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2017 | 2018



Editor’s letter

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Snezana elcome to Optima 2017-18! Dudic Oh my goodMEDIA AND MARKETING ness – how quickly this edition seems to have come around. And even more astonishing is that it is my fourth consecutive issue as Editor. How time flies. It is always exciting and rewarding (although manic) pulling together the content, with the aim of providing a balance of regular and special features. The ‘regular’ include messages from the Headmaster, Jamie Dorrington, and College Chaplain, Father Andrew Kinmont. The College Sport this year includes a great story on the Girls Rugby Sevens team and the Soccer A (Girls and Boys) Premiers, and recognises our international representatives. Not to forget the staff, College and community news Of course, one of my personal favourites is ‘Where are they now?’, where Old Scholars shed a light on their journeys in life after school. Always interesting and inspiring I’m sure you’ll agree. Keep those stories coming and keep in touch via the Old Scholars Facebook page. Special features in this edition include The Goda Foundation story and Winter Ball fundraiser, the Junior College musical Lion King JR Saint Stephen’s Day celebrations, an education sharing visit to China, campus science and technology news. I so enjoy sharing the stories that are Saint Stephen’s College – Old Scholars, staff, students, parents, friends and supporters - the wonderfully unique people that make up a warm and caring College community. I hope you take as much joy in reading them. Thank you to those who have contributed stories to this edition – Old Scholars and staff – it makes for great reading. Also, many thanks to our advertisers, ongoing and new, whose support contributes to producing this publication that is distributed and read far and wide: Gold Coast Orthodontists, The Boardwalk Tavern, Gold Coast Wave Park, Gold Coast Private Hospital, Bond University, Zarraffa’s Coffee, Surfers Inkspot, Burling Brown and Arakan Martial Arts. Happy reading!





Make time your top priority


t's long been said that money can't buy happiness, but a recent study put that cliché to the test and found that it's not always true. An article in The Washington Post suggested that those who use their money to buy more free time through outsourcing tasks like cleaning the house and mowing the yard, or by taking the toll roads to and from work, were less stressed and generally happier than those who spent their money on material goods. And while that may seem like something only the well-off can afford, the study's results were consistent across most income levels. Unfortunately, few of us live like that. Only two per cent of people reported that, if given $40 to spend, buying more free time would be among their initial purchases. As the study's lead author, Ashley Whillans, put it, "People are notoriously bad at making decisions that will make them happier." The primary reason is that it's far more difficult to measure the value of our time than it is movie tickets, a new dress, or a few more hours at the office. Freeing up your schedule, however, won't make a difference if you spend that extra time making yourself busier. The benefits are only seen in those who use those extra hours to slow down and reduce the stress in their lives. While that may not seem like an earth-shattering revelation, how many of us actually live that way? Throughout the Gospels, we see Jesus take the time to slow down and get away from the madness that so often surrounded him. Saint Luke, for example, tells us that Jesus "often withdrew to lonely places and prayed." However, that pattern of withdrawing to pray is telling for another reason as well. When Saint Luke drops that little tidbit about Jesus into his Gospel, he does so amid stories describing all the amazing things He was doing in the towns and villages he visited. Our Lord didn't wait until there was no more work to be done or people to heal before getting away because He knew that life seldom affords us such natural breaks. Rather, Jesus was intentional about setting aside time to get away from the never-ending list of genuinely good and important things to simply be with the Father and rest. As Christians, we frequently talk about how we are to give back to God from what he has so graciously given to us. We often neglect, however, to consider our most precious resource: time. If God has blessed us with the means to buy ourselves a little bit of free time every now and again, then perhaps 4


Father Andrew Kinmont CHAPLAIN part of the reason is to better enable us to spend it with him. But whether that means paying someone to clean the house, saying no to a social function, or simply going to bed a bit earlier to make time for Him the following morning, most of us could benefit by following Jesus’ example and making time with the Father a higher priority in our lives. Will you? With every blessing

Father Andrew Kinmont



ld Scholars, past parents and staff who read this should take great pride in what Saint Stephen’s College has accomplished in such a short time. After all, they laid the foundations for today, just as we are laying the foundations for tomorrow. This College will continue to innovate, but it will do so without losing touch with what matters most – the energy, dedication and talent of the people who make us such a wonderful community. Speaking of innovation, energy, dedication, talent and a wonderful College community, it was such a great honour attending the recent final night of our Consolidations Musical, ‘The Lion King Jnr’, with Grace (Dorrington) and Mr Humphrey Firkins. We shared the experience with more than 500 family members and friends who attended each of the two performances. The acting, singing, costumes and sets exceeded our high expectations. But, exceeding expectations is something we tend to do on a regular basis at Saint Stephen’s College. After all, our Senior College musicals have taken out the majority of prizes at the Gold Coast Arts Theatre Awards, our 2016 academic results placed us firmly within the top 20 schools in the state, our students made the finals of the Queensland Science and Engineering Competition, we have been one of the most outstanding schools at the annual Gold Coast Eisteddfod for many years, our learning facilities are amongst the best in the state, and our approach to integrating digital technology into learning has been recognised internationally. These are just a few of the bragging points we can call on as we pass through 2017. But, my intention is not to brag. I make these points to highlight the fact that we are not a ‘one-track’ school. We have successfully adapted to changing circumstances, adopted the best innovation has to offer, created a contemporary learning environment, and provided new


Community at heart of exceeding expectation Mr Jamie Dorrington HEADMASTER opportunities for our students to shine without losing touch with our roots. We are a technology-rich school, but we are also rich in many other areas. This brings me back to our most recent musical. When I first arrived at Saint Stephen’s College a little over 14 years ago I was impressed by the school’s emphasis on art, sport and academics. There were framed photographs in the Goda Firkins Auditorium chronicling the various musicals; ‘Oh! What a Lovely War’ and ‘Barnum’ were at the front of the collection, and they are still there, together with photos from the musicals that have been performed in the years since – ‘Oklahoma’, ‘Footloose’,’ Beauty and the Beast’ and ‘Into the Woods’ – just to name a few. Technology (lighting and music, for example) contributed to the success of these events, but they stood out because of the dedication of the staff and students who directed, produced, created costumes and

sets, and performed. Not to forget our parents who so often step up to help make these events a success. We are where we are today because of the on-going commitment of people. And this of course includes Mr Humphrey Firkins, who as Chairman of The Goda Foundation, continues as the most loyal supporter of our students, College and the Performing Arts. Thanks to Mr Firkins and the Foundation students have a range of opportunities to develop worldly attributes through programs that focus on respect, determination and courage. This is our College’s mission, to develop character and inspire hope. OPTIMA | SAINT STEPHEN’S COLLEGE



Senior science show dazzles

Saint Stephen's students STEAM-ing ahead to be crowned overall champions


group of 32 Saint Stephen’s College students made the state finals after they were crowned overall champions at the renowned Newcastle University 2017 Science and Engineering Challenge. Head of Science, Iain Taylor said the Years 9 and 10 students, who worked in eight groups of four, were engaged in exciting activities that included designing and building a Mars Rover to navigate a bumpy replica of the planet’s surface and building a biotic hand out of straws. 6


“Other activities included designing towers for structure stability in an earthquake simulation with the ability to hold weight, encoding messages, building a catapult and designing a bridge,” said Mr Taylor. “What the team lacked in experience - this being our first trip for a couple years - it made up for in enthusiasm, teamwork, persistence and resilience, a key quality for success due to the fact that many groups had to adapt their previous plans. According

to the presenter our students consistently finished in the top three places. “This was a credit to the whole team. Their teamwork led to their victory,” said Mr Taylor. “These types of activities are excellent in building ability for the types of problem solving skills these students will need in an increasingly competitive job market, and it aligns well with the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths) culture that is developing in the College.”


Young Starters Entrepreneur comp winner



he Saint Stephen’s College Science Shows went off with bubbles, a big bang and ice cream – drawing hundreds of budding Einsteins. Head of Science, Ian Taylor, said the success was due to the hard work put in by the eight Senior College Science Ambassadors, who presented the visually exciting experiments to keen and awestruck Junior College students. “The four sessions all proved very successful. The burning of the hydrogen bubbles started the show with a real ‘bang’ and I believe every student would have tried the demonstration had there been enough time,” said Mr Taylor. “The ‘Shock Brothers’ taught the students about electrons and electricity (electric shock) through the use of the Van de Graaff Generator. A special brew of ‘elephant toothpaste’ mixed up by teacher Mr (Clinton) Manwaring mixed enthralled and excited students. And of course, everyone loved the tricks you could do with liquid nitrogen, especially making ice cream that everyone could have a taste of at the end of the show.” Mr Taylor said the Science Shows had continued the strong link the Senior College Science Ambassadors had developed with the students in Years 1 to 6, and had encouraged a deeper interest and involvement. “These shows were so great we took them on the road to some of the local primary schools, included them in the College Science Expo and the Gold Coast Schools Pop-Up Science Centre, which

were a huge success,” said Mr Taylor. “In fact, we were the only school who had stage time at the Pop-Up Science Centre, which attracted hundreds of people and many inquiries. Great work from our Science Ambassadors.”

n innovative fishing app called ‘Brag Tag’ reeled in a big win for Year 11 student Grant Sampson. Grant won the 2017 ‘Young Starters Entrepreneurs’ Competition’ held at Steve Baxter’s River City Laboratory in Brisbane, which included $45,000 worth of start-up prizes to help him enter the world of young entrepreneurs. The competition helps connect young entrepreneurs with leading innovators, develop their business skills and help get startup ideas ready for investors. It enables budding young business people to: ●● learn how to be a successful entrepreneur or build on existing business skills ●● see entrepreneurship as a career pathway ●● develop and pitch ideas to investors ●● win prizes geared towards helping turn your ideas into a new business About 30 young entrepreneurs, most of whom were university graduates, competed and were judged by a panel that included entrepreneur and Channel TEN’s ‘Shark Tank’ judge Steve Baxter. Grant also took out second prize in the People’s Choice Award. Such an amazing achievement! OPTIMA | SAINT STEPHEN’S COLLEGE



Secret Garden sows seeds

The newly refurbished Saint Stephen’s College Childcare Centre and ‘Secret Garden’ has become a major drawcard and success with ‘grasshoppers, dragonflies and butterflies’ swarming in from across the Gold Coast. Commercial Manager, Dolores Santosa, said the revamped centre which opened in early 2017, was converted to include two Pre Prep and one Junior Kindy rooms. They are: ●● Grasshopper Room (Junior Kindy) 2.5 years to 3.5 years ●● Dragonfly Room (Pre Prep) 3.5 years to school age ●● Butterfly Room (Pre Prep) 3.5 years to school age “The aim of the recent changes to our Childcare Centre is to prepare future students in their entry into the College Prep year,” said Mrs Santosa. “We began works, which included landscaping, towards

the end of 2016 and were able to complete them for the start of the new school year. We are very proud of our bright, new facility, which is full of exciting activities and fun learning opportunities under the guidance of two teachers and nine educators welcomed by Director of Childcare, Kellie Solomons, as part of the upgrade.” Mrs Santosa said that in the Centre’s ‘Secret Garden’ children were the seeds of life. “Our aim is to help those tiny seeds grow and blossom into happy, confident, knowledgeable, well-balanced individuals,” she said. “Our program is based on the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) as outlined in the National Curriculum as well as the Queensland Kindergarten Early Learning Guidelines (QKLG). We offer numeracy, literacy and Japanese classes. In addition to that, Peter Nich-

olson runs the popular sports program and Laura Barry is in charge of our yoga classes. “We are very lucky to have caring, dedicated and experienced early learning staff whose sole focus is the children in their care. We value our open lines of communication with parents, providing daily

updates of progress, developments and achievements. “We believe it takes a community to raise a child and we feel very privileged to be part of the family partnership helping to nurture our youngest members. Come and visit our Centre and ‘Secret Garden’ and see for yourself.”

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ow scholarships are awarded and managed has changed at Saint Stephen’s College to help deliver a level playing field for new and existing students, says Headmaster Jamie Dorrington. Mr Dorrington said the impetus for the ‘fresh, new approach’ to awarding and managing academic, sports and performing arts scholarships, internally and externally, reflected the changing demographics of the Gold Coast, and takes effect in 2018. “The new system should provide a fair, just and equitable platform for identifying those students deserving of a scholarship and is essentially the same for existing and new students,” he said. “A major change is that scholarship opportunities will be assessed on an ongoing basis, instead of once a year as in the past. This means that families arriving on the Gold Coast at any time during the year will be able to apply for a scholarship for their child.” Mr Dorrington says the College campus door is always open to prospective parents and friends to see first-hand the exceptional high tech, academic, performing arts and sports facilities, and why scholarships are highly sought after. “We are always happy

Fresh approach to College scholarships

to conduct tours and share our insight into the future of education and how we prepare our students for the brave new world,” he said. “As Headmaster since 2003 I could not be prouder of our journey to date. Our goal is for every student to succeed at school and to thrive beyond Saint Stephen’s College. We are a school that will always look at the most effective way to teach our young people, a school with a positive, supportive culture built on healthy relationships between staff, students and families. “Our facilities are amongst the best in the country and there is more to come in the form of a new music centre. Our digital resources are amongst the best on offer, and most importantly I have the great honour of working with an immensely talented groups of educators. “Our academic (OP) results remain in the top 20 schools of the state; our vocational education has expanded and our Performing Arts are remarkable.

With the addition of sport, music and community service, these are factors that come together to create unique opportunities for our students. “Our College’s mission is to develop character and inspire hope! Please come in and see for yourself.” vv

Scholarship opportunities

Existing students - Academic Scholarships are offered to students on academic merit that has been maintained over no less than two consecutive semesters, plus noted contribution to College life and involvement in extra-curricular activities. This is not an application process, rather, an invitation from the College resulting from internal identification. ●● GPA 13+ for Years 7 to 12 equals 50 per cent scholarship off tuition fee and capital levy ●● GPA 14.5+ for Years 7, 8, 9 over two consecutive Semesters equals 75 per cent scholarship off tuition fee and capital levy ●● GPA 14+ for Years 10, 11, 12 over two consecutive Semesters

equals 75 per cent scholarship off tuition fee and capital levy. vv Existing students - General Excellence: Sports and Music A team from the Sports Department and a team from the Music Department, through the Directors of those Departments, make recommendations to the Headmaster for awarding and/or increasing scholarships. GPA of 11+ vv New Students - Academic Excellence, Sports and Music Applications are open for the entire College calendar year. ●● This acknowledges and supports the demographics of the Gold Coast ●● Students provide a portfolio and are invited to sit an eligibility exam ●● Qualifying students will be invited to attend a formal scholarship interview vv Awarding of scholarships will be done by the Headmaster, Director of Sport and Director of Music.




Birth kits for eXXpectations


aint Stephen’s College Year 10 Interact member/student Georgia Howe was fortunate to attend eXXpectations with Dr Pauline Joubert during her work experience in July. eXXpectations is a private obstetrics and gynaecology practice in the Wesley Medical Centre in Brisbane. Their mission is for female obstetricians and gynaecologists to provide high quality healthcare for women of all ages. The week before her work experience Georgia heard through Rotary about women in Papua New Guinea who do not receive the basic level of care during childbirth due to lack of equipment. Upon realising how fortunate most women are here in Australia, her aim was to make 100 birthing kits to send to Papua New Guinea. So, she sought donations of old sheets, towels, soap, rubber gloves, builder’s string and zip lock bags from the College and local community. A collection box was located in the Main Administration at the College and the Interact and Earlyact club donated some funds to purchase further products. The Birthing Kits were packed up and delivered to Rotary Australia World Community Service Ltd (RAWCS) in Brisbane who were formed to support Australian Rotarians and Rotary Clubs to assist disadvantaged communities overseas. They were put into a shipping container and sent to Papua New Guinea along with other much-needed medical supplies.

Sails for Orange Sky Laundry

On Wednesday 16 August 2017 members of the Saint Stephen’s College Earlyact Club,



Jane Howe COMMUNITY RELATIONS Years 4 to 6, attended the meeting of the Rotary Club of Ashmore. Our Earlyact members: President Nicole Lipinski, Vice President Charlotte Read, Treasurer Jaron Dalton, Secretary Chloe Fraser and Minutes Secretary Emilie Howe presented a cheque for the amazing total of $1350 as payment for a shade cover which will be attached to one of the Orange Sky

Laundry vans in Brisbane. The students were surprised with a thank you video from the co-founders of Orange Sky Laundry - the world's first free mobile laundry service for the homeless. The concept was started in 2014. Two washing machines and two dryers were put into a van to provide a laundry service for those in need - for free.  Orange Sky Laundry now washes more than 5.8 tonnes of laundry every week. However, most importantly, there are more than 1100 hours of positive and genuine conversations in that time as a result. Shade sails were needed to provide protection from the weather whilst waiting for the clothes to be washed and dried. Earlyact was able to raise the funds by holding stalls throughout the year. Well done!


Care is at core of education


astoral Care is at the core of what we do at Saint Stephen’s College, says Dean of Students Kathryn Dendy. “Pastoral Care is about building quality relationships, nurturing the hopes and dreams of students, and providing a safe and supportive environment where individuals can flourish,” she said. “Our program provides students with the opportunity to discuss issues relating to their own lives and the lives of others in the wider community, to learn new skills, to develop a greater sense of self and others, to establish friends and to have some fun.” Topics addressed in the dedicated Pastoral Care lessons include body-image, self-esteem, decision-making, resilience, sexuality education, nutrition, self-respect, healthy habits, risk-taking behaviours, leadership, drug education, conflict resolution and online safety. They also focus on citizenship and motivating students to be more interested in, and responsible for, what is going on in the community, be it local, national or global. A highlight for many of the students, says Mrs Dendy, is the Better Buddy Program, in which the secondary and primary students come together and engage in fun activities for the purpose of getting to know one another, and building meaningful and authentic relationships. Integral to Pastoral Care at Saint Stephen’s College are the Tutors (secondary) and the classroom teachers (junior) who see the students every day and are the first port of call. “They get to know the students very well over the course of the year and make genuine connections with them and their parents,” she said. “But Pastoral Care is about more than just the dedicated lessons. Perhaps even more important are the incidental moments that contribute to the wellbeing and success of our students. “It is the lessons learnt on the sporting field about team-

work; it is the scripture passages explored during Chapel; it is the fun moments shared on camp balanced by the moments when students are challenged to self-reflect; it is the philosophies teachers embed in their teaching practices, the concepts they teach and the very behaviour they model; it is the way new students are welcomed to the College; it is the follow-through when a student is facing a problem; it can be as seemingly insignificant as a conversation shared between a student and a staff member in the school yard. “So whilst I commend our Tutors, classroom teachers and the College Pastoral Care team for the way they care for and support students, it is the tireless efforts of all the staff at Saint Stephen’s College who make a difference in the lives of our students.” Mrs Dendy stresses that Pastoral Care is increasingly important, given the growing challenges young people face, where technology, in particular social networking platforms, plays a chief role in their lives. “It is true that we can access information faster than ever before, we can communicate instantaneously with people of various ages and from various cultures, and we can establish and develop friendships via a growing number of social media

platforms, such as Facebook. But with these obvious benefits come some often not so obvious threats, in the form of cyber-bullies and other predators,” said Mrs Dendy. “So what is for some a great way of staying in touch and keeping their finger on the pulse, for others the online world is a dark place where harassment and intimidation is rife. “Also, in an era where clinical depression amongst young people is increasing, focusing on students’ wellbeing is vital. Skills such as resiliency and

conflict resolution, and opportunities for serving others, all key components of our Pastoral Care Program, equip our students with the tools to help them be happy. “Another excellent argument for teaching our young people these skills is the synergy between student wellbeing and better learning.” Mrs Dendy said Pastoral Care and how crucial it was, was best summed up by something she’d heard at a recent conference: “At the heart of education is the heart.”



ALL DAY DINING (Bookings Essential)

Restaurant open from 11:30am to 9pm, 7 Days






Latest tech in our classes



ome things make learning easier; things such as a great teacher, a friendly and safe environment, bright and colourful classrooms, and well-groomed grounds and physical environment. We are lucky at Saint Stephen’s College that we have all of these and more. Our quest has been to add to these fundamentals to enhance teaching and learning. Our rich online learning environment provides many resources at any time and from anywhere, with around 50 per cent of Senior College students using it on weekends, we are creating even more technology-based resources to enhance learning.

Lightboard Imagine being able to watch your teacher explain a complex concept in the same way he or she does in class, but online whenever you want and wherever you are. This is now possible. We built a ‘lightboard’

and some staff are now using this to create tutorials that replicate the classroom. A lightboard is like a normal board, but is made of special glass that is flooded internally with light. The teacher writes on the board and is recorded. The resulting tutorial is then placed in our Online Learning Environment – D2L. The lightboard provides a ‘human’ experience, with the teacher’s gestures and expressions visible. Students can replay the lightboard explanation as many times as necessary. For a more detailed explanation of the Lightboard, including an example video, visit https://www.eschoolnews. com/2017/03/27/online-learning-2-0-lightboard/

3D Science Getting a real insight into many things, such as cells and body systems, is difficult. Pictures in text books are flat and unrealistic, but have been one of the few options available. We now have a large screen 3D television that runs 3D software. Students can wear special glasses and can ‘look inside’ body cells, a beating heart and other

organs. Thus, they get a more realistic ‘picture’ of how systems really work, and this shows by the look on their faces.

Mixed reality ‘sandpit’ Playing in a sandpit takes on new meaning with this piece of technology that we have just completed. Complex geographical modelling can now be done instantly, creating mountains, valleys, seas and more; rebuild the ‘sandscape’ and the contours, and ‘landscape’ are redrawn. Virtual rain or a virtual erupting volcano can be created with the movement of a hand thanks to the power of high tech sensors. Contours on landscapes become instantly obvious to students, eliminating a common conceptual difficulty.This device amazes all who use it.

Drop in to see these amazing resources Feel free to organise a visit to view these examples of technology enhanced learning. Email me ( or phone the College 55738600 to organise a time. OPTIMA | SAINT STEPHEN’S COLLEGE



China education study tour


enior Saint Stephen’s College Teacher, Georgia Coventry, received a glimpse into the challenges faced by international students and first-hand experience of modern Chinese education during a recent ‘China Today Study Tour’ for school leaders. “It was an excellent opportunity to hear directly from Chinese educators their thoughts on their education system - their strengths and weaknesses, how their history plays a great part in shaping education and where they are hoping to go next,” said Ms Coventry “As Saint Stephen’s College has a high population of international students, it was She said her experience enabled her to very helpful for me as a classroom teacher to better understand the barrier international obtain a greater understanding of the teachstudents faced. ing practices that they are used to. I intend Ms Coventry visited Beijing, Nanjing and on using this insight to aid their transition in Hanzhou. our system as best I can. Program objectives “As a Film and Media teacher I also ●● Develop a knowledge and underintend on introducing more study about standing of modern Chinese society and its Chinese cinema into my World Cinema unit historic context. due to China now being the largest film Stephens Ad 2017.indd 27/07/2017 9:43 am - 1 - (BlacK) (Cyan) (Magenta) (Yellow) ●● Build an intercultural understanding industry in the world.”

through interactions with Chinese people and observations of social practices. ●● Build the capacity for teachers to implement the Australian Curriculum’s cross curriculum priority of Asia and Australia’s engagement with Asia across learning areas. “Overall the trip was an amazing and unforgettable experience.”


Design - Print - Digital P: 07 5596 4277 E: w w w. s - i n k s p o t . c o m . a u


65 Lawrence Drive Nerang


COLLEGE FUNDRAISERS Each year Saint Stephen’s College staff and students volunteer countless hours to raise funds and awareness for a variety of charities and organisations. In 2017 these included, but were not limited to: World Vision, 40 Hour Famine, Leukaemia Foundation, Gold Coast Project for Homeless Youth Inc, Rosie’s, Muscular Dystrophy and Tsion Mariam. Donations were collected through Crazy Hair Day, Pyjama Day, World’s Greatest Shave, Homeless Sleepout, Super Hero Day, sausage sizzles and the Gold Coast Marathon.

Fundraising and volunteers Bob Nicol, Assistant to the Headmaster Administration and Compliance, shares how and why Saint Stephen’s College students and staff volunteer at the annual Gold Coast Marathon. n June 2017 – for the 12th consecutive year – students, parents and staff operated a key water station at the Gold Coast Marathon. What the College values most about this great event is the double opportunity to provide significant community service. Firstly, volunteers make a commitment to give up a holiday to help the Gold Coast and the thousands of international runners competing in the half and full marathons. And, secondly we donate the money earnt from the event organisers. Starting at sunrise, 36 volunteers worked 20 tables spanning 110 metres to serve water and specialist drinks to 15,000 runners from around the world competing in the half and full marathons. We also helped keep the Gold Coast pristine by collecting the discarded cups and race gear. With beautiful views of


the Broadwater, our site sits at a crucial stage in both races. Seven kilometres into the half marathon where the runners hit the tables four deep testing our ability to keep the cups flowing. At the 35km mark, the runners are really hurting and the encouragement from the students often results in a renewed pace from many. It is a positive fundraiser on so many levels, and in 2017 our Tsion Mariam Orphanage School in Ethiopia and the Kokoda Challenge for underprivileged youth were recipients from donations

teers have and the number who return in following years to help run our water station. A truly marathon effort!

by the College from payments for operating the water station. Best of all about the day is the amount of fun our volun-

College lives Kokoda spirit in gruelling challenge T

he Kokoda spirit was again high at Saint Stephen’s College with two teams taking on the gruelling challenge through the Gold Coast Hinterland. The Kokoda Challenge Gold Coast is hailed as the toughest team endurance event in Australia. Teams of four tackle 96-kilometre (the distance of the Kokoda Track) within a time limit of 39 hours in honour of the 39th Militia, who were the first Australian response unit at Kokoda). The 48km Kokoda Challenge starts at the halfway point of the main event, with teams of three or four making their way through winding trails and steep

climbs to reach the finish line. Our ‘Munted’ 96km team, led by College parent Jeff Goucher, endured continual rain, thunderstorms, sprains, mud, blisters, no sleep and endless hills they said were brutal. Year 12 students Olivia Humphreys and Natasha Goucher with Year 8 student Jack Goucher managed to finish in 31.5 hours with a 4100-metre elevation gain, despite Year 12 student Mitchell Crouch having to withdraw just past half way due to injuries, The ‘Walking Warriors’ completed the 48km challenge at 12.22am. Led by Year 6 teacher, Sam Couché, a group of Year 11

students - Maya Geraghty, Grant Sampson, Alex Mack and Jodi Gagner students - who had been at the Bunya Mountains the week leading up to the Kokoda completed the muiddy and treacherous track Congratulations to all participants and as always a huge thanks to the parent support crews who helped the teams get over the line. OPTIMA | SAINT STEPHEN’S COLLEGE



Goda steers students into meaningful lives The South Passage experience is one of many opportunities provided to Saint Stephen’s College students through The Goda Foundation and the generosity of its longstanding Chairman Mr Humphrey Firkins. Here is an account of the life-changing challenge on board the 100-foot gaffrigged schooner built for adventure sailing and education, by College Office Manager Riana Hay, who joined the 2017 voyage. tudents experience the world of sailing when they step onto the South Passage ship. They are taught teamwork, initiative and leadership, all while learning about sailing and managing a ship. Not to mention getting a great workout at the same time. Twenty-two students set sail (with Mrs Grace Dorrington and me as their supervising staff ) from the William Gunn Jetty in Manly, Brisbane on 3 April 2017 for a five-day voyage around Moreton Bay. The purpose was to get the students working together as a team to build their confidence, whilst getting them outside their comfort zones. They were not allowed to bring their mobile phones and therefore we really had their undivided attention and 100 per cent interaction and cooperation. Students were allocated into three watches, or shifts, each with a College staff member and a Watch Leader, who was there to guide watch members and offer training on how to tack and gybe a yacht safely, to ensure they learned all aspects of sailing. Each watch was assigned duties in four-hour increments, on a rotation basis according to a duty roster. Duties involved watch members taking full responsibility of running and maintaining the ship. Each member would move around the ship during a watch and be responsible for various duties including helming, starboard and




port lookout. They would also record wind speed, exact coordinates and so on, in the ship’s log book. At times though we were all ‘hands on deck!’ This was experienced on the first day of our voyage as we had 33 knot winds and two-metre waves which was really an eventful day and one to remember for the rest of our lives - very exciting and definitely a story to be told for many years to come. During the voyage the students learned how to tie sailing knots and demonstrated these in a knot tying competition. Their duties also included cleaning toilets and bathrooms, washing and drying the dishes and polishing the brass on the steering wheel, bell and any other brass work on the ship. However, it was not all work and no play, as students also enjoyed off-ship activities such as snorkelling and climbing up the huge sand dunes on Moreton Island. It was great to see students working together throughout the five days and the feedback and compliments we received from Skipper Gary made us feel very proud to be Saint Stephen’s College staff members and part of such a fantastic group of young men and woman. The feedback from the students was amazing and they really enjoyed the voyage. Students on the voyage were: Fox Cassidy, Chloe Clayton, Casey Dolkens, William Egerton, Maya Geraghty, Jorja Greenwood, Zander Henn, Harry Huang, Olivia Humphreys, Alex Mack, Asia Merciar, Elise Monk, Lleyton Morgan, Michael Morris, Hardus Redelinghuys, Grant Sampson, Chloe Shute, Liam Smith, Thomas Stacey, Holly Stania, Eckard van Jaarsveld and Lilly Whiteman.



he Goda Foundation has a role to play in providing worthwhile opportunities for students to balance the need to study and to achieve - with an appreciation of what it really means to be human - and to learn to recognise and develop a true sense of community through experiences which take them outside their comfort zones and encourage them to develop a deeper understanding of the world and its people and their part in it. All of our programs present a challenge which may be physical or mental - and more often than not may encompass both. Whether it be in the coordination of body and mind necessary in learning to play the violin - alone or in company with others - or in abseiling down a mountainside - in a team hoisting a sail balanced on the yard arm of a sailing ship - above all encouraging the need to work in coordination with others coupled to the development of personal skills. This is why your personal support and encouragement is so important at this time. In a very real sense, your support is an investment in your children's future and in the world in which we all hope they will play a truly worthwhile role. The Goda Foundation is a registered not-for-profit charity dedicated to the enhancement of our children's education and the advancement of knowledge through scientific research and development. We hope that this year we will again develop and expand the opportunities we offer to all students at Saint Stephen's College and your participation will always be most welcome and truly appreciated.

History Goda Firkins, the namesake behind The Goda Foundation, was a lady of energy and vision who was committed to excellence in all of her own pursuits. Goda and Humphrey Firkins were the previous owners of the land on which Saint Stephen’s College stands today. The College began operation in the Firkins family residences in 1996 and The Goda Foundation officially launched in 1999. Over the years many students have experienced the opportunities and challenges offered through the Foundation’s programs. These have included, South Passage, National Student Leadership Conference, Outward Bound, Suzuki Strings, Dux Awards, The Goda Firkins Academic Medal of Excellence, The Humphrey Firkins Award for Science and The Kelmscot Chaucer Award.

Founder The Goda Foundation Humphrey Firkins







Parents, friends and Old Scholars come together for


ore than 100 parents, friends, Old Scholars and community members donned their dancing shoes and opened their hearts in support of the 2017 Goda Foundation Winter Gala Ball held at the InterContinental Sanctuary Cove Resort. The June ball was a major fundraiser for The Goda Foundation, which provides opportunities for Saint Stephen’s College students to balance the academic elements of school life with global experiences. The Goda Foundation Chairman, Humphrey Firkins — tireless patron and Saint Stephen’s College devotee — attended and spoke at the glamourous event emceed by Parents and Friends Committee Vice President Andy Simmons and overseen by College Community Relations and Events Coordinator Jane Howe. “The Winter Ball is a special night of celebration – as we come of age with 21 years of friendship and working together to create a College community that is exceptional on every level, a campus which rivals many universities, a dedicated staff who command respect and admiration and a student community which is permanently developing character and inspiring hope,” said Mr Simmons. To the rocking rhythm of Oz Hornz guests helped raise $6975 via silent auctions of items ranging from framed paintings and pamper packages to celebrity signed memorabilia, food and beverage generously donated by many local businesses. The P&F — through a dedicated group of people — aims to raise community spirit and funds through a variety of functions, including trivia nights, Melbourne Cup functions and family fun days. They were instrumental in the lead up to the ball by organising silent auctions. Thank you to everyone who supported The Goda Foundation Winter Ball, in particular a special mention to our major sponsors:

v Platinum v The Goda Foundation – Chairman Humphrey Firkins

v Gold v Zarraffas - Rachel and Kenton Campbell

v Silver v COVE Travel - Tegan Tarquinio Burling Brown - Simon Brook

v Bronze v DASH Symons - Ashleigh and David Symons Baker’s Delight Oxenford – Danielle Hall OPTIMA | SAINT STEPHEN’S COLLEGE



Lion King JR sells out in spectacular showcase E

veryone is still celebrating the unbelievably brilliant Saint Stephen’s College production of Disney’s Lion King Jr Consolidations musical. Our talented Years 4 to 6 students, inspired by the creative, colourful costumes and sets that supported them, played to sold out houses. Congratulations to the students, staff and parents who, under the direction of



talented music teacher Jai Schelbach, produced a spectacularly, unforgettable musical in which students shone on Pride Rock and across the African plains. Head of Consolidations, Richard Smith, commended all students in Years 4 to 6 for the energy and enthusiasm they demonstrated throughout rehearsals and performances. “In particular, to all of the students who

played lead roles, or were part of the ensemble, we congratulate you for the dedication and commitment you have displayed since Term Four in 2016, in your preparation for the musical,” said Mr Smith. “The Consolidations building will be a slightly quieter place now, but I hope that all involved will take the time to reflect on the awesomeness that was the Lion King Jr!”

COLLEGE MUSICAL CAST Rafiki...................................... Jaron Dalton Mufasa...................................Angus Herlihy Sarabi.................................. Gizel Malherbe Zazu...................................Josephine Henry Scar....................................Michael Burlace Young Simba.....................Karen Hashimoto Young Nala..................... Georgina Crowther Sarafina.....................................Chloe Cross Shenzi...................................Nicole Lipinski Banzai.................................Derito Da Costa Ed....................................... Nicola Crisafulli Timon.......................................Emma Riley Pumbaa.............................. Jake Delmiguez Simba.................................... Chloe Bubeck Nala....................................... Emmily Oram LIONESSES Edana Anderson, Amelia Dunwoodie, Shivan Kumar, Alice Cai, Sarah Wood, Hannah Carragher, Kelsie Ball, Laine Brittliff, Chloe Fraser, Heidi Haywood, Gizel Malherbe, Yeva Chaplya, Georgina Crowther, Caitlin Suttone ENSEMBLE Molly Atkinson, Charlotte Spargo, Reina Boyd, Daniel Davies-Pryce, Francesca Crowther, Georgia Hood, Jonah Saba, Matilda Shephard, Cassandra Clouten, Lilly Holmes, Georgia Thomas, Leyla Josephsen, Emily Gibson, Max Forbes, David Hamilton PRODUCTION TEAM Director..................................Jai Schelbach Assistant Director....................Kirsty Trezise Music Director............................Zoe Erskine Vocal Coach.......................... Caroline Taylor Choreographer.................... Natalie Keevers Producer................................Tony Marshall Associate Producer............Vanessa Chapman Production Designer......Samantha Reynolds Year Group Costume Designer... Bernadette Boundy Set Construction Manager.........Simon Howe Audio Design and Production......John Taylor (JTAP) Lighting Design and Production.Matt Quince Stage Manager............Jane Couché and Alex Georgiadis A SPECIAL THANK-YOU Ashleigh Miles, Jemima Ashmore, Michaela Burlace, Missy Chapman, Madison Coskerie, Michael Erasmus, Sarah Hunt, Kei Kureshima, Grace Lenthall, Cleo Saint Clair, Yusei Tatsuzawa, Lisa Yu, Elizabeth Hanrahan, Paul Hemphill, Teena Neinaber, Katrina Riley, Stuart Mattress, Jo Garvin, Anthony Pieters, Katrina McLachlan, Richard Smith, Corey Schelbach, Staff, parent and student helpers, Saint Stephen’s College Tech Crew, Saint Stephen’s College Maintenance Crew




10 and 20 years of service acknowledged

Each year on Saint Stephen’s Day we acknowledge the staff and tutors who have served the College for 10 years or longer. This year, for the first time, we also celebrate the staff who have dedicated 20 years of service to the College. Congratulations to the most recent recipients who reached these milestones on 15 September 2017. 10 years: Iain Taylor, Kellie Solomons, Ryan Soars, Rebekah Adams, Peter West, Tim Harris, Claudia Saint Clair, Wendy Maccullagh, David Hendrickson, Annette McDonald, Kerrie Soars, Keiichiro Onoe, Sam Konise, Rod Seib. 20 years: Mary Pearse, Kim Hallam, Yvonne Bampa, Mick Skehan, Juan Garcia, Leigh Elliot. Adam Tyrus wedding Senior College teacher and Class of 2007 Old Scholar, Adam Tyrus, married Madeline Smith at Stella Maris Catholic Church, Broadbeach on 1 July 2017. Old Scholars Ryan Soars – Class of 2005 and College teacher - and James Hollis Class of 2007, were groomsmen and best man respectively. The ceremony was performed by College Chaplain Father Andrew Kinmont and the reception at Arundel Hills Country Club was attended by 100 guests. Alex Heussner wedding College ensemble leader, Year 3 and Suzuki Strings tutor, and Class of 2010 Old Scholar, Alex Heussner, married Beau Stubbs on 19 August at the Sanctuary Cove Glass Chapel. The reception, held at The Grange Sanctuary Cove Resort, was attended by 60 guests – family, friends and Old Scholars. 22


Juan Garcia – son’s wedding Congratulations to guitar tutor Juan Garcia whose son Damian married Erin, on 8 July at Bryon Bay. Kirsty Trezise baby College VET Coordinator, Kirsty Trezise, and Nick welcomed the safe arrival of their beautiful healthy son Hugo Lewis Carl Trezise, at 6.38am on 4 September 2017. Big brother Carter is over the moon with his new brother, who weighed 4.08 kilograms and was 50 centimetres long at birth. Vanessa Chapman – son’s engagement Vanessa Chapman, Performing Arts Administration, and husband Paul, proudly celebrated the engagement of their son Bradley to Danielle Bennett (daughter of Sharon and Grant Bennett) at the Vibe Resort, Surfers Paradise on 29 July. It was attended by 50 guests – families, grandparents and friends who travelled from around the Gold Coast, Sydney and Coffs Harbour. Kayla Lewis baby “We were pleased to welcome Iluka Mae Lewis into our family on 13 May. An early Mother's Day present. Quade is a doting big brother and we are loving having a little 'pink' one to spoil. Another future Saint Stephen’s College student!” Linda van Viersen - grandchild Speech and Drama tutor Linda van Viersen welcomed beautiful Remy Van Smith into the family. “It is Rudy’s first grandchild – so lovely to have a baby in the family.”



aint Stephen’s Day is the biggest day on the College calendar – an emotional, vibrant and colourful reflection on, and celebration of, our beginnings. On the last day of the third term students and staff are joined by parents, friends and Old Scholars, to celebrate the official opening of the front double doors of the Firkins’ residence on the ‘Flowerbank’ property as Saint Stephen’s College on 18 September 1995. On Saint Stephen's Day, we announce the recipients of the Sedés Honoris (Seat of Honour) and the College Houses (Bell, Haley, Hughes and Greasley) compete in the long-established Dash for Wings and the more recently included Tug of War and the Battle of the Bands. The Sedés Honoris is awarded to the student who best epitomises the spirit and soul of Saint Stephen's College. The chair, carved from a Queensland Blue gum, was created by foundation parent, Bob Collins in September 1996. The following year’s College Captains are announced and staff who have been with the College for 10 and 20 years are acknowledged. This is followed by Dash for Wings - an exciting, timed 300-metre obstacle race through the College central courtyard lined with thousands of students chanting for their House - by junior and senior sprinters vying for the impressive Wings Trophy. Next, the three Tug of War contests on the College oval is a definite crowd puller as teams channel their inner and outer strength to take top spot. The Battle of the Bands, in the Goda Firkins Auditorium, where senior students showcase their song, dance and drama talents, caps off a brilliant day. We look forward to seeing you next time.




At Bond University, you can keep your finger firmly on the pulse by accessing our state-ofthe-art facilities and gain highly relevant practical experience to prepare you for the workforce.

CRICOS Provider Code 00017B 24





Class of 2010

Class of 2015

Since graduating from Saint Stephen’s in 2010 Adam Price has been busy on Sydney’s radio airwaves. Two years ago he was producer with Jonesy and Amanda on Sydney’s WS FM101.7, a weekday announcer on The Edge 96.ONE and hosting their iHeartRadio Countdown show on weekends. “I have in the last few months moved over as producer with the Kyle and Jackie O Show which is currently the number 1 FM show in Sydney on KIIS1065, also currently number 1 FM in Sydney,” said Adam. “I am also on-air announcing the hour before Kyle and Jackie O, 5-6am weekdays, and on-air announcing on KIIS during the weekends. “It’s a really fun job to be part of, you never have to do the same thing, you’re always doing something different and working on such a big show like Kyle and Jackie O always keeps things interesting and different.”

Class of 2015 graduate and dux of her year, Claire Wells is in her second year of Civil Engineering and Science at Griffith University and say she’s ‘loving it’! “I also waitress at Royal Pines Resort in the conference and events area,” said Claire. “Just recently, I was fortunate enough to be awarded a scholarship through the Gold Coast City Council Engineering department. The means that I work for them one day a week in the City Infrastructure division for the remainder of my degree. They also granted a full scholarship for the duration of my studies. “Thank you Saint Stephen’s College for providing me the foundation for all these opportunities to be possible.”

ALUMNI DRUMLINE ROCKS Old Scholar percussionists regrouped recently as the Saint Stephen’s College Alumni Drumline for an encore performance to remember. Former Drumline members Sean McNeill (Class of 2013), Matt Ferguson (Class of 2013), Keelan Gooden (Class of 2013), Tom Lyons (Class of 2013), Leona Kolaric (Class of 2012) and Jayden Edwards (Class of 2016) banded together, with instructor Pete Neville for some high profile gigs. They performed at the University of Queensland in Brisbane in May for Round 11 of the Premier Grade Rugby Union Season, and were asked back in July for a repeat performance. We look forward to future performances.





Class of 2016

Class of 2014

Most peers would agree that Class of 2016 Sports Captain Brielle Cooper was destined to continue pursuing her surf lifesaving career when she graduated. Just on finishing Year 12 she competed in her first Nutri-Grain Ironwomen title and also adds two consecutive Under 19 Coolangatta Gold short course races. “After competing in my first Nutri-Grain series as one of the youngest female competitors in the series, my desire to excel, succeed and grow as an athlete is stronger than ever,” said Brielle. Since completing Year 12 Brielle says she is totally focused on training ‘to be the best I can be’. Not only did Brielle qualify as the one of the youngest competitors Nutri-Grain Ironwomen Series she won two bronze medals at the recent Australian Championships, and seven medals at the Queensland State Titles, including a Bronze in the ironwoman event. In the same year she also represented the Queensland Cyclone State team in both Surf and Pool Rescue at the interstate championships. Brielle was born on the Gold Coast and started her surf lifesaving journey in the Under 8s at Kurrawa Surf Life Saving Club. “Although I was originally a pool swimmer and a dancer, Nippers was something I always loved, and the highlight of my week. Growing up in Kurrawa I was constantly surrounded and inspired by the best athletes in the world. The older I got, the bigger my love for surf, and the sport until it became my passion and my new family,” said Brielle. “My love for the surf sport goes beyond competing, and when I’m not training, I patrol beaches, coach at surf and pool rescue clinics and volunteer at the Albatross Nippers Program which allows children with special needs to experience the ocean in a safe environment. “I’m motivated to continually keep improving, work hard and dream big.”



Old Scholar David McBride spent five months working and travelling after he graduated in 2014. David is studying a Bachelor of Psychological Science at Griffith University and has worked as a lifeguard and boating instructor. Here he shares his most recent trip overseas. “I travelled overseas for five months from June 2016 working at summer camp in Wisconsin,” he said. David then ‘road tripped’ to the east coast, staying in New York City for two and a half weeks. “I then flew to Iceland for four days and visited the Blue Lagoon, The Golden Circle and major tourist attractions like Jokulsarlon and the town Vik,” said David. “From Iceland, I travelled to England to begin a Contiki tour of west Europe which included Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Munich, Venice, Rome, Florence, Lucerne, Paris then back to England in a matter of 19 days. It was exciting as I learned multiple things about each country. “I stayed in England, meeting friends in London and family in Bristol and Bridlington. I then flew to Zurich, Switzerland, staying with a friend who graduated from Saint Stephen's College in 2013 for nine days. On the last leg of my trip, I travelled by train to Paris and stayed for five days.” David returned to Australia with lifetime memories.


Class of 2013

Twenty-two-year-old Joshua Pretorius, Class of 2013, is completing his Architectural Design Degree at Griffith University, while working two days per week at Saint Stephen’s College. “I have lived in Australia for almost seven years now and love the opportunities that this country has to offer,” said Joshua. “I am a student of Architectural Design at Griffith University on the Gold Coast. I have one year left of the course and am currently working as a Teacher Aide in the Saint Stephen’s College Arts and Applied Technology and Business Faculty two days per week. It is good for the experience.” Joshua also likes to remain active through various sports.



Class of 2013

Class of 2012

Since graduating in 2013, Freya has been pursuing a career in the communications industry. As a recipient of the John Burton Cadetship Scholarship from Bond University's Journalism department, Freya began working at the Gold Coast Bulletin, covering all things lifestyle, food, fashion and entertainment. From there, Freya moved to London where she interned with Hello! Fashion Monthly - one of the UK's leading publications. She returned to Australia in 2016, graduated from Bond, and has since been working as a Marketing and Communications Officer for the City of Gold Coast in preparation for the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games.


Class of 2016

Class of 2016 Old Scholar and Immediate Past Co-President of the Saint Stephen’s College Interact Club, Jayden Edwards embarked on a volunteering adventure at Feeding Dreams in Siem Reap, Cambodia as part of his post school gap year. “For my first year after graduating from Saint Stephen’s College, I decided I would take a gap year and save up some money to go on a volunteer trip to Cambodia,” said Jayden. “I spent about six weeks at a beautiful NGO school, Feeding Dreams; where I taught English and maths to students aged six to 21. I'm extremely proud of the students and staff I was fortunate enough to work with, and am very grateful for the lessons they taught me. It's been a life changing experience and I'm sure I'll be back very soon.” Jayden’s trek was partly sponsored by the Rotary Club of Coomera River and the College Interact Club. While in Cambodia Jayden stayed and worked with former Saint Stephen’s international student Rouen Thouen who is working at Feeding Dreams, where together they made a positive impact on the children. Rouen, himself comes from a remote village in Cambodia. He travelled to the Gold Coast in 2012 to study at the College and embrace the opportunities that would in turn allow him to help the poor in Cambodia. While here he became one of 10 international Student Ambassadors chosen to promote the Gold Coast. “Being the washed-up volleyball pro I am, I figured I'd help out the boys with building some new volleyball posts and nets at Feeding Dreams. We're all happy with the results one court for the little kids, and one for the big kids,” said Jayden.

Holly Patrizi and Jordan Pyne, both from the Class of 2012, have made the move to Perth together where they are working full-time in their respective careers. Holly graduated with a Bachelor of Chemical and Environmental Engineering and now works as a Process Engineer in the Technology division at Woodside Energy. “As an engineer in technology we get to work on exciting industry partnerships with leading innovators such as MIT, NASA and Silicon Valley start-ups,” said Holly. Jordan graduated with a Bachelor of Laws/Commerce and now works as an Assistant Project Manager developing innovative learning spaces for the major universities in Western Australia. "I never thought with my degree I would have ended up working in the construction industry and loving it. I tell our clients that they should visit Saint Stephen’s College to see how a real iCentre is built," said Jordan. "We feel Saint Stephen's College provided a solid foundation to our university studies which led to our desired careers."


Class of 2002

Emily Phillips, daughter of Blake and Kate Jolly (nee Phillips) and Class of 2002 graduate, was baptised in the Saint Stephen’s College Chapel on 15 January 2017 by Father Andrew Kinmont.


Class of 2006

On Sunday, 13 November, 2016, Azariah Lambkin-Cahill, son of Kelly Lambkin, Class of 2006, and Patrick Cahill, was baptised in the Saint Stephen’s College Chapel by Father Andrew Kinmont.





Class of 2012

Class of 2015

Robert Daly, Class of 2012 is making a big splash as an Ocean Engineer – not a surprise since he has grown up around ships. At just the age of 22 Robert has gone from Draftsman at a Gold Coast start-up to Operations Manager overseeing 20 projects. The summary on Robert’s Linked in profile reads: “ I am 22 years old and am studying Ocean engineering at the Australian Maritime college in the co-operative program. I grew up on the Gold Coast Queensland and moved to Tasmania to study the course. I then took an internship at the Australian Maritime Safety Authority in Canberra and worked there for six months. “I have grown up around boats and the boating industry my whole life and have always had an interest in the design of maritime structures. I was able to apply my interests to my degree when I found the maritime college and have enjoyed the course ever since starting it. “Throughout my degree I have undertaken various build projects as well as written assignments.” The build projects include: ●● The design and construction of a boat powered by a rat trap. ●● The construction of a bridge made of pasta spanning across a meter, holding a weight of 80KG. ●● The design and construction of a model submarine that was used to perform various maneuvers and investigate external flow. Robert is currently a RKD Maritime Consultant, but has worked as an Operations and Sales Manager at GCMarine, Compliance Software Offer at the Australian Maritime Safety Authority and as a trade assistant.


Class of 2004 (Captains)

Congratulations to 2004 College Captains Sadia Stathis and Brock Schaefer who were married on 22 April 2017 at the Greek Orthodox Church of St Anna on the Gold Coast with the reception at the InterContinental Sanctuary Cove. The wedding was attended by 150 family and friends, including 25 Old Scholars. Brock and Sadia currently reside in Sydney where Brock is the Manager of Football Operations at NRL club the South Sydney Rabbitohs and Sadia is Legal Counsel, Asia Pacific of a US fortune 100 company - Liberty Mutual.



Matt Morby, Class of 2015 has been described as ‘genuine and hard-working Old Scholar” by Head of Year 12 and senior soccer coach, Sam Cleary. “Matthew Morby graduated from the College in 2015, and has been helping me coach the Open A Football side (which won the Premiership),” said Mr Cleary. “For those of you that have taught or know Matt, it will not surprise you that he has sacrificed many hours of his time without pay for the team, and even regularly attends club football games outside of school to support them. “He is representing the charity Team for Kids (https://www. in a bid to run the New York Marathon to raise money to enable underprivileged children to discover a love of running. "Matt Morby’s intention is to run every major marathon worldwide, and this seemed a great way to support kindling a similar love of running in others who are less fortunate.” Please support Matt in his endeavour, or simply following his


Class of 2006

Class of 2006 graduate and foundation student Rebecca Coudrey married Andrew Judd (a Churchie Old Scholar) on the 22 April at Osteria in Casuarina, New South Wales. Her two sisters, Sarah (Class of 2009) and Alexandra (Class of 2012,) were bridesmaids. Rebecca was a Saint Stephen’s College foundation student, commencing her first year in 1995 and graduating in 2006. She is the daughter of proud mum and College staff member Jane Coudrey.



Class of 2016

Class of 2011

Although Tom Kerrigan didn’t graduate from Saint Stephen’s College until 2016, he had already got his own business – Tommo’s Outdoors – up and running in 2013. “Tommo’s Outdoors started in 2013 when I had just commenced Year 9,” said Tom. “Tommo’s originally was meant to be a very small scale online store to purchase swags, but is now expanding every year with more and more camping equipment available.” He said that being a ‘typical teenager’ he was looking for a way to earn an income. “And, due to me being so unemployable because of my contact hours for Ballroom Dancing, I had to find something that could be worked on after hours, and could be run on the go,” he said. “Over the years Tommo’s has grown astronomically and is now being recognised amongst some of the larger camping equipment brands.” Tommo’s has donated to multiple charities including Fraser Island Clean Up, Homeless Sleepout, Swags for the Homeless and the Cancer Council Research. Community Relations and Special Events Coordinator Jane Howe said Tom was one of a number of supporters of the most recent Homeless Sleepout at the College. “All proceeds from the event were donated to the Gold Coast Project for Homelessness Youth Inc. A huge shout out to Old Scholar Tom Kerrigan who donated a swag to auction on the night of every sleepout,” said Mrs Howe. Tom notched up a few ‘homeless sleepouts’ as a member of the College Interact Club, which, under the guidance of Mrs Howe, is involved in many fundraising projects each year. You can check out Tommo’s Outdoors at: https://www.

Class of 2011 Old Scholar Peter Stockwell has travelled, worked as a lifeguard, trained in the army and worked overseas while completing his Bachelor in Teaching. “So far I am soon to graduate my Bachelor in Teaching majoring in Mathematics and Physics,” said Peter. “I am currently working as a ski instructor at Perisher for the 2017 winter season. However, previous to this I was working as a Senior Lifeguard at Wet n Wild and after making 10 rescues only one person said thank you.” Peter enlisted in the Australian Army Reserves soon after leaving College and served two years completing Recruit Military Training at Kapooka. “I enjoy multiday hiking and trekking with the longest being a SOLO expedition over nine days trekking a total of 130 kilometres over one of New Zealand's mountain ranges,” he said. “I am practicing regular rock climbing and abseiling outdoors at places such as the Glass House mountains. I have completed mountaineering and rock climbing courses practicing in ice climbing and glacial traversing in New Zealand.” Peter says he is ‘training heaps’ with his end goal to one day scale the seven major summits around the world. He has competed and placed in the top three for his age group in the Gatorade Triathlon series whilst he trained and Graded in Arakan Martial Arts for four years. He participates in regular seminars and tournaments.


Class of 2002

Class of 2002 graduate, and current Saint Stephen’s College parent, Talia Booth (nee Beeltje) and husband Peter’s daughter Skyla was baptized at the Saint Stephen’s College Chapel on 22 January by Father Andrew Kinmont. The family photograph Talia, with her husband, Peter, and their children, Ella, nine years, Tess, seven years, Skyla and Taila’s parents Hans and Bronwyn. Ella and Tess are students in the Junior College.



 Gold Coast’s most advanced private emergency department  Minimal to no waiting time  Highly experienced emergency medicine specialists  Specialised in all cardiac conditions  Onsite Intensive Care Centre FOR ALL THINGS EMERGENCY, VISIT

Gold Coast Private Emergency Care Centre 14 Hill Street, Southport (Off Parklands Drive)

55 300 300


Paediatrics  24 hr emergencies  Medical and surgical admissions  Dedicated Paediatric treatment rooms

 Parent and guardian overnight stays 30


Our family, caring for your family - for life!


Rugby 7s proves popular with girls


1 ������������������������������ Jed Rushford 2 ��������������������������������Robbie Daly 3 ����������� Stuart Comport – Clayton 4 ������������������������������� Fraser Lucas 5 �����������������������������Patrick Dwyer 6 ������������������������������� Scott Vowell 7 ���������������������������Andrew Howell 8 ����������������������������� Eoin Kennedy 9 �������������������������������� Jack Walker 10 ������������������������Robbie Benadie 11 ������������������� Mario Jewaskewitz 12 ������������������������������� Zach Curtis 13 ����������������������� Hayden Collinge 14 ��������������������������Matthew Kelly 15 �������������������������Taylor Williams Spirit of Rugby: Taylor Williams and Tom Hunt


ugby 7s is now an Olympic Sport with our Aussie Girls Gold Medallists from

2017 RUGBY BARBARIANS 1 ������������������������������� Caleb Enoka


It is already one of the most popular events at the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games and is the fastest growing girls' sport in the world with huge participation figures across all continents. Here at Saint Stephen’s College we already have three girls who have made representative 7s sides on the Gold Coast. We were also able to field 7s teams in all age categories for boys and girls at the 7s carnivals across South East Queensland, where they performed and placed highly in all divisions. It was therefore a very proud moment when we were able to announce our first female Rugby 7s Development Squad that commenced training in mid-2017. This squad was open to all Years 7 to 12 girls and incorporated a weekly training session as well as Saint Stephen’s College nominating for several carnivals. Our Coaches are some of the best on the Gold Coast with safety and correct technique at the forefront of every session. However, 7s is a contact game and does involve tackling. As this is a development squad, all skill levels and ex-

Mick Skehan HEAD OF RUGBY periences are encouraged and catered for. All were welcome to give Rugby 7s a go, from the novice to the more experienced. Twenty-five girls hit the training field initially with the numbers growing with every session. Three squads of 10 was our target. This was easily exceeded within a couple of weeks. Our mantra was “Come and give it a go. If it is not for you, that is OK. If it is, jump on board!” ​Could our first Olympian be among them?

2 ���������������������������������Isaac Stagg 3 �����������������������������Daniel Blower 4 ������������������������������ Neil Strydom 5 ����������������������������� Hayden Small


6 �������������������������� Harrison Stacey 7 ������������������������������ Zander Henn 8 ��������������������������������Jye Janetzki 9 ������������������������������ Archie Kensit 10 ��������������������������Bayley Perkins 11 ������������������������Lleyton Morgan 12 ������������������������������� Taj Ralston 13 ����������������������� Harrison Rowley 14 ������������������������������ Ben Purdon 15 ����������������������������Liam Sandral

1 ����������������������������������� Luke Nott 2 ������������������������Scott McLaughlin 4 ����������������������������������� Sam Judd 5 ��������������������������Duncan McNicol 6 ������������������������������� David Wilkie 7 ������������������������������Jason Mackie 8 ������������������������������ Michael Blair 9 ���������������������������� Andrew Hayes 10 ������������������������������� Zach Curtis 11 ���������������������Craig Wordsworth 12 ���������������������������������James Hill 13 �����������������������������Will Collinge 14 ������������������������������ Conor Ward 15 ��������������������� Nathan Anderson Spirit of Rugby: Trent Moody




Boys and girls open premiers show guts Open A Boys Premiers By Sam Cleary – Coach


oaching the APS Open A Football boys for the past five years has been a labour of love for me. My personal passion for football was kindled in me at a young age, and whilst I never had the chance to play football for the College in my years here due to a lack of student numbers and sports, it had become somewhat of an obsession to lift the trophy as coach. An obsession that, I can now say with relief, has finally been fulfilled. The standard of the APS competition is surprisingly high, featuring many of the Gold Coast’s top young players. And, given that some of the schools dwarf our numbers three times over, fielding a consistently competitive side is difficult. Our last Grand Final appearance in 2013, for instance, ended with defeat on the back of a Man of the Match performance to an opposing team student who has since gone on to play for the A-League Brisbane Roar. However, since season start, the 2016 Saint Stephen’s team seemed different. The spine of the team was built around Captain William McKinnon (Year 11), whose dogged tenacity and high work rate became the team’s engine room, earning him the 2017 Striving Award. Aidan Pigott (Year 11) was a formidable goalie and 2017 new addition striker, James Levy (Year 12), became the final ingredient for success; scoring 12 goals in 8 games and picking up the Merit Award. There was a distinct flavour of youth, with Nick Kojima-Kallas and Finn Johnson (Year 10) featuring in the starting line ups, and Max Sabados (Year 9), a pivotal attacking player on the wing. This team’s unshakable self-belief, and unwillingness to let each other down, saw them square up against undefeated Kings Christian College in the 2017 Grand Final. 32

Despite missing four first team players (including gun goal keeper Aidan) to injuries, ill-timed trips - and a cagey opening against a physical side we controlled the early stages of the match. Jayden Wordsworth (Year 12) stepped up in goal, the team bossed the majority of the match, leading late in the first half courtesy of a James Levy solo finish, into the bottom corner. The team rallied around their lead, and ensured the opposition had only a handful of shots off target, despite some anxious final minutes of defending. The sound of the final whistle, culminated a season of hard-fought victories, and finally, the trophy. Special mention to Class of 2014 Old Scholar Sam Catalano, who supported the team on the day. He captained the 2013 Grand Final team that we lost


3-0. Also thanks to Class of 2015 Old Scholar Matthew Morby, who gave up his time to help me coach the entire season. The undefeated premiership win was all the sweeter for their presence. Perhaps our proudest moment post-match was being commended by the Principal of AB Paterson on the spirit in which we played the game as well as our win. He said he admired the firm but fair way our students conducted themselves on the field, which is integral to the APS ethos. Winning any APS Premiership is special, but for me, this one was something else. I will not forget this group of young lads, so different in so many ways, yet united in their drive and determination to win. Well done, Open A Football boys of 2017 – you did the College, and me, proud.

Open A Girls Premiers By Patrick Dare - Coach There are times in a coach’s life where your confidence is shaken. This was my terrifying reality early on in the final moments of the Saint Stephen’s College Open A Girls football final. Prior to the game I was certain we were going to win but within the first two minutes we were down 1 - 0. They were impossibly fast through the midfield and were tearing us up. In the next few minutes I would learn the true potential of my team. The synergies of teams are greater than individuals, however, the brilliance of Olivia Biviano’s (Year 12) capability of reading the play turned the momentum of game. Olivia rearranged the defensive line up to match opposing player’s capabilities and dedicated Chené Marx (Year 12) to the sole defence of opposition’s danger midfield player. Chené, immediately unsettled her opposition and kept her off balance for the remainder of the game. From that point we held their fast break and the shift in their posture was towards increasingly desperate play. In comparison, our girls settled and played our game plan in controlled perfection, to use an old cliché, ‘it was poetry in motion’. Three awesome team-assisted goals scored by Chloe Burns (Year 10) followed before Coomera Anglican College finally struck back with one goal late in the second half. The final score was 3- 2 with Saint Stephen’s College Open A Girls Soccer team taking out the Premiership second year running. Special mention goes out to Captain Freya Kharas (Year 12) who dominated the midfield and literally played her heart out until she collapsed in the final minutes. Our goal keeper Brittany Hills (Year 11) was simply amazing saving goals no human should be able to. To all the girls of Open A Girls – it takes a team to win and what a team you are! Congratulations on your 2017 premiership, you deserved it. It has been my privilege to have coached this team for the past three years.


Best of the best who go on to compete on the world stage


epresenting your school in sport is a pretty big deal. Even bigger, when you’re selected to represent your district, region or state. But, to play for your country in the international sporting arena is certainly something to cheer about loud and long. We applaud, and are proud of, all our Saint Stephen’s College students, in particular the following, who have achieved this topmost level. Congratulations on your champion efforts in 2017! Bryce Skea Year 12 Selected in the South African Junior Swimming team. Competition included the FINA Junior World Swimming Championships in Indianapolis USA in August 2017. Isabelle Taylor Year 11 Selected by Golf Australia for the 2017 Toyota Junior World Cup at the Chukyo Golf Club in Nagoya in Japan in August. She was part of a three person Aussie team. Issy was proud to represent Australia and excited to play in only her second international tournament following her return from representing Queensland in the Women's Interstate Series in Perth and captaining the Australian Junior team in New South Wales. Jordy Brunt Year 12 and Matilda Wangoma Year 11 Selected in the Australian Junior Swimming team competing at the World Junior Championships in August. Jordy received a gold medal for the 100m Butterfly and Matilda received silver medals for the 100m Backstroke and 4 x 100m medley relay. Darcy Bidwell Year 10 Was part of the National Hip Hop Championships held in Sydney, where her Task Force team was selected to represent Australia in the World Hip Hop Champs in Arizona in August.

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10-YEAR REUNION The Class of 2006 clocked up its 10-year graduation anniversary at the end of 2016. We acknowledge you, your friendships and achievements. We hope these names, photographs and milestones from your graduating year bring back heartfelt memories of your time at Saint Stephen’s College and reignite bonds of years gone by. To stay in touch with Old Scholars join the Saint Stephen's College Old Scholars Facebook page. CLASS OF 2006 College Captains...Rebecca Coudrey and James Maskey Vice Captains......... Grace Fish and Zanon Pforr Dux.......................................Damian Parente Class of 2006 graduates Scott Anderson; Joe Ball; William Barclay; Matthew Bennett; Azur Beslagic; Bradley Blackbeard; Kirsty Blackbeard; Kaitlyn Britten; Magenta Burgin; Sam Copping; Rebecca Coudrey; Adam Cowderoy; Samuel Crooks; Kim Curtis; Erynh Dalzell; Jacinta Day; Simone de Beer; Taryn Doherty; Cassie Elliott; Bradley Erasmus; Alex Fawdry; Emma Fenton; Grace Fish; Jaydin Giribaldi; James Haigh; Shane Hay; Troy Hayes; Alexandra Jeffries; Brendan Jones; Roseanna Kokshoorn; Angie Koutoufides; Koichiro Koyama; Kelly Lambkin; Nicholas Large; Kathryn Lloyd; Liam MacDonald; Katie MacGregor; Michelle Mahony; GP Maya; Rikki Maroney; James Maskey; Kate McLachlan; Kayla McLaren; Ryan McLellan; Sam Middler; Zachary Milloy; Ben Morris; Rebecca Morton; Samuel Nott; Chris Odgers-Jewell; Rhys O’Neill; Candice Ong; Courtney Padman; Qing Hui Pang; Damian Parente; Emily Pezet; Zanon Pforr; Melinda Pollard; Sara Pontin; Kimberley Sampson; Ali Scholfield; Sharne Scott; Soraya Seabrook; Scott Smallwood; Angela Soong; Kate Staines; Christian Stephens; Megan Stewart; Robert Stolz; Prudence Strain; Olivia Tabone; Chantelle Taylor; Ben Thomson; Casey Tidd; Peter Ulbrich; Tysen Urry; Anthony Valiontis; Simon Velez; Bev Venske; Bernadette Wachter; Caine Wager; Sean Watts; Zachary White; Stephanie Willmann; Joshua Wilson; Steffany Wilson; Natasha Wright; Arisa Yanagisawa. HIGHLIGHTS IN 2006 v Ethiopia Trip v Musical ‘Back to the 80s’ v Introduction of the Connections Program v Introduction of the Interact Club v APS Basketball Open A Boys Premiers



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