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How to Increase Web Visits A New Business When we start a business and create our website, the first workhorse that we have to face is to get visitors. The reasons are many




importantly we have invested a large sum of money and we need





customers and sales. It is important to know that there are no magic wands to make customers of the day appear in the morning there are no magical transformations tale of Puss in Boots, there is only a job well done and learn to wait to see the results. Create a new website is like planting a seed in the ground, if it is a good seed and daily care, is likely to grow nice and strong plant. With the engines the same thing happens during the first months of creating a website do not have in mind is as if there were, until about the third month, you start getting the first visits.

But how we water our website during those months? We need professionals that design and implement an SEO strategy and social media strategy.

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SEO is one of the preferred tools for all entrepreneurs, along with the blog.

Aspects to consider in SEO Strategy: 1. Blog is an essential tool to generate traffic to our domain. 2. – Optimize Internal SEO and web blog. 3. – Generate articles with original content and useful subject. 4. – Publishing articles in our blog. 5. – Publish articles on other blogs relevant to our industry, but always few hours later. This aspect will not only improve the SEO and relevance of our website but also increase the followers of our social networks.

Social networking is a speaker where we can reach millions of people.

Aspects to consider in Social Networking Strategy: 1. – Define what social media best suited for our business. 2. – Boosting social networks and get as many followers on each. 3. – Share our blog content on social networks. 4. – Promote on Facebook those most important items we want to achieve greater viral effect. 5. – Define the schedule of publication in social networks. It is very important to know the behaviour of our followers, and the hours and days that are more active to achieve greater social impact.

By : Opti Matrix Solution- Web Development Company


6. – Youtube is the second largest source that can drive traffic to a website. It is very important to the quality and originality of the videos that go up to Youtube, so you get to reach a larger number of users. Finally, it is also advisable to participate and comment in communities, forums and blogs relevant in our industry.

Post By Vishal Shah is a professional writer and currently works as web development company which provide highly specialized in website designing services and iPhone application development

By : Opti Matrix Solution- Web Development Company


How to Increase Web Visits A New Business