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International Cooperation and Partnerships

Welcome to Opole University of Technology, Poland We are the leading high-tech university in the Opolskie Region, providing education mostly in technical sciences but also in the fields of logistics, economics, management, tourism, sport and physiotherapy. University s e r ve s a b o u t 11 0 0 0 s t u d e n t s re p re s e n t i n g over 20 nationalities. University scientific and educational potential is built by high-class international academic and research staff. At the moment we are among the fastest growing universities in Poland, continuously adjusting our profile to the World Market economy. Thanks to the business-science contact networ ks with finest local companies our students get first-hand practical knowledge. Our University is composed of six faculties that ensure diversity and innovation in teaching and research.

We dynamically develop international relations with n u m e ro u s a c a d e m i c a n d i n d u s t r i a l i n s t i t u t i o n s f ro m Europe, America and Asia. University cooperates with over 140 European universities in frame of LLP Erasmus. Each year, we welcome more than hundreds of Erasmus students, offering them the wide range of courses taught in English. Each year many university students and academic staff take opportunity to study, teach or receive t r a i n i n g a b r o a d i n f r a m e o f E r a s m u s m o b i l i t y. We are a member of international initiative Consortium PROGRES 3 created to foster cross-border (Czech, Slovakia, Poland) scientific cooperation and facilitate more effective planning, management and realization of joint education and research projects as well as to enhance economic situation of local societies. Thanks to long-term collaboration with Illinois State University, U.S., we organize Po l i s h A m e r i c a n S u m m e r S c h o o l . B y m a i n t a i n i n g relations with U.S. Embassy and U.S. Consulate General i n C ra c ow  o u r a c a d e m i c s o c i e t y h a ve c h a n c e t o participate in lectures given by high-ranking American diplomats. IEEE Opole Students Branch represents I n s t i t u t e o f Electrical and Electronics Engineers – world’s largest professional association dedicated to advancing technol o g i c a l i n n ov a t i o n a n d e x c e l l e n c e f o r t h e b e n e f i t of humanity. Our division helps our students to expand their interests and knowledge in electrical engineering and computer science. As a result of cooperation with one of the key academic institutions in China - Beijing University of Technology – our University signed an agreement with HANBAN (Office of Chinese Language Council International) establishing Center of Poland China Cooperation - Opole Confucius Institute.

City of Opole and Opolskie Region Opole - the capital of the Opolskie Region as well as its culture, economic, education and scientific center, with a population of about 130 000 and over 30 000 students. It is truly an academic city, located in the s o u t h - we s t p a r t o f Po l a n d , u p o n t h e O d r a R i v e r. It has been known as the Capital of Polish Song since its impressive amphitheater holds the National Song Festival. Opolskie Region combines almost ever y possible nature values and touristic attractions available in Poland. Breathtaking landscapes of Opawskie Mountains,

old forests, picturesque lakes and rivers, famous sights and urban entertainment. The region has an unique regional culture, and most of all, an exceptional climate and tourist-friendly atmosphere. Nearness of Wroclaw and the Silesian Agglomeration plus an easy access to their airports makes living here or visiting the region even more interesting and convenient. We are proud to be based in the area that has so much to offer our students, staff and visitors.

Faculty of Civil Engineering

• • • • • • •

FIELDS OF STUDY Building Engineering Urban Planning and Architecture RESEARCH Architecture and urban planning Seismic and wind engineering Design of high performance concretes Thermomechanics Intelligent infrastructure

Faculty of Economics and Management

• • • • •    • • • • •

FIELDS OF STUDY Management European Studies Administration Economics International Economics Relations RESEARCH Marketing communication Polish economy in international trade Organizational culture Regional development Economic sustainability

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering • • • • • • • • • •

FIELDS OF STUDY Mechanical Engineering and Machine Design Environmental Engineering Mechatronics Chemical and Process Engineering Power Industr y Engineering RESEARCH Multiphase flow measurement Ozone layer – friendly solvent Liquid vaporization Mechatronics systems Fatigue life assessment

Faculty of Production Engineering and Logistics

• • • • • • • • • •

FIELDS OF STUDY Management and Production Engineering Logistics Agricultural and Forest Engineering Food Technology and Human Nutrition Security Engineering RESEARCH Numerical solutions of mathematical models Operational research Mathematical statistics Organic farming Lean manufacturing

Faculty of Electrical Engineering,Automatic Control and Informatics

• • • •    • • • • •

FIELDS OF STUDY Electrical Engineering Automatic Control Engineering and Robotics Computer Science Electronics and Telecommunication RESEARCH MATLAB/SIMULINK High-voltage insulation systems Electric power networks Artificial intelligence/humanoid robots Advanced electrostatic technologies

Faculty of Physical Education and Physiotherapy • • • • • • • •

FIELDS OF STUDY Physiotherapy Physical Education Tourism and Recreation RESEARCH Functional rehabilitation Dysfunction of motor system Complex cardiologic rehabilitation Sport training Biomechanics

Opole University of Technology | Booklet in English  

Opole University of Technology | Booklet in English ver. 2

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