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Learning Team Assignment: Personality Theories Matrix and Paper/Powerpoint

· Complete the Personality Theories Matrix for your Specific Team’s Theory, using the text, the University Library, the Internet, and other resources. · Prepare a 1500 to 2000-word analysis of the strengths and limitations of the theories listed in explaining individuals’ behavior. A team may also choose to complete a Power point presentation of the analysis which should be at least 20-25 slides. The slides should also contain narrative points not just bulleted points or lists. This is due to there not being an oral presentation in which you explain the points and give a narrative. ·

Address the following in your analysis:


Describe how the theories affect individual personalities.


Explain how the theories influence interpersonal relationships.

Attach your matrix to your analysis when you submit it to your facilitator.

The Team theory assignment is listed below: 1.

Team A: Learning Theories


Team B: Psychodynamic Theories


Team C: Humanistic and Existential Theories


Team D:Dispositional Theories

Please use at least 3 references.

Psy 405 week 5 learning team assignment personality theories matrix and paper  
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