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Traditional, with privacy

Duplex cottege

The Listing of the Week is a traditional home with 2010 roof and privacy fence on a cul-de-sac in northwest Oklahoma City’s Willow Creek Estates addition.

Each of the Rothbury’s two units looks like a single, charming Craftsman-style cottage. And in fact, each is. This is a duplex where only the garages share a common wall.




Paul Bianchina




BOOMERS SEEK TO HELP SENIORS FIND RESOURCES TO AGE IN PLACE ‘Time off’ can benefit caregivers BY DYRINDA TYSON Special Correspondent

The wider-than-normal front door is a helpful “aging in place” feature in a historic 1914 home in the Putnam Heights area of northwest Oklahoma City. PHOTO BY TEVE GOOCH, THE OKLAHOMAN BY DYRINDA TYSON Special Correspondent

The people around Suzanne Broadbent’s table were professionals, but their stories of aging parents, not surprisingly, were extremely personal. Jack Werner’s father, who died about 20 years ago, had a series of fender-benders just backing out of his driveway. “It was like that old joke,” said Werner, a home inspector and engineer. “He’d say, ‘I back out of that driveway at the same time every day’ — like everyone is supposed to know that.” Homebuilders Kim and Kimmi Houston said they learned lessons hard and on the ground. “My mother was quite independent, and she did not give up,” Kimmi Houston said. “Broken hips, broken wrist, broken leg, all sorts of breaks throughout this whole thing, and she did not give up.” Her father-in-law, on the other hand, did start to coast. “So you really don’t know what you’re facing,” she said. “My mom was very meek, very quiet, like a mouse, but she was a fighter. And his dad was quite the opposite. He’d just sit in his chair and watch Westerns all day,” Kimmi Houston Kimmi Houston, a homebuilder and Realtor, and Jack Werner, commercial and residential inspector, look at stairs where a said. ramp would be more suitable for "aging in place" at a home in northwest Oklahoma City. SEE AGING, PAGE 2F PHOTO BY STEVE GOOCH, THE OKLAHOMAN

The overworked adage “it takes a village” doesn’t apply just to raising children. Many components go into helping people remain in their homes as they get older, said Oklahoma City home inspector and engineer Jack Werner. He ticked off his dream scenario: “We’ll send somebody by to cook meals for you once a day, or we’ll send somebody by to clean the house, or we’ll send somebody by to help you with your meds — all of those things are what make a good, healthy, safe lifestyle.” Entrusted Hearts, Baptist Village’s home-health care service, terms it a “constellation of services,” offering clients access to everything from skilled therapy to light housekeeping to simple companionship. “We like to call it personalized nonmedical services people often need,” said Carolyn Wells, Entrusted Heart’s marketing director. Such services can be a blessing for caretakers as well. “I think that’s the main thing people don’t foresee and don’t even see when you’re in it,” Werner said. “The caretakers just get beaten to death. And they get mean, and they get irritable, and they feel guilty. Respite care is a hugely important thing, to take a break and go shopping, to take the day off and bring someone in.” The Areawide Aging Agency offers a guide for seniors with a comprehensive list of services and agencies. The Survival Kit for Seniors is available through the agency office at 4101 Perimeter Center Drive, Suite 310, in Oklahoma City or by calling 942-8500 or 943-4344. For more information on Entrusted Hearts, call (866) 8872872 or go to

Some short sales may lead to fraud cases WASHINGTON — Are banks and distressed home sellers getting rooked on a massive scale in the booming short-sale arena, leaving hundreds of millions of dollars on the table for white-collar criminals? A comprehensive new study estimates they will lose more than $375 million this year alone when they sell undervalued houses to tag teams consisting of realty agents and investors. Worse yet, the trend appears to be growing at the rate of 25 percent a year. CoreLogic, a large real estate and mortgage data research firm headquartered in Santa Ana, Calif., studied 450,000 shortsale transactions across the country during the past two years, and offered these real-life examples of how lenders are losing big bucks: I A house in Kings Beach, Calif., was pur-


chased near the height of the boom in 2005 for $530,000. On Oct. 28, 2009, it was sold in a short sale — an arrangement in which the lender allows the delinquent owner to avoid foreclosure by selling to a third party — for $247,500 to an investment group. Later that same day, the investors resold the house to a non-investor purchaser for $375,000. This produced a quick $127,500 profit — a 52-percent gain for the investment group in a matter of hours. I A house in Gilbert, Ariz., sold for $400,000 in 2006. On March 2, 2010, it

was bought in a short sale by investors for $220,000 and resold the same day for $267,500 — a gain of $47,500. How do investors manage to turn such quick profits? Are they just super-sharp shoppers or is there something else going on? Law enforcement and banking industry experts say it’s frequently fraud, and it works like this: Local real estate agents partner with investor groups. The agent’s job is to spot borrowers in financial distress — usually people underwater on their mortgages. They persuade the homeowners to sell to investors in a short sale at a low price. Then they contact the bank with the investors’ short-sale offer. Meanwhile, the agent finds legitimate buyers who are willing to pay more for the property, but

the agent never presents their offers to the bank. To back up the investors’ lowball offer, the realty agent produces an appraisal or a “BPO” — a “broker price opinion” of the distressed home value that confirms the low valuation. The bank then sells to the investment group. After the closing, the investors sell the house to the legitimate purchasers at the higher price, and the realty agent and the investors split the profits. According to the CoreLogic study, 65 percent of short sales that are resold within six months for profits of 40 percent or higher are “suspicious” — with a significant possibility the lender accepted a low payoff. Most of these transactions go undetected by the banks being defrauded, but some lead to prosecutions and convictions. Though banks are the

primary victims in shortsale scams, homeowners can be hurt as well. When distressed owners are pressured to sell to investor groups for less than the highest offer available, they end up deeper in debt to the lender. In the majority of states where banks can pursue borrowers for mortgage balance deficiencies following a foreclosure or short sale, homeowners may be subject to debt collection actions by banks at the very time they can least afford it. But the bottom line here is that short-sale thievery is federal bank fraud. Realty agents and investors who participate in these schemes risk prison terms up to 30 years, big fines plus restitution of the funds they stole. Ken Harney’s email address is WASHINGTON POST WRITERS GROUP


Tools for handy dad When it comes to a gift for Father’s Day, you know you can never go wrong with a cool new tool! PAGE 2F

IN BRIEF ROCKING CHAIR REPAIR NEEDS LATEX PAINT Q. I have an antique rocking chair for a child covered in milk paint. I don’t want to remove the paint, but there are patches on the seat and arms where the paint has worn off and the wood is so rough, you can’t sit on the chair. How can I repair those patches to make the chair usable? I really am not concerned about matching the original paint. A. Furniture refinisher John S. Wilkie of Revere Refinishing in Norton (330-7158624 or http:// recommends smoothing the rough patches with 240-grit sandpaper. Then find a latex or acrylic paint that’s as close to the original color as possible, thin it with water to make an opaque wash and apply it to the worn areas. You won’t need a lot of paint, he said, so consider buying just a sample-size bottle of latex paint from a paint store or buy a small bottle of acrylic craft paint from a craft store.

ZIPPO OFFERS EASIER WAY TO LIGHT Light your fire more easily with Zippo’s new Flexible Neck Utility Lighter. The lighter has a flexible, extended neck with a slim nozzle that fits into the openings on most grills and lanterns. The company says the lighter’s dual flames burn hotter and stronger, so they start a fire faster and stay lighted even when it’s windy. Other features include a fuellevel indicator, an adjustable flame and a child-resistant safety button. The lighter comes in a satin silver or rubberized flat black finish. It can be ordered for $19.95 plus shipping at http:// Look in the Products section, under the Outdoor Line. MCCLATCHY-TRIBUNE INFORMATION SERVICES

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Aging: Concept focuses on letting elderly live at home FROM PAGE 1F

Kimmi Houston’s mother died in 2004 and Kim Houston’s father in 2007, but millions of Americans wrestle with similar problems. Members of the baby boom generation — born between 1946 and 1964 — began turning 65 this year, and adults ages 65 and older made up almost 13 percent of the U.S. population in 2010, according to U.S. Census figures. With the group right behind them, those 45 to 64, comprising 26 percent, it’s not an issue going away any time soon. Many of those baby boomers are concerned about their parents as well as their own well-being, Werner said. “We get more and more calls (about aging parents),” said Werner, who owns A to Z Inspections in Oklahoma City. “That’s the first step. And then, ‘Would you provide ideas for improvements?’ ” That prompted Werner, along with the Houstons, to seek out training for Aging in Place certification through the National Association of Home Builders. All emerged as Certified Aging in Place Specialists, CAPS — Werner with extra credentials allowing him to teach. The designation is relatively new, but the idea behind it is not.

Aging in place “Occupational therapists have been talking about it for about five to 10 years,” said Anne Marie Grassman, a registered occupational therapist with OU Medical Center. The aging-in-place concept focuses on what it takes for people to live at home safely and comfortably as they get older. Certified Aging in Place training helps builders understand how to accommodate an older person’s changing needs. Broadbent’s Putnam

Heights home, originally retrofitted for her mother, provides a lesson in doing it gracefully. The front walkway gently slopes up to meet the front porch with no steps to trip over, and the doors inside feature lever handles instead of doorknobs — elegant but also easier on arthritic hands. Such touches can’t hurt when it comes time to sell a house, either. “If you can make it so that you can age in place, but it’s not obvious, your resale factor becomes a lot better and probably a lot less of a burden to the family,” Kimmi Houston said. But the effort involves more than structure. A variety of components are brought into play, Werner said, from community resources such as Meals on Wheels to health care providers to family members. Occupational therapists are vital to the effort, he said. Their home assessments help families draw up a battle plan. Those plans are going to vary from person to person, but some simple measures can help: installing railings near key areas such as the bathtub and along steps, replacing doorknobs with levered handles and removing floor rugs that can trip a person up. Shifting furniture around to open up space can help, too, critical if a wheelchair comes into play. “Just try to take a tour of your own house (in a wheelchair),” Kimmi Houston said. “It’s eye-opening.” Baby boomers themselves are also looking ahead for themselves, building and buying homes featuring wider doors and hallways, walk-in showers spiraling inward with no ledge to step over and levered plumbing fixtures. Werner said he’s seeing such features in homes being built for buyers over age 50. “We may never need it, but what’s wrong with a wider hallway?” he said.

Left: Handrails are a help, but an elevator might be in order to help someone with “aging-in-place” issues in this or any other twostory home. PHOTO BY STEVE GOOCH, THE OKLAHOMAN

French doors — meaning a wide doorway — make this downstairs area an inviting place for a bedroom for one “aging in place” in this two-story home. PHOTO BY STEVE GOOCH, THE OKLAHOMAN

Left: Doorknobs should be replaced with levers. PHOTO BY STEVE GOOCH, THE OKLAHOMAN

Cool tools great gifts for handy dads When it comes to a gift for Father’s Day, you know you can never go wrong with a cool new tool! So here are some great suggestions, listed in order of average street price, for you or the family to consider for Dad this year. I Kreg Square-Cut ($14.98): Here’s a simple, easy-to-use tool that lets you accurately align your circular saw to your pencil mark when cutting wood to length. Adjustable to align perfectly to your specific saw, for fast, repeatable cuts in lumber, siding, and a variety of other materials up to 12 inches wide. I Craftsman Ratcheting Wrench Sets ($17.99 and up): Craftsman is offering a wide range of open-end and box-end wrench sets with ratcheting mechanisms for added convenience. There’s a four-piece open-end set in metric or SAE (standard size) that lets you turn nuts and bolts without removing the wrench. There are also seven-piece open-/ box-end Elbow Ratcheting sets, also in metric and SAE ($79.99), with ends that adjust and lock at different angles. I True Temper Graphite “Shock Zero” Hammer ($19.99 and up): A very comfortable hammer with a tough graphite handle and nonslip grip. It features a wider striking face, and a handy magnetic nail holder that helps save your fingers. Well-balanced and virtually indestructible, these 16- and 20ounce hammers should last a lifetime. I Craftsman Max Axess Mechanics Tool Set ($70): This is a truly unique, open socket and wrench design that allows the bolt to pass through the socket and even through the ratchet. It eliminates the need for deep sockets, and even al-

Paul Bianchina HANDY @ HOME

lows the use of a socket wrench on threaded rods. The complete kit includes 42 sockets in SAE and metric sizes, ¼-inch and 3/8-inch ratchets, extensions and other fittings, in a great case that holds things very well. It’s all the sockets a do-it-yourselfer should need around the house or shop. I Black & Decker 12V Piranha Pruning Saw ($79.99): This handy pruning saw cuts through branches up to 3 inches thick and features a pivoting clamping jaw that grabs the branch for a clean cut with less vibration. The 12-volt lithium battery has enough power to cut more than 50 oneinch branches per charge. The saw also accepts any “T” shank jig saw blades, so you can use it for cutting PVC pipe, copper pipe, plywood and lumber. I Dremel Trio ($99): A versatile tool for a variety of do-it-yourself projects, the Trio gets its name from its ability to cut, sand and rout. The handle pivots 90 degrees for more versatility, and the nonmarring foot telescopes for accurate depth control. Great for wood, plywood and drywall. Features variable 10,000 to 20,000 RPM speed control, and comes in a kit with a case and several handy accessories. I DeWalt DCF815S2 12-Volt Max ¼-Inch Impact Driver Kit ($139): DeWalt offers several different tough, compact tools that utilize the new 12-volt lithium ion battery technology. This is the im-

pact driver, which drives screws and lag bolts with ease. Three LED lights circle the bit for great visibility, and the clever flat, bottom-mounted battery design lets the tool stand up on its own. Very powerful, but light enough and small enough to easily fit in a tool belt. The kit includes two batteries, charger and a soft case. I Ryobi TEK 4 Inspection Scope ($139): If you need to know what the framing’s like inside the wall, where that leak’s coming from, or exactly what’s going on behind the dishwasher, here’s the perfect tool at an affordable price. With a bright LED light, 3-foot waterproof cable, 2-times digital zoom, and a bright, clear viewing screen, now you can see inside walls and behind hidden objects with ease. Uses interchangeable 4-volt TEK 4 batteries. Charger and battery included. I Milwaukee 2411-22 M12 3/8-inch Cordless Hammer Drill Driver Kit ($159): This is one of Milwaukee’s line of compact, heavy-duty 12-volt lithium ion tools, offering 275 inch-pounds of torque while weighing only 2.8 pounds. Has a two-speed gear box (0-400 RPM and 0-1,500 RPM), with 022,500 beats per minute (BPM) in hammer mode. It also has an bright LED work light, onboard fuel gauge, and 30-minute charger, all in a fitted case. It’s a lot of tool in a small package. I Wagner 515040 Procoat Max Airless Paint Sprayer ($299): Here’s an affordable airless paint sprayer that can tackle all your big projects, including home exteriors. Sprays 0.26 gallons per minute at 2800 PSI, with a 1/2horsepower motor and variable pressure for

spraying a variety of materials. Includes a 25-foot hose with a professionalgrade, all-metal spray gun with reversible tip and filter. Telescoping cart allows painting from a 1- or 5-gallon can. I Husqvarna 356BT Back Pack Blower ($479.95): For larger yards, Dad will really appreciate the unique design of this lower-emission, two-stroke, gas-powered backpack blower. The engine, fan housing, and exhaust tube are all designed and insulated specifically to dampen noise. The blower operates at only 64 decibels, which meets many community noise ordinances, and the tone is gentle on the ears. The padded and ventilated backpack harness has nice wide shoulder pads and a hip belt. The fan generates 177 MPH of air flow, with a tube-mounted throttle control. I Porter-Cable 77240 24-Inch Omnijig Joinery System ($579.95): If Dad’s a woodworker, here’s the ultimate gift that you might want to get the whole family in on. The well-designed Omnijig works with any router to cut a variety of dovetail and box joints in wood up to 24 inches wide, and from 1/8 inch to 11/2 inches thick. Templates allow half-blind dovetails to be cut with a single pass of the router. There are also fingers that are independently adjustable for a unique, hand-cut dovetail look. The various colorcoded onboard instructions, depth guides, and bit stops minimize test cuts and ensure greater speed and accuracy. Remodeling and repair questions? Email Paul at All product reviews are based on the author’s actual testing of free review samples provided by the manufacturers. INMAN NEWS




Traditional home offers privacy, four bedrooms The Listing of the Week is a traditional home with 2010 roof and privacy fence on a cul-de-sac in northwest Oklahoma City’s Willow Creek Estates addition. The 2,054-square-foot home at 8101 NW 118 has four bedrooms, two baths, a living room, study, two dining areas and an attached two-car garage. The living room has a fireplace and ceiling fan. The study has a built-in bookcase and ceiling fan. The kitchen has a breakfast bar, eating space and ceiling fan. The master bedroom has a ceiling fan, walk-in closet and

Connie Miller

Miller joins Keller Williams Keller Williams Realty, 1624 SW 122, has added Connie Miller as a residential real estate sales associate. She has been selling real estate for 22 years and has obtained Accredited Buyer’s Representative and Graduate Realtor Institute designations.

Sommer Hibdon-Dodd

Hibdon-Dodd joins Keller Williams Keller Williams Realty, 1624 SW 122, has added Sommer Hibdon-Dodd as a residential real estate sales associate. She has been selling real estate for five years.


If You Have Something To Sell Classified Can Do It — Call 475-3000


The Listing of the Week is at 8101 NW 118.


bath with shower. The home has a covered patio and backs to the neighborhood pool, tennis courts and playground. The home, built in 1983, is listed for $154,900 with Lanita Sherburn of Paradigm AdvantEdge Real Estate. The home will be open from 2 to 4 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. For more information, call 6255247. Nominations for Listing of the Week are welcome. Send information on single-family homes to The Oklahoman, Richard Mize, P.O. Box 25125, Oklahoma City, OK 73125. Nominations may be faxed to 475-3996.



Permits Oklahoma City Lambert Construction, 1400 NW 122, nursing home, remodel, $400,000. McCaleb Homes Inc., 13101 Rock Canyon Road, residence, erect, $369,590. Davenport Homes LLC, 1505 NW 186, residence, erect, $363,000. Home First Inc., 3801 S Post Road, retail sales, erect, $345,000. G&C Holdings LLC, 6801 Camille Ave., office-warehouse, erect, $340,000. G&C Holdings LLC, 6809 Camille Ave., office-warehouse, erect, $340,000. Brass Brick III LLC, 19224 Blossom Court, residence, erect, $332,000. Home First Inc., 15413 Turtle Lake Place, residence, erect, $320,000. Shawn Forth Custom Homes, 19225 Greenery Lane, residence, erect, $300,000. Manchester Elite Homes LLC, 14609 Caledonia Way, residence, erect, $279,450. The Roberts Group, 16220 Royal Crest Lane, residence, erect, $275,000. American Building Contractors & Developers LLC, 5704 NW 164 Terrace, residence, erect, $260,000. Seagull Homes, 13121 Cottingham Road, residence, erect, $250,000. J.W. Mashburn Development Inc., 2601 SW 140, residence, erect, $240,000. Destin Construction, 5500 W Reno Ave., remodel, $235,000. Chad Hemphill Construction LLC, 9021 NW 147 Place, residence, erect, $230,000. Jason Powers Homes, 8512 NW 112 Terrace, residence, erect, $230,000. Olde Towne Homes LLC, 1041 SW 108 Terrace, residence, erect, $225,000. Stonewall Homes LLC, 15001 Bay Ridge Drive, residence, erect, $223,500. Olde World Classics LLC, 17313 Grey Hawk Lane, residence, erect, $220,000. Jeff Click Homes LLC, 17320 White Hawk Drive, residence, erect, $210,000. RW Custom Homes LLC, 19604 Talavera Lane, residence, erect, $210,000. Joe Roberts Construction Co., 9005 NW 84 Terrace, residence, erect, $200,000. Taber Built Homes LLC, 2333 NW 154, residence, erect, $200,000. RBA Architects, 7800 NW 85 Terrace, office, remodel, $200,000. Taber Built Homes LLC, 3233 NW 192 Terrace, residence, erect, $195,000. Gary Owens Carpet & Construction Inc., 11936 SW 18, residence, erect, $190,000. Taber Built Homes LLC, 19220 Garden Creek Lane, residence, erect, $190,000. Red Oak Homes, 1800 NW 194 Circle, residence, erect, $189,000. O.P.A. Group Inc., 7638 W Reno Ave., retail sales, remodel, $187,000. Red Oak Homes, 1712 NW 194 Circle, residence, erect, $187,000. Taber Built Homes LLC, 19216 Garden Creek Lane, residence, erect, $185,000. Ron James Designer Homes LLC, 7301 Stinchcomb Drive, residence, erect, $180,000. Taber Built Homes LLC, 2329 NW 154, residence, erect, $175,000. Taber Built Homes LLC, 2425 NW 154, residence, erect, $175,000. Gary Owens Carpet & Construction Inc., 11940 SW 18, residence, erect, $160,000. Chipman Design, 7642 W Reno Ave., retail sales, remodel, $150,000. Terry Parker Architecture, 6920 W Britton Road, school, erect, $150,000. Aedifica Inc., 7634 W Reno Ave., retail sales, remodel, $150,000. DTM Custom Homes LLC, 7300 SW 118, residence, erect, $135,000. The Hawkeye Group LLC, 11144 NW 5 Terrace, duplex, erect, $130,000. The Hawkeye Group LLC, 11148 NW 5 Terrace, duplex, erect, $130,000. Steve Outon, 256 SW 140, residence, complete, $125,000. Home Creations, 16225 Capulet Drive, residence, erect, $112,100. Design Development Service, doing business as Elite Quality Homes, 4821 SW 124, residence, erect, $107,315. Ideal Homes of Norman LP, 2424 SW 138, residence, erect, $107,000. Studio T2 Design, 7642 W

Reno Ave., retail sales, remodel, $102,000. Deck Works Cons LLC, 3717 N Olie Ave., duplex, remodel, $100,000. Deck Works Cons LLC, 3719 N Olie, duplex, remodel, $100,000. Foster Design & Construction LLC, 15813 Sky Run Drive, residence, erect, $100,000. Sooner Traditions LLC, 19420 Thomas Court, residence, erect, $100,000. No name provided, 14300 Turkey Hills Road, manufactured home, move-on, $92,995. Home Creations, 11149 NW 6 Terrace, residence, erect, $92,300. Home Creations, 7016 NW 157, residence, erect, $91,100. Home Creations, 11945 SW 8, residence, erect, $91,000. Home Creations, 908 Denmark, residence, erect, $87,000. Home Creations, 2216 NW 196, residence, erect, $86,800. Steve O’Neil, 403 Tinker Diagonal, apartment, fire restoration, $85,000. Home Creations, 12029 SW 8, residence, erect, $81,800. Home Creations, 12012 NW 133 Terrace, residence, erect, $81,600. Matt Wilson Custom Pools, 12109 S County Line Road, amusement, erect, $80,000. Rausch Coleman Homes

REAL ESTATE LLC, 6121 Courtyards Court, residence, erect, $80,000. Rausch Coleman Homes LLC, 6132 Cielo Terrace, residence, erect, $80,000. Rausch Coleman Homes LLC, 7719 Bennie Terrace, residence, erect, $80,000. Rausch Coleman Homes LLC, 7717 Bennie Terrace, residence, erect, $80,000. Home Creations, 12033 SW 8, residence, erect, $78,100. No name provided, 3201 N Western Ave., school, addon, $75,000. Ideal Homes of Norman LP, 1704 NW 143, residence, erect, $72,000. Price Edwards & Co./ Caliber Center, 3817 Northwest Expressway, office, remodel, $50,000. Pablo Trejo, 3507 S Roff Ave., storage, erect, $50,000. Gregorio O. Zamora, 13129 SE 74, residence, add-on, $45,000. Elliott Architects, 1107 NW 23, business, remodel, $40,000. Helen Dailey, 2616 Pembroke Terrace, residence, add-on, $36,200. Barbara Harley, 439 NW 20, residence, add-on, $35,000. Esquivas Framing and Remodeling, 3049 S Madole Blvd., residence, fire restoration, $30,000. KRD Construction, 3100 NW 63, residence, fire restoration, $30,000. No name provided, 3810 NW 39, retail sales, add-on, $30,000. Western Construction LLC, 2401 NW 23, office, remodel, $25,000. John Losoncy, 12144 W

Reno Ave., tower-antenna, install, $20,000. No name provided, 1901 E Reno Ave., automotive repair-wash, erect, $20,000. Raywood Homes, 1316 NW 185, residence, remodel, $16,000. Covenant Renovations Inc., 309 NW 80, residence, fire restoration, $15,000. Richard Gober Construc-

THE OKLAHOMAN | NEWSOK.COM tion, 9901 Southern Creek Drive, accessory, erect, $13,000. Reza Hajjari, 6717 Fawn Canyon Drive, residence, fire restoration, $12,500. Advanced Solar & Wind Tech LLC, 6115 Winslet Drive, tower-antenna, erect, $10,500. No name provided, 1508 NW 42, residence, remodel,

$10,000. Dandy Homes, 13801 SE 71, manufactured home, move-on, $10,000. Henderson Lavi, 13512 N Eastern Ave., business, remodel, $8,000. Summit Parke Owners Association, 15331 Summit Parke Drive, cabana-gazebo, erect, $7,000. SEE PERMITS, PAGE 5F


Permits FROM PAGE 4F

John Losoncy, 12144 W Reno Ave., storage, install, $5,600. Genara G. DeLeon, 1916 NW 9, accessory, erect, $5,000. Mega Modular Homes LLC, 6610 S Shields Blvd., manufactured home, moveon-mobile home park, $5,000. Mega Modular Homes LLC, 6610 S Shields Blvd., manufactured home, moveon-mobile home park, $5,000. Mega Modular Homes LLC, 6610 S Shields Blvd., manufactured home, moveon-mobile home park, $5,000. Walter Goad, 9121 SW 27, storm shelter, install-storm shelter, $4,895. Ground Zero Shelters Inc., 10924 NW 116, storm shelter, install-storm shelter, $4,295. To Nguyen, 5813 NW 82,

storm shelter, install-storm shelter, $4,295. Glenn Hunsucker, 4900 NW 33, storage, erect, $4,047. Flat Safe, 6501 Sandlewood Drive, storm shelter, install-storm shelter, $3,775. Mark Quinn, 10716 NW 39, storm shelter, installstorm shelter, $3,565. David Ledbetter, 3425 SW 44, church, add-on, $3,500. Jonathan and Lisa Harshman, 4205 NE 140 Place, storm shelter, install-storm shelter, $3,500. Jayme and Talia Carter, 2600 SW 141, storm shelter, install-storm shelter, $3,295. Smartsafe Enterprises, 2913 W Park Place, storm shelter, install-storm shelter, $3,200. Smartsafe Enterprises, 8604 SW 57, storm shelter, install-storm shelter, $3,000. Hal Dobson, 8100 Bigwood Drive, storm shelter, install-storm shelter, $3,000. Ken Coventon, 17008 Bedford Drive, storage, add-on, $3,000. Dandy Homes, 6610 S

REAL ESTATE Shields Blvd., manufactured home, move-on-mobile home park, $3,000. Smart Shelters Inc., 10200 Ashford Drive, storm shelter, install-storm shelter, $2,995. Brian Pinkston, 9000 Allison Lane, storm shelter, install-storm shelter, $2,800. Ground Zero, 10705 SW 33 Terrace, storm shelter, install-storm shelter, $2,800. Red Dirt Septic & Backhoe LLC, 4712 Millstone Drive, storm shelter, install-storm shelter, $2,750. Baugh Rentals, 9013 NW 79, storm shelter, installstorm shelter, $2,700. Flatsafe Tornado Shelters, 17313 Clove Hill Place, storm shelter, install-storm shelter, $2,700. Charles B. Chittum, 9236 Checkerbloom Drive, storm shelter, install-storm shelter, $2,500. Archie Poindexter, 9201 Hazy Brook Circle, storm shelter, install-storm shelter, $2,495. Biggs Backhoe & Trucking, 7513 SE 160, storm shelter, install-storm shelter,

$2,470. Nora McColgan, 7921 NE 129, storm shelter, installstorm shelter, $2,470. Wendell Akin, 5601 SE 156, storm shelter, installstorm shelter, $2,450. Ideal Homes of Norman LP, 2632 NW 181, storm shelter, install-storm shelter, $2,300. Area Septic Services Inc., 7553 Embassy Terrace, storm

SATURDAY, JUNE 11, 2011 shelter, install-storm shelter, $2,300. Hilmi F Mahmoud, 4600 NW 39, automotive sales, remodel, $2,000. Kenneth Camp, 9812 N Post Road, accessory, addon, $2,000. William C. Ivey, 11800 SW 2, accessory, erect, $2,000. Fred Babbit, 3332 SW 26, storage, erect, $1,500. No name provided, 3613


SW 124, accessory, erect, $1,500. Paula Leann Penrod, 4916 N Detroit Ave., residence, remodel, $1,000.

Demolitions Islo Ashmore, 1407 SE 19, general. Fred Babbit, 3332 SW 26, residence. Midwest Wrecking, 10324 SW 29, house.





Low rates could soon be gone, experts warn MCCLATCHY-TRIBUNE INFORMATION SERVICE

Mortgage rates are at historic lows, but that might not be the case much longer. Those holding out for a bargain or waiting to jump into the housing market for other reasons could be in for a rude awakening. “I don’t want to convince someone to buy a home who shouldn’t, but for those who can and who want to, I want them to get the message that they’re living on borrowed time when it comes to interest rates,” said housing consultant David Jarvis. Mortgage rates aren’t expected to spike tomorrow. But as the economy improves and if inflation begins to affect more segments of the economy,

“I don’t want to convince someone to buy a home who shouldn’t, but for those who can and who want to, I want them to get the message that they’re living on borrowed time when it comes to interest rates.” HOUSING CONSULTANT DAVID JARVIS

rates should start to tick up. How much is anyone’s guess. “The stronger the economy, typically the stronger interest rates are,” said Clifton Crabtree, CEO of Houston-based First Continental Mortgage, a mortgage banking firm. For buyers on a budget, mortgage rates are key. As rates rise, so does the cost to own a home. For example, the

monthly principal and interest payment on a $200,000 mortgage financed at 4.75 percent jumps nearly $300 with a 2.25 percentage point rate increase. Buyers either have to adjust their budgets or settle for a cheaper house. That becomes a difficult proposition, Jarvis said, because people typically raise their housing budgets once they start looking. “It’s not like suddenly I

can go out and make a higher payment because I’m already at the top,” said Jarvis, Houston director of Metrostudy. If mortgage rates were to

spike, the housing market could take a big hit as fewer consumers would be able to afford homes. “If interest rates went to 8 percent tomorrow, we’d see a big dip in sales,” said Jim Gaines, an economist with the Texas A&M Real Estate Center. But he doesn’t expect such a drastic leap. “If it goes up gradually, then the market has a chance to adjust and make allowances and understand what’s going on,” he said.

Rising rates could even stimulate sales. Many would-be buyers have stayed out of the housing market because they’re worried about their jobs or the overall economy. An uptick in rates could cause those buyers to jump back in for fear of rates going even higher. “It may go from a buyer’s to a seller’s market really quickly,” said Matt Chauvin, a real estate agent.






Rothbury is a duplex with singular charm Each of the Rothbury’s two units looks like a single, charming Craftsman-style cottage. And in fact, each is. This is a duplex where only the garages share a common wall. Each two-bedroom, two-bathroom unit is a mirror image of its opposite, so only one will be described. Two gables face the street. The lower one highlights the entry porch, which is supported by handsome wooden columns. The posts, in turn, are supported by larger, squared bases covered with lap siding. This porch is large enough for hanging an old-fashioned wooden swing, great for enjoying a warm, breezy afternoon. The upper gable has a steeper slope, but nicely echoes the gable below while accentuating the multipane windows on the second floor. A coat closet is just inside the door. Family gathering spaces are all on the ground floor. The living room up front flows seamlessly into the dining area,

which is open to the kitchen. A raised eating bar marks the juncture. Appliances are built into the galley kitchen. The dishwasher is next to a kitchen sink with a window in front of it, and the refrigerator is only a step or two away. Range and oven are on the opposite side of the room, as is a pantry. Laundry appliances are nearby, where they share space with the powder room. A covered patio is also at the rear, where it’s ideally located for enjoying meals outside. Each patio is well isolated from the other unit’s patio, so even outdoor meals can be private. Upstairs, wide rectangular window bays in the Rothbury’s bedrooms provide plenty of light and a feeling of expansiveness. For a review plan, including scaled floor plans, elevations, section and artist’s conception, send $25 to Associated Designs, 1100 Jacobs Drive, Eugene, OR, 97402. Please specify the Rothbury 60-016 and include a return address when ordering. For more information, call (800) 634-0123.

Weber joins Paradigm AdvantEdge as associate Brent Weber has joined Paradigm AdvantEdge Real Estate, 16301 N May Ave., as a residential real estate sales associate. The Atlanta native holds a degree in journalism from Georgia State University. He was an intern at CNN on its first telecast in June 1980. He worked for a

Brent Weber

number of years as a television journalist and sports anchor at CNN and ESPN. He moved here five years ago to work for a local news show. He is executive producer of “OU Nightly,” a half-hour TV newscast at the University of Oklahoma. He has been selling real estate for one year.

Lender Cornerstone Mortgage settles discrimination claim BY PURVA PATEL Houston Chronicle

HOUSTON — Cornerstone Mortgage has agreed to settle a federal complaint that it discriminated against home loan applicants on maternity leave, the Department of Housing and Urban Development said. The Houston-based lender agreed to pay one applicant $15,000 and set aside a $750,000 fund for others who may have similar claims against the company. The lender also agreed to adopt a clearer policy against discrimination and to notify po-



»» NEW HOME »» 16725 Little Leaf Lane Rose Creek, Edmond Schools, 3926 sq. ft. (mol), 4 bed, 3.5 bath, 2 dining, huge bonus room, study, on golf course fairway & pond. $523,500 Contact Carrie, 405-341-3624 OPEN HOUSE Sun. 2-4 18008 Andalucia Dr 4/2/2 Lillian Thomas, 863-1376 Marathon Rlty, 688-6800

Acreage For Sale

MWC 302

1N to 10A, E. of OKC, pay out dn. before 1st pmt. starts, many are M/H ready over 400 choices, lg trees, some with ponds, TERMS Milburn o/a 275-1695 OWNER FINANCING 1-28 Acres Many Locations Call for maps 405-273-5777 Payout dn pmt before 1st pmt starts. Your opportunity to own land, 40 areas, E, NE, SE of OKC 1N A. Milburn o/a 275-1695 terms Call for Maps! See why we sell more acreages than anyone in Okla. E of OKC. o/a 275-1695 2K A or more $14,950 $450dn $138mo Tuttle area 18mi SW of OKC. Well & Septic available 745-5889

Farms, Ranches For Sale, Okla. 308


Elmore City, OK SELLS ABSOLUTENO RESERVE Sat. June 25, 2011 10am 1015 Acres of beautiful land w/lake and over 30 ponds. Nice brick home and lots of barns & sheds. Go to: for all the info or call 405-542-7030 TILLMAN AUCTION 211 ACRE RANCH with NEW HOME 10 mi. S. of Henryetta, OK. North Canadian Riverbottom land. 95% open with barns, cattle facilities, etc. (918)319-0526 148 acres Cleveland Ct. Ex grazing, hunting, bldg. site, 20 mins to Okcy or Norman, $2250 ac. 405-238-0669

RE for sale Choctaw


3bd, 2ba, 2.5ac, fncd, new carpet, storm shelter, thermal windws 390-9460


OPEN SAT 10-6, SUN 1-6 9250 Joan Dr, Hamilton Addn, E. of Douglas on E. Reno¡Cobblestone Realty Lease-Buy 11bd/7ba/4cr 10400 SE 12th St. $15k + $3,400/mo 281-739-9455 Bank Owned 3/2/2, 1990 blt 1598sf, updated, Choctaw Schl $129.9K CB 414-8753

OKC Northwest


FOR SALE 3405 NW 67 4bd 2.25ba 2440 sqft Sunny kitch & Florida rooms Super lrg bookcse Fireplace New roof & siding Sprinkler sys Putnam City schools Great cond 3 blks frm Hefner Trails 474-9474. Bank Owned 4/3.5/3, 3 liv 2 din, 05 blt, 3604sf, lots storage, Piedmont Schls, $224,900 CB 414-8753 Paseo 726 NW 26 St 3bd 2ba $105k Open Hs Sun Remodeled NICE!

OKC Southeast


Sharp 1500+sf 3bd home 1.5ba 2 living fireplace ch/a. Only $104,900! Fidelity692-1661, 410-4200

OKC Southwest


Completely remodeled 3bd 1.5ba 2 living, 2bd living could be 4th bed, seller will pay all buyer's closing costs. Only $79,900 Fidelity692-1661, 410-4200 OWNER FINANCE 3117 SW 27th $21,000 3904 S Young $12,000 FLESHMANS INC 235-5473 or 314-3551 1412 SW 67th sharp 3bd brick home 1car ch/a great area, priced to sell only $77,900. Fidelity RE 692-1661, 410-4200 2740 SW 46th Pl, 2/3 bd, 1 ba, 1 car, ch&a, price reduced to $74,900 405-371-8807 OWNER FINANCING $2000 down No Credit Ck 3020 SW 39 2/1 $56,000 »» 410-8840 »» 5824 S. Shartel Avenue, 2 bed, 1 bath, 1 car, $47,500 550-2145. OWNER FINANCE, 3 bed 1 bath ch&a, 2717 SW 40 $59,500 »» 413-8020

tential claimants about the fund. HUD brought the complaint under the Fair Housing Act and alleged that Cornerstone discriminated against women on maternity leave. The Fair Housing Act prohibits housing discrimination in sales, rental and lending based on a person’s race, sex or family. Cornerstone, which does business in 32 states, denies it has discriminated in violation of the act, according to the settlement. HUD began the investigation after The New York Times reported that Cornerstone approved a mortgage for Washing-

Suburban, NE

(Luther, McLoud, Meeker, Wellston, 331 etc.) 2 bed home w/1 bed cabin. 2+ acres, garage, carport, barn, new shelter. S. of Chandler. $64,000 OBO. 918-866-2219

Suburban, NW

(El Reno, Guthrie, Cashion, Deer Creek,



Rent to Own El Reno - 615 N. Evans 2bd 1 ba - Call for maps Easy Approval 405-273-5777

Open Houses 334.2 OKC SW 1504 SW 69th 3 bed, 2 ba, 2 car, 2 liv, lg patio/yard, new carpet, Sun 2-4 $115k 795-3000

Mobile Homes, Manufactured Houses 339 Huge Summer Sale. Save $1000s w/instant rebates. Own land/family land. ZERO down. Financing avail. Bad credit ok. 1000 dollar furniture allowance w/purchase. Free phone app. WAC 405-631-7600 Huge 3bd/2bth 2 large living Stainless steel appliances New carpet, lots of upgrades $499mo. wac 405-470-1330 Oakwood Homes OKC & Furniture Gallery USA offering ZERO down new homes!! Disaster Relief Furniture Packages 405-631-3200 wac NEED MOBILE HOME FINANCING? 550-599 credit scores no problem! WAC. Over 25 homes in stock 405-631-3200 Abandoned D/W set up on 5 acres. Brick foundation, driveway, ready to move in. Free phone application 405-631-7600 Ready NOW! $325mo. 3bd/2bth, fireplace, ceramic tile 2x6 walls, vinyl siding/shingle roof 405-787-5004 Repos Available on Land 1-10 acres. Ready to move in. Free application 405-631-7600 Used 16x80 $12,800 28x70 REPO $18,500 405.527.5669 Take Over Payments About $355 mth 3bd/2ba all elec Edmond 3 4 1 - 9 2 0 9 Disaster Relief Program All homes at cost and special Interest rates 405-787-5004 **NEW** 1216 sq ft $25,995 - 1 only Maxeys Homes 631-3600 Owner Financing Mustang Area 3-5k down/ $350mo, 787-4035 Over 100 Repos on Land or 0 down w/your Land! WAC 866-764-3200,405-631-3200 Rent to Own: Nice 2&3bd MWC $350&up 390-9777

Real Estate Notices

OKC Northwest


I BUY HOUSES Any condition. No cost to U 495-5100

Real Estate Wanted

Apartments for Sale Wakita, OK Updated 10unit apt bldg; new roof. On-site laundry w/new equip. $98,900 Contact 580-594-2461 Wholesale properties, 104 unit $13K per door, 4 plex $169K, duplex $69K, 405-409-7779 Seabrooke Realty INVESTOR BLOWOUT! 2118 N Prospect $27,500 1224 NE 19th $27,500 Fin. Avail. Kruger Inv. Jim, 235-9332 / 812-1657 8.7 acres & 19,000 sf school building, 3105 Sunset Blvd, $450K, Call Sam @ 405-209-1609

Business Property For Rent 360


GREAT Space OFFICE Various NW locations MOVE IN SPECIALS 300-6000sf 946-2516

1, 2 & 3-Room Offices $175 & up ‘ 50th & N Lincoln area 235-8080

$99 Move In Special!!! Lg 1 and 2 Bdr, $345 to $420 mo. 632-9849

Washer/Dryers, Fireplaces PC Schools-Townhouses


8100 N. MacArthur Blvd. »»» 721-5455 »»»

Apartments Bethany/ Warr Acres 420.5 $99 Move In Special 1 & 2bds, carports, coin lndry $345-445 470-3535



TOP LOCATION! Pd. wtr/garb. Near malls. Try Plaza East 341-4813



1 & 2 BEDROOMS, QUIET! Covered Parking Great Schools! 732-1122

OKC Northwest


TOTALLY FURNISHED AND UNFURNISHED ALL BILLS PAID Rates starting at $800.00 month. First month FREE. Citadel Suites, 5113 N. Brookline 405-942-0016 Including are the following:

Small Business/Storage 1250sqft, 28Wx50L, 14x14 O/H door, $500 month. 89th St. & I-35 S. OKC, 631-4447

Office Space For Rent

Valencia Apts

$200 OFF

Established Business For Sale

» » » » » » » » » » » » »

All Utilities Cable High speed internet Telephone Fully Equipped Kitchen Linens Free Laundry Business Center 2 Pools Free Movie Rental Breakfast Mon.-Fri. Social Hour Free Gym Passes

$200 off


CAVE CREEK ON ROCKWELL 3037 North Rockwell

495-2000 $100 off

First Month’s Rent LARGE TOWNHOMES & APARTMENTS • Washer, Dryers, pools • PC Schools, fireplaces

Williamsburg 7301 NW 23rd



$99 Special


Commercial RE

OKC Southwest

Furnished/Unfurnished Bills Paid » Wkly/Monthly Wes Chase Apts, Elk Horn Apts, Hillcrest 370-1077

2221 N. Meridian


Investment Property For Sale 355


1 & 2 BD & Townhouses •City bus route/Shopping •Washer/Dryer hookups


Great Opportunity! Restaurant & Hookah Bar All equip. 405-203-4963

ton state resident Dr. Elizabeth Budde, then withdrew the approval upon learning she was on maternity leave. The lender told Budde it could not qualify her for a loan based on income while she was on leave, according to the complaint. She eventually did get the mortgage after providing a letter from her employer that she was getting full salary while on leave, the Times said. HUD Assistant Secretary John Trasvina said at a news conference that other mortgage companies have been accused of discrimination against women on maternity

$89 FIRST MONTH Be sure to show this ad for special. Affordable Luxury Spacious, too 416-5259 TUSCANY VILLAGE



»»»»»»»»»»»»» » Yukon All Bills Paid » » 1 bd From $495 Move» » 2 bd From $595 In» » 3 bd From $695 Today» » Open7days/wk354-5855 » »»»»»»»»»»»»

Condominiums, Townhouses For Rent 441


leave. “We do believe it is a nationwide matter, so we expect more people to come forward,” he said, adding that many borrowers don’t know such behavior is illegal. HUD also said that it is citing Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Corp. of Milwaukee, alleging it denied a Pennsylvania family an application for mortgage insurance unless the wife returned to work from maternity leave. Katie Monfre, a spokeswoman for MGIC, said the company does not comment on pending litigation. MCCLATCHY-TRIBUNE INFORMATION SERVICES


22655SthrlyFrm3/2.5/3 $2395 14013 Fairhill 2/2/2 $795 247 N Brdway A 1/1 $650 Express Realty 844-6101 $1400mo. 2160sf Trails North, 4 bd, 2.5 ba, 2 liv, 2 din, 3 car gar, above ground pool w/ deck. For Rent by Owner 503-6056 6125 Stonegate Pl. The Oaks. gated 3bed 3.5 ba 2 liv. 4231' 3 car $2400 3 bed, 1 bath, 1 car, 900 sq ft, $700 month, call Alex, 990-0488, Co. 3 bed, 2 bath, 2 car, built 2001, $1050 month, call Alex, 990-0488, Co.

Cute'n Cozy 2K bd, W/D hook-up, fenced yard $565/mo $300dp 706-3972 NW 47th near Classen, 2 bd, 1 ba, ch&a, no gar, ref/dep, $575, 755-0097.

Walford Apts-Midtown518 NW 12 Corner Studio 650sf $625 mo, $525dep; Basement Studio $425 mo, $325dep 409-7989

Quiet NW Townhome, 1 bed + study, 1K bath $500 mo ‘ 748-3868

504 E. Indian, 4bd 2ba fresh paint, clean, $725 Fidelity410-4200, 692-1661


2 bed, 1 bath, 1 car, new carpet and paint, ch&a, $525 + deposit, 670-4839

1bedroom, 550sq ft, refrigerator, range & AC $350/mo+elec. $200dep. 2748 NW 23rd. 946-8405 2528 NW 12th 1bd 1bath 900sf $475mo $300dp no sec 8, garage extra 409-7989 Furnished/Unfurnished Bills Paid » Wkly/Monthly Wes Chase Apts, Elk Horn Apts, Hillcrest 370-1077 » MOVE IN SPECIAL » LARGE 1, 2 & 3 BEDS Rockwell Arms, 787-1423 MAYFAIR Great location! 1/2 bd W/D hdwd flr quiet secure ngbrhood ¡947-5665 $99 Move In Special 1 & 2 Bd, $345 - $446 mo 5944 NW 40 470-3535 Plaza Apt 1744 NW 17 1bd 1ba 800sf $500mo $250dp 409-7989 no sec8 K Month Rent Free on poolside 2bd, NW 19th & MacArthur 943-0907

Quiet Casady!

Low Rents $550 751-8088 800 N. Meridian 1bd All bills paid 946-9506 •ABC• Affordable, Bug free, Clean » 787-7212»

OKC Southwest

Lrg 2 bd, $550, 2202 NW 16th; Lrg 1 bd, $425, 2419 NW 12th; both have appls and w/d hookup, 301-5979. 2315 N Woodward 1bd 1bath plus garage 950sf $550mo $350 dep 409-7989 no section 8 New Luxury Duplex 13516 Brandon Place 3/2/2, fp, Deer Creek Schls, near Mercy842-7300 » Large 2 bd » 2K ba » 1500 sf, fp, wet bar, 2 car, PC Schools, $810/mo, 7005 Crestmont Drive, 831-8218 Council & Hefner, ready, $700r/$500d, no pets, no smoking. 405-728-4369


$99 SPECIAL Lg 1bdr, stove, refrig., clean, walk to shops. $335 mo. 632-9849



Lease w/Option to Buy 14417 Keri Circle Westmoore schls, extra sharp 3bd contemporary home, 2-car garage, ch/a, cul-de-sac lot, completely remodeled, fresh paint, new carpet & light fixtures. $895/mo with option to purchase for $94,500. Fidelity692-1661, 410-4200 9300 S Young. Westmoore schls, spacious 4bd home 2bath 2-car, corner lot, excellent cond, $1300mo with option to purchase. Fidelity692-1661, 410-4200 Rent, Rent to Own605-5477 2bd from $395-595 3bd from $450-895 4bd from $595-995 609 S Bouziden sharp 3bd brick home 2ba 2car nice area, clean, $950 mo Fidelity692-1661, 410-4200 Beautiful 3/2/2 $1150; 4/3/2 $1500 ¡ Option to Purchase ¡ 361-4885

OKC Northeast


Hotels/Motels 462

1708 N Elton 2/1/1 $450 2108 NE 18th 2/1 $425 681-7272

Furnished/Unfurnished Bills Paid » Wkly/Monthly Wes Chase Apts, Elk Horn Apts, Hillcrest 370-1077

3 bed, 2 bath, 3 car, on 2 acres, 6601 Rifle Range, $975, 610-7088.

RE for rent

Large 3 bd 2 ba Nice, Must See, Section 8 OK, 405-248-4079

Del City 433


Duplexes, 3 bed, 2 bath, 2 car, some new, some gated, call Rick, 405-830-3789.


3416 SE 22nd, 3bd brick $580+ $200dep, 1350sqft (580) 762-3860, 716-9884 3917 SE 12 2bd Sec8 $475 FLESHMANS INC 235-5473 or 314-3551

2616 NW 50 2bd 2ba 2car 1200sf Contemporary Condo, all appls $1175 mo $1000dep 409-7989

6725 SE 15 Nice 3/1.5/1 Clean. Hardwood Floors $600 • 732-3411 3712 Woodside 3/1/1 $565 1300 McDonald 3/1/1 $495 681-7272

Quality 2-3 Bdrms 2+ baths Duplexes 1500sf FP, PC Schls fncd yd, W. Lake Hefner No sec 8. $775-$810 209-9182

K Off Special 428 NW 116th 3bd 2ba 2car $875/mo $800/dep 1300sf 409-7989 No Sec8

404 NW 82 3bd Sec8 $550 209 NW 92 3bd Sec8 $600 FLESHMANS INC 235-5473 or 314-3551

14309 & 14331 N Penn 1bd 1ba downstairs water & cable paid. gated $575-$625

Oakwood Apts 1bd 1ba 5824 NW 34-K off special $325mo $175dp 409-7989 no sec 8

Nice lrg 2 bd, 2 car, liv, din, appls, w/d hookup, $595, 1604 N Penn, 3015979, no pets, no sec 8.



Gated, HOPA complex, (age 55+), 2 bed, 2 bath, $900 per month, all bills paid, no pets, no smoking, 550-4802.


Rent, Rent to Own605-5477 2bd from $395-595 3bd from $450-895 4bd from $595-995

Near Tinker, 2bd, 1ba 10328 Bellview Drive new stove & tile $675+dep. 405-595-7655

Florence Apt 429 NW 11 Downtown view! 650sf Midtown Studio, Granite counter, $750 mo, $450 deposit 409-7989

OKC Northwest


6021 NW 58th Terr 3bed 2bath 1car, PC Schools, $975mo, $975dep 1600sf 409-7989 no section 8

8008 NW 8th Unit 280 Thousand Oaks Condos, sharp 1bd, fridge, stove, washer/dryer, new carpet, fresh paint, tenant pays elect only, $525 Fidelity RE 692-1661, 410-4200

ALL BILLS PAID Pool & Park 293-3693 $189 First Month Drexel on the Park

OKC Northwest

9914 Harvest Hills Rd, 3/2.5/2 ¡ No Sec. 8 No Pets 749-7877 OCU-SHEP-HIST 4bd 2ba hdwd flrs, $450, 1bd gar apt, $350, T.I. 524-0222 2 bed 1 bath fenced ch&a $795mo 2921 Fairfield (May & Grand) 640-7209 6116 NW 56 2bed 1bath $625 14323H N Penn 2/2.5 $775 681-7272

OKC Southeast


Rent, Rent to Own605-5477 2bd from $395-595 3bd from $450-895 4bd from $595-995


3 or 4/2/2 w/jacuzzi, FP, WH Schools, $850 mo, $300 dep, section 8 okay, no pets, 405-761-9764. 1424 SW 24th 1/1 3407 S Lee 2/1 TH 681-7272

$350 $395

2804 SW 46th Terr $695 + dep, sharp 3/1/1, fencd, 637-1777 or 685-6817. Lg Lux 3/2/2 New Carpet, FP, Good Area, Very Clean! PC Schools $825. » 878-8747 10000Shadwvine3/2/2 $850 Express Realty 844-6101 3729 SW 39 4bd 2ba all appls ch&a $700mo $600 dep sec 8 ok 408-6361 2 bed, garage W/D hookup, $500 month, $250 deppsit. 631-8039 3BR, 2BA, living area, kit, 2 car gar w/shop. $975 +dep. 405-605-9338

Village/ Nichols Hills 481.5 3/2/2, 9508 Essex Court no pets, $800 mo +$35 Village trash fee. 340-3058 1932 Sheffield, 3 bed, 2 bath, 1 car, $750 month, 348-4352 or 209-4352.



2305 Rivercross Ct 3/2/2 + study, 1880sf $1275 Home&RanchRlty 794-7777



3bd, 2ba, 2 car, fireplace, Mstng Sch, no pets, $900 +$900dep. 405-760-1258

Mobile Home Rentals 483 3 bd, 2 ba, Nicoma Park, large fenced yard, $500+$250 dep, 769-2328

3004 Neighbors Lane nice 3bd brick home 1car ch/a, $650, Fidelity RE 692-1661, 410-4200

Rent to Own: Nice 2&3bd MWC $350&up 390-9777

2601 SE 51st Brk3/1K /2 fncd ch&a cpt no8/pets $725+ref/job. 740-6072


112 SE 40th 1/1 224 SE 58th 1/1 681-7272

$325 $425

2 bed, 1 bath, $500/mo $300/dep 889-9272 700 SE 50th

OKC Southwest


9300 S Young. Westmoore schls, spacious 4bd home 2bath 2-car, corner lot, excellent cond, $1300mo with option to purchase. Fidelity692-1661, 410-4200


Rent, Rent to Own605-5477 2bd from $395-595 3bd from $450-895 4bd from $595-995

RENT TO OWN PC Schl, 9507 Ritter Rd., 3 bed, 3 bath, 2 car, $1300/month, $5000 down, Call 633-2114

1124 SW 38th extra nice 2bd home, nice area, fresh paint, clean. Only $550 mo, Fidelity RE. 692-1661, 410-4200

OKC Northwest

OKC Southwest

Roommates Wanted

M SEEKING ROOMMATE nice home, 1/2 bills paid, furnished, no deposit, $335/mo. 405-789-6334

Rooms For Rent


Mature single person, smoking okay, $450 month, utilities included, »»» 326-9114 »»» All bills pd except cable & ph, furnished w/prvt entrance/bath $400 371-8426 Moore-Room for Rent For details call 405-799-0071.

Wanted To Rent


WANT TO RENT House 90 mi rad of Shawnee-gd cnd w/lg weather-tight shop/barn 405-626-6003





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The Oklahoman Real Estate

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