theater, a gym, a billiard room, temperaturecontrolled wine storage, eight bedrooms and nine bathrooms. The couple

Robin and Dr. Phil McGraw. AP FILE PHOTO

bought the house in 2002 for about $7.5 million, according to the Los Angeles Times. More details on their new purchase were not available. McGraw, 59, who was born in Vinita and grew up in Oklahoma City, started his daily “Dr. Phil” show in 2002. He has a doctorate in clinical psychology and is a best-selling author.

TV host Dr. Phil McGraw and his wife Robin have listed their Mediterranean villa in Beverly Hills at $16.5 million. MCCLATCHEY-TRIBUNE PHOTO





Window upgrade could be worth the cost Q: I have a 1950s home. Last year I re- recover the full $8,200. It’s doubtful modeled but did not change out the you’ll recoup the entire investment, but windows. I got an estimate yesterday the home should be easier and faster to (for new windows) at $8,200. Would sell with the new windows, so you’ll have that be a good investto factor those savings into ment? the financial mix as well. A: The answer to that Q: I live in a building question depends on what that is 80 years old and Paul you mean by it being a has 90 apartments. The Bianchina good investment. wastewater drain lines First of all, I’m a big fan are clogged up but not of changing out older, sincorroded as could be exgle-pane windows for new HANDY @ HOME pected. The lines are cast energy-efficient ones. iron. The actual diameter They save on utility costs; is about an inch or a little they help conserve energy for all of us; more, but the problem is they are so and they’ll make your home quieter and badly clogged that the inner diameter is more comfortable. So from the stand- about half an inch or less. The stuff point of comfort and reduced utility bills, clogging the pipes is probably organic it’s definitely a good investment. matter that now appears to be hardenMost of today’s buyers are looking for ed. It is now not possible to install garenergy efficiency when they shop for a bage disposers because of the clogging, home, and many probably would rather as they will make things worse. not have to tackle a remodeling project as Strangely enough, the drains from the extensive as changing out a house full of toilets seem to be OK; only the lines windows. So, as a selling feature to make a from the wash basins seem to be home more attractive to a buyer, it’s defi- clogged. nitely a good investment. The question I have is whether it is Finally, we would need to look at it from possible to clean out this stuff with a a strictly financial perspective, and that’s reamer or snake or some other means a much harder one to answer. If you’re go- without replacing all the pipes, which ing to stay in the home awhile, you would obviously is going to cost a great deal? need to look at what the monthly energy If so, what is the best method? savings would be, then divide that numA: The cast-iron pipes in your building ber into $8,200 to determine how many are very resistant to corrosion, so unless months it would take to pay back the ini- they are damaged or leaking, there would tial investment. be no real reason to replace them. What If you’re planning on selling soon, you you are seeing in the sink drains is typicalshould talk to your real estate agent and ly a sticky mixture of grease, soap, hair see what homes such as yours are selling and food — a combination that tends to for with and without upgraded windows. congeal and stick to itself and the inside of The difference in sales prices will be a the pipes. This mix of organic material, pretty good indicator as to whether you’ll

Homes For Sale

1449 NW 99 3/1.5/1 Renov. Nice 417-2176 4907 NW 18th 3bed/2ba. Call Michele, Express 405-323-5251 S. QUAIL: 6100 SF, POOL 3 CAR GARAGE, 4 BED, 4 BATH, 850-0532

3br, $45K or trade: cute fixer-upper; great 1 block Bthy schl/univ 722-6552

PIEDMONT OPEN SAT 2-4 & SUN 2-5. Model home. New hms on K ac lots. Info also available for new hms in other additions. From NW Expwy & Sara Rd go 4.5 mi N Cleaton & Assoc 373-2494 PIEDMONT SCHLS 5 ac MOL tracts starting @ $32,900. CASHION 5 ac MOL w/great bldg site & access to private lake $29,900. Lisa Cleaton & Assoc 373-2494 1N to 10A, E. of OKC, pay out dn. before 1st pmt. starts, many are M/H ready over 400 choices, lg trees, some with ponds, TERMS Milburn o/a 275-1695 CASHION ACREAGES w/trees & creek. 6 to 11 ac tracts. Owner financing possible. starting @ $25,000. Lisa Cleaton & Assoc 373-2494 Build your Dream Home on 5 Private Acres! 10 min from downtown OKC. Elec., well, pad, 30x50 shop & pond. $220K Kyle 405-818-6698 80Ac near Macomb 1800sf 3-4bd + shop, carport, 4 ponds $200K. Also 40 Ac w/2 stocked ponds, deer turkey, 14x80 3bd MH & barn $100K 918-869-8502 BUILDING SITES PIEDMONT 3/4 and 1 Acre Lots, Close In-Good Streets Leon 373-4820 Overland Ex Realty OPEN HOUSE 10 Acres Lge Home Horse Ready 2180 E. Charter Oak 519-5817 203-9960 $279k 1-28 acres » All Areas Owner Financing Woodlake Properties 405-273-5777 2bd stone home almost 3/4 AC, $12,900 cash. Hurry. Spencer, corner lot. 301-6495 7+ Acres- LOT Piedmont 1/2 mile N. on Sara rd,Waterloo, Ashley 229-2799 7ac., $38,000 1.4AC 4bed home 1539sq ft. Oppt. of lifetime. $39,900 Cash. Wooded lot. Spencer 301-6495. 160 acres, 5000 sq ft home, irrigation system, 25 minutes to downtown OKC, 850-0532. For Sale By Owner 320 ac, Lincoln County, OK. 405-258-3634/918-740-3197 3.5A 4/3/2 Like new Wash. sch. 417-2176

combined with the relatively small diameter of the sink drain lines, is why you have a bigger problem at the sinks than you do at the larger diameter, grease-free toilet lines. The solution is to have the drains professionally cleaned. The cleaning company uses a powered, rotating auger on a long line to remove and flush away the buildup of material inside the pipes and restore much of the original inside diameter. The cleaning company can also assess the condition of the pipes, the relative amount of buildup and other conditions present in your building, and can give you advice on what steps to take to prevent the buildup from occurring again. It can also advise you on whether the addition of a garbage disposal would be possible. Q: I have a deck that needs replacement of some boards. The deck is about 10 years old, and the boards are fastened to the joists using small steel “devices” or “setups” (I do not know another word for it) that hold the boards in place, keep them from touching the joists directly and conceal the nail heads. I have been asking around, but nobody seems to know what I am talking about. When I show them an example of such a device, they tell me that they have never seen such a thing. Can you help me?


123 W. Shore Drive Lake Hiwassee 4/2.5/3 Call Michele, Express 405-323-5251

ACREAGE HOME SITES AVAILABLE » The Ranches at Olde Tuscany 1+Ac Moore Schls » Olde Tuscany III 5-10 ac Moore Schools » The Timbers 5 ac Moore Schools » Montecito 1+ ac Norman Schools » Belleau Wood 1+ ac Edmond Schools » Stillbrook Glen 2.5-10 ac Bridgecreek Schools Call Mike 317.0582 Visit one of our fully furnished model homes today! *We build on your lot or ours*

Most of today’s buyers are looking for energy efficiency when they shop for a home, and many probably would rather not have to tackle a remodeling project as extensive as changing out a house full of windows.

Real Estate Auction 2240 N Hennery Road, Choctaw, OK, Sat, Aug 14th, 9:30 AM, RC May broker, 341-9202

Beautiful 3bd 3.5 ba 3 car garage on 1.5 acres. Great location possible owner carry, no bank qualifying. 413-2711

FORECLOSURES 68, 1-4 bdrm homes in Edmond start @ $45,000 Patrick @Allied 740-6616

Lease/Purch, Nice 3/2/2 brick, ch&a, fenced, low dn, no credit chk 630-0649

BY OWNER - total remodel, 3bd 1.5ba 1car ch&a, many extras, $83K 705 Holoway Dr. 787-8099 OPEN SUNDAY 2-4 1114 N. Westmoreland 3bed/2ba. Call Michele, Express 405-323-5251 OWNER CARRY-2bd 1ba, remodeled, $3k dn. 304 E. Kittyhawk 348-2108

OPEN 2-4 9821 SW 25th NEW! Sacrifice @ $139.9K over 1700sf 10yr Builder warr Ronck Realty 324-9040 541 E Elder Lane, 4 bed, 2 bath, 2 car, $148,000 obo, 405-464-1204 www. 2012 E. Hills Terrace 5yr old Duplex 4 bd, 4 ba, 4 car. Reduced $500 to $186K A. Rlty 376-4551 Updated 3/2.5/2 1720sf, .42acres, 24x30 shop w/elec $119.9K Arlene 414-8753

BANK OWNED 3/2/2 brk corner lot, blt 81, 1250sf, $62.9K Arlene, CB 414-8753

3 bedroom 1.5 bath, brick home, Park Estates, $27,900 cash. 301-6495. 3bed $17,900 cash. Buyer gets 1969 Chevy C10 pickup Free!. 301-6495.

2528 N.W.40 +16X20 SHOP By owner to prequalified buyer. 2/1, 788#mol,+conv gar 210#mol,new roof paint cpt STOVE+REF $58,850 473-7834,821-7594 Sharp Spacious 4bed 2-story home, great area, large dry basement (can double for storm cellar), new carpet, fresh paint ch/a Seller will pay all of buyer's closing costs $99,750. Fidelity RE 692-1661, 417-1963

BANK OWNED brick 4/2/2 1803sf, .31 acre, 2 living $99.9K Arlene 414-8753

Open House Sun. 2-4 3152 SW 71st, 3 bed, 1 ba, brick, remodeled. $72,900 ‘ 570-5310 OWNER FINANCING $2000 down No Credit Ck 2516 Murray 3/1 $52,000 596-4599, 410-8840 Open House 2-4 7213 S Brookline Ave. Western Hts Sch. NM Realty 613-9739

3/2/2 on 2K ac, 30x40 shop, 424 Sherwood Ln, Edmond $170K 436-3055

165, 1-4 bdrm homes in NW OKC start @ $21,500 Patrick@Allied 740-6616

7 acres, Blanchard area, utilities available, $28K, 405-826-7448.

FSBO Open House Sunday 2-4 5017 NW 62nd ST 4bed, 2ba, 1650 133k 773-5098

Guthrie, family compound, (2) 3 bed, 2 bath, 5 acres, 850-0532.

4433 NW 32nd Pl, gated, 2/2/2, 1546 sf, ch&a, $149,000, 405-401-4709.

New 3bd/2ba Mobile Homes already on land located in Shawnee, Prague, Cromwell & Harrah (price reduced) Owner Financing Woodlake Properties 405-273-5777 First Time Homebuyer. New & repo homes available. Move to your land or to community. Trade in homes are welcomed. 888-878-2971 405-602-4526 FOR SALE: 3 bd 2 ba Dbl Wide on acreage, Harrah Schls. P&I $398 W.A.C + taxes & Ins. 405-412-6236

OPEN SUNDAY 2-4. 100 SW 65. 3bd, 2ba, 2c Briarwood Rty. 631-3265

JUST ARRIVED $19,900 FREE Delivery & A/C 3bd w/vinyl siding shingle roof 405-470-1330

Sparkling Ing. Pool 3/2/3 + study, blt 03, Moore Schl $179K Arlene, CB 414-8753

Land/Home Repo’s Many locations around OK. E-Z Qualifying405-787-5004 3bd 2ba DW on acreage w/pond. Less than $500 mo, WAC 631-3609

BEAUTIFUL 4bd 4.5 ba w/so many anemities each bd w/full ba, wood flrs, 16 x 32 ingrd pool w/pergola & fire pit. 20 x 20 wkshp & more! Lisa $394,500 Cleaton & Assoc 373-2494 Enjoy small town living and schools. Sharp 3 bed, brk-2ba-ch&a-upgradesfrpl-2car w/access to back w/outbldg. Mid $120's! Call M-F, 670-1411 co. 3771 Washington Ave E 5 Ac, 3 Bd, 3 Ba, 1 Liv, 2 Din + office 3 Car. Custom Built $297.5K Leon 373-4820 Overland Ex Realty, Inc 956 Buchanan Ave/Golden Hills, 3Bd, 2Ba, 1Liv, 2 Din, 3 Car Gar, Great location $182.9K Leon 373-4820 Overland Exp Rlty Beautiful new 2763 sf home, 3/2/3, 2 fp, hardwood floors, granite counter tops, oak cabinets, patio, on 7 acres, $425,000, 405-373-3642.

Beautiful Home! 472 NE 23rd Terrace Must See! 3bed, 2ba, 2 Car Garage, 1842 1FP, 1-story Traditional Home, 2006 central heat, central A/C, city sewer, $159,900 Gayle 405-514-7289 OPEN HOUSE Sunday 2-4pm. 608 NW 34th, in Newcastle. New 2416 Sq Ft, 4 bed, shop on 1 Acre, 405-306-5137

2112 Westchester 2bed/1 ba. Call Michele, Express 405-323-5251

FABULOUS 3bd 3ba approx 2751' w/open flr plan. 2 master bd, beautiful sunrm, huge bckyd w/outbldg $211,500. Lisa Cleaton & Assoc 373-2494 El Reno 1615 S Evans 1008 sq ft 2-3 bdr 1 bth Needs work $9,500. 405 615-5852

4/2 bath set up with 2.5 acres 405-631-7600 3/2 bath set up quiet park Call for details405-631-7600 Repo 28x80 4x2, refurb $39,900 301-2454/517-5000 2bd 1ba $6900 Delivered 301-2454/517-5000 2004 16x80 3x2 $24,900 301-2454/517-5000

80 Acres W of Piedmont Easy access, aprx. 1/2 mi S. of Waterloo Rd, 7 mi W. of Piedmont . Great pastures, good fences, pond, plenty of building sites & lots of wildlife. Deer, Turkey, Bobcats, Coyotes & Quail! Protected land surrounded by wheat fields. $300,000. Serious inquiries only please. 405-517-9989. EUFAULA LAKE / S.E. OKLAHOMA... 8 LAKE FRONT FULLY FURNISHED CABINS INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY W/ INCOME!! 3 docks. PACKAGE DEAL OR PRICED SEPERATELY. $875,000 Karen @ ERA Real Estate 918617-3901 or 918-4523900 Owner/Assoc. Live on lake 4.43 AC backs up to cove. Great hunting and fishing- a great buy. Has 3000sf metal bldg, elec & wtr well on Lake Eufaula. $76,000. 918-381-2928.

Foreclosed Home Auction 50+Homes | Auction 7/22 Open House 7/17, 24 & 25 REDC | View Full Listings RE Brkr 157083 Foreclosed Home Auction 50+Homes | Auction 7/22 Open House 7/17, 24 & 25 REDC | View Full Listings RE Brkr 157083

DO NOT Call Unless… Foreclosure/Behind Paymt Overleveraged/Repairs Call/Web


Manufactured Home 3bed, 2ba, 1536 $48,000 or take over payments. 580-513-1859

417-2176 Heard of a SHORT SALE? SELL YOUR HOUSE TODAY! Foreclosure/behind Pymts 340-9879/ I BUY & SELL HOUSES 27 YRS EXP 650-7667 HOMESOFOKCINC.COM

Bills pd clean quiet furn eff/1bd $100/wk&up 10& Penn 751-7238/640-9413 Putnam Heights Plaza 1 & 2bd, ch/a, Dishwasher 1830 NW 39th 524-5907


Lake Home/Property Washita Point/Lake Texoma New Home! 4 BR, 2.5 Baths, 2100 sq ft. on lg lot. Add'l lots avail. Owner: 580-795-5195 Eufaula Cove. 4bed 3 full ba, 2 big lots. everything brand new! 2500sf, Elevator, granite Lakeview $242,000. 561-603-4347

Commercial RE Business Auctions Lender Ordered Auction, 7-27-10 104K SF Warehouse in Purcell $800K opening bid, $7.65/SF Over $1.3M spent on improvements in 2007 Brokers protected at sheriff’s sale Brett Price 405.613.8380

Established Business For Sale FOR SALE: Profitable C-Stores, Near recreational lakes, major highways. Books available to qualified Buyers. some financing also available. Call Broker at 405-222-4705 or cell 664-3259

Only $440 Casady751-8088

For Sale

REDUCED TO SELL! Cash Flow Rental Prop. Handyman Specials Owner financing avail. 1224 NE 19th $28,000 107 SE 41st $40,000 2118 N Prospect $28,000 740 NE 36th $28,500 Prices Negotiable Kruger Inv. Call Jim 235-9332/812-1657 DUPLEXES 2403 NW 16 2/1 $115,000 3401 Cameron 3/2 $149,000 848-9400

Industrial Property For Rent 3551 S Choctaw Ave, El Reno. 4200sf -1200 sf office space, remainder shop w/ 2 O/H drs. Lrg truck parking - currently in use by trucking co. Avail 8/1 405-306-4931

Office Space For Rent

GREAT Space OFFICE Convenient NW Locations: I-40 & Meridian NW Expressway & May Britton/Lake Hefner Parkway 200-6000sf 946-2516

Edmond Office Spaces 625sf, $835; 275sf, $400; or both $1200. All inclusive. 359-7100, 641-0468 10307 Greenbriar Pkwy S OKC 2 suites 1,107sf each »» 405-364-5300 Office for lease, 2600 sf, 1380 S Douglas, MWC, $1600 mo, 205-2343.

E-mail remodeling and repair questions to paulbianchina@

Furnished/Unfurnished Bills Paid » Wkly/Monthly Wes Chase Apts, Elk Horn Apts, Hillcrest 943-1818

Houses for rent

6617 NW 32nd, 3 bd, 2ba, w/d hookup, CH&A, fncd $700/mo 921-6981

•ABC• Affordable, Bug free, Clean » 787-7212» 14421 Timberdale, 4/2/2, Newer, $1170 + deposit 285-0305 or 823-6550

TOP LOCATION! Pd. wtr/garb. Near malls. Try Plaza East•341-4813

1 & 2 BEDROOMS, QUIET! Covered Parking Great Schools! 732-1122

Walford Apts 518 NW 12 MIDTOWN District Amazing! All electric, 1bd 1ba, ch/a Studio $500mo $400dp Efficiency $425mo $325dp 409-7989 no sec 8 Now Leasing Wesley Village Retirement Center - Independent living. ALL bills paid Rental Assistance Call 405-232-2190

Nice 1 bed, 1 bath, close to OU Medical Center, sec 8 okay, 255-3913.

$201 Total Move-In Cost Energy Eff., $301 move in/1 bd, $401 move in/2 bd. $1 First Week Rent Weekly Avail: Effic $115 1bd $125, 2bd $165 Disability & Social Security recipients welcome 616 SW 59th, between Western&Walker634-4798 Drug free environment Not all bills paid

$199 To Move In Se Habla Espanol Carriage Square Apts 634-6380 $99 SPECIAL Lg 1bdr, stove, refrig., clean, walk to shops. $325 mo. 632-9849


900 N. Fretz #84, 3bd 1K ba mobile home $475 681-7272

Townhouses For Rent

Nice 2 bed, 2.5ba, Condo no section 8, deposit req 946-0111 or 887-4455


Briargate 1718 N Indiana K Off Move in Special! 800sf 1bd 1ba, cha, all elec, wood floor, $475mo, $200 dep. No sec 8 409-7989

Foxcroft Apartments 1, 2 & 3 beds, Pets ok »»» 787-6655 »»» Oakwood Apts 5824 NW 34 K off Move in Special 1bd 1ba, 750sf $335mo $175dp 409-7989 no sec8 Nice 1 bed downstairs, W/D hkup, ch&a, NW 23rd & MacArthur $465+$200dep. 370-0278 Furnished/Unfurnished Bills Paid » Wkly/Monthly Wes Chase Apts, Elk Horn Apts, Hillcrest 943-1818 No Deposit, No App Fee. Large 2 & 3bds, PC Schls, W/D hk, A/C 722-0787

»» MWC Houses »» 605-5477 Free List 1112 Locust 3/1/1 cha $595 203 Rickenbacker3/1/1 $495 3404 Willow Crk 2/1/1 $450 2 bed 1 bath fncd. bkyd w/d hook-up with appliances. 513 E. Boeing 405-570-5865 4 bed, 1 bath, ch&a, fenced yard, OKC Schools 1028 Sycamore Dr. $625 + dep. 769-8800 1609 Christine, 3bd, 1K ba, ch/a, sec 8 ok, $600 642-3847 or 354-7413

2 bd, 1 ba, ch&a, K blk from UCO, $600 + $600 dep, 824-8954/348-9405.

4 bed, 2 living areas, 1 bath, MWC Schools, $650/$650dep, 275-1821 134 W Lilac, 3bd 1ba CH/A, W/D hkup $600mo $450dep 701-1722

LIMITED TIME SPECIAL $149 1st mo 525-1177 Near OU Med Center. MOMENTUM PROP MGMT

New Luxury Duplex 13516 Brandon Place 3/2/2, fp, Deer Creek Schls, near Mercy. Model open 10-4 842-7300 11705 N. Francis 2/1.5/2. No pets $625 TMS Prop 348-0720 Cute & Cozy 1 bed, upstairs, $485 all bills paid, $250 deposit. 706-3972

MAYFAIR GARDENS Historic Area! Secure, wash /dry hardwd flrs 947-5665 $199 MOVE IN SPECIAL 2BED Townhomes $599 Windsor Village 943-9665

Brick, 3/2/1, avail now, kitch appls, very clean, 1 yr lease, $675 + deposits 454-2314


3245 NW 50th #244 2 bed 2 bath $550 mo TMS Prop 348-0720

The Plaza 1740 NW 17th K Off Special 1bd, 1ba 750sf, wood floors, all elec, $450 mo, $200dp. No sec8 409-7989

Open Sunday 2-4, 3/2/2, 15816 Big Cypress Dr. Edm schls, $1400 mo, pets ok, 405-788-9398

2123 SW 46th, 1 bed, 1 ba, washer/dryer hkup, $379 + $150, 550-8066.


MacArthur Apartments 5001 NW 10th St.

Executive Home 4bd 2.5ba 3car, 737 Martina Ln $1500/mo $1500/dep 2000sf 409-7989

3 bd, 2 ba, 2 car, 1664 sf, ch&a, $1350 mo + $1350 dep, 824-8954/348-9405.

Updated 2 bd, 2 car, 1430 SF, PC Schools, $650 mo, good credit ONLY! NO PETS! 823-8398.

$250 Visa Card 1 MONTH FREE RENT!

Trail South, very nice 3 bd, 2 ba, avail immed, no roommates or inside pets $995 + dep. 6204848

$99 Move In Special!!! Lg 1 and 2 Bdr, $325 to $395 mo. 632-9849

7301 NW 23rd


3 bedroom, CH&A, 3408 SE 20th, $500 month + $300 deposit. 570-9291

3 & 4 bedrooms SW Edmond. Linda C21 Mark V. 850-5541

$300-345/month Furnished 1bd & Efficiency 2820 S Robinson 232-1549

LARGE TOWNHOMES & APARTMENTS • Washer, Dryers, pools • PC Schools, fireplaces

3bd/1ba, ch&a, new laminate flrs, big bkyrd, marble bath $625 550-5128

Furnished/Unfurnished Bills Paid » Wkly/Monthly Wes Chase Apts, Elk Horn Apts, Hillcrest 943-1818

Investment Property Spring Special Condominiums,

Warehouse/Office I-40 & Meridian, 2200-4819sf, 946-2516

I BUY HOUSES Any condition. No cost to U 495-5100

Huge price reduction, must sell, 8908 Cindy Rd, 1567 sf, brick 3/2/2, $111,400, 470-1700.


Huge Inventory home sale! Own Land or have Family Land use land to purchase new home! Need Land? Land/Home I-20 acres available. 3, 4, 5 bedrm Manufactured & Modular homes. Turn Key, we do it all! 1000 furniture package with purchase 888-878-2971 405-204-4163

$99 Move-In Special 1bd 1ba $295-350, stove, fridge, very clean 625-5200

Fort Gibson Lakefront Home - enclosed dock on quiet cove w/ view of dam. All elec., 2/2, lrg master w/ walk-in, lrg laundry/mud rm, FP, screened porch, on 1 ac. Many upgrades: windows, kitchen, floors. $168,000 No Agents 918-478-5466 for appt.

A: There are a number of types of concealed fasteners such as the ones you describe. Some types are football-shaped and fit into a recess that is cut into the sides of the boards, while others have pins that go into the sides of the boards and then a screw that goes down into the joist. There are other styles as well. With about all of the concealed fasteners, they are installed individually as each board is placed down. As you say, they prevent the screw heads from being visible, but they also make it more difficult to remove individual boards. With all the ones I’m familiar with, in order to remove the decking, you will need to start at one end of the deck and take up the first board at the edge, then remove the concealed fasteners, then take up the next board in line, and so on. If you need to replace individual boards in the middle of the deck, the only other option is to cut out the board from above, remove it and the concealed fastener, then install a new board and fasten it from the top with screws. This will leave the screw heads exposed, or you can countersink the screws and then cover them with matching wood plugs, which will help blend the new board in with the existing boards that don’t have exposed fasteners.

Clean 2 bed 2 bath 1 car, 1420 A SW 35 St. $600 mo, $300 dep. 550-8059

2 bed Appl, CH&A, No Sec 8, 520 E. Northrup $525 mo 830-4695 V-Nice, 1 mi E of Tinker, 3/1/2 ch&a, util rm, $525 +$300, no pets, 732-4351

1100sf 3bd 1.5ba, 2car gar, lrg fncd back yard w/ patio $700mo + dep 673 NW 15 799-3741 Ready Now 505 NE 20th, 3/1.5/2, ch&a, no pets, $800mo $500dp 426-0028

3 bd/1/1, 611 Highland fenced-patio, CH/A, $695/mo 376-5846

3/2 Mobile Home, 5 acres storm shelter $775 + dep Home&RanchRlty 794-7777


1120 NE 19th, 3bd 2ba, detached gar. Sec 8 ok $650 2300 N. Prospect large 2bd 1ba $395 681-7272

4 bed, 2 bath, $1295 mo, $500 deposit. Cambridge Park near 89th & Sooner. Near TAFB. Avail 8/1. 288-0059 or 822-1658

1400 NE 14th, 3 bd, 2 ba, Sec. 8 OK. CH&A, Nice, Must See! ‘ 436-4648

3 bed, 2 bath, 2 car, new paint, new carpets, new vinyl. CAC/Heat. Ready now. $750 + $650 dep. 405-414-5530

»» NW Houses »» 605-5477 Free List 12409 Covey Crk 3/2/2 $895 8937 Eagle Ln 3/2/2 $895 1212 NW 48 3bd $595 220 NW 89 3/1.5/1 $595 617 NW 92 3/1/1 $495 »» NE Houses »» 1718 Madison 2bed $395 1127 NW 97th, 2 bd, 1 bath, New paint inside and outside, New carpet, Very cute home $425/mo 408-5836 8300 NW 10, #94 Town house 3bed, 1.5 bath, garage, fenced yard, fire place. No pets No Sec 8. $550+ $550dep 947-5858 MESTA PARK Spacious 3 br, 1 bath home for lease. Mock fireplace, Wood flrs. $595/mo $500 dep. 405-831-0643 617 NW 51st, clean, safe 3 bd/utility, ch&a, no Sec 8, no smoking, no pets, $750 per month, 8428389, open Sat 9-3. 2064 NW 48th 2/2 $1450 6313 Lansbrook 4/3/2$1350 2501 Renwick 4/3/3 $1995 Express Realty 844-6101 Executive 4bd 3ba 2car 12108 Camelot Pl 2640sf, 2liv, 2din, $1330 mo, $1330 dep 409-7989 Lrg Quail Creek 13124 Cedar Springs Rd 4 bd, 3 ba, study, din, spklr sys XCond $1695 301-2031 Cute 4 Bed 2 Bath 3213 NW 28th 800mth, and 800Dep. No pets, CHA Benny 201-1487 Nice, quiet area, 3 bed, 1K bath, nice pool, double carport, $975 month + $975 deposit. 728-1589 8908 Cindy Road, brick 3/2/2, new HVAC, Britton and Council, $1085 per month, 470-1700. Great 3bd 2ba 2c w/opnr, FP, 4245 NW 56th Terr. no pets, $1000 830-3399 4912 N Woodward, 3 bd, 1 bath, 1 car, ch&a, $850 mo, $700 dep, 413-4252 Section 8 OK 3 bed 336 NW 85th $675 + Deposit 942-3552

Brand new duplexes, 3 bd 2 ba, 2 car, gated comm, call Rick, 405-830-3789.

800 N. Meridian: 1bd, all bills paid & weekly rates available. 946-9506 » MOVE IN SPECIAL » LARGE 1, 2 & 3 BEDS Rockwell Arms, 787-1423

1 bed, clean, new appls, 3031 NW 14th $395/mo, $250/dep. ‘ 748-6830

»» NE Houses »» 605-5477 Free List 1718 Madison 2bed $395 »» NW Houses »» 12409 Covey Crk 3/2/2 $895 8937 Eagle Ln 3/2/2 $895 1212 NW 48 3bd $595 220 NW 89 3/1.5/1 $595 617 NW 92 3/1/1 $495

4917 Cinderella Dr. 3/2/2 $695+$350 deposit. Section 8 ok. 324-2611 5312 Bodine, 3/1/2, newly redone, Sec 8 ok $725 681-7272

»» SW Houses »» 605-5477 Free List 8625 S Miller 4bd $795 1640 SW 79 3/2/2 $795 1528 SW 80 3/2/2 $795 1409 SW 77 Pl 3/2/2 $795 8203 S Klein 3/1.5/1$595 »» SE Houses »» 1724 SE 51 3bed $595 6504 S. Kelly 2/1/1 $450 1401 SW 34th 3bd 1ba detached garage $575 1033 SW 63rd 2-bed 1bath 2 living $475 3728 SW 38th, 2/1/1 $450 633 SW 33rd 2/1 $350 2401 SW 43rd #7 1bd apt, total elect, water paid $325 681-7272 1617 SW 31st, 2bd 2-car detached garage, fenced, clean, $495 Fidelity RE 692-1661 2 bed, Nice, $450+dep w/ stove, frige, washer and dryer. 2916 SW 40th. 376-1830, cell 613-9120 SW 51st & Penn, 3/2/2, fireplace, 1900sf $800+dep Home&RanchRlty 794-7777 2/1 triplex, fncd yard, $825 mo + $450 dep. No smoke no pets. 490-6160 2 bed washer dryer hkup, $475mo, $250 deposit 631-8039 1500 SW 81st 3bd, 2c, CH&A, No sec. 8, $800/ mo., $500/dep 631-5695 525 SW 26th, 1500sf $550 mo $400 dep 3bed 2bath 409-7989 no sec 8

4 yr old house, 4 bd, 3 ba, 2400 sf, 3 car $1450mo, $1450dep. 405-205-3328

2 bed, 1 ba, 1 car, fenced, 3129 NW 46th, $350 dep. $625 mo. 285-2627 2535 W. Hefner 2/2/2 Fenced $795 TMS Prop 348-0720 2908 NW 46th Nice 2 bd, ch&a, W/D hkups. No Sec 8 $550+dep 255-1075 2516 Reeves, 3/2/2. $795, PC Sch., No sect. 8 495-1389 or 313-4839 1418 NW 49th, 2 bed, 1 bath, 1 car, appls, w/d hookup, ch&a 570-5865 OCU-SHEP-HIST 3-4 bed, 2 ba, W/D, hw flrs, fncd $450+dep. T.I. 524-0222 3/2/2, new paint, ch&a, fp, 1 year lease, no pets/ smoke, $775, 650-3067. 4/3/2 executive home 3 car gar, ready, PC schls $1500 mo. 209-4327.

1207 Tedford Way 3/2, formal dining $1600 TMS Prop 348-0720

Recently built house with 4 bed, 2.5 bath, plus office, lots of upgrades, Mustang Schools $1650 mo + dep. 405-818-1702

WHY RENT WHEN YOU CAN OWN? Easy financing with no credit needed. Yukon schls


$ FREE RENT 1ST MO $ 2BR $350+, 3BR $495+, MWC NO PETS 427-0627

Section 8 Okay 429 NW 88 3/1.5/1 $695 681-7272 340 NW 120th, 3bd 2ba 2car 1300sf $825mo $800dp 409-7989 no sec8 1704 NW 34th 3/1 681-7272


$199 MOVE IN SPECIAL 2BED Townhomes $599 Windsor Village 943-9665 1bd 1ba apt $340/mo stove, fridge, clean, quiet 1441 NW 92nd 227-8202

4924 Creekwood Terr, 3 bed, 1K bath, $735 mo, sec 8 okay, 936-9058.

»» SE Houses »» 605-5477 Free List 1724 SE 51 3bed $595 6504 S. Kelly 2/1/1 $450 »» SW Houses »» 8625 S Miller 4bd $795 1640 SW 79 3/2/2 $795 1528 SW 80 3/2/2 $795 1409 SW 77 Pl 3/2/2 $795 8203 S Klein 3/1.5/1$595

MANAGEMENT LEASING SALES SINCE 1982 Spectrum Management 848-9400 Rental Helper Current Home Rental Listing $39 at the Gold Dome (405) 605-5551

$400 mo, utilities paid, washer/dryer, kitchen priveleges, 664-3995.





For some, home is where the earth is BY RACHEL JACKSON The Orlando Sentinel

ORLANDO, Fla. — Down a dirt road and between thickets of trees, Paul Queen lives inside a grassy, man-made hill. Deer try to stroll across his rooftop. Gopher tortoises attempt to tunnel into the walls. But inside, Queen can barely hear the rain — or deer hoof steps. His home is earth-sheltered, meaning it’s not exactly underground but is surrounded and insulated by a massive mound of soil. National builders of the obscure style, which first grew out of hillsides and rural grasslands during the energy crisis decades ago, say that amid concerns about power bills and natural disasters, more people are burrowing into the earth. Although Queen estimates the building style reduces his cooling bills by 40 percent and said he will probably never have to evacuate for a hurricane, the housing concept remains rare in Florida. “Until you’re really in one, you really don’t realize how wonderful they are,” Queen, who works in marketing, said of his Oviedo, Fla.-area home. “The way it’s laid out, it has as much light as any house.” Most municipalities contacted in Central Flor-

The rooms inside this earth-sheltered house are vaulted. Here, owner Paul Queen works in his kitchen in Oviedo, Fla. MCCLATCHEY-TRIBUNE PHOTO

Paul Queen checks on his roof where he cultivates grass and vines in Oviedo, Fla. His home is earth-sheltered, meaning it’s not exactly underground but is surrounded and insulated by a massive mound of soil. MCCLATCHEY-TRIBUNE PHOTO

ida couldn’t name any earth-sheltered homes in their areas, but besides Queen’s, they include a home under construction in DeLeon Springs and a St. Cloud home built in 1986. Stephanie ThomasRees, a research architect with the Florida Solar Energy Center, said the state’s sandy soil and high water table make managing moisture difficult in an earth-sheltered home. Others suggest that without hills, which provide a natural construction site, it’s harder to find good locations for such homes here.

But for auto electrician Travis Campbell, the earth-sheltered style was the solution to another problem — frequent worries about evacuating his mobile home. “Every storm or tornado or fire that came along, we were scared for where we were going to live,” he said. He started building several years ago and hopes to finish the home on his small DeLeon Springs farm by Christmas. He is so involved in the process that he’s offering consulting services to others interested in living under the earth and plans to open it up for tours when finished.

Dale Pearcey, president of Formworks Building Inc., of Durango, Colo., designed Campbell’s 4,000-square-foot home and said prices are on par with traditional homes, though mortgages often are paid off faster because of reduced heating and cooling bills. “If some contractor came up with a bunch of model homes and put them all in one place where the general public would just walk through them, it would change a lot of people’s minds in a hurry,” he said. Earth-sheltered homes, he said, have an image

problem. “Most people think it’s going to look like a dungeon,” said Alice McCorkle, who said her St. Cloud home gets plenty of light through windows on one side. Her husband built the home on the highest point of the property, and its dirt-filled walls regulate temperatures so well that family members come over when power goes out during cold snaps. In Queen’s home, the ceiling of a central atrium climbs more than two stories, and a small octagon of windows inside it rises above the peak of the hill. The atrium gets so much light, Queen grows potted plants on its floor. Three other living spaces surround the atrium like petals. Dirt was packed between them, but some areas were left exposed — so even though the home is

buried beneath a grassy hill, all rooms have windows. Queen said he’s never had an issue with moisture or bugs. The shell of the home is 10 inches of steelreinforced concrete. A layer of asphalt, then a layer of rubber, follow. Finally several feet of dirt coat the rest. For the most part, life in an earth-sheltered home isn’t too different, Queen said. But there are some quirks. Some of the walls are curved so he can’t hang paintings (he opts for easels). Cell-phone and wireless Internet signals have trouble penetrating the thick walls. And then there are the wild animals who think it’s their home too. “The quirkiness is fun,” Queen said. “I like that no one else has one like it.” MCCLATCHY-TRIBUNE INFORMATION SERVICES

Paradigm AdvantEdge adds brokers, staff in new office FROM STAFF REPORTS

Linda McElroy has been named as managing broker of Paradigm AdvantEdge’s new office at 1530 SW 119. She is a native of the metro area and has been a Realtor for 27 years. She was the managing broker of a franchised brokerage in south Oklahoma City for the past 16 years. Sharon Schilreff has joined the office as a residential real estate sales associate. She has a degree in business from Oklahoma Baptist University and a de-

Linda McElroy

Sharon Schilreff

Nelda Thompson

Nicole Savage

gree in early childhood education from Oklahoma State University. She owned and managed child development centers in

south Oklahoma City, Mustang, Del City, Moore and Noble for 22 years and served on the Child Care Board of Rose State Col-

lege. She has been a Realtor for 14 years and was sales director for Home Creations for seven years. She holds the New Home

Specialist designation of the National Association of Home Builders. Nelda Thompson has joined the office, also as a

sales associate. She lived in Louisiana and was an airline flight attendant until moving to Oklahoma City 14 years ago. She worked for the Federal Housing Administration and on the lieutenant governor’s staff before becoming a Realtor 10 years ago. Nicole Savage has been hired as office manager. She attended the University of Oklahoma and studied public relations and business. Previously, she was an office manager for a chain restaurant and ABS Wood Specialties.

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