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Hello students!

I was hired to a company called BGS (nowadays Lionbridge) in 2003. I had been abroad, and had my Erasmus life in Bochum, Germany.

My name is Henrik Bos and I am a Managing Director in VRJ Western-Finland. VRJ is one of the biggest infra, construction and landscape companies in Finland. In whole VRJ Group we employ about 400-450 people annually. In VRJ West we have about 60 people working for us in field on infra- and landscape construction. We have offices in Oulu (VRJ North) Vantaa (VRJ South) and in Tampere region - Kangasala. We, in VRJ West, have a lot of experience with foreign workers and students. Every year we hire and give internship places for several foreigners and students from different countries. We have foreign work teams from Poland, Holland, and Africa (Camerun, Nigeria and Senegal) they are very hard working and skillful people. In my opinion, no matter where are you from, if you are a hardworking person and you are trying to achieve something in your life, then you have a possibility to have a career in Finland. If you want to live in Finland you have to learn Finnish ways of working and communicating. Language is very important tool to communicate but it is not the only one, being honest about your work and life is more important. My roots are not from Finland either and I have worked abroad so I know what it means to work and live in a foreign country.

But this was different: I was suddenly in the same office with over 40 different nationalities. I shared a block with East Europeans, and I was totally clueless how they all understand each other’s even if they speak on their own native languages. Ever since, I have been in love with my international team! When Finns ask me, how is it to work with this many nationalities, I say normal! Finnish working life has gone through many changes in last 15 years. Foreign employees are no strangers or exceptional phenomena in Finnish working life. As a job seeker, same rules apply both to Finns and foreigners: Be prepared! Get familiar with the requirements of the job, employer and employer’s business. Fast glance on the employer’s web page is not enough. Make sure your CV and application are short and concise but informative. Place your expertise on your application and CV, matching the job the requirements. Don’t be late if you are invited for an interview. But don’t be one hour early either. Last but not least: Be brave and persistent. You might need to send hundreds of applications, at least I did. Study Finnish along with your job hunting. Learn the culture, manners and get involved with the Finnish society.

In case you are interested in joining the Lionbridge team, you can find our open positions worldwide at: If you are interested in our global Work-at-Home Opportunities, go to job-opportunities/ Translators can visit the Lionbridge Service Partner Portal to learn more about joining our team, and take the first steps toward becoming a Lionbridge Partner,


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WORK IN TAMPERE © Tampereen ammattikorkeakoulun opiskelijakunta Publisher Students’ Union of Tampere University of Applied Sciences (Tamko)...