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Optic stands presents a new way to get your business and services seen to the tourism sector.

digital tourism advert Platform

OPTIC STANDS Act out of the ordinary, discover a more innovative way to engage your audience. Create campaigns that really get your attractions noticed. Optic stands are located throughout the tourism sector, we use our flexible technology and know how to digitally stimulate and communicate your message through our creative mediums.

DIGITAL TWIST Optic stands refreshes convention al tourism information points, giving them a digital make over through the use of video broadcasting and the ability to showcase attractions on our touch screens in several languages.

HOW IT WORKS The optic team stretch far and wide to secure sites which have high tourist footfall. Devices are positioned in key areas around different locations, such as entrances, lobbies and waiting areas captivating guests and tourists multiple times

throughout their visit. The stand consists of card holders and touch screens, one screen includes a tourism portal used to promote attractions allowing users to navigate and quickly find key tourism information . The second screen is a video

display that is able to run multiple ads and widely noticeable. All campaigns are centrally controlled. The third screen(The Big AD) is used to advocate bespoke campaigns.

STAND DESIGN The Optic stand comes in many finishings and colour options to fit the aesthetic of each location

LOCATIONS Our stands are installed in airports, hotels, malls and transportaion stations. Locations are evaluated to ensure maximum exposure and usage is acheived.

LOOK AND FEEL Optic stands are the perfect balance between technology and aesthetics. We cut no corners in creating a visually striking unit



Use video advertising to strengthen any campaign. Instantly broadcast any video ad to any of our locations. The video display height is at a comfortable eye level and is reserved purely for video ads.

Air time

The time duration your ad will be shown to your audience. Airtime is divided into slots. We give you a variety of combinations, choose the one that best suits your marketing needs. Using our technology, we ensure that your campaigns will be seen up to 576 times a day per stand maximizing exposure.


Total looped Airtime is 2 1/2 minutes. Airtime is divided in 1/2 minute slots. Rates are subjective to each location. More pricing information is available on our rate card.

TOURISM PORTAL (Left touch screen) An informative, intelligent way of finding information.

Optic stands are a breath of fresh air for tourists who are interested in what the city has to offer. Our digital portal is an effective information centre which gives access to all the info they need and more. The left panel mounted below the main video screen is primarily used to advocate services. Tourists flip through our interactive interface to browse and discover registered destinations in our library of recommendations.



Our digital content is easy to handle and allows users to send summarised information directly to their personal devices. Conventional tourist information is generally advocated in English. UAE tourism attracts tourists from all parts of the world. While using Optic tablets, target audiences have the advantage of selecting any preferred language. Options include Russian, French, German, Spanish, Korean, Chinese, Hindi, Urdu and Arabic. Clients advocating their services through our portal have a choice of either using our set window template or provide us with their own android application to link. Social media can be used to gain more exposure by encouraging users to share info via their Facebook or Twitter in order to receive offers or information. We also can incorporate online booking services.

In the window Through our service windows, registered attraction information is arranged and categorised. Users navigate around using simple multi tabs showcasing Information via galleries, location maps, rich media and custom tabs.

The big AD Make it BIG by having your own personilized space on our screens. Optic Stands host the BIG AD screen. Get maximum exposure and prioritise your campaign by ensuring your message gets seen. The Big AD is devoted to one advertiser per location. The screen demands attention, giving your campaign more visibility. With the Big AD no taps are needed, messages and content are at the forefront.




Let our technology be a playground for your ideas. Think big and bold. We make sure that your ideas are nutured in whatever format is necessary. Monitor your campaigns performance by using our advanced analytical tools. In addition to this, you can also track where and how often your target audience are connected with your medium.

Not everyone is tech savvy. This is why we incorporate classic cards into the stands making our information widely accesible to all. This way information can be collected on the fly.

classic cards Old is Gold The Stand draws visitors seeking information about events and activities available in the city. Classic cards contains key information about your service in mini booklets. Visitors browse our card selection often taking a couple away to read in the room or on the go. Maximise your audience appeal include Classic Cards and compliment your digital campaign.

Our Classic Cards are a flexible print media that fits in your pocket and wallet.


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