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ACCESSORIES Lift string for lifting in abdominal position Article no.: 2006-70

Lift string for ankle, upholstered Article no.: 2006-50

Lift string for foot with velcro locking Article no.: 2006-60

Perfecting Patient Positioning

Velcro pads for 2006-60, 32mm ø Safety locks, 50 pcs./ pack Article no.: 2006-65

Hip- Fix® OR-table mattress Specially designed for use together with the Hip Fix® Article no.: 2002-01S

Silicone band for Hand Fix™: Article no.: 505-10, 100mm, 5 pcs. Article no.: 505-15, 150mm, 5 pcs.

We develop, design, manufacture and distribute devices designed to facilitate a varity of procedures in the operating room.

Opitek International is a registered company based in Denmark. Postoperative hand support. Handvagga™ Article no.: 510-01

Spare support cushions for Hip Fix®: Anterior: Article no.: 2000-01 Posterior: Article no.: 2000-02

Our product program has been developed based on demands from operating room nurses and doctors in Scandinavian hospitals. We have always put function, quality and user friendliness first. We are currently building markets with our partners throughout Europe. All products are originally made in Sweden and carry the CE-mark (Class 1 Medical Device) VAT number: DK30554582

Knee-Flex® Single use band for leg positioning in knee alloplastics Article no.: 918-20, 10 pcs.

Opitek International Tel.: +45 39661644 • Fax: +45 39661655 •

opitek engelsk samlet nov 09



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Before and during surgery on the hip, Hip Fix® provides the operating team with accurate and stable patient positioning on the operating table. • Accurate and reproducible patient and component orientation • Stability of patient position throughout procedure • Abdomen free from external pressure during procedure The Hip Fix® has a ten year clinical history. Hip Fix® Mark 1 Article no.: 1900-01 Hip Fix® 2000 Article no.: 2000-182



The preparation of a surgical site on either the arms or legs of a patient often requires lifting, holding and lowering procedures. This job is normally undertaken by operating room staff, and can be physically demanding. This unique electrical lift uses a hand control to lift the patient’s leg or arm into the correct position. The limb can also be lowered using the hand control to ensure a smooth and safe process. The lift operates by battery, and can easily be re-charged over-night. The leg lift can accommodate a patient in a supine, abdominal or sitting position.

A small operating table for hand surgery that facilitates procedures such as:

Article no.: 2009-01 Leg lift, electrical Article no.: 2006-90 Lifting arm for 2 legs or abdominal pos., 90cm

• Dupuytren's contracture • Different surgery on flexor tendons • Tenolysis • Tendon splicing • Excision of tumours in the palm of the hand The Hand Fix™ comes with two different sizes of silicone bands which are used to attach and fix the fingers in place. The Hand Fix™ is stainless steel and can be sterilised together with the surgical instruments used for hand surgery. Article no.: 505-01

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