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2018 Welcome to the Second Annual Celebrate Aging Film Festival We are excited to present Brookdale’s second annual Celebrate Aging Film Festival! The festival is an opportunity for residents and associates to work together on a creative project using only iPad technology. The purpose of this project is to help change the negative perception of aging and communicate a positive, uplifting or touching message that celebrates aging. Our nominating committee had a challenging role in selecting nine finalists after reviewing the many inspirational, funny and thought-provoking films that were submitted by more than 60 of our communities. Today’s program will present the Ecolab People’s Choice Award and winners nominated in the following categories: Best Writing, Best Technical Design, The Courage Award, Best Acting and Best Picture. Representatives from each of the nine nominated communities will be welcomed as they walk the Red Carpet leading into the historic Franklin Theatre. We are so excited to partner for the second year with our title sponsor Ecolab. It is with their unwavering support and generous sponsorship of this momentous event that we can change the perception of aging and celebrate our residents!


THE PROGRAM Performance: This is Me………..…Nashville in Harmony Choir Musical Entertainment Master of Ceremonies…………………………………………..Sara Terry Senior Vice President, Resident and Family Engagement Ecolab People’s Choice Award Presenter…..........................................................…Jennifer Nolan Vice President, Procurement Presenter….........................................................…. Daniel Pignato Ecolab, Assistant Vice President, Corporate Accounts—North Best Writing Presenter……….……………………….…………….……Lindsey Albrecht Director of Resident Programs Engagement South Coast Division Best Technical Design Presenter………………………….…………….……….………Andrea Henry Director of Resident Programs Engagement Mid-Atlantic Division Honored Guest……………………………………………….Dr. Ada Rosen Resident, Brookdale Cumberland Green Hills Video………………………………………………………..You Will Be Found Special remarks…………………………………………………..Cindy Baier President, Chief Executive Officer and Director The Courage Award Presenter…………………………..………….…………Mary Sue Patchett Executive Vice President, Community and Field Operations


Best Acting Presenter…….……………………..………………..…Charles Richardson Senior Director Resident Programs Engagement Best Picture Presenter……………………….……………………………Carol Cummings Senior Director Optimum Life Engagement and Innovation

MUSICAL PERFORMERS Nashville in Harmony Choir The NiH mission is to use music to build community and create social change. As Tennessee’s first and only musical arts organization specifically created for people of all sexual orientations, gender identities, gender expressions and their allies, we’re proud to bring a unique style and voice to the Nashville arts scene by performing a wide variety of music that inspires people to make a difference in the world.


Stop counting the years, and start counting the moments.

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Bringing New Life to Senior Living®

T H E C AT E G O R I E S A N D N O M I N AT E D F I L M S Best Writing

The Courage Award

“Cat’s Outta The Bag”

“Determination Becoming Inspiration”

Brookdale Colonial Heights “You Don’t Know Mr. Hall At All” Brookdale Dogwood Creek


Brookdale Greenville

“Tempest In A Teapot”

Brookdale Meridian Westland

Brookdale Oklahoma City Southwest

“Don’t Let Life Fly By” Freedom Village at Bradenton

Best Picture “Cat’s Outta The Bag”

Best Technical Design “Reflections”

Brookdale Greenville

“Life Is A Soundtrack” Brookdale North Austin

“All These Moments”

The Solona Vintage Park

Brookdale Colonial Heights


Brookdale Greenville

“Tempest In A Teapot”

Brookdale Meridian Westland

“Life Is A Soundtrack” Brookdale North Austin

Best Acting “Cat’s Outta The Bag”

Brookdale Colonial Heights

“Tempest In A Teapot”

Brookdale Meridian Westland

“Old Or Older?”

Freedom Pointe at The Villages


THE NOMINEES Brookdale Colonial Heights

Film: “Cat’s Outta the Bag” Nominated Category: Best Acting, Best Writing & Best Picture Represented by:

Winifred (Wink) Crusenberry

Wink was born in Topeka, Kansas, but came to Bristol, Virginia, the birthplace of country music, when she was a young girl. As a child, Wink watched her father, a stand-up comedian, pass up his chance at stardom. This childhood encounter gave her a taste for the stage. Wink stars in the film “Cat’s Outta the Bag.”

Ashley Campbell, Resident Programs Coordinator

Ashley has been with Brookdale since 2007 as a Resident Programs Coordinator. The making of the film “Cat’s Outta the Bag,” was Ashley’s first attempt at filming and editing anything cinematic in both her personal and professional life. Ashley found the experience challenging but incredibly rewarding. Brookdale Dogwood Creek

Film: “You Don’t Know Mr. Hall At All” Nominated Category: Best Writing Represented by:

Ivan Hall

Ivan was born in Oklahoma. He was in the Air Force for four years and later attended college for accounting. He was married at age 20 and remained married for 65 years and 10 months to his wife Mary Sue before she passed away. He has two sons and four grandchildren. Ivan stars in the film “You Don’t Know Mr. Hall At All”.

Deborah Kornrumpf, Resident Programs Director

Deb wrote the script and cast the actors for the film. Although she received assistance from team associate Dawn Coleman as a photographer for the film, Deb enjoyed waving her arms around and giving directions to all on the set of the film “You Don’t Know Mr. Hall At All.”


Brookdale Greenville

Film: “Reflections” Nominated Categories: Best Writing, Best Technical Design & Best Picture Represented by:

John Robb

John was born and raised in New York. He is a Navy veteran and retired from Long Island Aero Space Companies. After retirement he enjoyed cruising and touring the U.S. in his motorhome until he and his wife settled in Florida. John stars in the nominated film “Reflections.”

Devin Krawec, Resident Programs Coordinator

Originally from Long Island, Devin has spent the last two years as the Skilled Nursing Resident Programs Coordinator in South Carolina’s Brookdale Greenville community. Directing the film “Reflections” has allowed him to combine his passion for film with his love of putting smiles on the faces of those he cares for. Brookdale Meridian Westland

Film: “Tempest in a Teapot” Nominated Categories: Best Acting, Best Writing & Best Picture Represented by:

Margaret Morrell

Margaret was born in What Cheer, Iowa — a small town with the happy sounding name. She attended Iowa State Teachers College, majoring in Speech Drama and American Literature. She taught high school in Iowa and Colorado, married a career Air Force man and has three children and five grandchildren. Margaret is lead actress in the film “Tempest in a Teapot.”

Jan Bond, Resident Programs Director

Jan has been at Brookdale Meridian Westland for 20 years in various roles and is currently the Resident Programs Director — a job she considers “the best job in the world!” Jan wrote the film “Tempest in a Teapot”, along with the help of her assistant Sherri.


THE NOMINEES Brookdale North Austin

Film: “Life is a Soundtrack” Nominated Category: Best Technical Design & Best Picture Represented by:

Christopher Sabater, Clare Bridge Program Manager

Christopher has more than eight years of experience working in a healthcare setting, specializing in memory care. In addition, he has been playing music for 22 years. Christopher produced the music and is the director of the film “Life is a Soundtrack.”

Michel Ngakoue, Health and Wellness Coordinator

Michel is the Health and Wellness Coordinator at Brookdale North Austin working with residents every day. He is also featured in the film “Life is a Soundtrack.”

Brookdale Oklahoma City Southwest

Film: “Determination Becoming Inspiration” Nominated Category: The Courage Award Represented by:

Juanita Young

Juanita was born and raised in Snyder, Oklahoma in 1931. In her adult years she moved to Oklahoma City to start her career for Southwestern Bell. Currently, Juanita is very active in her community and is the featured in the film “Determination Becoming Inspiration.”

Nicolette Casula, Clare Bridge Program Coordinator Nicolette developed and presented the film “Determination Becoming Inspiration”, which is the inspiring story of resident Juanita Young. Nicolette currently serves as the Clare Bridge Program Coordinator at Brookdale Oklahoma City Southwest.

Ophelia Oteng

For two years Ophelia has worked to care for residents and help them with their everyday needs. In the film “Determination Becoming Inspiration” Ophelia is instrumental in showing how much of an inspiration Juanita has been for their community.


Freedom Pointe at The Villages

Film: “Old or Older?” Nominated Categories: Best Acting

Represented by:

Jack Adams

Jack has lived at Freedom Pointe since 2011. He sings, plays trumpet and participates in a Jazz Workshop. Jack was involved in the creative process and stars in the film “Old or Older?”

Patricia Ferullo

Pat moved into Freedom Pointe in 2009. She enjoys dancing and listening to music in the community pub. Pat stars in the film “Old or Older?” Pat worked very hard on making the script her own. Freedom Village at Bradenton

Film: “Don’t Let Life Fly By” Nominated Category: The Courage Award Represented by:

Mary Ledbetter (1918-2018) Mary was the star of the film “Don’t Let Life Fly By.” Sadly she passed away before getting to attend the film festival, making the message of her film even more powerful. Mary experienced many adventures in her life, including flying a plane. Mary wanted to prove that age is just a number, and she did this through inspiring the creation of this film. Deborah Grubb

Debbie moved to Freedom Village Bradenton in August of 2012. Debbie was a civil rights advocate, striving to do her part to level the field of equality for people with disabilities. She wrote and narrated the script for the film “Don’t Let Life Fly By.”

Katie Penta, Resident Programs Director

Katie is the Resident Programs Director at Freedom Village. She led the brainstorming sessions for the film “Don’t Let Life Fly By.” She was the videographer, director and editor — including being an extra in the backseat of the plane while Mary was flying!


THE NOMINEES The Solana Vintage Park

Film: “All These Moments” Nominated Categories: Best Technical Design Represented by:

Labeth Kester

Labeth is 94-years-young and was born in Cleburne, Texas. She currently resides in Houston near her wonderful family. She and her husband were married for 75 years, and her favorite pastime is helping people. LaBeth is the leading actress in the film “All These Moments.”

Allie Kilpatrick, Resident Programs Coordinator

Allie directed and edited the film “All These Moments.” She received additional support from Isis Issa, District Director of Clinical Services, who is included in the film as a featured poet.

Honored Guest

Dr. Ada Rosen

Ada was born in Brooklyn, New York, and attended Brooklyn College. She later moved to Dover, New Jersey, where she raised three remarkable sons, surviving the “hippie generation.” She entered Columbia University at age 38, where she earned her master’s degree, and later received her PhD at the age of 65. Ada is a marriage and family therapist and a member of multiple professional organizations. She is married to Hudson Savell and recently moved to Brookdale Cumberland Green Hills in Nashville.



AC KN OWL E D G M E N T Executive Producers: Carol Cummings, Charles Richardson Celebrate Aging Film Festival Steering Committee Sara Terry, Julie Davis, Charles Richardson, Carol Cummings Academy Lori Hill, Lynn Hutson, Rhoda Strobel Creative Christian Nole, Andy Tyer Communications Sandy LaFave Community Support/Red Carpet Events Lindsey Albrecht, Andrea Henry, Jonathan Ruchman Film Festival Welcome Hosts Christopher “Jackson” Jackson, Wendy O’Connor Lauren Strouse Media Relations Mitch Kline, Heather Hunter, Shawna Zody



AC KNOW L E D GM E N T Nominating Committee Lindsey Albrecht, Aubrey Edmonds, Andrea Henry, Kathy Synder, Teresa Gilbert, Christopher Leech, Carol Cummings, Charles Richardson Nominee Escorts Hart Armstrong, Christian Nole Nominee Experience Leah Dennis, Teresa Gilbert, Jane Kirby, Ellie Morin, Denise Philp, Kristen Rice Nominee Hosts Molly Boone, Angela Champlin, Stacey Elliott, Leslie Fuller, Juliet Holt Klinger, Michelle Morales, Alison Ray, Maeve Toombs, Tresa Vaudreuil Production Mark Andersson, Carol Cummings, Aubrey Edmonds, Christopher Leech, Dana Schroering, Kathy Snyder Red Carpet Lindsey Albrecht, Andrea Henry, Charles Richardson, Andy Tyer, Paul Ladd Photography John Mathis, Sheila McKinney, Sheree Wooten


Show Presenters Sara Terry, Jennifer Nolan, Daniel Pignato, Lindsey Albrecht, Andrea Henry, Dr. Ada Rosen, Cindy Baier, Mary Sue Patchett, Charles Richardson, Carol Cummings Social Media Kelsey Lawrence, Mindy Malerich, Leslie Poff, Kristin Puckett Sponsor Support/ Collateral/Awards Lori Hill Ticketing Lynn Hutson Video Editing - You Will Be Found Chris Herlevic Video Production StagePost Productions SPECIAL THANKS We’d like to thank our sponsors in supporting the vision and mission of the Celebrate Aging Film Festival: Ecolab – Title Sponsor IN2L – Presenting Sponsor The Coca-Cola Company – Contributing Sponsor

Memory loss doesn’t have to mean all is lost.

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2018 Celebrate Aging Film Festival - Official Program  
2018 Celebrate Aging Film Festival - Official Program