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Late 2013 Catalog New! Spikeletz Bouncerz

Our new spiky bouncing balls glow in the dark! 36 assorted balls come in a canister display offset with free product. (Display: 6 x 6 x 6 in.)

36 Asst Spikeletz Glow Bouncerz Display Pack SBGDP01 36 Asst Spikeletz Glow Bouncerz Refill SBGPK01

New! Spikeletz Charmz Now kids can add Spikeletz Charmz to their rubberband loom bracelets or wear Spikeletz Charmz on their fingers as rings. Counter display comes with 200 assorted charms/rings. Display is free. (Display: 7.5 x 5.25 x 6 in.)

200 Asst Charms Display Pack SCCDP01 200 Asst Charms Refill SCCPK01


Contents Spikeletz Pens . . . . . . . . . . . 3 Spikeletz Bracelets & Earrings . . 4-5 Spikeletz Large Journals. . . . . 6-7 Spikeletz Mini Journals . . . . . . 8 Shoe Fobbz . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 Sol Tote. . . . . . . . . . . . . 10-11 Crossbody . . . . . . . . . . . . .12 Backpacks . . . . . . . . . . . . .13 Fobbz . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14-16

Fans and Press Rave . . . “I want to compliment your company on a superb job of customer service. . . . This was easily the most pleasant experience I’ve ever had with customer service. Keep up the great job! And we love your products! You guys rock!” Cami Hayduk, Lewisville, TX, on “Use this roomy, long-handled, waterproof...

Mini Fobbz . . . . . . . . . . . 17-18

bag for diapering essentials and an extra

Bling Fobbz . . . . . . . . . . . . 18

change of kids’ clothes, as a gym or pool bag,

Floor Display Packages . . . . . . 19

lunch tote, or as an everyday companion. The Sol Tote from Optari rests comfortably over the shoulder, adds a bold punch of color to your wardrobe, and can be accessorized with fun snap-in Fobbz charms to fit your mood. Plus, it stands upright when you set it down.” NY Metro Parents

320 Premier Ct S, Ste 222 Franklin TN 37067 • USA Toll Free 877-376-4972 Fax 615-807-2447

“Wear ’em, trade ’em, or give them as gifts, the bright, boldly colored Spikeletz from Optari are HOT right now!” Edmonton Parent

Like us at to win free shipping in our monthly drawing. Order from your Optari rep, online at, or call toll free 877-376-4972. ORder from

Our products have been positively reviewed in numerous parenting magazines and mommy blogs.


Spikeletz Penz a Bestseller!

People love the feel of the soft grip created by the hand-applied silicone spikes on our ballpoint blue ink clicker pens. If you enjoy quickly selling out of a product and creating a buzz that brings people to your store, you’ll love these pens. Individually tagged and barcoded (5.13 x 6.13 in).

Display Pack Color Series, 24 Pens & Display ➤ Display cost is offset with 5 free pens ($20 retail value), which pays for your display. These free pens are included in the 24 pens you receive. SPDP01

Refill Pack Color Series, 24 Pens You’ll be needing this soon after receiving your display pack (above). These pens go fast! SPPK01

Display Pack Glow Series, 24 Pens & Display

Display cost is offset with 5 free pens ($20 retail value), which pay for your display. These free pens are included in the 24 pens you receive.

Refill Pack Glow Series, 24 Pens SPPK02


Lights on. Lights off. “Rechargable” by exposing to a light source.


New! Spikeletz Earrings, Spikeletz Display & Glow Series 2 Bracelets Spikeletz Earrings are now available in both color and glow versions in assorted sets of 12.

They display well on our new counter spinner (left) that holds our entire Spikeletz series of earrings, Spikeletz Bracelets, and Spikeletz Mini Bracelets. We’re also introducing a new more colorful ver-

sion of our glow bracelets (left), which still feature our “starry night” effect in the dark, but also feature the more vibrant hues of our color series. Spinning counter display is 10 x 10 x 20 in.

Glow bracelets are “rechargeable” by exposing to the light. Twice the fun! Minis, pictured left are great for smaller wrists.


Spikeletz Display Pack SZDP04 Includes 1 display (page 4), 2 packs of regular bracelets, 1 pack of mini bracelets, and 2 packs of earrings, which all fit on the display. Display cost is offset with free product.

Build Your Own Spikeletz Display Our new counter display has four sides, each of which can hold 36 bracelets, or 24-36 earrings. Suggested mix is 3 packs of

Julia (1 1) is ou

r reside

36 bracelets (Color Spikeletz, Glow Spikeletz, Color

nt twee

n exper


Minis, or Glow Minis) and 2 packs of 12 earrings. See below for op-

Empty Display DSSZ02. Order an empty display, then fill it with the products below. We’ll include free product to offset cost of display.

36 Spikeletz Bracelets, Color Series SZPK01. Fills one side of display. 36 Spikeletz Bracelets, New! Glow Series 2 SZPK03. Fills one side of display. 36 Spikeletz Mini Bracelets, Color Series SMPK01. Fills one side of display. 36 Spikeletz Mini Bracelets, Glow Series SMPK02. Fills one side of display. 12 Spikeletz Earrings, Color Series SEPK01. 2 packs fill one side of display. 12 Spikeletz Earrings, Glow Series SEPK02. 2 packs fill one side of display.

“I just can’t keep these things in stock!” Optari dealer, Austin, Texas Our Spikeletz Glow Bracelets just won the prestigious Preferred Choice Award from Creative Child Magazine!


Spikeletz Large Journals People can’t help but touch them and want one once they feel the soft silicone spikes on the reusable cover. Stores reorder frequently! Each journal is packaged in the printed band pictured in the display image below and individually barcoded. 224 lined pages (5.3 x 7.8 x 0.8 in). Order singles or display packages

Countertop Journal display holds 12 journals and measures 9.5 x 12 x 6.3.

Display Packs Includes above display and 12 assorted Color or Glow Series journals (see next page). Display cost is offset with 2 free journals ($28 retail value), which pays for your display. The free journals are included in the 12. Color assortment includes 1 of each color and 2 of each Multi. Glow assortment includes 3 of each glow design.

12 Color Series Assorted Color Journals & Display Pack SJDP01 12 Glow Series Assorted Glow Journals & Display Pack SJDP02 Empty Journal Display Create your own display pack by using the SKU below for an empty display and then selecting the individual journals on the next page for your own custom assortment. You’ll receive the same offset as the above packs when you order 12 or more journals.


7 Glow Series Our four new glow journal designs below feature clear silicone covers over a printed color journal insert. The silicone cover glows in the dark and can be “recharged” by holding up to a light source. They’re the same size and num-

ber of pages as our Color Series and feature the same replaceable inserts.

Polkadots • SJPD

Yes, a journal that glows in the dark! You never know when someone might need to record their thoughts covertly. Combined with our glow pens, they’ll be ready for night or day journaling.

Chevron • SJCV

Mustache • SJMU

Quatrefoil • SJQF

Multi 2 • SJM2

Multi 1 • SJM1

Pink • SJPI

Green • SJGR

Red • SJRE

Blue • SJBL

Orange • SJOR

Yellow • SJYE

Purple • SJPU

Black • SJBK

Color Series


New! Spikeletz Mini Journals Our new Mini Journals feature the same number of pages as our large journal, but now come in a new handy size. Sold individually and in packs. 224 pages, alternating lined and blank. (4.25 x 5.75 x 0.8 in)

Display Packs Includes spinning counter display (right) and 32 assorted Color or Glow Series Mini Journals. Display cost is offset with free product.

32 Asst Color Journals & Display SJMDP01

4 of each solid color (see right for list) and 8 Multi.

32 Asst Glow Journals & Display

Color Journals Blue SJMBL


8 of each glow design (see pictures below).


32 Asst Half Color/Half Glow Journals & Display

Multi SJMM2


Orange SJMOR

2 of each solid color, 4 Multi, and 4 of each glow design (see pictures below).

Empty Journal Display



Create your own display pack by ordering an empty display and selecting

Purple SJMPU

individual journals for your own custom assortment (see right). Order 32


journals minimum to get display offset.

Glow Journals Letter SJMLE Travel SJMTR Water SJMWA Zebra SJMZE



Shoe Fobbz Kids love decorating their shoes with Shoe Fobbz charms. Each charm features a clip on the back that slips over a shoelace. Packaged on hangcards (right) featuring four charm designs per design set and sold in 2-packs.

Display Package SFDP01 Includes 2-sided spinning counter display (9 x 9 x 26 in) and 32 sets (2 of each of the 16 design sets below. Display cost is offset by free product.

Refill Pack SFPK01 2-packs of all 16 design sets below

Order in Individual Design Sets Order individual design sets using the SKUs beneath Sports • SFSPRT

each design. Sold in 2-packs of each design set.

Cheer • SFCHEE

Animals • SFANIM

Dance • SFDNCE




Monster Boys • SFMONB Ladybug • SFLADY

Hearts • SFHRTS

Dinosaur • SFDINO

Water Animals • SFWTAN

Peace Love • SFPCLV Monster Girls • SFMONG

Horse • SFHORS

Sweets • SFSWTS

10 Sold individually.

Lg Pink • STPILG

Sm Pink • STPISM

Lg Green • STGRLG

Sm Green • STGRSM

Sol Totes Popular with the celebrity set, the Sol Tote makes a great pool or beach tote, shower caddy, tub toy bag, pet tote, lunch tote, diaper bag, etc. Users love our totes because they stay standing when you set them down, and they’re easy to clean. Make sure you also order tote charms from our Fobbz collection (p. 14), featuring fun designs for tweens, teens, and adults. From gift stores to toy stores to garden centers, our customers love our totes because, most importantly, they sell. Sold individually or in display

olightly G e g a G

Lg Blue • STBLLG

packs on p. 19 (Large 6 x 14.5 x 11.75; Small 4.75 x 11 x 9).

Sm Blue • STBLSM

Lg Orange • STORLG

Sm Orange • STORSM

11 Some totes pictured here feature large Fobbz charms, sold separately on p. 14.



Lg Purple • STPULG

Sm Purple • STPUSM

Lg Yellow • STYELG

Sm Yellow • STYESM

Lg Black • STBKLG

Sm Black • STBKSM

Lg Royal Blue • STRBLG

Sm Royal Blue • STRBSM

Lg White • STWHLG

Sm White • STWHSM


Crossbody The perfect little bag for so many occasions easily holds a mobile phone and a few other items in its one internal compartment. All colors come with the multicolor adjustable strap shown below. Sold individually or in display packs on p. 19 (6.5 x 4 x 1.8 in).

“A celeb favorite . . .” Pamela Brill, Sold individually. Yellow • CBYE

Blue • CBBL

Shown with Mini Fobbz charm. Order on page 17.

Orange • CBOR

Shown with large Fobbz charm. Order on page 14.

Pink • CBPI

Green • CBGR

Purple • CBPU

White • CBWH

Red • CBRE

Black • CBBK

Order from your rep, toll free at 877-376-4972, or at


Award Winning Backpack Another hit with celebrities and tweens! The front pocket is made of the same material as our popular totes and can hold Fobbz or Mini Fobbz charms (p. 14, 17). Two zippered compartments, large internal pocket, pen/pencil pockets, side net pockets, & adjustable straps. Sold individually or in display packs on p. 19 (6 x 13 x 17 in).

ell Saige Ryan Campb

“Destined to be the coolest pack at school this fall . . .” Tampa Bay Parenting Magazine

Sold individually.

Blue • BPBL

Shown with Mini Fobbz charms. Order on page 17.

Purple • BPPU

Pink • BPPI

Green • BPGR

Shown with large Fobbz charm. Order on page 14.

Red • BPRE

Black • BPBK


Fobbz These handmade large charms (3.5–5 in) have a rivet on the back that plugs into the holes on all of our bags. Packaged on individual hang cards and sold in 4-packs. Order more designs at Sold in 4-packs of the same design. Cupcake • FZXXCU

Mustache • FZMUST

Butterfly • FZXXBU


Ladybug • FZXXLA

Fobbz have a rivet on the back that plugs into the holes on all of our bags.

PeaceHopeLove • FZXXPH

Peace Sign • FZXXPE

Groovy Heart • FZGRHE


Peace Bus • FZXXPB


Mermaid • FZXXME

Fancy Shoe • FZXXFA


Flip Flops • FZXXFS

Beach Ball • FZXXBB

Beach Bucket • FZXXBE

Ballet Shoes • FZXXBS


Flower • FZXXFL

Horse • FZXXHO

Cherries • FZXXCH

Turtle • FZXXTU

Unicorn • FZXXUN

Frog Prince • FZXXFP

Cheer • FZCHEE

Face Flower • FZXXFF

Ice Cream • FZXXCM

Gumballs • FZXXGU

Lollipop • FZXXLO

Fobbz Accessorize

Football • FZXXFO

Baseball • FZXXBL

your tote!


Fobbz are packaged on hang cards.

Soccer Ball • FZXXSO Collect Them All!


Fobbz Continued Initial Fobbz Available in the packs below or individually at or 877-376-4972. 16 Most Popular Initials Pack 68 letters (includes 6-M, 5-JSCLA, 4-DEKBRTP, 3 GNV). FZSTIP

Full Alphabet Pack 78 letters (same letters as above, but also 2-HFIW, 1-OY). No QUXZ. FZSTIN

Silk Flower & Bling Flower Fobbz Feature the same rivet in the back that fits in the holes of all our bags. Sold in 4-packs.

White • FZWHSI

White Bling • FZWHBF

Zebra Bling • FZZEBF

Yellow • FZYESI

Yellow Bling • FZYEBF


Purple • FZPUSI

Assorted • FZACSI

Pink Bling • FZPIBF

Purple Bling • FZPUBF

Assorted • FZACBF

White Peony Bling • FZWPBF

Pink Peony Bling • FZPPBF

Orange Peony Bling • FZOPBF


Mini Fobbz These handmade 2-inch charms have a rivet on the back that fits into the holes on all of our bags. Mini Fobbz are packaged on individual hang cards and come in 4-packs. Call 877-376-4972 with any questions.

Cool Flower • MFCLFL

Cool Shoe • MFCLSH

Ladybug • MFLADY

Butterfly • MFBFLY

Sold in 4-packs of the same design. Unicorn • MFUNIC

Horse • MFHORS


Faerie • MFFAER

Mermaid • MFMRMD

Peace Sign • MFPCSN

Dance • MFDNCE


Peace Hope Love • MFPCHP

Cheer • MFCHEE


Groovy Heart • MFGRHE


Skate Monster • MFSKMN

Pirate • MFPIRA

Dragon • MFDRGN


Mini Fobbz Continued

Cool Shark • MFCLSK

Surf Dog • MFSFDG

Cool Penguin • MFCLPE

Cool Gator • MFCLGA

Fly Dog • MFFLDG


Karate Panda • MFKEPA

Alien • MFALIE

Robot • MFROBO

Skateboard • MFSKTE

Biker Dog • MFBKDG


Soccer Ball • MFSOCR

Bulldog • MFBLDG

Eagle • MFEAGL


Bling Fobbz

bling g blin

People love to add bling to our bags with Bling Fobbz. Like our other Fobbz, a rivet on the back of

g blin

each piece of bling fits into the holes on any of

g blin g blin

g blin

our bags. Hang carded and sold in 4-packs. ➤ BFWHRD

g blin

g blin g blin

g blin

g blin g blin

g blin

g blin

WARNING: CHO Not for children KING HAZARD – Small part s. under 3 yrs.

g blin

g blin

g blin g blin


Floor Display Our double-sided floor display holds a variety of our bags and charms in various configurations. Order the following packages, which we will fill with the listed items in our most popular designs and colors, or create your own package by ordering an empty display and choosing your own charms and bags from the catalog. Includes 8 long hooks for bags and 20 short hooks for charms (24 x 24 x 78 in). Package 1 9 Crossbodies 8 large Sol Totes 6 small Sol Totes 14 packs of Fobbz charms 8 packs of Mini Fobbz charms FDDP01

Package 2 13 Crossbodies 12 large Sol Totes 9 small Sol Totes 15 packs of Fobbz charms 8 packs of Mini Fobbz charms FDDP02

Package 3 6 Backpacks 9 Crossbodies 12 large Sol Totes 6 small Sol Totes 21 packs of Fobbz charms

“Found the large black tote in an airport giftshop ... Love, Love, Love it! May just end up owning one of everything you carry by the time I’m done! ... I can’t say enough good things about this bag.” Wendy HornerLormand via optari

11 packs of Mini Fobbz charms FDDP03

Order now at and use code CAT19 to get free shipping on any floor display package order.

Empty Display $70 for display, offset by 4 free packs of Fobbz ($80 retail value). FDEMTY

A Small TownFamily Story . . . Our family founded Optari in 2010 in the small town of Franklin, Tennessee, which we call home. Our garage was the warehouse, the home library became the office, and we began to license and create fun, design-driven products.

We’ve outgrown the garage and

home office but continue to integrate business and family as we grow. Our goal is to help make our dealers successful by offering great selling

From left: Ja ckson (13), Julia (11), A Emma (15). my, Jeremia Front row li h, Lincoln (1 ttles: Lee (6 7), ), Stuart (9 )

products and providing stellar service, so place your order today, and let’s get started!


P.S. Use offer code CAT20 when you order and get free shipping on your first order

Jeremiah Pent, President

(Domestic US). • 877-376-4972 • All products designed in Franklin, Tennessee, USA

Optari Catalog, Late 2013  
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