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ABOUT US Optimal Assessments & Consulting is an authorized distributor of the Assess suite of on-line assessment tools. The Assess system ensures you hire the best people, get the most out of them and get them ready for future roles. The Assess tools have the highest level of workplace validation and apply to all major points within an employee life cycle.Optimal Assessments and Consulting provides our clients with the best assessment tools in the market, along with unique solutions to improve individual and team performance including executive coaching and leadership development, competency (success) modeling, and facilitation expertise. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY

Benefits of using the OAP (Optimal Assessment Process)  Measure performance and target areas for improvement  Improved hiring efficiencies  Quick integration of new employees  Targeted training  Improved team effectiveness  Increased objectivity in the succession planning process  Enhanced coaching capability  Clarity of expectations and focus for employees  Quicker integration of new employees  Targeted training and employee development  Increased objectivity in the succession planning process  Enhanced coaching capability  Optimal AssessmentsImproved team effectiveness and dynamics


HR Online Assessments Tools HR professionals know, staffingassessment tools are designed to helpcompanies make successful hiring decisions that foster worker productivity andpromote company profits. Using several measurement criteria, such devices canhelp determine how well a person will perform a job. The keys are to make sureyou decide on your goals, and to be certain your tools are effective.


Online Assessments for Recruiting

Online recruitment poses new challenges. opt applies new psychometric assessment technologies to meet them. From pr-employment screening to employee development, opt offers personality test, cognitive ability test and skills test solutions to provide you with accurate predictions of job performance, faster, more efficiently and at less cost—with a more engaging candidate experience that will set you apart from other hirer. Just see what our clients say. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY

Team Performance Assessment Tools  Teamwork has a dramatic affect on organizational performance.  An effective team can help an organization achieve incredible results.  Teamwork training constitutes one of the core approaches for moving healthcare systems toward increased levels of quality and safety, and simulation provides a powerful method of delivering this training, especially for facepaced and dynamic specialty areas such as Emergency Medicine.  Team performance measurement and evaluation plays an integral role in ensuring that simulation-based training for teams Optimal Assessments is systematic and effective.  Determining a set of assessment dimensions that are relevant to the context and purpose of the team. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY

Executive Recruitment Assessment Tools Executive recruiting has been the cornerstone of our business since the firm was founded in 1969. Our rigorous search process starts by gaining a thorough understanding of the strategic goals of each client, the specific leadership roles and competencies needed to meet those goals, and the culture of the organization. Focusing on these underlying qualities allows us to take a broader, more creative approach in identifying potential candidates particularly important as traditional industry silos are dissolving and new industries are emerging.


Performance Improvement & Evaluation High performing organizations take a rigorous and disciplined approach to conducting performance evaluations. Good performance evaluations require committed leaders, courageous supervisors, and open employees. Factors That Affect Performance  Clear job expectations  Clear and immediate performance feedback  Adequate physical environment, including proper tools, supplies and workspace  Motivation and incentives to perform as expected  Skills and knowledge required for the job. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY

Succession Planning Assessment Succession Planning is a systematic process of planning job appointments and successor candidates in order to address the organization’s management growth and continuity needs, as well as the developmental needs of employees. As such, it is a critical system of Talent Management within organizations and assures that opportunities are there and people are there to move into them. Fundamental to the succession-management process is an underlying philosophy that argues that top talent in the corporation must be managed for the greater good of the enterprise. Merck and other companies argue that a "talent mindset" must be part of the leadership culture for these practices to be effective. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY

Competency Based Talent Management

Competency-based human resources planning serves as a link between human resources management and the overall strategic plan of an organization. Competencies are defined as observable abilities, skills, knowledge, motivations or traits defined in terms of the behaviours needed for successful job performance. Talent management implies that companies are strategic and deliberate in how they source, attract, select, train, develop, retain, promote, and move employees through the organization. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY

Sales hiring & Development Assessment Tools

Personnel selection is the process used to hire (or, less commonly, promote) individuals. Although the term can apply to all aspects of the process (recruitment, selection, hiring, acculturation, etc.) the most common meaning focuses on the selection of workers. In this respect, selected prospects are separated from rejected applicants with the intention of choosing the person who will be the most successful and make the most valuable contributions to the organization. Selection into organizations has as ancient a history as organizations themselves.Chinese civil servant exams, established in AD 605, may be the first documented "modern" selection tests, and have influenced subsequent examination systems. As a scientific and scholarly field, personnel selection owes much to psychometric theory and the art of integrating selection systems falls to human resource professionals.



Assess Systems, Coaching & Development Assess Systems is an innovative software and consulting firm providing talent selection and people development solutions including: competency modeling, selection process design, entry-level assessments, competencybased professional and managerial assessments, sales assessments, leadership development, 360 feedback, succession planning, performance appraisal and executive assessment and coaching. Coaching is a training or development process via which an individual is supported while achieving a specific personal or professional competence result or goal. The individual receiving coaching may be referred to as coachee. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY

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Online assessments for recruiting  

Online recruitment poses new challenges. opt applies new psychometric assessment technologies to meet them. From pr-employment screening to...

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