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Brussels, city of fashion and design Brussels is a city that is full of surprises! Particularly welcoming and friendly, it attracts tourists as much as it delights its inhabitants, and has always been and will always be a multicultural city. But above all it is the favourite and hospitable haunt of original and talented designers, who, by being based there, not only enjoy the recognition of their peers, but also find in this exuberant and surrealist capital a fantastic environment in which to live and to experiment.


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That is why so many of these designers, who first chose Brussels for its internationally renowned schools, whether the prestigious La Cambre, or, for design and furniture, Saint Luc, the Académie royale des Beaux Arts de Bruxelles (Brussels' royal academy of fine arts), the C.A.D or the Hoge School Sint Lukas, quickly and completely fell under the city's spell, deciding to live and work there on permanent basis. Designs from Brussels are well known for combining great practicality and innovation with a good shot of humour and a total respect for quality. It is little wonder that anything designed there, from clothing to decorative objects, or furniture to fashion accessories, sells like hot cakes to the most discerning customers in the best shops the world over. The future looks bright for all the different styles of “Bruxellois“ fashion and design. The carefully selected itineraries in this brochure will help you discover the wealth of fashion and design in Brussels, allowing you at the same time to take in some of its loveliest and trendiest districts. Olivier Gilson

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Pl. du Jardin aux fleurs

In the Xth century, Charles of France built a fortified castle on the very site of the Ile SaintGéry, formed by the branches of the river Senne which was subsequently buried under the city to which we owe the development of trade in Brussels, as well as its craft industry and industrial development. Moreover, textile production and, in particular, luxury woollen fabrics have been the pride and joy of Brussels from as early on as the Middle Ages, not to mention, later on, its unbelievable tapestries and Brussels' lace, acknowledged for their incredible intricacy. Constantly under the spotlight, the Dansaert district has won the heart not only of the 2/3


designers and the leading fashion houses, such as Strelli, but also of the general public, thanks to the magic it works. As small as it is - a little bigger than a pocket handkerchief! - it attracts talent like a magnet. It is with the same reverence that people enter its smaller boutiques, some the size of little dolls' shops, or its large refined shops dedicated to the eulogy of the material. Fashion designers, stylists, jewellers and milliners alike turn silk, wool, cashmere and linen into exceptionally beautiful items, some produced in very limited quantities, if not

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Ultra-cool, trendy, vibrant, buzzing and stylish: the Dansaert district attracts a lot of attention! It is in this very district, fifteen or so years ago, that the genius of a handful of designers who made Brussels the avant-garde city it is today exploded. By making the art of cutting their magnificent obsession, and by turning this forgotten part of Brussels into the nerve centre of creative design, these very designers changed the course of fashion, making the area the home of an increasing number of shops and boutiques, the fruits of many fertile and extradordinary imaginations.

unique pieces. From the subtly stylish, to the flashy, or the sexy to the romantic, the nostalgic or the timeless, you'll find every shape and style there. And during this little journey between the trendy Saint-Géry district, with its many lively cafés, and the Brussels' Canal, don't hesitate to stop here and there to catch a glimpse of the traces of time. Linger a while to look at the Flemish Neo-Renaissance architecture of the Halles Saint-Géry, which date back to 1881 and have become an exhibition centre dedicated to Brussels' heritage, or have a look at the Eglise Sainte-Catherine, a church built by the architect of the splendid Palais de Justice (law courts) of Brussels and of the Vismet, where in times past the city's port were a hive of activity. Something that really shouldn't be overlooked is the Usagexterne, of some 600 m2 entirely dedicated to young designers and new trends in the French Community. Most of the street names in this area evoke the former activity of the district or its political figures: Antoine Dansaert was a local councillor and Léon Lepage, the deputy burgomaster for State education.


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ners! 100% desig Prototype Van-der-Eecken • 13 rue du Pont de la Carpe Kurt and Sabine are a brother and sister who have been combining their talents for 18 years. They use Belgian textiles exclusively, with wool in winter and linen in summer! Something to appeal to the country's artists and those who adore beautiful lines. Chine • 2 rue Van Artevelde Transparency and lightness, clothes for slipping on and layering with infinite grace. Shampoo & Conditioner • 18 rue des Chartreux Elegant, chic and off-beat, a tailor-made fashion studio that's taking off at a breathtaking rate! Espace Bizarre • 19 rue des Chartreux A pioneer in the cool district, a selection of innovative furniture and objects to fall in love with and that gives pride of place to Belgian designs. Kartell • 2 rue Antoine Dansaert The flagship store of the big designer name in a place fitted out by Ferruccio Laviani: a colourful, transparent world of plastic materials waiting to be discovered. Christa Reniers • 29 rue Antoine Dansaert Her gold and silver jewellery are inspired by natural and organic rounded shapes, playing cat and mouse with matte and shiny finishes.

Nicolas Woit • 80 rue Antoine Dansaert In his boudoir, every woman plays a film star of the thirties or fifties… Length and femininity are the influences on this space designed by the master of the house for “the“ woman. Printed and colourful styles in very limited editions for special nights out as well as for every day. Johanne Riss • 35 place du Nouveau Marché aux Grains Lycra that transforms both the sylph-like and the curvy into sirens. A shop where the space expands endlessly, a place full of creative energy. Christophe Coppens • 2 rue Léon Lepage The first time you wear a Coppens hat is like the first mouthful of chocolate cake: heavenly! First, you go there to buy something for a friend's wedding, or your own, and then… you go back again! The ultimate luxury of accessories that come in unusual materials and surprising themes. JEAN PAUL KNOTT • 3 rue Léon Lepage Elegance makes the woman. Beyond compare. A young Brussels' designer who has studied in New York and, in the nineties, was a fashion artist for the Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche collection.

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Olivier Strelli • 44 rue Antoine Dansaert More well-known to the general public, Olivier Strelli casts a spell over the street with his warm shades and collections evoking travel and elegance. Diaphanous and transparent materials for summer and perfectly cut woollen fabrics for the cooler seasons. Marianne Timperman • 50 rue Antoine Dansaert Basic, Grafic, Goldic… some of the names evoking an endless talent that quite literally highlights the material used. Here, you'll find inimitable and extremely individual jewellery, mainly silver but also gold. La Belle et la Bête • 73 rue Antoine Dansaert A classic, invigorated by a great breath of fresh air and cheerfulness! Annemie Verbeke • 64 rue Antoine Dansaert Her name is on everyone's lips. Her clothes are chosen because they have that special touch and those little details that make all the difference. Italy, France and Japan can't resist the charm of this Belgian fashion designer's “total look“. Nebu • 27 rue Antoine Dansaert A slightly magical place where you become completely absorbed in the creative spells of our favourite designers. Stijl • 74 rue Antoine Dansaert A pioneer of fashion in the district (1984), this place has become a benchmark in Belgian fashion. Here, you'll find, among others, the creations of Sophie D'Hoore, Xavier Delcour, Ann Demeulemeester and Dries Van Noten.



Mieke Cosyn • 11 rue Léon Lepage …How about getting married ten times just for the pleasure of wearing a Mieke Cosyn dress on each occasion? Silky, smooth or textured materials, fashioned to measure by the most skilful hands. For the big day itself, or any others, because these heavenly designs also come in a range of colours for all sorts of ceremonial occasions. Azniv Afsar • 28 rue Léon Lepage Already six years of designing! Geometry and architecture of a cut that's all about structure: a programme that speaks volumes for this young designer. For those ladies - and gentlemen who want to be different. Very restrained, but with such class! Modo Bruxellae • 38 rue Léon Lepage • To find out everything there is to know about fashion in Brussels! Modo promotes Brussels' fashion among the general public, media and those in the trade. A place that's open and invaluable to Brussels and its designers, a welcome in the image of the capital. Martin Margiela • 40 rue Léon Lepage Opened in 2002 after Tokyo and before Paris, the Brussels' shop of Martin Margiela from Antwerp is popular with the biggest names. Marina Yee • 3 rue Marché aux Porcs Another fashion designer - and member of the Antwerp 6 - who has chosen Brussels in order to draw on the energy of movement, fluidity of space and creative freedom of the city! Mademoiselle Jean • 100 rue Antoine Dansaert A deliciously flirty shop with a window display and decor that speak volumes about the femininity of the subject.

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Y-Dress ? • 102 rue Antoine Dansaert Whatever you do, don't imagine you've seen everything until you've been here! An architectural perspective of space to take your breath away, a wild sense of humour coupled with an obvious feel for comfort… Abracadabra!!! There's the T-Shirt that turns into trousers, the towelling bag that becomes a dress, the instant crinoline and much more besides! OWN • 5 place du Jardins aux Fleurs Collections by Thierry Rondenet and Hervé Yvrenogeau, two young men who didn't seem in any way predestined for fashion. This is a collection for men that is described as simple, unpretentious and inventive. Well worth a look!

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y! 100% trend

Hatshoe • 89 rue Antoine Dansaert For feet that love originality, fine materials and clever cutting, shoes by big Belgian names like Dries Van Noten and Véronique Branquinho. Alice • 182 rue Dansaert To end with a flourish, a 'gallery/shop' packed with urban surprises… Mysterious? It certainly is! Le Bonheur • 196 rue Antoine Dansaert In Brussels, if you want to listen to the sound of le Bonheur (happiness), go to the canal! A curious mixture of music, accessories and videos in a place that will make you feel like singing. Dépôt Design • 19 quai du Hainaut (on the other side of the canal) A temple to design to suit all pockets.

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Halles Saint-Géry • 1 Place Saint-Géry • Tel: +32(0)2 502 44 24 or To find out all there is to know about Brussels' heritage: information and temporary exhibitions. Hooy Kaye • 20 Quai aux Pierres de Taille • Please note! Temporary exhibitions only. Le Musée des Plastiques ou Plasticarium • 35 rue Locquenghien • Tel: +32(0)2 344 98 21 The only one of its kind in the world, this building, dedicated to the most revolutionary materials, presents a collection to take your breath away, including works of art, furniture and objects from everyday life by the biggest designers from the sixties to the present-day. Outstanding. For groups of at least 10 people, by appointment only.

Tell uS… …Mieke Cosyn

For those women who prefer to be rather than to seem, Mieke Cosyn creates very graceful and restrained made-to-measure evening wedding dresses. Why did you choose Dansaert? With Dansaert, it was love at first sight, a love story that's lasted 18 years! I live there with my family, I design there, I work there. It's an everyday pleasure, consisting of encounters with different people, a wonderful mixture of lifestyles, high-class cultural events! There's always something happening here! I find Brussels captivating; it allows me to achieve what I want with a sense of harmony and I hope that I reflect that state of mind in the creative work that I do with the women who come to me! It's a genuine encounter that's incredibly fruitful and satisfying. If you had to define Brussels as a city of creative design, what would you say? Brussels is a city that improves on acquaintance. It's a city that's worth discovering on all levels, whether it's architecture, cultural and festive events or, of course, fashion. There's so much creativity in Brussels and among the people who live here! Where do you like to have a drink or eat out? I usually stay in the District for lunch. I like having lunch in summer under the trees of the Vieux marché aux Grains, at the Paon royal for example.



…Xavier Lust designer Xavier Lust was born in 1969. He completed his studies at the Interior Design department of St Luc. He set up his studio in the early nineties, specialising in the use of metal and building up considerable experience in shaping metal sheet. He is developing a design that combines innovation, industrial production, functionality, emotion and commercial viability. Why Brussels? Quite simply because I've always lived there! A stroke of luck…I have to say that it could certainly have been worse because this is a small city with the big advantages that international cities have but without having the disadvantages. What's more, for someone who likes to travel, as I do, it's perfect because links with other countries are excellent. How would you describe Brussels as a city of creative design? It's a magnet! It's an international centre of attraction for Belgian and foreign designers in sectors as varied as the fine arts, music, fashion, design… To me, its strength is its multiplicity, its wealth of culture, which is no doubt linked to the linguistic duality and constant clash of Latin and Germanic cultures. Which are your favourite places for having a bite to eat? No hesitation, le Café des Spores (chaussée d'Alsemberg, 103) and le Vismet (Place Sainte Catherine, 23).

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“I don't sell dresses. I make clothes for women“.



Place Rogier Rogierplein

Home to the Manneken-Pis, Brussels' most famous little character, the Saint-Jacques district is a bit like him, whether the locals like it or not: incredible, adorable, generous, lively, spontaneous and full of an innocence… that is not so innocent!

Map and public transport Bourse or Gare Centrale metro Bourse

R. des


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Grand-Place n u Marché au Charbo R. du e Lom tuv l'E ba rd de . R

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Ch ên e

Place St-Jean R. de Place de la l'H Vieille Halle op aux Blés ita l

Gare centrale

A centre for the city's craftsmen in the XIIth century, the area housed a hospital, placed under the patronage of Saint-Jacques (Saint James), a place of rest for pilgrims to Santiago de Compostela and for the needy. The famous “coquille Saint-Jacques“ (scallop shell) was sculpted onto the central upright of the entrance door to Notre-Dame du Bon-Secours, a magnificent Baroque church that owes its name to the miraculous statue of the Blessed Virgin found by a cobbler one day in the year 1625. Today, people stroll along the streets hand-inhand, boys and girls, girls and boys, while local artists greet with a wave the long-standing

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But the one thing that is always certain is that the Saint-Jacques district always has a sunny disposition whatever the weather, be it outside, where the café tables appear at the first sign of spring, or inside, in the warmth of the trendy cafés and stylish restaurants.

inhabitants who have watched as new life was breathed into their part of the city. The comic strip walls have since filled the place with colour, and the collectors and second-hand clothes dealers all get on well together, openly taunting one another for fun! There's a bit of everything here with all kinds of different trades, from cool fashion to vintage, artistic and sophisticated gadgets to secondhand books, comic strips to music, all happily coexisting side by side. Start off in the upper part of the district, with the “Fondation Jacques Brel“, located on the lovely place de la Vieille Halle aux Blés, with its many beautiful buildings, and make sure to take in Emery & Cie, the beautifully decorated main shop of the Brussels' designer single handedly responsible for a revolution in the world of interior decoration, with her paints containing matt pigments, her traditional handmade tiles and wrought iron furniture. And don't miss out on some of the completely whacky shops, such as Rosalie Pompon where you will find the most quirky of objects, guaranteed to amuse you from dawn till dusk, or the mini boutique Art. And, amongst a few Manneken Pis' and miniature cows, left over 8/9


from the Cow Parade that graced the streets of Brussels a few years ago, at 100% Design you will find a variety of objects by the big names in foreign design. As for clothing, diversity is the first of the many qualities in this part of town, which nonchalantly mixes styles and tastes. A few resolutely “in“ shops such as Prive Joke, or trendy ones such as Mr Ego (complete with Saturday DJ!) or more “sophisticated“ ones such as Putiikki (featuring, amongst others, Belgian designs by Mais il est où le soleil?) are to be found next door to the fabulous “ethnic“ style of Patricia Mouvet's (chez Alizari) cotton fabrics with natural pigments, not to mention Pygmées, a fun world for children and parents alike where fairy tales meet naive and dreamy street-wear! The second-hand clothes trade obviously has a strong link to the area: shops not to be missed include Bernard Gavilan, which for more than 10 years has been specialising in everything from the fifties to the eighties, including interiors, furniture and shoes. Apparently, the big fashion houses look there for inspiration to revive some of the fashions of the past. Speaking of which… Ramon & Valy are also one of the

gems of the district in the vintage department for those looking for great labels such as Courrèges or Chanel. If you want to treat your feet, you have a choice: the Taratata shop if you're a fan of Camper or de Trippen, or else, resolutely different and much more athletic, the flash and sporty People Shoes Design. But take note, for fun and comfort, of the almost one hundred-year-old reign of the “Paradis de la Babouche“. Comic strip fans: boulevard Anspach and rue du Midi are just for you. There, you'll find your favourite albums as well as loads of nice, fun accessories. For accessories of a completely different kind this time, designed to appeal to the feminine senses, the Lady Paname boudoir is full of them, not to mention full of customers! And, to round off your shopping with a little music, don't miss Arlequin, one of the monuments to second-hand music in Brussels, run by seven real aficionados. A 3-D stroll in time, space and rhythm.

THE SAINT JACQUES DISTRICT 100% cool Prive Joke • 76/78 rue Marché aux Charbons Mr. Ego • 29 rue des Pierres Pygmées • 4 rue des Grands Carmes Putiikki • 9 rue de l’Hôpital Alizari • 13 rue du Lombard Bernard Gavilan • 27 rue des Pierres Ramon & Valy • 19 rue des Teinturiers Lady Paname • 5 rue des Grands Carmes Taratata • 62 rue Marché aux Charbons People Shoes Design • 14 rue du Lombard Le Paradis de la Babouche • 10/12 rue des Teinturiers

age zoom Herit

music • bd Arlequin • 7 rue du Chêne Brüsel • 100 bld Anspach Enigmes/Espaces Tintin • 43/45 rue de l’Etuve La Bulle d’Or • 124 bld Anspach Le Dépôt • 108/110 rue du Midi Multi BD • 126/128 bld Anspach Multi Jeunesse • 122 bld Anspach Utopia • 39 rue du Midi

Emery&Cie • 25, 27, 29 rue de l’Hôpital Rosalie Pompon • 1 rue de l’Hôpital 100% design • 2 rue du Lombard

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100% déco

La Fondation Jacques Brel • 11 Place de la Vieille Halle aux Blés • Tel: +32(0)2 511 10 20 or A series of special moments to help you understand the things that Jacques Brel really loved. Comic strip walls • Rue du Marché au Charbon, rue de l’Etuve, rue des Bogards, rue du Chêne, rue des Alexiens,… • Tel: +32(0)2 513 89 40 or In Brussels, the walls tell stories to the passers-by. Comic strip is everywhere, with a walk that takes you around the city from one of these cheerful murals to another. Ask for the “Guide & Map“ at the Brussels International Tourist office, Hôtel de Ville (Town Hall), Grand Place. Manneken Pis • Rue de l’Etuve This bronze statuette, made in the XVIIth century by J.Dusquesnoy, embodies the rebellious spirit of Brussels. Also known by the name of “Petit Julien“, it was one of the many fountains that supplied the city with water. Musée de la Ville de Bruxelles (Maison du Roi) • Grand-Place • Tel:+32(0)2 279 43 50 or New dressing room of Manneken-Pis costumes! Come and see the brand new display of 750 costumes of Brussels' most famous fountain. Musée du Costume et de la Dentelle • 12 rue de la Violette • Tel: +32(0)2 213 44 50 or Beautiful and brand new, this museum has great collections of lace, costumes and fashion accessories from Brussels, Belgium and the rest of Europe, from the XVIIth century to the present-day.

Tell us… …xavier delcour

STYLE Staying in Royal Windsor Hôtel • 5 rue du Duquesnoy • Tel: +32(0)2 505 55 55 or At the Royal Windsor Hotel, you'll be able to sleep in one of the “Fashion Rooms” designed especially: by Jean-Paul Knott, Mademoiselle Lucien, Gérald Watelet, Marina Yee, Haider Ackermann, Pascale Kervan, Nina Meert, Romy Smits, Kaat Tilley and Nicolas Woit. Each Fashion Room is unique, designed and created by the designer as though that room was his or her own, or the perfect one that he or she dreams of when travelling around the world.

Xavier Delcour was born in 1970. Self-taught, he spent only a very brief period at la Cambre studying fashion design, preferring Brussels' night life. Very quickly, he asserted his taste for a sort of formal masculine elegance, revitalising the classics. In 1995 he won the prize for the best men's collection at the Festival d'Hyères in France and took the opportunity to launch a collection of accessories. His first fashion show in Paris, in January 1999, with a men's ready-to-wear collection immediately captivated press and buyers. Since January 2004, he has brought out a line of women's ready-to-wear. Today, his collections can be found more or less all over the world. Why Quartier St-Jacques? I'm based in Saint-Jacques, Place Fontainas. I live and work in this part of town, which is still a bit like a village within the centre of Brussels, Belgium and Europe. That's what I like about it. Everything's nearby. Everything and nothing happens at the same time; it's a good mixture for thinking and working. My men's and women's ready-to-wear collections are sold in Stijl, a shop in rue Antoine Dansaert, a seminal place and a showcase of today's fashion. If, in a few words, you had to define Brussels as a city of creative design, what would you say? Brussels is a capital, with all that that implies, that is to say mixtures, change, big events. That environment spurs on design. It's full of prestigious schools such as la Cambre, which are breeding grounds of creativity. That said, it's also a city that has retained a degree of intimacy, a freedom, a real sense of celebration and contradictions…. What could be better!? Where do you like to have a drink or eat out in Brussels? For a drink, le Fontainas, 91 rue du Marché au Charbon. For eating out, la Manufacture, 12 rue Notre-Dame du Sommeil.


© Etienne Tordoir

Notre-Dame du Bon-Secours • Rue du Marché au Charbon • Tel: +32(0)2 514 31 13 One of the most remarkable churches of the Flemish Renaissance, but with a distinctive hexagonal shape. Scientastic Museum • Bourse metro station - Level -1 • Tel: +32(0)2 732 13 36 or Enjoy a simple and entertaining experience with interactive discoveries in physics, illusions and the world of the five senses.

THE GALERIES ROYALES SAINT HUBERT DISTRICT grandeur and luxury in the city centre

Map and public transport Gare Centrale metro R. d es Sab les

Place de La monnaie

'Ecuy er

G. de

la R



G. du


R. de l


R. de la

Mad ine ele

Place St Jean

Gare centrale

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Serving as a real “town within a town“ these arcades were the only ones of their kind in the XIXth century. They house, in close proximity, shops, restaurants, flats and even a theatre and cinema. “Omnibus Omnia“, everything for everyone: that has been its motto since it was first built. Just a few yards away from the Grand-Place, away from the hustle and bustle and sheltered from the vagaries of the weather, the arcades will surprise you with their timelessness. Kaat Tilley permeates the atmosphere with her supernatural lightness of touch. A graduate of the Saint-Luc school in Brussels and of the Académie des Beaux Arts (Fine Arts Academy) 12 / 13 THE GALERIES ROYALES SAINT HUBERT DISTRICT

in Antwerp, her heavenly designs turn every woman into an ethereal being. In a completely different style, Mer du Nord, a Belgian label that has proved its worth in the hearts of young working women, chose this haven of peace to house its exhilaratingly fresh colletions.

bookshop, you'll come across Danaqué, a surprising blend of Belgian and German designs. Worth a detour for the look of the shoes alone!

As for Maroquinerie Delvaux, purveyor to the Royal Court, it illustrates to perfection that passion for the finest leathers that it has crafted since 1828. In a surprisingly modern way, it provides a range of everything a lady could desire. At the end of the arcade, Gallery 34 also offers appealing leather goods. When it comes to design and contemporary furniture, dropping in at Ligne is a must; it offers an outstanding selection of collection pieces. From a chair by Gehry Frank to Le Corbusier reproductions, you can't fail to fall in love with them! The kitchen and bathroom also have their very own space: Top Mouton provides an expert selection of practical and timeless accessories with a modernist inflence. The Galerie des Princes, perpendicular to the enfilade formed by the Galerie de la Reine and du Roi, also has a few surprises in store for you: after the Belle Epoque decor of the Tropismes

© Olivier Van De Kerchove - BITC / “Ciel, mes bijoux!“

A microcosm of elegance and grandeur, the Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert are an invitation to stroll gently around one of the most prestigious covered passageways in Europe. Luxury fashion designers leather goods shops, interior designers and jewellers have set up shop in this monumental space coveted by names that have always been evocative of luxury and the crafting of fine, natural materials. The Italian Renaissance is very much in evidence beneath its glass roof.


Le Centre belge de la Bande Dessinée • 20 rue des Sables • Tel:+32(0)2 219 19 80 or This museum is installed in the old Waucquez stores, built by Victor Horta in 1906. It highlights the history of comic strip in Belgium. The museum regularly hosts temporary exhibitions on the theme of comic strip. La Galerie Bortier • Rue de la Madeleine This little arcade was designed by the architect of the Galeries royales Saint-Hubert, Jean-Pierre Cluysenaer. Today, it is the landmark for second-hand booksellers, the only arcade that's almost exclusively dedicated to books. Cathédrale des Saints Michel et Gudule Begun in the XIIIth century, this magnificent Gothic cathedral of Brabant is dedicated to the archangel Saint-Michel, who vanquished the devil to become the symbol of the City of Brussels, and to Sainte Gudule, a symbolic figure revered by the people of Brussels for her courage and devoutness. (The story goes that she would go to pray at night and, despite the devil doing his utmost to extinguish her lantern, it relit itself miraculously). Outstanding stained-glass windows donated by Charles V. Bruxelles en Scène • 17 Galerie de la Reine • Tel: +32(0)2 512 57 45 or This is an exhibition-show that leads you on a journey of discovery or rediscovery of Brussels.

Ligne • 12-16 galerie de la Reine Top Mouton • 71 rue de l’Ecuyer Danaqué • 2 galerie des Princes


© Delvaux

© Antipolilla - D Sofa

Kaat Tilley • 4 galerie du Roi Mer du Nord • 21 galerie du Roi Maison Delvaux • 31 galerie de la Reine Gallery 34 • 34 galerie du Roi

age zoom Herit

100% cool

Tell us… …lilu: Maison Dequanter: Emmanuelle Adam and Géraldine Rautier Emmanuelle (29) and Géraldine (25) took over the Maison Dequanter (mainly luxury buttons) in 2003. At first, nothing appeared to predestine them to work in fashion. Emmanuelle studied law and discovered her fascination for fashion while studying in Milan. As for Géraldine, she designed jewellery. When these two women met, the result was the Lilu bag collection. They will be bringing out their second collection in winter 2005-2006. Why the Galeries du Roi? It's a glorious, amazing place in the heart of Brussels' commercial, tourist and creative centre, very close to Quartier St Géry and Rue Dansaert, in the centre of everything that's going on in Brussels. What do you like about Brussels? Brussels is and has everything it needs to be a city of creative design. As well as the obvious, slightly clichéd things like “European and multicultural capital“, Brussels, which was already the “capital of Art Nouveau“ in Victor Horta's time, has always been full of artists and designers, attracted as much by its north-south duality as by the quality of life it offers. And today more than ever, there's a sense that, with all the Brussels' designers and the increasing number of creative events (such as the artists' trail), Brussels is poised to usurp Antwerp as a leading city of avant-garde.

© Lilu

VWhich are your favourite places for having a drink or eating out? The key places in the city centre: Belga, l'Archiduc, le Roi des belges, l'Ultime Atome and le Tavernier. For restaurants: Le Babeco, an Italian near Place Sainte Catherine, Kika on boulevard Anspach, Eat'n' Love in Quartier Saint Boniface, Isaka Wa on Chaussée de Vleurgat and le Mirante near l'Ancienne Belgique.



Map and public transport

R de . M l o Place du a Contag ur ne Musée R.


des P a





ce R



ere mp L'E de

Ra ve ns tei n

Louise metro and then tram 92 - 93 - 94 From la Bourse: Bus 48 - 95 - 96

Place de la Chapelle

Palais Royal

R. de


ena rds

Place Poelaert Palais de Justice

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Je Plac ud ed eB u all e


Ha ute

R. B

lae s



la R

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Grand Sablon

This part of town owes its name to the sandy plain on which it was built. Chosen in the XVIIth century by the great families of the nobility, today it is still one of the city's most affluent areas. Everything is precious and permeated with a slightly self-conscious charm… but that's what people come here for! In the shadow of the beautiful Eglise Notre-Dame du Sablon, you'll enjoy what prestige and grandeur do best: antique dealers galore, divine restaurants, internationally-famous fashion designers, jewellers, gallery owners, welknown interior decorators. It's a sign of the times that this district is where Armani wanted to set up his Emporio. Another strength of the square is its antique dealers' market - particularly on Sunday mornings - and its gastronomy, starting with the master chocolate-makers and confectioners of Brussels, the envy of the world. Go on, give in, just for once: you won't regret it! Close your eyes and dream: Grand Sablon dons its finery of gold and glitter during the Christmas 16 / 17 THE SABLON - MAROLLES DISTRICT

and New Year holidays, and becomes one of the places that attracts the most attention in the city when the fine spring and summer weather arrives. The to-ings and fro-ings of fashionably dressed women set the scene for life on the square and for their admirers. In keeping with this high standard, the proximity of the Musées royaux des Beaux-Arts, BOZAR, the Musée des Instruments de Musique, the Palais de Charles de Lorraine, the Palais royal and place Royale make it a special place for exploring. Lower down, you're drawn via rue de Rollebeek for example, into another world with its own special charm and appeal. Welcome to les Marolles! What “Bruxellois“ doesn't like to lounge about there on a Sunday morning when the early morning sunshine lights up place du Jeu de Balle where the flea markets spread out? A break in one of the traditional cafés of this

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Lovers of antiques and works of art, ultra chic shops and outside café tables where “seeing“ is as much fun as “being seen“, this is the district you've always dreamed of!

district is just the thing; opposite the old market, the Skieven architek, set up in the old fire station, is the masterpiece of the district, or Chez Tony, one of the most popular in the area with free accordion-player on high days and holidays. Far from the luxury, pomp and ceremony, Brussels' zwanze pervades this working-class district, which is more than 800 years old. Dominated by the colossus erected in the 19th century for the Palais de Justice (law courts), les Marolles have retained their typical local architecture, which has suffered the ravages of time. The contrast is, in fact, surprising, but the ambience is really something. Vintage boutiques, comic strip or lingerie discount shops, secondhand dealers, interior deco shops following the example of New De Wolf, which has been there for 46 years and is always amazing, as well as design galleries have flourished in this legendary quarter. Here and there, it gives a cheerful nod as you come across one of its comic strip walls. If you're looking for a spectacular entrance into this district, go for the ultramodern public lift that awaits you, in all its transparent magnificence, at the foot of the Palais de Justice. An enduring memory of your descent into the bowels of Europe's capital city!


Flamant & Flamant junior • 36 place du Grand Sablon A world of discreet luxury and intimate charm, in which cosy furniture, curious and unusual objects share the space with the polished leather of old armchairs and the rough charm of craftsmen-made furniture. The perfect blend of the personal, the comfortable and the new (or revived), along with a collection of interior deco books and flower arrangements straight out of l'Atelier en Herbe. Leysen & HL • 14 and 36 place du Grand Sablon Purveyor to the Royal Court, Leysen needs no further introduction. An exclusive jeweller's, it stands out by virtue of its elaborate and exacting designs and the perfection of its stones. HL is the latest member of the Leysen family: a concept that combines modernity with more affordable prices. Deman • 4 Place du Sablon A smart multi-brand shop that never hits the wrong note, for men and women. Exclusive retailer of Reed perfumes.

n 100% desig Outlet Store White Design 2 • 61 B rue de la Régence Foray into designer's discontinued lines! Vincent Colet • 15 rue de la Régence This is some place. The real thing, as specialised as you could wish for, where you'll find only what's out of production. Jules Wabbes furniture and architect-designed furniture. Olivier Biltereyst • 65 C rue de la Régence Olivier Biltereyst specialises in 20th century furniture stocking only the best: Aalto, Breuer, Wabbes, Serrurier - Bovy…

age zoom Herit Palais de Justice • Place Poelaert This masterpiece is the biggest monument built in Europe in the 19th century. It was designed by Joseph Poelaert, architect of the Eglise Sainte Catherine et Notre-Dame of Laeken. Eglise Notre-Dame du Sablon • 3B rue de la Régence • Tél: +32(0)2 511 57 41 This valuable example of the blossoming of Flamboyant Gothic art in Belgium owes its splendour to the crossbowmen who built it in the XVth century. Mont des Arts: set of buildings made up of the following cultural institutions: Palais des Beaux-Arts or BOZAR • 23 rue Ravenstein • TTel: +32(0)2 507 82 00 or Musées royaux des Beaux-Arts Musée d’Art Moderne et d’Art Ancien • 3 rue de la Régence • Tel: +32(0)2 508 32 11 or Palais de Charles de Lorraine Musée du XVIIIème siècle • 1 place du Musée • Tel: +32(0)2 519 58 07 or Musée des Instruments de Musique • 2 rue Montagne de la Cour • Tel: +32(0)2 545 01 30 or Musée BELvue & Site archéologique de Coudenberg (ancien palais de Charles V) • 7 place des Palais • Tel: +32(0)2 545 08 00 or La Chambre royale des Antiquaires de Belgique •

ruxellois“ 100% “b LEs marolles S en ciel • 158 rue Haute A glance at the display window says it all: great art and great style at the same time. Exceptionally elegant bags to dream about or carry with you all your life! Whether they go by the name of “Fée clochette“ (Bellflower Fairy) or “Rhapsodie“ (Rhapsody), they reflect a love of shape and quality. There are also accessories for men, from belts to made-to-measure “étui“ cases, made in Belgium. L’instant présent • 136 rue Blaes Framing Brussels is more than an art. New De Wolf • 91 rue Haute or 40 rue Blaes A real Ali Baba's, cave where even treasure is affordable. Patricia Shop • 158 rue Blaes Surely the only luxury lingerie discount shop in Brussels! Vintageartgallery • 28 rue des Renards A unique place for unearthing big designer name pieces.

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ian 100% BelLEgSABLON

Tell us…

RJ2 • 45 rue Blaes Wooden furniture. d+ • 83/87 rue Blaes The newest addition to the district, this is a light and almost enchanted place for fans of XXth century design, from the twenties to the eighties. Mostly stocks exclusive signed and listed pieces.

age zoom Herit

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Maison de Pieter Breugel l’Ancien (XVIth century) • 132 rue Haute This is where the great painter spent his best years and later died. Notre-Dame de la Chapelle • Place de la Chapelle • Tel: +32(0)2 512 21 40 If you have the chance to see only one in Brussels, make it this one! Remarkable for its Romanesque and Gothic-Romanesque architecture.


…s en ciel

The leather goods brand S en Ciel was created in 1985 as a result of the meeting of the two self-taught leather workers Ralph Baggaley and Martine Hupin, both passionate about fine leather and what could be done with it. These perfectionists work according to the principle that if you want something done, then you do it yourself. So they created their own modern and efficient studio in which they produce their own designs, which range from ladies' handbags to leather desk accessories of the very highest quality, including special orders for companies. Why the Marolles district? We chose this part of town because it is colourful, and trading is in its soul. If you had to define Brussels, what would you say? Brussels is a city where there is a huge amount of creativity! Often that creativity is just waiting to explode or be to be seen. Which are your favourite places for having a drink or eating out? In general, all of the team stays loyal to the area.

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Furniture design and


Map and public transport Louise metro Palais de Justice

Place Louise

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Just a few steps from there, Dominique Rigo offers creations by the big designers: Poliform, Knoll, Vitra, Cassina, while Senteurs d'ailleurs blazes new olfactory trails, with uniqueness not the least of its qualities. Another shining star in the firmament of Belgian and Brussels design, Olivier Strelli, set up his sparkling store in an absolutely top-class boutique close to Roger, hairdresser to the Queen. Chine shines with the transparency of its ephemeral 20 / 21 THE QUARTIER AVENUE LOUISE - BOULEVARD DE WATERLOO

materials, wonderfully highlighted in a Zen-like salon that's an invitation to relaxation and tranquillity.

Max&Co, Maud Frison, Clergerie are worthy representatives of them, or the multi-label Francis Ferent.

As you draw closer to the “Louise bottleneck“, one of the capital's most attractive shopping areas, Belgian and new labels take precedence, such as Bellerose, then Mer du nord, Riverwoods, COD or the very new French Speaking, rue Jean Stas. Well worth noting is the very international Librairie de Rome, open 7 days a week, year round: a key haunt for most of the capital's Eurocrats!

Near Porte Louise, opposite one of the most famous Belgian signs among the big stores Galeria Inno and Bouvy, a symbolic Belgian multi-brand store, don't miss Holemans, a super-talented jeweller's, making dream jewellery for young fiancées and femmes fatales! The son and grandson of expert jewellers, Thierry Holemans works there tirelessly on stones and precious metals, continually pushing back the boundaries of the imagination until he creates a living ring that symbolically sets the seal for ever on the newlyweds declaration “I do“.

International labels are widely represented alongside these 100% pure Belgian products. Max Mara, accompanied by its younger sister

Opposite boulevard de la Toison d'Or - note that Brussels boulevards don't bear the same name on either side of the main avenue! - is boulevard de Waterloo, which has become indisputably the most stylish in the capital. © Dany Venlet - Man Chi Chair

Paris has the Champs Elysées, Barcelona the Ramblas, New York has Fifth Avenue and Brussels has avenue Louise and boulevard de Waterloo! In the XIXth century all the great capitals had their promenade for the middle classes. Léopold II, Belgium's “Builder King“, created his own and called it after his eldest daughter. Since then, avenue Louise has become the muse of designers. Lined with grand town houses including the ones designed by Victor Horta, the avenue is home to the Maison Natan, which opened the very exclusive Natan Couture there, exclusively for tailor-made clothing. It is in this magical place that Edouard Vermeulen, the designer, makes clothes for the princesses of the Royal Court and others in high places.

The biggest houses have chosen this area, lined with mansions, as home to their exclusive stores: from Gucci to Giorgio Armani, including Chanel, Christian Dior, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Yves Saint-Laurent, Tod's or Boucheron, Gianni Versace or Salvatore

THE QUARTIER AVENUE LOUISE - BOULEVARD DE WATERLOO e nd eleganc glamour a Ferragamo, not forgetting Ralph Lauren or Façonnable. Scapa of Scotland, a eulogy to sporty modernity, and Xandres were the first Belgians to make their mark on this unique stretch of pavement, next to the prestigious Maison Delvaux. Defending, with inimitable talent, the Brussels flag at international level, this fine leather goods shop is continually reviving its passion for leather as well as, more recently, for unusual materials such as Ostrich leather, sheepskin or fish skin. The rear courtyard reveals the designs of Johanne Riss, Lycra dresses that hang beautifully. Surprisingly simple and accessorised with silk ponchos and jewellery, they flatter the beauty of all women and are available as evening dresses and ready-to-wear. Men will also find surprising and particularly becoming designs there. Very recently, the world of the Donaldson family and of the character Mickey Mouse has moved to the much-talked-about boulevard, opening a spacious flagship store there. Another new feature has been added to the Brussels' landscape with the arrival of Bulo, a heavenly design gallery dedicated entirely to

Belgian furniture design. Specialising in fitting out offices or loft apartments, this place is a real sight for sore eyes and a treat for the senses. From one piece to the next, the materials reveal their full beauty to the light, fine and soft, perfectly finished, their shape inviting us at times to work, at others to rest. The gallery and its designs are truly eye-catching and original! Even the designers Ann Demeulemeester and Dirk Bikkembergs have joined in the Bulo adventure and made their first designer furniture. The opening of the eagerly-awaited lI de B Lifestore was a big event. Its unique concept gathers together, in one sumptuous place, a range of carefully-selected pieces for men and women, together with an interiors area, a super-comfortable bar area and a beauty room. This unique environment proudly displays the initials of Ingrid de Borchgrave, a muse for fashion in Brussels. Having made her debut near rue Antoine Dansaert for Cortina, she is also credited with the opening of the first Armani store in Brussels, before setting up Emporio in Sablon and Dior on boulevard de Waterloo!

On avenue Louise Holemans at number 3, Galeria Inno 12, Max Mara 19, River Woods 41, Francis Ferent 60, Maud Frison 67, Olivier Strelli 72, Chine 82, Mer Du Nord 89, Senteurs d’Ailleurs 94, Dominique Rigo 182, Natan 158 Chaussée de Charleroi Clergerie at number 1, Bellerose 5 Rue Jean Stas Talking French at number 16, Librairie de Rome 16a Avenue de la Toison d’Or Bouvy at number 52 On Boulevard de Waterloo Bulo at number 11, Delvaux et Johanne Riss 27, I de B Lifestore 49, Donaldson 54, sonia Rykiel 56.

age zoom Herit L’ Hôtel Solvay • 224 Avenue Louise • Tel: +32 (0)2 647 37 33 This imposing town house was built by Victor Horta in 1894 for the Solvay family. Visiting possible by appointment, from Monday to Friday and Saturday mornings (only for groups).

Tell us… … edouard Vermeulen for NATAN

Why choose avenue Louise? Because it forms a coherent environment where luxury is a way of being and a way of life. Which is your favourite district? Old Brussels, in the lower part of the city, because it exudes authenticity. LWhere do you like to relax, have lunch or a drink? At Easy Tempo, rue Haute, in les Marolles.


… olivier Strelli Strelli made his debut in the world of fashion in the late seventies. Today, Strelli is one of the biggest companies on the international fashion scene and is a figurehead of Belgian creativity in the up-market ready-to-wear range. For Strelli, fashion is a world of subtle materials and shades, highlighted with original prints. Why did you choose avenue Louise? The Olivier Strelli sign has been in the upper part of the city for more than twenty years now. I chose this area because of its prestige and high-class stores. On the other hand, I opened a second store on rue Antoine Dansaert five years ago in order to be part of the dynamic growth of a booming “fashion“ district. If, in a few words, you were to describe Brussels as a city of creative design, what would you say? Talent, humour and warmth and friendliness. VWhich is your favourite place for having a drink or eating out? The Lola, a restaurant in Grand Sablon, the Marie Joseph at Quai au Bois à Brûler and the Idiot du village, rue Notre Seigneur in les Marolles.

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Edouard Vermeulen presented his first collection in 1984. For several years, he has been designing clothes for the royal families of Belgium, Sweden, the Netherlands and Denmark. He has been able to develop a style that's perfect for the modern, stylish working woman.


Map and public transport Louise metro and then tram 91 or 92 R.


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Place Brugmann R. Berkendael

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It's not surprising that Brussels' designers have felt a magnetic attraction to this haven of elegance: those masters of Art Nouveau, Horta and Hankar, were there before them, here and there marking the façades with their enchanting sgraffitti in this district imbued with a perfectly natural elegance. On Wednesday afternoons, until the early hours, this set of little houses suddenly becomes the setting for the trendiest market in the capital, transforming itself into a festive meeting place for the city's young Europeans and “Sloanies“.

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Between the very chic Bois de la Cambre and the Palais de Justice, perpendicular to the famous avenue Louise, a view opens up over the Eglise de la Trinité: this is rue du Bailli, gateway to a very special district. Those who live here wouldn't change it for the world. This is where they want to live, because of that wonderful blend of diverse culture and talent. Not far from the city centre, you'll be surprised by the cheerful tranquillity of these streets with an almost rural charm when you stroll around the Quartier du Châtelain.


An area blessed by the Gods, Bailli/Châtelain is particularly interesting to explore: Belgian and other labels and names in textiles and interiors rub shoulders with a string of exquisite “boudoirs“ dedicated to the beauty of those in the highest places. Here, style reaches the peak of perfect simplicity. But don't stop there because the fashion tour continues on its way towards a real gem: place Brugmann. Georges by first name, this philanthropic financier, born in 1829, gave the city some of its finest avenues, such as avenue Winston Churchill and, of course, avenue Brugmann, an ode to his name and work. This quietly unassuming Art Deco and Art Nouveau-influenced district is a delightful revelation: there, you'll find something you won't see anywhere else. The real kindness of the shopkeepers, most of them designers and artists, is something to be savoured. Textiles and trade names are chosen with infinite care, wildly original and witty objects vie with precious jewellery and invaluable accessories for attention.

THE RUE DU BAILLI - PLACE DU CHATELAIN - PLACE BRUGMANN DISTRICT sels' 100% Brus design Sacha • 66 rue du Bailli Noëlle Defalque knows leather like the back of her hand: with that distinctive touch and a certain class, she designs bags and accessories to make you blush with pleasure. Greta Marta • 58 rue de l’Aqueduc Serene ambience and exceptional service within a concept of perfect elegance. Designs by Diane Von Furstenberg, a native of Brussels, who is a big hit in New York. Wrap dresses with such characteristic prints, materials that are quite simply sumptuous. Designs by Christophe Coppens and Olivier Hainaut. Mais il est où le soleil ? • 38 place du Châtelain Everyone is talking about it and no wonder! This little shop is a paradise for sharp outlines leaving scope for clever layering of soft colours. And the light touch when it comes to prices makes it even better. Des Habits et Moi - Des Robes et Moi • 53 rue Simonis Marie-Anne Dujardin and Véronique Wendel are the names behind the designs of these two women's lines, combining ready-to-wear with the enchanting display of wedding dresses. The pleasure derived from working with this material is as tangible as could be in both the design and the welcome! Mademoiselle Lucien - exclusive couture • 48 rue A. Campenhout Couture and luxury ready-to-wear in a neo-classical style that is all the rage at the most prestigious ceremonies! Even princesses can't resist. B.A. Pendesini • 19 rue du Page For the dress of a lifetime, or that special occasion, in this lifesized studio designed like a small theatre in which all your desires can take shape. Simply for the sheer pleasure of expressing a unique moment in life, in full complicity with the designer.

100% cool “GuapissimA“ bags, belts and jewellery You'll find them in a few select places in the capital. Edwige De Beule gives a personal touch to his unique bags with his skillful hands. But please note! The natural, hand-made, hem-stitched appearance conceals something extremely sophisticated.

sels' 100% Brus design Jewellery Les Précieuses • 20 place Brugmann Meeting the designer Pili Collado is not something you forget. She shines. Just like her jewellery! Short and long necklaces, encrusted beads and white pearls, bohemian glasses and ribbons of colour blend together cheerfully in her shop, with Jamin Puech bags and other accessories that have everything it takes to win over those customers who want to sparkle with originality and romanticism. Sabine Herman • 86 Rue Faider Unique designs for unique occasions! Precious materials and combinations fashioned as a duet.

Smadja - homme et femme • 21-22 avenue Louis Lepoutre Smadja, that's Jacques, the boss. Fashion designer and creator of new looks, he makes life brighter! You pop in for 5 minutes and suddenly find yourself welcomed, pampered, given advice to. His collection? For men: a touch eccentric and determinedly colourful, although the most classic of styles are also there in his international labels, some even made here, such as Paul Smith for example. Apparently, even the showbiz guys go to him! For women: a paradise of the senses as you come across a succession of silks, leathers and other divine fabrics. Bonzaï • 93-95 rue du Bailli - 1050 Bruxelles An in place where you simply feel good: here you'll find Belgian labels available in various fabrics, suede, jewellery and even shoes, with Pauline B., Collège, Injoy, Clair de Femme and Be O. Lola Botica • 69 rue du Bailli This elegant collection has an irresistibly glamorous touch. A bit of an Italian trendy touch too, which can't fail to please! Cachemire, coton et soie • 53 rue Franz Merjay - 1050 Bruxelles Cashmere sweaters, customised jackets, colour-washed Shetland sweaters, personalised bags for that extra touch… Truly great and chic classics! Graphie Sud • 195 rue Berkendael This is women's business and it's indescribable. As a Brussels' pioneer in the art of designing a space where you can find everything to please, Violaine Damien has been achieving the impossible now for 35 years: a skilfully-selected choice of Belgian and other names, such as Noon and Ellipse, as well as various objects ranging from fun postcards to fine chocolate, from colourful bags to a host of simple but truly

esign deco and d

al 100% Sensu


Evaluna • 41 rue du Bailli This boutique is a “Love shop“, a place dedicated to love in all its forms with body products to arouse the senses, seductive lingerie and erotic toys. A naughty boutique indeed.

© Diane Steverlynck - Tapis

© JP Remy - OPT

irresistible ideas. You can, for example, find “coupons for a kiss“ or a magic angel that flaps its wings to show you where there's a free parking space! AXL • 16 place Brugmann A small place for big discoveries. Axelle Delhaye and Neliha Saldo combined their instincts and talents (one a graduate from the famous La Cambre school in Brussels, the other a Fine Arts graduate from Sarajevo) to provide a range of unusual products for the jet set! Very distinctive jewellery, evening bags and necklaces are the result of a skilful quest: you can be the judge of its real worth.

Galerie “Puls“ • 4 place du Châtelain Contemporary ceramics Instore • 90 rue Tenbosch Between an art gallery and a shop, a real design trail covering 1500 m_ of floor space! A visual feast. Tradix • 90-92 rue du Mail New or reject items at low prices, stocking big names from Starck to the Belgian designer Pol, with tableware, linen and furniture straight from the factory floor. Rose • 56-58 rue de l’Aqueduc Objects as kitsch as they are unusual! From Russian dolls to retro odour neutralisers for cars. Something to make you smile and help you get a smile out of others. W80 • 80 rue Washington Crafty devils who know how to cheer up even the dreariest of days! From chip dishes shaped like old vinyl records to supertrendy designer bins, you'll find something to make you see life differently! Polygone • 90a rue de Washington Injecting colour into everyday life! The author of conversion projects, Polygone offers contemporary Italian furniture and reserves a few select pieces for Belgian designers (Xavier Lust, Koen van Spaendonck).

bookshops Specialist Peinture fraîche • 10 rue du Tabellion “The“ meeting place for lovers of art books. Quite simply the only one of its kind in Brussels. Place Voltaire librairie • 101 rue de l’Aqueduc Ah! Now, this is what you call a “real“ bookshop, with a real choice of good books, a bookshop that knows what it sells and to whom it sells! Literature, social and psychological science and children's books are some of the main ones. This three-room shop even turns into a philosophy café once the sun shows its face!

stronomy Belgian ga Irsi • 15 rue du Bailli Since 1929 this old sweetshop has been selling an extraordinary range of Belgian chocolates, particularly “manons“ with fresh cream, vanilla, coffee, chocolate mousse, etc. Don't miss: their sublime sugared almonds, another gourmet speciality.

flowers Specialist Poppymood • 60 rue A. Campenhout Selected by Givenchy to launch his perfume “Very Irresistible“, Claude & Ingrid present flowers with the passion of lovers. Favourites of the moment are anything fuchsia coloured, in stunning combination with the rose, mistress of this prettyas-a-picture place! Catleya • 118 avenue Louis Lepoutre A glorious place, a passionate personality with colours and scents to turn heads with pleasure. In other words, Catleya, some 8000 flowers carefully chosen every day at dawn to assail daily life with a shower of freshness and a flood of emotions!

© Olivier Van De Kerchove – BITC

© JP Remy - OPT


age zoom Herit Musée Horta • 25 rue Américaine • Tel: +32(0)2 543 04 90 or The must-see masterpiece of Art Nouveau: discover this sacred den, personal home and studio of the man who changed the face of Brussels in the late XIXth century. Hôtel HannonEspace Photographique Contretype • 1 avenue de la Jonction • Tel: +32(0)2 538 42 20 or This Art Nouveau family mansion designed by Jules Brunfaut (1902) and dedicated to photography is guaranteed to captivate visitors. Wrought ironwork, stained-glass windows, frescoes, mosaics, lighting effects… an amazing experience!

Tell us… …Mademoiselle Lucien, exclusive couture

“ “ For several years, the Belgian label Mademoiselle Lucien has been offering a unique concept in which Travel and Culture are the main inspirations. Its qualities in combining fashion, beauty, decoration and display draw an international clientele as well as high society. Mademoiselle Lucien presents an avant-garde image.

Why Quartier du Châtelain? The shop is near avenue Louise and the residential neighbourhoods of the upper part of the city, so it enjoys a clientele that's, on the one hand, privileged and, on the other, trendy thanks to the influence of Place du Châtelain.

Which are you favourite places for having a drink or eating out? Le Falstaff, the Bourse district and the Al Barmaki restaurant with Lebanese specialities, near the Grand-Place.


© Mademoiselle Lucien - Exclusive couture

What do you like about Brussels? Mademoiselle Lucien has always drawn huge inspiration from the multicultural aspect of Brussels, the capital of a region, a country and a continent.


Map and public transport Porte de Namur metro Bus 71 to Place Flagey e R. d


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Porte de Namur


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s elle d'Ix R. de l'Ermitage

R. de V erg n ie s

Pl. Flagey

Pl. Ste Croix

These are three parts of the city that are symbolic of an international capital. In less time than it takes to write down their names, you'll move from the chic and very conservative ambience of the royal quarter to the lively and rather warm and friendly ambience of cultural Ixelles. Fashion here enjoys a right royal setting, starting from the very centre of the city, up on the Mont des Arts. Rue de Namur begins on the site of the old Palais de Bruxelles, which was burned down in 1731, just opposite the famous Musées royaux des Beaux-Arts and the Musée des Instruments de Musique, and passes beneath the archways of Place Royale, only a short walk from the Palais Royal and the Palais de Charles de Lorraine. Steep and winding, it gathers together some real gems of Belgian and international design in this prestigious setting, before leading on to the Porte de Namur. The essential, classic and international standardbearer of design from Brussels, Maison Natan has opened two stores here, in addition to its couture house on avenue Louise, which show “Bruxelloise“ elegance at its finest. Edouard Vermeulen offers his ready-to-wear collection here, including his line for fuller-figured ladies.

Brussels design can also be found at Marie's Corner with a collection of modern and stylish chairs, opposite the legendary Kenzo. Laura Ashley seems to have been there for ever, while Autour du Monde de Bensimon adds its touch of lightness and glowing well-being. Fans of international designers will of course also love PH et PH2, with its many luxurious brands, and for interior decoration and design, it's only a small detour to bc+, which is imbued with an almost palpable mellowness and packed with good taste and objects from far away places. The unusual, Tendance Génération is just across the street, in rue du Pépin. This slightly offbeat gallery blends different styles with humour and skill, breaking away from the general ambience of the district. Rue du Pépin also contains other surprises in the shape of Annick Tapernoux, a boutique characterised by simplicity and good taste, which brings together, among other things, knitwear by Isabelle Baines and jewellery by Annick Tapernoux herself. On the other side of the boulevard, along chaussée d'Ixelles, your gaze will inevitably be drawn to the colourful stalls of Matongé, opposite the huge fresco by Chéri Samba entitled

© JP Remy - OPT

royal, exotic and trendy

“Porte de Namur, porte de l'amour?“. This Congolese district, which revolves around Chaussée de Wavre, owes its name to that most lively part of Kinshasa. In a cheerful mixture of flavours and shimmering colours, you will find a large number of stalls selling fruit and vegetables from the African country, as well as hairdressing and “waxing“ salons, and famous textiles inspired by Javanese batik from the XIIth century. This delightful and exotic detour will lead you to the heart of Saint-Boniface, an Art Nouveau district on which the architect Ernest Blérot left his mark, to alleyways that are full of life by daytime and evening. Gradually emerging from years of neglect, it has now been part of the trendy landscape of the capital for around ten years, with its fans gravitating around l'Ultime Atome, a big café/brasserie. With its faded elegance, it is a nice place for reading a newspaper or enjoying a beer among friends. Brussels design is embodied here by the presence of Nina Meert, just opposite the church. Between Paris and Milan, this lady lives life to the full and has found in Saint-Boniface the refreshing vitality resulting from the comingtogether of artists and intellectuals who have always been fond of the place. A pioneer of the 30 / 31 RUE DE NAMUR - MATONGE - SAINT-BONIFACE - FLAGEY DISTRICT

talent of Belgian fashion designers, she has moved amongst the biggest names, in Florence first of all with Emilio Pucci then in Paris with Cacharel. It's from Brussels that she draws the positive energy that permeates her timeless pieces, which have an extremely feminine refinement, undoubtedly one of the distinctive signs of elegance. Rue de la Paix is home to Cocoon, and what could be more natural than that! Except that, as soon as you enter this Zen-like shop, that natural feeling becomes supernatural. A piece, a colour, a size: here, you listen to your heart. There's no room for hesitation because, as soon as you turn your back, you can be sure that someone else will swoop on the coveted item! In the world of design, Dominique, the owner, is sure-footed and has a highly developed flair: Dries Van Noten and Annemie Verbeke, today stars of international fashion design, have been able to count on her support since their debut in the world of fashion. Chic and inexpensive, this is a place where people come just for the pleasure of falling in love at first sight. There's also an alteration service for good measure, just to finish everything off beautifully for you!

Please note also that here, when it comes to street couture, you'll find places as nice as they are cool and trendy. Kusje won't fail to surprise you, and not only by its name that is so evocative of flirtatious affection. Between collectors of T-shirts designed by graphic artists from Brussels and a great choice of lingerie by La Fille d'O, a Belgian label of course, you'll find trousers from Immortal Ladies and Peccadilles hats, equally Belgian. Edwige De Beule from Brussels also provides some of her accessories in your favourite shades and braids for that personal touch. Finally, you'll find a few original examples of the Basque label Laureac Mendian, not usually available in the flat country! Close by, you will find an interesting line-up. The temple to vintage, Look 50 is the oldest second-hand clothes shop in the city. Here, you'll finally find old things at old prices and a larger than life welcome. To recover from this journey 30 years back in time, there is nothing like an invigorating dive into “Pax clothes & furnitures“. That is to say, between Carhartt and Boxfresh gear, you'll find Sigmund Freud dolls and “I love my penis“ chewing gum! Along the same lines, Qué Mas is also rather good in its kind! No chewing gum but luxury street-wear that

RUE DE NAMUR - MATONGE - SAINT-BONIFACE - FLAGEY DISTRICT n sels’ Desig 100% Brus all going so well. Place Fernand Cocq is just a few minutes away, providing the setting for the immaculate residence of the violinist de Bériot and La Malibran, the famous singer. Now a Local Authority Building for the wonderful commune of Ixelles (one of the 19 communes of the Region of Brussels), this residence heralds the way down towards the very cultural Place Flagey and its ponds lined with magnificent grand Art Nouveau townhouses. A guaranteed change of style emerges between the cool, hip hop ambience and the cultural district of Flagey. A legendary place initially reserved for the very first Belgian radio and television station, its recording studios were the best in the world, envied for the excellence of their acoustics. Today, this sublime, modernist-style factory of sound is at the forefront of whatever the art of music may represent, in all its forms! On the ground floor of this giant liner, you'll join the onlookers and students from the famous Belgian school of fashion and design, who invade the Belga, the giant, trendy local brasserie. Romantics and lovers of architecture will no doubt opt for the heavenly walk on offer to them alongside the ponds, especially on Sunday mornings when it's time for the market.

100% cool Cocoon • 41 rue de la Paix Kusje • 12 rue de la Paix Pax clothes and furnitures • 8 rue de la Paix Look 50 • 10 rue de la Paix Qué Mas • 19 rue Ernest Solvay © JP Remy - OPT

favours the beauty of a great cut and concern for detail, with labels from Belgium and elsewhere (Finland for example). Lacie et Nanso make the very fetching dresses that are to be found there, Epure too, all alongside a range of gear for men and very comfortable shoes and sports footwear. When it comes to shopping, be advised that comic strip reigns supreme here, new or secondhand. Le Dépôt ou La bande des six nez offers an incredible choice for fans of all genres: Tintin, Spirou as well as Manga and comics. Collectors meet up chez Durango, rue de l'Athénée, which specialises in original editions, ex-libris copies and - something exclusive to Brussels - original cinema posters dating from the forties through to 1969. How could anyone go without mentioning music and the cult shops by the name of “Arlequin“ in the same street? Vinyl bargains and hip hop, soul, funk, house, electro and R&B CDs unashamedly sit alongside undiluted reggae (45er imports) while French pop, rock and urban music have set up shop just opposite, under the same name. For those thirsty for cultural and architectural discoveries, it would be a pity to stop when it's

Natan • 68 rue de Namur Natan + • 78 rue de Namur Marie’s Corner • 39 rue de Namur Nina Meert • 1/5 rue Saint Boniface Isabelle Baines et Annick Tapernoux • 48 rue du Pépin

Tell us…

Palais Royal This famous building was begun in 1820 under the reign of Guillaume Ier (William I) and was subsequently rebuilt in Louis XVI style. It stands on the site of the old Court of the Dukes of Brabant. It opens to visitors from late July to early September. Mont des Arts • Quartier Royal (addresses page 18) In the Royal quarter, Mont des Arts is a set of buildings made up of the following cultural institutions: Palais des Beaux-Arts or BOZAR, Musées royaux des Beaux-Arts, Musée d’Art Moderne et d’Art Ancien, Palais de Charles de Lorraine, Musée du XVIIIème siècle, Musée des Instruments de Musique, Musée BELvue & Site archéologique de Coudenberg (old Palace of Charles V). Flagey • Place Sainte Croix • A special venue for new musical and visual work. Billetterie Arsène 50 • Place Sainte Croix • Tickets for shows in Brussels for the same evening at 50% of the normal price. Théâtre Marni (Festival Jazz, Danse,…) • 25 rue de Vergnies • Centre International pour la Ville, l’Architecture et le Paysage: CIVA • 55 rue de l'Ermitage • Venue for exhibitions, conferences, exchanges and debate. Musée des Beaux-Arts d’Ixelles • 71 rue J.Volsem • Outstanding collections of the XIXth and XXth centuries from various artistic schools: impressionism, fauvism, symbolism, surrealism, new Belgian painting, Cobra, pop art, and more. 32 / 33 RUE DE NAMUR - MATONGE - SAINT-BONIFACE - FLAGEY DISTRICT

… nina meert

Nina Meert designs clothes like the sculptural flow of the body as it moves in space. With her collections, she tackles the aspects of authenticity and respect for women, a form of timelessness. Here's what she says: “Everyone must dress according to his or her own identity, according to imprecise rules and vague trends. Fashion is evolution and/or revolution, making the best of advances in technology. It may be non-ephemeral and should be seen as a daily pleasure“. Nina Meert's designs take us on a journey through natural materials, structured lines, tonalities that combine a sunset with floral colours, which merge together into infinity. They are aimed at women of all ages and from all cultures and offer them the freedom of their body and harmony with their body.

Why did you choose the Saint-Boniface district? I have a deep-seated need for life, for places that exude a feeling of the meeting of minds, the joy of exchange. In Saint-Boniface, I can breathe! It's an area where artists and intellectuals have always settled, a place where, whatever the hour of day or night, there's a table for you. You can have your breakfast here, reading a newspaper. When I come back from Paris or Milan, it's here that I find the energy and movement that inspire the elegance of my designs.

Are you loyal to a specific place when you go out? Not at all! What I like is change, to be surprised by all those places with such different ambiences!

© Nina Meert

age zoom Herit

EUROPEAN DISTRICT - CINQUANTENAIRE to the European Parliament: from past to future is just one small step!

Fancy immersing yourself in prestige and history without giving up on shopping and traditional local gastronomy? Then head for “Cinquantenaire“, a leafy green haven between the European district and the middle-class suburbs of the capital. A place where Eurocrats and middle-class families from the east-side of Brussels like to walk. And, above all, a symbol of the nation.

For Rue des Tongres, the Musées du Cinquantenaire and Autoworld: Mérode metro For the European institutions: Schuman and Trône metro R.

Rond-point Schuman


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Parc du Cinquantenaire

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This prestigious site was where Hergé, the father of Tintin, grew up. It also witnessed the growth of the talent of many architects, including the forerunners to Art Nouveau, who wanted to give the young Belgian capital a prestige worthy of its status. On either side of the Avenue de Tervuren, which was planned by

© JP Remy - OPT

Map and public transport

This is where the new Belgium celebrated its fiftieth anniversary with great pomp and ceremony in a park dedicated to its first exhibition held to sing the praises of the products of Belgian art and industry. Twenty-five years later, the much-awaited archway was erected there by the architect of the Grand and Petit Palais in Paris. If you look up to its full 45-metre height, you'll see a spirited quadriga, symbolising a triumphant Belgium pulled towards the future.

Looking for something beautiful and authentic? Then go straight to the department of European Decorative Arts housed in the Musée du Cinquantenaire. Textiles, costumes and lace will provide delicious appetisers for an afternoon of strolling and gift buying in Rue des Tongres and its two arcades. There's Bord de Seine, for example, a multi-label shop selling only Belgian items to chic young women and girls or du Vent dans les Voiles, where Chacok colours and materials prevail, with a range of original accessories to complete the dazzling finery. But before that, lovers of beautiful American models (we're talking about cars of course) and Beetle die-hards will be bound to enter that temple to the motor car “Autoworld“! When it's time for a break, make the most of the many cafés and restaurants in the area. Starting with Midi Cinquante, the museum restaurant, or Les délices de Capoue, a legendary ice-cream parlour that has been serving up treats to kids and grown-ups since time began. Those who like bread, farmhouse-style open sandwiches and chocolate “bombes” or lemon tarts can go 34 / 35 EUROPEAN DISTRICT - CINQUANTENAIRE

to the Pain Quotidien, very much a Belgian initiative before becoming an international name. Make sure you take a peak at the window display of the boucherie Lanssens: this butcher's is an institution since it offers more than twenty or so flavoured sausages - take note all barbecue fans! Talking of institutions, there are others, and quite important ones at that! The European institutions of course: the Parliament, Council, Commission, Audit Office, Committee of the Regions, Economic and Social Committee, etc. Just some of the many democratic bodies representing the Union of 25 (454 million inhabitants). Mainly to be viewed from the outside, these institutions are arranged around a few squares each of which have their own authentic charm: the tasty Place Jourdan (and its famous chips for purchasing outside and enjoying, accompanied by a beer, in one of the brasseries on the square), the very serious Place Schuman named after one of the “Fathers of Europe“ bordered by Berlaymont, the cross-shaped building that has long been a symbol of Europe in Brussels, and, finally, Place du Luxembourg or Place Léopold after the first King of the Belgians, a square you just can't miss because of the surrealist

architectural perspective provided by the little Léopold railway station and the European Parliament nicknamed “Caprice des Dieux“ (whim of the Gods). A very pleasant area, what's more, for sipping one or other of those very “Bruxellois“ specialities! You'll be spoilt for choice. © JP Remy - OPT

King Léopold II, the grand town houses try to outdo each other in colonnades.

EUROPEAN DISTRICT - CINQUANTENAIRE age zoom Herit Le Musée A Wiertz • 62 rue Vautier • Tel: +32(0)2 648 17 18 or The striking studio of the Belgian Romantic painter (XIXth century) who claimed to be a synthesis of Raphael, Michael Angelo and RubensAnge et Rubens! Parlement européen • 43 rue Wiertz •

n staying “Designs“ ohis district? in t Le Monty Small design • 100 boulevard Brand Whitlock • Tel: +32(0)2 734 56 36 or

fashion Bord de seine • 236 rue de Linthout Du Vent dans les Voiles • 31 rue B. Braffort

sels’ 100% Brus my gastrono Les Délices de Capoue • 36 avenue des Celtes Le Pain quotidien • 71-73 rue des Tongres

Free style • 508 avenue Georges Henri Fun and colourful street-wear at its best, in this shop entirely dedicated to the art of rollerblading, snowboarding and skating.

ior decor 100% inter Loft • 214 rue de Linthout A stylish but affordable specialist stocking everything for dressing up your windows: accessories, lamps, frames, vases and of course curtains and blinds. New H • 230 rue de Linthout DAll kinds of decorative objects for all kinds of gifts, for the kitchen to the garden! © Alain Gilles - Play on light

Musée du Cinquantenaire: Musées royaux d’Art et d’Histoire • 10 Parc du Cinquantenaire • Tel: +32(0)2 741 72 11 or This is divided into four big departments: national archaeology, antiquity, non-European civilisations and decorative arts. Musée royal de l’Armée et d’Histoire Militaire • 3 Parc du Cinquantenaire • Tel: +32(0)2 737 78 11 or This museum brings together around one hundred thousand pieces, making it one of the biggest military museums in the world. Autoworld • 11 Parc du Cinquantenaire • Tel: +32(0)2 736 41 65 or Relive the great story of the motor car, from 1886 to the seventies, from the model T Ford to the 2CV. Art Nouveau: Maison Cauchie • 5 rue des Francs • Tél: +32(0)2 673 15 06 The architect Cauchie designed his own Art Nouveau house in 1905. You can't help but admire his great mastery in the stunning sgraffitti decorating the façade, a technique entirely rediscovered by Art Nouveau. Open on the first weekend of the month from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. Le Muséum des Sciences naturelles • 29 rue Vautier • Tel: +32(0)2 627 42 38 or This is a seminal, interactive and fun meeting-place for anyone who loves iguanodons, fossils, insects, shells and more. A must, particularly if you come with the family!

100% cool

Tell us… …Fabienne Delvigne création It was in April 1987 that Fabienne Delvigne launched “Fabienne Delvigne Créations“, a collection of hats and accessories. In 1990 she began working closely together with couture houses such as Armani and Yves St-Laurent. In 1995 she worked, among others, for the Royal Courts of Belgium and Sweden, and in 2001 became Official Purveyor to the Court of Belgium. So her name is increasingly heard among those in high places. But her collections are aimed at women who want to find the hat of their dreams, awakening the sleeping beauty in them, for a special occasion or simply for everyday life. Why the Cinquantenaire district? It's a part of town where we live. It's elegant, green and leafy, while at the same time being very accessible. I'm very close to the Palais Stoclet and the Cinquantenaire, both architectural gems.

© Bernard Bertrand

What do you like about Brussels? That everyday diversity created by the meeting of European cultures which gives designers such cosmopolitan inspiration, a sense of humour and of the ridiculous! Which are your favourite places for having a drink or eating out? L'Orangerie in the daytime, in Parc d'Egmont just behind Boulevard de Waterloo because of its large, south-facing outside tables. For early evening, near the Cinquantenaire, the Fin de Siècle restaurant because of its cosy feel. And the brand new hip and chic place in Brussels, le Callens Café on Avenue Louise.


© Etienne Tordoir

GUIDED TOURS ON THE THEME OF FASHION Le Bus bavard • Tel: +32(0)2 782 12 06 • “Weaving a tale, everything about fashion in our region“ In days gone by, tapestries, lace and cloth wove the fabric of a fine reputation for our region. Following on from this tradition, over the last 20 years, Brussels has established itself, alongside Antwerp, as a centre for Belgian fashion. How was this revival orchestrated? Who is involved? From schools of fashion to design studios, chic boutiques to original fashion shows, all will be revealed about the ins and outs of this fascinating world. From the basics to the accessory, a “very trendy“ trail! Open to individuals and groups, it provides an opportunity to visit a designer studio and one of the “designer“ rooms of the Royal Windsor hotel. In French, Dutch and English. Provélo • Tel: +32(0)2 502 73 55 • www.prové This organisation offers half day bicycle tours of the fashionable districts, including visits to studios, in French and Dutch. For individuals and groups. Itinéraires • Tel: +32(0)2 534 30 00 • This offers fashion tours for individuals on specific dates: “Suits in pieces“. (FR/NL/GB/D/ESP/IT) Culturama • Tel: +32(0)2 569 27 74 • This organisation gives guided tours on the themes of fashion and design in the trendy and historic districts of Brussels in Dutch, French, English, Spanish, Portugese, Chinese and Arabic. For groups. Polymnia • Tel: +32(0)2 269 82 92 • Offers Fashion tours in French, Dutch, English, German and Spanish. For groups.

GBB • Tel: +32(0)2 548 04 48 • Association of guides of Brussels and Belgium. Set off to discover Brussels fashion designers and stylists! A fascinating tour through the historic heart of Brussels, amid lace and silk, a playful incursion into the world of materials and colours, between history and avant-gardism. Guided visits on the theme of fashion. For groups. VTB-VAB • Tel: +32(0)3 224 10 52 • “Brussels dresses up“ Brussels is increasingly positioning itself as a fashionable city. Not only is there an impressive number of designers and stylists, but also accessory makers: hats, jewellery, spectacles, leather goods, “trends”, and “luxury” are everywhere! Go windowshopping along rue Dansaert and rue Lepage, and in the Galeries Royales Saint Hubert. Visits of the trendy districts of Brussels: Dansaert, Galerie St Hubert, Boulevard de Waterloo and Avenue Louise (in Dutch, French, English and German). For groups. Korei • Tel: +32(0)2 380 22 09 • Dressing from head to toe to suit the moment or your mood, play with colours… what fun! Ephemeral figures and industrial techniques, changing trends over time, immerse yourself in the Brussels wardrobe, which is a reflection of the world and the seasons. Korei dresses the city, with bows and ribbons, a pompom in the museum, a catwalk in the street. Tours on the theme of fashion with visits of designer workshops, boutiques and museums (in Dutch, French, and English). For individuals and groups.

FASHION and design 2006:

cool events for every season For many years now, Brussels has been setting the pace in terms of fashion and design. You only have to stop for a moment and consider the impressive series of city districts where designers are flourishing in cheerful, creative hives of activity to realise how deeply this idea is rooted in the foundations of Brussels life. And so it was a natural progression to officially declare 2006 the “Year of Fashion and Design“, with the aim of further highlighting the seminal nature of this rich source of creativity in the field of fashion and design and its influence well beyond our borders. The Year of Fashion and Design will gather together everyone working in the sector in one great surge of enthusiastic momentum. The aim of this initiative is to be accessible to as many people as possible and it will take the form of a series of events aimed as much at the general public as at the real aficionados. It will embrace well-known and emerging fashion and other designers, long-standing and brand new fashion houses. Starting from the month of May a series of activities and events will be taking place. These will include:


• Fashion designers trail: the route of modo Bruxellae combines around fifty places exhibiting the work of fashion designers; this route which normally encompasses the Dansaert district will be extended this year to other shopping areas. • Designers' Weekend: from 8 to 10 September (to be confirmed), the capital will be buzzing! Opening of designer shops, exhibitions for young designers, festivals and trails to tell you everything there is to know about trendy Brussels. • Visits to production sites emphasising expertise from Brussels. • A key event on the Grand Place (to be confirmed) • Installation of a Maison de la Mode on the Grand Place, which will house a series of meetings, debates and conferences. • Creation of a Year of Fashion garment produced in individual versions by each designer and put on sale in each shop. • Holding of several fashion shows and events on unusual heritage sites in Brussels, during June and September. • Involvement of the leading schools of fashion design in Brussels, such as La Cambre, la Haute Ecole Francisco Ferrer, l'institut SaintLuc, l'atelier Lannaux.

• Nomination of the Belgian singer Axelle Red as Year of Fashion ambassador to add a personal touch to the image of Brussels fashion. • Urban exhibition portraying the world of inspiration and designs of fashion designers.

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THE INDISPENSABLE GUIDES AND BROCHURES “GUIDE & MAP“ • Available from tourist information offices All of Brussels on 100 pages The best information about Brussels “THE BRUSSELS CARD“ • The Brussels Card is available from tourist information offices, all participating museums, some hotels and the six public transport agencies of Brussels. Explore Brussels with the Brussels Card! As well as free use of public transport (STIB), the Brussels Card also gives you admission to most of Brussels' big museums. The Brussels Card is valid for 72 hours and includes a ticket for public transport and an illustrated guide. What's more, you'll also receive 25% discounts for a number of tourist attractions, cultural institutions, shops, restaurants and bars. Nine of Brussels' designer fashion shops situated in the Dansaert district will give you a 5% discount on their collections. “GOURMET GUIDE“ • Available from tourist information offices The Gourmet guide invites you to dicover 200 of the best adresses listed by district, with details of opening hours and specialties.Very clear and concise with a multilingual glossary of the unmissable Belgian dishes. “HOTEL GUIDE“ • Available from tourist information offices Complete listing of 170 hotels in Bruxelles and its outskirts, listed by category and area, with all the partical information for a smoother stay in the capital. Free of charge and in practical pocket format it also contains special weekend promotions. MAP OF DOWN TOWN BRUSSELS • “Fashion, food, art, beauty, lifestyle in the Quartier Dansaert“: a map of the district and its the best addresses. 1€ from all the local shops.

N INFORMATIO PRACTICAL BELGIUM Brussels International • Town Hall - Grote Markt/Grand-Place - 1000 Brussels • Tel: +32 (0)2 513 89 40 • Fax: +32 (0)2 513 83 20 • E: • Tourist Information • Tel: +32 (0)2 504 03 90 • Fax: +32 (0)2 513 04 75 • E.: • Attractions et Tourisme ASBL • Tel: +32 (0)84 37 77 32 • Fax: +32 (0)84 37 77 12 • E.: • Spain Oficina de Promocion de Turismo Valonia-Bruselas • Barcelona • Tel: +34 (0)93 272 26 01 • E.: • UK Belgian Tourist Office -Brussels & Wallonia • 217 Marsh Wall - London E14 9FJ • Tel: +44 (0)20 7531 0390 • Fax: +44 (0)20 7531 0393 • E.: •

Italy Ufficio Belga per il Turismo • Milano • Tel: +39 02 86 05 66 • Fax: +39 02 87 63 96 • E.: • Poland Urzad Promocji Turystyki WaloniaBruksela • Warsow • Tel: +48 (0)22 583 70 06 ou 01 • E.: USA Belgian Tourist Office • New-York • Tel: +1(0)212/758.8130 • Fax: +1(0)212/355.7675 • E.: • JAPAN Belgian Tourist Office • Tel: +81 (0)3 32 37 71 01 • Fax: +81 (0)3 32 37 84 00 • • Modo Bruxellae • Rue Léon Lepage 38 - 1000 Bruxelles • Tel: +32 (0)2 502 52 64 • E: • Designed in Brussels • E: •

© Etienne Tordoir © Dirk Meylaerts - “Suprastructure“ © 2005-2006 - Olivier Brouwers / Droits: SOFAM Belgique


We would like to thank Véronique heene of Modo Bruxellae, and Olivier Gilson of Designed in Brussels for their invaluable assistance.

© Sylvain Willenz - Brackets

• Note Every possible care has been taken in gathering the relevant information for this brochure and in its editing. However, we cannot be held liable for any changes that could subsequently arise, and therefore recommend that you check the details provided are still valid before any travel.

This brochure was produced as part of the Brussels year of “Fashion and Design 2006“ in cooperation with the OPT and Brussels International Tourism. • Editor in charge: Viviane Jacobs • Editing: Annick Muyldermans (BITC) • Coordination: Anne Reynens (OPT) • Cover’s photo:

Brussels, the Fashionable Districts  

Particularly friendly, Brussels attracts tourists and delights its inhabitants, and has always been and will always be a multicultural city....