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LED Slit Lamp


XL-1 is LED Slit Lamp of the handheld type that adopts high luminance white LED for the first source of light in the world. It is unnecessary of the troublesome lamp exchange and the life of the light became long. Feature ■

High luminance white LED The luminance of about 10,000lux was secured by adopting high luminance white LED for the sources of light, and the life of light became long. *The life of LED is 50,000 hours or more.

Sharp slit light Though it is LED Slit Lamp, a sharp slit light can be offered, and slit width can be also adjusted freely.

Small and lightweight (about 700g including a battery) Since it is small and lightweight, it can use easily in the case of a medical care service at home. It can use for the medical care of the eye of small animals, etc.

Filter functions (illumination system) You can select various filters such as the Cobalt Blue, Green and Conversion filter for the color tem perature.

Battery drive Continuous operation is about 2 hours possible with a battery. (in full charged state with maximum illumination)

ON/OFF power can be switched easily by operating the tip of a finger.

Specifications Microscope Eyepiece Total magnifications Diopter adjustment Visual field PD adjustment range Working distance Illumination Slit width Slit length Filters Illmination angle Light source Light source Battery Voltage Operation time Charger Imput voltage Output voltage Standard accessories Option accessories Dimension and weight Dimension Weight

Li-ion battery 7.4V 680mAh

10X、16X (Option) 10X、16X (Option) ±7D ø10mm 50-70mm (at eyepiece 10X) 80mm

55-70mm (at eyepiece 16X)

0-11mm (Stepless adjustmnet is possible.) 11mm Cobalt blue, Green, Color temperature conversion filter On the level circumference±30degrees High luminance white LED Li-ion battery 7.4V 680mAh About 2 hours (in full charged state with maximum illumination) Carrying case (standard accessory)

AC 100-240V 60-50Hz DC 12V 500mAh Carrying case 1pc, Battery 1pc, Battery Charger 1pc, Forehead support 1pc, Diopter adjustment bar 1pc, Instruction manual 1pc 16x Eyepiece (1set), Spare battery 7.4V 680mAh (1pc) 195mm(W) x105mm(D) x 230mm(H) about 700g (including a battery)

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hand held LED slit lamp

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