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Monument of Spontin


The village of Spontin was entirely destroyed in 1914 and over forty inhabitants were executed, among whom the mayor and the priest. To commemorate this tragedy, an elegant monument was erected at the entrance of the village, on the road between Huy and Dinant. The monument, which was built on a small square between the former train station and the medieval castle, features the names of the martyrs of Spontin. At the top, a woman leaning against an obelisk lays down a bunch of flowers. It was inaugurated in August 1922. ChaussĂŠe de Dinant 25 - 5530 Spontin

During the entire day of August 23rd, as well as on the day after, the High Meuse of Dinant was subjected to extreme brutality. Two thirds of the houses of Dinant were destroyed, and 674 inhabitants executed. In the villages along the Meuse, the damage was rather extensive. About thirty people died in Bouvignes, and the villages of Houx, Hermeton and Hastière were entirely destroyed. On the plateau, the village of Spontin was also entirely destroyed, and about forty inhabitants were executed. The crimes also touched the left bank of the Meuse. The village of Surice, on the road between Dinant and Philippeville, was also destroyed, together with fifty inhabitants, on August 25th, 1914. The following day, the 3rd German Army left the Belgian territory, completely annihilating the village of Frasnes-lezCouvin and killing approximately ten civilians.


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