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Everything between you and eye Vol.11 Issue 2 Nov/Dec 2011 A FourPlus Publication

Photochromic Lenses

Gaining Momentum

Ed Hardy

Designing Its Destiny

Just One Question

"We provide optical manufacturing solutions, not just machines”

– Satisloh’s Hanspeter Eigenmann and Subodh Modhe in conversation with Siraj Bolar

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An OpticP

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Polarisation Technology

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eyewear by Available at Central, Landmark, Lifestyle, Odyssey, Pantaloons & Westside. Also at Dayal Opticals, Foresight, Himalaya Opticals, Lawrence & Mayo and other leading optical stores.

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support your vision —

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Sole Distributors :

Shailaja Optical Industries B-104, Aditya Towers, Chandavarkar Road, Borivali (west), Mumbai - 400 092 (India) Phone : 022-2895 6262 / 2892 5858 / 022-3201 1473 Fax : 022-2892 3591 E-mail : Website :

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C Everything between you and eye Vol.11 Issue 2 Nov-Dec 2011 A FourPlus Publication

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Bi-monthly Eyewear

Fashion Magazine

Nov/Dec 2011 •

An OpticPlus Supple


een Everything betw you and eye Nov/Dec 2011 Vol.11 Issue 2 lication A FourPlus Pub

Lenses Photochromic Momentum Gaining

Ed Hardy

Designing Its Destiny

Just One Question

r – Satisloh’s Hanin conversation with Siraj Bola Subodh Modhe

• An



ut Need to know aboear? fashionable eyew Demystifying PoCheck out the freelari entsation OpticPlus supplemA Clearer Picture of y - GALLERIA risation Technolog Pola

Lens Talk


Photochromic Lenses: No Longer In The Dark


g ical manufacturin "We provide opt t machines” solutions, notspejus ter Eigenmann and





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Photochromic lenses have been around for a while. Read on to know what makes them even more relevant today.

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Designer Profile


Designing Its Destiny - Ed Hardy Here’s a brand that rose to fame and has stayed there.

In Conversation 36 “We provide total optical manufacturing solutions, not just machines” – Satisloh’s Hanspeter Eigenmann and Subodh Modhe in conversation with Siraj Bolar


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OPTICPLUS : Everything between you and eye

12/2/2011 6:58:31 PM



Round Spectacles The Iconic Pair Round eyewear works. Want to know why? Read on...

Market Talk


Perspective 62

Buying Groups - Collective Strength

Digitally Changing The Eyewear Market

Though a relatively new concept, buying groups are catching the attention of opticians in the country.

With online shopping on the rise, it’s time for eyewear companies to reassess their market strategies.

Management 70 Matters

Just One Question

Sell Value, Not Price!

“Why are reading glasses still popular despite the presence of progressive lenses?”

Bob Urichuck gives us the lowdown on how to engage in value-added selling.


Members from the optical industry share their views.

Ophtha Talk


Computer Vision Syndrome – Side Effects Of Technical Convenience This ailment is alarmingly common in urban areas and can severely affect one’s daily life.

Eyeducation 108 Vision Therapy: What Eye Care Professionals Should Know Vision therapy is gaining importance in the world of optometry. Find out about the opportunities it offers.


OPTICPLUS : Everything between you and eye

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OPTICPLUS E T

here is already a lot of excitement that is building up for the 6th Optic India, which will be held in January, 2012, in Mumbai. While trends suggest an increase in Indian visitors at international events, we look forward to seeing a similar growth pattern in this key event of the Indian optical industry. The eyewear business, within India as well as globally, is on the upswing. Yet, there is still a need to create awareness among customers about the importance of specific eyewear solutions. Photochromic lenses is one such option that seems to find growing popularity. You can find out all about these lenses in the ‘Lens Talk’ article.


Siraj Bolar


Alim Bolar

E D

Vinita Bhatia G E

Prema Chande Dr Cyres Mehta Dr Deepak Garg Subash Kataria E A

Ishita Bal



Tabrez Bolar

And since the eyewear business is all about providing the right value to customers, you will surely enjoy the ‘Management Matters’ article, where international motivational speaker Bob Urichuck talks about selling value and not price. Buying groups, a new trend, is gaining ground in India, and two of them have started operating here, adding a good number of opticians to their networks already. You can read about this in ‘Market Talk’. Needless to say, this is a power-packed issue and all the other regular articles like ‘Designer Profile’, ‘Trends’, ‘Eyeducation’, ‘Ophtha Talk’, etc., are also part of this issue. And as always, you can check out what’s hot and what’s not in our Galleria supplement.

C D

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Amarjeet Prabhakar D A S

Paul Daniel Nadar Sonal Mehta

G D/P

Marketing Jasbir Bolar

M D

Farhan Shaikh

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Read on. Enjoy!

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OPTICPLUS : Everything between you and eye

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There’s a lot more to photochromic lenses apart from providing wearers a chance to look at the world through tinted glasses. It is no wonder therefore, that photochromic eyewear is fast gaining popularity.

Photochromic Lenses

No Longer In The Dark R

ecent campaigns from a prominent photochromic lens supplier highlighted the need for photochromic lenses for kids. Interestingly, it claimed that children are exposed to the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays thrice as much as adults. According to them, the crystalline lens in a child’s eyes under the age of 10 years allows over six times more UV rays to pass through, as compared to an adult. And add to this, the estimate that 80% of a person’s total lifetime exposure to UV rays occurs before the age of 18.

Thus, highlighting the importance of photochromic lenses might seem like a good marketing idea. However, it can be considered a very genuine need, if one gives it proper thought. As children spend more time outdoors than adults, and with UV exposure becoming a fact of life these days, preventive measures to protect vision will surely go a long way in ensuring healthy vision. Prior to this, photochromic lenses were 16

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mainly offered to adults as a single solution for prescription eyewearcum-sunglasses.


The phenomenon of photochromism or the reversible change of colour upon exposure to light - was discovered in the late 1880s by Markwald, who labelled it as ‘phototropy’. This name was used until the 1950s when Yehuda Hirshberg of the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel proposed the term ‘photochromism’. So what’s photochromicity all about? Photochromic lenses are lenses that are clear indoors and darken automatically to a moderate sunglass tint, when exposed to sunlight. The correct term for these glasses is photochromic or photochromatic, which refers to a specific chemical reaction these lenses have to UV radiation. But due to the popularity of Transition’s

brand lenses, they are commonly referred to as Transition lenses.


Every lens company has its own manufacturing process for photochromic lenses. However, in general, for glass it’s the silver halides in the lenses that react to UV rays, causing them to darken. This process is reversible. So the moment the lenses are removed from sunlight and the stimulating UV radiation is no longer present, the crystals return to their original orientation and the lenses become clear again. In the case of plastic lens, instead of silver halides, an organic molecule is used for a similar reaction. Plastic photochromic lenses have light-

OPTICPLUS : Everything between you and eye

12/2/2011 5:24:57 PM


sensitive molecules that are distributed throughout the lens material or as a thin layer in the front surface (just as silver halide crystals are present in glass photochromic lenses). When plastic photochromic lenses have light-sensitive molecules distributed throughout the lens material, the photochromic process is referred to as ‘in-mass’ technology. Instead of distributing light-sensitive particles throughout the lens material, a thin layer of photochromic material is applied to the front surface of its lenses. This light-sensitive material penetrates the lens surface evenly to a depth of approximately 0.15 millimetres. This type of photochromic process is referred to as ‘imbibing’ technology. Corning and Rodenstock products use their own patented ‘in-mass’ technology. Transitions, on the other

Photochromic compounds fade back to their nonexposed state by a thermal process. So, the higher the temperature, the less dark these lenses will be. hand, uses ‘imbibition’ for 1.50 index and ‘transbonding’ process for all the higher index material including polycarbonate. Imbibition and transbonding are proprietary technology to its products.

IS IT THE PERFECT SOLUTION? Typically, photochromic lenses darken substantially in response to UV light in less than one minute, and then continue to darken very slightly over the next 15 minutes. By this time the lens can effectively cut out about 80% of sunlight. OPTICPLUS : Everything between you and eye

OP_Nov-Dec_11_LensTalk_page16-17-20-22.indd 17

The moment a wearer moves away from the UV light, the lens will begin to clear. It will be noticeably lighter within two minutes and mostly clear within five minutes. Usually, it takes more than 15 minutes for them to return to their clear state. Since photochromic compounds fade back to their non-exposed state by a thermal process, the higher the temperature, the less dark these lenses will be. This thermal effect is called ‘temperature dependency’ and prevents them from achieving their full effect in very hot climate. 17

12/2/2011 5:25:05 PM

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OPTICPLUS polycarbonate, Trivex and high-index plastics; as well as in bifocals and progressive lenses, in variable tints of gray and brown shades. There are other brands on the photochromic market’s horizon. The pioneer, Corning Ophthalmic, continues to offer a range of patented 'in-mass' photochromic plastic solutions, fully compatible with most anti-reflective and hard-coating treatments. This in-mass technology disperses photochromic dyes throughout the lens material (liquid monomer as a medium in addition to other technical components) with a specific manufacturing process ensuring that they are distributed evenly. Conversely, in cold weather conditions, photochromic lenses get very dark. This makes them an ideal choice for those who like to indulge in winter sports, like ice skating or skiing. However, once the wearer moves away from the triggering UV light - for instance indoors - the cold lenses take longer to regain their transparency. Some people worry about the lenses intensely tinting at undesirable times. But the molecules in the lenses undergo a chemical reaction and fully darken only when exposed to UV light. If they do change colour while one is indoors, it will be very slight and that too if any UV rays are present. Even on cloudy days, or during dusk, the amount of UV light is minimal, which results in the molecules getting activated slightly. This is especially true for lenses from brands like Transitions. It claims that this moderate activation is intentional to allow just the right amount of light to pass through the lens to reach a wearer’s eyes so that they can see clearly and comfortably, regardless of the time of day or lighting conditions.


The market has seen an increase in the sale of photochromic lenses during the last few years. One of the reasons could be attributed to a recent spurt in advertising spend by Transitions. This 20

OP_Nov-Dec_11_LensTalk_page16-17-20-22.indd 20

The eyewear market has seen an increase in the sale of photochromic lenses during the last few years, one of the reasons being the recent spurt in advertising spend by Transitions. definitely helped the consumer become aware of the existence of this product. A long-term, pent-up consumer desire for lightweight lenses that change from spectacles to sunglasses, in terms of the tint, suddenly transformed into a demand for it. Another factor could be the continuing innovation in the product itself. With improvements in the technology, the product that is available today is much superior to what was introduced to the world, two decades ago.


The most widely sold photochromic lenses today are from Transitions. Its lenses are available in plastic,

As UV exposure may, in the long run, degrade some of these molecules, especially those that are closer to the convex curve, others as-yet inactivated ones replace them. The company claims that this provides a longerlasting, more consistent colour over the life of the prescription. ColorMatic IQ plastic ophthalmic lenses from Rodenstock are available with an index of 1.67 or 1.6, which according to the company, make it particularly thin. It is available as single-vision or progressive lenses and blocks 100% UVA and UVB radiation. Suntech Intense is Hoya’s latest generation of photochromic lenses. Available in warm brown and cool grey and in all indices, it allows for light transmission of up to 95%, which means that it is extremely clear indoors. It activates up to 85% density outdoors, with a fade-back time of just a few minutes, according to Hoya. Yet another company is Vision-Ease Lens, which has LifeRx photochromic lenses that are made of polycarbonate and are available in variable tints of gray or brown. These lenses reportedly darken in less than one minute and Vision-Ease claims that its photochromic dye is formulated to fade back faster indoors, as compared to other brands.

OPTICPLUS : Everything between you and eye

12/6/2011 12:14:55 PM

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Almost everyone is a candidate for photochromic lenses. Parents should be educated how wearing photochromic lenses can protect their children from an early age. Kids are excellent candidates because their eyes are more susceptible to UV radiation, since they are continuing to develop as they grow older. Then there are others with special needs that could be prescribed photochromic lenses. These include people who develop a heightened sensitivity to light, known as photosensitivity, and are therefore, more susceptible to UV rays. Photosensitivity can develop with conditions such as diabetes or recent eye surgery. The condition can be caused by taking certain prescription medications. Some medications, even those used to treat conditions that are unrelated to ocular ailments, can also cause the eyes to become more susceptible to damage from invisible UV rays. Therefore, patients with special needs are good prospective customers.


Sunwear With Photochromic Lenses: Photochromism need not be limited only to prescription lenses. It can

Quick Take on Photochromatic Lenses ‘Break-In’ Period: The ‘break-in’ phase is the amount of time a new pair of photochromic lens needs to get exposed in order to darken and lighten as designed. Ideally, exposure to sunlight at least five times of 30 minutes or longer is enough to ‘break-in’ the photochromic process. Effect of Temperature: All photochromic lenses perform better (i.e. get darker faster) in cold weather. For standardisation purposes, photochromic lenses are usually tested at an ambient temperature of approximately 22 degrees Celsius. At higher temperatures, photochromic lenses may take more time to change and may not darken to the same degree.

Generally when worn inside a car with UV protective windshield, the ability of photochromic lenses to darken is reduced. Recent improvements in technology have allowed products like Serengeti sunglasses and Drivewear lenses to provide an alternative for this by combining polarisation and photochromic technologies and providing a better driving experience.

also be used with sunwear to provide better vision. As history goes, a filtering technology was developed by Corning's Medical Optics Division for automobiles. It concluded that the ultimate windshield for automobiles should be made from tempered photochromic glass that had special filtering effects for enhancing vision for drivers. Though the concept was rejected by the automobile industry, Corning then adapted it to sunglasses and launched Serengeti, the first line of photochromic sun lenses. Driving And Photochromic Lenses: Drivers are another good customer category. Windshields, in most vehicles today, block a majority of UV rays that cause photochromic lenses to

How Long Do They Last? Most plastic photochromic lenses gradually lose some of their ability to change in sunlight after 18 to 24 months of use. For the best performance, plastic photochromic lenses should be replaced every two years. On questioning a representative of one the companies regarding this, he refused to acknowledge the periodicity stating that it could even last up to five years or beyond. So this is open to debate as to how long it does last. But as the company representative mentioned – it could last the whole life of the prescription of the wearer. This makes sense because within two years’ time most prescriptions do change. However glass photochromic lenses do not show evidence of this fatigue and so the photosensitivity lasts as longs as the lens.


activate, or darken. As a result, when worn inside a car where less UV light is present, the ability of the lenses to transition to dark is reduced. A new category of lenses, called DriveWear, offers a unique and hightech solution for drivers. Using the technology of Transitions lenses, it combines the glare protection provided by polarized prescription sunglasses and photochromic lenses, which respond to both visible and UV light. The result is a lens that reacts to light both outside and behind the windshield of the car, and transition to a darker tint, accordingly. With a variety of lenses and technologies, the photochromic eyewear sector certainly has a lot to offer to opticians and customers alike. The preference for prescription glasses that come with photochromic properties is rising significantly on an annual basis, across markets worldwide. While research suggests that more than one in three consumers say they would purchase photochromic lenses, only 19% actually do so. Price may be a concern for some. But in today’s market where buyers are willing to pay the price, if they see value in the purchase, this value addition is definitely worth the money. Does the buyer think so too? Maybe it’s time to ask them! __________________________________________ – Vandana Gupta ............................................................................... Email us at


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OPTICPLUS : Everything between you and eye

12/2/2011 5:25:09 PM

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So what makes Ed Hardy - the brand, and Ed Hardy - the artist, stand out? They both represent sheer stubbornness to do only what one loves.


mages of intertwining waves, spiders, red hearts and skulls are not the only embellishments that artist Don Ed Hardy carries up his sleeve. Widely hailed as ‘the godfather of modern tattoo art’, he also lends his name to the Ed Hardy line of lifestyle products, which is recognised as the world’s largest and most popular tattoo inspired brand. The technical brilliance and mesmerising imagery sported by the brand are a curious amalgamation of American, Japanese and Cholo symbols merged cleverly with hotrod iconography. But few know that Hardy’s success wasn’t entirely of his own making. French-born marketing ace Christian Audigier was so enamoured by Hardy’s art that he decided to turn it into a worldwide sensation. He was truly instrumental in bringing Hardy’s tattoo culture into the world of fashion and catapulting Ed Hardy to new heights.


OP_Nov-Dec_11_Designer Profile_Ed Hardy_Page 26-27-30-32.indd 26


Its Destiny

Ed Hardy With Audigier’s marketing charisma and Hardy’s designing skills, is it any surprise then that the brand boasts of the biggest Hollywood A-listers amongst the ranks of its loyalists?

nowhere and gained phenomenal street creed within a few short years. The truth, however, is far removed from this. The man behind the tattoos has been around for a few decades.

Madonna, Mariah Carey, Britney Spears, Snoop Dogg, Sylvester Stallone, Ashton Kutcher, Paris Hilton, Larry King, David Beckham, Usher, Kim Kardashian and Justin Timberlake are frequently spotted toting the latest Ed Hardy clothes and accessories.

His early images – ‘retro’ skulls, sailor girls, devils and derby-topped dragons – have appeared on t-shirts, hats, purses, eyewear, belts, skirts, tights, boots, scarves, jackets, energy drinks, motorcycles and even golf carts sold worldwide. But all this popularity was acquired after a long struggle that involved breaking rules and more importantly, striking off the beaten path.

It may seem like Ed Hardy was an overnight success. After all, the tattoo brand suddenly popped up out of OPTICPLUS : Everything between you and eye

12/2/2011 4:49:26 PM



A Southern California native born in 1945, Hardy’s destiny became clear at the age of 10 when he opened a makeshift tattoo shop in his mother's house, where he drew tattoos on neighbourhood kids with wet coloured pencils and eyeliners. He blew off a Yale fine-art fellowship to pursue a tattoo apprenticeship, while simultaneously receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in printmaking at the San Francisco Art Institute in 1967. It was here that Hardy mastered the demanding art of intaglio etching under the guidance of the late Gordon Cook. Cook wasn't pleased when his gifted protégé jumped into the socially murky waters of tattooing. But it worked out well for the plucky Hardy boy who blurred the supposed boundary between ‘high’ and ‘low’ art and carved a path through the worlds of art and

commerce. In 1973, he became the first Western tattoo artist to be invited to Japan to study with the master Oguri in Gifu City. Oguri, whose tattooing name in Japan is Horihide, was highly regarded as the pioneer that brought Japanese tattooing to mainstream popularity in who country. This is where he studied Irezumi, a Japanese tattooing style that had great bearing on his designs in the future.

Hardy’s blazing images of devils, dragons and Buddhas were influenced by oriental etchings, 12th century Japanese ‘hell’ scrolls, 19th century woodblock prints, Southern California hot-rod striping along with the funk and humour of Bay Area art. An unruly,


Hardy pierced and painted the skins of a number of gangsters from the Japanese mafia known as Yakuza. When he returned, he opened Realistic Tattoo Studio in San Francisco. This was the first private, appointment-only tattoo studio in the US. It was here that he focused on largescale, custom Japanese style tattoos. This sensibility and style of shop, which Hardy imported to the US from his frequent travels in Japan, changed the OPTICPLUS : Everything between you and eye

OP_Nov-Dec_11_Designer Profile_Ed Hardy_Page 26-27-30-32.indd 27

face of modern tattooing forever. By 1977, the demand for his work was so high that he opened a second shop called Tattoo City.

Christian Audigier: The man who made Ed Hardy the brand it is today 27

12/5/2011 12:17:26 PM

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4/1/2011 3:44:14 PM

OPTICPLUS designs around the arms of sweaters and down the legs of jeans. Followers of pop culture enjoyed this new way of wearing their individualistic style of fashion on their bodies.


counter-culture aesthetic marked his imagery. Hardy claims that he took up tattooing out of a combination of economic necessity and artistic curiosity. It was a challenge and an opportunity to be an independent agent and develop the medium’s potential as an expressive art-form. At the same time, he also found tattooing’s ‘outsider’ status hugely compelling. He admitted, “Tattooing was a commercial art in contemporary Western society and I wanted to become successful at the business itself and simultaneously grow as an artist.” Happily, these two forces went hand in hand.


In 1982, Hardy and his wife, Francesca Passalacqua, formed Hardy Marks Publications. Together they wrote, edited and published 20 books on alternative art. In 2000, Oakland’s Mayor Jerry Brown added Hardy to the city's Cultural Arts Commission to reinvigorate the city’s cultural scene. In the same year, he was awarded an Honorary Doctorate by the San Francisco Art Institute. Additionally, 30

OP_Nov-Dec_11_Designer Profile_Ed Hardy_Page 26-27-30-32.indd 30

Ed Hardy's eyewear consists of designs with oriental influences that go back to his association with Japanese-style tattooing. Hardy completed a 500-foot long scroll painting of 2,000 dragons to commemorate the turn of the millennium and the Chinese Year of the Dragon. In 2001, he was the sole US representative in the 7th Bienal of Painting at Cuenca, Ecuador. It wasn’t long before his increasing prominence caught the eye of the fashion firm, Ku USA, Inc. In 2002, Hardy licensed Ku USA to produce a line of clothing based on his art. Within two years, the collection caught the interest of Saks & Co. Hardy and Ku USA formed Hardy Life, LLC, which holds the trademark ownership as well as copyrights to all his images. Christian Audigier reportedly “flipped” when he came across Hardy’s work. Inspired by the youth of America, vintage fashion, Hollywood stardom along with motorcycle and tattoo culture, it is no surprise that Audigier was smitten by Hardy’s artwork. He made a deal with Ku USA to market it. Audigier emblazoned the tattoo

There are now Ed Hardy stores in New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Seattle, Minneapolis, Honolulu, Tucson, Vancouver, Dubai, Johannesburg, Kuwait, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, New Delhi and Mumbai. The $20 million-ayear business - of which Hardy gets a small slice for licensing his name and art - is the brainchild of Audigier, who replicated the marketing techniques employed by Von Dutch Originals. He simply marketed directly to celebrity clients and opened stores in high profile fashion districts. In fact, the Ed Hardy brand today has entered a delicate stage where it is important to keep it cool and fashionable, without being overexposed. Audigier's unique marketing style and networking more than any other designer to ensure that his high-profile clients wear his clothes as often as possible. The prevalent paparazzi culture implicitly propagates lucrative advertising each time these celebrities are photographed. Audigier’s remarkable ability to set trends helped him single-handedly make Ed Hardy what it is today - the most wanted brand of casual wear around the world.


Ed Hardy has marked its fashion territory well and eyewear is no exception to this. It’s eyewear segment, Revolution Eyewear, consists of unique designs with oriental influences that go back to Hardy’s association with Japanese-style tattooing. The eyeawear component has three categories, the first of which consists of sunglasses that stand out owing to their colourful and stylistic elements. The two constant elements in this range are vintage tattoos and crystals from the house of Daniel Swarovski. It

OPTICPLUS : Everything between you and eye

12/2/2011 4:49:34 PM

GUESS?©2011 A R T D I R : PA U L M A R C I A N O P H : Y U T S A I

ADVT_OP_Nov - Dec 11_Ronak Optik_Guess Ad_Page - 31.indd 1

12/2/2011 3:04:54 PM

present on the pouch that carries it, instantly making it a kitschy collectible.

also has interesting combinations of leather and denim. The temples are usually large, with enough space for over-the-top imagery and stud-work and skulls are a central motif. So is the ‘Love Kills’ motif which carries the image of a heart, surrounded by ancient scrolls, being pierced with a knife. The eyewear comes in all shapes from the oversized to the tortoise-shaped, square-framed to the large rectangular ones. The lens gradients are usually in eclectic colours like pink, purple, green and red, among others. There are even rimless sunglasses that create the perfect biker-chic look. Though Hardy’s ‘rebel’ image lends itself to all his artwork, the brand still has its own spin on femininity. With oversized sunglasses in pink gradients and skull imagery in crystal work on the temples, Ed Hardy offers a pair that is rightly named after the singer and fashionista, Beyonce. Not for the weakhearted, this pair is custom-made for a diva.

All in all, the eyewear reflects a youthful, casual attitude - one that is devoured generation after generation. It takes a lot of confidence to pull off Ed Hardy eyewear and it’s strictly for people who are not afraid to make loud, bold statements. Today, Hardy is primarily focused on creating and exhibiting works in more traditional mediums. Since the 1960s, he has concentrated heavily on nontattoo based art forms, especially printmaking, drawing and painting. In addition to showing his own works, he has curated a number of exhibitions for both galleries and non-profit spaces. Hardy frequently lectures at museums and universities and his works have appeared in numerous international periodicals, books, films and videos. He also mentors artists at his San Francisco studio, Tattoo City. Till date, Hardy has authored over 12 books most notably the Tattoo Time series which is the first tattoo industry trade magazine. One of the most revered in the tattoo industry, his legend is bound to outlive him for a long time. ___________________________________________ - Siddharth Bhatt and Ishita Bal ................................................................................ Email us at

The second category is called the Street Collection. Launched earlier this year in 2011, it’s meant for their young customers who want the eyewear for its brand value and prefer a more toneddown version of the earlier collection. This range has sunglasses in subtle colours as well as styles and it does not have the over-the-top artwork of it’s older counterpart. Definitely meant for those who prefer an understated look. The third category is all about rimless spectacles and it predominantly focuses on lightweight frames. It, of course, has the signature Ed Hardy artwork on the sides of the glasses but is more chic owing to its being rimless. A special thing about Ed Hardy eyewear is that the design and embellishment on the eyewear is also 32

OP_Nov-Dec_11_Designer Profile_Ed Hardy_Page 26-27-30-32.indd 32



1967 Underwent a tattoo apprenticeship while simultaneously receiving a BFA degree in printmaking at the San Francisco Art Institute 1974 Pioneered the emphasis on unique tattoo commissions at his Realisitic Tattoo Studio in San Francisco. 1977 Opened a second shop called Tattoo City in San Francisco which also catered to walk-in clients. 1982 Formed Hardy Marks Publications along with his wife Francesca Passalacqua. They have written, edited and published over 25 books on alternative art till date. 1995 Collaborated with Bud Shark to produce a portfolio of lithographs titled ‘Tattoo Royale’. 2000 Appointed by Oakland mayor Jerry Brown to the city’s Cultural Arts Commission and was awarded an Honorary Doctorate by the San Francisco Art Institute. 2001 Was the sole representative of USA in the 7th Bienal of Painting at Cuenca, Ecuador. 2002 Licensed Ku USA, Inc. to produce a line of clothing based on his art. 2004 Christian Audigier got the rights to produce the Ed Hardy clothing line, which is based on Hardy's imagery. 2009 Iconix Brand Group acquired a 50% interest in Hardy Way, LLC - the owner of the Ed Hardy brand and trademarks. 2010 IGP Beauty secured the licensing rights for Ed Hardy Professional Styling Tools. Since then, they manufactured a variety of blow dryers, styling irons, styling tools, and hair accessories that include artwork inspired by Ed Hardy's famous tattoo designs.

OPTICPLUS : Everything between you and eye

12/2/2011 4:49:39 PM

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LIFESTYLE L.L.P. 4A2, Vijay chamber, 4th floor, Tribhuvan Rd, Opp: Dreamland Cinema, Mumbai - 400004, India. Tel: 91 22 23871339, Fax: 91 22 23871190, Mob: 91 9820169953,E-mail:,

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porsche design

porsche design


4A2, 4A2, Vijay Vijay chamber, chamber, 4th 4th floor, floor, Tribhuvan Tribhuvan Rd, Rd, Opp: Opp: Dreamland Dreamland Cinema, Cinema, Mumbai Mumbai - 400004, 400004, India. India. 4A2, Vijay chamber, 4th floor, Tribhuvan Rd, Opp: Dreamland Cinema, Mumbai -- 400004, India. Tel: Tel: 9191 2222 23871339, 23871339, Fax: Fax: 9191 2222 23871190, 23871190, Mob: Mob: 9191 9820169953, 9820169953, Tel: 91 22 23871339, Fax: 91 22 23871190, Mob: 91 9820169953,E-mail:, E-mail: E-mail:,, Website: Website:

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“We provide total optical manufacturing solutions,

not just machines” 36

OP_Nov-Dec11_In conversation Satisloh_page 36-37-40-41-42.indd 36

OPTICPLUS : Everything between you and eye

12/2/2011 5:14:24 PM

Satisloh AG believes that India represents a land of great opportunities. It recently launched its Mini Lab in the country and is planning to organise a series of road shows shortly, to help smaller optical labs scale their business. Here are excerpts of a free-wheeling chat that Siraj Bolar had with Satisloh AG’s Hanspeter Eigenmann and Subodh Modhe.

Siraj Bolar (SB): Hello, Hanspeter and Subodh. It is nice to have you with us. So Hanspeter, I believe you are a veteran at Satisloh... Hanspeter Eigenmann (HE): You could call me that! I began my career with Satis Vacuum in 1996, which made vacuuming machines, and later I was responsible for its global business. Satisloh was created when Satis Vacuum and Loh Optical Machinery merged in 2004. Loh Optical Machinery used to manufacture surfacing equipment. This merging was a major step as we could horizontally integrate surfacing and coating in a single company. Subodh Modhe (SM): Satisloh has been present in India for more than 12 years and we have our own sales and service office. Today, we supply complete solutions for ophthalmic and precision optics manufacturing, including equipment, consumables, tools, services and process knowledge from a single source. We offer all solutions for surfacing, coating and finishing.

OPTICPLUS Who is? Hanspeter Eigenmann

Head of Sales and Service - Europe, India, Middle East and Africa. With Satisloh since: 2004

Hanspeter's career began with Satis Vacuum in 1996, where he managed its global business. When Satis Vacuum merged with Loh Optical Machinery in 2004, he started looking after sales and service in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Middle East ...........................................................

Subodh Modhe

Area Sales Director - India. With Satisloh since: 2006

SB: Just a few years after Satis and Loh’s merger, Essilor took over Satisloh. How has this helped you? HE: Satisloh was a subsidiary of a Swiss company called Schweiter Technologies AG. In June 2008, Essilor acquired Satisloh. Our joint research capabilities and expertise has made it possible for us to offer all industry participants a broader, more competitive range of products and services. At the same time, we have managed to shorten the time taken to market new production processes. SB: Given that you have a wide range of products, which component of Satisloh’s business is more important? HE: Currently, surfacing is the biggest component of our business. But we also have machines for coating, vacuuming, lacquering and finishing. Our core business is to create equipment that manufacture lenses from start to finish, except for the moulding. Therefore, our range of products includes machines for surfacing, edging, coating, etc. OPTICPLUS : Everything between you and eye

OP_Nov-Dec11_In conversation Satisloh_page 36-37-40-41-42.indd 37

Subodh as been in sales and marketing for 20 years and started his career by selling optical instruments. He joined Satisloh as General Manager in 2006, and today manages its sales in India. SB: Essilor too has Kappa, an edging system that helps in chamfering lenses and is used in optical shops. How does this fit into the equation considering that Satisloh too has machines that it sells to opticians? SM: Yes, we do have machines that we sell to optical shops. But it is a very small portion of our business. In the US, there are a lot of these machines that we sell to the opticians there. But in the area that I manage, this is a small business. The machines that go to the opticians are usually glazing equipment, blockers and edging machines. We like to say that Satisloh is not only about machines. It is an optical manufacturing solution provider. So, there are times when customers 37

12/2/2011 5:14:38 PM

Your world. See the brilliance.

Welcome to colour. Ph: 044 42968899 - e-mail: ADVT_OP_Sep - Oct 11_Maui Jim_DSPD_page - 38-39.indd 2

10/5/2011 10:28:45 AM

ADVT_OP_Sep - Oct 11_Maui Jim_DSPD_page - 38-39.indd 3

10/5/2011 10:28:53 AM

have some problems and we work backwards with our R&D team and technical experts to find a solution. For example, a customer could have problems related to automation and we have solutions for that. There could be an issue about the lens quality, and for that we have lens testing facility. SB: How does the change in lens manufacturing technology affect you? HE: The standard way of lens manufacturing begins with the blocking process where you fix the lens. Then comes surfacing, polishing, washing and hot lacquering; followed by washing once more or anti-reflective (AR) coating. Only then does the process go into edging, where the lens is fitted into the frame. A different machine is used for each of these processes.

SM: Six years ago, there was a big change in the lens-making process when optical labs moved from general toric lenses to digital surfacing lenses. In the latter case, the prescription was put on the inner side of progressive lenses. This evolution heralded a whole new generation of machines, which was a big step for Satisloh. SB: Are all these machines supposed to be in the optical lens lab or do even big optical chains invest in them? HE: Frankly, it depends on the production volume. Bigger optical labs invest in big machines depending on the volume. At the same time, there are smaller machines that can be installed in small labs as well as big optical shops. But generally, our products are installed in optical labs, except for the finishing machines. SB: Tell us a little more about Satisloh’s software business division. HE: We have lab management software (LMS) that can integrate all machines to a central computer and manage these devices centrally, including processes like inventor management and prescription calculations. Each of our machines has its basic software and then there is a supervisory software, which does the remote tracing or lens fitting, based on the prescription. The LMS works seamlessly so that the manufacturing process can proceed smoothly. SB: But won’t people in the optical industry prefer to use the default software that is installed in the machine rather than invest in LMS? HE: This depends on the size of the labs. When an optical lab manufactures few lenses daily, it can continue doing that manually. A prescription can be entered into a device, the machine makes the calculations and the process for creating the lenses begins. This is how it works in smaller labs.


OP_Nov-Dec11_In conversation Satisloh_page 36-37-40-41-42.indd 40

But in bigger labs, like the one Essilor has in Bangalore, then more automated control is needed. When an optical lab creates over a thousand jobs a day, it is impossible to keep track of every prescription. Such companies need an integrated software to manage it. Our definition of a big lab is a facility that produces two or three hundred jobs daily. SB: Optical companies the world over are focusing on India. How important is this region for Satisloh? HE: There is no denying that India is an extremely fast growing market. And we are investing money and effort to tap this region. We have a team of customer service people who are trained regularly in Europe and locally. And we have some of our most modern machines installed here. SM: There are over 15 labs in Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, Goa and Mumbai, which are using these modern machines that Hanspeter mentioned. That itself shows the kind of potential that is present in this country. We already have stock points for spare parts and consumables in the country and now we are expanding our service team here as well. HE: I would say that due to the increased professionalisation in the business, India represents a great opportunity for us. And of course they are adopting modern lens manufacturing processes. Our product line does not cater too much to the smaller optical labs, which still use some manual process. But as they scale and become bigger, the more interesting the labs become for Satisloh. Because we are a company that covers the entire spectrum of solutions for any lab, be it small or big. Satisloh becomes a one-stop solution provider, which is a very interesting prospect for us and for the entire industry. SB: Technology is moving at a very fast pace. So what is the product life-cycle of these new machines

OPTICPLUS : Everything between you and eye

12/2/2011 5:14:39 PM

and how often do your customers have to replace them? SM: This depends on the innovation in the technology behind the machine. HE: The optical labs that made the shift to digital surfacing lenses around six years ago, or those companies that are making this shift, will need a new set of machines. The majority of machines in India, however, are still conventional machines. SB: So does this mean that your machines need replacement every time lens material evolves? HE: Yes. Incidentally, Satisloh does a lot of consulting work around lab design for new lens materials. This is because every time there is any such change, our machines have to adapt

provide a turnkey solution. We will discuss and understand what kind of production can be achieved, once the lab expands its operations. Based on that, we explain what kind of space would be required, what kind of power is needed and the number of people who have to be recruited. This is what we mean when it comes to offering customised optical manufacturing solutions. SB: When you talk about customisation, does Satisloh also create machines for a particular company’s requirement? SM: Basically, Satisloh’s machines are scalable. We have a machine like V35, which is for a small lab. We also have machines like V50 and V75, which are amongst the best time-proven

OPTICPLUS machines in the industry. Then, we have VFT Orbit, which is meant for freeform lenses. So we have solutions, which are scalable for different needs of the market. SB: How do you train your customers on Satisloh’s newer machines? HE: Training our customers is a very crucial part of our business. We have an institution, known as the Satisloh Academy, which is an internal education centre located in Germany. Here, every six months, we publish a catalogue with details about training courses for all kinds of disciplines, starting from maintenance of the machine, to basic know-how in

“There is no denying that India is an extremely fast growing market. And we are investing money and effort to tap this region.” – Hanspeter Eigenmann

Head of Sales and Service - Europe, India, Middle East and Africa. Satisloh AG

to the newer manufacturing process – starting from the product generation to using new speeds and new macros for the machine. Simply put, different lens materials need different types of treatment. This is one reason why we always say that Satisloh provides total optical manufacturing solutions, not just machines. SB: There are many smaller optical labs that would like to scale their business. How does Satisloh help them in this endeavour? SM: Two years after starting its business, an optical lab reaches a plateau and starts looking for expansion. This is when Satisloh can

OPTICPLUS : Everything between you and eye

OP_Nov-Dec11_In conversation Satisloh_page 36-37-40-41-42.indd 41


12/2/2011 5:14:46 PM

generating lenses, to edging. These courses are offered to our customers to update their knowledge. Of course, whenever we supply a new machine, we also provide an in-depth training to our buyers, so that the new machine is well integrated in their existing process of manufacturing lenses. SB: Do these training sessions take place at Satisloh Academy or at the customer’s premises? HE: It depends. In India, if we have a group of technicians who require training, we will provide the machine at Satisloh’s office in Mumbai and also bring in a trainer from Germany to conduct this training. SM: We also have on-site training at the customer’s site. For example, if a company opens a new lab to develop freeform lenses, then it is a very demanding step in the manufacturing process. So the customer will need training at the lab. Our trainers from Germany will, therefore, teach all the people who are involved in that process. This is because a shift in technology will affect all the manufacturing processes, be it polishing or lacquering. We need to send a trainer who knows all these steps and how our machines work best with all of the other machines involved in the complete process.

independent machines as a total solution to produce lens. We have just started selling this product in India and we are sure that this product will pick up soon. One of the reasons I am visiting India is to explore the possibilities of popularising the mini lab concept in the country. In fact, last year we introduced a new manufacturing process, a mini lab, where you can have a series of machines that produce high-tech lens in less than 22 minutes, from start to finish! SB: What is Satisloh’s agenda for 2012? HE: Our biggest task for the next year is to organise road shows in several cities in India and have many seminars. Here we can educate the optical labs

OPTICPLUS about the solutions we have and what we can do for them. This is a big event where we will bring a lot of specialists from Europe who can answer questions on the spot. We are also expanding our product portfolio towards the smaller productivity labs to reach out to small companies that may not be keen on investing in bigger production units. In short, these are very exciting times for us. SB: Yes, it does sound exciting, Hanspeter and Subodh. Thanks for taking the time to talk to us. ................................................................................ Email us at

“Satisloh's machines are scalable for different needs of the market.” – Subodh Modhe Area Sales Director - India, Satisloh AG.

SB: You mentioned that the market for small machines placed at the optician’s premises is very limited. But considering that more opticians in India are scaling up, isn’t this a rather promising market instead? SM: Yes, certainly, India is a very important market for opticians and optical chains. There are over 25,000 optical shops all over the country and it is certainly growing very fast. In the context of opticians, we are talking about machines for edging, blocking and finishing. So we do have solutions for this segment and our edgers, blockers and tracers are already popular with them. SB: What do you think about the trend of mini labs? HE: A mini lab is a combination of 42

OP_Nov-Dec11_In conversation Satisloh_page 36-37-40-41-42.indd 42

OPTICPLUS : Everything between you and eye

12/2/2011 5:14:49 PM

Optical Manufacturing Solutions Optical Manufacturing Solutions

Finishing Finishing Expert. Expert.

Perfect Perfect fi fit. t.

Complete Finishing Solutions Complete Finishing Solutions Dimension, 3B, 7E, ES-curve and ES-4 Dimension, 3B, 7E, ES-curve and ES-4 No matter what your finishing needs – Satisloh has the solution. No matter what your for finishing needs – Satisloh hasrobust the solution. From the Dimension high wrap tracing and the 3B blocker to the From the Dimension for high wrap tracing and the robust 3B blocker the 7E dry cutting table top edger and the automatic 5-axis ES-curve for to specialty 7E dry cutting table top edger and the automatic 5-axis ES-curve for specialty shapes – you have unlimited edging possibilities. shapes – you have unlimited edging possibilities. Increase your efficiency even further with the ES-4, a high volume industrial Increase ciency even furthersoftware. with the ES-4, a high volume industrial edger andyour the effi Edge-Server solution edger and the Edge-Server solution software. Look to Satisloh for your finishing solutions. Look to Satisloh for your finishing solutions.

Satisloh AG Satisloh India Branch OffiAG ce India108, Branch Office Madhava, Bandra 108, KurlaMadhava, Complex Bandra Kurla Complex Mumbai 400 051 Mumbai 400 051 Phone: +91-22-6696-2520 Phone: +91-22-6696-2520 Fax: +91-22-6704-2205 Fax: +91-22-6704-2205 Mail: Mail:

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10/5/2011 10:17:39 AM

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See Better. Look Perfect. ADVT_OP_Jul-Aug 11_Suvin_Rodenstock Ad_page - 45.indd 1

8/4/2011 5:03:22 PM


Truly Iconic The Humble, Spectacles Round Round glasses have been around for many decades, so one would think they'd be outdated by now. Well, going by the iconic figures we have encountered in recent and past history, they're anything but that. In fact, it would be safe to say that they're here to stay. So what makes the round pair so special? Read on to know more about this truly magnificent and timeless piece.


ell, round glasses have been on the scene for a while now and they are, without a doubt, a great accessory to one's outfit and, therefore considered 'cool'. Classic, yet not out of fashion, round spectacles, particularly because of its rich lineage, are not only 'in' vogue, but will also never be 'out' of it. The round spectacles, though uncommercial in style, seems to have become a trademark of sorts


OP_Nov-Dec_11_Trends page 46-47-50.indd 46


of the wearer. There's a certain demure appeal to them.

and has also struck a chord with designers across the world. They have always had a vintage, geek-chic and Hollywood feel to them. And whoever chooses to wear this style can be sure to add gentleness to their personality, while setting a standard for a simplistic design statement.

While most fashion trends, especially circular sunglasses, are seemingly everywhere all at once, there are certain markers in history that trigger group-think mentality in the fashion industry. And though there's no obvious source in chronology that might have ignited the interest of fashionistas who perceive this simple pair to be a strong fashion statement, we can always venture into the legends of our times.

The wise round spectacles aren't a pair to be 'flaunted'. These are timeless pieces that reflect the integrity and understated charm

When one thinks of round spectacles, the first few names that come to mind include at least one of these people - Steve Jobs, Mahatma Gandhi, John

OPTICPLUS : Everything between you and eye

12/6/2011 11:15:28 AM


It's uncanny how Steve Jobs, Mahatma Gandhi, John Lennon and Harry Potter, a league apart in their times, have one thing in common – round glasses. album covers and book jackets for years now, and is embedded in mass consciousness.

Lennon and Harry Potter. Uncanny, how all of them, a league apart in their times, have one thing in common – round glasses. So what makes legends like them opt for the simple-shaped, earthy pairs?


A defining element of the hippie style during the 1960s counter-culture movement was owed to John Lennon, one of the front men of The Beatles. His superstar image, in round frames, has been peering at us from posters, OPTICPLUS : Everything between you and eye

OP_Nov-Dec_11_Trends page 46-47-50.indd 47

Known for his sagacious appearance owing to his long Jesus-like hair and round eyewear, Lennon's wire-rimmed glasses were sold at an auction, drawing bids of more than $1.5 million in July 2007, as reported by BBC. In fact, perfectly round metal eyeglass frames are more famously known as 'John Lennon glasses'. Steve Jobs (RIP), whose recent demise brought the whole world together in bidding him goodbye, was arguably the greatest contributor to the 20th century invention, the computer. His 47

12/6/2011 11:15:37 AM

ADVT_OP_Sep-Oct 10_Pramukh Swami - Faconnable_Page XX.indd 1

10/4/2010 12:51:28 PM

ADVT_OP_May - Jun 10_Pramukh Swami_Henry Jullien Ad_page 109.indd 109

6/5/2010 2:53:55 PM

classic ensemble was always complete with a round spectacle frame that immediately rendered a rather humble geekiness to this world-class IT tycoon. Some believe that his fascination with John Lennon was why he wore these spectacles. And though his genius was easily understated because of the eyewear he sported, round spectacles, while being the humble man's glasses, have always had an underlying charm about them. And clearly, this allure never escaped Jobs. His demise has only made designers wake up to the round spectacles, which are now making a comeback. And Jobs isn't the only legend that sported this unassuming pair. Known simply as 'Gandhi', Mahatma Gandhi, the Indian freedom fighter who epitomised peaceful living, is still an inspiration to leaders the world over. This modest attire was never complete without his signature glasses. In fact, Gandhi's glasses, personal or secondmakes, have a notorious history of being stolen. Recently, Sevagram Ashram in Wardha, Maharashtra and known for being the place Gandhi stayed at when he first came to that town, reported the theft of his personal glasses that were there on display. Ironically, the glasses donned on the bronze statue of the icon in the Union Square Park in New York often had to be replaced owing to theft. Gandhi's round-rimmed pair are so obsessed over that they even inspired a font! Lastly, Harry Potter (one can almost hear Snape's rendition of it), the fictional character who took both the 50

OP_Nov-Dec_11_Trends page 46-47-50.indd 50

literary and the theatrical world by storm, couldn't have possibly looked complete without his round spectacles. Predictions by fashion-trotters came true when teenagers and adults started

Predictions by fashiontrotters came true when teenagers and adults started sporting the round glasses. Some even wore them as style statements, and not for medical reasons! appearing in the very round shaped glasses. Some even wore them simply as style statements, and not for medical reasons!


Circular frames, though known for the simplicity of their shape, are not facefriendly. On the contrary, they are very selective of what kind of wearer they suit. While in theory they compliment square, heart and oval-shaped faces, in practical life they can be quite disastrous on such face-types, if not carried off properly. Round spectacles don't only go by face structure, but also the wearer's personality, which should be nothing short of someone who is well-accomplished and has a clear vision of what he or she wants in life.

They also usually look best on people with strong jaw lines.


Legends live on, and in fashion history, the round spectacles have already carved a niche. Throughout the last century, round glasses have been associated with everyone, from celebrated artists and stars, to intellectual thinkers and business icons. And what is striking is that almost all of them are men and rarely a figure noted for his cutting-edge personal style. In fact, none of them really wore it to make a 'style statement', but unintentionally ended up making one and how. __________________________________________ – Ishita Bal ................................................................................ Email us at

OPTICPLUS : Everything between you and eye

12/2/2011 4:04:23 PM

ADVT_OP_Mar - Apr 11_Pramukh Swami_Nike Ad_ Page XX.indd 1

3/31/2011 10:01:29 AM ADVT_OP_Sep - Oct 11_Ronak Optic_Idee Ad_page - 51.indd 1

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ADVT_OP_Nov - Dec 11_Luxottica_Vogue Ad_Page - 53.indd 1

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Buying Groups:

Collective Strength B

uying groups, as the name suggests, is a group of companies who get together for mutual benefit not just in terms of bargaining power with their suppliers, but also a whole lot more. These are based on the provisions agreed upon by the group’s participants. It’s a relatively new concept in India and currently, everyone seems to be unwilling to comment when asked for their reaction about how far they see this going. But in terms of participation, it seems to have gathered a good momentum. There are two groups that have more or less spearheaded this concept in the country - Platin Optics and Cecop India. Platin has over 386 optical retail outlets under its banner, while Cecop claims to have added 170 members to its network, currently. What distinguishes the two is that 54

OP_Nov-Dec11_Market Talk_page_54-55-58.indd 54

Cecop is focusing on the independent optical retail stores while Platin is concentrating on optical retail chains and prominent outlets all over the country.

purchasing strength to negotiate for better discounts from suppliers. “This development helped in creating a more level-playing field,” says Gemma Arribas Miguel, Director of Cecop India.


According to SproutLoud, a US-based marketing company, in order to procure products and equipment at better rates, optical professionals are now increasingly relying on buying groups to negotiate better pricing and handle purchasing with manufacturers. In turn, these manufacturers are also starting to rely on buying groups to streamline their product’s purchase and market their brands to buying group members.

The concept of a buying group seems to have originated in the early 80’s when, globally, the eyewear distribution process started undergoing some changes. Retail chains subsequently had more bargaining power with the suppliers. Independent optical professionals, therefore, could not compete on the same level when it came to volume purchases. Understandably, manufacturers would provide better deals to the retail chains, making them more competitive than their independent counterparts. These smaller optical entrepreneurs then came together to form buying groups. They leveraged their combined


There are many optical buying groups, like C&E Vision and Vision West in the United States and Cecop in Spain, that have been in existence for over 20 years. Buying groups are now entering

OPTICPLUS : Everything between you and eye

12/2/2011 5:05:17 PM


Buying groups, a relatively new concept in India, is being discussed a lot in optical circles. Platin Optics and Cecop are the ones who can lay claim to introducing it to the country. And from the response they have gathered, it looks like they have made a good beginning. the Indian market, drawn by the scope for offering their services in this rapidly growing eyewear industry. “Even today, many independent eye care professionals don’t know that they can get the same discounts (on purchases) as the chains and franchises, if they buy through an optical buying group. From early this year, we have therefore been spending more time educating people in the Indian industry about this simple concept,” says Gemma. She also adds that her company has been steadily adding many smaller optical outlets who see a great value proposition in being part of a collective, to their network. Talking about Platin Optics, Pragnesh Gangar of Gangar EyeNation, one of the key members of the group, says, “For a long time, there was a latent inclination amongst some of us to start

Optical professionals are increasingly relying on buying groups to negotiate better pricing with manufacturers. a national-level buying group, but it never materialised. A couple of years ago, with Essilor’s help, Platin Optics was formed. Besides better pricing, we are trying to engage with select companies that can then distribute their products through our buying group exclusively.” OPTICPLUS : Everything between you and eye

OP_Nov-Dec11_Market Talk_page_54-55-58.indd 55

The biggest advantage of a buying group is that the more the number of members, the better the group’s bargaining power for discounts and marketing support. And manufacturers and suppliers will be more than willing to meet these terms, since it will help them address a chunk of the optical market through these members. This means better profit margins for both the sides. The other benefit that manufacturers as well distributors see in the existence of buying groups is that they can have exclusive arrangements for certain brands with these members. Platin, for instance, is negotiating with France’s Groupement Des Industriels Et Fabricants De L’Optique or GIFO, wherein select French brands can tap into the growing Indian market by selling their products through the members of the buying group. 55

12/2/2011 5:05:22 PM


SHOP NO. 15/16, ‘GANESH DARSHAN’ ,OPP. SHREE SAGAR HOTEL, L.T. ROAD,BORIVALI (WEST), MUMBAI - 400092. TEL. (022)3243 5328, 65772281, 30698377 Mob.: 9321009600 E-MAIL - WEBSITE :

ADVT_OP_Mar - Apr 11_ColorEyes_Harley Davidson Ad_ Page XX.indd 1

3/31/2011 11:02:00 AM

ADVT_OP_Mar - Apr 11_Pramukh Swami_Guy Laroche Ad_ Page XX.indd 1

3/31/2011 9:59:58 AM

“Platin has the leading optical retail chains and opticians in its network. By signing up with our group, these French labels can be confident that their premium brands will be available only in select outlets that fit their branding strategy,” Pragnesh explains.


Most independent eye care professionals are often busy managing their business, or are unaware about where they can find the best deals for their business. Besides, unless they have a very large optical operation, their individual negotiating power with suppliers remains rather limited.

their managerial skills. C&E Vision, for instance, organises online seminars (or webinars as they are known) on a regular basis, where suppliers can talk about the latest technology in lens and frame materials and design. It also organised a flash sale for Marcolin on its Facebook page where its members got exclusive access to enjoy substantial savings on specified Marcolin collections.


Buying groups provide services like Point of Sale (POS) material and advice on window display, too. They may even act as marketing consultants for their

“Even today, many independent eye care professionals don’t know that they can get the same discounts (on purchases) as the chains and franchises, if they buy through an optical buying group”

OPTICPLUS members and help them sell more. These services, amongst other things, make the proposition of being a part of a buyer group a profitable option. To ensure a certain amount of uniformity and level playing field, Platin Optics discourages price wars and unhealthy competition between its members. It has a policy wherein, other than the purchase price, it gives the suggested retail price for all products sourced from its suppliers. With the shifting customer-buying patterns, it looks like the optical industry is in for an overhaul. Is the trend of buying groups like Cecop India or Platin Optics just a passing phenomenon or will it define the way the optical business is conducted in the future? Only time will tell... __________________________________________ – Vinita Bhatia ................................................................................ Email us at

– Gemma Arribas Miguel, Director of Cecop India

This is exactly where a buying group can come in handy. They can negotiate for best discounts and schemes on their members’ behalf. The administrative committee of these groups even send out timely updates about the newer incentive plans and promotions to their members. Buying groups can effectively override the lack of communication that sometimes exists between manufacturers and their customers. The latter might not always be aware of new product launches and availability, due to limited access to marketing materials from manufacturers. Companies like C&E Vision in the US rely heavily on their online presence and social media networks to keep members updated about the latest developments in the industry, and also to improve 58

OP_Nov-Dec11_Market Talk_page_54-55-58.indd 58

OPTICPLUS : Everything between you and eye

12/2/2011 5:05:25 PM

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ADVT_OP_Nov - Dec 11_Aureole Inspecs_Superdry Ad_Page - 61.indd 1

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Digitally Changing The Eyewear Market

The digital market has changed every industry in recent times and the optical business is no exception. With online shopping on the rise, it’s time for eyewear companies to reassess their customer’s buying patterns, as well as their own market strategies.


OP_Nov-Dec_11_Perspective_page_62-63-66.indd 62


urrently, less than 4% of eyewear are sold online, but this will leap to 15% in the next five to seven years as consumers become more comfortable buying their eyewear on the Internet. The growth is already in full motion in Western economies and is creating drastic shifts in buying patterns, which are impacting all aspects of the industry, from supply chains to customer interaction. Let's take a look at the key impacts of the digital change in the industry and what the digital future holds for eyewear companies around the world. The first real impact has been markedly felt in the supply chain. The lines between retailers, agencies,

wholesalers and manufacturers/ suppliers have become increasingly blurred and control has shifted in multiple directions. Industry giants like Luxottica and Safilo have adopted tighter controls on who and where they distribute products. Retailers, especially medium to large chains, are increasingly interacting directly with manufacturers and cutting out the middle men. Along with costeffective gains, this helps increase control over where brands are sold and distributed. With heavily discounted designer products being sold online, brands need to do everything they can to preserve their brand value and this is not a surprising evolution.

OPTICPLUS : Everything between you and eye

12/2/2011 4:53:15 PM


In New York, there are several online companies, such as the Gilt Groupe, who have achieved unimaginable reach, in a short period of time, by selling designers brands at lower prices. Since they are creating a new force in the supply chain and a high quality clientele without geographic restrictions, why wouldn’t manufacturers sell directly to them? This helps them quickly sell excess stock and also retain control? For those businesses caught in the middle, the way in which their business strategies can adapt to these trends will dictate their ultimate survival in the new supply chain.


The economic downturn has given birth to a new type of customer who appreciates affordable fashion and is not willing to pay the high price that strong brands once commanded. Established brands are now having to deeply discount their products and there is an emergence of new low-cost players which present a viable alternative to branded eyewear. If global searches on Google are OPTICPLUS : Everything between you and eye

OP_Nov-Dec_11_Perspective_page_62-63-66.indd 63

anything to go by, ‘cheap sunglasses’ has almost 250,000 monthly searches which is ranked within the top five searches related to sunglasses. This is just one of many indicators that points at the increasing demand for low cost, quality eyewear. In the US, there are many online shops offering glasses for $100 or less and worryingly for big label brands, some are gaining strong traction with customers. With greater price transparency across the Internet, margins are under 63

12/2/2011 4:53:27 PM

Trusted by more and more opticians across India... AS






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70 AS 0 4 -7 V EZ S O NEV

a z n a l E a z n Ela a z n a l E RE





















lite Finis




ic Le



With Nevolens, the difference is clear

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The difference is clear!


FSV FX-610SP High tensile strength ophthalmic lenses for

better fitting on rimless frames

The Japanese technological marvel

A perfect balance


between the optical performance, the wearer’s comfort and the cosmetic appearance

Incredibly thin and light ophthalmic lenses


Unmatched superior scratch resistance and easy to clean. What’s more, the new Cushion Layer technology prevents edging cracks!






Hardcoat lens in 1.56 clear material

To know more about Nevolens products, please feel free to call:

Amit on 09820244195 or A DIVISION OF TWIN LAKES ENTERPRISE Hemang on 09322333563 Tel: 022 2207 2404 / 3242 4081 Email:

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10/4/2011 8:13:20 PM


significant pressure and competing over cost is not a sustainable option. It is innovation in branding and marketing that will differentiate the great, the good and the ugly. Visiting the optical conference at the Jarvis centre in New York this year only drove this point home. There was little to differentiate one ‘in vogue vintage styled’ brand from another so the purchasing decision comes down to the perceived value of the brand. Warby Parker, a new leading online eyewear company in New York, has not only provided greater awareness of its brands amongst its target market but also allowed for far greater customer engagement. Established players such as Ray-Ban, too, have presented innovative ways of marketing, for example, through the ‘Never Hide’ ad campaign and smartphone app. To really stay ahead of the competition in the digital world, companies both new and established must be constantly looking ahead at the emerging digital trends as first mover advantages can play a big part in winning in this market.


So the present and future of the eyewear business is digital. But what are the key trends and innovations that eyewear companies need to keep an eye on? As people become more comfortable purchasing their eyewear online without relying on their local optician, it is essential to capture the new wave of online buying trends. People trust recommendations from their peers, so there is a huge appetite for ‘social commerce’. This essentially translates to more consumers interacting with and influencing each other for purchasing decisions through online communities. One such example is where recommendations of influential fashionistas and bloggers greatly increase the sales conversion rates of the products showcased. Internet fashion giant this year alone made over 50,000 product videos. This decision is no coincidence, considering that video is proven to increase sales conversions 66

OP_Nov-Dec_11_Perspective_page_62-63-66.indd 66

As people become more comfortable purchasing their eyewear online without relying on their local optician, it is essential to capture the new wave of online buying trends. by as much as 20% to 30%. Video demonstrations could be particularly effective for eyewear. Illustrating, for example, how to adjust your glasses or seeing models trying on glasses has the power to make a consumer substantially more comfortable with buying online. There is still a relatively high cost to producing product videos. However, more and more digital tools are helping to drive down the costs of production. For example, is an online software that automates video production using video clips, which can be white labeled to create effective marketing tools. This is just one of several examples of new low cost softwares that can help smaller eyewear companies advertise their products in a more innovative way.


Mobile phones are becoming a ‘onestop shop’ and new mobile payment

technologies will soon eliminate the need for credit cards. Given that this will make purchasing via phones infinitely easier, eyewear companies that establish a mobile-friendly store and application will have a distinct advantage when this technology hits the market. Some apps with a virtual ‘try on’ technology for glasses have already emerged and more sophisticated applications are likely to follow. Similar to video, the cost of building a phone app has continued to decrease, so establishing a mobile phone footprint requires far less investment today than only a year ago. The digital marketplace presents both huge opportunities and challenges for the global eyewear industry. Young companies are harnessing the power of the Internet to capture market share from longestablished market players. We might begin to see a wave of acquisitions of the smaller, more successful companies as this could be the only conceivable way for larger companies to ‘catch up’ to the rate of digital change. Keeping pace with the myriad options in this space will require a high level of investment and effort, but the rewards are substantial if the digital strategy is executed effectively. __________________________________ - Kajal Sanghrajka (New York) ................................................................................ Email us at

OPTICPLUS : Everything between you and eye

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at t us a ! t 1’ 2 si E- 01 vi l ‘ 2 e al ia m st Ind Co r ic o u pt O

ADVT_OP_Nov - Dec 11_Luxurious Eyewear_Group Ad_Page - 69.indd 1

12/2/2011 1:54:30 PM


Sell Value, Not Price! It’s important to be successful at what one does, maximising talents and leveraging strengths. But there is a difference between being successful and adding value to everything one is actively engaged in, according to Bob Urichuck, an international speaker on management skills and an author.


ikipedia defines value added selling as one of the several sales techniques that relies on building on the inherent value of a product or a service. By its very nature, the value add technique is a more flexible and customised selling approach that requires input from a defined range of the average customers. These customers will help the sales and marketing leaders outline value positions that are likely to benefit the largest number of customers.


OP_Nov-Dec 11_Management Matters_page 70-71-74.indd 70

Tom Reilly, in his book ‘Value Added Selling’, describes this process as a proactive philosophy that seeks ways to enhance, augment, or enlarge your bundled package solution for the customer. It’s about promising a lot and delivering even more, and always looking for ways to exceed the customer’s expectations. Based on the definitions above, it is evident that being proactive, exceeding customer expectations, being flexible

and able to customise your approach are important. However, there are other elements that also have to come into play first. They are the four universal needs of all buyers. Without those needs being satisfied, nothing will happen. Let’s consider value addition in the context of the optical industry. With a product like eyewear, what is the value addition that can be provided while selling it to the customer? The answer is, a lot! One can easily work with the customer to help them select a frame which will

OPTICPLUS : Everything between you and eye

12/2/2011 4:52:14 PM

OPTICPLUS Characteristics Of Value-Added Sellers Attitude – The foundation of all successful people – a desire to be buyer focused. Integrity – 96% of buyers say that the number one thing they look for in salespeople is integrity. People want to do business with those whom they trust. Empathy – This is the salesperson’s ability to ask questions, listen and understand, and view life from the buyer’s point of view. Initiative – Having an owner’s mentality, being proactive and being one step ahead of the buyer and not waiting for someone to tell you what you must do. Knowledgeable – Buyers report that what they want most is to deal with salespeople who are knowledgeable, or experts in their field. If knowledge is power then what you don’t know holds great power over you. Courage – This is not the absence of fear, it’s the management of fear. Value added salespeople feel the fear and do what they know they must do. Discipline – Doing what you have to do, even when you don’t want to do it.

If two people trust each other and like each other, and want to do business with each other, they will work out the details.

suit their face and accentuate certain facial features. Or keep their lifestyle in mind while recommending frames. If the customer is buying contact lenses, they can be provided with information about the kind of lenses they should opt for based on their lifestyle patterns. You could say you already do this. In that case, providing this service, by keeping the customer’s interest in mind, is what a seller should do to actually add value to the sale.


Buyers the world over have very simple yet fairly complex needs.

They want to be understood, they want to feel welcomed, they want to feel important when they are in a store and most importantly, they want to feel comfortable when they are buying something. This is easier said than done though. But it is not impossible. The trick to achieving this is to step into the shoes of your customer and empathise with their needs. The true hallmark of a successful entrepreneur, or even a salesperson, is being buyer focused with an immediate desire to establish trust with their customers. Trust is the basis of a great long-term relationship. OPTICPLUS : Everything between you and eye

OP_Nov-Dec 11_Management Matters_page 70-71-74.indd 71

This step is not about the company, the product, the service or about making a sale. It is about the buyer and creating a relationship based on trust. It involves being curious while demonstrating integrity and empathy. In turn, it will satisfy the buyer’s need of being understood.


The seller can add value by questioning and listening. Problemsolving skills, follow-up, accessibility, knowledge and initiative should be focused on the buyer, and not on the sale or the product. Initially, the value added seller is like a doctor — he diagnoses the customer’s problems and then prescribes the right solution. 71

12/2/2011 4:52:18 PM

Untitled-4 1 ADVT_OP_May - Jun 10_Pramukh Swami_Azzaro_page 107.indd 107

11/25/2009 6/5/2010 2:57:23 5:11:18 PM PM F A B R I C A ADVT_OP_May - Jun 11_Ronak Optik India Pvt. Ltd_UCB Ad_Page 69.indd 1

5/24/2011 10:43:58 AM

Value added sellers define value in buyer terms, based on buyer needs, not seller terms or desires. If value is defined in buyer terms, buyers pay for it with a higher selling price. Conversely, if value is defined in seller terms, it means paying for it with a bigger discount. Value, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. The seller’s competence and attitude are primary drivers of customer satisfaction, loyalty, and retention. This explains why value added selling is significantly different from traditional selling.

OPTICPLUS “The true hallmark of a successful entrepreneur, or even a salesperson, is being buyer focused with an immediate desire to establish trust with their customers.” – Bob Urichuck

Just think about the difference between traditional selling and value added selling:  Traditional salespeople sell products—value added salespeople solve problems.

The seller’s competence and attitude are primary drivers of customer satisfaction, loyalty, and retention.

 Traditional salespeople attempt to create the buyer’s needs—value added salespeople seek to understand the buyer’s needs.  Traditional salespeople make deals—value added salespeople want to create a long term relationship and make a difference.  The fundamental selling skill for traditional salespeople is closing—the fundamental selling skill for value added salespeople is engaging – probing, listening and empowering the buyer to make decisions.


The best way to start adding value is to imbibe the qualities that make up a successful value added seller. The first characteristic is to have the right attitude. This is the foundation of all successful people – a desire to be buyer focused. 74

OP_Nov-Dec 11_Management Matters_page 70-71-74.indd 74

The next is integrity, because 96% of buyers the world over say that this is the number one thing they look for in salespeople. People want to do business with those whom they trust and who they believe will be truthful during the transaction.

salespeople who are experts in their field. If knowledge is power then what you don’t know holds great power over you. After all, knowledge is empowerment for you and armed with this, you can provide more value to your customer.

Another important trait that attracts buyers is a salesperson’s ability to ask questions, listen and understand, and to view life from their point of view. This shows that the saleperson is willing to be proactive and stay a step ahead of the buyer.

The key to value added selling is understanding buyers’ needs from their perspective— and defining ‘value’ accordingly. And to sum it up, sell value, not price!

And to be able to do justice to the buyer’s need, the seller has to be knowledgeable. Most buyers report that what they want most is to deal with

__________________________________________ – Bob Urichuck is an international speaker on sales, leadership, motivation and team skills. He is also the author of the book ‘Up Your Bottomline’. ................................................................................ Email us at

OPTICPLUS : Everything between you and eye

12/2/2011 4:52:24 PM

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Give your patients the unmatched comfort that comes with the highest standard of biocompatible disinfection,1 proven lens cleaning,2 and enhanced wettability2,3 they deserve. Recommend OPTI-FREE® RepleniSH® MPDS every time you see them - it’s a positive reflection on you.

7KH6FLHQFHRI&RPIRUWTM References: 1. Andrasko G, Ryen K. Corneal staining and comfort observed with traditional and silicone hydrogel lenses and multipurpose solution combinations. Optometry, 2008; 79(8); 444-454. 2. Schachet J, Zigler L, Wakabayashi D, Cohen S. Clinical assessment of a new multi-purpose disinfecting solution in asymptomatic and symptomatic patients. Poster presented at: AAO; December 2006; Denver, Co. 3. Data on file. Alcon Laboratories, Inc. 4. Survey of 305 Optometrists, Harris Interactive8, May 2008.

Alcon Laboratories India Pvt. Ltd., Unit No. 502, 5th Floor, Tower D, RMZ Infinity, Benniganahalli, Old Madras Road, Bangalore - 560 016. ©2008 Alcon, Inc. 11/08 0811ORJA14

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ADVT_OP_May - Jun 11_Ronak Optik India Pvt. Ltd_Flair Ad_Page 77.indd 1

5/24/2011 10:36:32 AM

HAPPENINGS Ketan Parikh, Vivek Nandodkar and Michelle Mendonsa pose with some of the dancers.

A Stellar Event

Business and fun merged well at Sterling Meta-Plast’s recent gathering for winners of its Triple Dream Offer, which was held at Alibaug between 14th to 16th November, 2011.


terling Meta-Plast held a gettogether for winners of its Triple Dream Offer from 14th to 16th November, 2011, at Radisson Resort and Spa at Alibaug. 65 opticians from across India participated in it, to network and relax. On the first night the guests enjoyed themselves at the Bed Lounge discotheque. The next day, after a relaxed breakfast, they previewed the new collections from brands distributed by Sterling. The company introduced its Diesel collection, which it will start selling in January 2012. There were brief presentations about other brands that it recently introduced in India, including CK Jeans, Lacoste and Diesel.


By Sterling

Ketan Parikh of Sterling announced his company’s tie-up with Marvel Comics, which has eyewear based on its famous cartoon characters like Spiderman, X-Men, Captain America, Incredibles, Hulk, etc. “We will launch the Spiderman range of eyewear early next year, and will try to coincide it with the release of Spiderman 4 movie. We believe that the kids’ eyewear market has a lot of potential, and Sterling will aggressively position Marvel Comics’ brands there,” he added.


The entertainment aspect saw a lot of action with a Balinese massage, chaat dinner, ‘Wild West’ themed party with hostesses dressed as cow girls and performances by Brazillian dancers. The last day saw a ‘Back to

School’ event where opticians were transported to their childhood days and participated in games like musical chairs and lime-and-spoon race. The winners took home Tommy Hilfiger pens. The planning that Sterling infused into this event was much appreciated by all. Vivek Nandodkar of Lawrence and Mayo said, “When Ketan does something, it is always done in style.” This sentiment was voiced by other attendees too who loved the fun element and interesting presentations. The scenic location, world-class rejuvenation therapies coupled with the entertainment that Sterling planned for the participants ensured that everyone who attended had a good time. __________________________________________

OPTICPLUS : Everything between you and eye

OP_Nov-Dec11_Happenings Sterlling - Tru Trussardi-Luxotica_Page 78-79-82.indd 78

12/2/2011 4:54:38 PM

Tru Trussardi Eyewear Launch


A Star-Studded Event Deepak Panchamia and Masato Nakagaichi pose with Sahil Shroff, Anushka Manchanda, Shveta Salve, Kangna Ranaut and Rannvijay

Kangna Ranaut shares the podium with Deepak Panchamia


Pearl Enterprise and Charmant Group launched the stylish Italian brand of sunwear and optical frames for men and women at a brunch event in Mumbai.


earl Enterprise and Charmant Group launched the Tru Trussardi eyewear collection in India, on 23rd November, 2011 at a fashion-filled event at Olive Restaurant and Bar. Actor Shveta Salve was the host of the event, while livewire singer Anushka Manchanda belted out a classic Michael Jackson song. It was well received by the audience, comprising people from the optical industry, like Michelle Mendonsa-Nandodkar of Lawrence and Mayo, Vinay Seksaria of Lens Eye, Kiran Sheth of Eternity Lifestyles, amongst others. Also present at the event was Masato Nakagaichi, Manager - International Sales from Charmant Inc, Japan and Deepak Panchamia, MD of Pearl Enterprise - the company that introduced the brand in India through distribution rights.


Actor and veejay Rannvijay Singh and model Sahil Shroff showcased the debut collection of Tru Trussardi sunwear and optical frames. Bringing the event to a crescendo was Bollywood actress Kangna Ranaut, who displayed various glamorous looks with Tru Trussardi’s eyewear. She noted that the brand's customers are confident of their individual style and search for bold accessories to complement their wardrobes. “Connoisseurs of quality, they also enjoy contemporary twists in its casual and classic styles,” she added. Speaking on the occasion, Mr Nakagaichi said, “The Tru Trussardi Eyewear collection epitomises everyday elegance. We believe that in Pearl Enterprise, we have found a passionate and knowledgeable partner, committed to nurturing and growing the brand in India.” While graciously accepting this compliment, Mr Panchamia commented, “We are extremely proud to be associated with the brand which has been successful in setting a benchmark for excellence and creative innovation.” OPTICPLUS : Everything between you and eye

OP_Nov-Dec11_Happenings Sterlling - Tru Trussardi-Luxotica_Page 78-79-82.indd 79

For men, the Tru Trussardi sun wear collection is inspired by the ‘Urban Dandy’ style. The Rock Dandy frames are bigger in size, square with generous rims and metal detailing like studs. The Classic Dandy group showcases retro shapes and elegant forms with leather detailing. Urban Wild Glam is the theme for the women’s sun wear collection. The Exotic City styles feature oversized shapes, with exotic snake skin patterns. The optical collection is aimed at trendy metropolitans who like to underline their personal style with a hint of understated fashion. The women’s collection is inspired by the latest trend of cat-eyed shapes. The men’s range offers modern interpretations of classic shapes and is ideal for those who like to use eyewear to express their signature look. While the stars mingled with the mediapeople at the event, people from the industry caught up about the latest happenings with their peers over brunch and drinks. A good time was had by all and the presence of the celebrities made it even more livelier. __________________________________________ 79

12/2/2011 4:54:47 PM

ADVT_OP_Jul-Aug ADVT_OP_Sep - Oct 11_Pearl_Corporate 11_Pearl Enterprise_Group Ad_pageAd - 72.indd _page - 72 80.indd 1

10/4/2011 8/4/2011 3:55:37 8:10:12 PM

is a trademark owned by HACHETTE FILIPACCHI PRESSE SA, Paris, France. EL18956-VO


ADVT_OP_Sep - Oct 11_Pearl Enterprise_Elle Ad_page - 81.indd 1

10/5/2011 11:10:08 AM


Luxottica’s Buying Meet At Pattaya Mingling business with pleasure at Luxottica's buying event

The buying platform took place at the Suphannahong conference hall in the same hotel. Visiting distributors and opticians were given a glimpse into Luxottica’s latest collection of prescription frames and sunglasses across all brands. However, its focus was to generate more interest in key house brands like Ray-Ban, Oakley, Vogue, etc.

Opticians check out the latest collections from Luxottica

Luxottica India created its first common buying platform for the country’s optical industry, as part of its annual distributor conference in Pattaya.


011 is a momentous year for the Luxottica Group, as it celebrates its 50th anniversary. To celebrate this milestone, Luxottica India decided to create a first-of-its-kind common buying platform for the country’s optical industry, as part of its annual distributor conference. Spanning over nine days, from the 18th to 27th of September, 2011, the event saw the participation of around


Some of these award categories included ‘Pillar of Support’, ‘Business Partnership’ and ‘Innovative Business Practice’.

A seminar in progress

330 opticians and 31 distributors. The venue for the event was the Hotel A-One Royal Cruise in Pattaya, Thailand, which is a cruise hotel. The company's representatives included Paolo Ciarlariello, Director-Asia Pacific; Davide Olivieri, Key Accounts Manager - Asia Pacific of Luxottica and Akash Goyle, Country Manager for India. Talking about this event, Akash said, “It helped us showcase the full range of our brands to trade partners, which sometimes isn't possible at their respective stores in India.”

CONFERENCE AND BUYING, TOGETHER The event also included the annual distributor conference on 25th September, 2011, followed by a rewards-and-recognition session.

To ensure that the people from the eyewear industry had their share of fun at the event, Luxottica had arranged for a visit to the famous Sriracha Tiger Zoo where visitors could pet and even bathe the tigers. They also got a chance to visit the Gem Gallery that has a wide and unusual range of ornaments. Later, they enoyed the famous Alangkarn Show, which is a cultural theatre, a circus and a worldclass stage production. And this is something that delighted Luxottica as well. “The participation of over 350 trade partners is a testimony to the success of this event. We'll continue to hold such events.” said Akash. __________________________________________ - OpticPlus Bureau ................................................................................ Email us at

OPTICPLUS : Everything between you and eye

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12/2/2011 4:55:19 PM






TRENDS Tel : (022) 27832552

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Your one-stop destination to the best eyewear brands worldover.

C - 20 M - 100 Y - 80 K - 40

C-0 M - 30 Y - 60 K - 40

K - 100

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Suvin Group T 1&2, Ground Floor, Block ‘B’, Bhangwadi, Kalbadevi Road, Mumbai 400 002 Tel.: (022) 2208 6702 / 2207 0081 Fax: (022) 2205 1009 E-Mail:

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EVENTS Hong Kong Optical Fair 2011

Substantial Participation Makes It A Success The 19th Hong Kong Optical Fair, held between 3rd to 5th November, saw the participation of over 600 exhibitors. More than 150 brands participated in the Brand Name Gallery, alone.


he 19th Hong Kong Optical Fair, organised by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC), was held between 3rd to 5th November at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC). At the event, Brand Name Gallery showcased new launches of this season's branded eyewear, such as British brand TD Tom Davies’ second Natural Horn Collection for Autumn 2011 and French brand Lafont’s complete eyewear collection. Over 150 brands from 18 countries participated in the Brand Name Gallery. First-time participants at the HKTDC fair included Arnold Palmer, Betsey Johnson, Fiorucci, Guy Laroche, Kenzo, Mammoth, myDeary, TD Tom Davies, Zadig and Voltaire.


A key highlight at the fair was the new ‘Contact Lens and Accessories’ zone, with 16 exhibitors from Hong Kong, 86


Hong Kong WHEN:

Nov 03-05, 2011

Korea, Singapore, Taiwan and UK. Some eco-friendly products showcased here included foldable eyewear cases made of recycled cardboard. HKTDC and co-organiser, the Hong Kong Optical Manufacturers Association, also arranged the 9th Hong Kong Optometric Conference, on 4th November, which looked at vision development and myopia. Optometrists and neuroscience experts from Canada, Finland, Hong Kong and Singapore participated in the conference, which was organised by HKTDC, Hong Kong Optometric Association and Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Other industry events included the ‘Compliance with International Standards – Latest Updates’ seminar, hosted by The Vision Council and Intertek Testing Services, and GfK’s

‘Optics Market Outlook 2012 – Insights of Asia, Europe and the US.’ Fashion, too, took the spotlight in ‘A Global Eyewear Tour – Looking at the latest style’ seminar.


The Hong Kong Optical Fair was the first in Hong Kong to feature Quick Response (QR) technology which enabled buyers who registered for the service, to use their smartphones or tablets to scan the QR code at each exhibition booth and instantly obtain exhibitor profiles. Within 24 hours they also received a personalised email listing of exhibitors they had visited. According to the organisers, the event showcased Hong Kong’s leading export industries, which shipped spectacles, lenses and frames worth US$1.47 billion from January to September, this year. With the good turnout of visitors and the increasing participation of exhibitors, the Hong Kong Optical Fair has proven that it can be positioned amongst the leading eyewear events, not just in Asia, but the world over. ___________________________________________

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Exceeding Expectations With 16,292 visitors and 521 exhibitors from 18 countries participating in the 24th International Optical Fair Tokyo, the event surpassed everyone’s expectations.


fter a massive earthquake shook Japan in March 2011, questions were raised on whether many optical companies would participate in the 24th International Optical Fair Tokyo (IOFT 2011). But the event, which was held from 11th to 13th October at Tokyo Big Sight, saw a good turnout of 521 exhibitors from 18 countries. Even visitor footfalls increased from 16,142 in 2010 to 16,292 this year. This turnout is a positive indication that IOFT continues to be an important optical fair in Asia. A lavish ribbon cutting ceremony was held on the opening day where the organisers - Reed Exhibitions Japan and Fukui Optical Association - welcomed 50 dignitaries, comprising sponsors, representatives of global embassies and national trade associations, to the event. Other key guests from leading eyewear retail


Tokyo WHEN:

Oct 11-13, 2011

chains in Japan and East Asia were also part of this ceremony. These included Fumihiko Nakao, President of Paris Miki Inc in Tokyo; In Gyu Kim, CEO of Davich Optical Chain in Seoul and Chin-Hsin Tsai, VP of Taiwan’s leading optical chain store Formosa Optical Technology. This year, IOFT’s Show Management team specially invited 345 premium buyers from 173 top optical chain stores in China, Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore and Thailand. A team of multi-lingual interlocutors accompanied them as they visited exhibitors’ booths, to help them overcome language barriers while discussing business.


This time, IOFT introduced a new area called ‘Tide’ where international eyewear designers showcased their latest stylish models. Most of these designers were from France, Germany and Denmark. The objective of setting up this area was to let visitors at the event witness new fashionable models from big and small brands, which they could then book for their optical outlets. Another highlight of IOFT 2011 was the ‘Eyewear Of The Year 2012’ awards. A special gallery was created where all participants in this contest could OPTICPLUS : Everything between you and eye

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display their design submission. This year, a new category was added to the awards – 'Eyewear for Children'. 417 entries were received in all, of which 18 products from six categories were finally selected for the Grand Prix awards and it was announced on the first day of the three-day event. Representatives of Strada Del Sole GmbH, which won the Grand Prix trophy in the ladies eyewear category, were elated that many people placed orders for the winning frames after they were announced as the winners. In fact, they sold out all their stock and even had to re-order it! Another annual awards ceremony that is part of IOFT was ‘Japan’s Best Dressed Eyes’ award. This is presented to the country's most famous wearers of eyewear and sunglasses. Six celebrities received this award this year and each winner wore the eyewear that was presented by select exhibitors. Buoyed by great reviews that IOFT 2011 received from exhibitors and visitors, the show’s organisers are confident about making the next IOFT - which will be held from 22nd to 24th October, 2012 - an even bigger and better event. ___________________________________________ 87

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Watching the World through the World Premium Lens Material

1.60 high-index lens is a new global standard of ophthalmic lenses. MR-8â&#x201E;˘realizes both exceptional optical performance and mechanical strength as the No.1 high-index lens material.

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The First International Optical Trade Fair Of 2012


Jan 13-15, 2012

Organisers of this optical trade fair have already managed to get 24% more exhibitors for the event in 2012.


he biggest USP of opti is that it is the first international optical trade fair of 2012. And the organisers of this event, which will run from 13th to 15th January, 2012, are confident that this is enough to attract key optical companies, eyewear designers, exhibitors and trade visitors from all around the world to Munich. “opti provides an extensive overview of the entire optics sector in as early as January”, says Dieter Dohr, CEO of GHM Gesellschaft für Handwerksmessen mbH, which manages the event that is held at the New Munich Trade Fair Centre. According to him, this is evident from the fact that the number of exhibitors participating in the event has been rising continuously over the past few years. Dieter informs that by September, they already had 24% more registered exhibitors from outside of Germany, than at the same time the previous year.


Some of the new international businesses that will be premiering in Munich next year include Novacel, LA Eyeworks, Opo Design Sweden and The Norville Group. Amongst these, the Norville Group from Gloucester in Great Britain believes that opti’12 will give their company a perfect platform to release its new collections and expand into a very active European market. A similar sentiment is voiced by Bieke Hoet of Hoet Design from Belgium who said that while their brand is quite successful in Belgium, Holland, France, Spain and Italy, their collection has not found its way to the German, Swiss or Austrian markets. He believes that opti will offer his company the best way to reach owners of high-end independent optical stores. According to Tom Davies of TD Tom Davies, another British brand which has been exhibiting in opti for several years, the event’s position at the start of the year is ideal, as it represents the perfect opportunity for the company to launch new products and collections in a well-attended setting.


Visitors from Germany and abroad can experience a comprehensive range of products on display at the trade fair, ranging from contact lenses, ophthalmic lenses and optical

instruments to technology and shop set-up. opti’ 12 claims to provide trade visitors with everything there is to know about technical equipment, precision tools and low-vision aids. These exhibitors will be housed in four halls. The Walk of Frame at Hall C1 is a boulevard with glass display cases and it showcases premium eyewear models. The dedicated YES! area in Hall C4 is where exhibitors can introduce their new collections to the public. Halls C2 and C3 are where the market leaders in the manufacture of frames, ophthalmic lenses and contact lenses will be present. One of the key draws at the event this year will be the participation of interior decorators and shop fitting agencies. These companies will hold workshops on how opticians can create a more vibrant customer experience in their outlets by using some simple interior designing tips, according to Claudia Weidner, Project Manager of opti ’12. In addition to this, there will be workshops and seminars, along with fashion shows and other entertainment thrown in. With all these activities, it is clear why the event organisers emphasise that opti provides an opportunity to kick off the business year with fresh ideas and interesting contacts. ___________________________________________

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Great Plans Are Underfoot! The wait has begun for Optic India 2012 trade fair, which will be held from 28th to 30th January, 2012 in Mumbai.


here are high expectations from Optic India 2012, which will be held from 28th to 30th January, 2012 at Bombay Exhibition Centre in Mumbai. And why not? After the great show in 2010, people from the optical community are hoping that the upcoming event will be even grander. The 6th Optic India provides a great platform for the industry, as exhibitors try to forecast the eyewear fashion trends for the year. This will help the visiting optical fraternity decide on the collections they can stock for 2012. The event is hosted by the Mumbai Optical Association (MOA) and organised by RSD Expositions. Mangalson is sponsoring the event while Scott, Sprint, Wish and Flamboyant & Fusion are the co-sponsors. RSD Expositions is

confident of hosting at least 150 booths spanning an area of 7,000 square metres. In 2010, it drew over 12,000 visitors across three days, which is a very commendable feat. And the event organisers are hoping to increase this turnout by a good margin in 2012.


Optic India has been successful in providing people from the industry an opportunity to interact with their distributors and suppliers at one go an opportunity they do not get usually get. In 2010, some of the exhibitors at the event included Sterling Meta-Plast, Hoya, Optimed, Velvette Eyegear, Corning, Ganko Opticians, Gajjar Group, Stylrite, Hind Corporation, Shailaja, Unity, Twin Lakes, Prime Lenses, Ciba Vision and Abbott Medical Optics.


Mumbai WHEN:

Jan 28-30, 2012

forward to the it as well. However, he added that the event would be even better if companies like Luxottica and Safilo would participate in it â&#x20AC;&#x201C; something that they have not been doing for the past few years. But there are others who canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t seem to get enough of Optic India 2012. Ketan Parikh of Sterling Meta-Plast informed that all the stalls have already been booked and there is a waiting list of companies that want to be a part of the event. MOA is, therefore, considering expanding the event to accommodate more companies. With the kind of interest that Optic India 2012 has already garnered, it will surely be a show to look out for! ................................................................................ Email us at

According to Baldev Sawhney, VP of MOA, exhibitors want to participate in Optic India as this is an important International trade fair that takes place in India, and therefore there is always a lot of excitement that is built around the event. This sentiment is shared by Pragnesh Gangar of Gangar EyeNation, who is looking OPTICPLUS : Everything between you and eye

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“Why are reading glasses still popular, despite the presence of progressive lenses?” Pragnesh Gangar

Gangar EyeNation, Mumbai


he reasons are multi-fold. Firstly, reading prescriptions are generally given around the age of 40. It is difficult for first time wearers to accept the fact that they now need glasses; they also tend to be careless with their eyewear. Secondly, reading glasses are more cost effective than progressives, so people don’t mind keeping a number of reading glasses within arm’s reach. Thirdly, the lack of awareness on the available options for vision correction plays a role. Those who never use glasses generally don’t bother to probe into the latest technologies. So salespersons take it for granted that the customer knows everything and, on some occasions, they are not even offered progressives as an option. For these reasons, reading glasses still remain popular. It has been observed though, that those who are conscious of eye health and need a distance prescription do not hesitate to go in for progressives when counselled. So we can convert these buyers with the right kind of information. ____________________________________________________ 94

OP_Nov-Dec11_Just One Question_page 94-95.indd 94

Subash Kataria

Vision World, Mumbai

For people who have Emmetropes or low Hyperopes, reading glasses are still the easiest, most convenient and economical option. Although progressives are a blessing, their high cost tends to be a severe deterrent. And coupled with the lack of awareness in people about the benefits of progressive lenses, people still opt for reading glasses. ____________________________________________________

Yogesh Mulwani ABC Chashmewale, Lucknow

The older generation is already comfortable with reading glasses. Hence, they tend to prefer it over progressives. Also, some people like to read while lying down and this is something that progressives don’t allow. Cost isn’t a huge factor, according to me, because there

OPTICPLUS : Everything between you and eye

12/6/2011 12:50:38 PM


Vikram Gupta

Prime Lenses, Goa


irstly, progressives are expensive. Secondly, they are sold as wonder products, in that they are not explained properly to the user. Thirdly, in trying to perform different functions, progressives end up compromising on some of them. Reading glasses, because of its singular function, focuses on one thing and serves the purpose well. These factors make reading glasses a winner. ____________________________________________________

Considering progressive lenses can perform multiple functions, one would expect them to be the ideal choice for those who have multiple vision correction issues. Yet, reading glasses, which only tackle one refractive error at a time, sell more than its multi-tasking counterpart. OpticPlus spoke to optical retailers, distributors and manufacturers across the country and asked them why reading glasses are still the popular choice. This is what they had to say… are cheaper progressives available in the market now. But yes, some people simply find reading glasses to be more comfortable and also, people don’t changing habits easily. The next generation, however, will be wearing more progressives for sure. ____________________________________________________

Harish Gajjar

Gajjar Group, Mumbai

According to me, reading glasses are popular because it’s just a matter of trying on a few pairs, choosing one that suits and immediately buying it off the shelf. Whereas with progressives, a lot of chair-time is needed to follow the procedures for prescribing, measuring and fitting. Also, an optician needs to have an in-depth know-how about progressives to be able to dispense it right. But in the long term, progressive obviously works better because it provides very high lens quality and also serves multiple visual requirements far more accurately than reading glasses ____________________________________________________

Mukesh Moradia Pramukh Swami Opticals, Surat


eading glasses are still popular for two reasons: they are extremely cheap and hence, easily affordable, and they’re very comfortable and wearer-friendly. ________________________________

Piyush Shah

Pearl Optics, Bangalore

Reading glasses can be conveniently bought and come at an affordable price. These are the two primary reasons why they’re still preferred over progressives. Progressives need to be dispensed properly and every optician’s dispensing quality isn’t as accurate as it should be. Those customers who aren’t satisfied with their progressives tend to give negative word-of-mouth publicity and this is another factor that works against this technology. I believe that, as opticians, we should take care to dispense it correctly and if we do, then progressives are definitely the future of eyewear. ____________________________________________________

Jayant Chheda

Suvin Optics, Mumbai

Reading glasses work for several reasons. As opposed to progressives, reading glasses are very effective and come in handy; the simplest form of vision correction, they are available at affordable prices. Prominent faces like Kapil Sibal, Mrs Sonia Gandhi, and many others wear reading glasses and make them seem reliable to the masses. Almost 60 % of the doctors who need near vision correction wear reading glasses. ...........................................................................................................................

OPTICPLUS : Everything between you and eye

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One for



for for

One fo forr

ravel Office TTravel

Visit us at and enjoy the experience of getting the latest product updates and ordering your stocks online.


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Optometry Education

Quality Or Quantity?

Opticman shares with us his views on the state and standard of education in optometry today.


y interactions with optometry students and budding optometrists, in recent times, have been rather unsettling. I am deeply saddened by the state of affairs with regards to the education provided in the discipline of optometry; there are a handful of people who, I know, are trying very hard for, and are very keen on its development. However, currently the focus seems to be on simply growing the number of optometrists in the country, rather than providing quality optometrists consistently. 98

OP_Nov-Dec_11_Opticman_page 98-99.indd 98

There are many educational institutions conducting various courses on optometry in India. But I am not sure of how much is being done to check the standard of education being provided by these institutes. What these students are taught is what they will ultimately use in their practice. Sadly today, my interactions with some students who have graduated from well-known optometry colleges, leaves doubt about the level of education being provided and the fact that there is a lot of space for improvement in terms of quality.

BETTER EDUCATORS NEEDED Different optometry schools have different standards. There was a movement, not too long ago, to standardise the curriculum in these institutions, but it hasn’t been very successful.

The quality of educators in these colleges also indicates the wide scope

for improvement. There’s a dearth of good faculty and this is probably one of the impediments in the proper functioning of optometry schools. Then again, considering that these are issues that will probably improve over time, one needs to ascertain the direction in which these optometry schools are headed. Are they creating optometrists who can independently practice the prescribing and fitting of spectacles and contact lenses apart from providing basic eye care services? Or are they training assistants to ophthalmologists, who have little or no interest in the field of dispensing? These are excerpts of some conversations I’ve recently had with a few optometrists: 1) “My spectacles are made of fiberglass lenses.” (Pray, tell me what a fibre glass lens is! This one shocked me.)

OPTICPLUS : Everything between you and eye

12/2/2011 4:56:33 PM

OPTICPLUS inexperienced optometrists to dispense my own lenses, let alone my clients!


Many multinational companies have entered the optical industry in the past few years. This has led to a surge in the demand for optometrists. Growing retail chains have further added to this demand. Some of these companies have even invested in their education, because ultimately, their growth and the growth of the entire optical industry depends largely on the skills of these very optometrists.

There was a movement, not too long ago, to standardise the curriculum in these institutions, but it hasn’t been very successful. 2) “I do not know what the optical centre is.” (Then what are you doing in optometry?) 3) “We do not need marking charts to dispense progressive lenses.” (Is this the reason that we often see a lot of problems in progressive lens?) 4) “The refractive index is the index of thickness of the lens.” (If you do not know refractive index, then your knowledge of optometry and the way a lens performs is clearly lacking!) 5) “The index of air is 1.33.” (Even normal school students in class VIII know that the refractive index of air is considered to be 1!)

Many universities, with varied levels of competence and ability to educate, are starting to conduct courses on optometry and there is a definite and absolute need for a single governing and examining board. This would go a long way in setting a standard for the quality of optometrists that graduate from these colleges.


Most optometry schools in India seem to be preparing students for a career in ophthalmic prescribing i.e. refraction. And these students seem to have minimal dispensing skills. Maybe the schools feel that they will learn these basics while they’re on the job. I, however, find this approach to be a fundamentally flawed one. Further, the communication skills of these students are compromised on and they themselves have no faith in their dispensing skills. So the bottom line of this current scenario is that we have a lot of basic refractionists but very few optometrists who know the art of dispensing. I’ve been in the business of offering vision care for many decades now and I have a responsibility towards my customer. I wouldn’t trust such OPTICPLUS : Everything between you and eye

OP_Nov-Dec_11_Opticman_page 98-99.indd 99

Who will form this governing and certifying body? The answer to this question can only be derived from within the industry itself. However, now that many optometry associations and groups have developed across the country, this could truly prove to be a Herculean task. The multinational companies can, therefore, take the lead in this regard and hasten the process by giving it a sense of urgency and direction at the earliest. Maybe the retail chains, too, could join hands in ensuring that we have well-trained optometrists who can dispense the right kind of vision care. After all, their very own growth depends on this as well. __________________________________________ Opticman is one amongst you. He hobnobs with everyone who matters in the optical industry. He is very knowledgeable about optics and his experience has taught him the nitty-gritty of the optical business. Some may find him to be prudish and cocky, while others may find him extremely amiable. But one thing’s for sure - he will say things to you the way they are - whether you like it or not! ................................................................................ Email us at 99

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It's no uncommon sight to see a person perched up on a chair staring into a computer screen or any other gadget, these days. One finds people engrossed in gadgets and electronic devices everywhere, from offices to trains, and even while waiting for a bus! It's, therefore, no surprise then that ophthalmologists find upto 80% of their patients, especially in metros, suffering from Computer Vision Syndrome.


temporary condition caused by focusing the eyes on a computer monitor for long, uninterrupted periods of time, Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) is easily the most common eye ailment on the block. People use other electronic gadgets like cellphones, iPads, gaming consoles, etc, too, but not as extensively as the computer, and hence, the name of the condition. Some symptoms of CVS include headaches, blurred vision, pain in the neck and shoulders, redness in the eyes, eye fatigue or strain, dry or irritated eyes, double vision, and difficulty in refocusing the eyes. These symptoms can be aggravated further 102

OP_Nov-Dec 11_Optha Talk_page 102-103-104.indd 102

Side Effects Of Technical Convenience

Computer Vision Syndrome by improper lighting conditions (i.e. bright overhead lighting or glare from the screen). The other culprit is the air moving past the eyes, for example overhead vents, direct air from a fan or an air conditioner.


Despite its simply suggestive name, computers aren't exactly what cause CVS. The main culprit behind this rather rampant condition is dryness in the eyes. When we look at any screen while working, we subconsciously reduce our eye blink rate because we don't want to miss a line in an email that we're

reading. This tendency of forgetting to blink causes our eyes to dry, which in turn leads to symptoms of CVS, such as burning, itching, red eyes, eye strain, headache and fatigue by the end of the day, or even after a few hours of work. The increasing use of contact lenses, too, can lead to dryness in the eye, especially if it is used for long hours. This, in addition to using computer for 10-12 hours, increases the occurrence of CVS as it combines both the causes. Other factors include poor posture while sitting on the computer and high

OPTICPLUS : Everything between you and eye

12/2/2011 4:41:35 PM

OPTICPLUS set up. And they collectively dehydrate the body, which can cause further dryness in the eyes. Even children have watering or burning eyes, when they often watch cartoons or movies without any breaks and stop blinking so as to not miss a scene. However, they may not use a computer for 10-12 hours, which is why CVS is be considered as 'profession-dependent'. Some people who have a small refractive error manage to do their daily

It is disturbing that most people working in corporate setups have red eyes or fatigue and after a while they tend to think that this is normal. work without wearing any glasses. They are obviously straining their eyes. This compounded with the whole group of symptoms, can aggravates CVS. screen-contrast. CVS is caused by multiple factors, and if it needs to be fixed, all the factors leading to it must be addressed.


It is estimated that 80% of people working in offices have CVS. This alarming figure indicates how crucial computing devices are to our lives. This is especially true for those living in urban areas where the usage of technology is more established. Most people working in corporate setups have red eyes and fatigue by the end of the day. What's disturbing is that after a while they tend to think that this is normal.

Dryness as an independent eye condition is more prevalent in the age group of 45 years and above, but computer usage is rampant between the age of 20 to 40 years. As a result, most CVS patients belong to the younger age group. It also exists across professions because a 40 year old professional ends up spending anywhere between 10 to 12 hours in front of the computer screen, more or less the same amount of time a 22-year old spends. Sitting directly under the AC's blast, consuming coffee or tea excessively during work hours and not drinking adequate water are typical to an office OPTICPLUS : Everything between you and eye

OP_Nov-Dec 11_Optha Talk_page 102-103-104.indd 103


CVS affects vision in the short term, in that whenever the eyes become dry, there is temporary blurring of vision. This happens because the dryness creates a burning sensation and the person starts blinking as a reaction, which is followed by watering of the eyes and thus, blurring of vision. Since dryness is the predominant factor, ophthalmologists conduct the Schirmer's test to check for dry eyes. This test involves putting one end of a small strip of filter paper in the eye for about five minutes; then seeing if it soaks up water for about 15 millimetres. If it doesn't become wet at 103

12/2/2011 4:41:37 PM

all, then the patient has very dry eyes. So depending on how much of water the strip soaks up, the ophthalmologist determines the extent of dryness. Another test involves taking a chemical-based stain, which has colour and putting it into the eye. If there is dryness, then some parts in the eye will take up that stain and the coloured areas will indicate the dry parts.


Clearly, avoiding the use of a computer is not a solution considering today's lifestyle, which requires people to

Basically, one needs to take a break every 20 minutes, for 20 seconds, and look 20 feet away. use one. But according to eye care practitioners, prevention is very easily possible and it is divided in two segments – lifestyle and medicine.


 Consciously remember to blink the eyes. Increasing the blink rate will provide relief.  Do not overlook water intake. Increasing the amount of water one drinks will help keep the body well hydrated.  Avoid drinking tea or coffee since

these have dehydrating agents .  Avoid sitting near or directly under the AC blast.  The top edge of the computer monitor should be at or below the level of one's eyes, so that one is looking a little downward rather than looking straight. Looking downward makes our eyes smaller and when the eye (or the palpebral fissure) is smaller, the drying effect is lesser.  Posture must be corrected in that one must sit with a straight back. Another very quick and efficient exercise one can do anytime, any place is to follow the '20-20-20' rule. Basically, one needs to take a break every 20 minutes, for 20 seconds, and look 20 feet away. Looking at a distance helps relax the eye muscles which have been focusing on the computer screen for long. This helps reduce ocular fatigue and strain.


Using lubricants (or eye drops) is the easiest and most effective way of combating dryness as it basically keeps your eyes wet by inducing artificial tears. They help prevent full-fledged redness, watering and irritation. Another advantage of using a lubricant is that one doesn't have to stop their work. They can simply put the drops in their eyes, blink a few times and continue working. There are some eyedrops that can even be used over contact lenses.

OPTICPLUS because most people use it only once or twice a day. The lubricants need to be used at least five to six times a day to have any effect as regards to hydrating the eyes.


The good news is that CVS doesn't have any long terms effects nor does it cause any major ocular ailment. As opposed to popular belief, it doesn't cause a refractive error either. So if you stop using computers, your vision will go back to normal. But it causes such severe discomfort on a daily basis that it can affect a person’s work performance. On a day-to-day basis, it becomes difficult to carry on with one’s chores with burning and watering eyes and constant eye fatigue. Ultimately, it's imperative to go to an ophthalmologist and learn about the right steps to lessen eye strain. Some simple lifestyle changes, along with regular consultations with one’s eye care practitioner, will go a long way in ensuring healthy vision without CVS. ________________________________ - Ishita Bal, with inputs from Dr Deepak Garg, Medical Director and Pediatric Opthalmologist at Eye Solutions. ................................................................................ Email us at

There are times though when patients complain about using these lubricants for six months without any results. Eye care practitioners clarify that this is

Factors That Lead To Computer Vision Syndrome • • • •

Decreased blinking. Sitting directly under an air conditioner's blast. Not taking a break and working at a stretch. Drinking a lot of tea and coffee and not drinking enough water. • Bad posture while sitting, slouching. • Incorrect placement of computer monitor, where it is higher than, or at par with, the eye level. 104

OP_Nov-Dec 11_Optha Talk_page 102-103-104.indd 104

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hether dispensing spectacles or contact lenses, co-managing LASIK or cataract surgery, treating diseases such as glaucoma or fitting a low vision device; the ultimate goal for an eye care professional is providing improved vision. Hence, when taking a holistic approach to the treatment of vision information processing problems, it might be helpful for them to venture into the broader realm of vision therapy. Any anomalies in visual systems like ocular motor dysfunction, accommodative, strabismic binocular disorder, and fusional vergence, among others, can hamper the quality and quantity of the initial input of information into the visual system. This severely affects what the brain, thus, processes. Vision therapy helps provide treatment that is medically necessary for a patient who has been diagnosed with the visual dysfunctions mentioned above. There is a striking prevalence of such eye diseases and the most frequently encountered conditions in optometry, after refractive error, are the binocular, accommodative or ocular motor anomalies. Vision therapy can often salvage a condition that would otherwise need surgical intervention. It is a regimen prescribed as individualised treatment for patients who are diagnosed with visual dysfunctions.


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Vision Therapy

What Eye Care Professionals Should Know Vision therapy has been around for centuries. It involves techniques that help correct binocular, oculomotor, visual processing and perceptual disorders. Read on to find out why it’s gaining importance in the field of optometry now...


Vision therapy encompasses a wide variety of non-surgical methods that some have divided into two broad categories based on their clinical acceptance and general practice by eye care professionals: • Orthoptic vision therapy Orthoptics aims to treat binocular vision disorders such as strabismus and diplopia. There is a widespread acceptance of orthoptic therapy. It includes exercises like ‘Eye Movement Control’, ‘Simultaneous Focus at Far’, ‘Sustaining at Far’, ‘Simultaneous Focus at Near’, ‘Sustaining Focus at Near’, ‘Simultaneous Alignment at Far’, ‘Sustaining Alignment at Far’, ‘Simultaneous Alignment at Near’, ‘Sustaining Alignment at Near’, ‘Central Vision (Visual Acuity)’ and ‘Depth Awareness’. Patients who experience eyestrain, tired eyes, or diplopia (double vision)

while reading or performing other work can espeically benefit from orthoptic treatment. • Behavioural vision therapy Behavioural vision therapy aims to treat problems including difficulties in visual attention and concentration, which behavioural optometrists classify as visual information processing weaknesses. Some assert that poor eye-tracking affects reading skills, and behavioural vision therapy can address this, helping improve the patient’s reading skills drastically. This includes vision therapy for: Peripheral Vision, Colour Perception, Gross VisualMotor, Fine Visual-Motor, and Visual Perception. Behavioural vision therapy is practiced primarily by optometrists who undergo special training in this area. Many major optometric organisations support the assertion that behavioural vision therapy does not directly treat learning

OPTICPLUS : Everything between you and eye

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OPTICPLUS is required to optimise the treatment of patients suffering from strabismus. While surgery reduces the magnitude of deviation, optometric vision therapy plays the unique role of establishing normal sensory processing. One question that many eye care professionals often ask is, how effective is vision therapy in re-mediating visual deficiencies? There is sufficient scientific support for the efficacy of vision therapy in modifying and improving oculomotor, accommodative, and binocular system disorders, as measured by standardised clinical and laboratory testing methods in the majority of patients.


Initially, an eye care professional can seek the help of a co-practitioner who is into the vision therapy practice to understand how the practice works. This will help them offer these services independently in the future.

disorders, but rather addresses underlying visual problems which are claimed to affect one’s learning potential.


In any ocular examination, the first signal that a problem exists lies in the nature of a patient’s complaints. What the patient says to you, combined with your follow-up questions, will direct the flow of the examination. There are specific complaints which immediately indicate that a patient has a binocular vision problem, difficulties in visual attention, concentration, dyslexia or sensory processing. Depending on the patient’s complaints, birth and developmental history and school/office performance and detailed visual skills evaluation, a vision therapist can gauge the problem.

They can then, with a directional and focused management, improve the visual performance of such individuals.


Vision therapy aims to treat children with amblyopia, accommodative problems, reading difficulty, oculomotor problems through various exercises. These exercises include Brock string, Vectogram, Mirror stereogram, Filters and various computer-based activities. The patients are given the option of exercising at home with the help of home kits, eliminating the need to come to the clinic for therapy. This makes it more convenient and economical, too. One only needs to schedule a Developmental Vision examination at a vision therapy clinic. Occasional co-management, involving both optometry and ophthalmology, OPTICPLUS : Everything between you and eye

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Behavioural optometry and vision therapy have already marked its places as separate branches in the field of optometry in some countries. However, in India, it is still in its infantile stages where it is likely to grow to a recognised level based on results. Well-recognised eye care centres in the country like the Association of Schools and Colleges of Optometry have included vision therapy and binocular functions as subjects to be pursued in educational institutions. It is approaching eye care universities and colleges to adopt this common minimum curriculum to bring better uniformity in optometry education at all schools and colleges in the country. One can hope that they succeed in this endeavour, and soon. __________________________________________ – This article has been written by Sonia Sharma, an orthoptist and vision therapist at Dr Shroff's Charity Eye Hospital, New Delhi; with assistance from Prem Kumar Singh,In-charge of Optometry Sciences. ................................................................................ Email us at 109

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Karl Lagerfeld debuts collection of assertive eyewear


The Karl Lagerfeld Fall/Winter 2011 collection has assertive for men and women, this season. Shapes from the women’s sun wear collection are vintage inspired and amplified by use of colours – dark hues that graduate to light and then are infused with a contrasting colour burst or rich tortoise shells and horns. Karl Lagerfeld logos have been placed strategically on the models. Sleek metal begins at end pieces and is then punctuated with the ‘KL’ initials mid-temple. The men’s collection showcases retro shapes with modern colour gradients and the temple exemplifies skilled craftsmanship. Intricate hinges seen throughout the collection are incorporated at end pieces, including an industrial interlocking hinge.

Carrera’s heritage inspiration for its 2011 designs

Carrera’s new eyewear collection has reinterpreted the blue lens concept where lenses are animated by grey shades brought to life by blue mirrored flashes. Carrera 1/B and Turbo/B in metal and Champion/B in Optyl conceal the wearer’s gaze behind mirrored blue lenses - a perfect complement for a stylish look. Transforming the traditional teardrop shape into original sunglasses, Carrera selected steel for its ultra-lightweight properties. With the ‘C’ logo on the distinctive bridge, the frames are available in gold with green lenses, dark ruthenium with grey polarised lenses, palladium with flash grey lenses, violet-lilac with matching smoky lenses and seductive blue lenses with gold, palladium and black frame

Kiss&Kill’s vintage collection in solid colours

Kiss&Kill debuted its Fall/Winter 2011 sun and ophthalmic collection comprising modern shapes with underlying vintage feel, solid colours that saturate Italian zyl and logo treatments. The interior temples of zyl frames feature exclusive Kiss&Kill logos, such as a kiss mark and fingerprints in a deep red on women's and men's frames, respectively.

The new classy Jimmy Choo eyewear

The new Jimmy Choo sunglasses and optical frames collection seduces with sophisticated silhouettes and luxurious details; the new styles fascinate with refined colours and the iconic motifs of the brand. The Anoukh is a Gold framed sunglass with brown shaded lenses, that features an ultra-cool mask shape and rugged hardware detailing.


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OPTICPLUS : Everything between you and eye

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Maui Jim introduces Pilot sunglasses range

Maui Jim unveiled the Pilot collection of sunglasses, where the frames, with their double-bridge modified aviator, compliment many facial shapes and give a unisex appeal. The Pilot range is sturdy, noncorrosive yet light weight. The collection features the trademark PolarizedPlus2 technology that enhances colour and eliminates glare. The glasses are available in three different styles – Pilot silver frame with neutral grey lens, Pilot gold frame with HCL bronze lens and Pilot gunmetal black with Maui-HT lens. The lens and frames are saltwater safe and the semi-rimless aviator offers an unobstructed view alongwith superior protection against wind, sun and glare as it covers the complete periphery of the eye.

Tru Trussardi’s AW2011 optical trends Tru Trussardi’s Autumn/Winter eyewear collection is inspired from its Fall optical trends. The women’s models swing from bold and beautiful to soft and feminine, playing with structured frames and retro looks. The collection also uses metal well with acetate frames, which is evident in the metallic rimming on some models and the inclusion of the luxe Trussardi metal logo. The men’s collection places onus on modern vintage style and has rounded frames with antique, patina-effect gold and silver. The overall design of all models is compelling, in true Trussardi style.

OPTICPLUS : Everything between you and eye

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Add the competitive edge of prompt service to your eyewear business. KEY BENEFITS


Maintain customer’s personal information Maintain customer’s prescription (spectacle & CL) Maintain customer’s order details (amt, adv, rcpt I bal) Maintain perfect inventory (frame / CL / Solution / Lens etc.) Track and search multiple visits (individual and family) Use barcodes for perfect stock maintenance Print Advance Receipts / Prescription / Cash Memo Manage Lenses ordered to labs (ordered Ireceived I pending) View Salesman I Referrer Performance View collection and expenses details View customers’ outstanding with telephone numbers Generate Mobile / Email / Address list for various criteria


Maintain accurate stocks of Ready / Blanks / Semi Finishes Use barcodes for perfect maintenance Define standard rates Define customer wise power wise discounts Define Minimum maximum stocks level Complete data entry in matrix format Stocks reports in matrix format Right and Left product detail for same order in one line Fitting, Tinting Coating charges for each order Lab prescription order complete management Create delivery challans / invoice extremely fast Complete accounting


In addition to all above Record customer’s orders Allocate blanks Track damage / reprocess Use internet to receive orders directly from customers


Maintain accurate stocks Use barcodes for perfect maintenance Define standard rates Define customer wise power wise discounts Define Minimum maximum stocks level Create delivery challans / invoice extremely fast Salesman targets / achievements / tours Complete accounting


MULTI-STORE MULTI-USER • Manage Multiple stores • Easily customize settings for each store • Each software user will have their own username and password • Complete log of user login history with date time and computer address • Complete log of user activity. • User access control management • User can only access modules which they have rights CUSTOMER ORDERS • Maintain customer’s personal information • Spectacle prescription and contact lens prescription • Records frames, lens, contact lens and accessories order • Print Prescription, advance receipts & cash memo • Instant SMS to customer with order number and delivery date ORDER MANAGEMENT • Browse all orders and easily search orders using various filters • Place lens orders to labs • Receive lenses against orders from labs • Easily maintain order status (In Lab, In Fitting, Ready to deliver etc.) • Automated SMS to clients when order is ready to deliver • Complete reporting of salesman and referred by ITEMS &INVENTORY • Easily manage various item types like Frames, Lens, Contact Lens, Accessories, Sunglasses etc. • Ability to add custom attributes to each product types • Bulk creations of items • Manage Inventory with comprehensive reporting • Customized barcode stickers specially for frames MARKETING • In built Marketing Engine • SMS Blaster to send SMS to all your customers • Email Blaster to send emails to your customers • Pre-built designer templates to email your customers • Inform your customers about upcoming promotions, discount offers, etc. • Customisable SMS Greeting Templates to wish your customers on occasions • Automated birthday and anniversary alerts REPORTS • Comprehensive reporting of orders, sales, inventory, employee performance • Multiple report formats • Combined reports of multiple stores or selected stores • Graphical charts for analysis • 360 degree of control over your business

Visit us at Optic India Exhibition in Mumbai at D7-5, Parksite Colony, Near Last Bus Stop, Vikhroli (W), Mumbai - 400 079. Ph : 9819778479,9321 778479, 02225171803 E-mail:

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Three new designs from Gold & Wood

The new B20 sunglasses for women from Gold & Wood are based on hand crafted marquetry decors. The temples are made of mixed precious woods from sophisticated patterns. The small pieces of wood are placed together with soft similar tones such as mother of pearl from Tahiti. Geometric temples are largely shaped and rounded, inspired by the 50's, where style is reinforced by a unique detail - the hinge.

The B23 feminine optical model finds metal on the temples emphasised, by contrast, with the warm tone of golden and brown wood. The B24 sunglasses for men have large shapes, which are enhanced with the elegant and comfortable thickness of precious woods combined with the metallic structure that reflects friendly tones.

Tommy Hilfiger’s new sunglass model

Tommy Hilfiger's eyewear collection debuted a sunglass model featuring interchangeable magnetic temple parts that provide the wearer with five different playful looks in one. The TH 1090/S unisex model, with an injected resin frame in geometric ‘80s shape, offers a variety of interpretations of the brand’s classic - American, cool aesthetic. The model, with the iconic Tommy Hilfiger flag on the temples, has four stylized magnets that can be alternated to change the look of the glasses.

Diane von Furstenberg 's 2012 range

Diane von Furstenberg eyewear combines unique designs, details and materials to create a modern sun and ophthalmic collection for 2012. The form of each frame pays careful attention to frame shapes. The oversized rounds, sharp squares and feline cat eyes all create an aura of edge and proclaim individuality. The DVF ready-to-wear collections remain an everpresent inspiration – drop temples curve similar to the free form wrap dress and rich horns and beautiful colourations are reminiscent of patterned scarves.

The Emilio Pucci Fall/Winter 2011 collection

This Fall, Emilio Pucci revitalises its eyewear collection through the innovative incorporation and mastering of shapes and lines. Iconic prints from the Pucci Pollozzo archives highlight frame end pieces, strong brows and sleek temples. Depth and dimension is displayed with translucent patterned temples. Fluid lines curve to hug female silhouettes and frames range from full round to modified cat-eyes..


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OPTICPLUS : Everything between you and eye

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Harley Davidson’s Fall collection

Viva International Group will introduce Harley-Davidson's eyewear Fall 2011 collection featuring twelve new styles for men and women. A transparent temple cover highlights a lasered flame design, which then runs down the temple’s core of some models. Wearable art styles from the women’s collection are inspired by the tattoo graphics on the brand’s apparel and accessories. The plastic temples have the Harley-Davidson Script logo highlighted by stone-enhanced rose and floral vine graphics. The collection is a riot of colours with brown over pink, purple over orchid and wine over cream.

Fendi’s Fall/Winter 2011 eyewear

The Fall/Winter 2011 Fendi eyewear collection features the legendary Zucca pattern on the temples creating a window through which crystal inlays are displayed. The Fendi O' pillar is young, vibrant and trendy. The Fatto a Mano pillar is classic and timeless. These pieces come together to create a timeless and exquisite collection, unique from any other.

OPTICPLUS : Everything between you and eye

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Unconventional chic - that's Lacoste for you

Lacoste's Fall 2011 eyewear collection embodies unconventional chic. The men's collection is inspired by vintage styles creating unique shapes that are amplified by layered zyls in contrasting colours. Signature aviators incorporate the Lacoste DNA with the pique texture laser etched onto the brow and temple tips.

The women's collection compliments the feminine silhouette. The strong brow of the modified cat's eye is highlighted through complimenting colour combinations and modified round frames that hug the gentle curves of the face. Showing the depth of design, the signature Lacoste croc is layered on the temples. Lacoste is manufactured and distributed by Marchon Eyewear, Inc.

Mykita's Spring / Summer 2012 eyewear

The androgynous model Devendra has large, square-shaped lenses encompassed in a deep-set, stainless steel frame with a slightly curved top line. Instead of the usual bold contours emphasising the top line here, this time the latter is extremely fine. At the same time, the otherwise delicate lower section of the frame has been given a more prominent contour. This detail is further highlighted by the colour scheme; gleaming gold and silver on the outline above, while the lower section is in the newly created colours of Pale Blue and Rose.

GANT Eyewear’s new Spring / Summer 2012 range

The GANT Eyewear 2012 Spring/Summer range draws its inspiration from three distinct themes - All American Prep, Navy Nautical and American in Morocco. The brand’s sub-collections, GANT Rugger and GANT by Michael Bastian, will also debut its new 2012 Spring/Summer collection, with distinctive, yet casual styles. A classic approach is taken with the bold design of model G Winslow, which accentuates the ‘All American Prep’ look of the collection. The deserts of Morocco serve as the inspiration for the warm, rich colour palette of model GS Todd, a key men’s sunglass style. The model GW Hilda, a women’s optical style from the brand’s ‘Navy Nautical’ collection, features textured mesh detailing in soft metallic tones decorating the frame’s sleek temples.

Götti’s new Fall collection – subtle and subdued

Götti Switzerland’s new Fall collection has colours that are subtle and subdued and meant for the acetate frames. Three-dimensional, layered baubles with a smooth, hand-polished surface make this mix of transparent and translucent complete and as deep as a gemstone. The trendy-shaped Anna is a hand polished, laminated acetate frame, available in colours like translucent green and yellow. Marvin is aimed at the young and restless man who enjoys a laid-back style and enjoys all things eclectic. Hene has a more serious look because it’s for the dependable and communicative man who takes care of his appearance and loves to look stylish. Lolek is for the man on the move who thrives on speed and wants his eyewear to reflect that.


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OPTICPLUS : Everything between you and eye

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Michael Kors 2012 sunglass range encapsulates glamour and luxury

The Michael Kors 2012 sun collection has delicately sculpted silhouettes made from fine materials that deliver polished and refined elegance. Classic round, cat-eye and teacup shapes are modernised and perfected with iconic hardware that defines the collection. Opaque pearlised gradients to crystal hues, rich metal tones and horn colorations complement the high quality craftsmanship and design. An iconic piece in the Michael Kors collection, Teresa is a square frame that features sophisticated metal accents on each corner. The oversized style is crafted with rich plastics and enhanced with subtle metal details..

Calvin Klein Jeansâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; new sunwear models

Calvin Klein Jeansâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; new sunwear collection is aimed at confident men and women who can carry off edgy colours and designs. After all sporting sunwear which has sensuous graffiti extending down the temples takes a certain level of self-assurance.

The modern aviators are available in translucent zyl or crafted in a thin, sleek metal. A recognisable detail throughout the collection is the dog tag created with polished metal that is embedded at the end pieces and the vintage - and military - inspired shapes that present youthful and forward styling.

OPTICPLUS : Everything between you and eye

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As part of its continuous education program, Bausch + Lomb organized a series of eye care program to share the important aspects of contact lens solution with eye care practitioners in New Delhi, Bangalore and Chennai.


ll contact lens practitioners are aware of a well known fact that success and experience of contact lens wear highly depends on how well a wearer cares for the lenses. In recent years of practice, we have seen how important a role lens care solution plays when it comes to initial comfort while wearing the lens, and their experience at end of the day. With multiple types of lenses now available in market, contact lens practitioners need to spend some time on which lens care system is right for patients. And this is very well too, seen since solutions like Biotrue have come as a novel product, solving many aspects of safety, comfort and cleanliness. As part of Bausch + Lomb’s continuous education program, a national enlightening eye care program was organized by the company to share some very important aspects of contact lens solution. This will definitely help contact lens practitioners to better

Lens Care Seminar

A New Way Of Dispensing Contact Lens Solution consult patients for healthier and happier contact lens wear. Named as ‘Attributes of Best Contact Lens Solution’, the program was designed to cover the basic and latest technology in contact lens solution in a very simplistic and lively style. It was conducted in major five cities of the country and witnessed the attendance of most eye care practitioners (ECP) involved in active contact lenses and lens care dispensing. These sessions were taken by well known contact lens practitioners and academicians Rajesh Wadhwa, Karan Sachdeva and Prema Chande in different cities.

A LOOK AT THE SESSIONS The first seminar in this series was organized in New Delhi at The Park Hotel on 10th October. It was conducted by Bausch +Lomb’s team along with prominent contact lens practitioner and academician, Wadhwa. The program started with a welcome address for all attendees by Himanshu Garg, Zonal Business Manager, Bausch + Lomb India. He touched upon the importance that a lens care solution has and how it is a very significant factor in contact lens practice, but is least discussed during consultation. Wadhwa presented his session in his own inimitable style making it a very informative and interesting. It made the participating practitioners virtually go back to their days in optometry schools. They dwelled on of corneal health and literally graduated from the session in the span of 30 minutes, with complete understanding of everything a contact lens practitioner should consider while dispensing a lens care solution to patients. “Cornea, being the most sensitive tissue of body with lot of physiological systems deserves to be provided

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Attributes Of Best CL Solution:

Prema Chande in Mumbai

Karan Sachdeva giving away prize to the winner of the QUIZ

with utmost care and best lens care products by a contact lens practitioner. Every aspect of successful contact lens practice depends on how wisely we choose best solution for our patients,” says Wadhwa. The subject of final year course for graduating in this session was introduction of Preservative Associated Transient Hyperfluorescence (PATH). Explaining a high relevance of any observed change in cornea during use of contact lens wear, Wadhwa said, “Many times, we may see significant level of fluorescein stains on cornea in some specific condition, which are completely benign and non toxic to ocular tissues. This is observed when fluorescein molecules bind with molecules of preservative specifically having low molecular weight like PHMB.” With different ways of diagnosis, he said that ECPs should be able to differentiate between a pathological condition and hyperfluorescence. The most important attribute is efficacy of solution to disinfect lenses at safest

OP_Nov-Dec_11_Bausch & Lomb_Advertorial page - 124-125.indd 125

standard yet being gentle to ocular tissues. PHMB is been experienced as surpassing best of the standard of safety and disinfection in contact lens practices since more than 20 years. CHANGES IN LENS CARE SYSTEM During her session in Bangalore, Prema Chande said, “Contact lens solution is equally responsible for comfort and better performance of lens during wear. It’s very important for all ECPs therefore, to know about health of cornea and effect of solution on cornea during lens wear.” When Karan Sachdeva spoke about solution in Chennai and Bangalore, he reinforced that being in optical and contact lens practice since last 30 years, ECPs have seen lot of changes in lens care system starting from multiple bottle system to multipurpose solutions. “One name which is attached with clinic of every contact lens practitioner in India is Renu Multiplus. This gives lot of trust about preservative, disinfectant and formulation of a good lens care product,” he added. With his boundless energy, he shared his knowledge about lenses

• Effective disinfection • Non-toxic to ocular tissues • Compatible with all soft contact lens materials, including silicone hydrogel lenses • Maintain pH of the eye • Condition lens surface to enhance wet ability and comfort • Minimize deposition of tear film components • Manage proteins • Maintain natural functions of the eye

for upgradation and how lens care solution is somehow the most casual, and taken for granted, aspect of eye are practice. Corneal health, ocular comfort, deposit management and efficient disinfection are real differentiators for a contact lens practitioner to get the best solution for patient, he noted. After the completion of these sessions on lens care, a quiz was conducted by the Professional Services Team of B+L, involving all practitioners to judge their assessment of attributes shared in the event. ECPs who answered correctly with promptness were awarded with token of appreciation. Rajesh Kumar, Assistant Manager – Professional Services, B+L said, “Though all of us clearly understand the importance of solutions in CL practice, most education sessions which we attend and conduct are inclined towards understanding technologies of lenses. We hope this discussion has given some new thoughts and ideas about selecting the best solution for contact lens users of different modality and materials.” In conclusion of the session, ECPs were much aware that choosing the best lens care solution is an art requiring information and knowledge of all aspects that keeps eye healthy and clean during contact lens wear. The PATH of dispensing right contact lens solution is a deciding factor of desired successful contact lens practice. _______________________________

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SNAPSHOTS Sachin Tendulkar and Abhishek Bachchan in Chrome Hearts

Ganko India showcases Nick Eyes at Kidscentral


anko India participated in Kidscentral, a children's exhibition held at the World Trade Centre in Mumbai on 13th November, 2011. It showcased its recently launched Nickelodeon range of children’s eyewear - Nick Eyes.


ctor Abhishek Bachchan and cricketer Sachin Tendulkar were recently seen sporting Chrome Hearts sunglasses on separate occasions. Sachin donned them at the Indian Grand Prix in Noida. Here he is, catching up with his good friend Michael Schumacher during the races.

For this exhibition, Ganko India had Dora and Ninja Hattori, two well-known cartoon characters from Nickelodeon channel, to meet and greet the enthusiastic kids. The company claims that the two characters were a hit with the visiting children and it even managed to register good sales, too. Glasses with toon characters such as ‘Dora the Explorer’, ‘Ninja Hattori’ and ‘SpongeBob SquarePants’ are available in over 30 styles in various colours and sizes for children between the age of 4 to 14 years. Ninja Hattori eyewear is designed for children between 4 to 14 years, while Dora The Explorer is featured on brightly coloured optical frames for 4 to 7 year old pre-school girls.

Abhishek too looked dapper in his Chrome Hearts glasses, as he escorted his wife Aishwarya Rai. The couple attended the 25th anniversary bash of the designer duo Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla in Mumbai, along with Jaya Bachchan. 128

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Essilor launches Optifog coating in India


ssilor has launched Optifog, its new anti-fogging coating for corrective lens, in the Indian market. The company claims that the unique feature of this coating is

Opticplus : Everything between you and eye

12/2/2011 6:17:44 PM


that it prevents lenses from fogging up. Optifog-coated lenses have a special hydrophilic lens coating, while simultaneously offering all the optical and anti-smudge performance of Essilor lenses. This hydrophilic coating gets activated with a special Essilor anti-fog solution that keeps the lens from fogging up and provides clear vision. This product is aimed at people living in places with high humidity or those who are involved in fog-prone professions and sports activities.

Standup comedian Vikram Sathaye was the emcee of the evening. He is well known for impersonating famous cricket personalities and he kept the audience in splits with his spontaneous jokes.

Seeing the world through Rose K lenses

'Oakley Fanatic Party' held in Gurgaon


uxottica India held an ‘Oakley Fanatic Party’ at Golfworx, Gurgaon on 9th October, 2011. The event was organised


r Paul Rose, an optometrist and inventor of Rose K lenses, was recently on a tour of India and Sri Lanka to conduct nine hands-on Continuing Medical Education workshops to provide further education on Rose K RGP lens fitting and its care. These specialist lenses are designed for patients suffering from keratoconus, which is a corneal disorder. Talking about keratoconus’ prevalence in India, Dr Rose said, “There are several cases of keratoconus, irregular cornea and post-surgery cases in this region, where the only option is fitting a rigid lens for sight restoration. If this is not done, then the patients have to live with extremely poor standards of vision.” for employees of the company as well as other sports people and enthusiasts of Oakley’s products, who are called ‘Oakley Fanatics’. Yuvraj Singh, the brand ambassador for Oakley India, attended this event dressed in the brand’s T-shirt and his own signature series of Plaintiff sunglasses. He spoke about his association with the brand and its growth in the country. And although he is well known for his cricketing shots, he took the time out to show his golfing strokes at the event. Other attendees at the party included cricketers Murli Kartik, Nikhil Chopra and Sharandeep Singh. The non-cricketing sports fraternity was represented by Narain Karthikeyan, India’s leading Formula 1 motor car racer.

A new specially formulated multi-purpose care solution called ‘Jyoticare RGP Sparkle’ was also launched during these workshops. Talking about it, Jyoti Dave-Singh, a consultant for Rose-K lenses and Head of Jyoticare Benevolent Foundation, said, “What I have found is that in the Indian market, except for one imported solution, none of the local solutions are true multi-purpose solutions i.e. after rinsing with the solution, one cannot immediately insert the lens into the eye as it causes severe burning and itching due to the harsh ingredients in their formulations, causing corneal irritation and toxicity.” She added that the RGP Sparkle formulation is gentle enough to maintain the delicate material of the Rose K lenses, while cleaning effectively to provide optimum vision.

Opticplus : Everything between you and eye

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Sterling Meta-Plast bags Marcolin award


terling Meta-Plast won an award from Marcolin for ‘Outstanding Performance Awards on Luxury Brands in Developing Countries’. Ketan Parikh of Sterling Meta-Plast accepted this trophy on 3rd November during Marcolin’s Welcome Dinner Event at Innakaya ICC in Hong Kong.

He said, “We are extremely excited to receive this recognition from Marcolin. Winning this award after stiff competition from our Indian competitors, as well as strong companies from other countries, is a different kind of high. I want to thank the entire Sterling team for their hard work and dedication, which is now being recognised internationally.” This is the first time that Marcolin has instituted this annual award in Asia. Six companies from China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Thailand and India were considered

Optometrists come together for World Sight Day


ASCO Association of Schools and Colleges of Optometry

he World Sight Day (WSD) on 13th October is observed as the International Day of Awareness by Vision2020 - Right to Sight Program of the World Health Organization. Associations affiliated with eye care the world over went out of their way to raise awareness about the need for regular eye tests which can help prevent many ocular ailments. Indian groups, too, did their bit to have national events on this issue.

One such body was the Association of Schools and Colleges of Optometry (ASCO), which held a national event, wherein optometrists in private practices, optometry educators as well as optometry undergraduates, participated in 100 different eye camps at multiple locations across the country on WSD. This initiative by ASCO was supported by Optometry Giving Sight, International Centre for Eye Care Education, Essilor India and One-Sight Foundation. ASCO

Association of Schools and Colleges of Optometry


Association of Schools and Colleges of Optometry

HOW THE EVENT UNFOLDED Second year students of Mumbai’s Lotus Eye Hospital and College of Optometry created awareness amongst the 130

OP_Nov-Dec11_Snapshots_page 128-129-130.indd 130

Ketan Parikh of Sterling Meta-Plast with Monica Dal Cin and Christina Sheng of Marcolin

for it. The winner for this award was chosen based on the quality and execution level of marketing campaigns in developing countries. Other criteria, like sales performance, distribution network and relationship with nationwide customer accounts, were also taken into consideration. .......................................................................................................................... Email us at

city’s slum population by displaying banners, conducting street plays and door-to-door screening, with the help of community health workers and students of Dhirubhai Ambani International School. Two camps were organised on 13th October, in the hospital’s outpatient department, with a focus on screening glaucoma. Another camp was held in slums where patient management was undertaken by carrying out complete eye examinations along with the distribution of glasses. The ITM School of Optometry in Panvel, conducted screening for the staff and children at Rotary Club of Panvel Industrial Town Charitable Trust School for Hearing Impaired, because children with hearing impairment are known to have a higher prevalence of uncorrected refractive errors, which are generally overlooked. Similarly, The Bharti Vidyapeeth College of Optometry took the opportunity to reach out to villagers in Varvan village while Navsari’s Harijyot College of Optometry screened tribals of Tavdi village. The Bausch and Lomb School of Optometry in Hyderabad, too, conducted rallies to spread messages about eye care, and lit candles with the shape of an eye. Its alumni organised the ‘WSD Walk’ to create awareness about eye donation, with the support of Essilor and LV Prasad Eye Institute. Along with these institutions, private practitioners were screening various focus groups, including other colleges, medical centres and medical associations in Udaipur, Shillong and Allahabad. ASCO is confident that its endeavour not only rendered eye care services to the underprivileged, but also went a long way in raising awareness for the need to avail eye health services among the general population, as most causes for blindness are preventable. ____________________________________________________

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INTERNATIONA HKOMA organises VSP Optics luncheon Group signs to discuss agreement with business Carl Zeiss challenges Vision


arl Zeiss Vision has licensed the VSP Optics Group to manufacture freeform back-surface progressive multifocal lenses. This agreement is applicable under the US Patent No. 6,089,713, which describes the manufacture of back-surface progressive multifocal lenses. Its front surface is rotationally symmetrical and its design is determined by individual prescriptions alone or in combination with at least one of the following: individual frame choice, lifestyle, wearer behavioural patterns and/or other options. Don Oakley, President of VSP Optics Group, said, “Digital processing and freeform lenses have become an important component of delivering an exceptional patient experience by providing good vision correction. Part of our mission to support private practice is to work with the lens manufacturing community and bring these innovative technologies to market and we’re very pleased to license this technology from Carl Zeiss Vision.” 134

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he Hong Kong Optical Manufacturers Association (HKOMA) hosted a networking luncheon on 3rd November, during the Hong Kong Optical Fair. Its aim was to gather the representatives of associations from different countries to meet and exchange ideas on how they could improve their business in their respective geographies. 35 representatives from 11 optical associations participated in the luncheon. These included Italian Optical Goods Manufacturers Association, MIDO, Chinese Optometric and Optical Association, European Sunglass Association, the French Eyewear Manufacturers Association, SILMO, Fukui Optical Association, Korea Optical Industry Support Center, Korea Optical Industry Cooperative, Malaysian Association of Practicing Opticians, Taiwan Spectacles Industry Association and Vision Council of America.

The main subject under discussion was the difficulties, in the current business environment, as a result of recent global financial problems. The other issue that was brought up was the increasing production cost that was affecting the development of the eyewear industry, worldwide. Grace Tai, the President of HKOMA encouraged her counterparts to come forth with ideas on how they could deal with these challenges in order to lead the eyewear industry towards prosperous growth. She also stressed the importance of strengthening contacts and exchanges among associations and fellow members of all nations, as this would only contribute to the further development of the international eyewear market.

Madonna in YSL sunglasses


inger-actor Madonna was seen wearing Yves Saint Laurent YSL 2320/S sunglasses and presented a very pretty picture.

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NAL SNAPSHOTS Global ophthalmic device market to increase at 4% CAGR for 2010-2017


he global ophthalmic devices market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4% to reach $52.7 billion in 2017 from $39.2 billion in 2010, according to the GBI Research. The market research agency conducted a survey in key geographies including the US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, China, India, Australia, and Brazil, for its report ‘Ophthalmic Devices Market to 2017 - Glaucoma and Cataract Surgery Devices, Minimally Invasive Procedures in Ophthalmic Surgery to Drive the Ophthalmic Surgery Market’, which provides key data, information and analysis on the global ophthalmic devices market. According to GBI Research, factors such as the increasing incidence of eye diseases and the growing elderly population are driving the ophthalmic device market. Emerging countries such as India and China show potential for market growth due to the presence of a large patient base in rural areas. In 2010, the vision care category was the largest category in the global ophthalmic devices market, accounting

for 87% of the overall market. The global vision care category was valued at $34 billion in 2010 and is forecast to grow at a CAGR of 4% to reach $46 billion in 2017. The vision care category primarily comprises spectacle lenses and contact lenses and is expected to be driven by a large target population using vision care devices for aesthetic as well therapeutic purposes. GBI Research also found that the global ophthalmic devices market is dominated by Essilor International and Johnson & Johnson Vision Care accounting for a combined market share of 19% in 2010. Essilor is the market leader in corrective lenses and offers a range of corrective lenses through established brand names such as Varilux, Crizal, Thin&Lite, Xperio and Definity. Essilor and J&J Vision Care dominate the ophthalmic devices category across the world through a large distribution network.

Today, Guillaume Henry, former Givenchy designer, is at the creative helm and offers chic, feminine and pared-down fashion, free from ostentation, with an accessible readyto-wear collection. The eyewear collection for women will reflect the DNA of the brand with a worldwide launch planned for MIDO 2012 in Milan.

Rosie HuntingtonWhiteley in Burberry

L’Amy Group signs license with French brand, Carven


he L’Amy Group and French fashion couture house Carven have announced the signing of a global licensing agreement for the design and distribution of prescription eyewear and Opticplus : Everything between you and eye

OP_Nov-Dec 11_International Snapshots_Page 134-135-136-137.indd 135

sunglasses under the Carven brand name. Founded in 1945 by Madame Carmen de Tommaso with an atelier on the Champs-Élysées, Carven is a brand known for its fresh, lively and elegant spirit.

ritish actress and supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley looks smoking hot in her Burberry aviator sunglasses. She is best known for her work for Victoria's Secret, and her role as Carly Spencer in the 2011 film ‘Transformers: Dark of the Moon’. 135

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Burberry’s A/W ad campaign turns the heat up

kate spade new york. The multi-year agreement, in addition to a three-year renewal option, extends a partnership originally forged in 2005. Roberto Vedovotto, CEO, Safilo Group, said, “We are thrilled to continue our relationship with kate spade new york, one of the most innovative American brands and a leader in the fashion industry. In these seven years of collaboration, we have achieved unexpected results with this project and we are certain that the future will give us new satisfaction.” Craig Leavitt, CEO of kate spade new york, said, “We are proud to continue our successful run in the eyewear category with Safilo. Our partnership has been strong in carrying on the heritage and aesthetic of the kate spade new york brand. We are excited to see the strong, new collections that this partnership will bring in the upcoming seasons.”


ritish models Amber Anderson and Matthew Whitehouse feature in Burberry’s ad campaign for its Autumn/ Winter 2011 collection.

Safilo and kate spade new york renew license agreement until 2015

Christian Roth signs up BCD to tap Asian market



afilo Group and kate spade new york, an American fashion brand, renewed their license agreement until December 31, 2015, for the design, production and international distribution of women's optical frames, sunglasses and related eyewear products for


OP_Nov-Dec 11_International Snapshots_Page 134-135-136-137.indd 136

hristian Roth has partnered with Korean-based eyewear firm Beyond Cliché Design (BCD) to produce and distribute Christian Roth sunglasses and prescription frames throughout Asia. Effective from 1st October, the agreement is for a fiveyear period, ending in 2016, with an option to renew. Eric Domège, Partner at Christian Roth, said, “To design a collection with a perfect Asian fit for this

region is an exciting challenge.” The latest Christian Roth 2012 collection was introduced to Asian retailers at Silmo 2011 and was also showcased at Tokyo’s International Optical Fair (IOFT) that was held from 11th to 13th October, 2011.

SIOF to be held between 22nd to 24th February, 2012


he 12th Shanghai International Optics Fair (SIOF 2012) will be held at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Centre from 22nd to 24th February, 2012. Organised by the China Optometric and Optical Association and co-organised by the Hong Kong-based Orient International Exhibition Co, the exhibition will occupy an area of 42,000 square meters. According to the organisers, the Ministry of Commerce in China is endorsing the event as its recognised, distinguished exhibition. Last year, SIOF 2011 occupied 38,000 square meters and saw the participation of 694 exhibitors from 20 countries and regions. 247 of these exhibitors were companies from outside of China who showcased 358 international brands. Chinese exhibitors occupied four halls and an exhibition area of 29,300 square metres. Some of the 449 Chinese exhibitors included brands like Balong, Cobra, Conant, Honsun, Jinggong, Lixin, MCT, Ming Yue, Parim, Porpoise, Prosun, SS Pair, Surjei, Tornado, Wan Xin, Weixing, Xinyuan and Yingchang. Domestic pavilions were also organised for exhibitors from Wenzhou and Xiamen.

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Arnie Hammer Luxottica to in Michael Kors take over Armani licence from Safilo


rnie Hammer, who plays the role of Clyde Tolso in the new biographical film about the career of FBI director, 'J. Edgar', is seen in Michael Kors sunglass style MKS203M.

Marcolin SpA renews Montblanc Eyewear license


arcolin SpA and Montblanc, a leading international luxury brand, have announced the renewal of their licensing agreement for the design, production and worldwide distribution of Montblanc optical frames and sunglasses. The new multi-year agreement runs through December 2016 and contains terms and conditions which are in line with Marcolin’s Fashion and Luxury Division portfolio. Maurizio Marcolin, Style and Licensing Officer of Marcolin said, “More importantly, this marks the extension of an already long-term relationship between our two companies seeking to capture additional opportunities for growth that exist for this highlyexclusive and iconic luxury brand.”


uxottica has signed a preliminary agreement with the Giorgio Armani Group for an exclusive licence, currently held by rival eyewear maker Safilo. Luxottica, which first launched Armani eyewear collection in the 80s, said that the Letter of Intent was preliminary to signing the 10-year licence agreement, due to start in January, 2013. Safilo announced earlier that it would stop producing Armani-branded eyewear when its licence with the leading fashion group expires at the end of 2012. It said that it was confident that it could meet its medium-term business and economic targets by developing its current portfolio, launching new Safilo brands and signing new licences.

Expect ecofriendly sunglasses from Stella McCartney soon


ritish designer Stella McCartney plans to launch a line of ecofriendly sunglasses in 2012. The eyewear is expected to use natural and renewable materials. They will come in three acetate and two metal versions and the designs are likely to be upbeat, youthful and fun. “Sunglasses are Opticplus : Everything between you and eye

OP_Nov-Dec 11_International Snapshots_Page 134-135-136-137.indd 137

OPTICpLUS one of the only accessories that can really have a sense of humour. But you walk a fine line between looking like a complete idiot and getting it just right," said Stella.

It is reported that she will team up with Luxottica to create the eyewear. Some of the models will feature bio-injected plastic made from 54% castor oil seeds which require very little water and pesticides to grow.

Carrera sunglasses in Katy Perry’s new music video


arrera sunglasses debut in the latest Katy Perry music video ‘The One That Got Away’, the sixth single from the singer’s album - Teenage Dream. This video, directed by Floria Sigismondi and produced by EMI Music, features the flirty Perry donning a pair of gold Carrera 1 metal aviator sunglasses. ................................................................ . Email us at 137

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Vision Illusion Is it line A or B that actually connects? Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a close call!

What do you read in this image, Victory or defeat?

Study this logo for the Pittsburgh Zoo carefully. Do you see the animals hidden in this illusion?


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CrossWord 1

2 3 5

How well do you know your brands?



Here's a quiz to see how well you recognise the brands you deal in.


Source:Sep/Oct 2011 OpticPlus Galleria



1 10 11 12

2 13

_____ ’12 will be held between 13th to 15th January, 2012, in Munich. (4) 6 _____ Prasad Eye Institute organised India’s first symposium on ‘Public Health and the Eye’. (2) 8 L’Amy Group and ______ signed a licensing agreement for its prescription eyewear range. (6) 9 ________ Group signed up with StyleMark for the acquisition of the Polaroid Eyewear business. (6) 11 Safilo Group and ____ spade new york renewed their global eyewear license agreement. (4) Y

14 C




N 12 A





11 K




V 10 G






















V E 2











ANSWERS 1. Charmant 2. Jaguar 3. Porsche Design 4. Tommy Hilfiger 5. Versace




I 7







H 4




OPTICPLUS : Everything between you and eye

OP_Nov-Dec 11_Trivia_Page 140-141.indd 141




Down: 1 The 12th Shanghai International Optics Fair (SIOF 2012) is organised by China Optometric and _______ Association. (7) 2 _______ College of Optometry celebrated its eighth convocation ceremony on 18th September, 2011. (5) 3 _______ SpA recently renewed its licensing agreement with Montblanc. (8)


13 E

Across: 1 The eyewear’s Indian brand ambassador, Yuvraj Singh attended ‘_______ Fanatic Party’, at Gurgaon. (6) 5 British designer ____ McCartney plans to launch a line of eco-friendly sunglasses in 2012. (6) 7 Christian ____ has partnered with Korea’s Beyond Cliché Design to produce and distribute its eyewear frames throughout Asia. (4) 8 Hubert Sagnieres, ____ of Essilor spoke about Optifog, its new anti-fogging coating for corrective lens. (3) 10 Luxottica has signed a preliminary agreement with ______ Armani group for an exclusive license. (7) 12 British models _____ Anderson and Matthew Whitehouse feature in a Burberry ad campaign for its Autumn Winter 2011 collection. (5) 13 Vitamins C, E and A help maintain one's ___ health. (3) 14 _____ Zeiss Vision has licensed the VSP Optics Group to manufacture freeform back-surface progressive multifocal lenses. (4)



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enjoyed reading the interview of Ravi Kant from Titan Eye Plus in your latest issue. This is the first time I have come across any of his interviews and going through it in OpticPlus gave me a clearer picture about his company’s plans to grow the optical business in the country. However, Titan’s recent campaign where it is offering substantial discounts to customers is a little worrisome. According to me, this will lead to a price war. While it will affect distributors the most, I am concerned that it will affect opticians like us as well. Customers might increasingly prefer to buy from Titan Eye Plus because they have a perception that it offers better price value. I hope that this situation doesn’t come to pass, though. I would like to believe that there is enough space in the market for bigger retail chains and smaller opticians like me to flourish in India together. Like Ravi Kant mentioned in his interview, there are more opportunities in the industry to come together as a community and improve the standards of this industry. I am sure there are others who agree with this thought. — Akthar Ali Khan , Ujjwal Eye Care Centre, Secunderabad ______________________________________



received a copy of your magazine at Silmo Paris. I am loving it!

— Best Image Optical, Miami ______________________________________


OP_Nov-Dec 11_Sounding Board_page 144-145.indd 144



hanks for the wonderful article ‘Contact Lens In Young Hands’. It is a very good subject and you have done a great job. — Dr Kartar S Chhabra , Medical Director and Ophthalmologist, Al Fahim Medical Center, Dubai ______________________________________



liked the article on ‘Managing Success Or Inspiring Failures’, which had appeared in the SeptemberOctober, 2011 issue of OpticPlus magazine. As the owner of three optical outlets myself, I too fall into the trap of not defining roles for my employees and expecting each one to perform equally, which I now realise is not a great idea. Please do keep writing such management related articles, which are very useful to entrepreneurs like me. — Jayant Bharadwaj, Spec Spot, Ludhiana ______________________________________



am a final year student from the Lotus College of Optometry. I had heard that OpticPlus is a very nice magazine but hadn’t read it. Out of curiosity, I subscribed to it to know more about what it covered and get all the updates. I, as a student, really appreciate your work and the efforts of your team, which has very nicely covered everything happening in the field of optometry - from spectacle frames

to contact lens to even giving clinical knowledge in a very simple way. Your content is short, precise and fully updated. I really liked the collection of articles and interviews. I feel it really works like the textbook of practical knowledge for all practicing as well as budding optometrists. Thank you for your efforts, it is helping us work better. I look forward to the upcoming issues of OpticPlus. — Ukti Shah, Diploma in Ophthalmic Technology, (B. Optom), Lotus College of Optometry ______________________________________



am really thankful to you for sending me my copy of OpticPlus magazine regularly. It has been a great pleasure to read and spread awareness about the magazine and the optometry profession with your support. In fact, I have even recommended it to a lot of my peers, because it covers the optometric discipline very well. I am interested in sending few articles for your magazine. Please do let me know for the same. — Yogita L Rajgandhi, National ASCO Representative , IOA Western Regional co-ordinator ______________________________________



read about the Shamir Optical Industry’s digital lenses in the article ‘Shamir Goes Digital’ in OpticPlus. We are a 20-year old fan of Shamir’s progressive lenses and would like to

OPTICPLUS : Everything between you and eye

12/2/2011 5:04:29 PM

OPTICPLUS staff image, offer reasonable prices and use modern instruments. This will not give his regular customer a reason to shift to other outlets. So, we should take this as a challenge and try to change as fast as we can to survive. In this market, there is no place for ‘on the fence’ thinkers.

have a brief knowledge of each lens material that Shamir has, to explain to our customers. I, therefore, request you to please send the details about this brand. Also, I would like to know from Shamir Optical Industry, why they stopped producing their Insight products. — Apoorva , Janata Eye Clinic, Mumbai ______________________________________



he article ‘Wayfarers – Faring Well On Its Way To Immortality!’ is very well written. Rarely does one find articles so well-researched about things in fashion. — Karan Rajpal, New Delhi ______________________________________



liked the article ‘Changes In The Industry. Are We Ready For It?’ I believe that allowing Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) means an international optical store will surely pose a big challenge to any established retailer or even a small optician in the Indian market.

— Naishad Desai , Diamond Labs, Gujarat ______________________________________

I am hoping that more students realise how lucrative optometry is and pursue it as a career option. It is very needed for our industry to thrive.


— Champaklal Pandya, Noble Optics,Vadodara ______________________________________


read the article on Vision Express in the latest OpticPlus magazine where Guillaume Brouwet talked about the company’s achievements. I have great interest in being one of the participants in the field of promotion of optics by Vision Express. To know more about Vision Express and their expansion programs in India, kindly send me the contact details about the company for further communication. Your kind co-operation will be highly appreciated. — Pankaj Kumar Maini , Bharat Optical Industries, Allahabad


e have emailed you the details about the person who you can contact in Vision Express. — Editor ______________________________________



Sooner or later, these big retail chains will spread to more cities. Few of them may even try to enter the rural areas too.

totally empathise with your article ‘Where Have The Good People Gone?’. Over the past few years, it has become very difficult to find good optometrists, and more importantly, retaining them in the same company for many years.

Many big names are planning a new model of low investment retail shops to compete with single stores. But there is always a market for independent opticians if they give better personalised services, create good

As multinational companies open more retail outlets, they need more optometrists. This has led to an increasing demand for the services of optometrists. Smaller optical outlets, like mine, can’t match the salary OPTICPLUS : Everything between you and eye

OP_Nov-Dec 11_Sounding Board_page 144-145.indd 145

packages offered by the bigger retail chains. The last time I tried to hire an optometrist, it took me more than two months to find a good candidate. And some of the people I interviewed did not know even the basics of optometry well.



our article ‘Changes In The Industry. Are We Ready For It?’ is very timely. Foreign direct investment (FDI) has become a very hot topic, now that the Cabinet has decided to allow multinational companies to invest up to 51% in multi-brand outlets and 100% in single-brand shops. I believe this is a good because customers will have more choice and will therefore be more tempted to buy branded sunglasses. And more importantly it is good for our trade, because the multinational companies will also work harder to create more awareness about the importance of eyewear. This will benefit everyone in the business. — Kishore Tiwari, Bharti Optics, Patna ______________________________________



n the article ‘Corneal Staining: Understanding The True Significance’, the name of Dr John Laurent was misspelt at Dr John Lauren. The complete interview of Dr John with Dr Gary Andrasko can now be read on our website at this link component/content/article /444-eye-study ............................................................................... Email us at 145

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US CUSTOMER CARE +91 98200 02406



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L u xury,

Prem ium


Va luewea r

B ouq uet

Celebrating over 25 years in the Indian optical fraternity

Sterling Meta-Plast India Pvt Ltd REGD OFFICE E-3, Hiral Mansion, Kalbadevi Road, Mumbai - 400 002, India. Tel.: 91-22-22003420/21 Fax: 91-22-22056364 E-mail: BRANCH OFFICE Plot No. 7, Sector 28, Vashi, Navi Mumbai - 400 703, India Tel.: 91-22-27654067/68, 27659983, 9322593200 Fax: 91-22-27666666

w w w. s ter li ng o pti cs. c o m

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Authorised Licensee: Sterling Meta-Plast India Pvt.Ltd., Plot No.: 7, Sector 28, Vashi, Navi Mumbai - 400 703, India. Tel.: 91-22-27654067/68, 27659983, 93225 93200 Fax: 91-22-27666666 E-mail:

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Regd No : MAHENG/2001/5752

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Nov/Dec 2011 â&#x20AC;˘ An OpticPlus Supplement

OP_Nov-Dec_11_Galleria Cover.indd 1

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Get That

Twinkle In Your


n today’s day and age, the choices we make in terms of work and lifestyle have a critical bearing on our eye health. Long working hours, high levels of air pollution, unhealthy food habits and excessive usage of digital gadgets, invariably puts too much strain on our eyes. So, it goes without saying that maintaining one’s eye health is not only important now, but has also become crucial. And while the idea of maintaining one’s eye health might seem tedious to most people, it really isn’t. It’s just a matter of making a few


OP_Nov-Dec 11_Eye Matters_page 154-155-156-157.indd 154


dietary changes along with adopting a healthy lifestyle.


We often hear that we should include more fruits and vegetables in our daily eating habits to maintain good health. Overall wellness, including our eyes, always begins with the right diet. Most people take their vision for granted, especially when they are young. Over the years, their eyesight could worsen. But this does not mean that there is nothing they can do about it. According to Dr Robert Abel, author OPTICPLUS : Everything between you and eye

12/2/2011 6:19:47 PM


Ensuring that your eye health is well maintained calls for a holistic approach, which involves following appropriate dietary habits, coupled with regular eye exercises.

of ‘The Eye Care Revolution’, eyes can be a good indicator for general body health. He says that one needs an orchestra of nutrients for good eye health and these nutrients are, more often than not, found in fruits and vegetables. We’ve all read and heard about the benefits of green vegetables, especially of the leafy variety, to help us avoid vision problems. Over the past three decades or so, researchers have come out with studies that back up these beliefs. OPTICPLUS : Everything between you and eye

OP_Nov-Dec 11_Eye Matters_page 154-155-156-157.indd 155


12/2/2011 6:19:53 PM


A part of the Harvard-based Nurses' Health Study and Health Professionals Follow-up Study has proven that eating plant-based foods that are rich in vitamin A aids people suffering from night blindness. Other fruits and vegetables help prevent two common aging-related eye diseases — cataract and macular degeneration. The study also found out that metabolic by-products called free radicals are generated by sunlight, cigarette smoke, air pollution, infection, and metabolism. These are the common culprits that give rise to various ocular diseases. And this is where dark, green leafy vegetables step in to protect your eyes. They contain pigments known as lutein and zeaxanthin, which accumulate in the eye and destroy these free radicals before they can harm the eye's sensitive tissues. Darker-coloured fruits and vegetables are also good sources of betacarotene. These nutrients, along with vitamins, can help in ensuring better eye health. Substances like Omega-3 fatty acids - which are found in fish like salmon, tuna, sardine and mackerel - help in vision development and also protect the eyes from macular degeneration. Oxidation causes cataracts, thus hampering vision. A diet rich in 1) Shut your eyes, hold them tight for three seconds and then let go quickly. 2) Blink continuously a few times. Then, move your eyes upwards as far as possible, and then downwards as far as possible. Repeat this action around four times. 3) Shut your eyes and roll your eyeballs around for a minute. 4) Inhale, and slowly direct your gaze to the ceiling. Exhale,

vitamins helps prevent many eye diseases, since it contains antioxidants and other compounds like carotenoids which are produced in the red, yellow and orange colours found in many fruits and vegetables. Our body counters this effect by using the antioxidants present in carotenoids as well as vitamins C, E and A.

One of the best yogic exercises for relaxing the eyes, body and mind is ‘shavasana’ or the ‘position of a corpse', where a person simply has to adopt a relaxed posture. Are you wondering what food you should add to your meals to safeguard your eyes? Let us make it easy for you by listing food that contain important nutrients. • Vitamin A Vitamin A is required for converting light into nerve signals in the retina. When the body is running low on


Easy-to-do Eye Exercises and move your gaze down in a straight line, towards the floor. Repeat six to eight times. 5) Hold your arm straight out, with your thumb extended in a 'thumbs-up' position. Your thumb should be directly in the line of your vision.


OP_Nov-Dec 11_Eye Matters_page 154-155-156-157.indd 156

Now, move your thumb from left to right slowly, without taking your eye off your thumb. Do this around 10 times, at least once a day. 6) Rub your palms together and gently cup them over your closed eyes for about a minute.

this important nutrient, some gradual changes start taking place in the eye. The first sign of a problem is night blindness. Lack of vitamin A can also cause the dry eye syndrome. Ophthalmologists often recommend regular intake of this vitamin to people who suffer from eye diseases like retinitis pigmentosa. It can also prevent macular degeneration and the development of cataracts. Vitamin A is usually found in green and yellow vegetables like spinach, carrots, sweet potatoes, corn, and also in egg yolks, liver, cod liver oil and butter milk. • Vitamin C Vitamin C is an antioxidant that helps in protecting some parts of the eye against damage caused by ultraviolet rays. According to researcher Mark Moyad, MD, MPH, University of Michigan, who was part of a study that was published in ‘Seminars in Preventive and Alternative Medicine’, higher blood levels of vitamin C may be the ideal nutrition marker for overall health. "The more we study vitamin C, the better our understanding of how diverse it is in protecting our health from cardiovascular ailments, cancer, stroke, and even our eye health." Various studies have established that vitamin C reduces the pressure in the eyes of glaucoma patients, delays macular degeneration and minimises cataract risk. It is found in citrus fruits like berries, strawberries, guava, mango, raspberries, papaya and pineapple and in green, leafy vegetables like broccoli, potatoes, peppers, red bell peppers. • Vitamin E Vitamin E is yet another powerful antioxidant that helps protect membranes of cells throughout the body against damage caused by free radicals. It is abundantly found in vegetable oils. Other good sources for vitamin E include whole grain cereals, almonds, hazelnuts, papaya and peanuts.


Now that we know about various foods that can help ward off some

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Food That Aid Healthy Vision


• Fish like salmon, tuna, sardine and mackerel, which contain Omega-3 fatty acids, protect the eyes from macular degeneration. • Vegetables like spinach, carrots, sweet potatoes and corn, meat products like liver and cod liver oil are rich in Vitamin A, recommended for those who suffer from diseases like retinitis pigmentosa. • Vitamin C found in citrus fruits like berries, strawberries, guava, mango, raspberries, papaya and pineapple and in green, leafy vegetables like broccoli, potatoes, peppers, red bell peppers reduces the pressure in the eyes of glaucoma patients. • Another potent antioxidant, Vitamin E, is found in vegetable oils, whole grain cereals, almonds, hazelnuts, papaya and peanuts. It protects membranes of the cells in the eye from ill-effects of free radicals.

common eye ailments, let’s look at some lifestyle shifts that can help in overall healthy vision. A lot of eye problems arise when eye muscles lose their elasticity and become rigid. This affects its ability to focus at different distances, which leads to poor vision. Any general feeling of tension tends to make the eye musles rigid. This is because the eye is connected to the brain through the optic nerve. Tension in the eyes increases the nerve impulses present in the eye muscles, travels along the optic nerve and bombards the brain causing a higher level of anxiety. Quite concerning, isn’t it? But there's an easy way to relax the eyes and tone its muscles to reduce its rigidity. All one needs to do is give the eyes proper exercise, and do it on a regular basis.

Just like the rest of our muscles need to be exercised, our eyes need the same care. Any form of exercise, including walking, reduces the pressure on the ocular muscles and is beneficial for the eyes. Then there is yoga, which offers a number of eye exercises. These easyto-do exercises can be performed at any time of the day, wherever you are, and they fit in well with the hectic schedule that most people have. One of the best yogic exercises for relaxing the eyes, body and mind is ‘shavasana’ or the ‘position of a corpse', where a person simply has to adopt a relaxed posture. So all one has to do is lie motionless on OPTICPLUS : Everything between you and eye

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the floor, close the eyes and relax all body parts from head to toe. Then there is the ‘sambhavi mudra’, where you look up towards the area in the middle of your eyebrows, hold your gaze for a few seconds and move your eyes downward, towards your nose. Vision is one of our most treasured senses, yet many of us take it for granted until it begins to fail. Our eyes need proper care and attention at all times. It is only with proper diet and by following a healthy lifestyle that we can ensure that we continue to have that coveted twinkle in our eyes. __________________________________________ – OpticPlus Bureau ............................................................................... Email us at 157

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ESPRIT ET 19565 Charmant Inc

These black glasses with clean white lines are for those with simpler sensibilities.

An elegant and poignant creation by Espirit.

The New Year is just around the corner and there’s one thing that everyone seems to be doing during this time - shopping! We’re talking about entire wardrobes going in for a major rehaul. So, why leave eyewear out of the equation? This Fall/Winter season, designers have brought us some exciting eyewear. Chopard and Givenchy among other brands, have offered über chic, oversized sunglasses, which are currently in vogue. As for men, brands including Dunhill and Cartier have offered their own spin on the intellectual spectacles which complement those who like to flaunt their understated charm. Designers across the world have ensured that there’s something to suit the needs of every shopper. What better way can there be of ringing in 2012!

PORSCHE DESIGN P 8205 Rodenstock GmbH

Wear it at work or at play!


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Roberto Cavalli mixes two colours that always get along - white and silver.

DOLCE & GABBANA D&G 3076 Luxottica

Purple and green spell fun!


Brown gradient with eye-catching detail on the sides makes this a winner!

DUNHILL D4005 Rodenstock GmbH Simply black. Simply charming. Simply Dunhill.

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12/2/2011 6:25:26 PM

LEVIS LS 01079 101 Studio

With a fine rim and the Levis embellishment on the side, this model is a head turner!

TOM FORD TF 234 Marcolin Spa

Tom Ford offers the perfect sunglasses to make a statement.

TRU TRUSSARDI TR 12902 Charmant Inc

This all-black sunglass will suit those who prefer their style quotient to be understated.


OP_Nov-Dec_11_Galleria_page 158-159-160-161-164-165.indd 160

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With brown gradients and a thin rim, these sunglasses demand attention.

CARTIER 4919035 Richemont

A combination of black and brown rim in thick frames give this Cartier make an intellectual appeal.

RODENSTOCK 4845 Rodenstock GmbH

These Rodenstock spectacles complement one's work-wardobe.

ELLE EL 18942 Charmant Inc

For those who like to have fun, and wear it too!

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12/2/2011 6:27:32 PM

 SCOTT 1731 C4

 SCOTT 1719 C1

 SCOTT 1705 C1

 SCOTT 1667 C3

 SCOTT 1743 C2

OP_Nov-Dec 11_Sterling_Scott & Sprint Advt_Page 162-163.indd 162

12/2/2011 3:50:06 PM

 SPRINT 11304 C3

 SPRINT 11411 C2

 SPRINT 11446 C2

 SPRINT 11301 C1

OP_Nov-Dec 11_Sterling_Scott & Sprint Advt_Page 162-163.indd 163

12/2/2011 3:52:12 PM

CHARMANT CH 10230 Charmant Inc

Half-rimmed frames are a hit with the corporate crowd, and Charmant knows it!


With such magnificent detailing on the sides, need we say more?

CELINE DION CD 3171Z 101 Studio

A rimless pair with gold details on the temples - meant for the no-fuss wearers.

REEBOK B 6100 Nigura Metzler

Reebok gives its own sporty spin to the simple rimless frame!

FRENCH CONNECTION UK FC 7120 FCUK presents oversized sunglasses in a vivacious purple!

JOHN GALLIANO JG 5024 Marcolin Spa

SILHOUETTE 7638 Silhouette International

An interesting gradient along with silver details on the sides makes this model a must-have!

Simple and stylish. 164

OP_Nov-Dec_11_Galleria_page 158-159-160-161-164-165.indd 164

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A Stepper creation that's full of panache.

Photography: Alim Bolar Modelling Agency: Diva Dubai ( Model: Masha Bashkova, Tatiana

................................................................................ Email us at OPTICPLUS : Everything between you and eye

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TR12806 plays with different materials and has a metal bar on top of frame with lasered leather pattern

Urban Wild Glam is the theme for the womenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Tru Trussardi sunwear collection. The Exotic City styles feature oversized, expressive shapes, custommade acetate with exotic snake skin patterns and braided end piece with temple detailing taken from elements in the main collection. The Elegant Heavy Metal styles have edgier shapes in interesting structures with snake skin patterns in metal, 3D end pieces clipped on acetate that looks like wood and marble plus cold metal, and unusual mixes of materials: soft clear acetate contrasts with hard metal edges.

TR12801 has a leather pattern lasered in acetate on the temple and all over the bridge.

OP_Nov-Dec11_Pearl Enterprise_Tru Trussardi Advt_Page XX-XX.indd 2

12/6/2011 12:09:10 PM

TR12808 features this lasered pattern in its metal end pieces.

TR12800 has leather details at the temple and bridge and an attentiondriving slight gap between lens and upper metal frame.

A belt buckle from the main collection inspired TR12813 which also has a metal bridge topped with leather.

For men, the Tru Trussardi sunwear collection is inspired by the Urban Dandy, both in his rock and classic stages of development. The Rock Dandy frames tend to be bigger in size, square with generous rims and metal detailing like studs The Classic Dandy group showcases retro shapes and elegant forms with leather detailing

TR12812 features an acetate metal sandwich with real leather embedded on the bridge and temples

OP_Nov-Dec11_Pearl Enterprise_Tru Trussardi Advt_Page XX-XX.indd 3

The vintage aviator gets updated with leather across the double bridge bar and along the outside of the temples in TR12818.

TR12815 is a contemporary twist on the JFK shape.

12/6/2011 12:10:16 PM


OpticPlus Mate 168

OP_Nov-Dec_11_OP Mate_Page 168-169.indd 168

OPTICPLUS : Everything between you and eye

12/2/2011 6:34:46 PM

OPTICPLUS : Everything between you and eye

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e's known as King Khan in Bollywood and rightly so. Shah Rukh Khan's much-anticipated 'Don 2 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; The Chase Continues', is about to hit the theatres in December. What's interesting is the statement-making eyewear SRK is seen flaunting in the movie. There seems to be an exclusive focus on aviators in various shades and the eyewear in this movie definitely commands attention. SRK is seen sporting silver-rimmed aviators with black lenses, and the black temples on the side add more class to the already cool sunglasses. The eyewear with blue lenses, especially, carve their own definition of chic. With the spotlight on the aviator-style sunglasses, it wouldn't be surprising if this goes on to become the season's trend. Don 2 sure promises to be a treat for viewers and we can't wait for it, either! _________________________________

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