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ODC HONORS 2015 AWARD RECIPIENTS Cory Latourell, general manager of Hotel Marshfield, attended ODC’s Annual Awards Dinner on December 10th to accept an Employer of the Year award, recognizing her business for hiring individuals with disabilities through ODC’s community employment program. What she walked away with, however, was more than an award. “During the chaos of daily hotel operations, the business of making sure that everything is perfect for our guests, we sometimes take things for granted” said Latourell. “The presentations that evening really allowed us to remember the effort and struggles that so many of the individuals we’ve hired have gone through just to get to our door. It is truly humbling and fills our hearts.”

TOP: Stuart (right) received his Personal Achievement Award from Chris Nemitz, ODC Special Services Director, who has worked with Stuart for four years. Chris nominated Stuart for the award because, in his words, “Stuart is one of the most reliable, dependable and attention-oriented workers that I have ever had the pleasure to teach, coach and work with.” | BOTTOM: “When I asked Stuart how he liked his job at Weiler Convenience Store,” said Nemitz, “he thought for a minute, then told me that he never thought he could do this kind of work and have so much fun doing it!”

Empowering People With Disabilites To Achieve

The presentations to which she refers were stories of three Personal Achievement Award recipients honored that evening. The highlight of this event, the achievement award is presented to individuals with disabilities who have overcome barriers to successful employment and demonstrate a positive, strong work ethic and good citizenship

qualities. It also honors those who have shown real growth within and contribution to their workplace.

STUART MANCIL Personal Achievement Award Recipient Marshfield Area

Stuart Mancil was presented with the Marshfield area Personal Achievement Award. Mancil was one of the first ODC workers to graduate from a convenience store training program developed as a partnership between ODC, Weiler Convenience Stores in Marshfield and Mid-State Technical College. ODC and Weiler stores worked with MidState to develop a curriculum that includes all the essential functions of a service industry position. ODC job coaches utilized this curriculum to provide Mancil with on-site training at Weiler stores. After graduating from the program with his certificate of competency, Mancil was hired by Weiler stores to do the job for which he had been training, as a retail helper. “Stuart is now working at a job SEE AWARDS / PAGE 4

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2016 Winter: Focus on Ability  

Focus on Ability is a quarterly newsletter published by ODC.

2016 Winter: Focus on Ability  

Focus on Ability is a quarterly newsletter published by ODC.