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Social Media has exploded over the past few years. Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ & YouTube have become very popular. Every business should try to use all the available tools, especially those cost effective marketing tools to promote their business. If you don’t, your competitors may be reaping the benefits.

Benefits of using Social Media Cost – Social Media Marketing is a very cost effective way of getting your company visible to a large concentrated audience. In most cases (with the exception of Facebook ads) it’s free to use. It is a cheap way of trying out different marketing campaigns and seeing what works well for you. Audience – Social Media helps you to interact with your customers & helps you to build your brand & market it to a target aundience . There are now over 500 million daily users on Facebook and over 140 million users on Twitter. YouTube is a great (but often forgotten) marketing tool. It is the second biggest search engine, next to Google. Ranking – By using social media you can drive traffic back to your main web site. Being that the public can also generate content on social media, everything they write can drive traffic back to your business too. Combining SM with a good blog is the best way to create on-going interest in your web site and business.

Do I have the time for SM? SM can add value to your business if used correctly and is continually being updated but it must be maintained to work effectively. If you are not sure you have sufficent time then Optical Design can accommodate fully managed or DIY solutions. We can set up your social media requirements, cross link everything and show you how to run an effective system yourself or we can add the content and maintain your social media presence on your behalf.

Reasons to use Social Media 1. It’s virtually free! How many times have you heard a business owner avoid advertising because of the cost. Well, here’s your chance with Social Media. 2. SM can direct traffic to your site By placing the occassional post on your social network with links back to your web site, you can direct traffic to your business. It’s good for Google too! 3. Users add to your content Search engines like frequent updates to your content to enable them to rank you site/page higher. Social Media users/customers posting to your page creates the content for you. This content can be moderated by you should you wish to keep an eye on what’s posted. 4. Overall, little effort is required Just a post from you here and there can help increase interest in what you are selling or services you are providing. 5. Great way to inform Things like specials, new products or services can be posted to your social media pages with links back to your site. Customers can then click to get the full details. There are so many reasons as to how Social Media can help your business and just as many more showing how you are missing out if you are not a part of the latest marketing strategy. Also, to the fact that it’s virtually FREE, So, why aren’t you using it to further your business and profits? Optical Design can help to explain how Social Media works and we can help you get set up, to maintan and/or operate your Social Media marketing yourself or we can do it on your behalf. Call 08 8325 2996 for more information.

On-Site Bookkeeping Services

Tax Time - Time to tidy up your books Optical Design provide Bookkeeping services to small businesses, home operators, sole traders, partnerships and companies. Businesses can utilise our services in the preparation and maintenance of their financial records. Should you require a regular bookkeeper or only need us to tidy up your financial system so it is easily usable by you or your staff, we can come in regularly or on a short-term basis. Business Activity Statements Business Activity Statements (BAS forms) are used to report and pay the GST that has been collected and paid by your business. ODLBOOKKEEPING Services can calculate and provide information for inclusion on your BAS form. Input tax credits are calculated to make sure you only pay the required amount of GST. Instalment Activity Statements Instalment Activity Statements (IAS forms) are used to report and pay the amounts withheld from your employees salaries and wages. Pay As You Go (PAYG) tax withheld calculation for businesses can be prepared by ODLBOOKKEEPING Services. The IAS form is required to be prepared monthly, this is also included on the quarterly BAS form. We can call in to your premises or you can send the required information to our office for preparation.

ODLBOOKKEEPING is able to maintain your financial bookkeeping requirements on-site. This can be on a regular basis or infrequent. We visit your business premises as required to perform regular bookkeeping activities or check and verify your entries on an infrequent basis. We specialise in tidying up for end of period and creating new systems when one has not been in place. Off-Site Bookkeeping Services Off-site bookkeeping is also possible. We can collect your information, receipts, invoices etc. and manage your finances off-site. This is a useful service for businesses some distance away or do not have the facilities to completely manage their own books on-site. With our computer and internet facilities you can upload or send your information electronically. Alternatively, a courier or registered post can be used. We then perform your bookkeeping requirements in our office and supply you with the completed detail. One-to-One Business Bookkeeper What ever service you require, on-site or offsite, ODLBOOKKEEPING can prepare, maintain and reconcile your book work either manually or via computer software such as MYOB and Quick Books. We provide quality business bookkeeper services.

Goods & Services Tax GST preparation can be time consuming, if not confusing. So why not let our experience benefit your business by saving time and money. We prepare this information regularly and so eliminate errors due to misunderstanding of what is required.

Call Patricia on 0417 807 468 if you have questions and require Bookkeeping Services.

Office 08 8325 2996

Optical Design Film Crew at Edinburgh RAAF Base On Monday18th June 2012 the US Navy had one of their P8 Poseidon aircraft in at Edinburgh. The Poseidon is the RAAF’s choice for the replacement of the AP3C Orion fleet with the first P8 due in 2018. The P8 is an anti-submarine warfare aircraft with search, track and destroy capabilities. It can stay airborne for up to 11 hours without refulleing and has the ability to take on more fuel whislt inflight. The Poseidon is a variant on the more commonly known Boeing 737 airliner. However, it has been built from the ground up on a dedicated production line at the Boeing factory. The fuselage is a B737-800 viariety and the wings are from the B737-900ER with B777 wing tip extensions. There’s a lot more structure inside the wings and two hardpints for weapons under the wings. It has been hardened to take the hours of lowlevel flying that is expected and has a weapons bay that has been installed just behind the wing root. Plus, two hard points on each wing to mount weapons. The hardening process also makes the aircraft more resistant to battle damage should it come to that. As to what it costs, a typical B737 airliner weighs in at around $75M. The P8 with all its sensors and equipment can be up to three times that amount. The price varies on a customer by customer basis due to their requirements. More Information See the Five DME web site for all the latest aviation news and information from around South Australia. Keep up with our blog at: Photos by David Wilkie

ADVERTISMENTS AND COMMUNITY On Friday the 13th of July 2012, Team Adelaide Biplanes will be hosting a Quiz Night Fundraiser for Come Fly Inc. Come Fly Inc. helps student pilots that are learning to fly. So far the organisation has given out over $9000.00 and the fund raiser will help keep this worthy cause going. So, book your seats now by calling Adelaide Biplanes on 8556 5404.

Calll the Flight Office at Adelaide Biplanes to book a seat. Even better, make up a team!

8556 5404

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Optical Design Business Enhancement July 2012  

Optical Design eMagazine for July 2012.

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