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BULLYING Behaviour Bully Safe Game Educational card game that teaches a systems approach to reducing bullying This game emphasises that all students in the school community have the ability to support bullying or to discourage it. Players read ‘situation cards’ that describe typical bullying behaviour, then offer advice to the target, the bystanders or the bully (on how the bully can achieve goals using pro-social skills instead of bullying). Players earn tokens for their good advice. In order to facilitate learning and help the players give good advice, the game includes a list of non-violent skills that the bully’s target and bystanders can use to reduce and stop bullying. Players also learn when it is appropriate to seek help from a trusted adult. Age 10-13 2-5 players Ref 7-10613-217

£16.95 +VAT

Anti-Bullying Q&A Climber Cards 75 anti-bullying themed questions They are ideal for group or whole class discussions and cover a range of current issues, including bystanding, cyber-bullying, dilemmas, gangs, police, punishment, strategies and more. Questions include: • How would you define ‘bullying’? • Is it ever the victim’s fault that they are bullied? • How does revenge feature in bullying? • Can bullying ever be excused? • How can you support a victim of bullying? • Have you ever been a bully? • Have you ever been bullied? Age 9-16

75 question cards, guidance notes Ref 416-10151-217

£14.75 +VAT

Don’t Pick on Me Game Excellent game to help children deal with bullying and teasing Play begins by assigning each child an area of the board, either the classroom, school bus, canteen or hallway. Players must then deal with the bullies and protect the victims in their area of the school by answering true/false questions, such as:


• Bullies are always boys • Many bullies feel sad a lot of the time • Teasing people can be just as hurtful as hitting them • Bullying by e-mail is becoming a serious problem There are two levels of play, for younger and older children, and a bullying quiz to assess how much children have learnt. Age 6-11 2-4 players

Ref 45-6748-217

£44.95 +VAT

End Silence: Stop the Bullying DVD Resource Pack

In the Face of Bullying & Taunting DVD Resource Pack

Shows young people that if they join together and stop the silence, they are not powerless in the face of bullying Using dramatised bullying situations, this resource is full of useful advice and strategies to help prevent and stop bullying, which includes the use of an anonymous reporting system.

A useful DVD resource to help teens turn helplessness into empowerment This comprehensive resource aims to help young people understand bullying. They learn to identify harassment and recognise their own role in the bully/target/ bystander cycle. The material focuses on: • Identifying the many faces of harassment • Understanding the roles of bully, target and bystander • Employing strategies for dealing with harassment • Developing relationships that are supportive and meaningful. Also included is a 37-page teacher's guide with photocopiable handouts which are printable from the DVD.

The programme includes 22 bully-related discussion questions, five suggested activities and six handouts which are printable from the DVD. Covers: • Adults’ reaction to bullying • Anti-bullying techniques • Diversity • Jealousy • Peer exclusion/inclusion • Reasons for ignoring bullying. Age 11-16

Ref 385-9927-217


£97.50 +VAT

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Age 14-17

Ref 385-7744-217

£97.50 +VAT


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BULLYING Behaviour

Bully Reaction Clever Catch Ball Puts students in bully-related situations and helps them FREE discuss the best plan of HAND PUMP action when feeling threatened or vulnerable A great way of opening up dialogue on bullying issues, this colourful ball is ideal for anti-bullying or Circle Time lessons. It contains 50 questions and the teacher's guide provides general ways of dealing with bullies and other useful information on how superiors can deal with bullying situations. Age 9-13 Clever Catch ball; instructions with answers; transparent, adhesive repair patch; free hand pump. Approx size: 50cm

Ref 424-10333-217

£14.95 +VAT

Bullying Clever Catch Ball Bullying and anger management are hot topics in school – this ball will help pupils to open up and talk about these sensitive issues This colourful Clever Catch ball covers a range of bullying issues, FREE including cyber-bullying. All answers and HAND PUMP suggestions for the open-ended conversation topics provided are provided. It features 70 questions, which include: • How can we stop violence at school? • Do you know what cyber-bullying is? • Have you ever been threatened with a weapon at school? What did you do? Age 6-11 Clever Catch ball; instructions with answers; transparent, adhesive repair patch; free hand pump Approx size: 50cm Ref 424-10388-217 £14.95 +VAT


Top 10 Ways to Handle Bullying Poster An eye-catching poster which presents 10 ways to handle bullying in a clear, decisive manner Useful as discussion pointers or just to reinforce and remind. Size: 45 x 61cm All ages

Ref 69-5471-217 £8.50 +VAT


Bullying in Schools DVD 6 methods of bullying intervention By Ken Rigby This new training resource for teachers outlines the pros and cons of six different approaches to bullying: • The traditional disciplinary approach – setting out clear behaviour standards and using punishment to prevent and deter bullies from repeating their behaviour • Restorative practice – encouraging admission of bullying by the perpetrator and stimulating genuine remorse; helping the bully take steps to restore damaged relationships • Strengthening the victim – helping and coaching students to confront a bully assertively; to stand firm and discourage the bullying behaviour through calm and controlled language • Mediation – assisting the bully and the victim in resolving their differences and helping them find a peaceful win-win solution or compromise • The support group method – gaining the co-operation of the perpetrators by revealing to them the distress that has been experienced by the victim at a meeting in which students supportive of the victim are also present • The method of shared concern – empowering the bullies to assist in resolving the bully/victim problem through the use of individual and group meetings with the participants. The DVD comes with a comprehensive booklet with summary information and useful discussion guidelines. All ages

Running time: 45 minutes £74.95 +VAT

Ref 386-10512-217

The Bully, The Bullied and Beyond More than 70 skill-building activities to help bullies, victims and bystanders and create a bully-free environment for all By Esther Williams A comprehensive set of lessons that will help eliminate bullying. Contents include: • Strategies for teachers • 26 lessons for the bullied • 15 lessons for bullies • 19 lessons for bystanders • Electronic bullying • Dealing with sexual harassment • Zero tolerance - does it work? • School bullying survey • Anti-bullying policy • School response to threats • Approaches to share with parents. Age 11-17 300 pages Ref 229-6426-217

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BULLYING Behaviour Ghosts in the Hall DVD: The Aftermath of Bullying

Understanding Girl Bullying Strategies to help heal the divide By Julianne E. Field et al

Focuses on teen bullying and the inevitable unhappiness when parents and their teenage children unfairly label one another

This book covers the causes and characteristics of relational and social aggression, i.e. bullying. It outlines methods of assessment, prevention and intervention. The book addresses questions such as what girl bullying is, why it happens, what it looks like, how to measure it and what teachers can do to help girls with these issues. The book provides: • School-based interventions to help students learn alternative, healthy ways of managing conflict • Sample forms and checklists for documenting and addressing incidents of girl bullying • An original 10-session curriculum for small groups • Information on classroom dynamics, bullying and cyber-bullying. Helping to heal the divide between girls enables them to work through their problems thoughtfully and constructively. Age 13-17 133 pages Ref 138-10632-217


Jim has reached breaking point after being the victim of incessant bullying. His family doesn’t help him cope with his problems and things get progressively worse … The objectives of this DVD are to: • Spotlight causes of alienation among teens • Explore potential reactions to repeated episodes of bullying • Examine what peers can do to prevent bullying • Emphasise the impact of parenting styles on teen behaviour. An accompanying booklet contains instructions, an overview and 10 discussion questions, with three follow-up activities. There is also a section for parents, who, the programme explains, are critical in the prevention of bullying, that contains five discussion questions on the signs of bullying and what they can do to help. Age 11-18

Ref 45-10320-217

£49.95 +VAT

Bullying & Harassment Situation Cards Exceptional activity cards feature real-life bullying and harassment situations which actively educate by encouraging students to debate and discuss solutions By Becky Wright This 60-card set depicts bullying dilemmas familiar to students of all ages. The situations allow students to explore various options and consequences as they learn to resolve bullying and harassment dilemmas without the threat of an actual confrontation; this gives them enough time to ‘think’, which promotes effective learning. Bullying situations include: • Physical • Sexual • Name-calling • In-direct • Being a bystander. Can be used individually or in groups. Age Up to 17

60 cards (140 x 215mm), instructions with various activities, boxed.

Ref 382-9935-217

£19.95 +VAT

Hands On Bullying DVD

Anti Bullying & Good Behaviour Stickers

Will help any school trying to tackle the serious issue of bullying Presented by Jeremy Hands, ITN investigative reporter, and featuring school principal Peter Upton, an acknowledged international authority on bullying. Hard hitting, multicultural and fast moving, this programme is shot entirely on location for maximum visual effect. It deals with bullying on journeys to and from school, at school and after school, what measures can be taken to try and prevent it and action to take if it occurs.

24 different stickers about bullying and behaviour This collection of 12 anti-bullying stickers consists of six different illustrations, all different colours, and three messages: • Friends against bullying • Make friends not bullies • We look after each other. The good behaviour stickers consist of six different illustrations, all different colours, and six different messages:

Essential viewing for teachers, school staff, governors and parents, equally ideal for staff training. With guidance notes for teachers and photocopiable questionnaires for students to complete.

• Caught being good • Lovely manners • I was really helpful • I’m very polite • Brilliant behaviour • I was very kind.

Age 11-16 Age 4-11


240 stickers Ref 58-9897-217

Guide to symbols:


£9.95 +VAT



Ref 70-6591-217


Running time: 25 mins

£44.50 +VAT

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BULLYING Behaviour

P.S. SOS: Anti-Bullying & PSHE Resource Pack Colourful PSHE resource pack that tackles some of the most common bullying issues An exciting range of posters and worksheets which tackle bullying issues such as:

Bullying, Achievement & Anti Swot Culture DVD

• Asking for help

This DVD illustrates the dilemmas of being bullied for achieving This DVD looks at bullying, achievement and the antiswot culture, and focuses on the transition from primary to secondary school.

• Being a bully

The DVD consists of:

• Being a bystander

• A film

• Cyber-bullying

• ‘Chris at 16’, which follows up the film

• Appearance

• Homophobia • Name-calling

• Lesson plans to support the issues raised by the film.

• Peer pressure • Physical bullying. The 10 posters offer students some handy advice and come with an interactive CD Rom containing 20 accompanying worksheets which present problems and leave blank spaces for students to write their own advice, as well as additional blank ‘problem page’ designs for students to be their own agony aunts/uncles, all for digital or reproducible use. INTERACTIVE WHITEBOARD

Age 8-12

Age 11-16 10 A3 laminated posters,

10 photocopiable worksheets, 4 blank worksheets, CD Rom, guidance notes Ref 416-10147-217 £59.99 +VAT

£24.95 +VAT

R Time to Stop Bullying Lessons and activities that make friends not bullies

The Bullying Game Deals with the unique characteristics of every participant in the bullying cycle and focuses on the objectives for each By Berthold Berg This game is effective because it focuses on all three roles in the bullying cycle: the victim, the bully and the bystander. It emphasizes bullies' motivations (e.g. displaced aggression, status-seeking) and victims' coping strategies (e.g. assertion, distraction). Age 8-18 1-6 players

Ref 152-6579-217

Running time 25 minutes

Ref 285-10631-217

By Greg Sampson & Pete Harvey This book is well laid out in year groups from foundation to year 6 with activities for each year. The activities are based around forming good, healthy, happy friendships and relationships in which there are no room for bullies. The activities are supplemented by assemblies that include: • Taming the tongue • Give a hand • What’s in a name • Help all round. The book also contains guidance for an anti-bullying policy and useful addresses for further information on bullying.

£47.50 +VAT

Age Up to 11

Guide to symbols:


“R time is a time for children to get on well together and helps us not to be afraid of school and each other” Aaron and Sophie, age 11, Holbrook Primary School in Coventry

Ref 371-9796-217

Early Years





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BULLYING Behaviour

200+ Activities that Take a Bite out of Bullying More than 200 reproducible activities that address bullying By Phyllis Kaufman Goodstein Based on empirical research, the activities cover: • Areas where most bullying takes place including cyberbullying • What and whom bullies target • Bystander intervention • Bullying facts and myths • Strategies to lessen or end bullying.

Nutter AntiBullying DVD Expertly shows how a mobile phone blog is used to prevent bullying A DVD about standing up against bullies and, as a bystander, doing something about it – being a 'Nutter'! A high-quality production, with a very strong anti-bullying message showing how a mobile phone blog is used to prevent bullying. Accompanying the DVD is a one hour, award-winning play, with police scenes that are transcripts from actual cases. Pupils act out the scenes and the real power of the play is that it sides with the 'Nutter' from the outset. It offers a practical, dynamic way for young people to develop an anti-bullying attitude.

Use these activity sheets to teach a lesson, supplement an existing bullying programme, or reinforce the message after a programme has been completed. Activity sheets can be easily reproduced from the included CD and, where appropriate, there is a choice of colour or black and white. Age 8-13

272 pages Ref 12-10627-217


How to Handle a Bully

Age 11-16 Includes 49-page play

Teach children how to deal with bullying in a safe and non-violent manner

Ref 119-9713-217

By Susanna Palomares & Dianne Schilling Through easy to implement activities, stories, discussions and photocopiable material, victims and bystanders learn the pro-social skills needed to effectively handle bullies, teasers and tough guys. Contents: • What is bully behaviour? • Bullies, victims & bystanders • Why do bullies bully? • Speaking out against bullying - How to avoid a bully • Positive self talk • Creating positive affirmations • Developing confident behaviour • Friendship. Age 7-11

A4 74 pages Ref 2-2370-217

£26.99 +VAT

The Bullying Stops Here Ball Teaches children about bullying and how they can stop it This Bullying Stops Here Ball contains activities such as: • Point out the difference between joking and teasing • Name a safe way to confront a bully • Explain why you should tell an adult about bullying • List two types of bullying • Explain how avoiding situations can keep you safe. The ball comes with instructions. All ages Approx size: 20cm Ref 45-9280-217


£20.95 +VAT

Restorative Practices & Bullying A fresh approach to dealing with bullying, based on restorative justice principles By Margaret Thorsborne & David Vinegrad The authors' strategy for dealing with bullying in schools uses the principles of the restorative justice framework. This approach focuses on the needs of the community affected by bullying behaviour, rather than simply apportioning blame and deciding on punishment. This book is aimed directly at those who have to deal with bullying - in classrooms, corridors, playgrounds, and now on mobile phones and the internet. It provides responses that can bring about repair and healing and, in the long term, make school a safer place. Topics covered include: • Restorative justice and bullying • Restorative responses to bullying incidents • Managing reluctance to face up to bullying • Preventing re-victimisation • Reaching and monitoring agreements. The book includes scripts for use in small and community case conferences, and a list of key questions to ask in interviews with victims and wrongdoers. Age 7-16


Many more resources on our website

Ref 77-9234-217


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BULLYING Behaviour

Bullying Posters 8 posters all about bullying This set of 8 posters based on bullying issues includes: • What is bullying? • Bullying hurts all of us • How to deal with a bully • Are you a bully • Tell adults about bullying. The posters offer sound advice and highlight bullying as a problem with a solution. Age 4-11

Size: 60 x 46cm

Ref 364-9886-217

£87.50 +VAT

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BULLYING Behaviour

How to Stop Bullying 101 strategies to deal with bullying By Andy Hickson This book looks at the issues surrounding bullying, the types of policies and actions that students, parents, schools and communities can adopt, and provides a comprehensive range of strategies to tackle bullying in all those environments.

When Words Harass DVD Resource Pack Discusses how gossip around the school can get out of hand and the consequences and solutions for victim, bystander and harasser With two dramatisations about gossip and rumour spreading among students, viewers see the the pain targets of harassment go through, and learn about what provokes and what ends the situation.

The book includes: • What is bullying?

The programme:

• Taking responsibility for ourselves • Anti-bullying policies • Peer support • Warm-ups for group work • Anti-bullying strategies • Dangers. All ages A4 wirebound book, 250 pages

• • • •

Shows that gossip and rumours are forms of harassment Explains that rumours should be looked at with healthy scepticism Offers effective ways to prevent and deal with gossip Includes a teachers’ guide, suggested activities and reproducible handouts found on the DVD.

Ref 77-10637-217 £35.99 Age 14-17 Running time: 22 mins

Ref 385-9292-217

£97.50 +VAT

What’s a Bully? DVD Resource Pack DVD and activities for recognising and understanding bullying behaviour Many children who pick on or tease classmates, spread rumours or gossip, or send intimidating messages via the internet to their victims, often fail to recognise that they are engaging in bullying behaviour, excusing their actions by saying they are 'having fun' or 'just joking'. Using four scenarios, this programme clearly illustrates the way different activities are bullying and the impact they have on the bully, the bullied and the bystander.Will help children to: • Learn that bullies come in all shapes and sizes, and can be either boys or girls • Understand that not all bullies see their behaviour as bullying • Become aware of the different ways bullying may take place • Examine their own behaviour to discover whether it might be considered bullying • Identify certain kinds of words or actions as bullying • Understand the effects bullying has on others • Decide to ask themselves before they act, 'Would I like it if someone did this to me?' Age 8-10 Pack includes: DVD (running time 16 minutes); 52-page teacher's guide, printable from the DVD, with ten student worksheets. Ref 385-8296-217 £79.95 +VAT

“Kick It” Bullying DVD A short powerful anti-bullying video that is really different and definitely makes its point Kick It- Bullying expertly weaves the corporate responsibility of sports culture into simple messages for tackling bullying in peer groups. The film sympathetically pokes fun and challenges current notions of what constitutes bullying. Covers racism, sexism and what people laughingly refer to as disability. Institutional and the more immediate forms of bullying are also included. A worksheet accompanies the DVD to facilitate follow-up work and curriculum links. Age 7-11


Runniing time: 5 mins Ref 119-6154-217

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£27.95 +VAT

Bully-Buster Bingo A new approach to help both the bullied and the bullies As students play the game, the bully becomes aware that no one thinks much of a person who behaves in this manner and the students being bullied are taught strategies to deal with bullies. Age Up to 14

Ref 12-1627-217

£19.95 +VAT

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BULLYING Behaviour

Bullied Teacher Bullied Student Ways to recognise the bullying culture in your school and what to do about it

Bullying Ups and Downs Game Game to learn about and discuss the many issues surrounding bullying By Susie Davis This imaginative game encourages students to think about bullying, to reveal their different perceptions, and to share experiences and feelings about bullying. Questions include: • Why do students bully? • What does a bully look like? • What is a bystander? • Name 3 different types of bullying • Who would you talk to if you were being bullied? • Have you ever been bullied? • Tell us about an experience you have had • Why do students watch (be a bystander) rather than go and tell someone? • If you were in charge of the school – what advice would you give to teachers about how to deal with bullying? You can use this comprehensive resource to find out what students already think and to open up a group discussion about key issues, including cyber bullying and homophobic bullying. Age 11-16

Ref 77-10491-217

£39.99 +VAT

Animals for Anti-Bullying Badges An effective way of encouraging an anti-bullying attitude, these little badges will motivate and inspire students to prevent bullying. With a number of different animals, the anti-bullying messages are clever quips which link in with the image. Contains many collectible designs. Messages include: • A purr-fect pal, that’s me! (Cat) • Bullying is udderly wrong! (Cow) • Don’t rise to the bait! (Fish) • Cluck up the courage to tell! (Duck) • Hound out those bullies! (Dog). Age 6-14

By Les Parsons Pupils are not the only ones who bully. Parents, teachers and head teachers bully too. Together, they create a bullying culture that strikes at the heart of effective learning and teaching. A bullying culture harms everyone it touches – the targets, pupil bystanders, teachers and parents. This indispensable guide suggests constructive ways to repair and heal a bullying school environment by showing how to: • • • • • •

Recognise a systemic culture of bullying Neutralise the power imbalance that enables bullies Create an environment free of sexual, racial and cultural stereotyping Use co-operative learning to foster respect for differences Empower pupils through positive reinforcement Counteract the ‘blame the victim’ mentality. Age 5-16

95 pages

Ref 412-10617-217 £29.95

Helping Children who have Hardened their Hearts By Margot Sunderland A practical guidebook and beautifully illustrated storybook to help children who: • Bully or take revenge on others • Have become very defensive • Have hardened their hearts because they have been too hurt • Have witnessed parental violence • Have been repeatedly hit, shamed or humiliated • Experience not being responded to • Think they have lost their parents' love to someone else. Bipley feels so hurt he decides it's just too painful to ever love again. Luckily he meets some creatures that teach him how to protect himself without hardening his heart. Age 4-11 A4 Guidebook 64 pages/ Storybook 40 pages

Ref 77-5592-217 £29.50

40 per jar, 25mm pinned badges

Ref 416-10142-217

£14.50 +VAT

Don’t Bully Me DVD Addresses key bullying issues with four lesson plans that examine the reasons for bullying This DVD sets out clear methods by which bullying situations can be defused and provides exercises for students to both reduce the incidence of bullying and have a means of addressing it. The resource covers six different forms of bullying: • Text and email • Verbal • Racial • Physical • Homophobic • Unintended. The DVD contains a 27-page PDF file which includes teacher’s notes, games, four extensive lesson plans, activities, worksheets and additional resources, all of which are printable. This PDF file can also be downloaded from Age 11-16

Running time: 28 mins Ref 156-10436-217

£79.95 +VAT

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BULLYING Behaviour Bully Prevention Bingo An educational game for young people about bully prevention This game highlights the different types of bullying, what a young person should do if they are being bullied and how they can help others who are bullied. By the end of the game each participant will be able to successfully identify: • • • •

Examples of what bullies do Ways of handling a bullying situation Ways to NOT handle a bullying situation Strategies to help someone else who is being bullied.

Contents: 16 laminated Bingocards, 5 x 15 sets of calling cards, facilitator's instruction sheet, Bingo chips, photocopiable handout 'What Makes People Bullies?' Age 10-14

Up to 16 players Ref 13-6905-217

£34.50 +VAT

Anti-Bullying: The Young Person’s Guide Workbook of activities and exercises on anti-bullying This is a set of five identical workbooks which focus on victims and bullies alike. Using a series of characters, the workbook explores a range of situations which may reflect children’s own experiences and encourage them to help themselves and their peers in their own environment. Areas the workbook covers include: • • • •

What is bullying? Why does bullying happen? Beating the bullies Working together to stop bullying.

Ref 423-10307-217

Find out about bullying and harassment as it manifests itself on the internet Real-life young people, who have suffered at the hands of internet bullies, speak openly about their painful experiences, while experts on internet safety offer practical advice to help teens protect themselves and limit the opportunities others have for bullying or harassing them online. The resource includes 21 discussion questions, five suggested activities and four handouts, which are printable from the DVD. Covers:

Endorsed by the NSPCC, this resource now underpins anti-bullying work in schools throughout the UK. Age 7-11 80 pages 5 Workbooks

Bullying, the Internet and You DVD Resource Pack


• Bullying • Harassment • Internet • Anonymity • False security • Role of bystander • Evidence gathering • Reporting bullying. An excellent resource with helpful and effective strategies for avoiding and preventing online bullying. Age 10-14

Ref 385-9926-217

£97.50 +VAT

Stimulus Posters - Bullying Targeting bullying in your classroom Four colourful A2 sized posters with bold, easy to read text containing short, simply phrased questions, statements or advice aimed at students encouraging them to evaluate their behaviour and that of others. All ages

Pack contains: 4 A2-sized posters

Ref 92-3078-217



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Ref 92-4672-217

£37.90 +VAT

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