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Car Detailing DIY: DIY methods for car detailing: In daily life, going for car detailing DIY methods is best suited option. It is preferable by maximum percentage of the population because in minimal effort you can easily fetch maximum result. Due to advancement in technology at different level, DIY car detailing is very simply to perform ad straight forward than ever before. From the day you are born to the day to rest in peace forever, the marketing and advertising team follows you forcing you to invest more in any service or product you avail. Fetching money out of your pocket is the main goal of business across globe and at every level.

Any trip down the lane on your car will spin up your head with lots of advertisements described properly using hyped-up slogans. This hyped action even prevails in automobile cleaning industry which leave people frozen with doubt when they take their car to any outlet for washing or detailing. The main aim of this DIY car detailing blog is to guide you about many resources that will help you in detailing your car yourself and understanding its essential technicalities. This complete blog will discuss about the Do-It-Yourself methods for getting your car detailed regardless of skill level. This blog is even a medium for learning basics of car care. DIY car Detailing: External Car Body

Since the car care world is full of endless choices and hypes but this blog simply lays out few of the basic measures that you can try. Learning and understanding the important basics not just educate you by imparting Knowledge about car detailing but even adds confidence in carrying forward the task. Virtually every car these days has its own shield in terms of clear coating over the paint which is important to protect the paint of car against any weather torture or UV rays. Essential needs of car surface care: 1. Wash your car frequently: If talking about the enemy of the car, sun and dirt holds the top position. So, to keep your car healthy for long run, you need to clean your car on daily, weekly and monthly basis. There are zealots who get their car washed everyday using traditional methods and three are even sophisticated car owners who take their car to car detailing studios for professional touch. But washing your car on your own can be quite satisfying. This will help you in saving your money that you would spend paying more in hands of professionals. Many of the commercial car washes uses many abrasive materials which may lead to scratches and damage to car paint. So, to be satisfied and care your car, you can conduct your own car cleaning chores. Things that you need:     

A flat and shady concrete area Proper water supply or buckets Sponge Microfiber towel Mild Soap

2. Decontamination of the Painted Surface: When conducting the car washing, you need to wash the complete car in one session which takes usually one to two hours depending on the size of the car and extent of dirt over that. Every car possesses some form of less or more contaminants regardless of age. These contaminants are stick to the car paint surface or car coating surface. The presence of these dirt and dust particles over the painted or coated surface gives rough and gritty feel. These pollutants basically stick to the surface of car from air and it needs to be treated differently and with more care as bit of mistake can lead to scratches over the car paint thus hampering the look of the car. If you are thinking that you can attain complete cleanliness by skipping this process then it’s a myth as it can lead to paint damage. Just like washing and waxing, this decontamination process is even not a one-time process. You need to go for monthly or once a year to get best possible result. Each method related to detailing a car is vital and plays crucial role especially for the one who are possessive towards their asset. Run hand over the painted surface after washing, you will surely feel unevenness. So, to remove these hard and tough blemishes, you need to use clay bar than is easily available in auto detailing market. The use of clay bar can easily remove the stubborn spots along with the removal of previously applied any sealants or wax over the painted surface. 3. Waxing car Paint: This is similar to coating application as it will help you in protecting your car paint surface and adding gloss to them. If talking about difference between a wax and a sealant then, you must know that wax is usually paste or semi liquid with some form of carnauba or natural wax. Sealants are mainly liquid with synthetic ingredients. Applying wax is a good option but you can’t expect durability as per words of professionals. 4. Car Polishing: Most of people rush behind waxing but they don’t understand the fact that it can conceal and subtle blemish along with enhancing the gloss of painted surface for getting true and deeper you need to wax your car along with polishing it thoroughly. Using the latest orbital car polishers, any beginner can create amazing and professional level of result by polishing the painted surface. so, for everyone, including car polishing in DIY car detailing is mandatory. 5. Wheel Washing: Once you are done with cleaning the body surface, move down to cleaning the wheels as it holds maximum of the dust. Before starting the wheel cleaning always check for cleaning product used. This is important because always check product and have cleaning product as per the type of wheels. If you are not sure about the type of wheel then ensure to use least potent wheel cleaner. Avoid using product on tires. DIY Car Detailing: Interior Cleaning

A clean car gives better driving feeling. Just like exterior, cleaning car interior even takes time and effort. Don’t worry, below mention easy to follow steps will help you in lowering your work effort. •

The best and easiest way to deal with interior clea ning chores is regular vacuuming.

You might have heard of the fact that prevention is better than cure, then avoid throwing rags inside the car that creates mess and stains over upholstery. If your car is new then simply dusting off will work for you. For cleaning upholstery or leather, you can simply play with vinegar and baking soda. Simply you need to make paste of both and put it over stain and leave it to dry. Further vacuum up the paste and you will find that the stains are gone. Never forget to clean under seat as it is scariest place when it comes to cleaning.

• •

Conclusion: No matter how much you clean your car, it’s always recommended to take your car to car detailing studio for getting ultimate cleanliness. In fact, the professional detailers will help you in knowing your car better and steps to go for to maintain your car new. For more information related to car detailing you can visit the outlet of The Detailing Mafia where you can learn a lot about detailing and updated practices in auto detailing industry.

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DIY Methods for Car Detailing  

In daily life, going for car detailing DIY methods is best suited option. It is preferable by maximum percentage of the population because i...

DIY Methods for Car Detailing  

In daily life, going for car detailing DIY methods is best suited option. It is preferable by maximum percentage of the population because i...