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CELEBRATING 50 YEARS OF FOCUS ON ABILITY ODC’s 50 year anniversary is a great time for reflection. Much has changed in 50 years, in our world and within ODC. We have grown in scope and size, we have experienced changes in the economy and in our funding, and we have developed new programs and new business initiatives to meet the needs of the people we serve.

facilitate even more connections and develop more opportunities so that each person can work and participate as an active, contributing citizen in the community.

While many things have changed, one thing hasn’t - “who we are” as an organization and what guides our work. The people we serve have always been at the heart of all our efforts and decisions. We are guided by their needs, and we are always motivated to improve as an organization so that we can be more effective in supporting each person as they work to achieve their work and life goals. Our 50 year anniversary is also an opportunity to look toward the future. We have learned so much as an organization over the past 50 years, and we want to use what we have learned to guide us. We’ve learned that when people are given opportunity and support, combined with their own personal effort, they can achieve wonderful things in employment and in life. We’ve learned that we need to “dream big” as an organization and encourage the people we work with to do the same in pursuing what they want to achieve in their lives. Without a doubt, ODC as an organization will look different in the next 50 years. We have come a long way, but we recognize we still have much more work to do. We want to continue to

A group of concerned citizens help create the “South Wood County Sheltered Workshop” and the “Marshfield Rehabilitation Workshop” to provide vocational opportunities for adults with disabilities.


Gary Gilbert is hired as director of the two operations.


Empowering People With Disabilites To Achieve

TOP: Gary Gilbert (center), then ODC President, at the Marshfield Rehabilitation Workshop in 1969.

What won’t change is our commitment to the people we serve. They will continue to be the inspiration and guiding force behind all of our work and all of our next steps as an organization. We thank all of the people who have supported ODC and played an important role in ODC’s first 50 years. We look forward to a promising future for ODC and everyone we serve!

The Marshfield Rehabilitation Workshop, Inc. and South Wood County Sheltered Workshop merge to become Wood County Workshop, Inc.


On its 10 year anniversary, Wood County Workshop changes its name to Opportunity Development Centers, Inc. to reflect changes in programming.


ODC receives its first accreditation as a rehabilitation agency by the national accreditation agency CARF.


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2015 Summer: Focus on Ability  

Focus on Ability is a quarterly newsletter published by ODC.

2015 Summer: Focus on Ability  

Focus on Ability is a quarterly newsletter published by ODC.