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Selecting an Ideal Wedding Venue Wedding is a memorable and mesmerizing time for everyone. For making it more special, a careful planning is required for the wedding day. An ideal venue covers each and every aspect including wedding reception, dance, lunch, dinner and wedding games. Indeed, the successful execution of wedding reception program is dependent on the choice of the wedding venue. Following points may help in selecting a perfect venue for the wedding: 1. Budget: One should first set a budget for the wedding venue. There are different types of venues available which suit all different tastes and budgets. The list of venue ranges from hotels to castles, barns to stately homes, and sporting venues to romantic seaside hotels. The only thing one need to do is to spend some time in searching the best and making a correct decision. 2. Location: Selection of wedding venue depends greatly on location. Make sure that the wedding place is situated at best and healthy location. A location that is full of green vegetation and located near the city will be best suited. Wedding reception place should lie near to the city so that the guests, bride and groom can travel easily and comfortably to the place. Also, the necessary wedding accessories and other wedding related things can be transported to the wedding destination. 3. Venue Facilities: Firstly, booking a venue in advance will be beneficial. In the wedding season, booking a venue becomes more difficult. Secondly, check for the services available for all the guests in the list. Thirdly, make sure about the minimum and maximum numbers of guests that can be accommodated at the venue. Fourthly, enquire about the staff versus guest ratio. Will there be enough waiters and barmen to look after the guest properly or not? Lastly, catering is a very important factor in any wedding. Select a menu taking into consideration the budget, but also consider the likes and dislikes of the guests. Many venues offer combined food and drink packages. These packages suit different budgets, offering the best value for money. One such ideal location is situated in the heart of Mt Tambourine, i.e. Mountain edge. Mountain Edge is a beautiful wedding venue situated in an amazing location. It highly appeals the guest and makes the wedding time most memorable. It offers the best services making it an optimum choice for a special wedding.

Selecting an Ideal Wedding Venue  

Wedding day is undoubtedly the most important and happiest day of anyone’s life. One must ensure that everything goes well on this special o...