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Karolina Cichacz from Poland

I came to TAMK to study IB degree in 2008, right after my year as an au-pair (in Porvoo). I knew right away that I want to stay in Tampere after my graduation, as I fell in love with the city! It’s perfect size, it has plenty of development opportunities and it’s full of young people. Nowadays I’m working at Metso Minerals as the Customer Service Representative. Already during my studies I started looking for the possible job opportunities in the region. Obviously, as young, my CV was pretty empty, so I tried to find a solution how to fill it up. Firstly, I became a volunteer in a couple of associations. This way you get some experience, emphasize that you are hard-working and on the top of that, it’s just a great opportunity to meet local people. Moreover, I wanted to brush up on my Finnish, so I found myself a tandem language pair. It is a system when two native-speakers teach to each other their own languages (in turns). It really gave me a language boost and self-confidence! I also participated in almost year-long WorkPlace Pirkanmaa program where professionals were voluntarily guiding a group of foreigners about job-hunting in Tampere region. I am really thankful for my tutor who taught me so many useful things! Nowadays, Unipoli is continuing the project, so just get in touch with them! All in all, my advice to everyone is – take the initiative already during your studies and get yourself busy. It will pay off!

Karolina’s way: - staying active to improve he r CV application! - educational programmes – Mentoring Programme (Unipoli) - Finnish language tandem (Ea ch One Teach One!)


- sending job applications



from Romania

I was 20 years old when I first moved to Finland so in that sense I had an advantage over many of the people that move to Finland. I was young, naïve and with my whole life ahead of me, believing anything is possible. I came here for personal reasons and with no real plan considering my professional career, which also meant I set no expectations for myself. As such I went to register with the TE-toimisto and started looking for jobs as well as Finnish language courses. As you would expect there were no jobs to apply for (my Finnish language skills were down to zero) and so I took a language course. Of course in the meantime I was also determined to continue my studies, which I interrupted in my home country. I wanted to take social studies, journalism, political sciences in the Tampere University (in English of course) but the program I wanted was only organized every two years. I was looking into all kinds of other options, and finally a friend saw the International Business degree ad offered by TAMK. I applied and I got in, which also meant I had to discontinue the Finnish language course I was taking (I only studied for 4 months). Besides getting more friends and learning very interesting stuff, the great part of the IB program was requiring an internship of 5 months as a compulsory part of the studies. Through that I got my first 3 month workplace in Finland, where I worked in English, after which went to Spain for my exchange studies. While there, I was applying for other internship places and by the time I came back I had an interview and got the place. I really liked what I did there. I stayed for 3 months instead of 2, the last month being a summer job of sorts. After that they actually offered me to continue as a full time employee. I was employed in Glaston, organizing international conferences for the glass industry for 2 years and a half after which I lost the job due to the financial crisis. The working language was still English, but I was practicing my Finnish all the time with the family of my boyfriend, who did not speak English. After I lost my job, I remember a sense of panic, considering also the possibility of returning to my home country, not expecting to really get something else. I was not very confident in my Finnish

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Work in Tampere  

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Work in Tampere  

WORK IN TAMPERE © Tampereen ammattikorkeakoulun opiskelijakunta Publisher Students’ Union of Tampere University of Applied Sciences (Tamko)...