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Can’t make it to APE 18? LIVE STREAM all of the action on August 3rd and 5th to hear the Drumline and Ensemble Events 2018 WORKSHOP

David Kemp FREE Workshop (Latin Percussion) 11.00am Sunday 5th August

Australian Percussion Eisteddfod - Display


Freer Balter Innovative Grover

Malletech Marimba One Inaki Sebastian And more….

Australian Percussion Eisteddfod 2019



The Kings School North Parramatta, NSW 3

The biggest annual percussion event in Australia is being held this year in Queensland at Saint Stephen’s College, Coomera. The Australian Percussion Eisteddfod (APE) has been a premier event for the percussion community in Australia since 2000. The annual festival of young percussionists is held in three alternating states Queensland, NSW and Victoria .

The 10th national Drumline Competition is being held under the umbrella of the Australian Percussion Eisteddfod on Friday August 3rd August from 2.30pm at Saint Stephen’s College, Each drumline will compete in two disciplines - a test piece performed to display excellence in technique and ensemble, as well as an own choice work performed with a visual marching routine.

The Eisteddfod comprises 28 solos, duet, chamber and large ensemble percussion events for school age percussionists across a range of percussion disciplines, including marimba, xylophone, drumkit, snare drum and timpani solo events as well as events for percussion ensembles large and small. With over 600 participants and over 100 instruments all coming together over the three days, the percussion eisteddfod is one of the largest congregations of the percussion community in Australia.

This year there are two test pieces . Drumlines with more experience can select the Division A piece entitled “Whipsaw” by Justin Preece and Jade Hall. Drumlines selecting to perform in the Division B section will perform “Cobra” by John R Hearnes. This year also sees the introduction of a DrumLine Battle. A DrumLine Battle takes place between two Drum Corps and is a face off performance on either side of a 2 metre neutral zone. The battle is a fun and exciting event which spotlights unique talent and creativity in a high energy, face-to-face competition.

The introduction of a new drumming section in 2015, was the Open Non-tuned "Drumming" Percussion Ensemble. Designed for specialised drumming ensembles including Taiko groups, African or Latin groups and other non-tuned drumming groups this has been a popular edition especially for the Sydney Taiko school and community ensembles.

Optimum Percussion is delighted to be the official registered organization for DrumLine Battle in Australia.

It has been an enormous pleasure to welcome young percussionists at the Eisteddfod and to give them the opportunity to perform, watch, listen and grow.

Australian Percussion Eisteddfod Carolyn Watson - Convenor 4

Final Timetable

Live Streaming

The final timetable is ready - just go to the timetable button on this APP and check out the times for your sections. The timetable is also available on our Optimum Percussion website in the Australian Percussion Eisteddfod section.

This year's Eisteddfod will be Live Streamed on the Friday 3 Aug for the Drumline Competitions as well as on the Sunday 5th Aug for the Percussion Ensemble performances. During the Saturday some of the solo performances will be videoed and shown during the stage managing changes of the Senior Percussion Ensemble event.

Adjudicators Meet some more of our adjudicators - just click on the adjudicator button on this APP to see who is coming to hear all of your wonderful performances. We are delighted to welcome them all to the Eisteddfod and thank them for supporting the event this year. DrumLine Competitions These will take place inside the Multi Purpose Auditorium this year. For more information about the performance specifications for your shows please go to the Drumline button on this APP.

Just click on the Live Stream button on this APP during these times to join in. Photos Photos will be taken during the event and uploaded to the Photo Button on the APP. If you have any you would like to add and have a smart phone just go to the Reception Desk and we will copy them across to the APP for you Results Results will be uploaded on the Results Button of this APP during the competition.


2018 Audience Admission/Ticket Pricing


Entry for non competitors is $5 for an all day pass and are available at the registration desk - siblings under 16 are free.

Drumline Performers Aug 3

Programmes Programmes are available at the registration desk for $4.00


Please come to the registration desk with a photocopy of the score for your Own Choice piece with the name of the drumline should be handed in at this point. Solo performers should also hand in a copy of their music for the adjudicator with their name marked clearly on the top.

Percussionists and Ensemble directors Aug 4 and 5

Photographs and video will be taken during the event. If you would not like your child’s photo to be taken please see us when you register for your sections

Please follow the signs to the registration desk located near Auditoriums for your section(s) and hand in your music - a photocopy of your piece with your name on it for the adjudicator to use. You will need to have the original music with you during the competition.

Performance Times To assist with smooth running of the event, please time all your pieces to ensure you are within the specified time limits. Visit our website or the APE APP to check all time limits for each section ape_eventlistings_2018

Programme and Notes Please email me with any information concerning the name of the piece and the composer for the programme if you have not done so already. This is for the programme. Ensemble directors will be notified in advance of the program order for the ensemble events.


Maps of the school and to the school are included at the end of this document. Saints Stephen’s College 31 Reserve Rd Upper Coomera QLD 4209

Live Stream

Mallets Display

An online livestream will be made of the Drumline and the Ensemble events for family and friends at home on Friday 3 and Sunday 5 If you would not like your ensemble to be part of the live stream please notify us.

We will have discounted mallets on sale for you to purchase at the Eisteddfod. If you are travelling from interstate and would like to see and try something specific just contact us and we will make sure we include it!


2018 Accompanist

Photocopies for Adjudicator

If any of the pieces you plan to perform requires an accompanist please call Optimum Percussion on (02) 9744 1829 to let us know, There is very little time for any rehearsals in the Eisteddfod schedule - approximately 5 minutes per candidate on the Saturday just before the first section commences. Interstate percussionists will be given priority for these spaces.

Don't forget to bring a photocopy of your music for the adjudicator on the day - you should also have with you an original copy of the music. You will also need your own mallets. Please re read the rules and information section of the application to avoid any surprises.

Instruments A very large number of percussion instruments will be available for competitors to perform upon at the Eisteddfod. Most of these instruments are borrowed from other percussionists and schools or provided by Optimum Percussion. Please look after them as if your own when you perform. We are most grateful to schools who welcome us and host the event each year. A list of which models are in each venue will be found on the website during the next week. If you would prefer to play on your own instruments you are most welcome to bring them along.

Workshop We are very lucky this year to have a workshop at 11.00am on Sunday 5th August. This will be held in the GFA and features the fantastic David Kemp

In Two Events? If you have entered in two events that are running simultaneously, we will sort out the performance order to allow enough time for you to perform in both sections. Once you have registered for your event on the day, the room coordinator will not close the event until you have performed. We will even come and find you if we need to. Please communicate your needs by email and / or when you register.

Primary Solos Competitors must play two contrasting solos on two of the following instruments: keyboard percussion, timpani, snare drum. (If you need a vibraphone please let us know). eg: 1 x SD & 1 x Timp OR 1 x Timp & 1 x Percussion Keyboard OR 1 x SD & 1 x Percussion Keyboard. Please call if you have any concerns.

BBQ A BBQ will be available at the school during the weekend for hungry percussionists and their support teams. 7

Multi Purpose Hall (MPA)

Goda Firkins Auditorium (GFA)

Venue # 3



Junior High Solo Keybd 2 mallets

Intermediate High Solo Keybd 2 mallet

Section 4 - 4 mins

Section 10 - 6 mins



Senior Duet / Trio

Junior High Solo Keybd 4 mallets


Section 18 - 6 mins

Section 5 - 6 mins

Intermediate High Solo Keyboard 4 mallet

Primary Duets


Section 11 - 6 mins

Section 2 - 6 mins

Senior High Solo Keybd 2 Mallets


Section 14 - 6 mins

Primary Solo Keyboard 4 mallet


3.00 pm

Section 1a - 5 mins

Junior & Intermediate Duet / Trio

Senior High Solo Keyboard 4 Mallet

Section 9 - 6 mins

Section 15 - 6 mins



Open Non-tuned Drumming

Primary Timpani

Yr 12 and under

Section 8 - 5 mins

Section 24 - 8 mins



Junior / Intermediate Timpani

High School Chamber

Section 8a - 5 mins

Section 23 - 8 mins

5.00pm Snr Timpani (1) Section 17 - 6 mins 8

Multi Purpose Hall (MPA)

Goda Firkins Auditorium (GFA)

Venue # 3




Primary Percussion

Senior High Drumkit

Inter High Snare Solo


Section 19

Section 12 - 6 mins

Section 20 - 8 mins

set work

10.00am Junior High



Percussion Ensemble

Primary Percussion Solos

Senior High Snare Solo

Section 21 - 10 mins

Section 1 - 6 mins

Section 16 - 6 mins




Primary Drumkit Solo

Jnr High Snare Solo

Senior High PE

Section 3 set work

Section 6 - 4 mins

11.00pm Workshop

Section 22 -12 mins

1.30pm Jn High Drumkit Section 7 Set work 9

PHOTOCOPYING The use of photocopied music for performance will not be allowed other than for page-turns. ADJUDICATORS If, due to unforeseen circumstances, an adjudicator is unable to perform his or her duties, we reserve the right to appoint a substitute without notice. MUSIC FOR ADJUDICATOR All competitors must supply a copy or photocopy of their piece for the adjudicator before the commencement of each section. All photocopies will not be returned and will later be destroyed as is in keeping with the rules of copyright set down by AMCOS & APRA. Please remember to collect all originals at the end of your section OWN CHOICE The same piece may not be repeated by an individual competitor in multiple events.

PRIMARY PERCUSSION SOLOS Section 1 Competitors must play two contrasting solos on two of the following instruments: keyboard percussion, timpani, snare drum. eg: 1 x SD & 1 x Timp OR 1 x Timp & 1 x Percussion Keyboard OR 1 x SD & 1 x Percussion Keyboard CONCERT SNARE DRUM SOLO For the concert snare solos a 5” x 14” Grover G3 concert orchestral snare drum will be provided, This section is for concert style repertoire without back sticking or similar style drumline stick movements.

PRIZES Trophies, certificates and adjudicator reports will be given for all sections and awarded at the conclusion of the performances

TIME LIMITS: The time limits listed refer to the time taken to perform the musical score.

ACCOMPANIST: An official accompanist will not be provided during the Eisteddfod however we are happy to assist you if your repertoire requires accompaniment. Please call for telephone numbers. Recorded accompaniments may be used in solo sections. Please advise if a portable sound system is required.

PROGRAMME Optimum Percussion reserves the right to amend the programme at any time and to vary the order of competitors in any section. The adjudicators' decision shall be final and no correspondence shall be entered into.

DRUM KIT SOLOS SECTIONS SECTION 3, 7 and 17 The Drum Kit Solo will be divided into three sections ▲ Primary (Yr 6 and under), ▲ Junior High (Yr 9 and under), ▲ Senior High (Year 12 and under). DRUMKIT SPECS A 5 Piece Drum Kit with 22” BD, 10,12,14” toms and 16” Crash, 20” Ride and 14” Hi Hats will be provided. Entrants may use their own bass drum pedal TEST PIECES Primary – Drumnastic Medley by Peter Matzik Junior High – Half and Octopus by Travis Opocensky Senior High - El Vino by Murray Houllif 10

PRIZES Our sponsors have generously donated instrument, mallet or sheet music prizes which will be awarded for ensemble sections. Trophies, certificates and adjudicator reports will be given for all sections.

TIME LIMITS / SET UP TIMES for Large Ensemble sections - new rules

ADDITIONAL INSTRUMENTS Electric or Acoustic Bass may be used for ensemble events if the score requires. No other non-percussion instruments (including Piano) are permitted.


Ensembles for the Primary section will have a stage time maximum of 12 minutes with a maximum of 8 minutes of music performance time.

Ensembles for the Snr High Sections will have a stage time maximum of 13 minutes with a maximum of 10 minutes of music performance time.

Ensembles for the Snr High Sections will have a stage time maximum of 15 minutes with a maximum of 12 minutes of music performance time.

This allows for the set up, the change between pieces and the pack down to take no more than 5 minutes total.

All ensembles will be given a scheduled performance time within their section. Please indicate any time preferences or constraints on your entry form ( plane flights etc ) that may affect this performance order. The performance order that appears in the programme will not be altered on the day. Our experience has shown that despite out best efforts to assist people on the day of performance that helping one group may be detrimental to another.

The music will be timed and a bell will be rung once the music time limit is reached. Should two works be performed the timer will be paused at the end of the first piece and restarted at the beginning of the second piece. We ask that conductors stop the performance at the end of the phrase once the bell has rung. Please check your time limits. We ask that conductors prepare whatever changes that are necessary to the score to ensure that stopping performances is not required.


We strongly recommend organising your set up so that movement between pieces is smooth and requires an absolute minimum of instrument movement. Setting up for both pieces at the start of the performance is highly recommended. Timpani and large keyboards should not be moved between pieces. Please encourage students to be responsible for their set ups, music and mallets. Set ups and movement between pieces must be practiced and this essential aspect of percussion performance.

Detailed set up diagrams must be provided and we will have staff on hand to assist in the initial set up for each group. Your cooperation with the above is appreciated and will enable us to keep this exciting and logistically challenging event running smoothly and on time.




Please send a list of all the instruments required in your score(s) for stage management purposes, a stage plan for your set up and detail anything that is important for your performance by Friday 21st July 2018

Open Non- Tuned Drumming Ensemble This section is for Taiko ensembles, Drumming groups of African instruments, Classroom drumming ensembles, Garbage bin lines ! etc. There should be no melodic instruments but additional hand percussion is encouraged. A full score must be provided for adjudication purposes. May be conducted or unconducted. Minimum 6 players. No maximum.

Entrants should refer to the stage plan diagram provided here. After discussion with many conductors in previous years it has been agreed that the placement of the drum kit and timpani should remain constant from ensemble to ensemble during the event for ease of stage management and time considerations. Arrangement of your ensemble in this manner should be considered during rehearsals.

All drums must be provided by the performers for this section.

A precise list of exact brands and models will be made available when the performance time information is sent to each competitor. DAMAGE TO INSTRUMENTS All damage to instruments will be paid for by the competitor or school involved. This includes unreasonable damage to drum and timpani heads and broken marimba bars caused by excessive volumes. Please note Damage to heads has occurred in the past so please discuss correct techniques with your students in the forte / fortissimo sections of your music and remind them that the instruments are kindly being borrowed for this event.


ENSEMBLES 2018 The following instruments will be provided for APE 2018. All other instruments should be supplied by the performers. Set of 4 pro timpani

Tubular Bells

Vibraphones x 3

Pair of Congas / Pair of Bongos

Glockenspiel x 3

Concert Bass Drum on stand

Marimba 5 Oct x 1

Bass Drum and Cradle

Marimba 4.3 Oct x 3 and 4 Oct x 1

Gong/Tam Tam

Xylophone x 3

Set of 5 Temple Blocks (3 + 2)

Snare Drum

Suspended Cymbal

Concert Toms x 8

Drum Kit - 5 piece All other instruments and mallets need to be provided by the competitor. 13

The total score of each performance will be the weighted sum of the scores in 3 sections, or ‘captions’. Musical Effect 30% Music Performance 50%

Visual 20%

The test pieces will be evaluated using the same criteria for music performance: Sound Production:

Musicianship: . Rhythmic Clarity: . Recovery: Uniformity: Ensemble Cohesiveness:


Goda Firkins Auditorium 2.00pm Drumline Solos

Snare Drum - Jared Hampton Thomas Tenor Drums - Travis Opocensky

Multi Purpose Hall 3.15 pm

Open Drumline Competition Multi Purpose Auditorium Div B - 6 Div A - 7 Jared Hampton Thomas, Travis Opocensky


Adjudication and Announcement of awards



7.30pm - 9.30pm

DrumLine Battle Jared Hampton Thomas , Travis Opocensky


After the performance portion of the competition, scores will be tabulated and the overall winners will be decided as well as winners in specific sub-categories. Before the award ceremony each ensemble will receive a detailed breakdown of their score in each caption and sub-caption listed on the previous page as well as an opportunity to discuss their marks with the judges. The awards for the drum line portion of the Australian Percussion Eisteddfod will be granted as follows: Champion Drum Line Award: The overall winner and Champion Drum Line will be the group with the highest overall scores for both the test piece and own choice segments of the competition.

Best Test Piece: The award for Best Test Piece will be given to the group with the highest score in the test piece segment of competition. The groups with the second and third highest score in the test piece category will also be recognized with second and third place awards, respectively.

Best Own Choice: Similar to the Test Piece awards, the award for Best Own Choice will be given to the group with the highest aggregate score in the own choice segment of competition after combining the scores of Music Effect, Music Performance, and Visual categories. The groups with the second and third highest total score in this segment will also be recognized with second and third place awards, respectively.

Section Awards: As the goal of the Percussion Eisteddfod is to recognize and award excellence no matter where it may appear, awards will be given for the most outstanding sections from all competing units. Each outstanding sub-section from any group will receive recognition for their efforts and performance. Snare Drums Tenor Drums Bass Drums Cymbals Colour Guard


The Drumline Competition and DrunLine Battle will take place on a basketball court inside the Multi Purpose Building at Saint Stephen’s College


Marshalling Area 17

Tap Off

Tap On


Neutral Zone for DrumLine Battle

Travis Opocensky Travis has followed his percussive interests across the country and with many different people to make an eclectic and varied performance and teaching history. Originally from Portland, Oregon, he started his marching career with the Seattle Cascades in 2007, followed by two years with the Madison Scouts in 2008-09 and finally with the Cadets in 2010. Travis also has several years of WGI experience with two years with Oregon Crusaders Indoor ensemble from 2010-11 and ageing out with Rhythm X in 2012. His teaching experience stretches as far across the country as his performing experience, starting with teaching the Seattle Cascades in 2011, Teal Sound in the infamous 2012 season, with the Oregon Crusaders in the 2013 season, and since the 2014 season has been the Battery Coordinator for the Colts Drum & Bugle Corps. Also included are many high schools in Oregon, Washington, and Ohio. Travis has been the Assistant Band Director and Percussion Caption Head at Glencoe High School in Hillsboro as well as the Visual Caption Head for the Oregon Crusaders Indoor Ensemble in Portland, Oregon. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Portland State University and is currently completing a Masters degree in Peace and Conflict Studies. Jared Thomas Jared Thomas is an active designer and percussion educator from the Dayton, OH area. He has been the Percussion Director, Visual Caption Head, and Battery Arranger of the Lebanon High School marching band and indoor percussion ensemble from Lebanon, OH. Jared was a member of Rhythm X from 2004 - 2007. Jared also was a member of Carolina Crown Drum and Bugle Corps from 2003 - 2004, and the Bluecoats Drum & Bugle Corps from 2005 - 2006 as a snare drummer. Jared has been working with the Bluecoats Drumline since 2012. Jared also spent time overseas performing with Switzerland’s Top Secret Drumcorp from 2008 - 2010. Jared graduated from Appalachian State University in 2009 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Technical Photography. Jared is a proud sponsor of Innovative Percussion and Evans Drumheads. He is currently studying in Sydney with his wife Courtney. He is an active photographer of Weddings, Portraits, and the Marching Arts.

David Kemp Dave Kemp is a diverse musician whose career combines live performance, recording sessions and musical direction across many musical styles and ensembles. He has toured Australia on congas for the international artist Patrizio Buanne and as vibraphonist for Diana Krall, been percussionist for The Lion King, both Sydney and Brisbane seasons, and as Musical Director for The Story of Cloudland touring show. Initially studying orchestral percussion at the Qld Conservatorium in 1999, he soon came to the attention of the Qld Symphony Orchestra, where he has remained a regular section percussionist ever since. Increasingly drawn to jazz, Dave received an Arts Qld Professional Development grant in 2006 for a summer jazz intensive course at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA. There he studied vibraphone with masters Ed Saindon and Dave Samuels resulting in being selected to perform at The Berklee Percussion Festival 2006. 2012 saw a move to Sydney to accept an offer to undertake a research masters degree at the Sydney Conservatorium. He wrote, developed and taught the first ever curriculum for vibraphone as a jazz major study instrument at the Qld Conservatorium of Music as well as in Percussion Pedagogy. In 2008 Dave was also appointed Percussion Lecturer at the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane. Nozomi Omote Nozomi Omote is a freelance percussionist and educator based in Brisbane. She has performed mainly classical and new music alongside latin, pops and early music. She has worked with several professional orchestras such as Queensland Symphony Orchestra, Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, Camerata St John's chamber orchestra, Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra and Orchestra Ensemble Kanazawa. She has also performed with contemporary ensemble groups such as Clocked Out, Speak Percussion, and Southern Cross Soloists. She is a member of Australian percussion group, Early Warning System. She toured with them to Texas (U.S.A) as a part of PASIC in 2015, where they played Australian new compositions. After doing a Bachelor of Education at Kanazawa University in Japan she completed a Master of Music Studies at Queensland Conservatorium. In 2004, she won the Hokuriku young performer competition and the Ishikawa prefecture new artist scholarship. She has taught and given masterclasses for the Percussion Department at the Queensland Conservatorium, Queensland College of Music, Just Percussion and Queensland Youth Orchestra. 18

Vanessa Tomlinson Vanessa demonstrates leadership as a Music Curator and Artistic Director including the Australian Percussion Gathering (2010/2016), Transplanted Roots International Percussion Symposium (2017), 100 Ways to Listen at World Science Festival (2017), Co-Festival Director of Tyalgum Festival (2017 onwards), Easter@Harrigans Lane (2015-8) , New Sounds Brisbane (2017) and Co-Director of Clocked Out (2000 onwards). She has received recognition through APRA/AMC Awards in Experimental Music, Excellence as an Individual, and Excellence by an Organisation (Clocked Out), Green Room Awards (Dada Cabaret), Aria nomination (Water Pushes Sand), and prestigious opportunities including Civatelli Ranieri Residency in Italy, Banff Residency in Canada, Australia Council Project Fellowship, and Asialink Residency in China.

Ed Choi Edward Choi is Principal Percussionist of the Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra in Korea where he has been a member since 2004. He has performed with numerous orchestras throughout the world including the Philharmonia (London), Toronto Symphony, and Hong Kong Philharmonic, to name a few.

She studied at the University of Adelaide, Hochschule fur Musik in Freiburg and received her Masters and Doctorate from the University of California, San Diego where she worked closely with Steven Schick and George Lewis. In addition Vanessa has studied Sichuan Opera with Master Zhong Kaichi in Chengdu, China. She has been on the faculty of the Queensland Conservatorium of Music for 15 years, transforming the field of percussion in Australia, helping to define the field of Artistic Practice in music internationally, and pioneering the performer/composer, interpreter/ improviser pathway for students. As Deputy Director of the Queensland Conservatorium Research Centre, chair of Artistic Research, she drives research projects and helps define the agenda for performing artists in the academy.

Edward Choi is a proud endorser of Malletech keyboard instruments and sticks, Dynasty drums and Sabian cymbals.

Mr Choi holds a Doctorate in Musical Arts as well as a degree in English Literature. In his youth, Mr Choi performed with and taught several world class drum corps including the Boston Crusaders, Star of Indiana, and Renaissance Vanguard (Japan). As an educator in classical percussion, Mr Choi has been on faculty at several colleges in Korea and presented at the Percussive Arts Society International Convention where he is a member of the Symphonic Committee.

Allan Watson Allan Watson is currently a Percussionist and Associate Principal Timpanist with the Opera Australia Orchestra, a position he has enjoyed for 34 years. The orchestra performs over 250 performances per year at the Sydney Opera House for Opera Australia and the Australian Ballet. He has also performed with the Sydney Symphony and the Australian Chamber Orchestra. Allan has also lectured at the University of NSW, Sydney Conservatorium and at the Canberra School of Music and has played timpani and percussion for Australian Idol, World Youth Day, and many film soundtracks. Allan is currently enjoying being the timpani tutor for the Australian Youth Orchestra.

Vanessa can be heard on Innova, Etcetera, Jazzhead, Mode, Tzadik, Hathut and Clocked Out labels, and her articles appear in Leonardo, Contemporary Music Review, Intelligent Arts and World Forum for Acoustic Ecology. She has performed widely across four continents including Wein Modern Festival, London Jazz Festival, Beijing Festival of Modern Music, Green Umbrella Series, Bang-on-a-Can Marathon, Sydney Festival, Melbourne International Festival, Vancouver Jazz Festival and many more.

Allan is a Zildjian Orchestral Artist.


Since 2005 we have held a Drumkit Solo section as part of the Australian percussion Eisteddfod. Each year we have commissioned one or two Drumkit Solos designed to develop the skill sets needed for a drummer in a concert or commercial ensemble with small sections of improvised solos. We have approached many of Australia’s leading professional drumkit players to compose these commissioned works and we would like to thank them all.

*Denotes Works commissioned for the Australia Percussion Eisteddfod by Optimum Percussion. PRIMARY

*Dangerous in Outer Space *Rhapsody in the Delorean Mode *Parradiddle Riddle *Awesomnity *Move Ball Drumnastic Medley

David Griffin David Griffin Jeff Jarrett David George David Griffin Peter Matzick

2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018

JNR High

Contest Solos for the Intermediate Drum Set Player" *180 Degrees *In the Pocket *Movin' Contest Solos for the Intermediate Drum Set Player" Contest Solos for the Intermediate Drum Set Player" *Ringo *180 Degrees *Time Being *Half an Octopus

Murray Houllif Jeremy Barnett Jeremy Barnett Pete Neville Murray Houllif Murray Houllif Joel Farland Jeremy Barnett Daryn Farrugia Travis Opocensky

2005-7 2008 2009 2010 2011-12 2013-14 2015 2016 2017 201


*180 Degrees *Ringo *In the Pocket *Stylin'

Jeremy Barnett Joel Farland Jeremy Barnett David Hopgood

2011 2012 2013 2014


*Associative Grooves Contemporary Drumset Solos *Groove Suite *Carter's Dream *Foreign Object *Sideways *Foreign Object *Philly to the Max *Air Shot Felix Felicius *Movin' *Associative Grooves *Parradiddle Madness El Vino (Contemporary Drumset Solos)

Gordon Hughes Murray Houllif Jamie Castrisos Gordon Hughes John Morrison Pete Neville John Morrison Jamie Castrisos David Hicks Lachlan Blackwood Pete Neville Gordon Hughes Daryn Farrugia Murray Houllif

2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018








Drum Talk July 2018 - Australian Percussion and Drumline Edition  

Optimum Percussion's Australian Percussion Eisteddfod - Events and performing information 2018

Drum Talk July 2018 - Australian Percussion and Drumline Edition  

Optimum Percussion's Australian Percussion Eisteddfod - Events and performing information 2018