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Issue 7 Winter 2009/10

EcoCampus—where are we now? We’re making great progress with EcoCampus, which is the environmental management system (EMS) and awards scheme BSU is taking part in. We are aiming to achieve the Gold award early this year, but even then there’ll be no time to rest on our laurels. The essence of an EMS is a commitment to continuous improvement in environmental performance, which means that whatever stage of the journey we’re on, there will always be room for improvement.

Phase 1

Environmental News


We will continue checking and correcting, revising and reducing, and finding new ways to minimise our environmental impacts. Even when we reach the fourth and final stage (Platinum) there will still be improvements to make….it’s a never-ending process!

Phase 2

Phase 3

Phase 4

So what does this mean for you? The EMS has been the driving force behind many of the improvements you have already and will continue to see across campus, but its not an end in itself. The real change will come from all of us changing the way we think and act, so that ’thinking sustainably’ is second nature. This could be on a personal level, or through implementing schemes across your department. Computing Services, for example, have taken the bit between their teeth with their Green IT Project. Rather than sticking with the existing status quo, they are consciously choosing equipment suppliers with lower carbon footprints, re-assessing the target temperatures for the data centres (giving scope for big carbon savings), as well as choosing the most energy-efficient IT products. And Domestic Services introduced a new policy to make sure all fridges in the student residences were switched off for the whole of the summer break (after emptying them, of course!). Fridges can consume frightening amounts of electricity as they run 24/7, so switching them off for the best part of 3 months will be a great saving. That’s not to mention all the fantastic schemes Estates Department have on the go… too many to list here, but more of these later... We’re sure they’re not the only departments being proactive. If you are also working hard to put in place eco-friendly schemes, let us know….

No better time to make a green resolution Like the rest of you, we have resolved to be fitter and healthier in 2010. Resolutions for a greener lifestyle, however, often require LESS effort than the obvious promises we all make at this time of year. We are resolving to do the following simple actions: •

slash our paper use by printing fewer documents, and always make it double-sided (if we don’t know how, we’ll ask the IT helpdesk)

see if there’s someone on Car2Spa we could car-share with

be an Office Angel and switch off lights and appliances others forget about

be ‘Waste Aware’ - think about reducing and re-using as well as recycling

use glasses or bottles rather than disposable cups

keep informed of environmental happenings through the website

Take charge and switch off electricals when they are not needed

Why don’t you too? Click on the link below to tell us you’re willing to give it a go in 2010!

Did you know the University uses over 3 million sheets of paper annually? Stacked up together, that’s

Wiki re-use site The New Year is traditionally a time for making fresh starts. If for you that means an office clear-out, please remember to use the Wiki re-use pages.

as high as the Eiffel Tower. We’d like to see this get smaller….

Any items can be posted on the Wiki pages, and we would especially encourage you to advertise furniture since there is no storage space once items are collected. This means we can’t hang on to items on the off-chance someone might need them in future. If you know you’re getting rid of something, post it on the Wiki (ideally with a photo) as far in advance as possible to have the best chance of someone else claiming it. Likewise, before you place an order for new office equipment, look on the Wiki pages to see if someone else if throwing out just what you need. In frugal times it makes sense to stretch your budget further by sourcing ‘waste’ items from other departments instead of buying new. The link to Wiki is on your desktop Quick Links and the Re-use pages are under ‘Environmental Activities’. Computing Services run Wiki training courses if it’s all Greek to you….! ISSUE 7

• Kitting out the average office (3 people) costs around £3,000 • The value of unwanted equipment disposed of last year was around £50,000 You do the maths…. Page 2

Dial ‘E’ for Environment There is a new email address for all your environmentally-related queries: (replacing ’recycling’). This could include waste or recycling requests, or anything else you’d like to comment on. We’d like to hear about things you think are good, or areas you think there could be improvement. We know that there are many people at BSU who are looking at problems in a new light and finding solutions… And as everyone likes to blow their own trumpet once in a while, if you’re doing something great in your office… we invite you to share your successes!

Be proud about your environmental achievements

Have an idea you’re bursting to share?! Do you have a suggestion for an eco-fabulous project you’d like to get off the ground? Contact us at Or if you’re passionate about persuading colleagues to be eco-friendly, join us an Environmental Champion. Environmental Champions can help us understand what’s going on across the University, and can be involved in finding solutions. They can also suggest projects, events or groups they would like to the University to run. We also rely on them to be our ‘eyes and ears’ so that we can tackle areas where waste isn’t being recycled as it should, or where energy could be saved by improving inefficient heating systems... We still need Champions for the Library, Computing Services, and School of MPA. There’s no time pressure - you can devote as much or as little time as you like… Simply having someone in the department who is aware of issues and knows where to channel information helps.

More eyes and ears means more chance of spotting opportunities for improvements

If you are interested in joining us come along to our next meeting on 28th Jan in MH.111 from 12.30pm to find out more. Visit

Earth From The Air If you haven’t got yourself down to Bath City Centre to see the Earth From The Air exhibition around the Abbey courtyard—go now, as you only have until the end of January to see it! The spectacular photographs are the culmination of years of work by Yann Arthus-Bertrand, and every picture tells a story about our changing planet. We defy you not to be moved to action by the fascinating images and facts on show... See more at ISSUE 7

See the stunning aerial photographs until the end of Jan Page 3

Recycling delivers rewards Martine Duggan was delighted when her name was drawn out of the hat at @Moreton’s recent recycling competition to win a mountain bike. The competition was the brain-child of @Moreton’s manger, Phil Turner, who conjured up a way of linking recycling promotions into his usual business. Customers put their names into empty plastic Coke bottles and recycled them in the special collection drum. Anyone who forgot to recycle and put their bottle into the general rubbish lost out on their chance to win! Martine was the lucky winner whose name was pulled out of the drum of all the competition entries. As she lives only 7 miles away from Newton Park, Martine is now determined to use her prize as a prompt to start cycling to work. And as cycling is one of the greenest ways to travel, this will help reduce her personal carbon footprint. Everyone’s a winner!

The lucky winner collecting her prize

A fabulous night of frugal fashion You will soon be able to buy tickets for the next ethical charity fashion show. Two shows are planned for the early part of 2010, one in the SU and one in Bath city centre, both organised by BSU student Rosie Taylor-Trigg. Rosie hopes the shows will raise awareness of the wasteful nature of modern consumerism, and show that ethical shopping can be just as rewarding as buying from high street chains. The events will also raise money for Dorothy House Hospices. The previous show in 2008 saw Rosie pull together super-chic outfits styled entirely from charity shop finds, which wouldn’t have looked out of place on the catwalks of London or Milan. And catwalks nearly turned to cat-fights when the outfits were auctioned off at the end of the night!

Frock horror! Every year in the UK we throw away over 1 million tonnes of clothing and household textiles—more than half of these could either be re-used or recycled

Shopping ethically doesn’t have to mean embracing the socks-withsandals look. Charity shops are often a mine of clothing gems that people have simply got bored with or outgrown. Chances are you’ll now rub shoulders with eco-conscious fashionistas keen to pick up top-notch designer gear at student-friendly prices... There’s a serious message behind the shows too. By frequenting charity shops you can spend with a clear conscience, knowing your money will support charitable work instead of a sweat-shop in the Third World. You’ll also be helping to keep clothing out of landfill, as well as reducing consumption of ‘fast fashion’ which has many damaging environmental consequences. The clothing and textile sector in the UK alone is responsible for more than 3 million tonnes of CO2 emissions each year. Opting for pre-loved garments instead could help reduce your environmental footprint.

Pre-loved clothes can be just as stylish as new, at a fraction of the cost

We’ll let you know when and where tickets can be purchased in a few weeks—watch this space… ISSUE 7

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