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Careers in Computer Science Engineering | Study Computer Science in US

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Careers in Computer Science – Why study computer science in USA? Computer Science is one of the most popular and lucrative fields of study among international students is today’s era and is also one of the best-funded and most internationally renowned fields within US academics. Computer science is a stable career field with diverse range of computer or IT



Careers in Computer Science Engineering | Study Computer Science in US

job profiles and good starting pay scales being o ered. Not solely computer science engineering degrees are in massive numbers but it’s across nearly every industry with job opportunities been steadily increasing. Students looking to pursue degrees in computer science holds a near-guarantee of a profitable future employment. Careers in computer science are numerous and their advantages are magnificent. The graduates of computer science programs o en find themselves graduating college with a lucrative and solid job in their discipline already lined up, something which could not be said for a massive number of other disciplines. So, whether it is for the financial benefits or the assurance of employment, computer science is one of the most promising fields of study for international students inside the US. American universities have a good study structure to gain knowledge. There is exceptional prospects for careers in computer science play a key role in drawing students to the field and that is the reason why US universities are enrolling more international students. Computer Science is a trending degree options for universities also as they are high in new innovation, future technology inventions and career revenue market as big companies are mostly involved in information technology projects. Colleges and universities in USA are really dedicated to pass the legacy and training future experts. For more on the Tech Jobs Career Options visit : Computer Science Jobs and Salary in USA ( 

Computer Science Graduate Programs in USA Computer Science Graduate Programs make graduates learn to conduct research, design, innovate and develop solutions to computer hardware and so ware field problems. Computer Science is a broad academic discipline covering both the theoretical and practical aspects of the field. If you are looking for studying in USA and making your career, then Computer science is one of the best majors. Majority of the international students in USA are studying in Computer and Information Technology Field. The Tech Jobs is USA ( is very vast and more open to international job seekers. The computer science career prospects have the ever-increasing number of diverse jobs and so the demand of degree in computer science is also increasing.

Entry Level Computer Science Jobs ( MNCs / Big Companies – USA Skills: Skills : Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in computer or IT engineering or related technical field, B.S, M.S., B.Tech, M.Tech Salary: $55 or more  per hour



Careers in Computer Science Engineering | Study Computer Science in US

Job Description: Work roles will be under diverse nature of a so ware technical nature. Urgent openings for computer graduates for internship with leading companies. Great income and career chance… APPLY (HTTPS://WWW.OPTNATION.COM/RESUMELOGIN)

Undergraduate / Graduate Degree in Computer Science For students just starting with their under graduation or graduation, there are several important considerations to keep in mind when deciding upon a major: available funding, demand for the domain, career opportunities a er graduation and future scope. Most of the international students studying in the United States prefer to pursue an undergraduate or graduate degree in computer science as to explore career opportunities in Compute Science. As computer science graduates, international students will have access to hands-on experience in cutting-edge research in one of the best funded academic and industrial sectors in the United States. International students who want to pursue a degree in computer science should consider these points when deciding where to pursue a computer science major or which institution to choose: 1) The reputation of the institution and job placement rate of graduates, 2) The amount of funding/financial assistance that is available to undergraduate student (and international students will also need to confirm that they are eligible for such financial assistance) 3) The specific specialization of the faculty and department to see what type of ongoing research projects are available at the institution. 4) Location (so as to look forward for job opportunities)

Types of Graduate Degrees in Computer Science There are two types of graduate degrees for candidates seeking Master’s Degree in Computer Science. These are: 1. Master of Engineering (ME), which is o en designed for professionals simultaneously working in the field or looking for a job opportunity while or a er pursuing advanced degrees. It is a one year degree course which includes only course work focused on building skills required for a job on same field and no research work. You can opt for this if you want to progress with the corporate market and not much interested into research work. 2. Master of Science (MS): It’s almost a two year degree course which includes course work including practical and theory but focused on research thesis. This degree is preferred more by international students as it is beneficial for career and also if you are thinking for a PhD.



Careers in Computer Science Engineering | Study Computer Science in US

3. Most international students pursuing graduate degrees in computer science in the United States prefer pursuing MS. Credits System: ME – 18 credits from three computer science sub-disciplines 12 from engineering disciplines MS –  24 credits from four computer science sub-disciplines 6 from outside disciplines or a thesis The typical length of a 30 credit program is a maximum of six years. 4. MS is o ered in many Universities as compared to ME.

Choosing a Specialization in important Students which are looking for a Graduate Degree have to choose from one of the best computer science specializations in their field of study. Due to the rise in computer science careers and job market nearly every, applications for a computer science degree are also increasing. Due to these diverse applications the need for program specialization in certain sub-disciplines within the field of computer science is vital. The range of computer science knowledge and skills is so diverse that if we are going for a graduate programs then the student will be expected to choose a sub-field in which to specialize. Students must take this decision seriously, as it determines which types of computer science career jobs you will be eligible for. Choosing a specialization does not mean that you are formally restricted rather it provides you the scope of preference for that field of job market. Some of the typical categories (sub-disciplines) for a graduate degree in computer science are: Artificial Intelligence Database Systems Numerical Computation Operating Systems Parallel Computing Programming Languages So ware Engineering Computer Graphics Computer Theory Computing Systems Students hoping to use their computer science master’s degree to work in a specific field should choose their specialization accordingly like for example student willing to work in medical field should attend a graduate program that is esteemed or specializes in the relevant sub-fields like bioinformatics. Above are some of the most commonly opted specializations, but there are many more options available for computer science students.



Careers in Computer Science Engineering | Study Computer Science in US

Top Universities for International Students to Study Computer Science in USA The number of highly-deemed computer science colleges or universities provides significant opportunities and benefits for international students trying to create the most of their educational experiences. Most of the best computer science colleges or universities are located in the United States. Not only are degrees from US universities are esteemed by employers all over the globe; students will also have the opportunity to receive the benefits of learning in an advanced sector of one of the world’s most robust economies. These advantages embrace increased funding, high job placement rates, and getting trained under specialized expertise. Top Schools for Computer Science in the US for international students: 1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2. Stanford University 3. University of California—Berkeley 4. Harvard University 5. California Institute of Technology 6. Carnegie Mellon University 7. Cornell University 8. University of Illinois—Urbana-Champaign 9. University of Washington 10. Princeton University 11. University of Texas—Austin 12. Georgia Institute of Technology 13. Florida Institute of Technology

Best US States for Employment in Computer Science or Tech Industry We’ve compiled a list of US states and cities which have more career opportunities for Computer Science or Tech jobs as for international students also. Because job counts are so variable from month to month, even week to week, we created a list in an approximate order so that you get an idea of facts. Here is the list of Some States that has High Employment for Computer Science Jobs: California (Palo Alto, San Jose, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Irvine, Sacramento,) New York (New York City) Texas (Dallas, Houston, Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, Plano) Washington (Redmond, Washington DC, Seattle) Illinois (Chicago) Virginia (Richmond, Arlington, Herndon, Alexandria) Massachusetts (Boston)



Careers in Computer Science Engineering | Study Computer Science in US

Georgia (Atlanta) North Carolina (Charlotte, Raleigh) Michigan (Detroit) New Jersey Florida (Miami, Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville, Melbourne) Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, Pittsburgh) Minnesota (Minneapolis) Colorado (Denver, Boulder) Utah (Salt Lake City (SLC))

Top Computer Science Jobs in USA: Here are some of the best computer science jobs in USA: 1. So ware Developer 2. Database Administrator 3. Computer Hardware Engineer 4. Computer Systems Analyst 5. Computer Network Architect 6. Web Developer 7. Information Security Analyst 8. Computer Programmer 9. Computer and Information Systems Managers 10. So ware Test Engineer 11. So ware Development Manager 12. So ware Architect 13. Programmer Analyst 14. Systems Developer 15. Application Support Analyst 16. Systems Administrator 17. Systems Engineer (IT) 18. Systems Analyst 19. Network Administrator 20. Business Analyst, IT 21. Program Manager, IT 22. Information Technology Specialist For a list of computer science jobs and salary you can visit: Highest Paying Computer Science Jobs and Salary in USA ( Computers and modern technology frenzy started and have a huge build up largely in the United States. Many big hiring techs or multinational companies are in the Information Technology Sector providing a big contribution to an increase in job search or jobs availability. Many big international



Careers in Computer Science Engineering | Study Computer Science in US

firms like Apple, Infosys, Accenture, Amazon and many more are hiring international students every year and building a career chance for computer science graduate. Some of big companies hiring international students in US: ü Google

ü Microso

ü Facebook

ü Apple

ü Amazon

ü Capgemini

ü Intel

ü Wipro LTD



ü Cognizant

ü Infosys

ü Larsen & Toubro


ü Tata Consultancy






Apart from these there are many more firms hiring international workers in USA… Whether you’d like to create all kinds of websites, functional so ware, useful apps, fun video games, perform security to protect the integrity of online information or just explore knowledge in IT field, enroll to an undergraduate or graduate degree in computer science at a college or university, and join the challenging world of technology.

Max Troy (https://www.optnation.c om/blog/author/opt/) Max Troy is the Career Counsellor as well as a passionate Author. Well, he has years of experience in the Career and Jobs industry. As a part of his career at OPTnation (, he helped various OPT and CPT candidates to shape their Career. Through his knowledge and writing skill, he is contributing to the students to find the best Career advice and immigration topics. Do share the information if you like it.



Careers in Computer Science Engineering | Study Computer Science in US













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Careers in Computer Science Engineering | Study Computer Science in US




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Careers in Computer Science Engineering | Study Computer Science in US

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Careers in Computer Science Engineering | Study Computer Science in US

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