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WordPress Thesis Theme (Doing More with Lesser Codes)


WordPress Thesis Theme (The Kind of Theme that You Deserve)


A WordPress Thesis Theme Review - Is it Really Worth It?


The WordPress Thesis Theme - It’s Almost Perfect


WordPress Thesis Theme Review


Exclusive WordPress Thesis Theme Bonus



INTRODUCTION Ever gone thru the tiring process of making pages in HTML or any other web coding language by yourself and ended up irritated as it does not work the way in which you desire your page to be? Imagine a domain that's easy to build, straightforward to maintain and you can do tons of customizations without handling so many codes. Attention: Freelancers and home business owners. If you wish to have a plain site you can simply customize and still look pro while not having to go thru the agony of learning web programming. Content management systems like WordPress are the most effective way to do it. To better manage your WordPress site, DIY Themes has made a forceful WordPress theme called Thesis which we're going to talk more about PDF.


WordPress Thesis Theme (Doing More with Lesser Codes)

Any web developers would want a theme that is search engine friendly, customizable, flexible, user friendly and has a good support. All these features can only be found in WordPress Thesis Theme. Let’s face it you need to learn the fundamentals of CSS to create designs for your site. But with WordPress theme, you can just use drop-down menus in the WordPress Admin Panel. 3|Š2011

The coding system is unique with other WordPress themes. You don’t need to be a technical person to manage this properly. In fact, you can manage your site’s design by editing just one file to avoid further complications. This is a common problem for some because many newbies become confused in editing multiple files in other themes. One good example of this is in updating your header. In other themes, you will not know what code to alter in the header.php file. But in WordPress thesis theme, you can just install a free plugin called thesis openhook to allow you to overwrite any portion of your blog by just pasting your custom code into the correct boxes. You can easily change the layout of your blog with ease. It has a layout generator that can allow you to change the number of columns you have in your site. It contains different skins as well to let you apply your imagination in building unique site that will be very appealing to your site’s visitors. In terms of search engine optimization (SEO), the theme allows you to customize your post titles, update meta tags, category, tags and more. It also has simple codes that can provide you quicker loading time in loading up pictures and videos. It can make you rank high on search engine results page. This is really important for people who want their site to be shown to the rest of the virtual world. In case you need any assistance, this thesis has a great support group that consists of thesis veterans that are willing to share their experiences and provide you more pointers to utilize the product more. In addition, thesis theme updates are always available to maintain it as the best WordPress theme available in the market. Make sure you check out more WordPress Thesis Theme reviews for better insight before availing one. Either way, your money will be well spent in this extraordinary WordPress theme. Building and designing your own site will be more feasible.


WordPress Thesis Theme (The Kind of Theme that You Deserve) For people that are full of ideas in terms of designing their own blogs or sites, WordPress Thesis Theme would be the best choice. With the amazing features of WordPress everything is possible. You can fully customize your thesis themes to achieve the way you imagined your site would be. Your thesis theme can be designed according to your personality or your site’s specifications. A good example of this is you can actually customize everything, including the navigation menus, page titles and even how your archive page will show up. Moreover, you can even download additional files to expand your theme even further. In case you need to personalize your theme and make it more powerful. There are many varieties of downloadable backgrounds and styles you can make use. Using this WordPress thesis theme will not require you to be knowledgeable in codes because even beginners can easily figure out how to apply and modify it. This special kind of thesis has a futureproof customization system that will make web owners create new and unique designs without applying any core codes. Another thing, when you buy WordPress thesis theme, you can get an access to a lot of helpful documentation and fantastic support forum that is supported by expert people that are very accommodating. If you encounter any problems in managing your thesis, questions are well entertained by thesis veterans in the forum.


Even the whole updating and upgrading process is easier to manage because all your modifications and customizations are in just one place. You can find those changes in the custom folder. Your code updates are in a single file for easier access. This thesis asks you to provide title, meta descriptions, and keywords in custom fields in editing your post. Search engine optimization is guaranteed here. Your site or blog can get more hits on major search engines like Google and Yahoo. It also permits you to index some summary pages to address the risk of duplicate content. In WordPress thesis, you can really enjoy many distinct features like the multimedia box, the ability to use Google analytics tracking code, customization of pages in the navigation menu and a lot more. These extra structures can allow you to make the most out of your site. In terms of design, SEO and unique features, WordPress Thesis Theme is dominating a majority of blogs or sites around the globe. Many people who have not yet tried using the said thesis theme are, in fact, starting to convert. Act now and create your own remarkable site with the help of WordPress thesis theme.


A WordPress Thesis Theme Review Is it Really Worth It? It is for certain that there are a lot of people asking the same question, “Is it worth purchasing a premium theme that costs $87 when i can get thousands for free – even the old ones made by Chris Pearson?”(Creator of the WordPress Thesis Theme) And eventually, “Alright, is the Thesis theme really worth it?”. In terms of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), design and features, the WordPress Thesis theme will be the base for most of the websites, webpages and blogs that people put up because it is by far the most remarkable the internet marketing world has ever seen yet. In this WordPress Thesis theme review, we will see why the Thesis theme is worth it because with it, you can do the following:  

  

Using their feedburner link, users can change the default feed This part of the theme is quite versatile – Users can even make use of a specific category’s posts or add a customized blogroll to it. Users are allowed to specify which pages would be shown in their navigation menu and reorder them impromptu. Users can configure the layout of their Title tag. Without messing any of their files, users can add Mint or Google Analytics tracking code Users can specify a post image and how it is incorporated in the layout of the page. These are just to name a few.

With all of the above said, here are a few things about the theme that aren’t worth it: 7|©2011

If any custom styles are added, users will have to FTP the custom stylesheet. Simply because, if an update is needed for the theme, it will not overwrite the primary CSS stylesheet that is easily changeable within the WordPress control panel. This just isn’t convenient for users, although the reason for this is pretty obvious.

A few improvements need to be made on the gallery in handling WordPress attachments (introduced v. 2.5) if users want to use Thesis for their photo blog, video blog, etc. Optimistically thinking. The creator – Chris Pearson and his team will fix this minor setback in their future releases. Thesis does not have a built in featured post slider like other themes, which is a bit of a let-down. This is something that you can expect to be inlcuded in future updates of the theme as it already has a box for it in the customization area. Lastly, the theme does not have any options for showing trackbacks. As of the moment, comments are pushed down the page if you have a lot of trackbacks and occupy more space than most people would like.

Conclusion Therefore, with this WordPress Thesis Theme review, is the Thesis theme really worth it? $87 is certainly not a lot of cash to make an investment on for something that will let you save a lot of time, energy and money in the future. So, it’s a big “Yes!” All the customizations you will make with the WordpPress Thesis Theme will be proof in the future to how Thesis is designed, even if you wind up customizing the whole thing.


The WordPress Thesis Theme It’s Almost Perfect You can easily change the number of columns (as well as their widths) from a single column, to two or even a 3 column layout with just a few clicks in the Design Options control panel with no programming necessary at all. The theme is just a wonderfully laid out one but each configuration still keeps that professional look. To start things off, just by choosing a file and uploading it, you can easily add a professional header image to your website as easy as 1-2-3. On top of that, changing the fonts and font sizes of the headlines, body, sidebars, etcetera is just as easy. It only takes a few minutes to create your own combination of text styles, number of columns and their sizes to suit your taste with this theme. It is one of the most versatile WordPress themes available to date and once downloaded, for further customization, you will also get a background starter kit that will enable you to change the main background of your site real easy. In terms of SEO The WordPress Thesis theme is primarily developed for the purpose of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which could definitely be one of the biggest selling points of the theme. Nevertheless, it is still not perfect. Even though WordPress is among the most search engine friendly platforms for blogging available today, how you design your website using the theme will greatly affect how search engines see your site. Thesis makes use of a neat code structure, orthodox URLs and the like. It is very tidy and presents contents really well. Even without a plugin such as All in One SEO Pack, it gives you the capability to specify each of your post’s title tags and meta tags, unlike other themes out there that have crazy codes that are horrible for search engines. 9|©2011

The Unique Feature Probably the biggest advantages that sets the theme apart from all the others could be the Multimedia box, which allows you to add images or videos in your posts. For any post or page that you may want, Thesis uses WordPress’s built-in custom fields feature to post particular images or videos, despite having a default option for all pages. This functionality is excellent for adding in photos, videos and even page-specific promotions. Customer Support Another one of the greatest features of the WordPress Thesis theme and one that you will get after you buy it is it’s really remarkable customer support. Future upgrades to the theme come free and to top it all off, the creator – Chris Pearson himself and the Thesis community is always there eager to help you out, if you have any questions about the theme. We have definitely tried a lot of WordPress themes throughout the years, but since Chris Pearson launched the WordPress Thesis Theme a couple of years back, the WordPress Thesis Theme has impressed many. It is stylish, simple to use and is loaded with features you just won’t find in any other free WordPress theme.

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The WordPress Thesis Theme was launched by its maker Chris Pearson a little more than 2 years ago and since then; it has turned out to be the most popular top quality WordPress theme and has become the backbone for the sites of successful internet marketing guru as well as well- connected and popular people. So, what do you get when you use WordPress Thesis? When it comes to design, the theme is laid out beautifully. It has the correct balance of white space, simple and very modern. One very cool thing about it is that the user can actually change the number or columns and their

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sizes in the Design Option Panel. It’s so simple, only a few clicks are needed with each configuration retaining that professional look.

Additionally, it also allows you to add a professional header image to you site by uploading a file. It’s really simple to accomplish and to top it off, changing fonts and their sizes is just as easy. This is what makes Thesis the most flexible WordPress theme. Within a very short amount of time, you will be able to create your own combination of text styles and column sizes to personalize the theme according to what you want. For even more customization, you get a background starter kit that will enable you to change the background effortlessly after downloading the theme.

12 | © 2 0 1 1 h t t p : / / w w w . r e c o m m e n d w p . c o m

In terms of SEO, WordPress Thesis Theme was developed having search engine optimization in mind. Although not perfect, WordPress is by default one of the most search engine- friendly blogging platforms available. How your theme is laid out affects the way search engines see your site. There are other themes out there with crazy code bloats and doing things that are actually terrible for search engines. In comparison, Thesis is really clean, presenting your contents very well. The code structure that it uses is clean, canonical urls and, etc.. Furthermore, it can specify each post’s title tags as well as meta tags without using a plugin. The Multimedia box is one of the best Thesis features. It allows you to put rotating pictures or videos in your posts. In every page, there is a default option. However, Thesis makes use of WordPress’s built-in custom field function to post particular images or videos for any post or page that you desire. This is really awesome for YouTube videos, images as well as advertising that’s page specific. WordPress Thesis Theme also lets you do the following:     

Replace default feed with you feedburner url Stipulates which page will appear in your navigation menu and reorder them too Configure the layout of your Title tag Easily add Mint or Google analytics tracking code Specify an image in your post and how it should be used in the layout.

One of the biggest advantages of the Thesis WordPress theme is the support. After purchasing the theme, the support is really impressive.

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The WorpdPress Thesis Theme is almost perfect. All that said, there are of course imperfections. 

  

If you want to add any custom styles, you need to PTF the custom stylesheet. This is because if, for some reason, you have to update the theme, it will not overwrite the main CSS stylesheet that you can edit inside WordPress If you plan to use thesis for a photo blog and you want to use the gallery, it can use some improvements to the way it handles WordPress attachment. It doesn’t have a built-in post slider similar to some themes. It has no option for displaying trackbacks

Is it worth it? It is definitely worth it. Its price is not a lot to spend especially since you will save a whole lot of time even if you customize like crazy.

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Exclusive WordPress Thesis Theme Bonus Get WordPress Thesis Theme from us using THIS LINK and you can choose ONE of the bonuses from Fast Web Formula 2 Speaker Videos found in the Bonus Page to get tips and secrets from real experts in internet marketing.

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WordPress Thesis Theme Review- The Best WordPress Theme In the Market The WordPress Thesis Theme was released by its maker Chris Pearson a touch more than 2 years back and since that point ; i...

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