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Ever Heard Of Social Media SEO?

The social networks are not only used to share content that you like. Also positively impact the ranking of the pages of your website. Learn more about how social media influences the search engine optimization of your site by reading the following post. As in the real world, the virtual world is not all black or white, is defined by nuance, diversity and mixed situations. Situations that seem opposite but are actually complementary to each other. Let’s look at this a little more in depth.

Social Media: the perfect partner for your Website The emergence of social media and fears generated controversy in some quarters. For example, some time ago there was talk that social networks dethrone the email marketing making it disappear when in fact both tools finished integrating and enriching from communication efforts.

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Contrary to what was thought also, social networks and positioning of our website in the search engines are not two activities that run in different ways but are two rails of the same channel. Lately, it has been shown that our social activity, links shared via Twitter, Facebook, Google +, LinkedIn, etc. not only gives us exposure but influences such websites rankings in search engines like Google. This process is called Social SEO.

How does the Social Impact SEO? Maximize Visibility Share new links with relevant content in any of the social networks where we connect with our target market encouraging them visible to the public to interact with us.

Indexing Accelerates Social exposure through tweets, likes Google+, Twitter etc‌ influences the speed at which Google indexes the link, i.e. registers and thus begins to appear in related search results.

Improves SEO Some social networks have direct impact on the SEO of our site. For example Pinterest and Google + links provide follow. This basically tells Google that should follow that link when analyzing the pages of our website as well as that link to directly impacts on our position in search results. In turn, the number of followers you have and the people we share our content is also a positive indicator for Google. By : Opti Matrix Solution- Web Development Company


Are the links nofollow worthless? Of course you do! While it will not directly affect our ranking, these links affect the authority of our web site, indexing favour of that page and maximize your visibility to our audience. Also, sites that maintain a balance between links follow and no follow are viewed more favourably than those who are obsessed with getting only follow links.

Keys to consider for your Social SEO strategy Strategic Thinking First of all, your actions of Social SEO should be strategically designed. Establishes a systematic procedure that is shared by all members of the organization, governed by the person or persons responsible for online communication and monitored by the online marketing team to measure results. Also be sure to use the tone right with your corporate image and analyze the ideal time to share such content.

Share, share and do not forget to share You published a new post? Your blog or a new page on your website? Share them with your community on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn! If you include attractive images, share them on Pinterest. Make sure it is relevant, use the tone and timing appropriate to each social network and encourages audience interaction.

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By : Opti Matrix Solution- Web Development Company


Do not obsess. As we began by saying, the Social SEO should be thought of as just part of the process. Not replace but complements the other activities that make your marketing strategy and online communication. Try to integrate it with the rest of the tasks and you will ensure excellent results! Now you are ready to implement these tips. Have you already implemented the Social SEO as part of your strategy? Tell us how it has turned!

Post By Written by Opti Matrix Solution is a web development company that offers cutting edge web Design services. This company offers a wide range of iPhone application development and SEO Services.

By : Opti Matrix Solution- Web Development Company


Ever Heard Of Social Media SEO?  

Learn more about how social media influences the search engine optimization of your site by reading the following post by Optiinfo - Web dev...

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