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Optical Turnstiles ‣ Security devices that prevent people from entering restricted areas ‣ An essential part of access control systems along with ‣ Controllers, card readers & other necessary software

Optical Turnstiles ‣ Similar to mechanical turnstiles ‣ Use infrared, electronic beam, as well as visual & audible interfaces to limit access to an area

Stylish & Practical ‣ Perfect for banks, high rise buildings with reception staff ‣ There is no physical barrier, so they are perfect for those in wheelchairs or with disabilities

The First Models ‣ Used large, bulky, logic controllers with big banks of relays ‣ Debuted in the San Francisco market ‣ Complicated to operate

Today’s Businesses ‣ ...choose Optical Turnstiles ‣ Aesthetics are as good as the security they provide ‣ Easy to install without structural redesigns or alterations

Other Benefits ‣ They eliminate tailgating via immediate security alerts ‣ This leads to increased security ‣ Still allowing 40 people per minute to pass through the turnstiles

Speed is a Huge Issue ‣ Studies show increase in productivity when people don’t have to wait on clumsy security equipment ‣ Also enhances trust in the organization & creating a more positive image

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Get Better Security With The Use of Optical Turnstiles