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The mission of Options Clinic is to help create healthier lives and families by providing and advocating for sexual health and education.

US DHHS, OPA, OFP, Title X Family Planning Program, Affiliate of Gundersen Health System, A Great Rivers United Way Partner Agency Options Clinic is a private nonprofit 501(c)(3) that provides reproductive health care services and education.


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We believe that... When women have their annual exams, breast and cervical cancer can be detected in the early stages when it is more curable and survivable. When women and men have access to birth control, they have a better chance of achieving education, career, and economic goals therefore providing a healthier, more resourceful environment for their children when they are ready to make them a priority. When adolescents are given medically accurate sexuality education, including abstinence, they are more likely to delay the onset of sexual intercourse and more likely to use contraception and condoms when engaging in sexual behavior. All individuals should have the personal freedom to choose the timing, number, and spacing of their children. All services are provided in harmony with the personal beliefs of each client.

A MESSAGE FROM THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Right this moment, Options Clinic is positively impacting lives. We are helping save lives through contraception and health screenings. We are promoting human flourishing. We are advocating for the common good of our communities. And we owe it all to you. Because of your support in 2012, we have been able to provide: 

annual health exams

breast and cervical cancer screenings

a full range of FDA approved birth control methods

sexually transmitted disease testing and treatment

pregnancy testing and counseling

emergency contraception

comprehensive, abstinence-based community education programs

and much, much more!

Amid the great accomplishments of 2012, we look forward to accomplishing our meaningful goals of 2013. I invite you to help us continue to impact lives throughout the Coulee Region. Help us spread the word – Options Clinic is YOUR local family planning clinic making a difference! We depend on – and are grateful for – your support as we work together to help create healthier lives and families. Sincerely,

Beth A. Hartung


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A MESSAGE FROM THE BOARD PRESIDENT Options Clinic grew in all directions this past year. We grew outward by planning a clinic in Vernon County and expanding our hours in Sparta. We grew inward by several internal reorganizations focused on cross-training and efficiencies. A new electronic health record system was deployed and we took this technology to our four clinics. We also grew laterally by strengthening our connections with clients, clinics with similar missions, local and state government, and the communities in the five counties we serve (La Crosse, Monroe, Crawford, Richland, and Vernon). Our board also grew and we added the talents of several board members as we work to grow the community’s understanding of the mission and work of the clinic. As an organization, we continued to secure grants and increased our support from donors. Perhaps most importantly, as a board, we joined with the staff of Options Clinic to more fully promote good health through a series of varied and exciting events associated with National Women’s Health Week (in May) and National Men’s Health Week (in June). Although there were many changes this past year, there were no changes to the extent to which we embrace and promote the importance of accessible, high quality health care. We remain committed to the over 6,000 clients we care for annually with clinic services and 7,000+ others we reach with community education programs. Join me in thanking the great staff and board of Options Clinic in growing in important and sustainable ways! Sincerely,

Betsy L. Morgan

GOALS MET Options Clinic surpassed our 2012 fundraising goal of $38,000. This is essential to continue providing programs and services to those in our communities who need access to caring, confidential reproductive health services. The clinic experienced staffing changes and hired another full-time community educator; both have helped meet the growing demand for Options Clinic’s services and sexual education programs.

NEW TECHNOLOGY 2012 brought about significant change through the successful launch of the Enterprise Practice Management and Electronic Health Record systems (EPM and EHR). In doing so, we are now better able to meet our growing medical billing needs, and the new systems allow for improved scheduling of clients and a seamless and efficient workflow of medical documentation. One year later our clients hardly notice a new system is in place and continue to receive the same excellent confidential care. Our staff is comfortable and confident using both systems; we have developed significant cost saving efficiencies as we do our day-to-day work. Congratulations to all! Erica Neumeister RN-C, MSN, WHNP


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Angie Boettcher Medical Records & Billing Manager

IMPACT ON THE COMMUNITY: GERIANNE’S STORY My first daughter was born when I was seventeen. I was a mommy to a beautiful baby girl. Afraid. Happy. Nervous. Overwhelmed. I was suddenly a grownup with grownup responsibilities and still feeling very much a young girl. Looking back, I am not sure how I did it. I relied heavily on the help of others. It wasn’t easy, yet I was able to manage and raise my child while I finished growing up. I cannot nor do I want to change how my life unfolded; however, I recognize that my life would have been a lot easier if I had grown up prior to entering parenthood. Reflecting back, I recognize the important role a family planning clinic could have played in my life at fifteen or sixteen and therefore, I want to support the one in my own backyard – Options Clinic. That experience did not solely define me. I went on to become a mother of two more children, one biological and one adopted. I am now a grandmother of two as well. I am also a daughter, a sister, a wife, a friend and an educator. My entire life story has opened my mind to the importance of age appropriate, comprehensive sexual health education for our youth in our community. Options Clinic does this. My entire life story has opened my mind to the importance of offering women and men access to affordable and safe birth control. Options Clinic does this. My entire life story has opened my mind to the importance of providing women and men annual reproductive health exams, including cancer and sexually transmitted disease screening and testing. Options Clinic does this. My entire life story has also opened my mind to the importance of being an advocate for women’s health. Options Clinic does this. I support Options Clinic because I believe that what they do for our community matters. The care they provide creates healthier lives for women and men and healthier lives for families and communities. The care they provide impacts all of us even if we never step foot in one of the clinics. Sincerely,

Gerianne Wettstein

CLIENT CARE Since the introduction of the pap smear over 70 years ago, cervical cancer prevention and early detection has become a success story in cancer control. Cervical cancer was the most common cancer diagnosed in women in the 1950's, and since then, cervical cancer related deaths have been reduced by nearly 75%. Pap smears look for pre-cancers or cell changes on the cervix that might become cervical cancer if they are not treated appropriately. The focus of this screening is early detection and treatment of precancerous lesions to prevent the development of cervical cancer. Early detection is the first step in stopping cervical cancer. Having a pap smear for the first time can be an uplifting experience for most women when they understand what exactly it is all about. Once women reach 20, it is encouraged they start receiving a pap smear and do so once every three years if results are normal. A significant number of our clients receive their first pap smear at one of our clinics. As an essential resource for health care, Options Clinic provided 1,439 pap smears to women in 2012. Erica Neumeister RN-C, MSN, WHNP


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Options Clinic staff remain committed to delivering high quality, affordable, confidential care. When a client chooses Options Clinic, she/he can count on so much more. We are the experts in reproductive care. It is what we do, and it is all we do. We offer our clients a comprehensive selection of birth control options. Clients work with their nurse practitioner to determine what birth control option is appropriate for them. Each client is encouraged to think about their reproductive life plan. For how long does the client want to prevent pregnancy? Are there any health conditions affecting the client that make some birth control methods better options than others? Does the client have access to the clinic to obtain her refills or injections when needed? I have worked as a women’s health nurse practitioner for Options Clinic for the past nine years. In that time, our clinics ability to offer LARCs (long acting reversible contraception) has grown. LARCs offer a 99 % effectiveness in preventing pregnancy. Our providers have been trained in offering the intrauterine device (IUD). The IUD offers a one time placement with a follow up visit and either three, five or ten years of protection, depending on the type of IUD chosen. Nexplanon, an implantable progestin only rod that is placed in the arm offers three years of protection.. With so many great options available for birth control our clients are able to make the best decision that works for their individual reproductive life plan. Your donations to Options Clinic help us to continue offering services to many individuals in our five county service area: Crawford, La Crosse, Monroe, Richland and Vernon. Your support makes a difference. Nancy Kindschy RN-C, WHNP

“We are the experts in reproductive care.” Nancy Kindschy


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IMPACT ON THE COMMUNITY: RACHEL’S* STORY “Options Clinic truly helped me take control of my reproductive health.” Rachel* “When I entered college in 2008, I went to the Student Health Center for my annual exams and birth control. It was hard to afford paying just over $20 a month on birth control pills; my family did not have very good insurance and I had to pay for my education and all expenses out of pocket. Looking back, I feel like I wasn’t really given a choice between what kind of birth control I wanted; it seemed like the pill was the only option. In 2012 I decided to switch my services to Options Clinic after a friend said she always received excellent care and was treated non-judgmentally there. When I arrived at my first appointment for an annual exam, the nurse practitioner discussed all kinds of birth control options that no one had told me about before—I didn’t even know what the vaginal ring was at that time! After further discussion, an appointment was made for an IUD consultation. What was really cool was that the nurse practitioner even discussed the shape of my cervix, which explained why I had bad cramping during my period. I chose to get an IUD because of the effectiveness. I liked that the chance of getting pregnant was the lowest, it was long-term, and there is basically no room for user error. Taking a pill everyday as a student with a hectic lifestyle was hard. I was not ready for children, and know I won’t be for a while. The clinic even found a way to help me afford the procedure by enrolling me in the Family Planning Waiver. Options Clinic truly helped me take control of my reproductive health and has allowed me to continue striving to accomplish my goals and dreams and graduate from UW-La Crosse this December. It is great that Options Clinic can provide affordable services and resources to college students like me when we are at a financially unstable time in our lives. I know now that because of the care I received from Options Clinic I am empowered and know more about my body than I did before. I hope they are around for students like me for a very long time.” Rachel* is a 22 year old full-time student at UW-La Crosse.

*name has been changed to protect client confidentiality


In 2012, Options Clinic provided a weeklong series of events and services to commemorate National Women’s Health Week. This was the 4th year that Options Clinic has done so for the La Crosse community. A goal of National Women’s Health Week is to encourage community partnerships while promoting health. One of the businesses Options Clinic partnered with was Root Down Yoga studio. Together we were able to offer a free session of yoga on the street outside of the La Crosse clinic. The event had just over 100 participants, including community members, students from Root Down Yoga and supporters of Options Clinic. MOKA , a local coffee shop, also provided iced tea and bars as a refreshing treat. The event was enjoyed by all and was a great opportunity to promote women’s health and share Options Clinic’s story.

“The word Yoga means union. The practice of yoga cultivates union on so many levels. Yoga can help an individual reunite with their true nature by finding a deeper connection with themselves-mentally and physically. Union, community and connection is at the forefront of what Root Down Yoga is about. Our studio is a gathering place for people to connect, learn and grow together. Partnering with other organizations within the La Crosse community is a priority for us. We believe that by working together, supporting each other, and being for each other we are much stronger than when we stand alone. We were honored to offer Yoga in the Street as part Women’s Health Week.” Mandy Roush

Owner/Instructor Root Down Yoga


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Options Clinic was also able to offer free mammograms during National Women’s Health Week. A grant from the La Crosse Community Foundation paid for the mobile mammogram coach from Gundersen Health System to provide them outside of our La Crosse clinic. Through this partnership, Options Clinic was able to provide 7 women with mammograms in 2012.

“ We believe that by working together... we are much stronger than when we stand alone.” Mandy Roush

COMMUNITY EDUCATION: CONNECTING THE DOTS Options Clinic’s community education program connects the dots between the sexuality curricula and reproductive health care given at our clinics. Thousands of youth in our area receive abstinence-based, age appropriate, comprehensive sex education from our community educators each semester. Having age appropriate and engaging materials for the support of our educational sessions in the middle and high school setting is essential to promote learning. Last year, Options Clinic received grant funding to support the development of our own educational videos. We hired eight students to work with a local producer to create two videos on contraception. The students created and performed the content by using the power of performance theatre to educate; feedback from educators, community members and students has been positive. Our goal is that these videos will create a lasting impression on area youth by helping them identify common myths about pregnancy prevention, learn how each contraceptive method works and understand the importance it plays in preventing sexually transmitted diseases. Karolee Behringer

Options Clinic Community Education Manager


Options Clinic |

“I participated in the Options Clinic educational video last summer because I believe sexual health is an important subject to understand. The process was an amazing experience; fantastic material, tons of creativity, and an awesome team. I took away a heightened appreciation for education, especially for young people. Overall, it was a great collaboration!” Maia Noll

College Student

“Options Clinic’s community education is an essential part of our health curriculum in the La Crosse School District ...” April Young In 2012, Options Clinic’s two community educators had 7,650 participants from the surrounding areas involved in their educational presentations. “I started teaching health education in the La Crosse School District in 1993 at Lincoln Middle School. During that time I have had the privilege of having Options Clinic come into my classroom—both middle and high school—to teach a number of lessons, including puberty, contraception, and sexually transmitted diseases. Options Clinic’s community educators that come into the classroom bring in a wealth of knowledge and materials. Their lessons are always age appropriate and informative; having an expert come into the schools helps the students with difficult topics. The students learn about Options Clinic and what resources are available for the community. Options Clinic’s community education is an essential part of our health curriculum in the La Crosse School District each year. “ April Young

La Crosse School District Health Teacher

2012 FINANCES 2012 proved to be an exciting and busy fiscal year at Options Clinic. We received additional Title X funding, which enabled us to purchase the Enterprise Practice Management and Electronic Health Record systems. We were able to do needed renovations at our satellite clinics in Richland Center and Prairie du Chien. Programs and services continued to be the largest expense at 82%, with less than 1% of the budget being spent on fundraising efforts. Donation and grant dollars continued to increase in 2012. National Women’s Health Week and Men’s Health Week were both successes as special fundraising events. We ended the year with an increase in net assets of $115,406. The financial results are derived from the agency's 2012 audit, which contains an unmodified opinion. Judy Schultz Fiscal Manager



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UNRESTRICTED REVENUE AND SUPPORT Family Planning Project (Title X) Early Intervention (EI) Patient fees and insurance, net Medical Assistance (Title XIX), net Education United Way In-kind contributions Donations and Fundraising Grants and other income Interest Net assets released from restrictions TOTAL REVENUE AND SUPPORT EXPENDITURES Program services-Health Care Family Planning Project (Title X) Early Intervention Total Program Services Management and general Fundraising TOTAL EXPENDITURES CHANGE IN NET ASSETS



656,768 126,251 1,078,468 750 66,966 69,693 50,183 152,368 880 2,025 $2,204,352

9,510 -

656,768 126,251 1,078,468 750 66,966 69,693 59,693 152,368 880 -2,025 $7,485 $2,211,837

1,728,900 1,728,900 358,625 8,906 $2,096,431

- 1,728,900 - 1,728,900 358,625 8,906 - $2,096,431












Board of Directors Board President

Jan Bruder

Betsy Morgan

Community Educator Brighter Tomorrows

Professor of Psychology University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

Kari Christenson Vice President Lisa Wied Administrative Director Gundersen Health System

Campus Renewal Project Gundersen Health System

Karrie Jackelen Government Liaison Representative Ron Kind

Secretary Casey Tobin Professor of Psychology University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

Deb Simon OB/GYN Physician Gundersen Health System

Treasurer Kari Houser Director, Construction and Project Management Gundersen Health System

Peder Arneson Attorney Johns, Flaherty, & Collins, SC

Bill Kult Owner SoundFrame Studio

Tony Yang District Hmong Coordinator La Crosse School District

Pictured: Tony Yang, Karrie Jackelen, Casey Tobin, Betsy Morgan, Deb Simon, Peder Arneson, Bill Kult, Kari Houser Absent: Kari Christenson, Jan Bruder, Lisa Wied


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Development Committee Kadie Brueggen | Couleecap Karrie Jackelen | Representative Ron Kind Bill Kult | SoundFrame Studios Nancy Medinger | Crescent Printing Company Casey Tobin | UW– La Crosse Margie Webster | Gundersen Health System

Information and Education Committee Maya Agata | College Student Nicholas Behringer | College Student Jean Colburn | Parent Bret Emmel | Retired Teacher Maria Holley | Community Member Michele Pettit | UW-La Crosse Nick Skoug | High School Student Deb Simon | Gundersen Health System Anna Welch | High School Student

Finance Committee Howard Barlow | Community Member Beth Hartung | Options Clinic Kari Houser | Gundersen Health System Judy Schultz | Options Clinic Lisa Wied | Gundersen Health System

Non-Profit Org Us Postage PAID

1201 Caledonia St La Crosse, WI 54603

La Crosse, WI Permit No. 146

THE FUTURE The work is not over, and 2013 has already been an eventful and exciting year at Options Clinic. 

We surpassed all of our goals set for National Women's Health Week in every way!

We created efficiencies in how we schedule appointments which has allowed us to expand hours and services to better meet the needs of the communities we serve.

Our community education program has already reached 75% of their goal for contacts in 2013.

Our new clinic in Viroqua will open on Thursday, September 5. Private donations and grants have brought in over $21,000. Contact us if you would like to contribute!

Follow our progress and stay up-to-date on what we are doing by liking us on Facebook and following us on YouTube and Pinterest!


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2012 annual report